The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 24
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 24

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 24
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THE BROWNSVILLE HERALD Thuwday, June *, 1941 WESI^ACO, J u n o n -- V a l l e y inspectors vill continue a Inspectors Continue! Final Services Held Building Code Study For Henry Carscadin Funeral Korvlcea Including ralii- tnry rites were conducted at 6 p. ^ u v , . .-.f i»v 3outp.f-n B i t i l d i r p j i n . yesterday for Henry L Cars- Cortf when t h e y nuvt on Wcclnes-' caclln. SO, who died suddenly at r»f n t x t v. t"K. \ v « t l i n view to about 7 p.m. Monday at the Browns- It. ;« a hosi-s tor a u n i l o r m i v i l l p Yncht Bp.sin. codf" *n t h i s n r n i ' . Discussions on Following services at the Hink- the cod* b f r ( n at a n i K t i n f T "f the ! ley Mortuary, internment was at prroip h r k l fit, t.hp V a l l e y Chamber the Vista Bunal Park where mcm- of CommrrrM' yp'-.trrdn v. ! foors of the American Legion, John A"rnc!i:ir wen- Vii'Kll Thompson, -'Hanson Post No. 43 provided a flr- W r v i a r n ; ROY Chluvood. M c A l l e n i ' l i i R squad, a bugler, pallbearers and Fnv Rocky ell. Brownsville; B. T, ' Color RUnrds. Joiner. H r i r l i n i u - n ; W. L. Petit. Wes- Survivors Include the widow, one l a c o - a n d Hap Hcnsley, federal daughter, Mrs. June Ciixell, and buikiiiu: r x p c d i t e r of MeAllen. one son, Jack, of the U. S. Mar- ~FouF eUTncnts-tieodymium, "bar": |^. e . Corps : .-- iurn zirconium, molvbclrnum-- M--' Dlvinj? rods still are widely count for m-nrly h a l f the woi«ht. of used by superstitious well-diggers, the ur rv exr United States Winning Middle East Favor Through Development Of Industry A nd Wealth By JERKY KOHN A. P. Foreign News Analyst The United States is swiftly outstripping both Russia and Britain n the one spot in the world where .nterests of the three big powers meet head-on--the Middle East. That area is extremely important to all throe nations because fc ui * "" B reserve s and be- »j i .it 11 n n n i - i n « · " ^' · · · · · » · · · -- . - -- i- . . CElUfitJ OI i tH S W a t t j J l l ' J- u» split in f.tomlc ener- \vho believe the froked ha'/,el sticks fc We the - cr oaaroada of the air, -'" --'"" ^ «'«»«»· and lftnd rou tes around the will point to water. SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY Delivery Service -- AND SATURDAY Phone 969 GUERRA'S GROCERY M01SKS C. G V E H R A , Troji. llfll Washinjrton sea g °For many years the "j^ Nationalists Fear AssaultOnMukden NANKING, June 5 -K^)-- Government TM*toTMTM%*J£ C $£ Manchuria today, Nationalist aio patches reported, as Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Sheks's forces faced a poS Communist assault on Mukden, and Chang-Chun, capital cits. Military quarters appealed concerned over the new southward sweep which has carried Commun- 5t soldiers to within 20 mi « of !:he Middle East have been among the most backward' in the world. Now they are modernizing, with American' assistance. And as the lot oi' the people improves, the stock of the United States rises. Take Saudi Arabia, which contains much of the Middle East's oil. A great development program is under way there, which American officials say will ' change the King's Man Sends Thanks For Fruit country more In the next five years than it has changed In the last five centuries. King Ibn Saud's own five-year plan will cost about $100,000,000. A little of this is being furnished 20-30 CluK To Stag? Dance At Fort Brown Members of tho 20-30 Club nn- nrmnrfd today t h n l t h e OVK Nat i o n lias phmr.fd n MM'h's ot r l n n . r s for t.hc Summer st':^on the first scheduled for June 34. Joe BclJpftmnli nna his nil-Valley Orchestra will he presented, f r a - lurinK "Dociy" McCoy. Mrs. McCoy, \vell-kno\vn in the Valley, comprt- rri in {lie ,sl,ntr\vido contest conduct. d by Bob Hopo IJ»M y e a r . The } ( \ j n t h e Chnyro official says. "The people will n,s-j country and used ii. as nn example (j;UK . ( ' l w i l j bc sociale prosperity with the United f o r g lfl oilier Arab countries. In- unilronm n i Fort Frown. This will States." stend t h o Russians stripped (ho ro: b the Inst. Mppc:*rnmv during t.h« Officials say that British f a i l u r e ; ...... , ._,,, ,,,,,, , 4 ,,. v ,!..,,,,..'Snmmrr of Joe B r l l n m n h nnd hffc to recognize that fact in time is one reason why they Summer of Joe orchestra. Officials say that British failure j lhoh . s t n n d , n g d r o p . ^ i«n/ir\rri-\i'Jra Hi n f fnM'. 1 ]"J (,11)16 IS j lost their | P Rd so low in tlle Middle East.. Tj r k P vs may be purchased from that even the Iranian intellect- nr.y member of the 20-30 Club, or position cf. leadership. $400,000,000. But Americans are furnishing something harder to find in the Middle East than money; industrial knowledge. By the time the Saudi Arabian program is completed 4,000 United | States experts--largest American MISSIQN, June 5--The master 1 colony In the Middle East--will be supporter' the Communists -- were soured on them. Brother* bv American private and govern- Russia, these experts add, fumbl- unLs--who m i g h t normally have n t. Davidson's Service Station. Blcd- ment sources. American oil com- ed a chance to build up good will ' '--' "- ^ ,««...f U --«.,.w--- *-,,«.« ^m^,,»v Ami»rir.iri panics have vast; projects which when it moved into A/.erbnijan. will bring the total to more t h a n ] Ru »'l ia couj^d Jiave developed the 'Creeping' High Wire Challenges Aerialists M,»isic Company. Cleaners. and at Perl Fnshinn 8toiv. B U I L D I N G PERMITS ' ~~ H A R L I N G E N . June 5--A total P u r i t a n r r f n i l a t i o n s compelled «?n- of G3 building permits, represent- gaged couples :.o ,s])CRk to each ing $207,925 were issued in Har- other only by means of n speaking lingen during the day. according tube. -- A new and to building inspector B. J. Joiner. ·of the King oi-Englnnd's house-'living in the country, hold has sent a word of apprecia-i "It's to our advantage to see tion to the Mission Chamber of \ more wealth produced and that Commerce. It was a thank you; better distributed," one American note which read, "I am com-; manded by the King to R c k n o w l - ; p - \X/Vnf Tn Market edge your very kind gift of f r u i t , *^g* Went 1 O m«*rKX.L and juice which is very much' appreciated." The note was signed NEW YORK --r/R-- A new ana, 1 '" » I H « « « » K ii«..i^.^.-»i «. ». » more dangerous high wire for clr- Included wore permits for 4 now CUB acrobats is a awinglng oval r.ommerrial buildings to cost $Gfi,- track that tilts and rises 40 feet 000, and 3J for new resldrnco. SYDNEY, Australia -- (ff)-- With "BHOOKFIELD,,, Per Pound "VKLVEETA", 'J-Pound Package "ARMOUR'S", SI lend, l - U i CHti-SE B^COW Crack-Ettes ^·tf ^ir |Ml WW iWH ^·B Gulf Spray JAM "WKSTON'S", 1-Pounii "DHL MONTE", 2-Pound ,J ii r "GULF'V 1 Quart Kottle .. "STAH BRAND", Blackberry, 2 Lb. Jar Per Pound Apple Butter RAISINS MOLASSES Irish Stew "ADAMS", 38-oz, Jar "PLKK-ZING", Per Jar . , . , . , "FROST", Diced, Nn. 2 Can "POMC CABIN", No. Z Can ......... " Greca Beans mm mUtm iBk^WF French Style, N". 2 Can .. "MAUKKT", Sweet, No. 2 Can ! Mukdon. They hold i nnlikelv tout questioned 1 Chang-Chun, 175 miles northeast, ; could hold out until aid arrived i Nationalist dispatches pictured the BoveJnment's position as some- 1 what improved by recapture of ' Kungcffig, railroad town between '· iwrnkflpn and Chang-Chun. I A Mukden dispatch to the news- 1 paper Hsin Mtn Pao said govern- j n ent relnforcemnnts^perhaps part of the 100,000 troops promised the hard-pressed Manchurlan defenders --had landed at a "certain poit together with large supplies of munitions: __ __________ -- Hidfclgo Officers Check On Shooting MISSION, June 5 - Hidalgo County law «n forc « men j nri ° fvflc f 1 l! continued investigation today into the shooting of Magadleno BoJ- os, Rio Hondo, which occurred in a tomato Held north of Mission Wednesday night. Rojos is believed to have been shot bv someone concealed in brush surrounding a field where ^and other workmen were picking tomatoes The bullet struck him in the forehead. . , Rolos in being treated at Valley Baptist Hospital in Harlingen. He was reported today to be getting along by P, y7, Legh, master housholU. of the a record ol fiG pigs in ?.3 months, ; a black western Australia sow U; The fruit, sent to the king by'looking around for a challenger, thf chamber last/ March, included She had four Carrowings in that fresh grapefruit and oranges and time with litters of 16, 17, 17 and canned citrus juice. above the usual tight-rope levels, according to its inventor, A. A. Ostrander, well-known theatrical designer. The apparatus Is shaped like a mammoth tennis racket with a weight at the "handle." As the performers move on a narrow outer rim it changes position anr! can be made to rise vertica-- high above the ring. A. troupe of aerialists has gone into training for the big top debut on the new device, Ostrniulcr sny.s. costing $134,700. SAVE 15 on See Coupon, Page 10 DAY - and - NIGHT 1664 Phone 356-R D. W. SIMPSON CO. Your Packard Dealer 2 for 49c ** _ Soldier* Are Held On AWOL Charges Sgt r D. Aldridge and PPC Charles A. Shlpp, from Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, took custody of three prisoners which had been held In the Cameron county Jail for being absent without leave from the Army, for return to tho Fourth Army Headquarters. The enlisted men, Bael Montess, George Davila and Roberto Trevlno, had been picked up by various aw enforcement officers in the Valley and turned over to Military police who placed them in the county "R-efrlgeraTed as well as pres- isurlzed cabins will be necessary !for supersonic commercial riymt, ! since without coolUig pa«engers would be heated to 300 degrees F. at 1400 mph, and 650 degrees n l 2000 mph. AND GAIN NEW ONES SWIFT'S SE1.ECT OMAHA BEEF VEAf, Swift's Select Veal. Serve with Carrotn and Onions Cooked with the Rib«. Lb. . . . . Swift's P r e m i u m Cooknl Uojidy to Eat. l i o i or Cold, « i Ih. .. . 59c Table-Ready Better! Freaher! More Flstvor! LUNCH MEATS * , , 27c CHEESE Swift's BrookiFleld. You'll like this rich Lb. 49c lirookfleld, (,'luirncd Fine C!rtriiri). ill 68c CHOPS Swift'B Pork, Pound 59c BACON Swift's Delicious Sweot Smoke Taste, Lb 69c Shortening, The Nation's I ( 'a orite, Lb. PARD E 2 r 25c HICKORY-SMOKED or Whole, p o u n d .. ·? on pug-o 10 7 for 47 C R ED WHITE Corner of Jefferso» andtolmBoul*»rd FHOWfe 5SB BROWHSVIULE We Have Plenty Of: ADMIRATION COFFKIS OLD ENGLISH WAX DUFF'S BAKING MIXES MARVKNE KOOL AID 3 MINUTE OATS CLOROX Specials Friday, June 5th; Saturday, June 6th Whether it'n for a picnic basket--and Memorial Day U not plete without a picnic outing--or for school lunches, you can add y ( e»t and variety by choosing items from the wide selection at your Red White Store--and the price* *re economical. Iry wo tor THE BEST AT LOW PRICES1 SNOWD COFFEE FOLGER'S Drip or Regular Lb. Jar . PRUNE JUICE PORK BE AN 5 TOMATO JUICE SALAD DRESSING R«d A Whlu No. 2 F»««cy Cut . Cnn Quurt Red Wkite , Bottle 2 TEA BAGS AWE JUICE APWLE SAUCE 3-IN-1 OIL .. APRICOTS Pt ACntl No. 300 Ti»n Quart . , . B o t t U 8-Oz. Sun*fun Pure White Cup »nd Sawcer or Dinner Plate. . . 16-Ct. Rod Je W h i t « P«ck«sre MEATS 40-0*. ° 25c 17c 23c 33c 14c 27t 22c 8c 33c CATSUP PRUNE!) No. 2H Diet DeHifKt . A l l St«r N Royal Anne » · 14*Oz. Brook* Bottle f No. 2 He»rt'« D r l i g h t Cnn Red W h i t e No. 2 All Green Speur* Cnn Rod A; W h i t e Whole Kernel 12-Oz. Vacuum PAck ^»n Largo 43c 22c D R E F T .«-' EGG NOODLE R ^,* P «.'^;. 10c 10P ^; GUIF SPRAY B .uVr K.C. BAKING POWDER 10 ' si " 18( Quurt B o t t l e 2Sc Sir.e Jar 39c 15c 29c 19t 29c 19c WHOLE DILL PICKLES VEGETABLE RELISH GRAPELADE w «,=h. SALAD DRESSING KOOL-AID DRINK RAISINS PRESERVES C.H.B Evcrbest 16-0*. g.Or. 4 fif J " 22c 25c 33c 4c 24c 34c 10-Ox. StAr or BUck 4fe Decker'* l o w n n a «. whole H»)f FRANKS Country Style Sausage SLAB BACON SPICED LUNCH MEAT !... u,. 42c DRY SALT PORK l" u " 1 c". Cu .:Fi "' ,*. 34t u. Regulnr , 5c Sir.e 15-Oz. Seedle*. Paclcajfc Red . W h i t e Pure 16-Or. Peach or Pineapple J**" Red White , PRESERVES .eS, 28c !^7.7 T*H C»n Extrn Larjje 4-Oz. T.H Lnrgc Red «e W h i t e Ripe Olives riltCCC Blue Moon UllLLiJL American or Pimicnto CHEEZ-ITS 35( 39c Uc 6-Oz. Mavir. TALCUM POWDER Size Of 2Bc Size Tin '*· Tin Powder or 3Oc Size L i q u i d B o t t l e Baker'. 8-C-z. Premium . . . . P a c k a g e t D A A U F T T ! Castle Prepared i B - O z , j r f l w n t l I I With Chec«e T o m n l o Snuce.Can Campho Phenique Baking Chocolate 19c 23c 25c Vic FRUIKAND VEGETABLES CALIFORNIA W H I T E ROSE Potatoes Oranges ^" ............ "· 8c VALLEY » Rich w i t h N f t t u m i Flavor Grapefruit «·· 5c · C n l i f o r n J n L6STSOHS S u n R i p e n e d . . . Dozen Crisp ^Jfe i-argre Home Grown M^ Bch*. TEXAS CRYSTAL W A X · The F i n o A t % | *%^« V n r i c t y Grown . f|j| Lh-«. | ^f \* C a l i f o r n i a L*I-RC F i r m , C r n n c h y H r n d BISQUICK^:;~ THE 2 Package "w 1 Jr Heart's Delight PRUNES 19c Lb. Box Medium Lge, or Ex. Lge. School Day Sifted Early June P E A S No. 2 Can 17c KRAUT 10c KOTEX IUEI) A WHITE PEACHES 11-Oz. 27c G-E L A M P S For Good Light at Low Cost 25-40 50-60 Watt FLOUR Flaky Bake 10-lbsack 25-lb. Sack R I G H T RESERVED TO L I M I T QUANTITIES * ' F O O D STORES R E D 5L W H STORES * RIGHT R E S E R V E D TO L I M I T QUANTITIES

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