The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 19, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 8

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1939
Page 8
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THJE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA,_N^ i t I W :* FAMILY REUNIO , ...... . . Brothers Reunited -Outing For First Time In 30 Years ^_, CASTLE -- At the PM*C« ' family reunion which was held recently at the home of Mr. «tld Mr*. William Wright on Caslle read, two brothers. Arthur and tieorge Preece were brousht together. for the first time in 30 years. Mr. al)d Mrs. Arthur Preece came from South Houston. Texas, to attend the reunion. They are visiting ·their niece and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Wright. George Preece is a resident of Oaks Corners. Wiiner was served after which a soeiiPiime was enjoyed. Attending thfe^iffair were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Prwfce^ of Texas; Mr. and Mrs. Gecrg* .Preece. of Oaks Corners; Mis*. Mary Roberts, of Binghamton; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Preece, sons Bal . and Wayne. Oaks Corners; Mr. 1 : and; Mrs. William Preece, Bath: MrV.and Mrs. James Preece. of Rochester;. Mr. and Mrs. William ReifstecK. and daughter. Doris, son, Richard, Geneva; Mr. and Mrs William" Hayes, daughter. Mildred of Phelps; Donald Tichner, of Hall. and Miss Marian Jones, Mr. and and son, Jack, of this When British and Hollywood Royalty Meet . 'igMWca Castle Briefs A dawghter was born to Mr. an'J Mre/Glarehce Belcher of Clyde. Juiv 15" if- -$OTeva General hospital. MrSf Belcher was formerly Miss Huth: Sylvester of this village and Clifton Springs. ' . MfS. A. C. Court is spending two. : ?; weeks at the Kern Nursing home; ?eneva. itfjii^ary Coburn has been the guest of her brother and wife. Mr. ana ;v Mrs. William Vogt at their cottage at Kashong on Seneca ' ' Mi»i Herbert Reitman officiated ie' organ in the Methodist ff'on Sunday in the absence ...^jM-egiilar organist. .IfnX '.F: E.. Whitney recently en- 'ieHitiiied to honor "of her daughter. MJutisle Blanding, of Syracuse. Thij^i attending were Mrs. James Crouch, ;of San Dsigo, Calif.; Mrs. J66fi : '--Page, Miss Dorothy Page. Pbelps;Mrs. F. W. Hubbard and datifhter, Jane, of Elmira; Miss MiWred Soper. Mrs. George Fergu- stiJSrid Mrs: Herbert Reitman. of SeDeciT.Castle. OBSERVE 51ST WEDDING DATE Anniversary Marked By Mr. and Mrs. Thicrs Of Flint FLINT ·- Mr. aiu! Mr.';. William Tillers q u i e t l y celebrated their 51;;t weddim anniversary at their home recently . Their diii^litcr. Mrs. Char'ps Curtis, of H a l l , and f',randdaut;hter, Mis;; Marion ThkTs. of Chupin. were w i t h them. Mr. and Mr;;. Tliicr.s an: both in good health. Besides a d a u g h t e r . Lhey have Uvo .sons. Pearl, of Hilburn. and John Thioi'v ol Chapin, and several grandchildren. Work Demonstration The fun! demonstration of work Vicinity Deaths Jamur B. Hanies CLIFTON SPRINGS -- James B. Barnes. 75. died Tuesday in hi-; . . home on t h e Manchester-Clifton Springs Road. Besides his wife he is surviv Cheshire Auxiliary To Sponsor Concert CHlCSHIRE -- The annual bund concert sponsored by the Women's Auxiliary will be given Tuesday nir;ht on the School house luwn The general committee is Mr. ·d by I . a n d Mrs. Alfred Ferguson and Mr. two sisters, Rose Barnes of Ramsey.! . (1Kl Mr;; Stanley Herendeen. Mr. and Mrs. Vick Munson and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Read will have charge of ice cream and cake. N. J.. and Mrs. Louis Hoad. South Bend. Wash., several nieces and nephews. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church of Palmyra and he No. 248. Palmyra Masonic Lodge . . Funeral services will be held from the home Thursday a I. 2:'M in charge of Gaioga Lodge. F. and A. M. of Clifton Springs with the Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rogers and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Herrington will serve hot clogs and Mr. and Mrs. William Druschel, soft drinks. Reception Saturday The reception for Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ross given by the Young XVJL. Ul \sllL lAJii *j\Ji iiijjo vi * v i » " . A A V * v ^ · · 11,111 Jjil r\,uor g* v w** tjy i/*»v * v«* »f R. Emerson Snethen of the Clifton j peoples' Society at the church par- Springs " Baptise Church assisting. J i ors Saturday night will be at 7 P. Burial will Cemetery. be in Cliium done durin chool will the vacation Church take place at the \i a recent London exhibition of fabrics, hand-printed and painted by disabled British war veterans, her'Majesty Queen Elizabeth met Robert Montgomery, one of the upper cr UF .t of Holly wood sere en royalty and this was the scene as they greeted each other. The Queen purchased our handkerehiefs th» -tall over which the famous film star presided. The man in the center is unidentified Report on Farm Products church. Friday night, at 8 o'clock. Dr. Upperman Speaks Dr. Harry Upperman. president of Baxter Seminary at Baxter. Tcnn.. occupied the puluit at Flint Methodist Church Sunday morn- ine; and was the guest of the Rev. and Mrs. Jogc at the -parsonage. Flint Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gotts have returned from a week's visit at the New York World's Fair. Mr. and Mrs. Newell Newton, of East Rochester, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Reeve D. Newton recently. ' Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Snyder and Clifton Rotary Club Sees Motion Picturesi d ^ rer " c ^ on Spnngs -' cla ?" ence Mrs. Robert Kilchic SENECA CASTLE -- Private funeral services for Mrs. Anna M. M., D3T. instead of 7.30 as previously announced. Cheshire Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Read spent the week at Genundegaw cottage. Mrs. Carrie Isham. who has been there for a week rettirn- Somersett Ritchie, who died Sunt -day after a long illness, were held , ed with them. this afternoon from the home. The | Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rev. B. F. Butler, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, officiated and interment was in Whitney Ceme- Hawkins New Under-arm Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration tery. Mrs. Ritchie leaves Iv. and family. Miss Emma Hawkins of | Bhstol Springs; Mr. and Mrs. Perry Hawkins and family and Mrs. Nora Payne of feast Bloomfield recently visited Mr. and Mrs. husband. Robert Ritchie, one sis- Howard Mansfield, ter. Mrs. Prudence McDill, of ' Rochester, and one niece and three nephews. !· Does not rot dresses -- docs not irritate skin. 2i No waiting to dry. Can be used right after shaving. 3. Instantly stops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. Removes odor from perspiration. 4. A pure white, greaseless, stainless vanishing cream. S* A r r i d has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American Institute of Laundering, for being harmless to fabrics. 15 M I L L I O N jars of Arrid have been sold. Try a jar today! A R R I D a )ar At ill Morn (riling toilet (ood (ltllH , ;,, 10r , n1 59e j, r) ! I Guard and son. Gerald, of Phelps VEGETABLES g us.d O Z .v.-lb. bunches. o,- 40c; Beans, wax, 12-qt. tekt.. 25-Syc; green. 12-qt. bskt.. 25-30c; Btets. di:z. doz. crt.. 35-45c: Iceberg, crt.. 34-: : 60-90c; Onions, green, doz. bcli;- I and Murry Ingram, of Melvin Hill Melvin Hill MRS. MAKION R. HALL Staff Correspondent MELVTN HILL -- Miss May McDonough and Mrs. William Schied of Rochester have been guests of CLIFTON SPRINGS -- James E. j road, were Monday callers at the Mr. and Mrs. Peter Verdehem and . Re Duncan of the motion picture ' ! service of Rochester, entertained 1 the Rotary Club. Tuesday, with mo- -ic; 1 " 75! n-.dishes, doz.. 30-35c: Rhubarb, oui-; wn i c h showed talking machine ; on business, rn.anv snorting i Snyder home. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Snyder and 11;··ohev. 7 s. Charles and Chase Harrison, were in Rochester. Monday events, motorcycle basketball, whale, j this " ;h fishing, water take presented with a Thes sports . Visitors were: Waiter Niven. and family. Mrs. Schied remained for a longer visit. Franklyn Dhalle has returned home to Rochester after spending two weeks with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dhalle. Mr. and Mrs. James Crou:h and daughter, of San Diego. Calif., are spending two weeks with her par- similar events *oi"' David More. Geneva: George L. i ents, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Page. iiT.npf i-n 1 "'!! r'o 7 9(}-25"- rru'Uve. cv". ] ii-j:JiL K i vJ.. ii. -.v.-... -^ ~ t - , Cniir rhprrips 2 doz., 35-40c; Lettuce. Boston. 2 ^jf^rfj^ 6 . 8c: Pu! , ;ie aunt: Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Soper at Auburn. Sunday evening. Mrs. Lisle Blanding and son. Hal. of Syracuse, have been spending 'j\J ZjlllLllGLi \ , » ^ i i \s*.- V--. ·-- . . - - , - . . . . _ . . _ The final reel was I More, Cananciaigua; Welden E. a complete "Story of Wine" from j Smith. Tampa. Fla.: Harry Upper- the preparing of the ground for man. Cockeviile. Tenn; Harry i:es. 24-ot. crt,. Sl.50-2; Black Rasp. ! vineyard to the labeled bottles of Oberst, George Russell. i Boston; ere cresent ancl'Vernon: Buffalo: Charles B. Weller. Mark Huvchenson. 3if-~qt: crt- S3-3.50; 24-qi. crt.. S2.75- j C ^TM^ iL u la lv _ __ ,,_ , .... S3; Gooseberries. 32-qt. rate, a Q'-l t ,, e ~ one from longest distance, Wei- ! Vernon. Iowa; Ed M. Cameron and iOc; Huckleberries, crt.. S3.7o-4:; ^ s : pith _ of Tampa . F la.. was George Bates. Albany. ,,. _...,, ---. - , Kaspberries. red. pt. 24-qt, crt.. t.-i- j pre5Cnted w i tn a rose as was the cgyej-aj davs with her parents. Air. , § ^ 2 5 ; Red raspberries, pt., 5-iOc: i · · i r . fj- ori1 near^t c^ib George! inu ^^^^^j±j. ~*-^ ^^^^*~..-- ^.^u. u .» ---~ -- -i .^ . -- -- ' 'Reel Currants, "lb.. 6c; 24-qt. cri-.j ^^ nf oanandateua. David More.! e:cejnpiifjes the Golden Rule. If a few days with_Mr. and Mrs. Les-| and" Mrs. F. E. Whitney. Mr. Bland- ; inf snent the day recently at the $2-2.25. SHIPPED IN PRODUCE CLASSIFIED DeDartmen? Mr. and Mrs. Cuyler Page, of Ith- ! aca spent Sunday with them. | Miss Rose Verdehem has return- j ed home after spending nearly two ! weeks with her aunt, Mrs. Harold i Mt. i Niblock at Sea Breeze. Earl Crittenden of Buffalo spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. ' i and Mrs. Ross Crittenden. Mt. lilii o U C - - L i.~iC V4M.J 1 * *-'·' ^'l -»· -Whitney home. Mrs. Blanding and Mrs. Ina Richmond is spending ,,._ ,.. few days with Mr. a i o'r"Geneva""whose" birthday occurs' =oyvps you RS you \vould bR served · ter Adams of Phelps. Women's White, Black Blue, Japoiiica and Cranberry Red PUMPS and TIES! Davidson's ,,,,,,,» .«»»-- . . ·-. Mrl.and Mrs. H. J. King were re- son returned to Syracuse with her cent -'guests of relatives and friends J husband Sunday evening. j in'Mexico. ' Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Soper. son. '.ii^'-and Mrs. William Webster of j Milton. F.nd daughter. Jean, have Pitteford have returned from a va- j been guests at Waverly Glens. Pa. cation trip in Connecticut where j xhev "were accompanied home by ttiw Vhave been visiting friends.! i v lis?es Doris and Jane Frisbie. of Th«j"alsq visited their son. William waverlv. Webster, Jr., at Niversville on the Mrs Laura Alford returned to Hudson.' .Their son. Richard Web- j varysburs "vith her dai^hter. Mrs. ster,'' has been staying with his ; jyTpf arc i Dis-nger. Saturday._ grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. G. W. j Tv Trs M. W. Sweet. Miss riorcr.ce Sargent. I Sweet Mrs. Murr?.y Ingram ana Mr. and Mrs. Brookheizen. of -yr rs Herbert Cay ward recently -.vere BocH^ef.'were guests. Tuesday, of j at*Memorial hoscit?.! to call or. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Blackmail. Mrs. Mary Soper. Mrs. Henry Gibson and Miss Mildred Soper attended the band concert at Clifton Springs. Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Turner have returned home after a week 7 -? visit at the home of his sister and | i O. F. Snyder. Commission H'.usc Prices VEGETABLES Cantaloupe, Jumbo, crt.. 33-3.13: Si. crt.. 52.30-2.75; Cucumbers, bu. Si.10-1.25; Honeyballs. jumbc. erf.. ?.°..25'-3.75: Honeyde'.v. crt... 31.85-2: Lettuce. Iceberg, crt.. S2."io-3; Ca;ii.. Iceberg, crt. S3.25-3.50; Onions, rec lb. 8-9c: Texas, veilow. 30 lb.. Sirs-.25: Tex., yel. No. 2. 50-lb. SOc-Sl: I v i ' i ' e 50-lb. sack. Sl.65-1.75: Pcp- i ners. hampei. Sl.25-1.50; Pciin.. :o! r;:ulocs. 18-ita. br.skcl foi 51; fC;--- i tres. 100 ib. sack. S2-2.2a: ne^.v. Kb;. 'S3.25-3.40; Tomr.ioes iut'... S1-1.1J: SSret Ferguson a n d _ Dr. I H. H.. No. 1. 8-qt^fct. Alice Ottley have returned from Wellesley. Mass. T»enile"v Smith, of Willard. has, been the ",uest of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith. Mrs. Henry Gibson, 'of Holley. FRUITS Apples. Transparent, b-;.. Sl. 81.35: Apricots, box. Sl.3f.-i.5jj: A cr.cioes. Fla.. box. Sl.35-l.50: '^ i.-!iias. cwt., 34: Blueberries. P-^ 10-15: Cher"ic3. box. S2-2.25 visit at the nome 01 nis sister ana i y KS _ Henry uinson. 01 nuucv. :a A V - J U . ^-.-- --^-.-·· -- __. ^ r . husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Black- i t ne EUC . s t 0 * her sisier-in-law. Mrs. j fruit. Fla.. crt.. .-.^JJ-:: j^m^.-.. -;; man at Presho. j Mary Soncr and family and other ! tr-.- box. S2-2.-J.;-: J^mpn.;- '^-^ Mis. Jane Moore v:as a recent' re i?t: ves " She will also visit her; Sti.50: Peaches, su.. j-o.-i. v^n JiuDtt-jof-Mrs. Mary Moore Mutchler i SC . R at Stanley. i Ctlif.. crt.. S3-4.6o:_FiP_. : crt.. «-; ^atftf Mrs. Mabel Moore Kithcart. of j Miss Georgia Thomas, of Buffalo.! Peaches, crt.. ^^-^^ - \^; V«*valuslng, Pa., at the Gurvin co!- U ··-..- ouest of Miss Flora Harri-. i r.rin.. '·- 'on.. $1.7o: B?.ri:;it "·[ tagi_ijp-tne East Lake road. Kcuka ! :\ir. 'and Mrs. Lev/is Westfo.n j L-o: S3.15-3.25: Pineapple. ·?:;.. -^ lake.:;Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Stan-t-.vcre recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. hop*, of Wayne, were also guests. i Marian crane, of Kendala. Mrs. Edward McKelvie and son. i Mr;-. Ann?. Gray, of Crosby, is ·rHarpld McKelvie. of Biilsboro. were the v:ecl-: v.-ith her sister. Tecent guests of Mrs. William Me- ! Mr::. Jranr.ette Bnbcock. K«yie and family. i Mr. anci Mrs. Shirk, of Mrs. Theodore Warner is attend- ; Nip^nra Falls. Ontario. Canacui. ing tfie Western New York District ; were recent caUcrs of Miss Joy 4-H Club camp in Bristol liills. '· Lewis arc! Miss Lillian McKelvie. *h«re she will act as camp mother. . Mr. and Mrs. E^wnrd S. Browneil , .'18^ "Mildred Soper and Ge?rce' with Rochr-ter friends, have hp"»i . : Beniiett spent Sunday in Syracuse. nue.-:s o; ;M.T pnrcnt.-. Mr. ar.d Mr Itiey also called on her uncle and H. W. Si =. bcx. c-n~. 28-lb. ava. each. -0-55c: -t -::.. each. 45-50c: l.'4-io. av^ h. 40- t! 5c. EUTTEK Kcv; York --1 '-- Receip'.s. l. "n · marke'.. st?ady. Crc l-.mhrr Jh-.n c::tra. ::3 ^-1-3 ~ ·»- Their Wedding Gifts Were Rocks ···; -21 i-ix::r: .-CV-IK;. '^~.-(... 13 1-2-20 l-2c. ' CHEKSE - 481.140 lb::.: m^-i.:- r-ii: r - : Piices -ir-chr-n^cd. ; EGGS i Rfcript". 23.!)13 cases: in;.r::, : ! .-tc-atlv. "Mi:-:rd Colo-:.-: Frncy ^o ::·:- i »ra fanry. IS '-2-22 3-1c: ^^^^ \ 1 · 3--k: ::vr.ra::r chi-rks. J3 .i-'lc. 1 July 28, Date Set For | Annual Grange Outing VvEST r.T.COMFJEI.D - The an- m;;*l picnir will br heJn at Hf-!nl';rk ].fli:e Park Wednesday. ' JuJv 26. Wrst nionnjfipld Brirfs \VaJ'"r Coiiklin. oi Charlcvoix. ."."'·· h.. ) i , ' - - h ' r - j j :·",{·:·;;:;" ' r ~- ··' , r'avs wjlh hi-; l^tiwr. F 5. Conkiir:. ' ·j-j-ir-v v-r-]-, rTrrii s'.ir.-ts of hi: i-i.-lfr ,";H'i liu'barjci. Mr. ;'rj'.: Mr.-. Gr-orc* Di.iJSy. ! Hi;rs; V,J ' h r r ^"vi" and i-i:! 1 !' 1 . M i - ! ;:r(i Mrs. Hoy 5 1 .orr,,. ; Mr. and Mr.- "Wilb'T 51;:nlor: nnd . ( ' - i i j c h i r r . Nonv.'-i n i j - l Gc-orqe St^n- Tir:. 'il Kor'h'-; : r r wfrr' ^iif.-l.:, r.1 Mr ai.d M r - . FJ-'yci Sluirjx 1 . r'- MID-SUM TIRE Si TEN DAYS ONLY July 20 th July 29 th . ON THE FAMOUS G-3 ALL WEATHER TIRES Mr. ;*r;!i r^-. F.vcrff. .Sr)aT5f havr- ^f.T. ?,i:i fi . l i.- ''i n r T parf-nl-. Mr. :;r.r] M i ; . J''.-. ; " BuC;:'lar:{l ill }jr,3-,.r,-v Fa)":-. ::T. xr.(\ Mrs. .'', .1 1 '··-'.":.' ;it"f-r.'J- '·(: ',t i ' ii'i.'.n: ')' .S1^',:' Orni'i;''- rt"'.'.-- ii'i -·- ;i' G't-rc;'' ix ."cy's r'. : i,j;.!- a . SALE PRICE 4.40-4.50x21 SALE PRICE 5.25-5.50x18 SALE PRICE 4.75-5.00x19 SALE PRICE 5.25-5.50x17 Si SALE PRICE 4.25-4.50x16 INC1UDEN6 YOUR OLD TIRE Here's grand news for vacation budgets! For ten days-and TEN DAYS ONLY--you can bjiy the world's most popular tire--ihe Goodyear "G-3" All-Weather--AT 25% OFF ihe regular list price. This is the same famous Goodyear All-Weather that Jbas gone out as original equipment on millions upon millions of new cars. This is the same tire that more people haw purchased tor renewal purposes than any other kind. Only this year it's a new. tougher, longer wearing tire delivering MORE MILES--by actual test--than even last year's great model is giving its millions ol uacrs. Buy a pair. Buy a set--al these remarkable bargain prices. Buy them on our Easy Pay Plan. Come In Today -- Wfcile Yo«r Site Is Stiff In Stock BUY ON EASY TERMS You dewt'i need lo pay cash. You can open a convenient Budget Account and pay as you ride. Use your credit. Vou can buy ihese tires ior as liille as * WEEK on Fuday. MURPHY'S SUPER-SERVICE tiicftf- ol ;w pan-rils, Herbert Bumham. ,'it ·Nrttfring, nrinvilrd $E!ft«, wh« opjv^fd Ihf X tit Carmete Ixxapira, Wi. and 16-year-oM Torsilla Min- tafcHtKr J*OTC, bnwifhl oat 15 aniform^d police. ws, !· fire tracks ami an ambnlarf*--to answer riot the wWMhif scfnf. The couple arr shown latrr in their where rtot «fnads prAtccted them after a rwk a wiw!*w and a thr^atrninit r-rowd ?»Ir. nnd Xonr. Collins. Mr.-. Nfi]:f Groal is fixioyijig w- f-ra] d;iy ihis v/cek xilh fri cue's iron-. V/s"r-r";oo at 7hf- Neu - Yori: World's Pftir. Gtorgf Heaih i? recovering froin an operation on his arm at Mem- f.iifl] Ho^piia". in Niagara Street Phone 613 Canandaigua OPEN EVENINGS AM) SUNDAYS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE:

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