The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 19
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 19

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 19
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Wealthy Amateurs Amaze Veteran Oil Men With Wild Spending Spree BV HAL BOYLE OKLAHOMA CITY, -- t/l'j- wealthy a r n a l n u r s have started a ncv.' "wildcat boom" in Oklahoma'*! h a l f - c e n t u r y old oil Holds. More t h a n 000 wolls arc bolng- drilled t h r o u g h o u t the state by a new crop of investors strnnge to the oil business--war contractors, brewers, wine dealers, professional gamblers and movie stars--all drawn by tho lure of discovering froah pools of "black gold." There Is more drilling now than at any other period and more money Is being spent," said Claude Bar- U n d e r The Big Top, ' B a r k e r ' For Prayer ,^ ff ^^ r ., ,~~w~v~m '-. 3 dream dained mrwch "Burma" nnd "floo" Wnddoll, lh fly F R A N K KTEW/VKT ND, O., I N K A ) . -( ii ml gentlemen, IntroclurUriR ! for the first time in your city t h o ; onf nnd only circus chaplain In the entire world". The rinftrnn.ntrr at M1U« Bro«. rirr-us could cftKily mnkfl that an- n o u n c f i n e n r under the bin top. One of Ohio 1 * u n i q u e perflonnl- K ien--''only onf of U« Kind In ctip- tjvity"--1* on the road flRnin. He is 84-ycnr-olrt "Doc" WHfl- t.nll of Columbus, "pnator" of the t h r f p - r i n K rlrfu.i owned and op- iM-alPd by Paul. Jnek, Hnrry and J n k e Mill*, Cleveland mon, And don't KO worrying about his first name--the circus world knows him as "Doc:" and nothing else*. i*e, don't t h i n k this in ft of ft sawdust ring proas "Doc" WntUli'll IH an or- mlnlKter and lioonflcd to by t h e Interdenominational Ufliic AfcsoclAtion and in the Methodist church. Evrry your, when Mill.H Bros, the ficiirton, "Doe" Waddoll t h e prnMi'am w i t h prayor. And what ft circus chitp- I n t n p r n y nboui.? Woll. "Hoc" t h n n k A thr» A l m l t f h t y f o r t h o chance people h a v e - for ftmuno- m c n t -- f o r r h o opportunity folks p,c.t to l r i \ i g h and forget the priof In tin old world and thinks like that. But "Doc" doe» more than pro- nounco the Invocation at the cur- tniri rflifier for the circus. Every we*k he conducts Sunday Rchool lor the 20 children -- son and daujrhter/i of the pnrformor«-- who travel with the «how. And on Rundn.Vfl when tho out- Traffj*c Study Slows Due To Lack Of Aid HAHUNOIW. June f t -- A t r n f f l c survey a t Hal'llnpen l« being de- Iriyed for Inck of personnel. S«t. J. B Carll.Mp of Uv R f n t o Dopnrt- ment of Public snfcty, hfv« np- peftlecl for volunteer workers to report to the Green Room of tho Madison Hotel n t 4:15 p.m.. today. 1n order that the survey may con- t i n u n . Local police have aided with hrake, vision. Mop-slKn cornpll once, and speed checks on H u r - rison, "F", and Commerce StB. a n d other checkfi have boen mado n t 12 intersection.^, Carlisle «ald Surveys n r ^ beinf: made nt points u'h^re mo;,t a c r l d e n u , occur, ho pointed o u t . CM-tU' breeders ore now a i m i n g J n r lomror life n n d h U h e r f e r t i l i t y --nt a possible s a c r i f i c e In milk production--since it has been found t h a t "aristocratic" cows bear fewer cahe.s and h a v u shorter livoa t h a n their ordinary k i n . « one and only circus chaplain. fit, i« camping on the lot--there nro no Sunday exhibitions by the circus--"Doc" rigs up a pulpll and preaches. Maybe he atancis on the toiifuie rtf n circus wagon, on a ballyhoo pint/form or on the broad back of "Burma," the elephant! More than 20 yearn ago he got the i d o f i to become n circus chap- l a i n . Pi.ople laughed at him-"Doe" told me. He tried to remind them there, wore chaplains in tho army, hospitals, prisons And kinds of plnocH, But the Mills Brothers didn't snicker. They saw the merit In t h o idon. Oo every Ncnnon now "Doc" Knew out with tho show. Sometimes ho protiohnA in churches and oft«n npenks before service clubs. He hn.8 prenohed fit county fairs and in nipht clubs. "Doo" Wadclell, who wns vii'tualiy reared under the big toj). has been nround and he wouldn't trade his circus pulpi*; for Miy job in the world. row, oil editor o'f the Daily Oklahoman here and one of the best- informed men In the Industry. "They are mostly people with big money looking for easy profits. They know little or nothing about oil, and they have had to hire experienced men at ungodly flgureg to supervise the work." This wild orgy of free-upending has amazed old time oil operators. Most are sitting tight waiting lor It to slow down. "They expect bo be hare years aftor thin spree la over," said Barrow. "Tlie major companies can af- f o r d ' t o sit back nnd buy Into anything big that develops." Bringing in a gusher Is no .longer a shoestring operation. Getting a well into protection may cost anything from $6,000 to $1,000,000--and you can spend the money and end up with nothing but a hole in the ground. "In. two Oklahoma counties over a three-year pjrlod the wildcats brought in one producing well for each five dry holes," said Barrow. "The wildcat average throughout tho United States is about one out of seven." Even then the producing well may not turn out enough oil to pay for the cost of this other venture*. Of Oklahoma's 44,425,000 acres, 37,000,000 are considered potential oil lands. But only 800,000 to 000,000 acres have boon proved. Between 1807 and 1042 about 100,5IB wells worn dug only R2.000 worn still producing In 1042. Salt Of The Earth Falls From The Sky HELENA, Mont. -- (XP) -- The Montana Fish and Game Department again Is "salt bombing" elk herds In ooveral mountainous areas, The department Is satisfied that dropping of salt, blocks from pianos into the almost Inaccessible high country servos to keep the herds in the higher altitudes through the summer months, saving" the lower range for winter fending when heavy snows force tho animals down. Engineer Reports Building Permits Valued $413,358 The 78 building permits issued by City Engineer P. L, Rockwell during Mny for construction cost-' inp $85,730 brought the total n u m - ber issued since the first of the yenr to 378 permits for construction totalinp: $413,358. This compares to 464 Issued during the same period last year for construction costing $303,088. Total number of permits* ifiRiied during nil of taut year was l.onft for construction costing $084,400. Of the 78 permit's issued last month, 10 were for new residential construction canting $10,200; 16 were for new non-residential construction costing $40,250; 32 were for repairs,, residential, costing $9,296; and 12 were for repairs, non-residential, costing $11,225. In January of this year there were 02 permits issued for construction costing $58,640, compared to 74 permits for construction costing $33,605 in January last year. Other comparisons are, February this year, 63 permits, $53,930; February last yenr, 88 permits, $71,485; March this year, 102 permits, $03,603; March last year, 113 permits, $154; April thin yoar, 73 permits, $121,455; April last year, 08 permits, $07,760; May this year, 78 permits, $65,730; May last year, 01 permits, $67,678, When ram-jot air transport IB put on a practical basic, flights of 3000 miles will lake six or seven hniu-H iiuit'oiul of the current 12 to , June 5, 1047 TWjp BROWNBTlLfr* HBKA1P Tribunal May View Secret Agreements Of Allied Heads TOKYO, June 5 UP)--The International Military Tribunal indicated today it may scrutinize secret military and diplomatic agreements of the Allied Nations affecting Japan in the war guilt trial · of Ex-PremieV Hldeki To jo and 24 others. This possibility, arose with admission of the Yalta Agreement of Feb. 11, 1945 which the defense offered to support contentions that Russia violated a, non-agrcssion treaty In declaring war on Jnpan.. Defense counsel told the tribunal the charges of conspiracy to dominate the world and to wage wars of aggression against the 25 nc- cused made it necessary to enter, evidence intended to show Japanese actions were based on moves by other countries. Such evidence, A new grand jury commission will take over the selection of a Cameron county grand Jury, June 6 Sheriff Boynton Fleming announced yesterday. Sheriffs deputies have been sent out to serve papers on four citizens, threee of whom will be named to mnke up the commission. it was undestood, included secret Allied documents. The tribunal overruled the prosecution's objection that a eta of Allied Nations were not subject to review at the war crimes trial when such acts were for the purpose of combatting aggressors. Tlie Yalta Agreement signed by Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill stated the respective countries had agreed that in two or three months after terminaion of he European war, the Soviets would join the battle against Japan on certain conditions. Maj. Gon. John R, Deane, chief of the U. S. Military Mission to Moscow from October 1943 to October 1045, testified by deposition today that Stalin as early as 1943 had pledged Russia to fight Japan, despite the · existing Russo-Japanese Neutrality Pact. County Official Will Take Oath Albert E. Coneway, of Karl ing en, j who was recently appointed assist- ' nnt county attorney by F. T. Grn- , ham, county attorney, Is expected \ to take the oath of office either this afternoon or tomorrow. Coneway will handle coses brought before justices of the peace in the northern part of the county at. preliminary hearings nnd file ehr.rges against defendant* have comitted felonies, later in the 107th District Court. SAVE I5 on Dreft See Coupon, Pas* 10 Hydrogen, a gas that burns, and oxygen, which supports combust-ion, form water when combined.! Men first conceived the Idea of; Rtoerlrig their boats with rudder/*! by watching; birds in flight. I Card of Thanks ·*. We wish to take this means of expressing our deep appreciation to the people who attended the funeral of our Bon . . . JOSE MODESTO GAR-ZA We also wish to thank those who sent floral pieces and cards of condolence. Mr, jiiul Mrs. Manuel Garzn and Family WOOLWORTHS BRONZE SCREEN WIRE 18-14 Mesh Special This Week Only! Linear Foot SPECIAL SHIPMENT! GENUINE THERMOS VACUUM BOTTLES 87c per Yard Pint Size 1.19 F, W, WOOLWORTH CO, Quart Size . 1.69 1019 Elizabeth r e l i e v e b u r n , I t c h , nnd King of Prltfkly Heat PERSPIRING SA1ESCIRLS N O W U I E M I X I A N A There's wonderful relief for all in M«x**nR on hot, humid dny» and nlKhtn. Helps absorb cxcc«« pcrspi' i-ationthnt of ten cnuseii prickly hcati minor «kln rashes* Prevents chafing Du«t McxdAna on after bath. An excollcntdeodornnt. Rcliovontired, aching (out and itchy nu!0anc« ot foot. Beat the heat w i t h . « » · Keep control of your severing M ,keep out ; of t r o u b l e . . , keep "sTEniUNG wonnuBS 1 OUT! Any steering difficulty warns of these m o t o r i n g m e n a c e s , of wheel 'unbalance And nurts w e a r -- o f possible : jtcorinfl control loss, blow-outs, ACCi- ; DHNT. Pool ' c m ! , . . ' I - f l t us correct your i car with our foolproof, s«tcntinc BBAF j equipment NOW Thank Your R»pilr Mm For "TTw Accident That Didn't Happen" TUGGLE-UHY MOTOR GO MEXSANA Sf " f MI NO · ML OKI ATI D POWUfTT Auihorixcd unri Dod|fe Job-Bated Trucks SALES and SEHVICE 103D Lcvco -- Phone 800 S A F E T Y H E A D Q U A R T E R S HOMfi CANNING'S 9EST 2 - piece metal Hd ^ DM (hit n*w«tt (Jvvolopmonl In 2- m»lol lldll Thflrc't no doubt of HJH mti TO WSTI «·«! for your onft«l fooJii JwiJ proil to »§ ·-- If DOME ii down, for i* »«oloill Fill any MCJIOO jar. Ka»y to ui* become ir't »ur*. Can omy way--- ftALL JARS AND DOMf 11 OS! You'll Get A Perfect Mark In This Exam If you can't Arwwer all the questions, you can answer the o n e . a b o u t Father's Day, J u n e 15. Give Pop a shirt--the answer to his problem and yours. Sure, we have them--in all sizes and in the finest q u a l i t y . Dress or sport shirts that will dazzle Dad whon ho u n w r a p s them, PRICED AT i l l $2.95 to $5.95 In the Heart of Downtown Brownsville ^~**j '·?s?·$·'""' ^ 4n\ II 10 WE SAID WE W E R E OUT TO DO THE BIGGEST DRESS BUSINESS IN T O W N - A N D HERE S HOW WE HAVE BEEN DOING IT -- W I T H S A L E A F T E R S A L E OF 'SI IN OUP TH Qtlt* too mM«* T"^\\ VALUES at tho left two H 0 J1H 'I 0 U « i 0 J j g - ANOTHER SENSATIONAL MONEY SAVING VALUE DEMONSTRATION! Specially purchased and p r i c e d at a p i n - m o n e y COMPANION SALE! ,:^. ··:" ' · · . , ; · ; ·/: ";V^-'. V . -,- · { A group of better ; :' J ,DR E S S E S i MADE TO SELL f · ;;' , J^ FOR $ 7" ' '.'^ , · : · . ; · ; . I Sale Priced u fc!lf* ^ C O T T O N S -- C H A M B R A Y S - S P U N S 1 A N D 2 P I E C E M O D E L S STRIPES-PRINTS-CHECKS-POLKA DOTS S I Z E S 9 to I S ; 12 tt 20; 38 to 44 ' S I Z E S 9 to 15 S H A N T U N G P A I N T S SURPLICE BODICE GREY--POWDER--LIME PINK --GREEN Brownsville EASY TO BUY ON LANE'S EASY LAY-A-WAY PLAN

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