The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 21, 1957 · Page 14
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 14

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 21, 1957
Page 14
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After lunch, on through thouBht^"^;,,- "}* ay jiispirationnl. n.m. ournisn ana polish, clean and idp^i 8 w a ? lo - you f o r , a more scrub, or get servants'to do so. (hat r^nipp y C " Joy 5' ovlrsel£ w h'le 3'°« "»ay present an immaculate home TAn.'ifs ,»,,,,, , n ,_,«.,,,,,. H",? °.«her possessions with d i g n i t y . (Sept. Z3 lo Oct. 22) ·ationnl | A.M. burnish' and polish, clean and (April 20 So May 20) A.M. excellent for winding up business matters wjth associates that will extend well into the future. Afternoon brings an opportunity to jump into oilier financial deals that will increase abundance. FOR YOUH COPY of Car- After lunch, pay your calls, uitlier social or business. ADVANCE SCORPIO {Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) The morning should be spent in. things connected : with health and bodily cleanliness. charm and pnrel. After a good lunch, attend to GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) By working diligently in A.M. you open up facets that seemed impossible to you. 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So, be ture to early inculcate the finest, ethics and ideals for rounding out properly this promising hcnoscope. ALIAS SUMMONS In the District Court of the Eleventh Judicial District of the State of Montana, in and for the County of Flathead No. 14,334 LURA LUE BOYLAN, Plaintiff. vs. JAMES M. BOYLAN, Defendant THE STATE OF MONTANA duly and regularly, passed and sends greetings to the above narn- adopted Resolution.No. 2336, being CITY OF KALISPELL KALISI'ELL, MONTANA NOTICE OF PASSAGE OF RESOLUTION OF. INTENTION TO CREATE SPECIAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 294 Notice is hereby given that on November 5, 1957, the City Council of the City of Kalispell, Montana, a resolution of intention lo create Improvement District No. ed Defendant. YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMON- ,, ED to answer the Complaint in 294 for t h e P ur l"se of participating this action, which is filed in the wlth »«_State Highway Commis-office of the Clerk of this Court, sion alld t b e Bureau of P u b l l u a copy of which is herewith served ^°^ s for " le wicieni "g a " d re upon you in the County wherein bulldl »S of Idaho street within you reside and to file your answer, the City limits, and : North Main and serve a copy thereof upon the Street and Sunset Boulevard along ' Plaintiff's attorney within twenty " ie of way of U.S. days after the service of this Sum- f^way No. 93 from Idaho Street mons, exclusive of the days o f , to Wyomlng StreeL service; and in case of your fail- 1 . The general character of the ure to appear or answer judgment improvements to be made in tlie will be taken against you,, by de- P r .°?° sed . Spewal Improvement ,, - . . fault, for the relief demanded in ° lstnct 1S the wlde » ln g ° f the Complaint This action is brought against you for an absolute divorce and for custody of Bobbie Marie Boylan, minor child of yourself and plaintiff; said divorce is sought upon the grounds (1) that you have been guilty of habitual intemperance, and (2) that you have treated plaintiff with extreme cruelty by publishing and uttering false charges against her- chastity, and 2) that you have treated plaintiff with extreme cruelty by treating her with mental cruelty. Witness my hand and the Seal of said Court this 29th day.of Oc- tob'er, 1957. (SEAL) JACIE WILLIS, " Clerk of said Court. By NEVA FOY, Deputy Clerk. JAMES A. GUMMING, Attorney for Plaintiff, 17. E. 6th St., Columbia, Falls, Mont. (Oct. 31, Nov. 7, 14, 21; Street to seventy-four feel, and the construction of . a four lane highway, with replacement of existing ' curbs and sidewalks, on Idaho Street, and on North Main Street and Sunset Boulevard along the present right of way of U. S. Highway No. 93 from Idaho Street to Wyoming Street, including the purchase of necessary right of way and the construction o£ ca ch basins to provide for drainage, and other structures and work connected with said projects, all according to plans and specifications of the State Highway Commission and Bureau of Public Roads, in the office of the State Highway Commission, to which reference is hereby made, and which may be referred to for more particulars. . .. The estimated total cost for the prografn above mentioned, of 'which such Special Improvement District is a part, is $440,000.00, and the estimated share to be borne by such Special Improvement District is $110,000.00, or twenty-five per cent of the total cost of such project, whichever is the lesser. The cost to bs borne by the Special Improvement Dis- NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 6134 Estate of HERMAN J. ZIEGLER, I trict will be assessed against all property in the district on a square Deceased. Notice is hereby given by the foot basis as set forth .in 'Resolu- undersigned, the Administrator of, t l o n No - 2336 ahovJ referred to, the estate of Herman J. Ziegler,! and such assessment may be paid deceased, to the creditors of and for in ten equal annual install- all pei-sons having claims against, meuts ' extending over a period of the said deceased, to exhibit them,j t e n years. with the necessary vouchers, with-! Deference is hereby made to hi four months aftef the first pub-! Resolution No. 2336 on- file in the office of the City Clerk for the lication of this notice to the said Administrator at the .offices of description of. the- boundaries of Murphy and. Robinson, 217 Conrad said Special Improvement District. Bank B.ldg., Kalispell, in the The city Council will-hear and County of Flathead, State of Mon- P ass u P° n a11 Protests that may be tana; the same being the place made a S ainst the making of such for the transaction of the business improvements, or the cre'ation of said proposed'Special Improvement District,, or both, at a regular meeting of'the City Council to be held in the Council Chambers of of said estate. THEODORE I. WOLD, ' . Administrator of the Estate of said Deceased.'the City Hall in the City, of Kali- Dated at Kalispell, Montana,-this'spell, Montana,-at-7:30-P. M., De- 29th day of October, 1957. MURPHY AND ROBINSON, Attorneys for Petitioner, . . 217 Conrad Bank Buifding, .. Kalispell; Montana. . · · . . - " . · . (Octi 31, Nov. 7, 14, 21) NOTICE TO CREDITORS ..' ; No. 6147 ' . , Estate-of FRED J. STRELOW, Deceased. · . · \ Notice is. hereby given by the undersigned, the Executor of the estate of Fred J. Strelow, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims . against the said deceased, to exhibit thern,/with the necessary ·vouchers,, within.-tfoiir 'months after the first^·publication of this notice to the said';Exccut6r ·at the-offices of Murphy and Robinson, 217 Conrad Bank 'Building, KalispeH, in the. County' of^ Flathead, t State of Montana, the same cember 2nd, 1957, Any such protests are to be made in writing and delivered to Uiie-.City Clerk not later thau 5:00 P. M.v Nbvem T ber'ZDth, 1957. , ' · ' · . ' · ' H . J. -HUNT, '· · '· · · ' City Clerk.(Nov. 14, 15, 17, 18,' 19,' 20^ 21, 22)- being.the place for the. transaction of the business of said estate. ' ' . . . ' ' .W. A. KRAF't, ' , ' ' . ; · Executor of the Estate of ' ,, ' . · · . , . . ' . " · said Deceased. : ' · Dated at Kalispell, Montana, '' this' 19th' day of -.Noveijiber, 1937. MURPHY : AND RQ'BINSON,. Atioi-neys' : fpr Petitioner, . . · ' . . 217 Conrad. Bank: BuildingV , Kalispell, . Montana. - · - · · · ' , . ; 21i'28, Dec.,5,. 12) ' . ·' · · ' ' ' f ' '' .". PUT-IT IN ' CLASSIFIED . · AND, WATCH 'IT :'S^LL « \

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