The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 25, 1963 · Page 29
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 29

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1963
Page 29
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THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION-MORNING PRESS, Sunday, Aug. 25, 1963 - Court Notes - SUPKK10K COL'KX Civil I'n'cci-rtlac- Pool Cn. vs. G, C. find -onnne E. Nor.hlnRion. order Issued *ulllvo.n Isi addition, lo satisfy money In re: ' Petition fllrri hy Bm Martin r. for wni of hnhens corpus 10 secure ·Mease from custody. In re; PeiltJon flli-cl by rhorle,-! Gelnnly r. for wrll of hnnca.4 ctirous 10 secure v linso from custody- In IT: Apolk'iUlon filed In behalf of evry Glenn. Billy Ray -inti Joe Earl inlllncs 10 chance Ins 1 , n n m c lo Luion- ky. ksLhcr R u t h McLcnn vs. Curl M a r t i n , nil filed under Uniform Recl?rocnl :hlld SuflTxvri Ac-.. Rohort L. '."lltaTl vs. Heirs of R. A. 'lelds nnd others, suit MM Lo r\ulei j Illc lo W ' i ^f Wf»ek 1U, Uiwlon HrlRhlS I million. I Si.iic of 0'lAhPmn. ry county at lore-y. vn. Tholma llnrkncV. nciH'.nn filed of nvfirr r n m r n l n i n ^ dcfcndani ;o sifUr o s n l i n l for mentfl! nhservnilon. Tnxie May Whl'.r v s , Frederick E. "msyin nnd (";irl Hernandez, suli ilrti fnr .tSU'S.i.Pf) rinmncf 1 .* fcr rt!lr?rr] ! n i u r i e * in ' m f l i c nrHdcnl ni IBih nnd j T^v.t Ol.'l. :l. l^i-. I connection u-iih Lrnfflc nccliicnt n.t Second and Fcrr 1 ^ June !J2. Lo^-rton Ouidoor AdvcrllslnR Co. vs. Gcnr^rtA Tippet nnd oihors, suit fllcl to fiulet title lo lois J7-1S. block 11. Lnu 1 - lon View addition. Federal N'nUonnl Morlpncc association vs, Marcy and Amelia Mahseikv, suit Hied for money judgment nnri foreclosure of morLfnct. 1 on lot 20, block 1, WcpL- ^·oori 2nd ndijlilon. Orlianft Savincs and Lonn nssoclnLlor. v,i. Jnmcs L, flnd Ofcsn iV. Lee. suk filed for money judirment rmd foreclw:- u:-p of moricncp on lot 6, block 1. Sherl- dnn 1st ndilinrin. People's Snx-lnps Bank \rs, RnbcrL L. Chtirbcncnu Sr. nnrt Hiutie c. Chnr- licnenn, suli fiu-rl fnr n^.oney judRmcni nnri fniTL-lnsurr or riorlKnKe on lol 3, block ·], \\'?.·;l^\c | nf^ 2nd flridlllon. Lincoln N.rlonal Life Insurance Co. v s . Miirlha O. Moore nnd Knllc Ann McCni:- ley, suit filed to require d r f r n d u n i K lo I n l p r v r n o nntl «piil(« rlphis undrr rerilf!- rntc of Insiirnncc for Rpportlonlnp l i f e rlnlm, Pnirirmlal Insurance OP. · 7 , Rl.ccs Jr, nnd oihcrs ·; money j u d p r n o n i nnd foroi;lo...,v cnpe on lot 21. hloek a. Pccn' 2nd nddltion. IR l i f e . Walter filed for Oi'le'.ln l.nRny VU-nih vs, M n i - v l n Vn.n J [ r n i h , tlivnrt'i 1 ci'^nt^d. cusiody of iw'o *mnr C h i l d r e n .iwnrdod lo plnlr.tirr. dp- · T d n n i ovrlrri'd I P nnv -^100 rnonihly j rnlri supp»Ti and p: - openy division ap- ( ii-.wcri. I M n l r n l m M r M H I n n Brynni vs. Belly I ·ionihly rhilrl snprtncl nnd pronrvly divi- j Jhyce ?IPW vt. .Ifrry Snn\\-, rtlvorre , '·ft 7i; I'd nnd plain! i f f \ fiTtner n^me. i Tnvjlmnn v.. A l f r e d Tnnilmivn, T 'jr.Tnlcri. rusioilv nf \\\n minor nrdiTcd :o pay 520 weekly child \ I n r y K. rT/M-k'Jon v^, \VnllT K Jack- ; n .1r.. diviiTi 1 drcivc ^el nsldo. Ti'ridy Hc-nr Host vs. Unda J u a n TVm, ! I'.irc* 1 ^rsntcri. cusinrfy of minor child i .vnrrti-d 'n d o f e n d n n i . nnd p l a i n t i f f nf. ···I'd in pnv m i n i if 51,;rf | 0 lo rii'fendfini. H-ihhie .1. .l'.-f'«''n; v«.. Ail'.-n JV/Ti-ns!. \-n-t-r crn.iii'ri. 'Mi^'.odv nf ihrtT rnlnnj 1 K l d r r n Mvnrdrd in p l r t i n i i f r . d o f c n d n n ! MArsl^r.ll l i w l ^ h ! Burnt".. :0, Mnnrhcs- !er, nnd U«beth Ann Bnilru-. 51. Houston TPX. Graver C, AblKi'.t. M. Fnr'. Sill, and A n l o n l n Esrohav. 2-1, (tf ^Ofi Kuclld. Bench S Ro\lcy, fi3. Walirrs. and Ornl Hnxley. in. \Vnlu-rs. ^nhr-r. M m r y Hravolol. L'J, Fnrl Sill, nnd K a r u n Joy Wnrrcn, 20 XPU- Orleans Iji. Onvi.l Tnnev. J2. M i d w c « l City, nnd R u i h Cnulhcrr. 3fi. Lnwion. Dn.vlr frnllpy. 23. Urn Ion. nnd Eva MJIP rr.iyicr. 1?. Ijiulon. W. Pivsinr. Holslr.per. 71. Ijiulon. i\nd IJndn Klfhnrrl-inn. 21, Lnivion. ^Pi'tcr ,lnsop?i Mintcn. 20, Fn:-i Sill, anri Ki'ftnees Vivinn. Dnvis. ip, n[ ^07 Mac- nnlia. Drile Fremnn! Welch. 20. Mi-.siBr.):. nnd Pn trie la Lynn Rsley, ]9. of 21U Denr- Bmro Pule l^iu-sn. M. Slerllnjr, find 11 "Rntri in K.T-'C P'. s nd!e\', 1 7. Cvnl : I M e l v i n Rrtv Taylnr.":i. Chlrknshn. nnd I I.inrln Siic Risers, ".9. Ui\vion. K r l n n d :. A m p s . 25. J-Vrl ' Sill, ai Woman Held For Alleged Sale Of Baby A Lawion woman about 38 years' old was held by local officers Saturday for investigation in connection with a report that slie had | "sold" her baby daughter to a j California couple. C. M. Hawkins, city juvenile otticei", ;md Patrolmen W a y n e Campbell and 3. B. Smith arrested the woman in a local tavern after receiving a report that she had sold her eiphl-month-old daughter lor $100. Hawkins said the 210-pound woman was under the influence o[ intoxicants when she was arrested. The juvenile officer said several women employes of another lav- ern where the woman reportedly worked related ihcy knew ot the | baby sale. Girl, 15, Reports Being Molested By Her Father, 51 A 51-year-old Lawion man, employed as a civil service instructor at Fort Sill, was arrested by city police Sa-.urday after his 15-year- old daughter reported he had been molesting her. Detective LI. Frank said the young girl came to police headquarters in tears Saturday morning and slated her father had ·been molesting her every Saturday niphi for Hie past year, and she wasn't going lo let him do it anymore. She said her mother knew what had been going on, but when she mentioned il to the father, he hit her and warned her not lo say anything aboul it. m Zanbranno said the fa!her admitted molesting the girl. He was held in eily jail for investigation. SAFECRACKERS GET ^B.-J.gOO K4WASKI, Japan (AP) -- With .drill and blowtorch, burglars broke into the vault ol the-Mitsubishi Oil Co. refinery Friday night and made oCf with a pavroll of 23 million yen (563,900), police said. SIGN TEST BAN TREATY LONDON (AP) - Mali, Indonesia and Peru Friday signed the limited nuclear test ban treaty negotiated last month by the United States, Britain and the 'Soviet Union. WHEAT CROP SHORT WINNIPEG CAP) - Searle, an authoritative grain handling firm, estimates the Canadian, prairie wheat crop this year will total 662,179,000 bushels, short of the 1952 record ol 678,000.000. REAL ESTATE LOANS FnA-GI-ConvenHonal Prompt dlrecl service. Oklahoma Mortgage Company Security Bank Bldp. EL 5-6212 PIANOS ORGANS 1G29 Cache Rond V m«i-o."»i / D i n l BL SOCKWEI.L PU.VO AJN'D ORGAN CO. Baldwin -- Hamilton - Acrosonic - Howard Pianos Baldwin Organs for the Home or Oiurch Rentals -- Used Pianos -- Piano Tuninp 1168 r ^^"^ 1 ,,sr" ^ \^r«^w^!^2^£T^^^lF n · - nd ^.1 IiL"n ! '''!i«.i!'";| C ' l in'^r l Vnrt».il ^1-7' 'nljli' ! ""' "'"'""^I^'''^!! ''fcMrr!' 15,' ot^i: ', I ..' . .-,_'''.., . _ ' . ..' '..u-- ' ' _.i.... .i.!i.i · LVnrhorn. , I NEED FURNITURE? Everything you need for your new home on one time payment plan with no down payment! Nationally advertised lines furniture, corpet, bedding and appliances at lowest possible prices. Give us a try before you buy. Special prices on house groups. 'i pay V.V. A[fr'- f 1 K N'."U Vl n v«. n.iftinrfl I- N'n- f-^rc \1 T.PI- Pcily. ;s, A u M i B . TPX j I Ann Mnr.inw.. I'l. n- 51; . 1 Slj-^rnr. Lntjfln. 47. \\ r «ukr^. · ,, rtnri M,-\MP.O L'otTl.^lfV Tnylnr. 37. · ? T\^^''^.*'G^^^. 7/ un a"-. 01 '," n "r k Sri SDFnrt ""· " n d - 'n^-.%";*-v, H.. m ,, T.. Bisvk. R'My"s^^r^ An ^ P " t - h '' ""M agoner iililltt.fe'ii Open Eyenings 'HI 8:00 p.m. F R E E D E L I V E R Y 1509 Cache Rd. EL 5-2040 property division ^;, r . l -,T\ i nri Rn-^ r. RT.--. FTrma A. f*ir- Trf"" Ktnv.l w \i-n-Mi K V H H o:n!ni MM. . P W.n er«n v*. POI-- ^ T. \\c- i i m n fil^ri -L H u l l vv MHr^- Ann I-Ull. rlrirl f t n. Hunt Sch^iz v^. B. So^^^|?_ T i n .Ti?in TVvknn ^·c. G l r n n P*ilr TVvi- jtnn, p r M i n n f l l ^ d . \'nrn B. Kir.c vv. Gc-orcr L. Kin:;, Scott's Feature --Downtown Only Costume suit checked for compliments TlirojRhout fall . . . and later, under coats, you'!! enjoy this figure-skimming costume suit in sl;iined class colors by Zelinka-Matlick. It is very Chanel in richly textured, "Chsppelle" check with coordinated. lonp sleeved crepe blouse. Completinc the younp. elegant look --· a quartet of pockets, slim skirt, 179.95 Knur 1 * Do" p nto\vn: ,9 lo .5:30 Thursdiiv 9-ff --Cache Road Square JACK AND JILL SHOP... Open 'til 9 p.m. Monday and Thursday School Clothing Kindergarten to College Lawton's Piece Goods Center" In Sears Shopping Center Open Monday Thursday Til 9:00 FABRIC - SALE lr T h l i h f p r r n . · T u l i w f r r m vs. Orhln Odrll V R o n i i y v*. NVhnl^ M. Sc^r- iAs. viii; runi for s«.:ififi d f t m i e r ^ In Judge Releases Negro Comedian CHICAGO !APi -- Comedian Dick Grc."ory. who spent 12 days In jail because he rclusod to sipn his name to a recognizance- bond on a disorderly conduct charge. Au£. 12, was released Friday by M u n i c i p a l Coun Jud^c Bcr. Sehwartx. The 30-year-old Nesro comedian mid several olhcr men were arrested on the south side where Vccroes and whiles were picketing :he siie of mobile classrooms. Gregory said ho refused to sisn . i ret'ofrnixance bond because he iwuld not "si^i a bond lor a crime 1 didn'i commil." Famous Crestv/ood SUITING Beautiful wide 52 inch suitings in mannish flannels, solids and marching plaids and stripes. These are Crest- woods famous 70% cotton, 15% acetate, 1596 rayon. Wrinkle resistant and so eosy to sew. Regular S2 98 . . . Scv e 30%. Printed Drip Dry Yard COITONS HICKORY INN STEAK HOUSE 38th and Gore EL 7-394 New Hours t P.M. to U P.M. 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