The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 21, 1960 · Page 18
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 18

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Page 18
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DeH» D«mwr»t-Tlm« 18 Thursday, July 21, '60 BEETLE BAILEY POGO BUT WHAT IP THE ON TUB OTHER HANR MAYBE THfi NBXT MUSS BLISTER Klf5 SETS MX) DOGWOOD, DEAR BOV, SOMETIMES I F66L QUILTY ABOUT THE WAY I BUT MY AFFECTION FOR ·YOU 13 Dee«ANDG6NUINe- "rPUiRS DEARER TO THEN VOU VJONT BE MAI r WHEN I TELL VOU I UNDERESTIMATED $5,000 CONTRACT? A FINE WAV TO TR*AV HIS OWN FLESH AND BLOOD WERE MV OVJM SON XV KUCWI CLtAN UPHK ROOM K7TTie HlOOfH IN THE IKATETPDO THIS,/IW. PUT «£wa nwr PREP KSrWN IMS SUCK ^ W PKlNKfR, MK. CKMK ! STEVE CANYON UT US WALK MWKS THE AUMMIK WHJLS I-*L AN«WEe/..THE AMENT ^ ONES HAVE rtoTTHE EA« TO MOJSTSR MY RfPLY.' . . MJSUW AVAH.ABU7) CAKVDN.' WU TOUCH ATENPER SPOT... , I THINK fUMN AWW. · WrnJ US HOHAOSKU. OH A WISSBW KIH3 COKOUCTE0 IN TWf COIHTSy SVA PR. YAW... . Ms Kuv HAU- UNDER fXPfomai!.. HSXT l,V7SOBANDBCAKIIt THE Kip TO CO H» JTW15 A4 A COVR-UP TOK A WE'RE PACXK WITH RESEARCHERS, NEW 1AB WORKERS.' THERE JUSr ISN'T TIME OR SPACE TO VISITORS YET.' TRY TO BE PATIENT. SONE.' I CAN'T WATT...I'VE SOT TO SEE HER/ ff ONLY DAIS COUIP VISIT ME, PR. HSU).' IF r COULR see. HER ---POR JUST A FEW MINUTES. rVEWBTRW* TO ARRANGE IT, «t| STEVE.' W AF£W EASY/ I H!P2 IN THE COATS. IP IT WASN'T'FOR COSTS I'P SPcNP HAIP MY TWE M JAJL... / BUTNO ANSWH! TO THE DOORBELL Of? PHONE. AND ITS BEEN'LIKE THIS FOR 24 HOURS. SZVOtA UFE, UHMtH.'. ANPW1TU \ SPEED I CAN MAKE, WE'RE 60KM \ *Ei EVERY WlfT THIS CCP CflEiAreAHS THIS TIME, DAISY MAE'S If-TO LOOK LIKE HOM EC/BUT SOMEHOW LUWUBLE Lit RACE BIN OHANGED -- TONE COME BKX wn sou w6(t HAVg - · /HI' '··*·* ' CAll WMtE I V*SOUT Afotes from DSwiy Of A Grouch; 'Paladin' Wants To Be Himself EDITOR'S NOTE-There aren't many slips between the cup and the lip when you're a TV star trying to eat lunch. Richard Boone, alias Paladin of CBS-TV's "Have Gun, Will Travel," tells of the perils of public dining when you have spoon, can't eat. This is a guest column for vacationing AP TV-radio writer Cynthia Lowry. By RICHARD BOONE Written For The Associated Press The following could well be called notes taken from the diary of a grouch. What I am trying to say is that 1 would like the luxury of being myself--sometimes. For instance, eating out in a restaurant. My charming wife and my growing son and 1 have not een able to eat a meal in a estauranl for the past two years ithout someone zeroing in on the Joone table with some advice anc omment. realize that fame and identl cation are the result of being a veil-known actor. Without it. I ·ould brood--some of the time ?ut not when I eat. Like Paladin, my character in Have Gun, Will Travel." I ap- reciate the finer things createi y any number of onr American I like to lose myself in the ijoyment of fine cuisine. But let partake of a typical Boone meal, attempted in public. First, I like soup. I relish it at Tome, at work or on the set, in le studio commissary, at Romanoff's or 21. 1 always order otip. And then-Suddenly, reflected on the sur- ace of a bowl of onion soup, I see a face. It is not mine and it does not belong to my wife. Claire, nor to my son, Peter. It belongs to no one I know. But the ace seems to know me. Usually it is a friendly face. Somehow, from what the face says, I get the idea that Richard 3oone, actor, is part of the face' ill ol faro. It used to say, "Hey, doc, iizat soup good fer yer diet? Haw, Hawl' My stunning rejoinder usuajly is, "Pardon? Says the face: "I seen ya on 'Medic,' doc. Yer awright, kid, Now, jus lemme innerduce myself, call me Bill Buckett. I'm from DCS Moines. pal." "How do you do?" I say. My soup is cooling. "Yer awright, doc. Say, you ain't really a doctor, are ya?" 1 say. "I'm Just an ?ctor." Mr. Buckett says, "That's good, fella. Between you'n me, I don't trust doctors." My soup is cooling, more and nore. "Oh." I say. "Well, doc, nice seein ya. Ya ever in Des Moines, lemme know. [ got friends there. We'll have a ball." "Thanks very much," I say. Then he says, "What's that. onion soup? Never eat it myself. Can't stand it. Sec ya around, pal." He, fine Iowa gentleman, ambles away. I quickly renew my a f f a i r with the soup. Then, looking up at me from the surface of the soup, another face. This face says, "Har ya, Pala din What kinda soup ya eating?" "Onion." "Don't like onion." "Sorry." "At's awright, pal. I like yer show, most a the time. Can't say I liked the one last Friday right." Pardon me, hut 'Have Gun Will Travel' is on Saturday nights." "Oh?" "Yes." "Well, look, I'm Want Ad Information Copy Cancellation Deadline Widufon 'U 4 r.M. M. ill 12 Noon o UoMcv frtdoy 4 P.M. for Suxhm taw Crron ta daltlflid odvtitllh* Ihould I* itfxuttd InvnKflalery al ItM Dtlra Dtmo. .Tljntt wlU not bi rajponilb,'* for mor* than tm9 Inearml kutfttoA. to* **irg ror Blind Box SPACE HATES ON SEOUESI Far Quick Action Satisfaction Use "Tried and Tested" WANT ADS Dial ED 5-1155 Say "Charge It" Classified Advertising Lost and Found lOSf. Mon'i LorglM Wrhl Worth, vklnity D| Cloy o-xl Ctdol Sri. Reword. Fn. ED Special Notices S1IEE1 MUSIC, ocr~li 'elinb!a »h:ro lady To tarfl fof KiMr n ny hqr.-e. riirr» ED 5-219J. OHIO CARE lor \vo.-klng mo'teri In nv Ifwxre. rtllqbli wh'la lady. Ph. ED £.1641. EcmriENr WAVE sotciALi no-15, 15.So.50, 5 5 0 - S 3 5 3 . LoUrjrlul B.aj- Shop. AM AWd Av». Ph. ED 2-673J. SJJNFLOWER DANCE TEAM LEADER-Miss Belly Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. N. Allen of Moorhead, will be featured as leader and student director of the newly organized dance team at Sunflower Junior College when school opens this fall. hurry You sign yer autograph to these three pieces of paper, pal. To Irmgard to Archie, and best of All New Powerful Mixmasler Hand Mixer SOc Down, 50c Wkly. Easy to use, thumb-lip lp«sd control. Extra large beaters gives extra volume in less tims. Stores neally on the wol!. Beol- er ajpctor. Available in pink, turquoise, yellc* chrome, or white. SEE SPECIALS IN OUR WINDOWS Urg* S4Kk ·* lunbtam ViQvrrj UIOT 143 WASHINGTON AVC SUNFLOWER DANCE TEAM -- Pictured above arc fivo members of the newly organized Sunflower Junior College Danco Team of MoorhcarJ. They will be featured along wilh twenty other Mississippi Deltn Co-eds and the Sunflower Junior College, Moorhead High School band beginning September 1960. Left to right: Carolyn Terrell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Terrell of Drew; Madolyn Downer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Downer of Moorhead; Carolyn Roberts, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene L. Roberts of 1M- zoni, Mary Lynn Matthews, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W.Matthews of Moorhead; and Paula Stowers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stowers of Itla Bcna. luck, George." i I sign my autograph three i times, as' directed. I've made' three new friends. "Thanks, Paladin." "Thank you," I say. Then, once again, I lean over my soup. Only now there a r e cigar ashes floating on the surface. They are not from my cigar. It makes no difference. My soup is cold. Seeing Red SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (UPf)- If babies had their way they's tx wearing red instead of the tradi tional blue and pink, accordin; to Lt. Col. Vincent f. Hack o Brooke Army Medical Center. Hack said he based his finding on recent tests irith babies of u to six months that show the in fants invariably prefer red. UJSICAl rrj. alia Inilru R. liv 5« k'.o NOTICE WE STEAM CLEAN MOTORS, ETC. Also portable steam cleaner to rent by day or hour. Reasonable Rates GREENWAY GULP 62 ol Crdfl, Sr. TKani ED 7.J707 If your photograph has appeared n the Delta Democrat-Times recently and you would like to lave n print of the picture, call ED 5-1155 to place your order. Also (here is a staff photographer available to take pic- ures for any occasion requiring pictures such as: ADVERTISING DISPLAY (Window) COMMERCIAL AERIAL UNDERWATER WEDDINGS For further information call ED 5-1155 AND ASK FOR CARROLL HANKS 10. Mnlc Help Wanted WANTED BOYS 10 years of age or older to sell The Delta Democrat- rimes in the down town area each evening a f t e r school. See Mr. Young, Circulation Dept. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. ATTENTION BOYS Age 12 To 15 Would you like the chares to earn your own spending money? Summer Vacation will be here in a few weeks. We have several good Newspaper Routes open In your neighborhood. If interested call Mr. Young ED 5-1155, Circulation department The Delta Democrat-Times. T h e r e ! 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