The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 20, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 8

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1939
Page 8
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BtOHt THE DAIfcY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., THURSDAY, JULY 20,1939. t¥»ry afternoon except · Bldg., by Canaii- inc., Leon J. , treasurer and O. "L. Crofoot, vice presi- office manager; Howard advertising manager; F. Melke, circulation mana- fcirthe Post Office, Can- It.- Y., as second class Who Has The Key I RATES t Carrier In City door, 18 .cents 3 cents 60* Ottstde pptartb (OuMd*tf Canaridaigua) ' f "mo; 3 mo. 6 mo. year $1.50 $2.00 $4.09 ;-. 70* $1-85 $3.00 $6.00 watch the date of expira- , on .the label and avoid SJof 'delivery by sending swal. · i -- .dvertising Representa- len/King Prudden, ,,»., ,,« ^ t t . Chicago, San Fran- cfico; Denver and Rochester. "of Associated Press TBb Assiciated Press is exclusively d to'the use for republication flnrft dispatches credited in And also the local news All rights are re- Mrvcd. MBL,ti£UGHT FOR TODAY: ; CBQOmb JiJEN MAY BE MADE gnfototff -- This is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptation tha|, Christ Jesus came into the ·worltt'to save sinners. -- 1 Tim. 1.18.' CHANGES SWEEPING j For «*easure in which so many J hundreds of thousands of persons throughout the nation, were direct- lT interested, the relief bill, which included" WPA changes, became law,- without a ripple of interest apparent among the thousands of personrjb WPA payrolls. The conditions which members of Congress were vdting into the bill, were by no means "secret, and there was no protest -from unions, or from the e, or from any of the di- GOSH, YOU CAN'T JO AWAY AMD LEAVE ME IN THIS FIX/ Personal Health Service By WILLIAM BRADY, M. D. Signed letter* pertaining to pwraonml health and hygiene, not to disease diagnosis or treatment, will be answered by Dr. Brady if a stamped, self-addressed envelope Is enclosed. Letters should be brief and written in Ink. Owing to the large number of letters received only a few can be answered here. No reply can be made to queries not conforming to instructions. Address Dr. William Brady, in care of this newspaper. Name your city on your return envelope. Don't say "City." LIKE DOWAGERS EVEN WHEN to Don't be terrified, I said in a re- · plane but unquestionably alive, cent article, when you sight a a ripe old age. dowager bearing down on you. I Not that I derive any wicked Pull in your chin, take a couple of I pleasure from telling people they belly breaths and stand your are taking the wrong course. But ground. Chances are at least 5050 she will prove as pleasant a person as you could wish to chat with. But for goodness sake, don't think of her as elderly. Now I considered that almost a bouquet. 'But it only goes to show | Unfortunately, in the attempt to define dowager, I had just opined that it seems too bad that corpu- lency should parade as dignity That was all I had against dowagers as an institution. It seems I was flippant, intolerably vulgar and in very poor taste and the space given to my cheap comedy might better be devoted to material of value to readers. Just the same I like 'era, going or coming, and if I have offended one or given her even any embarrassment I sincerely repent, for I tell you I like, 'em especially when they hold true to character and speak plainly at a time when a bit of plain speaking is indicated. In the article dealing with dow- THAT DECREASE WITH DISTANCE Good in Both New York Control Coach** and Pullmans ^vuniv -*«*p*pi^»'j ·** ** **»··. --·---ti rectors of WPA or any other relief agCBtcfeS of the government, who 8feed»ea""concerncd more with the totH o£ the fund that would be iMde available by Congress, than " " the ways in which legally the lid be expended. .,,,_, ,, is found the Congressional restrictions are out of favor by WM. Workers, but there is still the ajtioe lack of interest in the White House and in government agencies, on..the details, and the directors appear-willing to carry out the provisions of the law. and let the chips flOl where they may. '.Heads of the great union organi- itttions are protesting, but the pro- tens flight far more effectively bam titen~made when the law was bring drafted and discussed. The troth of the matter is that WPA is on the way out, and while it may aeoeme- superceded by another relief' agency, the objective of Congress, as openly stated, has been in large degree attained already. That Objective was to indicate that WPA work is not employment by the gov- einjnent but a means of relief. temporary, it is hoped, as a stopgap until regular private employ- roetn could pick up the slack. Therje wffl be inconvenience to mote than WPA workers. Communities which have had projects ootiined, and funds appropriated fct them, will be inconvenienced, Washington Daybook By Preston Grover By DR. W. W. ALEXANDER Fanrt, Secuncy Administrator (Pinch hitting for Preston Grover dating his vacation) WASHINGTON--A few weeks ago the Federal Treasury received a check for $164.72 from Wiley J. Langley of Jasper, Alabama, who had been a tenant farmer nearlj all of his life. You might think that S164 would cause no great excitement in official Washington--but the delivery of this particularly check was pretty important to Uncle Sam. It marked a significant milestone in the government's effort to help sharecroppers and tenant farmers buy land of their own. Langley was the first tenant in the United States to become a landowner under the Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act. A little more-than a year agorhe borrowed S3.800 to bu\ the 180-acre cotton farm which he had been operating as a tenant for three years. At that time the 59- year-old-farmer was heavily in debt: his chattel property was mortgaged: "the" house was badly in n?pd of repair. Mrs. Langley. who had raised 12 children was trying her best to make a comfortable home with kerosene lamps, an old wood stove, and no modern conveniences. Today the Langlcys have paid off people-chosen from one of the i before this program could re-estab- neediest groups in the nation-are lish the nations farmers on meu reoavinff their loans before the date I own land, due ^InsSnmenrs totaling aooulf Unfortunately, the problem is , i S103000 have fallen due: but already nearly $139.000 has been paid into the Federal Treasury. In other words, collections have , amounted to 135 per cent of maturities, because many of the borrowers are working vigorously to pay off their debt in advance. There is every prospect that all of these tenant purchase loans will be repaid in full, with three percent interest: and that the government's attack on the evils of farm tenancy will not cost the taxpayer a single pennv. Actually, this repayment record is not at all surprising, because the great majority of the borrowers are the in- agers I quoted the rule formulated jy a life insurance statistician, that two years should be deducted ;rom an individual's life expectancy for every inch one's girth exceeds one's chest measurement af- i ter the age of thirty-five. From my own experience I infer that the dowagers who re- some one has got to do it, and I don't mind such criticism at all. An occasional quiet word from some reader who takes it as I mean it is ample compensation for my contribution. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS The Vitamin B-Complex Kindly mention in your column what the vitamin tt jWjnplex consists of, which" some iT'$our readers recommend lor restoring color to gray hair. . . . . (H. F. L-) Answer -- .Vit*mia B-complex, of which wheat germ is the richest food source, includes all of the factors identified or assumed present in the vitamin group originally called vitamin B. Some of the factors are vitamin B-l or thiamin, vitamin B-2 or G or ribpflavin, nicotinic acid, anti-dermatitis factor, anti-gray hair factor, etc. The last is so named because it seems to retard or prevent graying of the hair of rats with age. Whether it has such effect in human beings, I do not know. Perhaps people beginning to be gray just feel better, when they supplement their regular diet with vitamin B complex, and see the dark hairs, not the gray when they scrutinize their hair. Many have declared that an iodin ration stops graying of their hair. A few even assert that their gray hair has been restored to its orig- REST AND ENJOY YOURSELF with complete freedom from responsibility i N«» M /«· to travel in ^pleS Of N6W LOW ROUnd- speed, safety and comfort--by Trip Rail Fares from Canandaigua New York Central! Just buy a Return Limit CO Days round-trip ticket. Whether you Round-Trip Fares Good in Coaches go a few miles or hundreds, you in-tuwn make substantial savings! The ^""Y"' rate per mile decreases with 'J^','; 1 * distance--for Pullman as well ·'·'· s "" as coach travel! In addition, there's a 10 per cent reduction in one-way fares in upper berths! iittii.i and Y m k ito ier mat me uowagcio «»» -- nair has been res t or ed to its ong- sented my remarks were annoyed , inal CQlor r don ,- fc fcnow It can do particularly by the ruthless way I . no harm usually impr oves general robbed them of years of life. v, Pa it.h and WPII hpim? to trv both. r ., _. no harm, usually improves general robbed them of years of life. health and well being, to try ' -"A similar observation, also made Rum B i ossom by a life insurance expert, was quoted here recently, to the effect wrote you regarding redness growing worse. Nearly half of all the farmers in this country already are renters or sharecoppers. and number of tenant families is creasing at the rate of about 40.00C Tf year. With its present limited resources, the Farm Security Administration cannot even halt the increase in farm tenancy, much less help the 2.800.000 families who al- 1 ready have fallen into a tenant status. ,,.. . , Department of Agriculture officials are not discouraged, however. A start has been made, and they feei that it has proved to be a thoroughly sound one. which involves virtually no cost to the government. When , that one may deduct, what was it, 25 minutes ? from one's life expectancy for every cocktail or highball,'according to the experience of insurance companies in reference to the habits of policyholders. My allusion to this brought the usual shower of exaggerated instances to the contrary. Then still another observation, this one my own. aroused considerable animosity. I said that a person should deduct a year or two from his or her life expectation for every tooth lost by accident, disease or intention and "not promptly replaced by a functionally efficient denture--and I believe this rule is as sound as any "rule" bearing on health or life. My conviction is not at all shaken bv reports of freak instances of edentulous individuals surviving, on a feeble and scaly pimply condition of nose. You sent me monograph on Acne. Had the formula for acne rosacea prepared by my druggist, and it has done more good than anything I have ever used, includingSfchy- sician's treatment. (Miss M. G. P.) Answer -- Monograph on Acne- oily skin, "enlarged pores," pimples blackheads, red nose ("rum blossom."' acne rosacea) etc.. mailed on lequest. No clipping. Ask for what you want, inclose stamped envelope bearing your address. DAILY MESSENGER PATTERNS paving for their farms with annual ly no cost to the governme, FSLent, which are smaller than j the country is ready ^ u,^- ihP r P nt thev used to pay on the chmery is set up for a rea-j ia^e the rent they used to pay on same property. Moreover, they are working with "a new enthusiasm and incentive, because they are working for themselves, instead of for an absentee landlord. A scale attacR on the evils of farm tenancy. LOOKING BACKWARD Interesting Items Taken From The Files of Th« Daily wnger Ten Yean Ac* C k ' \ l l : i m l Kctl'oit (lucimiitli IH'\V , lou lare SI.'.M) 17.1'J '·{. JO ll.'.M) J.~P. Ml 7 ""· J HI 1 .11 U ·2 HI, ! J l St. 1-iilii.s v . l- '-'"" Round-Trip Fares Good in Pullman tipper Berths (I'lus Kcilnrril I'lillinaii I';,-) ( uiiaiuluiuiiii mill .\V\\- " \ o i U III'W IIP" l.irr $ i T ·_'."; ::i 1:0 ^1 "it M M V \ I . NO LOST SlKP.--« ndrcmcDaber ' lherc '. s * new low rate for upper berths along with the new rail fares. J'.O-itntl A l l i . u i v I I 7ii H u l l i l n .1 I" ( IcM-l mil 11 7.1 J ) c t r o H W I*' i ' t i n i n n . n i "7.-H I i i i i u i i ii.oli- ·"'·'» St. Limit. '·'·'·'^' Also worthwhile reductions in roundtrip rail f»r«S good in all other typos of Pullman accommodations. SEE AMERICA AND 2 FAIRS-! From vour home town io New York and San Francisco... and home apain! An anii/in: I - u i \alue at S90 in coaches! In Pullmans. SI 35 TUFSAFE WAY is the RAILwiy! Let skilled (plus reduced Pullman charge). Ask aycnts inc a»rt ···«· ,!_:.,:,,_ fr, r rnmolete details. engineers do jour driving. NEW YORK CENTRAL THE WATER LEVEL ROUTE-YOU CAN SLEEP Read the Want Ads Way To Go solu-1 ,, _ · one* !! j;rovision requires in Au- gttft, cessation of work by those vty haye been employed on WPA wojjk 'fpClS months. This is apt to toe,-mo**.:wide-reaching even than Congress planned, in its effect, for estimates show hundreds of thousands of^nen will be separated from tbe- rotU.and must wait for 30 days Sr^aS'^^e^^en SK^dT^iSnUy is living far ttttle pntest, yet. about this pro- ' b=«er than It rx-er has bero.e visionSTSw.- but the protest* are I Instead of plantinc *irtua * aU t%*one as soon as thc gen- the land to cotton-as mast NEW SPOKT-OWL FiSHIXG TALIHINA Okla. CPi-Jim C-sr- n tossed his baited honK into the iver and pui ; ed out a owl. The b,'H ^eiilui under the surface a 'Milow and the owl dived for it. . than the 40 years allowed their 1 Their home has been put in zooc condition, electricity has been in- problem is nowhere in sight, gress has provided for a gradual cx- l,snsicn of the Bankhead-Jones -program, to the point where it will ri"lp; -- ,, about 10000 families a year to b;. jamin Disraeli. Earl field, prime minister during Victoria's Hughenden Manor, home of Ben- of Beacons- , of Britain j reign, has been opened to the public as a museum. Saturday. July 20, 1929 Mis?et Frances Maprs Isabel Ingraham. Pearl Stanley. Elsie Kinde. Elizabeth McGuire of the Baptist, Church are delegates to the World j Wide Guild house party at Keuka] College next week. Endorsement of Truman S. Stev- i ens. former supervisor from the Town of Richmond, by the Ontario County Republican Committee, in special session here yesterday, paves tiie way for an by the Board of successor to Carl Webs Of Lace Form Doily By BARONESS F1ANTONI enl effecfis noted. " - t SEI8ACHTIIEIA _ _ . . " .. . . c nicrc dependable i Don 1 accuse Jhe printer ol snccz-, . movt of thc f; Inf into the linotype when you read · ·-- '--· ttMBt «OKi. Seisachtheia is thc first ttttn Upr employed to describe inflation -- at least the first we can i hw; hels O j flM recorded. "! ; h vc prw jucrd 1.500 c Ifcrnt was quite a while ago -- 594 ^j. ?tars tetore Christ, to be exact. Mon AlhK Poo-Bath of Athene ftatarch tells about it: "He raised UK pound of silver, being before but three-score and seven drachmas, full up to 100: so they which were to pay 'great sums of money paid a* 'much a$ they ought but with lets nutttxr of pieces than the debt could htre been paid when it was Today silver dominates the Senate ot thc United States, whicli hw Wfltt tied up for a week with a nttbustcr on the subject thai is as nM «·- hKory. Solon staged the first inllatktn and "solonr" tver been trying the same rrn ««nant.s do--Lancley has cm- 1-arkcd on a sound procrain of dn-pr- sifird farminc which will protect ni.- soil from erosion, produrr a l,rnr, income, and pro- food Min- p'ly. Within the last year, for example he has rai-MXi 15 hops ;»:iri . 57 gallons of molasses and 6ft and his milk oi 1 41* w ^- j ^ - w ~ . i - -- - -- - - milk. By raising a large uardcn and inninf "300 quarts ol fnul and .·geubl«=. Mrs. Lanfiley has beeji able to set a good table. Mnst important of all. thc family'' n«"l ·' wlh has increased by more than Similar Gains EKcwhrrr Similar gains ha\e b^eji rr by most of the 7,000 o1h«r which ha^e bmicht m 1hr last t w o .fn" with FSA help To the taxpayer, howmr. ih moM important fact is that 1h r - ful tilver-and-gretriback bloc i--, ^«. ,,,.,,» ^ ,,,,.. yelling for t!37. The adminiMratiraj Their efforts always thnvc in is willing to compromise on what ' the Treasury is now paying. But no dice «ay Ihe inflationists So. all other .^natorial business is jammed while the hold-up prof-re]. 1 Probably ther will be a compro- TTatv The kind of a compromise whtre you disgorge your wallet biii keep your jackkmfe Tlie affair may net, say 77 -cents, being 35 cent- more than the world pric^. instead I of the mere 22 now operating. ! The thing for the citizen to re! member is that 1» as a taxpayer is j putting up for this pressure-group i pam; that n m*k«s no more eco- ncmic srnse than did Solon's party 2^33 years ago; and that our nation, after all the centuries, hasn't bwn *Me to learn, am) is seriously flining with the same old ghastly ^ - -- --- -..- -- - | _f atrrss and iinbalanct-d bud- It they succeed, a big fiscal ids in delirium trernens "Solon and ftisachtheia. to UH Chitted Shan Mu-Kungjn 1hc OlMW Ojmasiy. lo Henry VTII who coins *ith copper and bi ^ted on through the days of the Mississippi fcub- t« now. coinage debase- I paper money Wnges have Mine rx*ctln« «nd tragic th* m*M sorry force is today. . _ _ - -- : prtoe of silver on the Alt* is 42 3-4 wnu per teuty under _ KM pl«S. k ^^^^^J ^^^rt^^rt d^B^^b ^···ikl t WM WWlwt pficc woaNi Uite gubrtdy. nobody L«9-UNHUe intcndent of time ago. iy appointment Supervisors of a A Gibbs. super- poor, who died some . It Miss Ruth Johnson entertained three tables at bridge at her homo in Scotland Road, yesterday. Prizes went to Miss Dorothy Bullock of Phclps and Miss Lois Whcaton of this city. BETTER ENGLISH By D. C. WILLIAMS 1 _\vha1 is wrnnc with this ?rn- U-nro? "How long will you -stop in Pittsburgh?" j._What i 1 - thr correct pronunciation of "coyote"? 3.--Which one of these words i.s Chief. .shKJd, sh.rf; SMJ*"-" fAe f f H HERE IS TIRE MILEAGE AT A PRICE YOU'RE GLAD TO SEE--GET TWO TIRES AT THE USUAL PRICE OF ONE- GET THRIFTY KELLY »SPRINGFDSLPS TRADE YOUR OLD TIRES TODAY This Armontbbcr Tre«d Kelly is the toughest th»t ever came to town. Made of · special kind of rubber... impervious to roads that grind down ordinary tires'. Come in and save money with Amoru66er/ TIRES MOUNTED FREE What does thc word "con- word P,airrn livclv boys! We've Txas Raiifcr. complete from hat «o lanal in a.^MM transfer pallrrn Hiaf.s casy.iliplMk-cii Jhe 3wb 01 jwckct of Oils -cii rortablft. Wh.i1 I 1 - w 1ha1 1 ANSWERS , .Sr-n. "How lone will you vlnv Piri-liirrch"? 2 --Pinnounco ki-ot. i at, m V H P n as in notf. accent first -vllablf 3 Shfik 4 -Harmonious- ] Iv rf'?ii f '(5. appropriaU': con.siM-ent. | ;v ·His i1fa.s and his diction arc con-. i'],r- What ^ wrong with Ihii wn- ·' ' M r Brn-an will 1?e in for thc balance ni Ihi- 10 wear ,i.s notliing at all. j lor irce-rlimbing. ball-pla? r f i M i a l rass-hng round! Equally ror- niT-] prarlral is Ihf iri pl.iv shirl Bu1 of roiirM i · - .s ,T 1wo-1o-righ1 lad in 1hr Ranger dcc-orntin all other virtues of this en 185441 in hi.s eyes Dn-nm gabardine, bmadriolli m }i] t ^fi ar" wood ,sliard lalrw \-r it--"i1", "i 1hi ·ar and l^ar of hard anrl ? . · raT- Si7' 4 i- 'l) r ' f);i"U' --PJUsburfh Press ·JJ29 PATTERN' XO. Ha\f ;.r. 3 f . t ob-f-nt-d a spider's utb' ; Hon- .=-Mi .%mm*trital and perl'-c- it ;- Thx? doi3 ^·rochstc-d with a t ,trni-jjjni?]y simple stitcnes ha- thf- vimt- qualities And you'll find man\ u-,e.=i for a doily which mea^iTpv 14 inches in diameter. The patitrn envflope contains complett. ta-sv-to-undtrstand directions: also -xhal crochet hook and what material and how much you will need. To obtain this pattern, send for No. 1129 and enclose 10 cents in ;iamp or com -- co.n preferred -- to cover sen-ice and postage. Address The Daily Messenger, Needlework Department, Phoenix St, Canandaigua, New Yorfc, j on" o{ i t Ii.langibk, 4 --What does the word 'divnm- inate" mean? 5. - What « a word brginnint, with ju that mf-ans "a placing or being placed side by side"? ANSWERS 1-- Say. "for the remainder of this week." 2, -- The a as in ape is preferred. 3. -- Ent*il. 4. -- To make a distinction. "To discriminate the 1 Th f goats from the sheep." 5. -- Juxtaposition. -- Barrow. 1 ".' |T d lor shn1. a PfHern of this - f -i ITC an coin, your Name R1i Number and D.-'fv M^-eneer, Cana T VOI.T 07/n vacaUon wardrobe an have more mfney to spend on -,f)iir trip' Plan it with the help ol cur new pattern book! More than 100 new fashions for late spring and summer - everything you and the children need for hot weather! All smart and charming-all easy to make! Each pattern Jncljiocs.a step-bv-step SPW chart to gind* «*- ginnefs. Send for Pall*TM Book NOW! One Pattern and Book 25c alon« FLOOR MATS INSECT SCREEN GEHUlHi SIMONIZ Much b«H«r, trouble h Are to lttKtnc c«Ww- SfOfff ·RUSHES RUMCR 6E.\RSHIFT COVER Stipj ii 17 ) »,t«t«» 1 RABY SEATS | - '} OT.75 Pair.

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