The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 18
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 18

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 18
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THE BTICWNSVILLE HEIIAD Thursday, June 5, 1047 T T The Weather \ V K A T I I K U FOHECAST FOB THK l-OWKIl tllO U HAN PI:: V A l - J . j . v 1'iU'tly c l o u d v w i t h l i t t l e h a : . . : r i.'i U M j i p e r u l i i r o t h r o u g h F r i d a y 1 . J . . - 1 : 1 J . l d i l v r u l e t o fro.ili w')iil.hi!UWl(M'ly ' u : : ; - i ' . . M a x i m u m t e m p i - r a t l i n 1 t h i s i r l ! i.rx,r: y l to 05; m i n i m u m lonlKllt 72 U ' j . u H EAST TEXAS (KABT O 1 .' THE 1001H M E H I D A N ) : P a r t l y c l o u d y t h i n r. f - c m o o n . tcnHtjht and F r i d a y ; a low v K i r l y u r a u t r e U t l u m c l e r a h o w e r s I n ox- t i r m e oust p o r t i o n this a f t e r n o o n a n d r.i r t h e u p p e r coast. Friday. Not much f','i;*6iic m tiMmxM'iiture. M o d c r i i t o to r. ; ,o,ior;aily f r e s h n o u t h e u s l w i n d s on tho | rr..;i«.t. HlKhciu Lowest H a l n Inst 24 last lust Hours N t K h t 24 hrs c.f\ r \ ft T If] A ' ^ l i M ' R. . . . , * . * ! ** J " * C h r l s l l H i D, IH ' i V r : r D f i r o i t F! I'.HSO r o r r W o r t h ll--:-.-.:on .i;-,-"J..viiviMe C i t y M e m p h i s ....... · N»y. Orlr.inii ..... t\'-v. York . - N-:,r:h I'lnf. Neb. fi,; L i h n i n u C i t y . . . IT ! ».liur.:. I'tt 5^: Louis S.-IM A r - . t o n l o KM p v r p u r l T i- tnixi . . . no 95 7 a 70 02 02 PI 03 07 Ofl BO on 11 BO in 'li 8'J 01 o;i 93 i\ 73 71 51 f)f) flS 71 71 72 B:L 74 71 71 7 a 70 T 1.0-1 .02 .(11! .33 .'/·I Marine News IN I'OHT TODAY MV COLISTER (Br.) Discharging bananas and pineapples. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. MV MAYMWriJi; (Br.) Discharging pineapples. Port Brownsville SB Agency, agents. SS ROSELKAF (Br.) Discharging bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. MV LULU (Pan.) 3elng repair od. Hidalgo Distributing Co, agents. SS SONORA (Nlc.) Undergoing repairs. Port Brownsville SS agency, agents. MV LYNN B, (Pan.) Undergoing repairs. Hidalgo Distributing Co. agents. MV GON2ALO CARIOS (Hond.) Undergoing repairs. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. MV ACCURACY (Br.) Undergoing repairs. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. MV LEV in (Pan.) L. H. Pri chard, owner. MV CARIBBEAN QUEEN (Br.) Discharging bananas. McCarty and Shipping Co., agents. invert m.'i.T.ETJN WO O l l A N f l K R I V K I l Wood Ilcitd- 3 2* H t a u o I n e a nt I l r . Mr, 7 n,m. chntt. Sll 10 4-1 in* the n e x t 34 to 30 h o u r u thfl w i n c o n t i n u e to fiUl below Klo 1" C i t y . TIDK« f, .40 ix. m Low' I0:4fl p.m. « U D * f t Today 7:19 p.m. flunrliM' Tomorrow fl:37 a.m. T i n r o m r f - r l r P£f^'^*'_ flt 0:3 ^J]LTMLJ^ ( lL' Fire Alarm! Fire Chief Edward Valent and . rircman Alfredo Camarillo rushed to Matarnoros yesterday momlnp - t o administer the department's '. i n h a l n t o r to 10-rnonths-old 8uzan- 1 ' n i l Alvarado. dnimhtcr of Mr, and Mrr. .Jc.^u? Alvarndo. nfforts to revive the child wore f u i i l f . Sh« died of respiratory - t r o u b l e , attending physicians announced. An alarm .sent the city's heavy · f i r e equipment, rushing to 12th nr.d Jcffftrson ^ts, yesterday morning whrn some unknown person pullrcl an alarm box siojnal. Plro- ! m f n -snid an automobile had reportedly caught fire. Two engine crews extinguished · a fire at the Port of Brownsville Monday morning which could have easily resulted in serious damage. Flames were burning In n pile of old lumber near the south Mde of the turning basin while H tanker loading gasoline was clocked nearby. There was no damage, firemen said. yissloning of uranium and plu- toniurn gives off long-range helium atoms.calk'd alpha particles, uhich fly through the air lor eight Inches. Grizzly bears are susceptible to »ttacks of snow blindness. ·Ar Or« coot covers ARRIVALS * COLISTER (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas and pineapples Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. DEPARTURES 3 TELA (Hond.) Qalveston for drydooklng. Port Brownsville S3 Agency, agents. MV MAYMERE (Br.) Puerto Mexico to load Plnoapi/len, Port Brownsville SS Agency, agent*.DUE TO ARRIVE 0-0--MV MIZPAK (Hond.) Port DarrioB, Guatemala with bananas, McCarty and Massey Shipping Co. agents. G-Q-SS SAPAULPA VICTORY (Am.) Houston to load general cargo for Baltimore and New York. Philen Shipping Co., agents. G-0--MV WALTER O. SWEENEY (Can.) Alvaro Obregon with bananas. McCarty and Maaaey Shipping Co., agents. ,0_7_S8 FLAGSTAFF VICTORY (Am.) Houston to load general cargo for Scandinavian ports. Lallier and Co., agentfl. Q.7_jTjUZKERA' (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas, P o r t Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 0-7--MV CAPITOL A (Br.) Tuxpan, Mex. t with bananas. .MoCarty and Massey Shipping Co,, agents. 0-7--MV MAYSTAR (Br.) Puerto Mexico with pineapples. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 6-7--MV KRAGEHOLM (Swed.) Houston to load for Scandinavian ports. Agents, Fowler and McVibe, J. E. Eidrnan. 8-7--MV HIBOU (Hond.) Puerto Mexico to load pineapples. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 0-o--MV AMAPALA (Can.) Nau- Ua, Mex., with bananas. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 0-10--SS HALIFAX (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 0-10--MV CHARLES A. Mac- LEAN (BiO Puerto Mexico with bananas. McCarty and Massey Shi piling Co., agents. G-U--MV PATRICIA SWEENEY (Br.) Alvaro Obregon with bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. 0-11--MV ROATAN (Pan.) Alvaro Obregon with bananas. McCarty and Sweeney Shipping Co., agents. 0-12 -- MV MAYMERE (Br.) Puerto Mexico with pineapples. Port Brownsville SS A g e n c y , agents. 0-12--S3 CHARLES L Y K E S (Am.) Antwerp to 'load general cargo. Lalller and Co. agents. g-15--SOUTH BEND VICTORY (Am.) Houston to load general cargo for Baltimore and New York. Philen Shipping Co,, agents. 0-15--SS STEVEN F. AUSTIN (Am.) Stocknolm to load general cargo. Lalllcr and Co., agents. 0-15--MS DANAHOLM (Swed,' Houston to load general cargo for Scandinavian ports. Agents, Fowl- ·-·r and McVltie, J. E. Eldman. G-15--SS LOS ANGELES (Pan.) LeHavre to load crude oil. Philen Shipping Co., agents. 6-24--SS CAPE FEAR (Am.) Tampico to load general cargo for Scandinavian ports, Agents, Fow'.M' and McVltie, J. E. Kidman. 0-20--498 MACK BRUTON BRYA N (Am.) Oslo to load general cargo. Lalllcr and Co., agents. Huston Appointed Airport Manager MeALLEN, June 5--Mayors of McAllen, Mission and Edlnburg have employed M. E. Huston of Sin ton a« manager of tho Moore Field Airport recently acquired by the thrco cities. Ho is expected to arrive in the Valley today and as- Hume his new dutier Monday, Huston will go to work at a salary of $250 per month, plus two per cent of gross receipts at the field and housing there for him and his family. * Plans for operation of the field got further under way yesterday when mayors of the three cities accepted a contract with Central Power and Light Co. for power at tha field. Rates will compare with those for the city of Mission. The three city officials reserve the right to approve all lease contracts at the field. (Continued from Page One) , ns it is outbido of the jurisdiction of the parish hem. It is, however, within the parish jf the 8t Anthony's Church ut Raymondville where the Rev. Jam'es Smith, O . M . I . , is paster. Fathe; Smith wa« tiecrafcary of the board of directors siuio orpijanasfe and signed a resollutlon f thr board at its moating on June '/, wnlch stlM- uliitGd that tlfie oihnage property be turned over to the Catholic Ohuroh. 8 la tod To Appear Convicted on nine counts ofliis^ ing the mails to defraud in connection with solicitation of fund* to operate the orhtuiage, the Coleman fvro gclirftiled to appear bo- fore Judy Allon B, Haimay in federal cnurt horo -arrow morning for son';-we'rig. Lawson (Continued from Page One) plants for alkali if not permitted to hold some surplus, "Certainly the Valley would not want to use the residue of the Rio Grande." Lawson declared that power development in connection with the dlam construction project Is the dental, «o far as the commlBHlon Is concerned, Irrigation i« the primary purpose. It was added, however, that some 400 million kilowatt hours might possibly generated at the Falcon dam. Special guests at .the dinner- meeting presented by Mr. Cre-mer Included Robert Lee Bobbitt, San Antonio attorney; County Judges Oscar C. Dancy · Brownsville and Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., of McAllen. Valkyite Critical After Auto Crash SAN JUAN, June 5 -- Georgia Jones of HdJnfourg 1 Is reported to be in critical condition at McAllen Municipal Hospital today where sho is beijiR treated for Injuries suffered in an automobile accident noar hart: nl|-vht. According 1 to invesMffaUnty officer,- State Highway Patrolman E, W. Land of McAllen, the vehicle Involved was driven by Darwin Tern el ton, 23, of Weslaco. Temel- ton and two other occupants, Jack Evans of Weslsico and Mrs. A. R. Cartlett, of Edinburg, were only slightly injured. Land said the accident occurred about, 11 p.m. one-half mile east of San Juan as the four were en- route to Edinburg. The auto when the driver attempted to.avoid crashed into a palm tree, he said, colliding with another vehicle. Investigation is still under way. Police Records The Hidalgo county sheriff's department notified the police station here at 4:40 a.m. today that a 1940 Chevrolet four-door sedan had been stolen at Edinburg between 9 p.m.; yesterday and 4 a.m. today, The automobile was of a two-tone blue color. The license number is DV-375G. Dominijo Castro Gonzales, Weslaco, was fined $3 in City Corporation Court today charged with running stop-sign. Juanita Guajardo, booked for "collision and driving without a license" was fined $10 Both were booked by Traffic Officer Eddie Wollesen, Officer Sam Esparisa at 3:55 a.m. today found a black and white bicycle near the Market Square. It' is being held at the police sation, TS. A, Howard yesterday paid a one dollar fine booked for parking on the left side of the street. Those who paid one dollar fines yesterday for overtime parking include, F. Sobrino, R. H. Nixson, H. M, Fugua, A, Ten-nans/ Oriii- blim Zamora, O. F. tWis and John E. Rogers. Market News Closes O f f i c e s Tomorrow' WESLACO, June 5--U. S, Market News Service, which has maintained an office here during the citrus season, will close tomorrow. R, E. Winfrey, head of the fler- vlce, said he will leave for various points In. East.Texas during the summer months, returning to Weslaco when the citrus season opens again in the fall. _____ Stock Markets e NEW YORK, June 5 (/I 1 )--Moderately irregular tendencies prevailed in today's early stock market proceedings. Gainers oi' fractions at a quiet opening included Loew's, U, S. Steel, Union Carbide, Pennsylvania Railroad and Philip Morris. On tho oi'fsido were Anaconda, General Motors, J. C. Penney, Radio Corporation, Standard Oil ( N J ; , Allis-Chalmevjs and Proctor and Gamble. Studied for market trend clues was the latest bank clearings compilation which placed these transactions in 24 cities during the five business days ended June 4 at 5,1 per cent above the aggregate Vn the corresponding short week of 1946. Three Men Held In Valley Shooting Three, suspects were arrested late yesterday and are being held in connection with the shooting of Magdaleno Bojas. about'"30, who was wounded in the forehead about noon. He was picking tomatoes near Mission at tho time of the shooting, officers said. The third man -arrested, Juventino Salinas, was apprehended in Rio Hondo by Chief. Deputy Sheriff Pat Smith at about D p.m. yesterday. Matilde Perales, and another man known to officers only as "Pancho", were arrested yesterday afternoon near Mission by Deputy Sheriff A. R, Longorla of Hidalgo County, assisted by Smith. » The injured man was taken to Valley Baptist Hospital where doctors removed scvera.1 "bone splinters fron his head. Ho was believed to have been shot wlth f a rifle, Smith said, though tho weapon used has not been recovered. Motive for the shooting was not made clear this morning, though investigation Is continuing. No charges had been filed thi« Horning against the three suspects^ xnd one additional man question-! eel in connection with the case.I wns released by officers. The three in-Bated arc being held in the Hidalgo County jail at Edinburg. bion fuel, is a compound containing seven carbon atoms and 16 hydrogen atoms per molecule. Parish Vets Plan To Finance School Members of the Catholic War Veterans Jose Solis Jr. Post of the Quadalupe parish wljl meet in regular session at fi p. m. tonight at tho Knights of Columbus hall to plan a drives to finance n $75,000 parochial school. Tho proposed will be constructed on the grounds near the Gua» dalupe Church on Lincoln St. First event of the fund raising 1 campaign will be a festival to be held on the Missouri Pacific park June 21 and 22. All proceeds will go toward the school to be sponsored by the Jose Solis Jr. Post. Chaplain Anthony Martinez said. The group at tonight's meeting will also discuss a countv-wide meet scheduled for 5:30 p. m. June 8 at s the WOW. hall in San Bcnito. The meeting has been called by Joe B. Sanchez, of Brownsville, one the state vice-commenders. Purpose of the meeting will to be form n Valley-wide post, he said. Harlingen Charter Vote Up Saturday HARLINGEN, June G,--Harllngen citizens will go to the polls Saturday to vote on six proposed amendments in the city charter. City Secretary P. J. Hubert said approximately 3,000 ballots have been prepared for use. Polls will be in the city hall and will be open from 8 a.m. until 7 p, in,. City Briefs Mr. and Mrs. J. Lcn Bftllnrri and Mrs. Yvonne Britc and Sally Anne of Seguln, Tex., arrived in Brownsville today to visit with Mr. and Mrs. Prank Taylor. 2,000 West Jefferson St. Mrs, Ballard and Mrs. Taylor are sisters. COTTON PRICES NEW YORK, J u n n 5--VP»--Noon : cot ton prices were five to 70 cents a bale higher t h a n the previous close. J u l y IM.86, Oct. 20.07, nnd Dec. 29.10. A Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute scientist predicts that by 19.57 a f i f t h of our gasoline will be synthetic. It. (J.ff») Julian E. Johunsen, United States Coast Guard, is visiting hl« pnrents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johansen at 1730 Contra! Blvd. At present he is receiving training at the U. S. Naval Air Station at Corpus Chrlsti. Mr. and Mrs. Howard 'Keith Cummins, Orlando, Pla., announce the birth of a daughter, Dcean.j She weighed seven pounds. Grand-I parents of the child are Mr. a n d ; Mrs. Howard L. Cummins, 1502 i Lakeside Drive, Brownsville, a n d j Mr. and Brs. O. E. Wilson, Texas. Take Off Ug!y Fat With This Home Recipe · In 11 inexpensive' home rcci|»« lor l»k- off u n x n i n l y weight nnd hotp b r i n e back n l i u r i n i i curve* nnr 1 u r a c p f u j *lend«roe*». Jtnvl Rut from youi rtrunk'iM, f n u r ounce* of l i q u i d I J n r c f f n t n i t o . Add enrtiitfh «rnp«fnsft juico to mnkc n pint. Then j u s t take 'wo tnbloKpooilfifu' twice « d n . Wonderful ··«- u l l : may b« obtained q u i r k l y . Now you may n l i m down your figure nnd Ic^r pound* of ucly fat without buck brenkins cxerciae or H t a r v n t l c m diet . I f * easy to m o k e «nd «"ir to Uk«. Contain:, n o t h i n u h.irmful. If Ui* vary first bottle doesn't show you toe alinpl*. .iasy way to lone 1 b u l k y weiKht Rnd help r»- K n i n blender, more urnccful curve*, n»ti !.ho empty bottle nnd not your money Before visits by white men, Eskimos were free from many diseases, G A L V E S T O M O U S T O H Insurance Bondi DODD-MtrrCHELL AGENCY Arcade Bide. - Brownsville Fhone* 100 and 1839 6-26--AXELDYK (Dut.) Tampl- co to load general cargo for .London, Antwerp, Rotterdam am'.j Ghent. Philen Shipping Co., agtn | 6-28---SS DICK LYKES (Am.) ! Antwerp to load general cargo Lallier "and Co., agents. Rom where I sit ».- Joe Marsh How to Go to Sleep We were sitting around Bill Web* talk turned to Ujc best way of overcoming breathing rcnl slow and deep, imagining that you weigh, a ton, or simply The consensus favored counting; sheep. But right away was tho question: w h a t kind of sheep? There were some votes for countin' ( Merinos, Shropshires, Oxfords and Dor sets. Ed Mapcs said he had best luck counting crossbreeds. Finally, Bert Childera vpolce op with his formula: A light fcnad and a mellow glass of beer at bedtime. Sort of puts you in tho mood for quiet thoughts and peace of mind. Lets you relax . v . nnd "ho hum," off to pleasant dreams! From where I sit, there's nothing like a temperate glass of beer to smooth away the creases of the day, relax a body, and pave, the way for a good night's sleep. Try il:. and see if I'm not right. SAVE I5 on Dreft $·0 Covppn; Pag« 10 Via Braniff laav« Brownsville* 7:25 PM / « ' ^4 Arrrv* Galv.iton 9i50 pm. Arrlv* Houiton 10t*3 . i /',/ Pfn O«lv*»ton For«--$16.10 on«-woy plu» lax. (V J Howit»rt Far*--$16.10 o««-way plui lax. -' / /V Phtn* 1200 Mynicipal Airport / V/ BHOWK^viia-iu, ^ / ..^·^^' ms^* iv rw ^ ^v,^^ -^ ^ jj^iMj* sWfc^ Air r.iMngm · Air Msir-- TT ^ Air Fr«1gM · Air !xpr««» GRANTS BRINGS ntKES DOWN AGAIN! Reg. 59(! Boys.', Girls' Sunsuifs . . . . 47 ·*r f )'§ Sturdy 64 x 60 pcrcatcs, with flora! prints, itrlpes, checks on assorted grounds. Sizes 2 to 6. Playsoifs 1.57 Stripes, florals, checks, in assorted styles and fabrics. Contrasting or self trims, all with pleated shorts. 7 to 14. Reg. LOO/ Summer-weight! Rayon Slips. . 87* Built-up shoulder style. In sturdy knft rayon. White and tearos*,' ruffled bottom. 4-14. Reg. 1.79! For Toddlers! 3-Pc Sleepers L47 Washable cotton crepe in solid color pink or blue. One top* two pairs of pants. Sizes 1-4. Copyright, 1947, Untied States Brewers Foundation * No tfftpfeatafit odpf * Economy of wafer n Govws LUMWAU tffffff LUMUiAlL TRY US! THE NEWEST STORE IN TOWN FLOUR Gold Chain 10-Pound Bag 90c PURE LARD 27c Per Pound BACON ENDS Per Pound HAMBURGER 3Sc Per Pound Per Found 32c FRESH EGGS VALLEY DISTRIBUTOR Livingston Paint .Store Harlingen, Texas i)K.\ii;ns Pjilnu-r Paint Paper People McAllen, Tex. C. A C. Modern Homes RaymondvilU:, Tex. Livingston's Paint Store i, Tex. Miller Paint Glass Co. Brownsville, Tex. SPKNCKK'S P A I N T STORE Ldinurg, Texas VALLKV sr:r;o co. Weslaco, Texas Sorry No Phone As Yet * HEGAIi By the case $3.60 Southmost Service Center Money-Saving Values FOR BABY TRAINING PANTS . . . 21 Reg. 25e! knit cotton, with double crotch, elastic waist 1-4. SLEEVELESS SHIRTS . . Reg. 15tf! Durable white cotton knit, sizes 1 to 6. Buy several! Ten Styles! 84x92 count Fabrics! BABY DRESSES. . . . . 1.57 Reg. 1.981 Fine lawn or woven dotted swisi, lacy and embroidered jtylei. White. Siroj 9 to 12 mo. V »v -\ 3*Hv STURDY WORK CLOTHES SANFORIZED* JEAM SHIRT. Blue, tan 14% to 17. Reg 2.29.,- -1.97 MATCHING DRILL PANTS. Blue, tan, 30 to 42. Reg. 2.98 2.67 CHAMBRAY SHIRTS. Sanforized*. Sizes Utt to 17. Reg. 1.49 1.27 DENIM DUNGAREES. Reinforced for long wear. 30-re. Reg. 2.19 1.97 OVERALLS Sanforized. 8-oz. Blue Denim. Reg. $2.98 2.77 You've Paid 79* yd. for These Summer Fabrics PERCALE Reg, 49o 39c Remnants at a fraction of full-bolt prices I Choose from a wide variety of novelty pattern*, Sew fine curtain* for every window! DEEP PILE CHENILLE BEDSPREADS «% Thickly tufted, decorative chenille* in rose, SHIRTING Reg. COc 57C preen or white with multi-color design*. ninilC PIQUE B.ET. 890 Kir. 51C Large 18"x36" «i«. Famoui for their ex,,,, ab|0rbency , Chool . r . d or areen p| ai ds. W. T. GRANT CO.--n" ELIZABETH

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