The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 19, 1951 · Page 12
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 12

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1951
Page 12
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STORM mm !*·«· I Grand Cayman Island and 300 j [mile* *outh-M»uthw«*t of Havana,' PAST WEEK'S (HEAT WEATHER 12 Corpus Christ! CALLER-TIMES, Sun., Auf. If, 1161 : Sunday (Cub*. The hurricane was continuing onj a west-northwest course at about; Tuesday 18 miles an hour at 10 p.m. (CSTj.j Wednesday Strongest winds were estimated [Thursday at 115 to 125 miles an hour near jsaturdav the center and gales extended out-' ward J.50 miles in the northern and 50 miles in the southern semicircle, j Continued west-northwest move-i ,ment was expected at about thej same rate of speed during the next|P u ^ a ^ d 12 to 24 hours and the center should! 6 J reach the Yucatan Peninsula in the! vicinity of Cozumel Island Sunday! High 94 95 96 96 96 99 97 Low RainMlj C«*ti»ue4 trvm itwo hours later. Radio Station WACO was knocked off the air. 72 73 77 78 75 73 77 None' Television aerials were toppled. None : The roof was WACO! None Ware3louse of l(le Waples Platter None: Wholesale Grocery Co. Part of the Texas Oil Official Says U. S. Out To Get Small Businessman from in 1929 and C R None .roof was blown from the Merchant j^e i Produce Co. warehouse. Nonei ln toe first hour of the «un - . --- ~ i d ^ - j Waco's temperature dropped fromjSTM" control 01 all American b u s i - ' ^ . . * WB S C ·-- (10* to 95 degrees, then continued!ness. Ed Syers of Austin. «xecu-^ba^wa^M 11 whi^f^t down slowly. The WACO weather j live secretary of tlie Texas Petrole-1 c ij' inl bureau clocked wind gusts up to | imi Marketers Association, charged 60 miles an hour, but the wind [today. T7"^VT*T^ appeared stronger in the damages He said he believes Texas hasjlyl |RI \ HOUSTON. Aug. 18. (AP)--Theiin Texas which may break some. Sen. Connally said that the Derain Department of Labor is trying toj of them, by ruling that they areipartment of Labor is interpreting 1 ! ^ . ' . liinrfor th» UIO-A «rM hmi io»w nnH JJJ[Q the 1948 Fair Labor Standards Act something which Congrett did not intend. ». The senator charged that the federal "snoopers" from the Labor Department are harassing petroleum marketers and other s m a l l The heavier rains came toward;» r o u n d f o r °^ move. " " j /·,,,.«...,.,,« *.,,,, »--_ i businessmen in Texas *nd *re »t- of the day. It was Dlentv i Sen - Tom Connally, who lias , areas. j been selected as the p i GETS DFC AWARD--Maj. James R. McBrayer, 30, (left), is shown as he receives the Distinguished Flying Cross from Lt. Col. Timothy F. O'Keefe. commanding officer of the 6147th Tactical Control Group in Korea. Maj. McBrayer is now en route home, his wife has been informed. Mrs. McBrayer is living with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Sykes. 719 King. George Pledges ;er Aid Cut . 0 . eam Co T h h o t a ? ain Saturday over most o 'f entered the "S ht on th « *W« of y. cam VV. J..1CJ rp ... , _ _ , ·' _______ _______ TfiXas s m a l l hllsinoot-mov. *«!H tVvo Texas - with 10 °-P lus temperatures (105) ! started their plant at 807 South Caution was advised all interests | staples, gradually enlarging the , such places in northwestern Caribbean, mclucl- business in pattern with the town's! Wac ,°: I ^?^, W " rttl ( , 107) - ing extreme western Cuba, the Vu- rapid growth. "* "·"-* catan Channel and the extreme j Becamp Sole Owner smaU businessmen, told the by long distance that the northern portion of the Yucatan Peninsula as the storm was regarded as very dangerous. Actress oo Linda Darnell of the movies was on the island, but mountain range protected her from the worst of the blow. She was on location In 1940 Isenberg bought Gibson's interest in the company and became sole owner. Isenberg said yesterday t h a t Cloverdale,- back in 1923, was the first company in Corpus Christi to use pasteurized milk. He smiled in recollection of com- at Ocho Rios, on the north coast, I plaints the company used to get. across the island Kingston. Rio i Labor Department is now making a (103),'drive against small businessmen . . . , , lmnted Continued from Page 1 was called from hard-hit! Said he: "Women used to call! was 102 up and say their babies jus* Austin (1021, San Antonio Hillsboro (106). Rain began falling at D a l l a s about 5 p.m. and the temperature was down to the low 80s from 103 degrees registered as clouds began to form about 4:30 p.m.- Showers fell 23 railes northeast of Abilene, and a prospect of scattered showers in the Abilene. area built up. AWlene's maximum! Fou r persons were Injured in j three separate auto accidents here Rain started falling at Hillsboroi yestcrday afterno °" and evening. 1 Jose Rodriguez. d406 Angelo, Mo- iacera- in the about Four Injured In 3 Separate Auto Wrecks Georgia Democrat To Ask For $2 Billion Reduction WASHINGTON, Aug. 18. (AP)-- Sen. George (D-Ga) said today he will try to cut about $2 billion out of President Truman's foreign aid program wnen the bill reaches the Senate next week. This is twice the reduction voted by the House. Last night a coalition of Republicans and Southern Democrats in the House amputated $1,001,250.000 from the $8 billion ,, _ , , measure. As it now stands, the bill would make a $7,498,750,000 contribution in military and economic aid to nations allied with the U n i t e d States in fighting Communism. George, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said he wants to end all economic aid for European nations "because we promised to bring the Marshall Plan to a close and we should keep our promise." Tims his campaign appeared to be directed mainly at the economic aid phase of the program, for which Mr. Truman asked $2.2 billion. The rest of the itfiry aid aircraft, tanks. Cuba Western Cuba and tlie n o r t h coast of the Yucatan Peninsula appeared next on the Itinerary for the violent storm. An emergency alert was sounded in Havana by Pres. Carlos Frio Socarras. The alert was precaution, ary for the Cuban capital, but it Included the threatened western tip of the island. Once in the Gulf of Mexico--tnd it appeared certain tonight the sterilizing ourselves out of exist-jHillsboro's ence. Certain bacteria are neces- j of 100-plus sary to human growth." Horses mid Carts Included Isenberg said the six horses and carts which have carried his products so long on city streets, were included in the sale. He said he doesn't know what Carnation plans to do with'- them. After spending 30 days w i t h Carnation, Isenberg plans to take a month's vacation. Then he will join Ed Bennett Realty Co., with REPORT Continued from Pago 1 Joint Chiefs of Staff agreed with his proposals for the bombing of Manchuria, n a v a l blockade of Red China and use of Chinese Nationalist troops from F o r m o s a against the mainland. "The record of the / hearings ithows that MacArthur was so out of sympathy with the military and foreign policy of his government in A S ia that he and hi S superiorsjTM«Z ^E 5 nil ! storm was bound for the Gulf--a which he has become affiliated. jhuge coastline will lie under the ! hurricane's threat, stretching from 'Mexico Ml the way to Florida. The hurricane wa* expected to reach the Yucatan area late Sunday. came to deal at arm's length with each other at a time when complete mutual confidence and teamwork cooperation wu« essential in the interest of national security," the Oregon senator declared. "MacArthur's ultimatum to the Chinese Communist l e a d e r s to meet with him on the field of battle extension of tlie war to thr mainland of China which he knew at the time was contrary to the military and foreign policy of his government and of the United Nations was inexcusable "and indefensible." Adequate Grounds He said this alone "would have been adequate grounds for his recall because the record of the hearings shows that beyond doubt his ultimatum greatly embarrassed the President, who at that time was seeking ,to carry out negotiations within the United Nations for an agreement among our Allies on terms and conditions which should be offered as a basis of a turce in Korea." Morse said that MacArthur, in ships and weapons. "Western European nations now are up to 144 percent of their prewar production," .10 said, "If they can't carry themselves now, we ought not to kid ourselves that they ever can." Sen. Taft (R-Ohio) announced to- The first eyewitness account of damage to Kingston, came from Capt. Wilford W. Salter. pilot of a Pan American Airways c a r g o plane. He circled the city at 2,000 feet and reported: "Extensive damage at Kingston. Waterfront has a great deal of damage. "Shipping is scattered out in the bay and several ships are overturned. The airport is extensively damaged and airport practically demolished." Parents of two children, Isen and his wife live at 2029 Seventeenth. Their son, Gilbert,, Jr., is an auditor and Air Force | xvas 3; 34:32.4. broke a in 3934. nd consecutive day temperatures. This record of 29 davs sell Claude K. Ellord. 44. of 1114 Agnes, and her !son, Claude, Jr.. 11. sustained i in- RACES iuries in an accident in the 3200 block of Avenue D. Mrs. Ellord received contusions of lower chest, left leg and right knee, while her son suffered lacerations of both erase a Communist bulge in the battle line north of the Hwachon reservoir and east of the old iron rean war. Allied officers said the attack was "necessary m i l i t a r i l y to, . . , straighten our lines and to prevent p" ,, the enemy from observing the m-i D1Ls ' ' sitions we currently hold." [tempting to establish a harsh rule to over American business. The senator has introduced a corrective bill, which exempts petroleum marketers. William J. Rogers, regional director of the wage and hour di- Joy, the senior Allied delegate at the armistice talks, restated once more the UN demand for a demilitarized zone based on "mil;- tary realities." He said it would be "foolhardy and perhaps disastrous" to hold the line at the 38th i on * *»*· tthat any drive ««P*rtn»nt terpreting anything into th« Uw which isn't definitely ther«. "Otherwise, why would the good senator have introduced an amendment to change the law?" Rogers asked. Rogers claimed that, his office se their strength to the point! where they might launch a major! Syers said, however, that the offensive across a few miles of j Labor Department investigtors arc demilitarized zone. Such a con-(moving in on small businesses on Ution would be "intolerable/' he j their own initiative. He said that in one case the department is trying to force L. D. Hunter, an oil wholesaler at Beeville, to pay $(,. 000 in back wages to his four said. Although there is a strict news blackout on the status of the Kae- song armistice talks, observers at the UN advance camp believed some progress already had been made by the subcommittee and Continued from Page 1 ! But one of them landed at nearby Selfridge Air Force Base because it was running dangerously low on knees and abrasions of the face j that more progress would be made Felipe Martinez, 57, of Devine, a pedestrian, received abrasions of the forehead and back of the neck fuel. He didn't figure in the or- when struck by a car in the 3200 der of finish. block of North Water at 7:30 p.m. CoJ. Davis 1 unofficial elapsed j A11 o£ the injured were dis- time was 3 hours, 33 minutes andi inissed from Memorial Hospital 47.6 seconds. Major Pederson's! after receiving treatment. veteran. He lives at 633 Everhart Road. Their 'daughter, now living at home, will teach this fall at Wimberly. facilities IRAN speeches since his recall, "clearly convicted · himself of having been so out of sympathy with the military and foreign policy of his government that any president of the United States- be he Democrat or Republican, would have been derelict in hia duty had he not removed such a commander from the field." On Canadian Tour Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Loosemore of Archer Street are touring New Brunswich, Nova Scotia, and Quebec, Canada, with their friends, Mr. and Mrs.· William "Franks of Connecticut. Mr. and_ Mrs. Loosemore expect to return to Corpus Christi in October. He was for- a $1 billion cut. Mrv Truman has told Senate leaders that any reduction in the funds requested will seriously interfere with world defenses against Soviet Russia. But prospects of the Senate restoring any of the cuts made by the House grew dimmer. Chairman Connally CD- Texas) of the Senate Foreign Relations .Committee has expressed the belief that sizeable reductions are inevitable. George said he is not impressed with the argument that most of the economic aid requested is to shift European industry from civilian to defense production, "When people agree to give away money by the billions, they can make up their minds- to almost any argument," he said. George added he had l i t t l e sympathy for military aid to South American nations, saying "it is nothing but a grant" Taft, who heads the Senate Republican Policy Committee, told reporters he might be agreeable to a compromise .under which 20 percent of military and economic funds would be Interchangeable. In voting yesterday's cuts, the House whacked $690 million off economic aid for Europe. Sen. Kefauver (D-Tenn) called these reductions "too great" although he said some economies might be made. Kefauver proposed that a merly owner of Richard's F o o d i a r a t e mutual security a g e n c y . Store. which the House voted to set up [when it approved the bill 260 to 101, be moved into the State Department. The House would give the separate agency independent 'authority directly under the President, "I don't see how we can divorce this program from the State Department, which has over-all direction of foreign policy," Ke DEATHS Mrs. Tiodosa Sanchez Funeral services for Mrs. Tiodosa : Sanchez, 63, who disd at her home, 2913 Morris, yesterday morning, will ,be held today at 3 p:m. at El Rosario Funeral Chapel Continued from Page 1 Levy, Harriman's technical oil advisor, closeted himself with Mos- sadegh, for two and a half hours Ho went thoroughly into hard facts facing Iran if she cuts loose from British help in operating the industry and, has to depend on recruiting other foreign or Iranian technicians. After tonight's meeting, Stokes said tlie big obstacle was an Iran,an "neurosis" -- fear of British nfluence in the country if Britons remain «ven as oil field managers under Iranian supervision. Although the Iranian team strongly criticized several points of his plan, Stokes said, they did not reject it outright in the informal, unrecorded discussion. Stokes said he had made minor changes In his offer, but none Jn principle. Saying that he was "always optimistic," he told reporters "I hope the talks will be concluded next week," and added: No Bargainer "I am not a great believer in bargaining. I believe in putting j your best/offer forward-and sticking to it,"' The details of the Iranian counter-proposals were not disclosed. Both sides agreed to hold up the release until tomorrow. ~ Stokes said he himself had not yet read it, as it was handed to him In the Iranian language. Meanwhile the Senate, after considering the terms for a year, voted 25 to one today to accept a $25 million United States Export- Import Bank loan to buy agricultural machinery and highway building equipment. Mossadegh originally was against the loan, but switched his views because of a financial stringency arising from the shutdown on oil revenues. The Senate also approved an internal bond issue of S62 million. fauver said. "I think the" agency should be placed within the State! and Sacred Heart Church. Burial i Department." will be in Rose Hill Cemetery.j The Senate Foregin Relations! 'Surviving are four sons, Mar-,and Armed Services Committees! celo. Genaro, Aatonio-and Pedro:;will go to work on the House bill? and two daughters, Mrs, Martina j Monday. Gonzalez and Mss Teresa Sanchez.! iKiiigsville Man Netvg Scn'lc* COTULLA--Arnold Newsom, 37. of 815 East Johnson,- Kingsville was fatally injured Friday night when his car went into a ditch 10 miles east of here on Highway 57. He died at 7:30 p. m. Friday in Cotulla Hospital. Hospital attendants said his wife was visiting in Dllly at the- time of the accident his parents lived in Pear- Isaac Stoney Isaac: Stoney. 60. of 273i Guada-j lupe; died in a local hospital! Friday. " " ' Stoney retired recently as custodian of the Corpus Christi Bank and Trust Co. after IS years at that job. He lived in Nueces County 31 years and was deacon of St. Matthew Baptist Church here. Surviving 1 are his wife, Mrs. Susie Stoney; five daughters. Mrs. Myrtle Coleman, Mrs. Hazel Bryant and Mrs. Ruth Evans, ail of Los Angeles, Calif; Miss Charles Etta Stoney of Fresno, Calif.: a n d j Newsom was aloive !n the car at' Miss Doris Stoney of Corpus Chfis-jthe time of the accident. Funeral! tj; four sons, Harold of Milwaukee,'services will be conducted in Pear: Herman of Detroit, and Raymond sail. j and Seth of Corpus Christi; and : - · -- ' 10 grandchildren. e i i « i Funeral services will be held at *CU00l Board St. Matthew Baptist Church at 3i Mrs . H arry Eaton, member of! p.m. Monday with the Rev. C. the Corpus Christi Independent! H. Warr«n, pastor, officiating. Bin- School District board, was hostess rial will be in Rose Hill Cemetery. Jack*on-Flowers Funeral Home it directing arrangements. at a chicken barbecue at her home yesterday for administrators and other members of the bo«rd». AUGUST SPECIAL · Summer Discounts On Alt HEATING EQUIPMENT · Utility Walt Furnaces Holly Wali Furnaces « Henderson Clipper Central Heating Systems Your FRIGIDAIRE Air-Conditioning Dealer 2806 S. PORT DIAL 4-811 5 ° n basis ° f Lt. Col. George B. Thabault, 36 _ -, . ,of Wincoksi, Vt, in 3:35:11.2; Capt Carnation Co. has already taken Bernard A. Watts, of Lanjrlev Ai over operation of the ice cream - - plant. All purchase technicalities Base _ R. Johnson, 29, Reynolds, 111. are expected to be complete by!3:43:35, and Maj. Leo M. Dykes Sept. 1 To Aid Oty Growth Krone said the plant will serve as a nucleus for operations over a 50 to 75 mile radius. "Carnation Co. has been study- ngr Corpus Christi for some time,'" said he, "and the company desires to «id in the growth of this city." The deal marks the initial en-. ,, trance of the company into the from his sleek" fighter! South Texas field. Carnation does. lowever, operate processing plants in Austin, Houston and Wichita Falls. International headquarters of the 82-year-old company are in Los Angeles. President is E. H. Stuart, native of El Paso. A local manager for Carnation has not yet been named. A man Jr., 30, St. Petersburg. Fla., 3:46:04 It was Capt. Thomas V. Gibson 35, of Glendale, Calif., who landed at Selfridge. Col. Compton said he had only one minute supply of fuel when he touched down. "You didn't see me circle the field before I landed," the smiling flier told reporters as he stepped p'robally will be hired by next week, Krone said. All 05 the present employes of Superior are being retained. Man Held, Accused Of Exposing Himself A 32-year-old man was taken into custody near the Paradise Pier on North Beach about 8:10 p.m. yesterday after two women complained to police he had ex ppsed himself to them. The man was' held in city jai' last night pending the filing of charges. LOOK at the SAVINGS during ENTIRE STOCK Summer Shoes * NETTLETONS . F O R T U N E S Wonderful values in tan and white, two-tone^ nylon mesh, perforated styles . . . shoes for dress or casual wear. . . buy now for next year and SAVE! . PRICE and more! Were 26.95 · Now $13.48 Were 10.95 - Now $5.48 Were 23.95 - Now $11.98 Were 9.95 - Now $4.98 Were 12.95 - Now $ 6.48 YEAR 'ROUND SHOES ENTIRE STOCK OF FORTUNES 9.95 and 10.95 Values . , NETTLETONS 24.95 Values 26.95 Values 28.95 Values 19 95 21 M 23 Uptown Corpus Christi in the Wilson Bldg. Commission Thomas W. Cowart. Jr., of San Benito will be among 19 of Baylor University's summer term graduates to be commissioned second lieutenants in the Air Force. Commission of the 19 ROTC graduates will bring to 55 the number given ratings in the past 12 months at Bavlor. For two days Maj. Gen. Henri I. Hodes, chief UN subcommittee delegate, has swapped ideas with his opposite number, Maj. Gen. Lee Sang Cho, in an atmosphere of freedom and informality never enjoyed by the main delegation. Observers at Kaesong reported that the fragments of talk and laughter from the room where the delegates pored over battle maps to try to fix a truce line indicated they had reached the "give and take" stage. Claims Revived Communist propaganda mian- while revived previous e n e m y claims the Hnited Nations was -·nlling for time In the truce ne- gotiaitons in order to "seize North Korean territory." employes, three truck drivers and a bookkeeper, although the :,«n- ployes said they wanted to waive their claim. Syers said a Labor Department representative told the employes they would be fined $250 if they signed such a waiver. Rogers said he investigated this charge and believes that if the investigator told the employes anything, it w a s that they could not waive Hunter's liability under the law. Syers said that small business men are being classed as being in interstate commerce, and thereby under the wage and hour law, for reasons like these: The oil wholesaler sells T e x a s produced and refined oil to a farmer in his home county. Because the farmer's products may go into interstate commerce, the wholesaler is also considered in Interstate commerce. 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