The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 21, 1960 · Page 12
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 12

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 21, 1960
Page 12
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Delia Democrat-Times 12 Thursday, July 21, '60 1ENN. I W. VA. IOWA I MONT.' WASH. COLO. MASS. N.Y. 1LU OA. AlA.'-- N,C. H*. VA. J H1HN. rA. WIS. KY. ARIZ. NJ. KAN. VT. I IPAH; VHOIN IS. u. N.M. UNN. ORL. IOWA HIEHTO mCQ ALASKA MAIK1 CAW IND. MO. 1 , R.V TMI_ TIXAS MON r . 1 C HO. WASH. .HAM,^ ' · i ii · ·· * * _J lit \ H TV AlA, ARIZ. ' XT. NJ. NEB. S.D. KAN. HBO" AlASKA OA. N.C. MICH. '' MAJKt TTwyfr CAW.' WO. IUTAH hm PKISFNTATIOH HATfOXM iJ^^^^v 'Blockbusters' Bring Panic To Homeowners NEW YORK (AP)-"Unethlc«l real estate operators" in Ihe metropolitan area have been accused of creating race prejudice to cre- ato panic in l»me selling. The practice Is called "block-1 busting." . Ally. Gen. Louis J. Lefltowlb and Secretary of State Carolino K. Simon snkl in a statement that a fringe group of unethical real estate operators are telling homeowners in long-established white neighborhoods that Negroes or Puerto Ricans ore buying homes in the same blocks. Some homeowners panic and sell their property below the current market price, snici the officials. Tho houses can then be resold at « big profit. Lcfkowilz faiil the brokers often bring Negroes and Puerto Ricans to see property on sale, but seldom sell to (hem. Lefkowitz said his office is drawing up a code of ethics for real estate brokers. Those who continue In "blockbusting" will be subject to suspension or revocation ol their I'censes, he said. WILL TOUR PARIS (AP) - The Comedie Francalsa says it will lour North America early next year. The itinerary includes Montreal and Quebec, Feb. 1-19; New York, Feb. Jl-March 12; and Washington, Philadelphia, and Boston March 13-19. BtfAMMINT OF ACIICUITVSI AND COMMERCE STATE OF MlSSISSirrl JACKSON July 12, 1560 rutiic NOTICE attd It htflbv gvliA of a public Inuring to b« Wd by *» Mlu'nlpol Milk CwnmJnlen b«glnft'r*g al 1000 A.M., Txwukiy. Au«i»l 1, IvW, In Uw Flill Ftwt Audi lorn**, Woolfo* Stall OHla kl:na, JatLion, Mlnlit'ppl. Th.'l htaf- hxg It bflng rondutlfd In ocwdoixt wlln *i prgvH'oM of Stctlon 6 and Siitlon 15 ot Ita AMllUltppI Mil* Cgmmlnton Att. Th» Cflnvnlii'wi will h«ar «YlcfliKl undir oatK cwxtmlng irarVvlln? aical. |K« jwlcii to fct llxtd for Ihi loll cl milk ood lh« chargtt fo; hqndlk*q. tram. r «nd uroctMtaf] «? milk. TK« CommUl?*n wJll o'ta n»ar t^WirKt COA :irr.lng rv!«i ol foil trod* ptocKc*! P«r _aln?f7 lo th» tronwtlloft of bvifnnr wliton *· Mrkll tof fJgW rrJiV. All tnltmr*4 P*WM «* InvJtid h» _,ipifll In ptrto* « bv tftvull CM gNl * Inlonrwilon p«rttaiiri to IM tubftch k,n- l (Jit coAiktiralloai el tKi rnorlrvj. Ihi Convnluten will f*X*h/» ptNlloiU tind pro* poiali from IfllinjUfJ partlH flrxt Mill lloni oM propoiaU en |l| qwn moHwl cotx«mlno nxuktlln? a'«ai, pik!rg, oAa ryln of fati trodi pmcllri for e«nilfira I'.on botid on tht «vfdixi r»t*tv#d ot law rrtarrrvg, Fof tht Ml$i'u!pp Milk CommlltVe^ Bf SI Coikc, Mimbtr · D«t!gn»* 7/I4-21-2B--B/^ ^^^__^____ REPUBLICAN FLOOR PLAN -- Here is the delegation sealing arrangement for the Republican National Convention in Chicago's International Amphitheater starting Monday, SUSSIITUliO TlUSTEE't NOTICt OF SALT WHEtEAS, on Novimb«r 27, 1530, G-e'ml!'« Aparrn-enli CjrDC:a!'Qn. fiec\jl- »d o desd of Itu^l la Sn«rwc*t W. Wi««, Iiumr, !OT ih tiKilll ol R.rd-McO.t ia^cD-iv. »h'(K (J.ed of lrv*t li ,*:avd»d « irw clfko of (Hi ChflAterv ClirV o! Waihjrotcn Ce\.^!v, at Grfe.-.vltfe, Mi .·ii:opl. in RMC.-C! Bock 442, al Poge SSS: orj V.HFSFA5. «H d.rd 61 IrvU wai ol J^oned by r«Jd.M(Gte Conpony la Frortdivi Lift Inurare* Comcony, en NovtrrJjer 27, 1050. by ir-ilnj-nenl ,*:erd- ·d In Rook 44?, at foe* 559, of tfc» rie. 1 ·d» of Ihe afcrein'd Chancery Clejiu arxJ VVHHREAS, wld deed ot rrvil aulh»rli»d ·· aoDolntment and tubiHtullon of cn- ilicr Trvi't» tn lh» pfact of Ihe Trwilie 3rr«d lh«r*ln, and by Iniin/rrtnT dalfd Jon* 16. I960, orvj wKlcS I» itcorded In Secord Book 751, ot Pag« 135, of lh« irf ChoAt«ry C'tit't rtcordi. Pro- rectiv* til« lr-mra"-t« Company, appointed and lubHIKXed H. V. Woiklni, ol SubiH- lu:e Trmie» wiih lH« icm« otrthoiiry, lli!«. I t.t original Truiieei o-J hovlrtq btcn n-odi B R E A K F A S T S P E C I A L SLICED 3 IBS, BACON ROUND STEAK LB . 79 c GUARANTEED TENDER SIRLOIN STEAK LB . 79 c SMOKED SAUSAGE 2 LBS . 59 STEW MEAT SAUSAGE PO-BOY-PAK 25 * MEAT$ 3 Lbs. Pork Sausage 3 Lbs, Ground Beef 3 Lbs. Franks S Us. Lunch Meat 3 Lbs. Sliced Picnic S Lbj. Shoulder Roast 5 Lbs. Neck Bones S U P E R D U P E R ECONOMY PACK pQvrrnnl of tHt krd«bl»dA«i» itcvf' rd by laid cUed ot liuil^ and Picket: ve .Hi Iniurarx* Co-vpony b»irx lf"-» holrJir t l^i* Drexnlnery not* end d«fd of taiH, wvfrvg retr-mitd trStt under» ; 9rrd Sub. Utfured Tiutien to la Ho, I wl|F. on ih^ 23rtd day cF July, K60, doting lego! Koun biFcrt lh« main front foof at iHi Counlv Couir KOVM ef Waihinglon County,! al GreertvUli, Mliirn'cpli clft; far talc. at public oyttfon, and »·!. to Trig h^gKeii and but bidder (o| taih, "h* follcwlng real tJlcH, togtl^«f with ell nd Im^roveTienH 1hti*ofl] gnd thi h.ired-!orr.enti o-vj cppurterxi^cei and tSi; itghti lhartunio b*lov-,glng, lii now or hir*af(*r onp*rro[nif3, ih« itvinron and rivanLwii, rBmalnd 1 - r rimcincJefi, (tnM. lnuii, end profit) oF, and all rfokti of hwnoittod. lirualed In Ih* City cf Gr««nvll!t, CoonTy of WaiXIrvgfon. S|g|« cf Mlu'iiippl, la*w.T totuitii rrwmvmtal en tht $pdicn |i.~,« co-nfncri to S*ctlor\i ' 21 end ?? ol 16, Xangt 8 Weif, lo^d r-onwreen] Ming ih« Ncrthweil eorru*r of the Wtlh«rb«. henbtry and Arrhif Tract end being JO. -454 cholru north of !· quartti corrtr ccmmoM To talrJ Sectrcni 21 and 21, mtrv:* Sovlh 62 degieej 43 , ninu!.H 32 teco^d w*iF 131.75 frit lo ai fron pipe, tht.*K« fo ··· rg^ oo d*ar«si -W ml^vtet 4$ iccondi 200 (*«l to 01 irofi pip* *n th* ·Jllun edg« at 1H« rtght-oC-woy of Highway No, B5t l.encB nxtKioK«ity a'ong rho cailem *Jg» ol lard right. of-v-ay and 60 feel dlitant fro-n tht cenlei lint cf laid H-ghway 690 tut lo and for trx polnl ot b«gin.-ung of lh« trad K*,-«lv, convtytd, ihenci ncrirwcir«il/ rjfong mid 1 rfahf-of-way 200 feef; ih-.-co loulFveaitcily end p*.-pend color to wid H'ohway 400 fe*t, ther-o tcvthu e tcrly and pcro I Fe1 lo lotd 700 frr). iXenca ncrtKwt]i*i* |y end fjirpindicular to tafd Highway 400 f*il ta th« coVJ o* biglruifng, ia'd Jftitt oi land Jytrg and bt'ng 11 l!-« noithwtil avarr«r of 5 ict fan 27, TowmMp IB, Rar.q* 8 Weit. I will crrv»y only luch litlff o» It SubiCJijipd Tixiilee. 27th H. V, WATKINS NOTICI Or TRUSTfE'S SAVf lindir avtSorlry v*i!*d In rat, at Tnjifet, by th« trvti d«td exMuied by Thcma» 8. Ptaittt Mirw-.ia Y. P*oi'*i, StvtbcrvJ end wife. 13 W- D. WrASTHUfl. Trvme f« THE fRUDfNflAV INSURANCE COM* Of AAJE3ICA, doted Aug-nt 23, 1954 and recorded In Book 546, Page 167 ol rh · i eta rdt of Washington Com MUi'uippI, delauh having bi«fl mode In th« payment ol a poit'cn ol tht In- intti i«cu:»d bv icid fruit d**d and Prudenl ka1 Iniuian;* Corrpony to rvo^1rg dedaiid all ol ir due land rtcutHtd thii tale, I will oo the '. .do/ cf Jury. I960. wliVrv legal hovrrt. ·ie!I a! pubJk CJltry to the hlgKcit b'ddei caih ot the lovS front door of the ; : Cc--rl Hcvifi In Greisnvile, V/aihinoion , M-nliiiDDl, Ihe fallowing d«t:rb- |!«d rial eilale In V/ovhirvg'cn Count/. ili Lol 1 IHI o-Ad «*«*Dt tht N^zlh 95 j ftti iVertcf, tocrher wirh cny right ''· ol rjraniorj In oM to lH* uit cl that portion aF tha tcm-ion driveway 1otat- ed upon the e* reeled portion of ta'xi Lol 1, Uil iubl«a lo ony right of t* ·xcep:*d ooJllon oF ta'-d let 1 , cr owner |I-,triof, In orvd to rh« m« ot portion of tc'd lot I here'n ccr- hich fie* wirhin wldl co-n- mcn aVlve^vayj crvJ ^B South One- Hcff (Vi) of lei -?i all In Blrxk 3 cf rf-i Fairvlew Gcnf-tni Addifion to ih^ City cl GreerwillB, WoihVglcn Ccwily. , t ihown by plot ol laid Add-! -en en fll» in Mcp Eoct: 4 or Peg* 15 In tha offica of th- C^nterf Cle.-k of *a"d Co^-nly, to DC/ t» dtbt li^jred by tojd tan( de*4 and fhi cou of cren^t-ng th-f Tnrtt. TKii land b« icfd »i,-fc|trr to a'l 1960 y hand thli 23-d dcy ol It} W. 0. McARHiUa E L G I M S 17 JEWEL Unbreakable Mainiprlng* - Attention! Home Freezer Owners i Lbs. Round Sfeak ', Lbs. Rib Steak i Lbs. Ground Beef 5 Lbs. Pork Steaks 3 Lbs. Bacon 2 Lbi. Sausage THIS MEAT IS ON DISPLAY FOR YOUR INSPECTION BEFORE WRAPPING PRICES GOOD FRIDAY, SATURDAY MONDAY BOGGS MEAT CO. Phono EI 4-3551 Union No. 1 North Plenty Forking Near General Hospifnl Op«n Till 8 on Friday 9 on Saturday 50e Down 50e Weekly And you know il'l 0 quolil/ -»tth ttcoo.. Il'l on tLCIH! 'Whtn crystal, cat* and crown ari Intact. S U'GlSt WAfCK / CHECK This Ad For PROOF .. . B«caute at the economic* ot mantgoneat (ltd nffiliattd buying powen yoa Mve mon *t -Greenville's Best HOME OWNED Super Market HODGES BLUE GOLD Intersection Highway U 1 Prices Good Thurs., Frl. Sat, lOmPHRE THESE IflERT PRICES! ARMOUR'S STAR BACON Tray Packed Sliced LB. TIP TOP LEMONADE ^Wt HEAT EAT ORE-IDA TATER TOTS 1 LB. VKG. 29* MCK-ENZIE'S BLACKEYE PEAS 2 PKGS. 39?: P O R K RIBS LEAK MEATY Stokely'j Catsup, 14 oz. bottle 2 for 35c Armour's Vienna Sausage, 4 oz, can 2 for 39c Large B Inch -- * Count Paper Plates pkg- 10c Armour's Star Treet 12 oz. can 39c Diamond Wax Paper 100 ft. roll 19c Hcrsbey's Ass't. Choc. Candy Bars 10 bars 39c Blue Ribbon Napkins, 80 count 2 for 25c Roscdnlc Sliced -- In Heavy Syrup Pineapple No. 2 can 33c Show Boat Pork Beans large No. 2i can 19c Dixie Bell Crackers _ _ lib. box 19c American Beauty Brooms, Five String each 89c Blue Ribbon Tissue 4 roll pkg. 33c Gold Dollar Vinegar, Red or White gal. 49c 2 PC. Fruit Jar Lids, 12 to pkg - 29c Frenches Barbecue Sauce 18 oz. bottle 33c Rainbow Old Fashion Sweet Pickles 15 oz. jar 23c All Popular Flavors Coot-Ade 6 for 19c Dime Brand Sweetened Condensed Limit One Per Customer U.S, CHOICE HEAVY BEEF CHUCK ROAST M .39g U.S. CHOICE HEAVY BEEF ROUND STEAKS., e a LB 790 TENURIZED (Good Tasty) MINUTE STEAKS ^190 U. S. CHOICE (Hcnvy Beef) SIRLOIN STEAK LB 89^ SWIFT'S JEWEL SHORTENING Starkist MILK 2 Duke's MAYONNAISE Cans Quart _ Jar 49' CHUNK TUNA Stokely's Pineapple 45 C JUICE No. i $ 00 Cans FANCY GEORGIA P E A C H E S N0.2i CANS 243 W A S H t N G T O N AVE. JUMBO HEADS LETTUCE SALAD MIX fiOLDBN YELLOW CORN I FANCY HOMEGROWN .12 SABS 39 c I BELL PEPPERS 3 i^S PLENTY OF FREE PARKING

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