The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 22, 1957 · Page 2
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 2

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1957
Page 2
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-2 THE INTER LAKE, Fridoy, November 22, 1957 Teachers Hear Of Brainwashing BY TOM O'HANLON Inter Lake Staff A tape recording by an Army psychiatrist on the success of Com- case of an American captured by the Communists? According to the psychiatrist, after interrogation they were segregated. Colored . . . . . i ^\\iya were separated from white mumst brainwashing m prisoner and those men showing any leader . of war camps in North Korea was ship werJ also separated and put Up Sign Brackets played for high school and junior in a camp fof high school teachers at Flathead i The Communists considered thai County High School auditorium American soldier as shallow, un-{ Wednesday. (informed of the workings of hisj The recording was made for government and its history. He heads of Air Force ROTC units j\ V as thought to have hary notions, from colleges across the nation at best, of right and wrong, nec- and was brought to Kalispell by essity for discipline and personal Col. Gordon Timmons of Montana pride. The attempt was made to State College. break down his moral resistance Among disturbing observations through offers of deals, lectures, made by the psychiatrist in the and a "divide and conquer" meth- course of the talk, he said that of orl of keeping the prisoner from the 7.000 American prisoners o f . making any close emo'ional ties war during the Korean conflict,'with other prisoners. 38 per cent died in those camps I "Self criticism" sessions, in before the war was over. This is which the men were encouraged the highest mortality rate suffered to talk about their faults resulted by U.S. military personnel in any in increasing isloation of the indi- war in any camp. vidual, who sooner or later feared that he had exposed too much of! NOT BRUTALITY The cause for this high death himself. Thus, fearing the other, prisoners would use this informa- Mitchell Sees End To Price Records WASHINGTON (UP)--Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell said he believed the 13-month rise in con- summer prices to record levels has "come to an end." The labor secretary also told alency. Experiment Gets Color Photo Off Black-White Transparency NEW YORK (UP)--A picture in full color was projected before a scientific meeting from a black land white photographic transpar- shades. White light is composed of all colors of the spectrum, how- news conference that unemployment would rise early next year but said this would not be "serious." Mitchell said the consumer price index for October to be released today would show no basic change!**.'EdwinL H. Land, president and of Sciences at the H ockefeller In- from the September figure - 121.1 research dircdlor of the Polaroid stitute {or Mcdical Research here _ of average 1947-49 prices. ^-- " r "--*--·-'-- ·"-- TM~"There may be season fluctuation," he said, "but all signs point to an end to the persistent rise in the cost of living." Mitchell said this levclitig-off'^Sht through one and white light represented the end of the "so- through the other. What the view- rate was apparently not the bra- lion against, him, he would try to enm «vrec j · tality of the Communist captors, a c q u i r e damaging information C I T Y EMPLOYEES yesterday began i n s t a l l i n g spe c i a l brackets to hold new street signs in the busi- who maintained camps as good as against them. It is easy to visualize, ness district of Main Street. At left is Al Shafer and at right Matt Henfer. Enough signs have most German POW compounds { and from the psychiatrist's talk,' been received to mark the major thoroughfares of the city. A "dummy" sign is being used here and better than most Japanese:unfortunately true, that the campsi to line up the bracket, camps during WW II. | were filled with lonely, insecure The reason was the absolute persons who would not trust each breakdown of military organization and discipline among the prisoners; officers as well as enlisted other, easy prey to Communist lectures and eager to make "deals.", So it seemed that the American men. "team spirit" didn't work out so Of 7,000 prisoners, there was! well, he said. The conclusions were not one successful escape made that we must find an effective during the conflict. (-"weapon, not a nuclear missile, but aeer f It was estimated by the prisoners strength in the minds of the people Engineer Says Micro-Wave Set-Up Has Cost $1,700,000 HELENA (UP)--The chief engi- Mountain States Tele- themselves that approximately in this nation of ideals and devo- in 10 was an informer to his tion to duty that will make the captors to obtain better food and "brainwashing technique" ineffect- privileges for himself. | ive. That this can be done was The psychiatrist, who had had shown by the extremely high per- ex tensive dealings with repati'iated prisoners, presented his own views as to the success of the Communist phone and Telegraph Co. in Montana testified yesterday that the New Officer Neither the perpetrator of this optical mystery nor the distinguished scientists who viewed it could offer an explanation. The demonstration was made by ever. · When tiie red light -was removed Ifrom the projection, the picture returned to black and white; when the white light was removed it showed in the expectable shades of pink. The demonstration was made at meetings of the National Academy Corp., of Cambridge, Mass. Two simultaneously exposed black and white pictures were superimposed on the viewing screen from a double projector which passed red called inflationary spiral.' RIDS Women Add ers saw was indubitably a blonde in a green sweater. The entire range of the color spectrum was produced on the ,screen by the mingled white and $60 to Choir Fund red light- Jt has been believed that W o m e n , of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ, Latter-Day Saints, have turned over to The Daily Inter Lake a check for S60 for the Flathead County HighJ County High School a capella choir J fund. The women donated the proceeds from a bake sale to the fund to held send the choir to the World's the eye needs the stimulus of the three primary colors---Red, white and yellow -- to see all color Fair In Brussels, August. Belgium, next Leo Graybill Jr., Great Falls, representing the ' Cascade County Trades and Labor Assembly, asked Gillespie if there wouldn't be con- total cost of micro-wave installa- siderable savings reflected in ex- tions in the state to $1,700,000. amounted.hibits due to the micro-wave. , ' "There will be savings in 1958. ation his findings on inform- gathered from Army person- formance of the Turkish soldier : D. C. Gillespie, Helena, told the in the Communist prison camps, Montana Public Service Commis- s ion, that it is possible there will be more expenditures on the east- said. nel and their experiences. In 99 per cent of these cases there was no intensive torture or threats state. OF CONDUCT An attempt to accomplish this is the adoption by the Armed I Forces of the Code of Conduct' 'Micro-wave is quite expen- for prisoners. This reminds the slve " Gillespie said, "btrt still it all the way up to 1979 but there, is not any large amount reflected for any one year," Gillespie said. used on the men. They were not ( individual that he is still on duty ' s economical." drugged into signing "confessions" as an American service man and I The cross-examination testimony f\ t rl **r\aof»'a oi-\rv»*il*;*' ic- r»V\l irtorl t r\ *sV*e»i» /iv^l ar*c- r\f l-i i c- ' »a m a a o ·tVin Fr*n»4-Vi r\ ITT nC n **f\-n-t and "peace appeals." is obliged to obey orders of hisj came as the fourth day of a corn- west micro-wave circuit in the At the start of the sessio ". E - G Toomey, Helena, counsel for MSTT, told the commissions that the company plans to ca!l three or four more " witnesses to explain three exhibits which were questioned by opponents of the proposed rate increase. Communism, which is control- superior officers, or to take com-lmisslon hearing opened on the A vice president of Mountain ling 'Some 900 million people mand if senior in his group. Hepelephore company's request for States, P.E. Remington, Denver, more efficiently, m o r e corn- is forbidden to make deals with'higher Montana phone rates. The pletely and with less effort than (he enemy and encouraged to es-'first half' of the hearing, devoted fln-w r»H-l!ST VDtnrnr* in t h f * Wni'lrt ' nnr^P - t « fn^f«n-. nn *. 1,,. nn »~« ...:i any other regime in the world,' cape. had 33 years and millions of pris-j Name, rank, serial number and oners in thousands of camps to date of birth are all that he is to devise efficient means of obtain-, give in the way of information, ing control of minds, he said. jThis code will be backed up by What happened in the routine,the courtsmarital in the future. to testimony by companv witnesses, was conducted in Billings last September. OBITUARIES George Johnson Funeral services for George Johnson, 75, were conducted Wednesday at \Vaggener Campbell Chapel, with the Rev. W. P. Griffiths, rector of Christ Church, Episcopal, officiating. Burial was to Kalispell where he had been hospitalized since. He died in Kalispell Nov. 15. Surviving him was scheduled to be called con-, eerning examination of his direct testimony pertaining to tax items listed in the three challenged exhibits. Army to Prepare Christmas Boxes The Salvation Army again this year will prepare Christmas boxes for servicemen. Residents of the valley who would like to have boxes sent to servicemen should send the names and addresses of the servicemen to Salvation Army, Box 23, Kalispell. Professors Seek Pay Increases WASHINGTON (UP)--American college professors plan to use the familiar "A" to "F" grading system in a drive for a 100 per cent boost ia faculty salaries. The new.use of the grades \vould apply to faculty salaries, in colleges and universities. Those doing the grading would be men and women most familiar with both the technique and the salaries -the professors. ' Colleges and universities with the highest pay scales would ge an "A," while those with the lowest would he graded "F." A spokesman said salaries paid by some schools are too low to rate even an "F." The project, difficult for anyone but professors since salary sched- Red Lodge Mayor, San Lane, Dies DEER LODGE (UP) -- Funeral services will be held today for San Lane, 68, five-term mayor of Deer Lodge. Lane," who served four terms as Deer Lodge alderman before Ws|uteVon many campuses now are election to mayor, also was chairman of the Powell County Democratic Central Committee. He died Wednesday. Survivors Include his widow, Lily, and three sons. surprisingly difficult to obtain, is planned as part of a full-scale effort by the American Association of University Professors to publicize and improve low faculty pay scales. PUT IT IN CLASSIFIED AND WATCH IT SELL Attorney Claims Oil Monopo BOZEMAN ( U P ) -- A n attorney'the Bozeman Chamber of Comfor the State Trade Commission merce, said: said that his group had been working for months preparing a gasoline price investigation case in Conrad Memorial Cemetery,! Buffalo, N. Y. with Joe Opalka, Carl Lad, Dick; "Walsh, Gene Sullivan, Welfred' Hose and George Wallinberg, pall- beavers. George Johnson was born Feb. 15, 1882, in New York, to Charles Mrs. Lydia Dillingham of Buffalo,, N. of Lansing, Mich.; and two brothers, Art and Ed Johnson, both of which had "dissolved into a are one sister, of "grease." spot .Monopolistic forces are at LT. JACK BROWN Browns Take Over Kaftspefl Army Lt. Jack Brown and Mrs. Brown have assumed their duties in charge of the Salvation Army headquarters in Kalispell. Both are Army workers. Lt. Brown and his wife have been with the Army 4% years and both attended training school in work in the oil industry in"'ouri San Francisco.. Before coming state. A few major oil companies.!" 61 ' 6 ' tney were ~ in Santa Barbar, effectively control every phase of Calif.; Galem, Ore.; Anacortes, the oil industry. The economic Y.; one niece, Betty Johnson 1 Job f T ' Vauce - Helena ^ a.term for this type of control is Funeral services for Gustaf Edward Peterson, 77, were Wednesday at Waggoner Campbell Otis and Matilda Daggert Johnson. Chapel, with the Rev. J. M. Grims- Gustaf E. Peterson speech prepared for delivery to oligopoly. He spent his early years in New York and in 1899, with his father, moved to Alaska. In 1908, he rud, pastor of the Bethlehem Lutheran Church, officiating. Marines Announce 120-Day Delays The United States Marine Corps has announced a new enlistment policy. Young men joining up now, may, if they wish, remain at home for a period of up to 120 days. j "In an oligopoly situation the companies controlling the iadustry do not compete with each other. Wash., and Seattle. Lt. Brown is a veteran of World War II, hvaing served overseas in r/orth Africa and Italy with the Air Force as a gunner and photographer, and is a graduate of the no one cuts a price where oligopoly [University of Oregon with a de- exists because the result would be chaos and each one's profits would suffer." He said that in such a situation, "there is a make-believe air of competition." Burial was in Conrad Memorial' The will be enlisted moved from Alaska to Havre and Cemetery, with Jean Sullivan, Dan at the U SMC recruiting station at gree in business administration. His home is in LaGrande, Ore. ROXY Fri., Sat., Sun. MATINEE SATURDAY 2:00 ONE EVENING SHOW AT 7:30 CONGO CROSSING Technicolor VIRGINIAMAYO GEORGE NADER : IORKE -- PLUS! Get Your PIZZA at Smitt/s... GENUINE "DON PASQUALE" Phone SK 6-6578 S M I T T Y ' S DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT ,,. . -- l**tuzlng Triple XXX Hoot B**r -Highway 2 1V4 Miles East from Downtown X _. _ OPEW 7 DAYS A WEEK Th» Grratoii Guy In the World li th« GUT Who TakM Him Family Out lo Din. One* » WMlc. 1958 Admiral Television NOW SHOWING D I T H r v ' r AT D I I N C I 3 toi.r Planter T d r v , n o n Oeilri lor t h e Fl«ihe*d TV Servicing Open Eveningv E*iy T*r ;*·.)"* SK 6-7300 T,l 9 00 p m On f«f td.ha KXLY-TV, CHANNEL 4 FB President while living there became inter- Sullivan, H. F. Brayton and Ralph csted in boxing. He distinguished himself in that sport by winning 21 consecutive fights in one year and became known as Kid Fredricks and had been known by that name since. He won the Montana L. Thayer, pallbearers. Gustaf Edward Peterson, known to his family and friends as "Ed" Ft. Douglas, Utah, and assigned: t o ' t h e 36th' Infantry Co., Butte,'' MILE S CITY UP)-Member S of or the 44th Infantry Co., Boise, Idaho, immediately upon passing Peterson, was born April 3, 1880, the physical and mental examin- at Allegan, Mich., a son of John itions which are administered by and Caroine Peterson. At an early the Armed Forces Examining Sta- state championship, but due to an age he was baptized and confirmed tions. .'· Following this, he can return ... r . home, at government expense, un- tions, he was unable to continue , T . Mr : Pearson made his home in ;il his de i ay per j od ls o v e r _ Then the Montana Farm Bureau Federation, holding their 38th annual meeting here, elected George "Diehl, East Helena, president for a fifth term. Max Maberryy Great Falls, was chosen vice president. injury suffered in his last figh*. in the Immanuel Lutheran Church that resulted in other complica-l at A1 legan. _ " _ . - I ~\!ft+ "DciVa professional boxing. In 1909, he came to the Flathead and settled at West Glacier at Michigan until he was 29 years | h(! wlll be sant to San Diego for 12 old ihen to In the Dutch Creek, where he was employed as a cook by Glacier National Park, with -road and trail crews, and distinguished himself with the park crews : as- an artist in the baking of sourdough breads. While living in the West Glacier area he established bis own gym- Nov. 17.' Axel, came to Montana and home- at Trail Creek on the North Fork of the Flathead River. He made his home there until poor health'forced him to retire and move to Kalispell. He had been hospitalized for,' the past four years. Mr. Peterson died in Kalispell training. During the delay his longevity pay time ;will begin. Those interested in the program can contact the Marine recruiter in the Kalispell Post Office building. . READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE ZO Cu. it. Leonard Chest Deep Freoze SZSO. James Portable Dish Washer S17S. ABC Deluxe Ironer, S65. Pearl s Gray and Chrome Dinette set (4 chairs, stool and extra leaf), S85. Electric Singer Sewing Machine, S20. Phone SK G-7537 nasiurn ; and . worked with many young men in training them in the sport of boxing. He was well-knowrt In .that area. for his many humanitarian actg. Due to poor health he retired about four years ago and moved He was a single man and is survived by four brothers, Axel Peterson of Grants Pass, Ore.; Albert Peterson of South Bend, Ind., and Carl and William Peterson of Allegan, Mich., and -one sister, Hannah Peterson, of Seattle, Wash. Thomas Mitchell portrays America's magic story-teller in 'THE O. HENRY PLAYHOUSE Dramatizing the greatest stories of 0. Henry Tonight at 9:30 KGEZ-TV GET MORE OUT OF LIFE- GO OUT TO A MOVIE! Fri. - Sat. MATINEE SATURDAY 2:00 EVENING SHOWS 6:45 9:15 HAPPEN ANYWHERE . but it's more likely in Paris... in April in the afternoon! Plus "Purloined Pup" SUNDAY 'SEA WIFE" · JOAN COLLINS RICHAHD BURTON FRIDAY 5:00-- Early Show 6:30-- The Song Shop 7:00-Tbe Ne\?s 7:la-- Doug Edwards News (L) 7:30-- Leave It to Beaver 8:00-- Trackdown (L) 8:30-- Zane Grey Theater (L) 9:00-- Mr. Adam i Eve (L) 9:30-- Men of Annapolis 10:00-- The Line Up (L) 10:30-- Sheriff of Cochise ii 31:30 -- The News 11:35-- Late Show SATURDAY 12:45-- Good Morning 1:00--Professional Hocfeay 3:30--The Lont Raager 4:00--Western Houndup 5:00--Captain Kangaroo 5:15--TEA 5:30--Mighty Mouse 6:00--Cartoon Clown 6:30--Wild Bill Hickock TM°r-T he k" 4 o£ th« Mohicans 7:30--Lone Wolf 8:00--Starlit Stairway 8:30--Gale Storm L) 9 : 30-Have Gun, Will Travel (L) 10:00--Guttsmoke (L) 10:30--Perry Mason 11:30--The Late Show KHQ-TV-Channel 6 FRIDAY 9:10--Color Test Pattern 0:13--Test Pattern 9:25--NAHTB 9:26--Bible Reading S -.29--Program Previews 9:30--Q-Tunes 10:00--Tic'.Tao Dough* 10:30--It Could Be You* 11:00--Arlene Francis Show' 11:30--Fun to Reduce 11:45--Your Own Homo 12:00--Price Is HighP 12:30--Bride and Groom 1:00--Matinee Theatre {Q* 2:00--Queen iof a Day* 2:45--Modern Romances" 3:00--Blondie* 3:30--Truth or Consequences 4:00--Matinee on Six "We Wei ' Dancing" 6:$S--Six O'clock Movie "The Hills of Home" 7:35--Weatherwise The Front Pag* 7:45--NBC News* 8:00--Cavcalcade of Sports* 8:45--Decorating Ideas 9:00--Court of Last Resort* 8:30--Life of Riley* 10:00--M-Squad* 10:30--Thin Man* 11:00--Silent Servict 11:30--Late Movie "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" SATURDAY 10:10--Color Test Pattern 10:23--NARTB 10:26--Bible Reading 10:29--Program Preview* 10:30--Gumby* 11:00--Andy's Gang" 11:30--Howdy Doody' 12:00--Fury* 12:30--Western Theatre 1:30--Q-Tunei 1:45--Pacific Coast Conference Hi-Lites 2:15--Pacific Coast Football' 4:4s--Short Subjects 5:00--True Story* 5:30--Trouble With Father ·6:00--Hopalong Cassidy 7:00--I Led Three Lives 7:30--Western Marshall 8:00--Frontier 8:30--People Are Funny* 9-W--Perry Como (C)* 10:0(1--Club Oasis* 10:30--Giselle Mackenzie Show* 11:00--Command Appearance* 11:30--Late Movie "The Thin Man" Presented by PACIFIC POWEf * LIGHT C O M P A N Y ..Fri..-'Sat MATINEE SATURDAY 2:00 EVENING SHOWS 7 9 JOEL McCREA THE GREATEST PLAINSMAN OF THEM ALL! COIOK ky Ot IUXE co-lUrtinj . BARBARA HALE IM AIUIB Aimn hcrun · - KREM-TV-Channel 2 ·IndlcmtM ABC Cahl» Show FRIDAY 4:30--Liberace S :00--American Bandstand 2 5:30--Popeye . 6:00--Buccaneers · 6:30--Mickey Mouse Club* 7:00--76 Sports Club 7:30--Newsroom 7:40--Weather Sketch 7:45--Phillips World News 7:55--Sports Spotlight 8:00--Kit Carson 8:30--Rin Tin Tin* 9:00--Jim Bowie 9:30--Patrice Munsel Show 10:00--Frank Sinatra Show 10:30--Date with the Angels 11:00--Colt .45 11:30--Command Performance SATURDAY 3:00--Adventures of Gene Auir 4:00--Saturday Showcase 5:30--KHEM Cartoons 6:00--Country Music Jubilee 7:00--Major Fights 8:00--Championship Bowling 9:00--All Star Golf 10:00--Lawrence Welk* 11:00--Confidential File 11:30--Million $ Theatre KMSO-TV, M1SSOULA FRIDAY S:J5-- Christian Science 5:30-- Hl-TJme for CeH« 6:00-- Music Hajl V«ri«Uej «:»-- Jet Jackson. 7:00-+.New«beat 9 3:00-Test 4:00 T -Travel and Variety 5:00--Afternoon-Matinee 6:00--Montana News and Weather 6:30*-For the Sportsman 6:45--Great 'Moments in Svorts 7:15--Doug Edwards 7:30--Code 3 8:00--Cavalcade of Spor«.« 7:30-- Trsckdown rHarbor. Corrt Waterfforit Patrice M«ns«l Telephone Time Lineup JO ;30-- Championship 36w))nj 8:00-rHarbor. Cornmand 8'Sn--Wo*«,-»,»nwt ' 9 9^0-'---..... 10:00--Lineup SATURDAY , Pattern 3:30^L,one Ranger i : «~?hii ou 3!L tl « ! ?°rthol« *;}5--Little Tgxcurs on :30-,Mighty Moviee p., 5:OC^-Plpneer Playhouse 6»2^L4WTence w«lk New Tr 7:«Wm the L,w ' 7:30r-Tennessee EnrUe Ford |:OO^KMSp Ranch Party 8:39-Publio befencfer ' S:00--Gale Storm Show 9:30--Have (Sun WJ11 Travel J 0:00--Guhsmoke JO:3Ch-Sho\v Tim* KOEZ-W-Channel 9 Hflft-Late Cuftatn ' ····'· . SATURDAY 2:«--NCAA Football 5:00--Cartoon Roundup · 6:00--Bowling Show 1M--Film daisies 8:30^-Peojjle Are Funny (NBC) ' 9-00--Perry Como '"" ~ 8:OC[--Cavalcade at Spor«. I0:0t-- Guns, ,ke (CBS) SrOO-^Court of Last R*.ort CiBC) 10:30--Gise.le MacKenzi* (NBC) I . 9:30--O'Henry Playhouse '11:00--W i ,'s It Fir : 10:00--M Squad ll;M-News rfi-Lites

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