The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 21, 1960 · Page 20
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 20

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Page 20
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Luim Democrat-Times 20 Thursday, July 21, '60 Steady Stream Of Former Castro Folio wers Are Leaving Cuba Now By HAROLD K. MILKS HAVANA (AP; - Since las July diplomats and officials o Prime Minister Fidel Castro's revolutionary regime have been defecting at a steadily increasing pace, most of them with the complaint that the new Cuban government is "going Communist." Many of the fonner Castro officials have joined 'opposition groups, by directing aboard or by lakiiig political asylum in foreign embassies here ind leaving the country under the protection of a formal safe conduct. Most prominent of the recent defectors was Jose Mira Cardona, Cuban leader statesman and first prime minister of Ihe Castro regime. Miro Cardona reigned as ombas^rior-designate to the United States and took asylum in the Argentine Embassy. Here is a partial list of those wlio linve abandoned the Castro revolution: July 7, 1953-Mai. Pedro Diai Lnnz, chief of Castro'r air force, flew to the United Stales after re signing with a public complaint of Coimiunist infiltration of the Cuban armed forces. July 17--President Manuel Ur- rulia ttrced to resign by Castro for making anti-Communist statements. Urrutia and his family since hva lived under house arrest in the outskirts of Havana. Oct. 19--Maj. Hubert Matos, top Castro eimy commander and chief of the military organization n Camaguay Province, resigned xcause of Communist infiltration. ie subsequently was tried by a "astro military court and sen- enced to 30 years in prison for "reason. Jan. 23, 1S60--Joaquin Sanjems COMPARE VALUES Vs CARAT 6 G E N U I N E DIAMONDS MATCHED DUET $3.50 Down $rt^ F« $2.25 Weekly jf / ·«* l*k sparkling beauty at this special low.price. K-k, while or natural cold, llfus. enlarged. Total weight. ; SEE IPtCIAU m OUR WINDOW! inner Jtwn WASHINGTON AVE. Top Chinese Bank Official Breaks With Reds By RONNIE WEI HONG KONG (AP) - One of Communist China's top banking officials in Hong Kong has broken with the Reds after finding all is not as'pleasant on NIC mainland MODERN MIRACLE IN TOE DESERT - This nuclear research reader (lop) was built for the Israel Atomic Energy Commission under the United Stales' Atoms For Peace Program. Situated on the sand dunes near Rishon leZion the 1,000-killowatt reactor has started operating for atomic industrial, medical and agricultural research and the training of Israeli scientists in the operation of atomic reactors. At bottom, an Israeli engineer is shown at the control console of the reactor, designed and built by the American Machine and Foundry Company. From this "nerve center" the operator controls power released by the uranium fuel elements and receives valuable research information fed back from I ha reactor's "heart." 'erdomo, former director general of the Castro Finance Ministry's YOUNG'S SUPER MARKET Prices Good July 21st thru July 25th -- We Give Trading Stamps CHUCK STEAK 45 Fancy Center Cuts Lb. _ Grade "A" Whole FRYERS 2-2 U. Avg. - Each 69 All Meat BOLOGNA By The Piece Lb. 35 C Fancy Shoulder Pfi ACT IlU/lOl Wel1 Trimmed rr And Tender ................ LB. JJ Folger's Coffee _ . _ Ib. 69c .Swiss Miss Fruit Pies 20 oz. 35c Blue Plate 12 Oz. Tumbler Peanut Butter 35c Stokelys 14 Oz. Catsup _ _ _ 2 f o r 3 5 c Delia Lass Long Grain Rice 2 Ib. pkg. 29c Fla-Vor-Aid Drinks 6 pkgs. 19c For Bleaching Clorox i gal. 35c Washing Powder Fab reg. size 28c Wesson Oil quart 52c Dime Brand Condensed Milk can 25c Hershoy's Instant Cocoa | Ib. can 25c Sungold Patties Margerine Ib. pkg. I5c Blue Plate MAYONNAISE o,45 Borden's Glacier Club ICE CREAM Gal Ronco SPAGHETTI 3 7 Oz. Cello CelloPak Snider's Farm Frozen STRAWBERRIES p^.' 35* Maull's Barbecue Sauce 18 Oz. Botlle Jumbo LETTUCE Golden Rip* BANANAS Lb Sunlcist LEMONS Doz. 19 YOUNG'S SUPER MARKET Corner Alexander and Hyman OPEN - Monday dim Friday i A.M. . * P.M. - Saturday « A.M. - 9 PJH. Sunday 8 A.M. to 11 Noon -I PJrt. to 7 PJVL Department of Investigations, fled to the United States. Bank President Jan. 15--Dr. Juslo Carrillo, ex- president of the Castro government's Agricultural and Industrial Development Bank, left Cuba foi Spain, then joined other anti- Castro leaders in the Unitec States. Feb. 23--Francisco Rudolfo Tamas, former head of the chemical section o( Castro's Institute ol Agrarian Reform, moved to Jamaica, where he criticized the 'trend toward communism" Cuba. March 6-Lt. Cmdr. F. C. Vidal Santiago, Cuban naval attache to Venezuela, asked political asylum. March 15--Manuel Francisco Artime, former Castro army lieutenant, joined opposition groups abroad. March 17--J.I. Cmdr. Miguel Pons, naval attache to Washington, and Capt. Angel L. Saavedra, army attache, asked asylum in Ihe United States. March 23--Army Capt. Achilles Chinea and two lieutenants took asylum in the Brazilian Embassy. Navy Commander March 31--Lt. Cmdr. Jaime Varela Sales, Cuban naval atta- che to Mexico, defected, to be followed April 4 by Capt. Manuel Villafana, Cuban air attache to Mexico. Both asked asylum in the United States, claiming Communist infiltration of the Cuban armed forces. April 4--The ambassador to the European office of the United Nations, Andrea Vargas Gomez, resigned. June 15--Ambassador to Canada, Luis Baralt, resigned. June 22--Sergio Rojas Sanla- marina, ambassador to London, took asylum. July 6--Jose Miro Cardona, ambassador-designate to the United States, took aslyum in the Argentine Embassy. Francisco Pividal, ambassador-designate to El Salvador, also resigned. July II--Cuba's ambassador to West Germany, Erjc Aguero Montoro. asked political asylum. The Castro government charged all defectors with treason and said some were guilty of embezzling Cuban government funds. High-Flying Mice Return To Earlh SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) Sixteen high-flying mice which soared to 133,000 feet in a balloon to test the effects of cosmic rays are back to earth. The Air Force announced the mice were recovered Tuesday near Jordan, Mont., after traveling 575 miles from near Bemidji, Minn., since Sunday. Outfitted w'uh vest-like coverings to detect cosmic particles at high altitudes, the mice came to earth in a container that was cut loose from the balloon. They will be sent to Brown University in Providence, R. I., for observation by Dr. Herman Case. The school holds an Air Force contract for cosmic radiation studies. Local Livestock SAUSIE KECEIFFS: 1179 Conic./ 1 ::ooi. COWS: Ur.lily and conra.nloP, SIS lo SI7.20: Can/-..-, and twt.i. 59 lo SIS.50; S:ot^«.-l. SI2.50 )o SI6: Sfockar cowi w:i' toll 01 IlJe, S150 lo J180; Ha'n cow w,lh call ol I'd., J90 lo SI«. BUUSr UliKlv and tonvnt.-iial, SIB to 120; Conner and cutien, SI2.50 To 516 50. FAI CAIVES: Good ood tSorc*. 150 to 550 Fbi., J?l lo J?* 50 .400 lo 500 Ibi S22 SO lo J2X.50; (11 'lity end iMndo'd iH la $19. fCO STEfSS: C-.o;r«. Non« eff.-.d Good, Nous offered flO HEIFESS: Ncr.t «f'..«if Good. J21 !o 123 STOCK EPS CALVES: Gux) ord cSoIre Qixrlirv resr cn'**i, S?6 ro S29; Good old cf-.o:eo quoNty Vt'.fri ca'vei, S/2 l FEEDf* SFEiSS- Goo-f ond ,tc'-.i, S2r lo S25. PloFn. 112 n S I 7 ! 0 IOP linci: No. 1 ord Ha. 1. J I 7 5 ' Sl« 00 FCEDE; FIGS, sio u us. as Red China's masters try to make it appear. The banker, who asked to remain aYionymous, recently defected after a lour of the, Chlnn malnla'nd with' a group of otlwr Communist officials and businessmen from Hong Kong. "Everything was .very Impressive as long as we stayed on the conducted tour," he said, "Industry, agriculture, housing construction appeared to be booming, and everyone looked happy, well-fed nnd dedicated to communism." Then he got permission to visit his native Foochow, capital ol south China's Kukien Province, vylwre his parents still live. What he found there staggered him. "My father is going Wind. My mother is suffering-from malnutrition," h«' said. "Hunger and fear, a re written on. the faces of all my relatives and friends! Most of them would not talk lo me. They just eyed me suspicous- ly. They were so different from the people I mel on the conducted lour." His parents met him with complete silence. Finally his mother broke down in tears and osked him: "Why. did you have to come back?" She was ashamed'to have him seeder in-her condition, he said. He was so disillusioned that he cut short his tour i and . returned to Hong Kong. CUT-RATE CARE SUMMIT, N. Y. (UP1) - Patients get cut-rato hospilal chor« gcs when they check into the dc- it-yourself wing at Overlook Hospital. -- '. \ They, wear,street clothes.veat meals In the cafeteria nnd Vilck up their own incdicine'at nurses' slalkms. Such self-help .rnakes 1 it possible to reduct to twor-from five--the number of- nurses oh duty. The palienls' daily room rato are, reduced by 50 per cent. SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY Stt UUK DISPLAY OF 6IFTS Yniirc Frnn *nni LIBERTY I U U l S iTCG Dam STAMP SELECT YOUR GIFTS RIGHT IN OUR STORE Trelles PEAS 2c 3 r, 23 Old Fashion Apple SAUCE c 3 .°no Brookfield Grade A Large EGGS 1 Doz. . _Ctrt. 39 Free $ 10.00 IN LIBERTY DELUXE STAMPS Pilsbury Biscuits FREE $10.00 In Liberty Deluxe Slnmps 3 Cans 25 With. Coupon And $3.00 Purchase I Limit Expires July 27th c ° untry styie Solids Lb. Blue Plate MAYONNAISE «, 39 Folger's or Maxwell House COFFEE 1 Lb. Can 69 FROZEN FOODS TENNESSEE FORDHOOK LIMAS jo oz. i n c BOOTHS BREADED SHRIMP TIDBITS 2 LB. $ 1 20 BOX ADAMS ORANGE JUICE 12 OZ. O Q C .. CAN £t7 TENNESSEE FRENCH FRIED ONION RINGS 4 OZ. O1 C PKG. L\. Home Grown -- Large, Firm, Red, Ripe TOMATOES-12* Golden Rellow B A N A N A S Lb. 10 California Iceburg L E T T U C E Jumbo Head _. 16 SALT MEAT Streak-O-Lean Bellies Lb. 19 Swift Premium Heavy Beef SIRLOIN STEAK - 79 Swift Worth more Rindless SLICED BACON -39 PURPLE HULL OB SILVER SKIN CROWPER PEAS RED POTATOES PEACH ES 14* SUNKIST LEMONS 1 Homegrown 33 c OKRA . 12% DEL MONTE TUNA CAN STILWELL~ GREEN BEANS DEL MONTE CATSUP 25* 10* 35* SILVERLEAF FRESH DAILY GROUND BEEF LBS. 99$ SWIFT'S SELECT VEAL RUMP ROAST IJ5. 69? SWIFT'S SELECT VEAL ALL MEAT LOIN TIP ROAST LB. SWIFT'S SELECT HEAVY BEEF CHUCK STEAK LB 49* PORK CHOPS FIRST CUTS , LB. MINUTE STEAKS 47* LB. 9~9* SMOKED HOCKS PKG 49* 4 Lb. Ctn. PURE LARD 57 SACRAMENTO TOMATO JUICE 46 Oz. M j^« Can -- - ZD JERSEY GOLD ICE CREAM 2 WESSON OIL DIXIE BELLE CRACKERS GAL. 89* 1 LB. . LB. 190 LUCKY LEAF APPLE JUICE QT 27_ c DIXIE BKLLE FIG BARS SWIFT'S PREMIUM WHOLE COOKED CHICKEN ! v ^ 89* PREM. ....................................................................... ^39* O LB. O Q I Li BOX 0.7 SHOWBOAT PORK BEANS WISTERIA VIENNA SAUSAGE CAN 10' SWIFT'S CORNED BEEF 12 OZ. CAN 52' DEL MONTE PEACHES NOCA2 » DEL MONTE FRUIT COCKTAIL HERSHF,Y'S COCOA ... ... BOX LB. on c OJ POPCORN... 2 L %T GLLO 25' BRITEX BLEACH QT .15 C JEWEL SHORTENING 3 £ 55° TWIN PET DOG FOOD 16 Oz. Can __ 5' GERBERS BABY FOOD Cans STANDARD TOMATOES 10' 303 Can S O F T E E T I S S U E 4 E 29° MAYFIELD CORN CAN )3 i n . N IV 9 l/ 2 LB. M BOXES QUAKER GRITS = BENNETT'S PRUNE JUICE QT .45' BAMA APPLE BUTTER 29JA T27' GRIFFIN STRA\VBERRY PRESERVES ".-g-35' LIPTON'S TEA K 43' STILWELL BLACKBERRIES .... ^ 21 SCOT TOWELS 2 ROLLS 39 c 60 COUNT CHARMIN NAPKINS TO 10' DELSEY TISSUE 4K:55 C WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO UMIT QUANTITIES AND NOT SELL OTHER MERCHANTS.

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