The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 22, 1957 · Page 1
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 1

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1957
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Warmer W I H F O R I G A . L SOCIETY OF MONTANA HELENA Cloudy this afternoon, through tomorrow^ with occasional light rain or snow showers. Warmer. .High today, 32. Low tonight, 25. High tomorrow, 35-40. «t£?^M 1 ] 13 ^! nte £' s f " el ° u needs, call bKS-4321.. City Service, Texaco. SH Green Stamps, too. adv.- THE DAILY INTER LAKE AjaiaoS IBVUOJBIH ^" ^*» ^*«* -- · "f-iK, IMO. 180 KAl I C P E I I MrMKITAKIA tfnina-w KI«H« .P......... » _ KALISPELL, MONTANA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1957 10 PAGES 7 CENTS TAIPEI, Formosa (UP) -- Communist Chinese artillery on Amoy fired 27 shells onto the Nationalist! Chinese-held island of Little Quemoy last night in a brief harassing bombardment, the Nationalist Defense Ministry reported today. The Nationalist garrison on the outpostv between Amoy and Quemoy suffered no casulaties and lit-. United Press Staff Correspondent tie damage, the announcement said. Jordan, Israel Flare-Up BY WALTER LOGAN MADRAS, India (UP)--Andhra Pradesh Sate has become the first Indian state to outlaw the dowry system against which Hindu social reformers have been fighting 'for 100 : years, it was announced today. A bill adopted by the Legislative Assembly prohibits the offering of a dowry by either party Relations between Israel and Missil iters Push Toward Massive Production of Weapons Jordan worsened today following a series, of border clashes. Jordan threatened to "take necessary action" if a 37-year-old [farmer allegedly kidnaped by an Israeli armed patrol was not returned by noori today, but no official sources in Amman had yet elaborated on the dramatic ultimatum. . . . Newspapers in Amman, Jordan, Jaycees Prepare Holiday Decorations entering a marriage. The statute ·*}***?* attacked Israel and said provides a prison term and fine for offenders, the Jordanian army was standing by "ready. to repulse any aggressive: attempts by the Israeli . enemy.", Reports from Jordanian A group of j Jerusalem said 'citizens there were in violation of ' T r n s m n w ,TTTM LONDON ( U P ) British military officers has asked carrying arms Pakistan's permission ,to . climbj martial law. 25,868-foot Disegbill.Sar, one of the' ,,, . ., . . world's highest unclimbed moun- Th *- *?"£*?* resulted from tains, it was announced today. The Royal Navy, Marine .and Air Force officers hope to leave for. Pakistan next. May .to carry out a scientific survey in the.'Himalayan area, it was , reported. armed clash between troops of the two nations yesterday in the first border incident in months. Each accused the other of starting the fight. . .The flareup between Israel, and Names of the officers were not disclosed. . , involved, Jort *an ; came as the United States was trying -to prevent Egypt from falling entirely into the Soviet NEW YORK (UP)--Millions of dollars worth- of postage stamps went on display here today with the opening of .the National Postage Stamp Show.- · Also on show were 1 a stamp press and postal i'.'ems from the Post Office archives'. Highlight of the exhibit was a new wildlife stamp of whooping cranes. TAIPEI, Formosa (UP) -- Nationalist Chinese air' force planes dropped five million leaflets over more than 200 Communist mainland cities .and towns Wednesday night in one of the biggest airdrop missions this year, nounced today. it was an- economic orbit. Four U. S. congressmen, members · of a special study commis- jSion of the House Foreign Affairs | Committee, were flying to Cairo ,today. to ask President Gamal Abdel Nasser- why he accepted; such a ; large amount of aid from the Soviet Union. An announcement in Cairo yesterday said'the Soviet Union had offered 700 million rubles to Egypt'which the 'Egyptians estimated on their own exchange rate at 72 million pounds or 200 million dollars. i However the loan was estimated at nearer 70 million dollars according tp =the more realistic tour- WASHINGTON (UP) --U. S. missile expediters pushed today toward a production order which a key congresman said would gear missile output for the first time on a "massive" basis. There were indications the order would put both Army Jupiter and the Air Force Thor 1,500-mile intermediate range ballistics missiles into full scale production, instead of eliminating one of them. Both have been tested successfully. The nation's defense was a primary target for President Eisenhower, tackling a pile of work after his Georgia golf vacation. He held a regular weekly cabinet meeting and was to confer this afternoon t with the National Security Council. SOMETHING IN WIND Cheyenne Gets Huge, New Missile Base A Pentagon conference between Defense Secretary Neil H. McElroy and missile director William M. Holaday yesterday gave a hint something may be in the wind for the missile program. " Rep. George H. Mahon (D-Tex.) forecast top-level production decisions "very soon" probablj in a few days. Mahon is chairman of WASHINGTON (UP) -- Atlas intercontinental ballistic missiles apparently pointed squarely at Russia from a huge new missile base to be built in Wyoming, The Defense Department announced late yesterday the $6! million base will be built at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base near Cheyenne. con stniction last the dec ° rati ° ns with special work crews be- Gene Halv^' O/K ^ ^ BI1 ' ^^ Paul B ° rde - «* ^nning as earfyTsT^.fcch 'yj t h e ^ e ^ aV ncPere t~ Gene Halvorson Other members of the Jaycees worked on light- the decorations, with the cost borne by the Chamber of ing and special decorations. The Junior Chamber will begin Commerce. ' i-namoer or An Air · Force sppkesrn,an said " J * a'W·^"ye^rar^KutVdred^ copies .jo" book /''Soviet . Russia in China" and tons at relief rice packed iu small bags also were dropped. Hoover Blames · / Schools High NEW YORK (UP) -- Former President Herbert Hoover proposed last night that some of the nation's high schools be converted in 1 :;? college preparatory institutions a s a means toward increasing High Winds Fan Forest Fire . . weie Reps;7:Wayne : rt. Hays (D-* Marguerite Stitt Church (R-I1L). They have been .touring the Middle East and .Africa Jo study the High winds drove a fast-moving San Gabriel Valley o£ southern California today, and hundreds of home owners , and campers fled effects of U.S. foreign policies|from - tts 10-mile path. and/we're en route to Cairo'from' The California storm also was Beirut, Lebanon. · the output gineers. of scientists and en- Frenchman, 21, { ' · ' ·· To Succeed Dior PARIS (UP) A 21-year-old Frenchman risked his career today in a -secret North African l " hideaway where he is trying to 'fill the shoes of the late Christian preparing youngsters for the entrance requirements which must be maintained by our institutions training scientists and engineers. Look" and the "Sack Yves Mathieur Saint Laurent, appointed a week ago as top designer of the Christian Dior fash- The former President told the' 2 o n em P ir ? left - for an unknown United Engineering. Societies that P ln ' his native Algeria this inadequate college-preparation in weefe the high schools was largely to blame for Russia's outstripping the United States .in scientific and engineering manpower. The ^United States, Hoover said, is turning out less than half as many sci-j cntists and engineers annually' than it did seven years ago. At the same time, he said, Russia is graduating twice, and possibly three times, as many scientists and engineers as this country., · . . · Hoover said there was "a funda-l mental weakness from the too prevalent high school system of allowing a 13 or 14 year old kid to choose most of his studies'." One remedy Hoover said would Russians Kidnap MistakeTakes the House appropriations subcommittee Investigating the U. S. missile lag behind Russia. At the same time administration officials lifted the lid on more developments in . the missile race with Russia. sumably would be ready about the time the United States has the '5,500-mile range Atlas fully perfected and rolling off production lines. The missile is undergoing tests at the Cape Canaveral, Fla., Testing Center now. There have bcsn A v . ,, , ., two known firings of the Atlas .--. «f,~T * 8( V S baSe WlH ^ far - In both cas «, the gi*-v. started next year at Cheyenne. I missile had to be destroyedI at l- ^·' ?_ P r. n ! y f ,°L? s V n . case ' aI «tude because of failure o' o blamed for injuring several persons aboard a Western Air Lines plane which hit the turbulent weather over Ontario, Calif. Two small boats were driven aground by .the high winds and four naval vessels' headed out to sea to ride out the storm. The 'wind caused damage and utility widespread failures in southern California,, but no deaths were reported. To the East, a near blizzard that hit northern New Mexico yesterday continued during 'the night and overspread most of the state and the Texas Panhandle. The New Mexico snowstorm, dumped up to six inches at Tucum- He has: just one month to pro-'cari and'10 inches at Las Vegas duce, all. alone, about 400 sketches .yesterday and early today About 1 which- will be the basis for the[200 motorists were stranded for a 1958 spring fashion showings in [time on ice-bound U.S. 66 East of January. {Albuquerque". T/fo; By-Posses Red Communique MOSCOW (UP) -- Leaders of the Communist, world, except Marshal Tito, called today for the strengthening of military ties in against the division of the world into military blocs," the c o m- munique said. "But in view of the situation that has taken shape, PHILADELPHIA (UP)--Russia kidnaped more than 2,000 German scientists at the end of World War II and put them to work on missile and satellite projects, a former Soviet Army officer testified yesterday. Vladimir Shabinsky, ex-lieutenant colonel in the Red Army, told a Senate internal security subcommittee hearing here that Soviet espionage activity in the past 10 years enabled Russia to get a scientific jump on the rest of the world. . Shabinsky testified after subcommittee counsel Robert Morris disclosed that two top imprisoned Soviet spies' told him that Russia had obtained "without sweat and tears" U.S. secrets on earth satellites, anti-missile weapons and atom-powered planes from executed agents Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and other spies. Morris said the information came from interviews earlier in glass, 1 5 years i n prison a n d · - . . · - - . · the day at Lewisburg, Pa., federal prison with David Greenglass, brother-in-law of Rosenberg, and Harry Gold. Greenglass is serving 15 years in prison and Gold 30 years for their part in the the Rosenberg spy ring, Shabinsky, an American citizen now living in New York City, said the most important of the abducted scientists was Siegfried Gunther, a former chief designer at the Heink'el aviation plant in Germany. Morris said Gunther at first offered his services'to the U.S. occupation forces but was not accepted because he "didn't look like an engineer." He said the designer returned to the Soviet Zone of German to see his family and was kidnaped by the Russians within 48 hours. ; HOUSTON, Tex, (UP)-- A Woman undergoing a routine labora- which is still being developed. --Air Force production chief Lt. Gen. C. S; Irvine said the Air Fo rc. e ..rjght now_could develop and was expected shortly. Defense officials a p p a r e n t ! ··· made public the new base sila fc- cause it would be difficult if _ir.' ^ r - . - »?o*».* -*?w.« I-ULUU U C V C A U U ttau. in.^.^ -t.t. · · · * ' - · T : * · , ' - " · ' · launch ·a'.space sfiip 'of ."consider-' p a W e - t o k e e p such ' a I a r £- able size." In-ine said research is enterpnsesecret being conducted on both "manned' The Defense Department . _ _ ^ _ . . . . . . . . . . tory test died writhing on the floor , ballistic missiles" and "space plat- that 4,000 to 5,000 men would" fc a of a doctor's office yesterday be-j*° rms " to orbit around the globe. 'needed "to operate the missile They're Saying fore an hysterical lab assistant whoj had given her deadly sodium cyanide by mistake. Mrs. Margaret Van Alsteine, 67, had gone to the office of Dr. Joto determine wtheher she had diabetes. Police said Mrs. Emily Nash, 46, the lab assistant, had given Mrs. Van Alsteine a blood test and thought was a glucose mixture. SECURITY FIRST --National security should come facility." It added that air training command schools now located at the base would be transferred first, Army Secretary Wllber M.ito other installations as construc- Brucker said, not a Balanced tion on the base proceeded. budget. He topped a series of ad- clearly defense spending may only unbalance next year's budget, but force increasing the 275 billion dollar federal debt. The Pentagon said the Air Force Air Research and Development Command would take over the Warren base. It was expected to [Come under command jurisdiction B, A. never make the mistake of putting a Police said Mrs. Nash immediately noticed something was wrong when the sodium cyanide began making Mrs. Van Alsteine ill. Just then West came in and discovered what had happened. West gave Mrs. Van Alsteine an injection of adrenalin and tried to revive her but she died in agony a few minutes later. --The Navy said some reserve pilots are already in training with tic missile division. The Air Force had disclosed previously that it would operate a ballistic missile training center planes carrying live guided mis- at Cooke Air Force Base at Lom- siles. Foreign Exchanqe Canadian dollar, S1.03 29/32 ii U.S. currency. By United Press SEATTLE -- Dave Beck mental .weakness from the too Teamsters Union Plans Expansion SEATTLE (UP) -- Top Teamster Union organizers met here | again today to discuss further j plans for expanding the union's organizing work. poc, Calif. But the Cooke center will assemble and'train the ballistic missile crews which will be turned over to the Strategic Air Command. Cooke would have only a "secondary" responsibility as " an operational base. prevalent high school system of allowing a 13 or 14-year-old kid ~^sT " haS ^^ anythhlg ? -StS fLsf rtSoV in wiong i t s me. school . g to seek soft ^^ ^ the hard work of science and math- -- -- -- - - - -- · -- . / -*,*:w T +-+. hiu«u r r u u i U j i » , », _ «Jifc M U *,i\Jll l l l C t L U be to consolidate some high' the . lr /j? htf . ag ainst '' im P erlalism " I with the western powers, refusing schools, into institution, designed..., _ A ^ n ^ lon :A Ommuniq . ue . whl .^ to accept the proposals of the 'Socialist countries for mutual abolition of military blocs, the Warsaw Pact organization, which is to equip students tp meet the entrance requirements of universities and technical institutions. As a second remedyj he proposed that schools authorities ask engineers and scientists to . v o l u n - I s and Natlon al teer "two or three lessons a week" m ? v .empnts. not signed by Yugoslavia also called for "the strengthening of the unity and fraternal cooperation" of Communist and Workers parties, the International Liberation WASHINGTON -- Labor Secretary James P. Mitchell, in saying he thinks the 13-month rise in living costs to a record peak has come to an end: "There may be seasonal fluctuation, but all signs point to an end to the persistent rise in the cost of living," GUSHING, Okla. -- .Mrs. AI- peoples of in schools close by their homes. "If this nation is not .to ' degenerate intellectually and to lose its strength for daily :life and defense against our enemies," the school boards, taxpayers and Parent-Teacher associations had better wake up." r . Czar Jailed MINEOLA, N. Y. (UP) -- jent J. Squillante, alleged Underworld czar of a 50-million-dollar- The Communist leaders gathered in Moscow as. part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Bolshevik : revolution. Those present included Mao Tse-Tung of Communist China, Wladyslaw Gomulka of Poland and Ho Chi Minh of North Viet Nam. The communique itself was signed by Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Viet Nam,. East Germany, Communist China, North Korea, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Rus- sja and Czechoslovakia. Noticeably absent was Tito who Irope and supports peace through- 'out the world, must be preserved and .strengthened." The communique said t h e wasn't called when seven members of her family became ill and one died: "We · don't use doctors. It is against our religious belief." i-year private carting industry, did not attend the Moscow cele- indicted last night for exertion in connection, with .U. S. Mr Force garbage contracts. He vas taken from his Home In hand- :itf£s and Jailed early toda* : . P- .. ·- - · orations or the Communist meetings, because of an attack of lum- ,bago from which he is now reported recovering. "The Socialist countries are "forces of' , peace"-- the' 960 million strong Communist nations -- I have grown so much "that there is a real . possibility of averting wars as was demonstrated by the collapse 1 of the imperialist designs in Egypt." (Observers in Tokyo said part of the communique appeared to have .been written by Mao Tse- lung. They ..singled; out one; part supporting his theory that Reid nations should not follow blindly rigid precepts of communism and that Marxist-Leninist t h e o r i e s HOUSTON, Tex. -- Dr. Ernest . O. Lawrence, noted nuclear physicist, in saying it was "heartwarming" how quickly Americans are responding to the Soviet space challenge: "We are taking the necessary measures not only to insure our survival, but to maintain peace in the world for the benefit of mankind." NEW YORK -- Former Presl- dent Hoover, in blaming the American high school system for the ematics." Judge Commits Second Juvenile HELENA (UP) -- District Judge Lester Loble today ordered that Larry Crowl, 16, convicted of assault on a transient last Friday, be placed in the State Industrial until he is 21 years of age. Butcher-Killer May Prove Insane WAUTOMA, Wis. (UP) -- A re-'Mary Hogan, 54, a tavern oper- morseful Ed Gein, weeping over ator of Pine Grove, Wis., three the "pain" be inflicted by his years ago, and to - robbing nine human butchery and 'grave rob-'fresh graves to collect the heads beries, today faced possible speedy 'confinement in a mental institution. The 51-year-old bachelor farmer of women for his skull-strewn "house of horrors. Health Service Puts Six Units On Cancer Work WASHINGTON (UP) -- The U.S. Public Health Service announced today it has put six research organizations to work producing potential new anti-cancer compounds. The service's National Cancer Institute said one group of compounds to be synthesized under the new research contracts is known as anti-metabolites. The .. attorney, compound inhibits growth of can. his cer cells by blocking certain meta- Belter. at yes- bolic reactions, or' life processes. , was expected to .appear at an early terda y's arraignment, before Coun- the Institute said; date before Circuit Judge Herbert A. Bunde of nearby Wisconsin Rapids on his plea of innocent be- _caiise of insanity to a charge of ' murder. . Waushara County authorities have said they .will hot oppose the country.) -- a week from today, .to be exact. · I . ' ' Retail Trade Committee of the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce has announced that Santa will arrive in the downtown business district next Friday at 7 pjn. to greet the youngsters of the valley. - / -' ; . ; . · · - · · . ; ' . · ; Retail stores have also «n- - nounced that they'will be open 5ts: l ««r» Friday night"·from now "In my view there is funda- until Christmas. Sdnfo Claus Will Arrive Downtown Next fr/day Night Santa Cl.os is coming to town i ^,!! J!^ P ^ 'ttSS^,.^" Boyd Clark. Belter entered the innocent plea on behalf of his client and .waived prelimm- T^^r^t^T^ 15 £"* *** arv PxaminatioT, accepted by the cells. However It said these' compounds re- chemicals' and are ary examination. That cleared the way for Geln's- f 7 d " f °u fr ° nJ needcd che TM- pearance- in Circuit C o u r t . * enough to interfere with the pearance in Circuit Court at , metabolic processes of self- appearance' any Bunde « uld Plainfield farmer's insanity plea, that tGel n b« examined by three . . . . . · ** ^ * rwt»l»*f-_a»*»\rvi»»f f\ft B«AnMA.J «.£_!_*.._ _ _ which means he could be sent to ; the State Maximum Security Hos- the hearing. If the hearing is not held today . or tomorrow, Bunde said he will set a date "within the' next two weeks." . ' : · Gein, who has admitted slaying two 1 women, was arraigned yester- 'day on a charge of murdering and butchering Mrs. Bernice Worden, 58, a Plainfield, Wis., hardware court-appointed psychiatristSj or he could send Gein immediately to the State Prison Hospital at Waupun for observation and possible indefinite confinement. ' District Atty. Earl Kileen indl- ilnstitu ^ said - repair and self-reproduction; · Laboratory tests have shown that when cancer cells absorb certain antimetabolites, cell repairs are faulty and the-cells either fail to grow and multiply or 'die, the cated he will not contest the in- '· sanity plea. "I wouldn't want to be on record as prosecuting an insane man," Kileen said. In other developments, a minister who visited Gein in his jail store owner, whose hotly was found [cell yestenlay Mid thc zn Gein's woodshed Saturday. . killer"prayed and wept in his The frail, ashen-faced farmer!first display of remorse 1 over the also confessed to murdering Mrs. | ghoulish crimes The following groups will prepare various kinds of metabolites for revaluation u anti-cancer drugs: ,, The Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park, Calif.; the Southern Research Institute, Birmingham,, Ata.; the Medical, College of Virginia,; Richmond;'and the' Monac.- nock Research Institute, .Inc.. of Antrim. N. H,,

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