The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 17
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 17

Brownsville, Texas
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Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 17
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Weather FINAL EDITION Serving The Rio Grande Valley For Over 50 Years 65TH YEAR -- NO. 289 (IP) MEMBER BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS, THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1947 16 PAGES PRICE 5c RATIFIES ITALIAN PEACE TREATY Laredo Sisters Take Over Negro Attorney To File Transfer Of Title In Latest Action H A R L I N G E N , J u n e 5 -O w n e r s h i p of the Santa Rosa npgro orphanage was rcporU'dly in thn process of a new s h i f t early this afternoon. A to le p h o n e c a l l from the o f f i c e of R o n a l d Small- xvoocl r e p o r t e d t h a t the loc- a l a t t o r n e y f o r t h e i n s t i t u - t i o n was in B r o w n . H v i l l e to f i l r a corrected deed transferring the orphnnnpn to the Falcsaln SKMCIT. of Laredo. Smallwood's clerk said that the Catholic Sisters look over operation of thc orphan- n«r thi. morning. Thr l a t e s t action followed rapid- Iv upon the heels of an announce- m e n t last n l R h l - from Corpus ChrLsti t h a t the Most Rev. E. B. Led v i n a . Bishop of the Catholic thocese. refused to accept the orphanage as a g i f t from Mathes end Ruth Coleman, negro couple, convicted In U, S. District Court on charges of using thft malls to d e f r a u d . Acordmg to an Associated Press report. Bishop Lcdvlna said in Corpus Christ 1 that "they had no right to deed this property over to the C..-nolle Church, as It was done n i t n o u t my knowledge and consent i n d 1 am not obliged to accept, thc R e f u s e d Earlier O f f e r BiMKM' Lrcivlna said he had rcfus- Kl to t a k e over operation of the home a y e a r ago because the transit-lion was "too Involved." The Colemans deeded all prop- hrties own^cl by the orphanage to the Bihop Ledvina Tuesday, the Ipfffii Instruments belnf; fi 1 cci In thc Cameron county ciu-U's o f f i c e huo In t h e alternoon by Ronald Snuill- wood. Harllnsm attorney, who was Mir of the 'l?fci:siJ cou-iwelf for tns Coleni m » where fou.ut K U l l t y »f liMm? t h e mails lo dcfivmi In the l; 3. District court rure last Sat- lirdny. OfKr.l.t, o. r ? h e church .U fliowns- ui 1 " hnv.? lid IM.i n e c t l o n w i t h the, · See ATTORNEY, Pf«e 2) Families Awarded Damages In Crash Two s u i t s f i l e d In the 103rd Dl.'i- h i f t ( ' ( H i r t I h f t C o n t i n e n t a l r r t M i n l t y Company u n d e r the W o r k m e n ' s Compensation Act, u-err settled by agreed J u d g m e n t s in is morning. The suits were In c o n n e c t i o n with t w o denAhs, the results of n highway accident on the roatJ between Snn Bentto and Rio Hondo. April 23. J u f l p e Jnmr.s 3. G r a h a m hnnclod rinvn thc J u d g m e n t s which stipul- a t e d the payments of $7.074.8H to Mirvivon. of Loren/o Loera Sr,, and Pftblo Silva, G u a d a l u p r Dins Loern. widow of Loreir/o Locrn Sr., was awarded HUW3.G7 and m i n o r c h i l d r e n , CUm- rlalupe. Eugenia. Maria Gun.dalupe, l ^ r i a r i a and Lorenzo Loera Jr., £38fl.7;'i eaeh. J u a n i t a Sflv.'i, widow of Pablo Silva. wa.s n w a r d e d $l,no,'J.G7, n n r i i no m i n o r c h i l d r e n , M n r l a Kl- vi;i a n d M a r i a A l m n Silva, were K i s f - n r | i m l Jihare. 1 . In $1 ,tt();i,H7. Th»- Cameron C o u n t y W a t e r t i n - Flood Caused By Burst Dam Twisted » r a i l s over this washed out bridffe as * result of heavy rains which caused, flood waters to burst through a dam in Rutland, Vermont, Ten families arc believed lo have roaring waters. {NBA Tclephoto). perished the Robertson Brands Unified Command As Sure Merger Police Stick To Purse Theft Until Solved said WASHINGTON, June 5 Senator Robertson (R-Wyo) today the ificatlon I thc two services. ·"It's merger legislation, pure, and simple." thc Wyoming lawmaker told a reported, "Let's not fool ourselves about that." Robertson Is a member of thc j Senate Armed Services Committee j which In his absence yesterday ap- ! proved the bill by a 12 to 0 vote. · He said he would have voted against j the measure. j Culls For U n i f i c a t i o n ; f t provides for u n i f i c a t i o n of the j m i l i t a r y and n a v a l forces under a Secretary of N a t i o n a l Security. The bill says specifically that there shall j be no merger, a provision upon j which the Navy Insisted. I But Robertson contended that ! " n l n n lines of thr, bill are morjjor j lines nnd It doe.s't take a lawyer I to f i g u r e It out." He referred to a section which croats n "national security organization ' w h i c h ) shall consist of thc Department of the Army, the Dep- j a r t m c n t of the Navy and the Department of the Air Force X X X." Will Oppose Measure. Robertson's argument Is that i m a k i n g the three departments part i o f an "organization" spells merger. ! He said he Intends to fight the bill nn that ground when It reaches the senate floor, probably next month. Senator -Bridges ( R - N H ) , who voted for the bill In committee but reserved the right to offer amendments on the floor, told a reporter he has no major changes in m i n d . HARL1NGJSN, June 5--Harllngen police yesterday conducted a house- to-house caiivess In search of a i stolen -purse containing $1,193.60,. they -recovered the Money. Police Chief Harold Crossett said District. No. .'· for l u n e r n ! ' h e deceased. was Clock Kills Texas Market Roads Bill PLUHU Vriis w this morning and he was very proud trll DON fislnm: one could o f i t . "How are 1 you QM H w u y from all .spoke about?" , {someone asked. "I r e a l l y csui't. but I am," he said. -I f i n d t h a t nil men ol a b i l i t y and in- :nce make- point, to in some I f o l l o w i n g example if I h a v e doinu he yr-ar.s. is strange itself. I I m a n a g i n g Uiat work to you H I ) I t h e i r f ven bc-en many "It- peats when I first started period -but t h a t is point. "Warm weather Adio.s." how history re- can remember a daily rest beside the Is ahead. A U S T I N , J u n e 5 --(XT 1 )-- A last- stnitftflc to ram a tax bill t.hroiiKh the House as an amend- m e n t to a r u r a l road program was d r a m a t i c a l l y d e f e a t e d today by the passage of time, A $.'10,000,000 appropriation for f a r m - t o - m a r k e t roads, plus an a m e n d m e n t by Rep, Woodrow Bean of El Paso to tax n a t u r a l resources to pay for the roads, was automatically killed at 12 when the "24 hour rule" into effect. The "24-hour rule" prevents either house from considering any || measure during the last 24 hours of Its session except on four-fifths vote or conference committee reports. Earlier, the House had adopted a resolution suspending this Joint rule.- but the Senate refused to approve it, Tho House voted to consider thc House r u r a l road bill, 112 to 19. at three minutes before 12 noon. Pandemonium gripped thc Mous.: as Bean shouted into t h e microphone that "if you pass thc rural road bill without my amendment, you'll go home knowing damn well that there's no money to pay for the roads." noon ! over w e n t ! view, theft Tuesday night, two hours after it ocurrcd 'on'a city bus. Officers I. J. Galvan and W. A. Hensley, despite the lack, of clues lex- cling to the suspect, began work on the case questioning residents living along the route of the bus lino. GrosKOti said officers f i n a l l y became suspicious at one house and a f t e r questioning the woman, she admitted the had taknn l;ho pinm The woman's husband, Crojjsctt pointed out, is believed 'to have hidden thc purse in a sack of groceries his wll'ox carried. CC Plans Uniform Observances For Holidays In Valley LA FERIA, June B--Uniform observance of holidays in all Valley towns was discussed when managers of Valloy Chambers of Commerce met here last night. Six holidays,- New Year's Day, Memorial Day. Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, are under consideration. Action on the matter is expected to be t a k e n at the next r e g u l a r meeting of the group. plans for n (.tending the State- C l i n m b n r of Commerce Managers Association convention nt Corpus Ohristl next Sunday, Mondn-v and Tuesday were discussed. Robert Monlux, San Bon!to, president of the Valloy association, said a 100 per cant representation Is expected from this urea. Three Valloy men, Harry Cook of R d l n b u r g , Joe Mock of Harllngcn, and Paul V I c k e r s of McAllen, w i l l participate in the convention program. Those attending were taken on an air tour of the southern part of the Valley. They left Mid-Valley Airport 'on a 45-minuto trip Harllngen, Brownsville, Bay- Port Isabel, and the Gull water front. Officers Capture Ex-Convict With Robbed Bank Cash FQR^t-WORTH, June r-5 '-^ ··-(') rJames Olii'ton Wheeler, 26, sandy- haired conditionally pardoned Texas convict, walked into the armi of three Forth Worth Detectives at 7:30 'a.m. 'today, his : pockets crammed with $2,950 taken fron the Oltiaons N a t i o n a l . Bank of Weather ford In a .ione-wolf robbery shortly after noon yesterday, Police Chief R. E. Dysart sale Whncler made a f u l l confession. Wheeler had broken through gorrlon of f e d e r a l , stale and local officers "beating the buah" around Woathorforrl all last n i g h t . (Detailed On Weather Report Two) Albert K. Conewuy, of Harlln- gcn, who was recently appointed assistant county attorney by F. T. Graham, county attorney, took the, oath of o f f i c e late yesterday afternoon and went on the county pnyrol r f f r c l l v p today Dorsett Trial Begins On Assault Charge William Do?-sett went on trial before Judge Arthur A. Klein in the 107th District Court this morning on a charge of assault with Intent to murder Salvador San Mi- cruel at Port J.vSnbel Jan,24. It, la alleged by the state, represented by County Attorney P. T. Graham, that Dorsett shot San Miguel twicje, once in the leg and once In the hand, during an ala Port Isabel street. Is attorney for Dor- tcrcation on E. T. Yntes sett. . The jury made up of F. Wroten, hearing the case is E. L. Sivola, George M. H. Qllne, W. M. Compton, Gordon Howell, Theodore R. Rowland, W. L. Carter, N. O. Wilson, Dwayne Thompson, Emilio Aloala, O. C. Hamilton and H. V. T-Ip told ofl'lcerH that lio hue li Itch -hiked to Fort worth anc had ridden In a taxicab to the home of his grandmother, in far east side, where City Detectives T. P Hoot, C; C. Oarmlchael and D. S H n r r l n hud bnnn waiting all night. "Somothlng told mo they knew who T was and were waiting foi me--but 1 Just walked on up anyway," he told Police Chief JDysart and Detectives A, C. Howcrton rind H. E. Chappell. The arrest climaxed a closely- integrated search by FBI, state and local officers started shortly after 'Wheeler calmly walked into the bank and shoved a pistol and papei sack at Mrs. vaudine Bullington, 22, teller, and told her he wanted all of the money in the cash drawer, Parker county Sheriff's deputies stopped by the Wyler filling station on Highway No. 80 to give a , description of the robbery car to attendants. "James Wheeler was in here in a car like that earlier this morning," thc officers were told. Keport The report was broadcast, nnd Fort Worth dntcotlvos notod that a similar car, a black IfMO Dodge coup with a bent f r o n t door, hud boon stolen hero curlier from A r t h - ur L, Wolr Jr., an insuranco man. Wheeler, a former carpenter, said hn d i d n ' t know why he committed the robbery and thai, he; had 10 plans what, he oiPcl dn w i t h the money. Askud by n Star-Tc.cRram reporter whether he was iorry, ho hesitated, smiled faintly and said', "I'm sorry I got caught." The robbery car was abandoned about Jfl miles from Woathorford, Wheeler told officers, after he saw airplanes and cars of officers combing the territory for him. He then fled on fool;, losing his .32 pistol and hat In a flight across the prairie after State Highway Patrolmen "blew their horn." IBC Pushes Work For Initial Dam Of Water Treaty Me ALLEN, June 4--- The lowermost idam on the Rio Grande for the Falcon reservoir will be the initial project under the water treaty between the United States and Mexico ratified Nov. 8, 1945, L. M. Lawson, El Paso, American member o f t h e International Boundary and Water Commission, told a group of some 50 representatives of Valley irrigation districts gathered here Wednesday light. Commissioner Lawson came here Lo make a progress report on the program of dam construction along ;he Rio Grande for irrigation in both the United States and Mex). Cramer Presides A. L. Cramer, Elsa, president of the Valley Water Conservation Association, presided at the gather- Startiiiff Date Uncertain ing. Date of the beginning of cons-, truction is yet a matter of uncertainty, Lawson said. Right now the IBWC is pushing efforts to obtain field headquarters at old Fort McIntosh, Laredo, for the construction program. A bill has been introduced in congress to make possible acquisition of part of. the fort property for this purpose, it was pointed out. The general type of the dam for the Falcon reservoir has been decided upon but. the structure has not yet. been designed, Lawson said. Mexico Tushes Start Mexico is as anxious as t h e ; United States to have the work get under..-/way,- the commissioner, went on to say. His most specific comment on this point was: "There is every reason to believe we are going to get started on the, lowermost dam within a reasonable time." Names Engineer _ The Mexican government · has named David Herrera Jordan, a practical construction engineer, as its' representative on the international commission, Lawson said. The, Falcon Dam will cost $315,000,000. This project, which the two countries had no d i f f i c u l t y In agreeing on as the initial Job, w i l l supply some 85,000 acres, comprising only land,' however, now under irrigation. Expansion of the whole irrigation program will depend on other clams to be built, Lawson pointed out, Thn commissioner made a point of emphasizing that the program as a whole is for the benefit not only of the Valley but other areas dam in the Big Bend country is as well, Construction of an upper being contemplated, he went on to say. "We want enough dams so there will not be any waste of water supply downstream," Lo,wson said. "But," he added, "we hope we won't go into over conservation. Reservoirs become -manufacturing 'Less Accidents 9 A police officer Inspects the wreckage of an automobile which, while speeding 70 miles per hour, crashed head-on into a streetcar in Chicago. The driver of the car, Gerald D. Fisher, 32, :\ steel company salesman, was critically injured. Note the sign on the front of the street-car which reads, "less accidents." NEA Tclc- 2) Warns Cattle Disease May Hit U. S. NEW YORK, June 5--(/P)--Robert J. Klnbcrg .Jr., owner of the KJnff Ranch, KJngsville, said today that the means being employed l,o combat an outbreak of foot-nnd-mouth disease in Southern Mexico might "pcrmnnently fasten the disease on Mexico and assure Us spread to the United States." , "Unless there is immediate slaughter nnd burial in quicklime on HIP. premises without n n y attempt nt snlvnpto, i t ; . i s a direct threat to ·» y-l rl r, I i i i oK nrt«- «rf\rt I U. S. Jury Decides Bus, Truck Crash Was Unavoidable a n d . d n i r y , industries sheep, here," House Boosts Funds For Army Airplanes WASHINGTON, J u n e 5 (/P)-- By unanimous voice vote, the house today ^boosted by $40,000,000 the Army's ..funds for airplane purchases during the fiscal year beginning July 1. The money was added to $396,000,000 which the House Appropriations Committee had recommended for that purpose in a $5,240,982,423 Army supply bill. Thc house had debated for hours an amendment by Representative Mahon (D-Tex) to add the amount to the bill before discovery that the appropriations committee had erred in reporting that; there -was an additional $280,000.000 R V f l H n b l * for I HO A i r Cnrps. Selection Delayed Of Farm Delegate MHJROETDES, J u n o 5 -- Members of the board of directors of the Rio Clrande Valley, F a r m , Bureiiu Federation took no action in thc . matter of selecting a representn-! s a jd tive to attend conferences In Washington, D. C. beginning June 12. Tho conferences will deal with the Valley gravity irrigation and d r a i n age project, C. B. Ray, manager of the Federation, said a special meeting may be called later, depending on further developments, at which time board members will again consider sending a delegate to the meetings. Other business taken up Included hearing a progress · report; on-construction of Valloy dams by the International Boundary Commission. The report was presented by the Federation's water committee, composed of Glen White, of Donna, chairman, Cleve Tandy of Los Fresnos and W. A. Harding of Ray- mondvllle. Information regarding a reclamation district for this area was also discussed, but no action was taken. the cattle nnd swine berg KM Id. Kleberg and Thomas B. A r m strong, part-owner. of thc A r m strong ranch at Armstrong, asserted in an Interview that an estimated 20 per cent of the 11,000,000 hond of rattle in Mexico are In ureas where the . disease has appeared from - J a l i s c o to Chiapas provinces. The program, for which $D,000,000 has been appropriated by congress and $65,000,000 will bo sought, has failed to stop the spread of the disease, the. ranchers said. Under the present program, jointly undertaken by both governments and hot requiring the immediate slaughter on the premises and burial, "the disease simply is consolidating its position in the affected area," Kleberg said. "Instead of slaughtering the cattle, and burying their carcasses in quicklime on the premises, as has been done in every outbreak i .... in the United States, the cattle] South are paid for by the U.S. government and a ma.ior portion then are given to the M e x i c a n government, and transported to slaugh- tcrhonscR, The meat then Is sold In the regular way and thc proceeds knpt by the Mexican government,." Both Klubcrg and Armstrong that a. program of q u a r a n t i n e nevor had proven effective and that, the disease was sprcaclim'. rapidly u n d e r present, methods of combatting it In Mexico. "For the protection of the American livestock industry, It must be eradicated in Mexico," Kleberg said. "In the event of its spread here its eradication would be virtually useless unless at the A U. S, District court jury brought in a verdict of unavoidable accident yesterday aftcrniM.i in the case of Luisa Bretado against i t i c Union Bus Lines. Inc.. in which she sued for $35.000 damages for t h e death of her husband, Jos.i Hoir c r a . - w h o was killed in a collision between a bus of the company and a truck on which Herrera was riding. In the petition filed by Carter nnd Sticrnberg of HarJingcn. attorneys for the p l a i n t i f f , it was alleged' that Antonio Escobav, driver of "the bus. was negligent, preceding the accident which happened June 21. 1946 on U. S. Highway 83 near Whalen road in Hidalgo The iurnrs. however, found t h a i William N. Baker, driver of the open ( r u c k . In which Horrorn was riclinp.. was nogliRrnl in not keeping n proper lookout, failed to Rive a sipnal of his I n t e n t i o n to turn and failed to heed i h e w a r n i n g .signal of t h e bus. Taylor. Cox, W a p n a r and Cox ol Brownsville, and Harry Hall of Edlnburg represented the bus company. Deputy Says Stolen Property Recovered same time Mexico. EDINBURG. June 5 -- C h i c t it was stamped out in · Deputy Sheriff Bill Dorm said here . t o d a y that $5,flll of l.he $6,236" in valuables believe d t a k e n by Cosine Cuellar during various escapades in Cameron and Hidalgo counties, has been recovered. Members of the Hidalgo county sheriff's department have, worked closely with Jose Robles of the Rpynosa Police Department in an effort to reco- j v e r the stolen Roods. John F. Jordan, said to be more ; Doan estimated that articles than 80 years old. was convicted i valued .at was taken in Camcrou by a 107th District Court jury l a t e ' c o u n t y . Among items recovered Aged Man Given Suspended Term Officer Takes Cuellar To Scene Of Robberies Cosine Cuellar, said by officers to be the Valley's "No. l bad man," was taken to the Adams Gardens area toda yby Chief Deputy Sheriff Pat Smith and Deputy Ezequiel Cavazos. Cuellar is expected to lead officers to the scene of robberies which he allegedly has admitted. Several theft cases in that area have been uttributed to CvifilJnr. yesterday afternoon on a charge of assault with intent to rape a 10- year-old girl and the jurors stipulated in their verdict; that he be given a five-year suspended penitentiary sentence. Jordan went on trial yesterday morning before Judge Arthur A. Klein, with County Attorney P. T. Graham prosecuting the case and John Myrick as the defense, counsel. _,,_ JCC MEETS FRIDAV The weekly business meeting of the Brownsville Junior Chamber ol Commerce will be held at noon at Restaurant tomorrow. were throe automobiles. Flynn Will Receive Discharge From Navy I ANNAPOLIS, MD., June 5 OT -i Commissions of ensign in thc U. JS. N a v y were confirmed today for s n l l but three Texas graduates. Two of the three will be, commissioned as second lieutenants in the Marine Corps. William H. Flynn or Harlingen will get a diploma and be given an honorable discharge. He failed t,n mtfet physical Senate Also Gives Voice Approval Of Three Other Pacts WASHINGTON, June 5 -- (/P) -- The Senate com-; pleted ratification of th«* first four of World War II's peace treaties today. After ratifying the Ita-! lian treaty by a 79 to 10 vote, the Senate then gav« voice vote approval to treaties with Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. The action on the Hungarian treaty came only a, few hours after President Truman at a news conference had denounced as outrageous * Communist coup In that country. Action on the Italian agreement came after rejection, 67 to 22, a, proposal by Senator Fulbright D- Ark) to delay action on all of the treaties until next Jan. 25- Great Britain already has ratified the four treaties and the" United States thus became the second Allied power to give tu consent. Russia and Prance still have to act, although France is technically in the process of ratification; now. The treaties become effective when approval has been completed by these four powers and formal notices of the action have been filed, Fears Reds Italy Before the vot« was taken, Se- |nator McMahon D-Conn told i his colleagues heis fearful that ratification will lay Italy open to Communist, control and "Hungary's fate." The. government in Hungary has been taken over by Communists, a move that president Truman denounced today as outrageous. Mr. Truman said the United States will not stand idly by, adding that the State Department is making a full investigation. When the four treaties becom* finally 'effective, withdrawal of occupation troops from the countries involved will become necessary within 90 days, except that Russia may continue to keel sufficient. troops to ma Into in her communication lines to Soviet-occupied areas of Germany and Aust r i a . Thr U n i t e d Stales would withdraw its troops from I t a l y , ft move t h a t , some senators contend would open the g a t e w a y to Communism there. Urges Approval While he also denounced the Communist coup in Hungary. Chairman Vnndenverg R-Mich of t h r Senate Foreign Relations Commit tor ururd Approval of thft t r e a t y with t h a t roimiry ns a.n encouragement, to DemocnUic element within two years of repara- they would feel they ha'd been entirely forsaken by the United States. Under the terms of its treaty, Itnly would be forced to begin payment wittin two years of reparations totaling $360,000,000 of which. Russia would get $100.000.000. However, countries receiving reparations would have to furnish raw- materials for the manufactured products they take. U.S. Engineers Call For Bids On Vessels ; Rids will br accepted until 2:30 ' p. m. on June 23 by t h r War Oepnrlmont., Corps of Rngineers. .district office at Gnlveston. on four j survey boats and two anchor jbtxrges. T. W. Forma n, resident jniR-Jneer in Brownsville. Announced today. The boats, all lorn tod nt Gal* vcston. nre, t h e "Simms." 40 feet in length w i t h nn 11-fnol beam j of wood hull and 12o horsepower ! diesel engine; "Neches," same di; mensions with a 100 horsepower diesel engine: "Mustang." 40 feet in length with a nine-foot beam and a 143 horsepower gasoline engine, and the "Guadalupe." same dimensions as the "Mustang." with a GO horsepower gasoline engine. Anchor Barge No. 3 at Brownsville is of wood construction and has 94 horsepower gasoline engine for hoisting power. The dimension are 50 in length with a beam of 20 feet. Anchor Barge No. 1 is located at Gal vcston, is of wood construction, 55 feet 10 inches In length, with a i 20-foot, 10-inch beam. It has a i62.5 horsepower "gasoline engine * for hoisting power. Weather Experts See More Warm Weather i No respite from the Valley's warm i weather was offered today. The J U . S. Weather Bureau at Brawns|ville forecasts temperatures of 91 I to 95 degrees this afternoon. Mij n i m u m temperatures tonight are i expected to be 72 to 76 degres. Moderate to fresh southeasterly winds will prcvni* \

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