The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 21, 1960 · Page 13
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 13

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Page 13
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^ - ' DoKa Dcmofrn(-1'tmc» Thursday, July 21, '60 13 · '·'\ r'^^T'"'r7'^/^"'7-7(f3rr«jW;is^,wi r iwt'fTi»7' HELPFUL HIN Th HOST 'When You're Grocery Shopping Be Surer! To Include A Handy Carton Of RC COLA \hefiesher refresher Everyono enjoys today's RC- It's sprightlier, fresher, with a delightfully less sweet taste all its own. Roynl Crown Bottling Co. KlRhwot No. 1 North MIS. J. C. HABER, 1 1 4 4 JOHN ST. BC-WJ52SE«1*ffiSKEi.?i^»SS«3'3S53a»jaai FREE TICKETS TO THE PARAMOUNT THEATRE Clearance £ Now In Progress At Sajeway Shopping Center * BOYS AND GIRLS SHORTS, SWIM- WEAR, SUNSUI1S AND LONG PANTS SETS BOYS' SPORT SHIRTS MRS. JOKH S. SHUfE, 1176 BURNS SF. COMPLETE YOUR GARDEH OR DEN ... With A Water- Fail From . . . Here's Fare From The While House Presidential fare from the Madison administration is Dolly Madison's famous seed cake. Cream ! pound of butter. Sift in 1 pound of flour (4 cups of al- purpose or 4'A cups of cake flour). Add */, pound (I'/j cups) I of sifted sugar, ground mace, and grated nutmeg to taste, and % ounce of caraway seeds. SSJI Beat 6 eggs, stir 1 wineglass of " ^ brandy into them, add to batter and beat for 10 minutes. Put 'i batter in a pan lined with buttered paper and bake I 1 /} to 2 hours in » pre - healed 325 - degree oven. This cake is equally "nice" made with currants and omitting the caraway seeds, the. Jeffries book says. Household Hinls Tomatoes in Chili Like tomato flavor in your i, chili con carne? You can add plain canned or stewed tomatoes. iabuiS2fi£'2:S'.^r^-SSZS. tomato sauce or paste or catch-|.» FIND YOUR NAME On This Page . . . phone ihs Delta Democrat-Times office giving the name of the advertiser in whose advertisement your name appears and we will mail you absolutely FREE two tickets to the Paramount Theatre, good to see "SEVEN THIEVES" and "THE RAT RACE". I'hone between 8:30 and 4:30 p.m.; Saturdays, 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. BiscuilMix Is Basis For Shortcake Strawberry season is he re again and strawberry shortcake is the preferred dessert in many households at this time of year. I/ f Among strawberry fanciers, You And Your Family Will Love i , m 7- in f sl that , the a " lhcn ' ic ' ' || traditional way to make this I, G D E U A n A C A D U O » tru!y Amerkan dessert is t o ; i H C H H U H r A n ifl O g use ba king powder biscuit dough \f fj as its basis. l"hey point out « that when the juicy crushed ber- t'l ries are poured over flaky bis-f] ?; cuits you have a combination of Sj flavors which Just can't be beat. «j \Vhen the whole is topped by -. ° generous portion of whipped cream, you have a dessert which is seldom equaled and never surpassed 1' Here i: an easy way to treat your family to the best kind of 'i' shortcake as often as they desire £. it. The secret, as revealed by ?' Reba Staggs. well known home f] economist, is to keep on hand ·^.T^TT ?;K r TM,~.t7," EXTRA RICH MILK 4.2 BUTTER FAT Costs A Few Pennies More But Worth It A! Your Favorite Food Store GRENADA FARMS, INC. , Highway No. 1 North MRS S H I R L E Y HOm. 603 FAIBVIiW A V E . Let Us Do The Work Sauce It I Once you develop your own jj favorite barbecue sauce, you can L use it with spareribs as well as f j chicken. J£ Good Advice S Use a pressure saucepan, if y you have one, for cooking arli- S chokes and smoked tongue. Con- | * siderable time is saved when this method and the results are excellent. 7 Rolled Sandwiches If you want to use pumpernickel bread for rolled sandwiches, have the loaf sliced very thin. To prevent the slices from breaking, roll each one with a rolling pin before adding the filling. LAST Myott At The Special Price Of Store Baked Applei Baked apples may be kept in the freezer for four months, ap- ptesauce for as long as a year. DOIT YOURSELF r LB, CLEAN U N D R Y 35 C Takes An Hour When you are reheating a ; family - size steamed pudding, count on the pudding needing |; about an hour before it is piping " "l hot. j; in the refrigerator, n supply of # Homemade Biscuit Mix. S* Homemade Biscuit Mix |"i 8 cups sifted enriched flour u Vi cup baking powder wj j.1 4 teaspoons salt fj 1 cup lard for soft wheat flour t'j L « ' I " It* IOCAI, NAIIONAl INTIINATIONAI. MOVEU A A A T r a n s f e r S t o KATIE LOU VAUGHN . tD 2.8038 Kin Phon. .«3« 1415' ,.«-. W. (ETNOLDS JB.. 1«IJ H. HOIEITSHAW r a g e ,, M. BUGHES f iQirioad AVI. | 'AIJTSvI Per 4-Piece Place Setting OPEN STOCK ALSO REDUCED AT THIS TIME C.L. Since You're Not Going To Read This Ad Anyway - We're Not Having A Sale! All Our Merchandise Is Regular Price - t Except Crape Myrtle 5 1,98 EA. They're R O G E R S G A R D E N C E N T E R Hwy. 82 East -- Greenville "Greenville's Jeweler Since 1908" HKS. J. J. HAll. 313 S. WASHINGTON AVE. ~ - -- - - Ph. ED 2-0311 !SSL«T'i;ii."L;.-. : .-.**.Everything You Need ICE COLD WATERMELLONS AND ICE COLD BEVERAGES WASH DRY IRON II Gooi Advice «l Coal small new cooked pota- =-i toes in parsley butter, A couple n of tablespoons of minced parsley r f| added to a quarter cup of melt- |s i3 ed butler will do the trick with :j a pound and a half of potatoes. THOMAS SHOPPING CENTER 429 N. BROADWAY 304 EAST ALEXANDER Also in Leiand and Lake Village MIS. MIXE TONOS, 92a FAIIVIEW AVE. The best Thank-You gift of all! '\ Belter Flavor | Some good cooks like to crack fl a ham bone before adding it to ;j the kettle in which they are mak- pj ing split pea or lentil soup. Don't Overcrowd Don't overcrowd t h e kettle when you are deep-frying doughnuts or other food. SIZED ICE For Your PICNICS t 1 /^ cups lard for hard wheat |i flour it Sift flour with baking powder and salt. Cut in lard until the ^ mixture has a fine even crumb. H Cover closely and store in the re- i-j frigerator until ready for use. || This mixture will keep at least f\ a month in the refrigerator. It -ji will yieid 10 cups of biscuit mix. M To make biscuits, add '/4 cup j.;« milk to 2 cups Homemade \j M«s. c. i. IUCKETT, «io FAISVIEW ST. Biscuit Mix. If you want sugar t'^.T7;'^:?. r .TM' 1 "i/j.:iTMjE^l^-aBi".'^35l5s£i7CS;i2S j-S in the short cake, allow 2 tea- j| spoons for each cup of mix, add- -.;; (-'I ing the sugar to tie mix before · *«| the milk. Turn onto a lightly flour- f-.' ed surface and knead gently for K j? one-half minute. Pat or roll '/2 Vt LJ inch thick. Cut with m e d i u m s ; P sized biscuit cutter, dipped in ; j " flourj for individual servings. Or X| ^ divide the dough in half and roll '^ ·* each portion to fit an 8-inch \j j| round cake pan. ^ g Bake in a hot oven (450 F.) ''' K n to 15 minutes. Yield: 10 to 12 Latest advances in the field of medicine, as reflected in your doctor's prescription, speed recovery from iilness. biscuits. Break the biscuits in half, put butter and strawberries between halves and over the top. Jot It Down Pantry - shelf arithmetic: '·i there are usually four slices of .^ pineapple in a nine-ounce can. HIGHWAY 82 EAST MBS. DAVID E. BOZIER. 1614 LES LANE AIR CONDITIONING Borrow A Cookbook Have you ever thought of borrowing cookbooks from your local public library? Most libraries have some of these aids to cooking; you may find interesting old volumes as well as new ones there. G R E E N V I L L E F L O W E R SHOP j! HKS. HUFUS AHEM THOMPSON, 1 xai:" I'h. ED 5-1161 ! WAXHAW DB. v,^";.-:?.---5yn?n?. uy;s::^:.4 Use A Blender European recipe? sometimes call for ground poppyseeds. An upto-date electric blender w : ll do the job beautifully Your registered pharmacist co-operates with your doctor to shorten the days of convalescence. M a y we halp? WE FILL ALL DOCTORS PRESCRIPTIONS We Give SH STAMPS WITH PRESCRIPTIONS TWO REGISTERED PHARMACISTS TO SERVE YOU! HARRIS 601 Washington WALGREEN City-Wide Delivery 1. W. KIlNEt, 5V A9SAHAM COU1T STORE Phone ED 2-8JS1 COOI, 2- - KOOMS or THE \V110LE HOUSE Powerful § OOQ 93 ? Uuils from LiLtJ To 229 93TO? 299 BRYAN WILSON'S "Your l-'aciory Dirccl Dept. Store" Phone ED 2-1513 MS Wash. Ave. MISS JAW JOVES. l?50 ARNOLD AVI. Al? CONDITIONED 95 ;J TONY CURTIS and DEBBIE f- REYNOLDS portray the young : Tj career seekers who crash New l '.} York City in "THE RAT RACE," '· j Technicolordrama due Sumlay at '. y- the Paramount Theatre. The - ·'·'- story is an adaptation of Garson · : Kanin's hit play about a jazz IN OUR COMPLETE SELECTION OF MATERNITY FASHIONS · SEPARATES » DRESSES SPORTSWEAR and SWTMWEAR Anil ' musician : girl. and a dimc-a-dancc . Phone ED 2-2369 Thomas Shopping Center, Greenville, Miss. : MIS. ALIEN 0-B2IAN1. 46] JO AI.M CUCLt THE QUALITY .PITTSBURGH 31 PLATE GLASS COMPANY ai f ^ ^ i\ i; 3 I f C A D O U A K T E R t F0» PAINT, S B V S R E f . MltROtS AND F U K N T T U t f TOP } 715 Main St. *"»· *·""/ACHETT. «n NAPIIS IT. E D 2-8149 1 vin 13:4S P.M. Phon. ED 4 - 3 1 3 3 Last Day "IOK PALACK" Color : Carly tfinert'can? See the most beautiful selection in the state at Levy and Rode . . , featuring DREXEL BAKER AMERICAN HEYWOOD SIAIIIHO_JDW*ID_0. ROHtHOH Starts Sunday! Kmy Carpets . . . Draperies WAKEFIELU . Accessories 21 Inch Screen One? Year Warranty ELECTRONIC 103 Hwy. No. 1 South 1 M«S. IAT T Jerome Sit Niy. 133O S. IT. MAW CTKll - ED Z-8M1 LEVY and RODE Highway 82 E. Phone ED 2-5101 t*n. UMX sou/iEi. m t. IIAUCHAMP AUTOMATIC Y« caa 10 w*y up tn pck* without fitting U» Kirn qaiUty, tH« !ilmi features thjj this aiw W^Uf brinfi r-*! 2 wit* tpectf i j-vi 2 ipla tptedi tat yov fit Un Kthni I» tM fit Cktte* ri t Wit »r T HOT, COLD, r6 WARM contrail lit you witb TO HAVE A PERSONALIZED HAIR STYLE M'l a r«* "In Folh'ol .r a clanu, ei.r Vnew Hsw I a pi.-iorc' To Kalltr yau. For oppor ED 4-1971. II«y. N'o. 1 South at Walker Sl. «1 f(iJit»nt for extra ytwt of ias In *ft ? c!!sut. A M*;ti( , . . p4ai RMM Uart»| lu-iury fe*- twil: 1. Fully Aulonitk. i- fully rifilblt. 3. 926 Lint R t r r o v e r t 4. FurF-TMit Safttr Lid. 5. fcll- W J d l k B a c k Pjnel. t. Llx^tcd Wll. 7. Wrltitd rill. J.aclLiit* ;yf»(3»re W«b Action. I. Crtlui* Stylinf. 10. PknhUtlM Wiltr- Ltnl Control. NO DOWN PAYMENT WITH TRADE WHY PAY UP TO JIM MORE? BUY THIS MAYTAG AT LAGRONES APPLIANCES X2 East Ml! C H A S . Nelson SI.

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