The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 19, 1951 · Page 21
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 21

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1951
Page 21
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,got J*.50 and * jr«at quantity of, · narcotics. ; Admits Burglaries Donald Day, a Corpus Christi; youth, later arrested for other j burglaries her*, admitted the: Acme burglary. He was released] to federal authorities March 23 for; u El Paso on a federal car' charge. " International l D «n« lar ^ #**** Navy JUJLt-v/JI EMttUvFJ.!**J. ;» c r»-i it i it t Man 1 o Head Defenses Part of Paris ' UN I Corpus Christi CALLER-TIMES, Sun., Aug. 13, 1951 9-B ! COPENHAGEN, Denmark. Aug. jl?. (AP --Denmark has appointed · Navy Capt. H. F. Kjoelsen as chief of its arctic defenses in Green-: land, it was announced today. PARIS., Aug. 18. (AP) -France Capt. Kjoelsen. 58-year-old navy and the United Nations signed a hero and former naval attache to Danish embassies in Washington, Berlin and Ottawa, will set up] headquarters at Groennedal. which! up to tins tinie has been a U. S.. Naval base. i "Day is a good example of tile u - e aty today by which a small sec- fact that narcotics, safe burglary tkm in central Paris will become' \ land even prostitution often go international territory for several ' hand-in-hand," Detective Chief Ra-; man ths this vcar. jchal points out. Day is a dope ad- The section" i.s the area of the' I diet. .Palais De' Chaillo:, lying j u s t . ! In August or September, 1930. \ across the Seine River from the I the combination to the sale at the;Eiffel Tower. The UN General As- i Elks Lodge, 200 Laguna, disap-jsernbly will meet there Nov. « for Sward Optical Company EXCLUSIVE OPTICIANS For Vour Eye Physicians Plastic Articlfial Eyes Fitted Km. 20Z -- MeA "rrot."Wdj:7" Ph. 3-8493, peared. After 1 p.m. Nov. SO. 1950.]a session expected to last well in-' jthe safe was looted to $426.25 in;to 1952. : [cash and two Elks rings. The knob| UN Secretary General TryKve' I was knocked although the cosn: Ue and Foreign Minister Robert: j bination to the safe was set onjschuman .signed the agreement: ("open." The burglar left no clues j during a half hour conference i n . ! A "lone-wolf" safe man was a c - j t l i e foreign ministry. Lie, who flexv I live here in the earlv hours of here from Geneva, visited the .*- WATCH R E P A I R I N G . . GOOD NEWS FOR ALL MeO'ii-'v - TI NUW-^E £ V ! .? n * v ;i ^- Veai*i ""' 'VJ ifcars exiMJrwnVe 1 Examinee «ro!ir \vttcn FKKJ;! a n n stiffs \-u too. »'.«! Mwrt* Our nn^ont watchmaker (o' 9-vears is caoafciel McCurdy's '·\' OltfMt m Anotb T»»h»--117 Srhfttuei IN AMBULANCE SERVICE YOU WANT EXPERIENCE WE HAVE !T SINCE 1908 FUNERAL SEtWCI i-MTJ I Nov. 5. 1950. After breaking into two nearby businesses, and unsuccessfully trying to open a safe at the America!! Radiator and Sanitary Co.. he smashed a window TARGET OF SAFE CRACKER-This 500-pound safe was stolen from the Corpus Christi Bowling Center, 1713 Tenth, by burglars who took it to a secluded, brush- covered field near McArdle and Weber Roads and beat it open with a sledge hammer. The take: $1,584.85. The burglary was one of 15 staged here since December, 1949. Five have been solved by arrests. (Photo by Policeman Jeff Bagwell). ONE IN THREE NABBED ' Fast-Moving'Safe Crackers Hard for Police To Catch pane at the marine hardware" de- bly meeting. partment of the San Antonio Ma-j^pr chine and Supply Co., 102 South JVOfCa 11 sembly site yesterday and inspected construction work on a five- story temporary office building being erected lo house UN offices and .secretariat during the assem- Water, reached inside and un-| locked the window. Crawling: through .the - glove-clad burglar i knocked the knob off the safe. : i Given Sentence : At 3:oU p.m. that day. Detective i Malt Pellegrino walked into a I downtown hotel room and arrest. ;ed Jack \V. Bellah. Tried for the isafe burglary, he was turned over : to state prison officials Dec. 26, ! U'SO, lo begin serving a five-year ' .sentence. ; Two men were sent to the state i penitentiary for two safe burglar- j iijs which ocuui'red here in Sep; tember, 1950. Five veteran officers | teamed to crack the cases. They ·were Avant, Rachal, Texas Ranger By JIM GKEKYWOOD .Chief Avant points out, Corpus 4 ; month lull in safe-cracking'Wiley Williamson and Detectives Every third time a safe burglar;Christi has fewer safe burglaries;activity rere. One of the burglaries occurred Strikes in Corpus Chrisli, he gets'lhnn most other cities -in Texas.! A knob knocking: specialist got; the morning 1 of Sept. 11 when $200 caught. i But. in Corpus Christi. nearly i about $300 from a safe at AB's w;is t, rt i te n from a safe at the Gen- Police say that's a pretty good|every type of sate burglar known.Fine Foods. 3529 Morgan, March : e r a i Beverage Co.. 5200 Baldwin.! ·rtUing average for law enforce-j plies the nighttime trade. ;26, 1951. | T1)e burglars first tried cutting! A large screwdriver appeared to'through the floor to gain entrance,' b:\Uin. ment. Of all major criminals. To Get Relief Goods by Fall PfSAN. Korea. Aug. IS. iAI-M. United Nations relief goods lor Korean children next fall and winter will begin arriving Vro .soon. Social A f f a i r s .Minister H u h Chung said B. Prankster, .special ; representative for the UN International Children's Emergency Fund lUKlCEF'i for Japan and Keren, had writicn him lhat tile goods would reach Korea "before long." The relief items include 20.000 blankets. 6,139 gallons of cod liver oil. 2.400 yards of cotton 'fabric, ; outer garments, underwear, socks, cups, and other articles, Drivers 7 Lights Plane Down a j The latest safe burglary here; good safe man is perhaps hardest i occurred in the early hours of to trip up. 'Aug. 6, when a safe-cracking team Since the night of Dec. 11, 19-11), |Jnockecl over a sale taken from s,itc burglars have attacked safes I the Corpus Chrisli Bowling Cen- nt 15 business houses for a total l c r . 1713 Tenth. Unable to open have been used to force open a ' b u t abandoned that approach when door to the store. Along with the'; they were stymied by cases of beer cash, the burglar took insurance j stacked over the area in which jthey were "working. Going through Sgt. Radial points out that while | a window, they knocked the knob policies stored in the safe. $21,906.62 in checks and cash | the strongbox after knocking ofC i insurance policies often are stolen j off the safe "to get inside the ostly caslu. Five of these burg-jits knob. Uie burglars rolled it to I by safe burglars, they probably strongbox. In nearly all irvstiuices, police; had ripped it open, believe, safe burglars travel far Er:is- JONESBORO. Ark., Aug. l.S. Ji-- Quick thinking by a Jones-1 boro resident may have saved the' lives of two Air Force men. , As W. H. Twin, Jr., was driving his car past the Jonesboro air- · port during a wind and electrical; storm before dawn today, lie heard! onj*n airplane circling overhead. ', He noted that no lights were o n ' at the airport. He drove his a u t u - i mobile up to a locked gate and crashed through it. Then Twin notified Ro^er Scoit' and Bill Lunsl'ord of t h e ' . M U i i i t i t u r and asked them to bring their cars found after the biggest unsolved! Two Convicted ' Vli^Ce^inen tU'-ned the-r l u - v l ' burglary now on local police, 0 r v i U e Hay VM senlcncnd to 10 : lights on a landing strip mid the wavs, for a good safe man leaves little in the way of clues for police to use in tracking him down. Various Methods According to Asst. Police Chief J. H. Avant, safe burglars easily are classed into groups by their methods of operation. Some, for example, are experts at knocking the knob from a safe and punching out the pin, which gives them access to the mechanism which, opens the safe. use explosives^ Still others, perhaps the least skilled brethern of the fraternity, ai'e prone to hauling the safe out to a quiet spot and battering it open with a. sledge hammer. Safe men, Avant explains, also fcrand themselves as to the approach to their work. Some like to saw a hole in the roof of the building and climb down to. get Their take: $1,584.85 in cash. safe there was crippled. Good Haul sedan, bearing an out-of-state license, who are believed to have Detective Chief Chris P: Rachal *"* P*ir got $5,084 in cash and blown open a safe at ABs Fine believes a different crew swooped c' lecks ' including a cash payroll f Q °° ds ' Morgan, early Dec, 12 down on two business houses onej^ S3.0M. and took cloth cash sacks I 1949 - ^ vo well-dressed men were night earlier. Their methods were! and an adding machine cover in! suspects m the case, vastly different. ' j which to carry the loot. They pryed open a door with a 1 "- ' ' " - - - - - - - - 'crowbar, knocked the knob off the safe and poured, into the hole more explosive than was necessary to Between 6 p. m. Aug. 4 and 6! Karl y on Jan. 29, 1951, a burglar Aug. 5, burglars broke into'. knocked .the . knob of a safe at the Sam Hausman Packing Co. at Intel's Self. Service Grocery, 2910 North Alameda and Mussett by [Leopard, after' prying open "double (open the safe. The blast hurled prying, off a, rear door.. After fail-j doors to . the .buiJcJing, Failing toi ing to knock the' knob entirely off! get the safe open, the burglar''in- the safe, the burglars inserted some I serted explosives and touched sort of explosive in the hole where the knob had been and attached a blasting cap. Stringing a w i r e away from the safe and fixing it to a battery, the burglars blew open the strongbox. It yielded between ?5,000 and $6,000 in cash and checks. Second Strike them off. The safe still failed to open. The burglar left, empty- handed. A "roof-man" visited the Acme Pharmacy, at Elizabeth and Third Street, on New Year's Day. The burglar used a. brace and bit to drill holes through which he could get a saw and cut an opening in the roof. part of the safe across the building-' .Yet the blast aroused no one nearby. low Air Force Base, San Angelo, I Texas, to Detroit for the weekend. Texan Heads Rural ! Leller Carrier Croup ST. LOUIS. Aug. 18. (AP)--Rim: Raley of Valley Mills, Texas, is the new president of the National Rural Letter Carriers' Association. He was elected yesterday at the closing session of the annual convention. INTRODUCING... MR. FRANK J, iMHOLZ The 2-40 Arthur Murray Dance Studios take pleasure in presenting to Corpus Christi Mr. Frank J. Imholz the new manager of the local Arthur Murray Studio. Mr. Imho!:, recently of the Washington, D. C. and Arlington, Virginia studios brings to Corpus Christi the latest styles .and rhythms in modern ballroom dancing. Mr. Imholz extends a cordial invitation to all Corpus Christi to visit the studio which is located at 718 North Lowec Broadway and meet his new personnel who are trained to give the high type dance instruction that the name Arthur Murray stands for. burglars emptied a bushel b'asket of oranges and used the j basket to cart off $2,900 in checks, in bills and $10 in silver. Italy Lifts Blockade On Tiny San Marino ^ _ . . . . . . . ,, . ,, , . , SAN MARINO, Aug. 18. (AP)--. up through, the floor -- rat-style, j which drivides the' Hausman com-j Using a hammer and punch, the'Italy lifted her two-year old block-' Some are window' men, some en- parry from the Corpus Christi Egg j burglar attempted to knock the lade of this 38-square mile Com-; ter like any other visitor, through Co., the burglars applied identical j knob from the safe and punch outimunist republic today. i the door, except they c o m e · technique to blasting open a safe jits pin. But then he was unable j Italy, which entirely surrounds; equipped to force their" entry. jin the egg company office. They;to work the mechanism which;the independent state, 'acted after! Low Percentage 'tgot §50, the firm's petty cash, j would have tripped the lock. 'San Marino agreed to close its! In its population bracket,- Asst.' These twin burglaries broke ej Failing at the safe, the burglar'gambling casino. ' ! YOUR PHONE IS AS GOOD AS A CLOCK Telephone No. 3-9211 is easily the mosf popular number in Corpus Christi. People dial if when they want the time, correct !o the nearest minute. And do they call? Every day our AUDICHRON automatically fells the time to three to four thousand peo- ple--and that means well over o million calls o year. The next time your watch or clock Is on the blink, don't worry about the time--just call 3-9211, end you'll get it without delay. Just another public service of Corpus Christi's largest bank . . . located at the corner of Chaparral and Schatxel . . . down town. The CORPUS CHRISTI NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Leonard Nisenson Owner FREE GIFTS Come In and Register ht $25.00 Dry Cleaning 2nd 15.00 Dry Cleaning 3rd 5.00 Dry Cleaning 10 Prizes of $1 Each Dry Cleaning No Purchase Required . You Don't Have to Be . Present to Win. ' One year ago we became owners of KIRBY Cleaners, one of the city's leading dry cleaning establishments. lr» this twelve month period our business has increased far beyond our original hopes and expectations. W« attribute this success to the staunch foyaity of our employees and our many friends and customers, both old and new, and our constant endeavor to- give the best workmanship possible in dry cleaning. Since we recognize that the phenomenal growth w« have experienced h due to our many satisfied customers, we wish to make a public statement of our appreciation. Our First Anniversary is being observed a!! this week of August 19th, and we'd like to extend a cordial invitation to all of our friends to visit us and also register for the FREE gifts we will give away to celebrate the event. Cordially yours, Leonard and Jeanne Nisensors We Specialize: Drapes, S//pcovers, Bedspreads and handfinishing* VTDTiW/ IvlrvD I Cleaners CORNER OF TANCAHUA AT KENNEY

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