The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 20, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 5

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 20, 1939
Page 5
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THE DAILY ME88ENOKR, CAKAKPAIGUA, V. Y. THURSDAY, JULY 20, AVIATION DAY SLATEDSUNDAY Varied Program Planned For Event to Be Held In Middlesex MIDDLESEX -- Aviation Day will be observed for Middlesex and vicinity Sunday. Guest aviators will include Barney Hurlbutt of Gorham and Morris Estey of Hopewell. Harold Middlebrook, local aviator and the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce, are sponsoring the event. There will be stunt flying, sky writing and other airplane thrills on the program. The John Powers farm will be the flying field and residents of the Middlesex Valley, Yates County will be given an opportunity to view the Valley and the Finger Lakes of Canandaigua, Penn Yan and Geneva from the air. Band Leader Weeps For Dead Wife Castle Sunday School Slates Annual Picnic g jW r SENECA CASTLE -- The Presbyterian Sunday School will hold Its annual picnic at Seneca Park on Seneca Lake, Saturday, August 5th. The unmarried men have challenged the married men to a ball game, to take place at 4 o'clock. umerous other sports are being planned. Plan Ice Cream Social Mrs. Willis Buck's division of the Methodist Ladies' Aid will hold an ice-cream social on the church lawn. Thursday evening, July 27, at 6 o'clock. Mrs. John Page, Mrs. Willis Buck, Mrs. George Ferguson will be in charge. Seneca Castle Briefs Mr. and Mrs. William R'auber. of Dansville, have been guests of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Noble. Miss May LeFurge. of Byron, Mich., is spending some time with her sister, Mrs. Rhoda Burlingame and niece, Mrs. Millie Reedf She was accompanied by her nephew and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Wooden, of Byron, Mich., who have returned to their home. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Warner are entertaining two fresh air children, who arrived Tuesday evening from Brooklyn. Mr. and Mrs. David B. Turner, of Johnson City, have been guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Durban. Mr. and Mrs. William Bruce and daughter, Miss Madelynne Bruce. have returned from Fairfield, Conn., where they were guests of his sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Knoderer and also visited the World's Fair in New York. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Grimes, of Patterson. N. J.. have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Kretchmer. Earl Case was taken to Geneva General hospital, Monday, for treatment. Mr. and Mrs. John V. Powell and sons. Wesley and Kenneth and daughter. Miss Alice Powell, of Amityville, L. I., who have been the guests for several days of the Rev. and Mrs. Donald Cronk, returned to their home on Friday. Miss Powell remained for a longer visit at the Cronk home. Mrs. Etta Case is spending several days with relatives in Waterloo and Seneca Falls. Mrs. Millie Hearn returned to Hagansburg. Friday, after spending a week with her niece and husband. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Boyce. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Simonsen and sons, Douglas and Paul, of Pultney; Mrs. William Sabin. of Penn Yan. were callers recently of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Sanderson. ANNIVERSARY Mr., Mrs. Thomas Murphy Honored On 25th Wedding Date STANLEY -- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murphy who reside on a farm near Hall observed their 25th wedding anniversary Sunday a. their farm home. City relatives and friends were present, from New York, Elkland, Pa., Addison, Corning, Woodhull, Mount Vernon, Hon- eaye Falls, Geneva, Penn Yan and Hall. The couple were married at Elkland, Pa., in St. Thomas Church by the Rev. Joseph Golden, now of Pittsburgh, Pa. Mrs. Murphy was Miss Mary Murray of Elkland, Pa. Upon their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Murphy came to the 'bridegroom's farm near Hall to reside. They are the parents of four children, Thomas, Jr., Margaret, Betty and John Martin Murphy. Motor Vehicle Chief Releases Information On Road Regulations filing The Lion's Share The face of James Noel, is contorted with grief as he tells Los Angeles police of the death of his wife, Dawn Hope Noel, 19, who was found shot in their North Hollywood, Calif., home Police Captain D. R. Patton quoted Noel as saying his wife shot herself while he was using the telephone to reprimand a guest at a weekend nudist camp party for his association with Mrs. Noel. flASHff Ofiifl Sour Mistake INDIANAPOLIS -- An official of Riverside Amusement Park gave Albert Sanders, an employe, a $20 bill and told him to get $20 worth of nickels from stores at the next corner. Sanders came back lugging several buckets of dill pickles. "I could only get $16 worth of pickles," he apologized. "I'll have to go someplace .else to buy the other $4 worth. Albee flicked off a cinder, climbed aboard and pulled into Santa Fe on time. Doy Heaven ! PHILIPSBURG, Pa. -- Dogs are i having their day in Philipsburg. I There is no dog catcher because no resident wants the job. Officials are looking outside town for a ' prospect. Burgess Jack Wallin explained Philipsburgites were "too soft- i hearted to make a good dog catcher." Emergency SANTA FE, N. M. -- Engineer Albee, rolling along the Denver and Rio Grand western narrow gauge tracks, leaned from the engine cab. i He coughed. Out popped his false teeth. Albee stopped the train, passengers and crew joined in the search; ' located the plate. , A Light Surprise | MINOT, N. D. -- R. P. Stein- j metz, returning to his parked au- j tomobile, found one headlight shat- ; tered, but a new lens lay on the I front seat. i ; Attached was this note, unsigned: j j "I backed into your light, Mr., so i 11 got you a new lens. Sorry." j ! Snow To Wind i MINNEAPOLIS -- Judge Vince I A. Day's court sounded a little like a weather bureau when he consid- } ere;} the divorce case of Mr. and · Mrs. Niles Eric Wind. The judge \ ! granted the divorce, on grounds of j desertion, then gave Mrs. Wind j ' permission to resume her maiden name--Gladys Snow. By CARROLL E. MEALEY Commissioner of Motor Vehicles Q--With vacation months ahead, there will be numerous ibicycles on our highways. Are there any regulations concerning the operation of bicycles? A.--Yes. Bicycle riders are required to comply with the same rules of the road as motorists. They should obey laws governing signal lights, give proper hand signals and acknowledge tne right ot way iu all times. In addition, there are certain provisions in the vehicle and traffic law which apply exclusively to biiycles. For example, it is illegal to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk or footfath set aside for pedestrian use. This restriction, however, does not apply to children under ten years of age or to invalids or cripples who cannot walk. It is also against the law to carry another person on a bicycle unless there is a seat securely fastened to the rear of the vehicle. The law is also violated if cyclists fail to keep at least one hand on the handle bars. Bicycles should be ridden on the right side of the highway in the same direction as traffic. Q.--Should bicycles have any special equipment? A.--Yes. Certin equipment is re- A -- Yes. Certain equipment is re- quate brakes and steering mechanism -- a horn, bell or other device to be used as a warning signal -a reflector on the front and rear, each of a type approved by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles and so adjusted that they are visible for at least 200 feet when headlights are directed on them. A lighted lamp on the front of the bicycle, which is visible from a point 500 feet ahead and projects either white or yellow light, is required when the bicycle is operated on a public highway during the period from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise. LOOK OUT GRASSHOPPERS! TUCUMCARI. N. M. Wj--School | children have enlisted in '.he souih- j western grasshopper wars. The Tu! cumcari Chamber of Commerce of', ft-red $5 to Vhe school collecting ti;c i | la'-gest number of sacks suitable for' · sacking grasshopper poison bait for 1 distribution to fanners. The response was instantaneous. Your Dreams May Show Inner Conflicts on SUMMER DRESSES COTTONS $1.98 Values F w . : $1.50 $2.98 Values For . . $2.50 $3.98 Vahres FOP · · $3.00,-i Buy one or several of these smart cottons -The label "Nellie Don" or "Hubritc" is your assurance of quality and workmanship. $5.98 $6.50 $7.98 $10.98 $13.98 SILKS Values For . . Values For . . Values For . . Values For . . Values For . , $3.98 $4.50 $4.98 $7.98 $8.98 Included in the silk group are Nelda Crepe, Neletta Sheer, Silk Shantung, Crepe and Chiffons ... Plain colors and prints. ALICE FARRELL Main Sim* . . . Jwt Aiwvc Chapta Get Clues to Hidden Problems How foolish that dream will seem when you wake up! But you arc wrong, say psychologists, to dismiss it too lightly. For in your silliest dream may be a sign or symbol from your unconscious mind, warning you that- all is not well. Do you dream of a world all land and sky -- not a living thing besides yourself? A sign you desire to esca]e from reality to a simpler, more primitive world, instead of facing your problems. You may Ihink perhaps you're dissatisfied with life because your job is hateful -- actually you aren't adjusted to this complex, modem world. A snake in your dreams? Your affections may tee unruly. Leani to control them, your dream symbol warns, or they may cause you trouble. Do you dream of a broken va.«c or a broken object that you're trying to mend? You secretly realize you have done someone a wrong, you yearn to make amends. Read your dreams, find tlicir true meanings with the helpful Guidance given in our 32-page booklet. A famous psychologist tells how to read dream symbols, j images -- get chics to problems that threaten your happiness. | Send 30c in coin lor your copy of j The Meaning ol Dreams to The | Daily Messenger. Canandaigua. New [ York. Be jure 1o witfl plainly your Name, Address, and thf Name ' M book Jet. CANINE BIRTIH»AY EVANSV1LLE. Ind, !?, - N:: -- j*r-old Kathryn Ann NrJarj gau/ a party for her water spani*i, Chico the day he was 3 years tji(L Sn? sera imitations to eight nrighbcThor,1 in CATC of their owiiers. ll-.e gaihwd in'the N.'-bn 1.";C:V- yard io play games and eai ice a tarn cones, hot dogs ard bows MRS. L. 1. 0UH Oorrapouant Mrs. J. C. Lucas and son, Roland, of Oazenovia, have been spending a few days with;.her parent{, Mr. and Mrs. Myron Hampton. ·· ··- Mr. and Mrs. George Boyer and sons. George Boyer. Jr.,_ Roland Boyer, and Mr. and Mrs.* Jibward Boyer, all of Messena, and Mr. and j Mrs. Noel Cook, of Rochester, have been spending several days with the former's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Boyce. Mrs. Marvin H. Lowe and daughter, Elizabeth Ann, of Orange City, Fla.', are expected Saturday, to spend some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Westfall.' For the past three years W. H, Baxter (left) of Seattle, Wash., and George Cushion of West Philadelphia, Pa., have raced to be first to register at the Lion's Convention. Baxter won two years in succession, but Gushing, was first to register at this year's convention in Pittsburgh, Pa. Here Cashing proudly dispplays his No. 1 registration booklet -- his lion's share of the convention -- to Baxter j- the Smokv City. - SPRAY POTATOES BY PLANE HOPEWELL -- Twenty-two acres of potatoes on the Albert Van Voorhis farm were sprayed in about two hours reconth', when Charles Van Voorhis obtained the services of E R. Imes, Florida aviator, who is located on the Kean farm, near Flint. The task was started shortly after 4:30 in the morning and finiohecl at 7 o'clock. READ THE DAILY MESSENGER The kidneys arc Nitturt's chief w»y of Ukiu oeM »cid« »nd poisonous * H t« oui of th* Wood. Mo.t pcopl« PM. *l»ut» pinti i Uy * about j pound* of wute. FfWUeiit otKtnly put*** with im*rtltt| MM burnin« ihowt tb*r* m»y b* MMMtWnc T."?K Wit A y °V, r kWn «» * M«dder. ' . " ' , ·,'"" U th t 5 mil* of kidney tuba MM| ttto don t work well, poiaonom wt*tf « the blood. Tb£,i«OMj^ bn;lc»oh«, rheunutio paiu, let pep »nd «»r«y, jettfiw up m«hi«, swelling, poffitrtw nnor tl« «y«,, hewlMhet wjd diitinwt Wont w»it. Aik your druuuit lX'D«ia» viiTM ^ .""'"""fully, by nU)Bbj»)kj ! ,oV t f.40, TT2ii. "TPS* h * p fl "'i* !" a "W.h«lp tht IS mats of kidney tubet flush out ' ··Mt» from th« blood. Get Do«n'« WE HAVE Solid fu«l heating platitt in this section were designed for anthracite, "blue coal' is the finest anthracite money can buy. It bums long, erenly and completely-gires better heat at lew cost Let us fill your bins with Tslue coal' now. Phone us today. J. W. WALKER tHONE 292 .-·or Zipper BAGS Rubber lined -- Handy for travel, camping and bathing. Strong, sturdy --two sizes. 53c and 69c SO* tube of K O L Y N O S T O O T H P A S T E 39c Stop Getting Up Nights! Here Is a New Remedy For Weak Kidneys and Bladder Irritation If the kidneys partially fail, the whole system suffers. Backache in the small of the back and over the loins, rheumatic or neuralgia pains, fever or chills, or harsh, dry condition of the skin, irregular, scanty dark or foul smelling urine may indicate the urinary function needs the kindly aid of medicine to tone up and stimulate activity. Procon Tablets are efficient and will neutralize the waste matter that is now doing you harm. Why continue to break your restful sleep by getting up through the night? Get bottle today. .. Regular Sl-25 Size Very Special 89c Almost Threw Away My False Teeth --then I discovered STIX. For year? I suffered the misery of a loose, slipping, chafing plate. But no more I founri relief at last with STIX. the velvety powdwer with pleasant taste that does away with messy ghic paste. Sprinkle on plate, mouth, moisture instantly turns it into a* soothing; natural adhesive cushion. It HOLDS! Pood particles can't become irritated. Plate can't fail. TRY STIX today. Package costs but a few cents. Money refunded if not dcliglitcd. DEEP CUT PRICES VACATION SPECIALS J. J. FIRST AID POCKET KIT METAL CASE 49c Adhesive Tape 1-2 in. x 5 yds lOc 1 in. x 5 yds _ 19c 1-2 in. x 10 yds 19c 1 in. x 10 yds 33c Band Aid l9c i COTTON 1 oz. 2 oz. 4 oz. 10* 25* GAUZE BAND 1 in. x 10 yds 5? 2 in. x 10 yds 10* 3 in. x 10 yds 15* 4 in. x 10 yds. 2* FACIAL TISSUE Extra Soft -- Box of 500 23* Box of 200 Sanitary Napkins Soft -- sterile Packed 12 to Box 15* -- 2 for 29* Magnesia and Oil, pint 59c Aga r ' and Oil, pint . . . . . . . . 491 Rubbing Alcohol 18£ Citrate of Magnesia 16 Miles' Nervine . . . . SfoS Amber Mouth Wash 39? Mineral OH, quart . --::.. 6W Casnara Tabs, 100's 23i Milk Magnesia, pint 26* Witch Hazel, quart 39r Uitguentine . , . . . i3? Electric Toasters $1.29 Alarm Clocks Guaranteed $1,0U value Reduced to : Bathing Caps Classic, chin-strap or diving types; Newest colors ' ; " : ; LOc - 59c J 98' Electric Fans $1.50 to $3.49 Exceller Foot Powder 25c Shell-rimmed glasses with special lenses, white or dark rims v. 25cto$1.95; LIQUOR HABIT ^ if Remedy -':.·-·-'- v.r^fi' QuickRestfto!--!: . -- · · -£/t:.« $2.29 60c Size Cut to . 49c Horlick's Malted Milk 69c Triple Health Wheat Germ .-.--^-Builds Strength and Vigor 35c pound 4 Ibs. for $1.25 DIO-GEST Antacid Powder for Heartburn, soar stomach and flalifence 39£ Pale, Nervous Rundown People Who Have Lost All Appetite and Ambition This Great Tonic M«st Give Yo« Nw Vigor and Pep in 3 Days' Time! Why should any nervous, rundown, over-worked. amWtionless man or woman continue to try and hide their weakness from the world when Herbal Comp. is guaranteed .tokmake any person who lacks confidence and stamina leel fifty pet cent better in 3 days" time? Take Herbal Comp. three times a day and you'll feel like a new I person. Overwork, worry, cxces- i sivr eating, late hours and too «- . , t « 4 - t , « i - ' strenuous living very often Wnstleys Oatmeal Soap| mf . ail s thai your nen-es have 7Qn Anvvn : bf ' rn abl3SCd and y m nK tlie *.7C infAtrii bt ,, t rc . me£ i[y y013 can g^j, i, put them in good shape. ^ Get Herbal Comp. tMjr' In three days yowl! step livelier, your eyes will brighten: jou'13 start to grow younger instetd of oJder and soon you will regain the old time vigor and confidence and no one will done to suggest that you are "Down- and" out" or have "Lost, your grip." Be strong. Be vigorous -- get back your old time ambition, and be your own happy, contented self again. Get a tmUte of this TOXIC toAa.T *!.« VahK Very Special. Treatnieat . r Effective, tasteless. Can W^iut in food or drink to anyone who caw% drink. 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