The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 15
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 15

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 15
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BROWNSVILLE H E R A L D CLASSIFIED R A TICS Sc per word 1 clay 6c f per word £ clays 7c per word II days 2C per word each addi- rt i tin mil day. 15-word m i n i m u m . n£) o r d e r s f o r cfn.'.jiifled u c t v c r i i K i i i R m u n t 0* a c c o m p a n i e d lv cnsli In A d v a n c e if the a d v c r t l n r r does not n a v e an -;iinn- Jlrticd c r e d i t account w i t h Tho H e r a l d Th* Brownsvfllt) H e r a l d will not no responsible for errors f n classified ads a f t e r the f i r s t insertion find aasurnn.i no responsibility above the cost of a d v e r t i s - ing for tyuroarraohlcal or o t h o r arrora In ads DZADLINB for classified display is f preceding day on weekdays, n n d ^:JO p.m S a t u r d a y for S u n d a y pnpcr UiW! clftaslflert d e a d l i n e Is f):30 a.rn w e e k d a y s »n'i 3.-3I 1 o.m S a t u r d n r j f o r «""/l_ R * 2. Personals ALCOHOLICS A N O N Y M O U S Anyone who hns an desire to stop drinking, contact Alcoholics Anonymous. P. O. Box 1121, Karllngen, Texas. ~4. Special Notices DR. illLLTNaKR. foot Specialist. Han IJentio H l f t w a y . Closed Wixlnoaduyw. S u n d a y s l7 a p p o | n t m « ' n t . I'honf! 47ft- M Kan Jlenllo. Cloned to alloncl con- v e n t i o n J u n e 4 t h t o (Hit. feOWTjN'O Elk'fl Club, 12 to 12. Except Tuesday nlRht*. .,,. flio Oriinae LodKe too. 81 A. P A A. M. Brownsville. Toxft* Called M*:etln« TonlKht 7:30 KM. Work In M. M. DPKTCH Vl«lUnK MfXEonr, I n v i t e d to A t t e n d O. S. Woods, \V.M. A.M. Olson. Boc:. ^^ iALESMAN^ WhoTr sri'ln*~ d r t i K snndrio.H. No car necessary. Salary rind commission, Gibson P r o d u c t s Co. 1333 S. K, POSITION Vacancy with well established Valley concern n« supervisor of manufacturing nnd dlstribu- t'-n of household goodn. Qualifications: Some knowledge or ..lilingntss to Icnrn about merchandise concern. Ability to ^eak Spanish. Some exper- lenco in handling office or Clerical details. Should havo ear. All applications kept confidential. Write Box 164 c-o Hernld. P WANTED * 2Vst class Chrysler products Jf mechanic. A (?ood Job for a * good man, .PALLAWAY MOTOR GO, i DODGE PLYMOUTH : 242 Ohio Ave. Me reed os, Texas 10. Help Wftntccl Female WANTED EXPERIENCED SALESLADIES Ladies' Ready-To-Wenr Department Salary and Commission Apply: ' LANE'S 1204 E. Elizabeth VETERANS And nil pei'fions over 10 years of age eligible to take beauty culture. Beauty culture pays transportation. Holtry's College Of Beauty C u l t u r e 102 E. Harrison - Phone 053-1 "Harllngen, Texas fl. tinltt ndlos. Thn WAN'I'KU f o r n ^ w l r t i j .fti»t s p f a k f t p n r i M h a n d fTi.% ''» A r / n v H t o r r , JJfift K. l ( ) M i nf.i'.-\'\ tht H U r c t . f r o m I'OR I. O f f i c e K\J fieri and womHi to u l u d y I f l u l i ·ol A t homf Q u a l i f y f o j t h o bci f ? r f o r n r n r r c l u l . I m l m i l r l a l n n d c i v i l Jervlc* ir»«!tlons b) RPtUrtt! n h l n » i · cru.ol relur.-uion in n p u r o U n i t I n - boofckrenliii;. N l i u r t l i n i u l , 1R. fl Of/ereff \ V A N l ' p r i u - L l c u l n i i r s l i i K or will lH w i t h c h i l d r e n dixy or nflrht. Phono fis.1- Ll, KOI4 "tTKNTfliAli Repairs on homes. Ctt|l ,;. W. C o p f i n h u v e r . 176(1 Morton HI, K U H N ' 9 C«mp!oto I'Rlnt - drockmMi Service K'I'K i n d l n t a r r c p n l r l n u . nnd ,ro- ,orlntr find now rctltrttor Phdnrf 707 j o i f i s.c: Adtimn. Valley Body *nd P a i n t Shop MAINER LAWSON Moving Contractor Agent For FUDU ARROW FREIGHT LINES Operator Of Patfe Transfer Co. Office and Warehouse in Fort Brown. in. ISu.slness Service* REPAIR AND PAINT SHOP Wo make furniture, cheats, dressers, tables, chairs, cribin- ets and desks. ReHnlsh Venetian Blinds. 13t.h and Fllmore Brownsville, Texas Delveret! to your homo. Phono 741-R Or call at 241 R Washington ;KH3 "t'OOLS «n«l acptio tnnka Phono 0000, HnrllrtBon, Tex. W. B. CLINT AGENCY INSURANCE Fire, Automobile, Casualty, Marine, All Risks. Mexican Tourist coverage Phone 6 429 Twelfth DOUBljK dfcckcr,, bunfcii. |8.00 (act) Whlfc- mnn'd Army Stor* 030 llth 8fc. Aoroso from market. D E N N E T T Marine Engine'-Co. Chrysler Marine Engines and Parts 1212 Washington St Phone 1407 Your old FrlgWaire rofinished, repainted, like new. Faotory- cerfect, Infra-red ray drying. Call 48 John H. and Earl H U N T E R The Valloy'a Oldoat and REFRIQB1BATOH HODSB 333 JE. Elizabeth BrpwnsTlllt Phone 41 I N S U R A N C E Fire - Casualty - Automobile Bonds - Liability - Marine Harry Roberts Insurance Agency Phono 103 407 Eleventh 17. Building MutcrlalR PRICES REDUCED e.clcc': Adobo Brick 4"xG"xl2" nt new prices. Copporwold Wall Tifu. Call ttt homo south of R. R. 2 Ml. Wcwt of Olmito. HARRY ANDERSON Drownnvllle 5000-J Olmito, Texas JUST RECEIVED Shipment of ortk flooring. Price Js right. HEANJER LUMBER CO. Opposite Court House phono 607 1U, Household Furniture lov W n r r e i l . l'hon_o J30I7. 1D, fit) u Rfi 1 u) i d F i i r it (hire IndUire IV ' T A i i L K Top Universal RRII ranfte. M. f,!Vf;i. Phone 13DB. . of for f f e « 4(i imw ! hiiDi'tln n n d n I d H n l I n '· H^fiool.,. W r I J o FK-x III!. ! M n w n » . v l l l i ; 3j. Flclp YVftntflcf----·lYIiftnoLiiineuiui' FURNISHINGS CornpleU.! household furnish- Infj.'i 1'or 7 rnom.'i. High c(uality. Good rondltlon, Priced for Immediate mile. Included fire Ifttc inoclfil OK nliiclrlc refrigerator, large fan. JCOTPII E. WELLS 4 Mllo« Old Port tflabol Road An Ohio man retired after covor- lu/( u in uruli y route for M year; 1 ). May bo H took the .starch out of I f l m -- o r ho oleahod up, WANTKD P'On N K V / K r t AND OHEATtSR, P A R I S I A N D o p a r t i n n n t I f o f i d M/iutiK(»i'fi and for Rencly-to-^V r c)aJ· . . . Lin^i-ric; , , , SpnrtswGiU C h i l d r e n ' s V V o a r , . . 'Ilo.slcry and Bhod.s A P P L Y P A I t l S I v V 107 S. 1st St. M leOY'S NOW ROLLING IN BUTTONS! SO. Mttohhiery FTFEi J T r n f U r b C h n n e i Iron, Stcol shcuUt, Boilers,, Kotirki ihriftni*,, Machlnerj of *11 fc and mlU luppllcs .C. A, Pruden. Vlo- tori» Gin Co. 3i*9 UtH Sfc. firowriii- Villa Tol 604. _ __ 21. Mttslca) iihd itaflid · PiANb'S--i small ti^ri"Blii7"" 1 ""ji'ttindarcl slxo ur«r(«ht, antititia hiirid pi fi no, also 1230, Ktn« bnrltone, PHon* . MiAtieiliaiieotis for i J 1 V I C E, J j p d T o o j n a i i d d l n l n l r f u r n i t u r e .for sale, Mrs, H. L. Yatcfl Del W a l t SALE: 17-foot HlB«ln« »pcid boat, M f t r i n c Mart, r^o'rt I«fcbel. Phfan* aflfl, Port Isabel, , FOR SALE--0V . back Benrcl «or«.w ,,cuf t - tinB metnl Inthc. Ford 96 K. P. molor comploto with nccoBBories. Phono 1007-11 38. Buslne*s Propeny MUST SiflLb Hue to HRd hualth, Complete Kurftirft nhd piiirit equipment, Al»6 Kootl locfttion for rent. -Soo Jnck nt Bouch*!^ Motp.r Co,, Loi. Prcsnos *ncl Chlcft liwy IhtcrSedfcioh. Or Ciill FOR REN'r-- «D'x40' WarfcHdusc, fftclhii; alloy between Levoc and fit, 1 ChHrles, Cn.ll 72 n f t c r 4:00 39, tte»l Rstatc for Sale 10-10 FOrtDSON trrictbr, border/ harrow, blRde, beddfc'r; plfihtcn Miltlviiter. W. B. Prntt, 412 Firrtt National Bfthk . Phono 1070. Brick hbmei five rodmiij screen porchj In Los Bbanbs. Large five room stucco home with screen 'tile porch on laj'ge beautiful lot on i'esacti in Los Ebanos. R, M. Warren Phone 1227--J PARRA BROS No. 2 j. E. Ad arris -- Phone GROCERIES - MEATS - H'ARD.WARB Burpee Can Sealer . . , ; . . ; $ 15.34 Burpee Aristocrat Cooker , , , , , . , . . , . . . , . , . . , . . . . . . . . 18.52 No. 3 Cans, per hundred t 4;55 O'liJtrfc drt per cloven . . . , , . , . . . . . , . . . , , . , , , . . i.,, i . .86 Piiifc Jiifs, per dozen , - , , , . i , ,, .83 % Pint Jara, per dozen i .80 Garden Hose, 25 feet, all rubber^ black 3.58 · aarden Hofle, 60 Jteefc, all rubber, black . , . . . ; . 5;05 Gardei; Hose 50 feet,,2-ply, green . . . ; . . - . . . . . . . . . . 8.48 aftfclen Hose, 50 fe'et, plastic ;... 0.29 Lawri SjDrliikie'rs , 1.50 1/awh Mdwers , 18.80 20 Gal. AiitomatlO^VVater Htter , 77.0$ Gas Range for Natural Gas ,,,.., 1Q8.85 Gas .Range for Bottle Gas 110.60 Oil Range, 5 burners With oven -- t 68.10 Oil Stove, 2 burners 8\54 . Screen Wife, Electrical Wire, Outlet Boxes, Fuse Boxes Sockets, Etc. 30. Real Estate for Sale FOR SALE--28 foot, cabin, cruiser, A-l condition. HEE Loo Daiimfcldor, Capstnln Yards, Port Isabel. SPECIAL! DEEPFREEZE FREEZERS Delivered Brownsville These are iarge 9 cubic feet freezers. Only two available at thte special price. · OPA price $453.25. Valley Buick Company St. Charted at 11th Si, 28, Wanted to Buy WANTED TO BUY RED t TOMATOES FOR CANNING CANNING CO WANTED---mi. B u l c k . in nood condition; Will buy old model cara. Phone 10B1- R. 29, Dojfs--Cfrk|--Peli CjUAdINK your do« AOA1N8T /lens and Jlnrii oar niu] n n r c u p l l c ninnKo, r'lrl^" worhi iviul oiuikor oar, monduUooB niul \vodd tltvkn, douiiy odor, d a i u l r u f f Rotilk nud f n l l l n i f hnlr. II, work« or m'ofiiy rofiihdod. Do u» the fircut Koji'ficla do. W, H. Jixckson Feed fiocd. RABBITS |djd crigfc's the «AlB. Cfigoi [n Rood condition. Ctill 490 or oomfe to 1026 Central Blvd. 32, Apaf'tirients i^or Rent ON~E 2 JibOM apdrtmonti furnflheclj Couple, no children; 1503 BJS Joffoi'flon, 33. Rooms for BBDiiooM yrTth 0B expo9ur«; . rhon* 1HI8-J.. 60..BE .Eljz.abqth .St.. ; ·. FOR RENT--Large furnished bedroom, Private cMrnricfc. 600 flii Lxivfto. 34. fbf R«iiit . WILL RENT one bodrooffi horrid furnliHfld for noxt three month/} only, Available noW throUKh Sept. 10, To cduplo, riw chlldron, Sec Qonr,i\]«i at Maftnolili or phono 000-W FOR RENT: Furnished home in Los Efoahos. Phone 81 · 35, Wanted to Rent i*AMILY (loiJlrc'H fili-nldhTti htiuso tir a boclroom apartment fl-o'hi Jtlrltt 18 .to AuilUnt 10. t)jt6cllcnt re'fftrMnb6d. W r l t b «ox Iflfi 'iv Horaltl. WANTED--Purnlahod two boclroom houso or Rpartme,nt for f o u r Pan A m e r i c a n pilots, will Uko excellent earn of W r l L g Box. Ifi2?fc Kcralrt, for oil SAiJ-i-- f l r ^ o l r i i t t i c t i o , l i a l Bnrrtrtd on l'/ Hqrrti. AUo ;ifi(l 110116. $3 por divy p f o f f L . 'A mllo n o r t h of Uoiui Chloa H l K h w n y on In- tb bo from UPotiorty. Cinri r t f b i r i j clonot itnd bath, $1000. fi«5 W. Jofforson Jlnlldvt,- lllo CWhfttfluitHHI, Good bor'hobdi Owor. J'hdnfc 'llb-Wi _ 4 n6'oM iToUfld~ nrld A b c S . Clonrt n ori jiHv^fncrit, di23 UUi St- Webster I n v c H t m c n L Saiuf ROOM m f i I L \ o i . aiu a n d Southfriont; laSOO; r'art crtAn, btiljihce onny. Dr. W. A. Johftfl. Phone IB thfi «6{taoi1 lor thft-home- gru\Vn strawberries Lhnt many rc«- LflUWUHs Itiftvd olit «f flliortuftko. FOR SALE Several good homes, 100% QI loans, A number of flrinall acreage t/racta for subdivision*. A number of good lots ori West Boca Ohica Highway. Brick st,or« building. Down town. Six acre grove with hrfuse. Several hoice lots in Los *Eba- rios arid thcjn bo (load, then tholr u n k n o w n Heir.. and Icjral f6pr6«cntativcSi and thfl unknown o w h o r K find claimants of .the lie'rejn iloaorlbod rftal e»ta|,o; and TJrowiuvlllo liirlbpoiuloiu flohool DlwtHot. ., . ami (iluriv ctu«6 why jiidiimenL shall ipt be rondorcd - condftirihJnK «ald herein- a f t n r doHcrlbccl property and .ordering «aloi ancl foreclofi\iro thei'io'f for said taxc's, ponriltlOB, intcrds (iild costs of suit. Said suit l« a suit to collfect ta*ns. |n|,ore6t, nnnaltleK, and costs on the lolitiwlii'ft dcBcrlbe'tl 'property altuated . in 'amoron County, Texas, to-wit: _ v Block' No, Thirteen (XlOi .contalrilnft l |ve and alxtcon-hundredths (S.18?. acres 6f laiid, jncliidlnfic au'ch portions as may .ihticrllo (·'oriclway'ji ft . n d fiKiirtls in Olmito Gdrdenrt tract Number Th'ree (3), a ffub'- dlvlslon of land out of Partition gharfc No. Fifteen (10) of the Enpir.ltu Santo Grant, In CaifiorOn C()if^ty, TftJtas; an p6r plat of flaid subdivision made by E. · P. HrtrrlRon and duly recorded ir\ Volume 8 .lit page., 17, Map Records of Cameron County; Texas. . ^ ,.. Th'e amount of ta'xcs nlle'sted to oft deHnqucrit, due, owlhfir and unpaid fbr tho respective years and hi .the,.respective amountf) to fiald pla'tritin, ivnd.,fiftld. C o u n t y o'f Cftmoroh and said , political riubcilv'lfi!6ri« oh th'd ftbtfve clesoflbert property is as follows: L'axhiB Vcttr« Unit Delinquent Due State IMG to ID-lO.incl. $ 6.80 County 1031 to 1046.incl. 30,75 nrownfiVlJlft Nay. C. Q. 'FOSTER, Realtor 1021 H. Washington Phone 1946 - Res. 1246-J FOR S iff Ice ifiye. room home , in Brownsville. New roof and in gf6od cbriditioii. Imme'diaf e possession. Apartment house near busi- neiJs district Oorrit)letely reiln- ish'e'd. A good biiy. Two new homes reftdy for occupancy, Todd Stobaugh 46*; Eleventh St. Phone 183 House Now Vacant Best buy in town is la dUJNTRAL Completely Modern A QI Approved H t li. darscadin Phoite lai^ or 164S-M 1557 Franklin W E B S T E R ^VESTMENT G^'ofes and City Property Phorils 638 -- We may havt what you want. 2163 FOR SALE Several good tourist locations on Highway; See UB for lots, MONSEES SON Fail Amei'icaii Phone 511 SPECIAL s .^ 6- r66m fi ; ithlc home and two garage apartments* Completely furnished; To be sold a ono tmifc, Hoinfe rennishets thi'ough- oUt. R^rlaohably priced. J rdbm iloUsd to be moved, in excellent condition. P r 1 c % $3,000, C'OLGIN BB.CHDEL 6Y or dS 000-J 10 Mfiltbi' Bldf?. CAFE FOR SALE At LttUtdlcfl, t)ii the MiftfltiiiH Pdciflo R. R,, 3 miles N'W LOH Fi''6/iiicJ»i LftUfeles lifts 5T picking BhedB, 2 KlMR. All work largo crtiWH ilnd i bi|^ Uty rail, Oat'e IH well built; frame, aHlntiifi roof, lihd ttli tiqUlp- ment. This is the'biggest bargain cVel' Offdi'dU /61 ; $566.00, Must be cash. Owner .^lok, Don't wait. Must sell it now. S0e me at once. 'R. M. Johnson, Los FfWiios Bftrlk Lds Fresrios, Tcxn/i Ruts have no organs for pi'ddiic- ,ng MvfiHt, fid flUmiftrU ftHd linfii; rti-o to them. LEGAL NOTICE K" ,tF TKXAS Of CAMEltON TO: Herman J. Rftdomnolicr, ,JAcob W .Jfthmn and Hllbcrl ., O.* Froojnmlmt, formerly rosUlonta of M i l w a u k e e County, Wisconsin) whpBC present rcflldencijs ^vrc u n k n o w n , nil li llvliiij, but if liny of them be dead, thaii th61r U n k i i b ^ n , hfelfu liitcl loKftj rcpresoiUiUlvuHr and Uic unknown owiicr nnd iiKilmhnls thb l i c r c l h a t t o r do«oribc(l nronony niitl their hfclrs *tid luKal ropreRonLntlvos wi^osc nnmcs nncl nlriecu of rcHldcnco fti-o iihkiiort'n, and (ill POI-BOIIB owning, h n v l n u .or c l R i m l n R n n y Intcrpst or llqii In the property r i f i r c K c m . , . YOU ARE HEltEBY NOTIFIED AND COMMANDED to Kppeitr aiiH Hkientl A I; ^ho first dixy of the next rcirulnr tprrii pf tho DJntrlct Court of Cameron County, roxixfi, 103rri JiidlfcltU DlBtrlot; to bti Hfelt! at the courthouse thereof In th? City ot Brb\vripvlllc, ·Cameron County, Texas, at or before tcii b'cloclt, on l,hc flfiit M o n d a y ^ In J u l y . 1047, thti «iimfe b'fcihS Iho 7th day of July 1047, thnn nnd thfcrft to lihswor r iiotltjon In n d o l l t j a u c n t tiix R U l L filed ih «ivld. cfaiirt on the 27 day of Mfvy iO-17, in a siilh numbbrftd 24308 styled tho State of .Toxrts vs. Hfermnu J. Rudemnchnr, et ul. on the docket of said court In which the Stale tif Tixiin 'sttihJt lii its own beiialf and k 1 « o Ih bohrtlf of Gjtmbron County Khd all p o l i t i c a l subdivisions In. H.iiid coyhty whoso taxes arc assessed arid collccfcctl by inc Asp-^^br and Colltctor of Taxes of aa'ld County and gfSw'Hsvlne Independent; School. District ^s .im- pleadcd party defcndans, and defendants arc; . Honrijih J, RadomoicHcr, JiqpB w. Nltiiiiixh and HllBfirt t(. ProcmnilHiri fbr.; m o f l y roHldOHt« of M l l w a k t f t Coiinty,' Wifloonsln, whOHO prc«unt roBldoncoB ttrk u n k n o w n , all If llviiiir, bviL If any of Dlst ' 193i tO iBiflilnCl. 19.72 n in e r o n Co. DralnRKfs Dial. No One 193J to IMfl.incl. 13.02 ( ioircthor wltli IhtoorBt, rioiinltlcs, oo;;U, j ohiirBcu unrt eXpoHilBB of unit, which Havo accrued Aria, which nifiy legally Accrue thereon. Each party to this «uit shftll tfikn notice 1 of, p n d . p l o n d , mid Rnswor to nil iirn* »rid pie»itllnir« iioiV on fllfe or hereafter filed In »Rld caune by nil other i.ft!6s tliofeih. Plilntlffj, jhtefv'ene'rfi fthd defendants that arc taxing units also neck, the establishment and foreclosure of the Hen .scotirlnr paymerit of «uth taxes as pro.vided .by law. r rhe' officer ejleciitinfr this writ shall promptly «erv« the 1 Bame by publication accdrdlnK to the reaulremcntis of law, and (hs m«nflAt^s tnefeo'f, ahd nihkc due r e t u r n , an tho law directs. WITNESS rhy hand and offlclftl Boal of Office,' at J?rowri«VJllc, CAmeron County, Texas, (,hls 3 7 , f l a y of Mft', A. D. 1047. CttAUNCEY S. liKIO, CJerk of the District Court of Camerori County, T«xas. B j L'iila Oeortt Depytjr. . (5-15-12-10-47 (flfcAL) FOR SALE Nlco 8 room home in Riverside; . Nearjy new. Price reduced to $B600. Can be sold to anybody, and terms tan be Arranged. A barualn. Immediate POSfiOSBiOji. ADRBAN CO. Pah American Bldg. Phone 243 FOR SALE We Have new and nearly new hqjftoi for sale aria we iils6 have homis especially for a.I.'ji,, See thes'i, ho'm*4 before yc-ii buy. Prices |6HSOO.OO *nd UP. ADREAN CO. Pari American Elldff. Phone J543 40. Lots for Sale LARGE LOTS North Brownsville, Subdivision. lUlock north N of Bocft Crilcn HlghwW. aji8,i waUf-j electricity, Kravcl roads. City bud service. Convenlonfc to .water Port a n d - A i r p o r t employee*. Priced .$«4S,oq vip. Terms $215.00 dowiv BkUnc* $10:05 pnr month, THOS. P. BENSON Co. 1212 SE WBshlnBton Phont 1407 n SALE: Ond acrd tracts on pavement ·\Ve'b'fitor irivc'Stmfintal. 2133 l*th St. Phono C3B. Aerftitfce for Sal* FOR. SALB 20 acres, on 1 4 t ! h S t r e a t , R . ' Q'Ncule, Won* 11J1. 841 8. K. *11«- Kboth Sfc: ,, _. .... AoionKR for Ron t _ ^ ^ _ " ..... T^NT": 5so noroo J u n t pi own* "Mr or fcort crop. Slcvoni. Phont fi03-J FOR IBllfcaboth at. 46. Loans LO A On Anything Of V'filii* 2123 14TH ST; 48i Opportunitlea FOR SAL1S-- ProBrcBo Lumber Co. butld- Es and y H r d ttfc Prrijicr«46( . tifcvcn nillcfi nbvith of Wesmoo,- 6nly lumber yard tin old M H U r y Hlgh*Ry between Brownsvlllo and Mission. An R t t r a c t i v o property, in oxcollonb b6H- tlltlon, doinrt p r o f i t a b l e biialttcss. gash or terms, Ahio 22-foqt trMlcr float, never usori. Address P; O; Box 00, ProBrcBo, Texas, or Plitinfe Mcree- tlo« nooo-pai. 4f), Uaed AiitoS for Sale _ _ . _ _ _ ^ _ 8 A 1,12--11)30 Btuilftbrtltbr (iftffali. Chevrolet nedan $D3B. Sec n.t 8th Weflli BliJiabflthi Stnelftir Station; Hydroinatlo "B". Pr.rklnit Like Lot. Phone Motor Co. Washington St; Phone 427 Glirysler - .Plymoltth Diamond T Trucks l.nlck, Call A l r b R A e __. _ . . . ........ AljS--I»4l "cTicVrdl«r IV* tbn t r u o k . Gun sets R t Gateway Urldrte, or phone lOfll-tt, 51. trailers fbr FDR SAT-/FJ-- infi SfchuH L-tixSry Liner Houno T'l'Hiifir. .Equipped with UUfcHne. Tfcl. lor.l-M. · Trnllor June » 194T THE BROWNSVItjMS HERAfcD Australian Bees Have No Stings SYDNEY, Australia--(/P) ~ Ef- i'brhs df breeders to develop a stlngless befe has called attention to the fact that Australia already hds nine species of bees which have no ^tlh^s, Thfc Aii.strallan bees are much smaller fchiih the more famllini lypfcfij.. abbiit thfe size of housefly. .They ciiti get Into small flow- ki'H froni which the largfcr bee,-cannot gAthJSr nectar. They jirbdiicci a distinctive type of honey v/HlGh is often sdld at pre'riiium. pi'ice^ but Australian be^keeperi report that they cannot fee' ke'pt rifeaf ordinary-type be'es be'cauSe 1 they rob their iniste'ad of gathering r tliemfce'lve*. Free Utilities NEW YORK--(/I 3 ) -- The watei and JjRhl, commission of Brcckcn- ridge, Minn., recently Rave onfe free monlh of wnltr, light, power and heat services to nil consumer in the city. The Municipal Finance Officers Association reports flint t h i s freo montli amounted io about $10,000 in savings to the comm u n i t y . Michelangelo \vns essentially sculptor and painted only occa sionally. 20ti,0pO Poles Still In Germany Electric Workers Need A Biologist SYDNEY, Australia-- (/P) -- Wales electric services have been disrupted recently by animal invasions. Froffs have short circuited transformers. Snakos climb Hie tmnsformes poles and mess up the fittings-- and their lives. Flying booxos become entangled in the wires. Guaranteed RADIO SERVICE Pick Up and Deliver Border City R*dio Electronic Service 9th Fronton - Ph. 1867 -- .() -- The news- pap'er GaxetA Ludowft estimated Ar£ Approximately 200,000 in G«fmanj who are bdinir! urged by the government to return Ii6me rltiti fitjlp in ndtldhnl recbfifctfiicfcibn. he JouHiiii said there are 110,- Pble'd in the American zone of oSc'UjiaUon; fjOOti in the British find 12 ( 006' in the French zone, LEGAL NOTICE LAST DAY DISNEY And Fri. - Sat. C H I L L I N t f t And "Caravan Trail" with Eddie Dean Interstate Theatre* OUEEN KPtOWNBVILLI Last times Today M O N I G O M I S V Starts: 2:04 - 4:10 - fi:10 - 3:18 SURPRISE SHOW TONIGHT 8:00 RlVOftrl ·AN B E N I T Q Today Thru Saturday SMASff-l/P f? f u i« n £- H A Y W A U D . T?MiS litATR OF TKXA.S . . To tfie SHeruf or any Cphitabl« of Ca- moron County( preetlnt nu'flblph A. Peters, Adjnln8tr'i{.or with the Will Annexed' 6t Wi Bilat* 6f NM1 A. J. P,etcr peceaned h a v i n g filed in our County Court .his .final Account of the the Probate Do'ekft't of Cameron County, j together with an appHcatl6h (6 bo dl«-' charged from said admlniiitrAtlbri, You Are H$r£by Comhiafidcdi That by piltallcatlon of this Writ one timo and said publlqatlon ihall be not Ifcss than ten dajri before the return day hereof, Iri a N'iw'spa'per printed In the County of Cameron you (rive dufc notice to all peYaoni Interested in the Account for Final Settle'rrie'nt of said Estate, to appear and content the. same if they nefc proper «q tfi db' oh Monday ih* 10th day of! tfune\ A. .D. 1847, at the Court ijouic, of said Co'unty, in Brownsville, Texaa, When iald Account arid Application will be acted lipoh by said court. qlven Under My . ^r*nd and «ftai or gfcfd Coijr.fc, M. my ,6Mc* iii the city ol Brownivllle ihli 4th dny 6'f June A. D. 18i7. H. D. Seauo :, County Court Cameron County, ? J. O. JB. Wai-burton Deputy. 6-R-I7. STATE OF TEXAS to IH* Ahiriff or «ny Constable of Ca- ^fon Couriey, dfimllnur: Maria U Sftl- riiif Adfnlnlntj'.alrlx of tho Estate of Iflaac Sdildana, Deceased h a v i n g filed In Viii Coiiftiy CoiJrt hln Final Account of thu condition of th« Kstatc of said Haao Saldfrna, Dec(ii««d numbered 38M ort ihe PrbbaU pockftfc of Cameron County, together with an application to b'* diAfcijar'fc'ed irom «iiid Adtftinlstratlon. i r ou Ar'A Hereby Commanded, Thnt by publication of thii \Vrlt oiie tlmo nnd fc'aid piibilcal!6H sHfCH be n6t 166.1 than ten days before tho return day hereof In k N«'^,^ap«r prlri£e'd In "the County 6f CaiheVdii yo'ii niv* du4 notice to all porSoh^i iriier««tcd In th* Accouht tor Final Settlement of said Entatc. to p'fxjnr and c.ontc«t the name if t h e y nno ropor «o to do, on Monday 1,hh I f l l h y of June, A, D. 10-17, at thn Cou-t Houfla of said C o u n t y , in Urow«svWe, Texas, when Baid Account and Applica- fcidh will be acted upon by said Court. Given U n d e r My Uand and Bfal df id Cdu'rt( «H my 6ffle* in the City ?I B'r6wn»vili* thiji 4tK day of June A. D. _, H, Ti. County CtiUft Cfcm«r/jn County. J. Ot *. W-'irHUftbri Deputy, O-fi-47 Advirtisc'ment RADIO STATION K V A L ABC NETWORK 1490 On Your Dial THUHSDAY, J n n e fl, 1017 3:36 MUBlcu Varliula 4 too SucesQi Min K l(fle» 4 IS Can6ion^ 4:30 Rh^tiiin err* 5:30 Jack A r m s t r o n g (AHC) B{4t Srioftij W tiil D'if 0:68 AP NWI 0:00 Ilendline Edition ABO 7)0 10:00 0:16 0:30 11:00 fl:05 12:00 Flutter 'rime . . , .. . it . Afiidrlcfc^ Town MeCiintf of thfc n r ( A H f ) ., Tjift BeAt 'fhlnjrt ti\ Lif* -A130) lii M c J O O y (A/JC) (Ancj AP Newn . BporU AMC) Jfl« liinol B IlfiO dlHK ABC iftW* ( ABd Dftfic* . .j^, (ABO) , Dftfic* Ofohi (ABC) BUtlon S l f t 9»» Jitfl* P 7:1 ;!2s 8:00 »:M 0:35 AP New* , MoriiUiS . Mf MftM.Mj AiirJn (ABO Mllrliln^Mptfjp Gb HoUiitf. . Br'JgAkfast H«»dlTheS. .(Model ahTUlry and prjr Cfciiihlrife) The b r e a k f a s t Club (Daumlt. Swift afitl Plillc6) (ABC) .. t ,9 l5 :R f t . » Hinuibly priisod, Shiimrock Court, floijn Clilori ROrltl. By Al Drov*r 7 LOOK AT TSO'G COMIC BUTTONS! FLATTOP, DEMN/V r, urne JOE/ WHFRE DO you GET 'E/VA ? AN THEVRfc' Pg|Z6S BOX TOPS OR MONEX TO SBW6/ I/VA ASKING MOM TO BUV A^E Hi i o .^Ju *4 1 *^ v^VV O N E ( ^OJ/iA? PX ·- k-'1 ^.^^' y) VJ -W^J-WS W^fW ·^$v£at HsLLOflid'e PEP Is FOR YOU! SETTER NUTRITION THAN WHOLE WWE/Vf-^ffH YHE D/ dP 6UNflHlN"6 Vlt^MIM D IN A ONE- OUNCE SERVING! at GANG! COLLECT cdMic BUTTONS! GET ONE A3 A PRIZg ! IN EVERY PACKAGE OF MA WlMkU beNMV dIMWit AUNTIE *t6ssoM MR, rilkdi vviMie WIHkiE's twIHS TINY nM VVHMiJl ORAVlL OErttlE ABRtTHA I 6 KlNTY UNCU AVtRY LITTLE Jbfc FAT STUM FLATTOP flL0A DAISY MAMA Dl 5TROSS SUfEjlMAN .. HmliJi Of 'Alf cHUrfches (AUtJ) The .Llstenlri* nrWkfa/it ,Uv rtellfllrir) Aub · Q n l c n . . . D r n k e . Mills) ABC 11:00 TUe. IConny M a k e r Show 'P Mew*. i a:.oo 13:18 1:00 3:30 There ,,boc»..iTh.iit fionr . A p a l n 2:48 Th« ^«l*t *I»«B* " 1 I j l « ( A m n r Fed. i^abor) (AriC) i1:od Y o u t h ^liilrfis A i n f c r l f e n i i Thiiibrrou ;:15 Hollywood Studio Tour B r t u k h n R c Talklwr. of "nfi§ r ' AP NnWH H t h r J t A lilfi arid Orurti fladift W. S86 AT YOUR IHTERSTATIE THEflTRES ORCADIO CAPITOI HARLINBCN TODAY THRU SATURDAY Feature Start* -- 1:30 - 3:31 - 5:32 - 7:33 - 9:34 BUSINESS DIRECTORY Tli* Sam Hiiffhston Agency ' W e Insure everything but the hereafter. BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS Anthony Bldg. Phoii* 1153 REAL ESTATB-LOANS Cotnmcicldl -- RC8ld*ntUl Farms -NO BROKERAGE - NO tt Ix R, DAKER - P. D H8ALBB Rcoce-W1)-Mttnd Hotel Bldt. Rarlingon, L'ftXfl* ~ Phon» No, 40» Brake Service Expert Brake Service on all makes of cars. Goodyear Service lOUi cSi L,evco -- Phono 090 EMERSON RADIOS PHONORAD10S RECORDERS BATTEJRY Somni^rs Furniture Phono 074 1UOB A d n m w PARRA BROS. NO. Grocery - ware Free Dpliviu-y Anyplace Phono I0i)« l l » ] E. A d n m n You'll Be Sold Oh Us Whfih We Solo Your SHOES Por Quick and Satisfactory Service; Bring Your Shoos to Central Shoe Shop O R C H A R D CARlS DiKcinr, - Bordering DUstihR As You W M h t Ji; Doiio M A X Plione LAWN MOW13RB SHARPENED Tho FACTORY WAY At HACKERS Kith Miul Washington Birthday Pnrtirs a n d Wedding P I-J O T O G R A P H S Made in Your Home or Ohiirun Call SUMMERS STUDIO R i f i AOfi Hi i2hli JSt. RUGS CLEANED K And Repaired By an experienced Armenian artist, who understands the care Uiey require* and knows the proper way to handle them. Your fine Oriental rugs need attention. Have them cleaned nnd repaired by a rug expert 508 E. Levc* Phone 1217-M -- 1046 KANDARIAN Rug Expert Brownsville ATTENTION GROWERS AIRPLANE DUSTING SERVICE Insecticide Sulphur Fertilizer Herman fichrciber, Jr. Phono 1923-M 'or Implem«?nt Co. - Ph. 49 Printing Commercial, Job printing, blueprinting. Neatly and promptly finished. THE PR1NTCRAFT SHOP 507 0(.h St., Phono T77 W A S H I N G ? HUPFAKER'S SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY taoft, Wuttir, Courteous Asslst-nnre, Cui'b S»rvtoo. 314, Bth Phone 1993 Covftccvich Bicycle Shop New bicycles and supplies. Also repair work. Front of Land rum's Phono Iti7fi Propane Gas Tankzj Water Solien«?r Stewart Warner Radios Butane Water Heater* H A H D I N GAS AM'UANCE CO. Phone 078 Brownsville HELP - U - SELF L A U N D R Y Wet Washings and Dry \VaslUiiffS Done 2901 E. 14th Phone 9564 An extra t l n b of cosmetics i^ ail Home girls nt.'tni in make up for loss of «leep. Most yovniK people love driving ii^ the moonliRht, says an Ohio school teacher. The rest must be too bashful*

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