The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 14
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 14

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 14
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It THE BROWN SVH.LE HETlAt.D Thursday, .Time 8, 104T ["They'll Do It Every Time U. I. Patent Offlt* By Jimmy Hado THE FIRST PIKP THAT EATS THE SMEPLEVS HAP KENNELS BEFORE AMP WE PO MEAN JUST WOULPNT AN^ //, HE PIES ON US WELL, IF you WON'T EATVOURPOG- FOOC? AT LEAST TR/7HE ROA3T BEEF PETER XONALR ENiS A U.S.A. --TH' SAV5 I 5HOULP PCIVC OUT IN TH' STICKS -AM' POT X4 TO BCP WITH A SHOVEL/ -JUST T' LBAWN /A NICE T'STEAL.. OUR BOARDING HOUSE. E6A.O.TW6GS/ I'LL LET VOU IM OM A c,ECCET/*TVW SARA6GMANi WM4TS *.2OQ POK A UTTL.6 TlMkeC- \si\TH ,vw CAR.' POI^T^JO c£Ni I'D PesF2RM IT AAVSeLF -*·«·* BOT r OK W SAC C.O - ILI AC - AS IT IS.X DONi'T --, TO HPW QUITE: i .«ir-----" _ *i ' -With Major Hoople lOUT OUR WAY -' VNlMAJ'S Tl4 PKlCe ')-; :-:'; or- THAT secceT, ^ /^ MMOR? L£TM£ VV (SDESS-**· YOU'RE- " A S40R.T (.' -- B y Dick Turner \Y WFLL, OF ALL-HE'S I ETTINT IT DOWKi EASV SO )-^E WOM'T 6ET SPLASI'lEP Wl7f-l "STUFF/- BOV, HE'S CLEVER/ WATCH- WATCH-- / v _ _ --By Williamt I'LL WATCH, ALL RIGHT- I'LL WATCH THAT YOU CLEAM IT UR IF VOU LIKE TO. WATCH* IT -SO WELL? ' QM \ THE BIG SPREAD t, M. «ro. (·· n. MAT. of, coco, mi nv «ri Mi«v(Cf, INC, Operatic Star Annivi»r to I'rfvlouix *'Confound your conscience, Mlsa Kramer! Now will you tell him I'm not in?" H O R I Z O N T A L 5 Begone! 1,0 Plc:l.urcd 0 G r o u p of throe singor 7 Lam preys 12 L i b y a n port 8 Urn 13 Act of m a k i n g 9 And ( L n t l n ) 15 Bustle 10 Fastidious 10 Paths 11 Q u i c k e r 18 M i n e s h a f t h u t 1 2 Sudden s p u r t 10 O r i e n t a l coin 14 E n q u i r e 33 Capers ! 20 Setaceous 17 Musical note 35 Mend : 21 C o m p a s s ' p o i n t 25 Scottish 36 Succession : 22 Him s t i p e n d ( p r e f i x ) 23 H l d i t o r ( n b . ) 26 Feline ,38 Musical »4 Staff of oftlco 27 R o o f finlnl i n s t r u m e n t i 28 Above 28 Hops' k i l n 31 Short .sleep 20 Contend 32 C o u r t e s y t i t l e 30 Age 33 Against 34 Drop of 6ye ; fluid ! 35 Symbol for i manganese ;' 37 Exclamation i 30 Greek letter 41 Prayer i 47 Health resort 48 Sesame ^ 49 Mock 50 Swiss river G l Of action's 53 D e n u d e 55 Sho is a mezzo 56 She also is an o p e r a t i c ---- VERTICAL 1 Hansom 2 Press 3 Symbol Tor tin · rockfish 43 Persia 44 Fodder vnt 45 Alleged force ,§* 4G Promontory 47 Girl's n a m e ..40 S i n g i n g voice 52 I n s t a l l m e n t 4 1 Smell p a i d ( a b , ) 42 C a l i f o r n i a 54 Size of shot m Wb 20 10 50 II BARNEY "GOOGLE ANT)' SNUFFY SMITH' HERE'S A SAMPLE OP VOUR WEDDING INVITATIONS. SNUFFV I HOPS VOU FIND IT SATISFACTORY GlUe IT HERE, ve SHIF'LGSS SKONK!! ^*f f 7 ( l "^ -''VMMM '--By Fred 'vopT-'i see THEY SP6LT NA(V)E RIGHT nrz SAWYKR -By Iloy Crane YOUR TORY AKOUT HIT-LER / INDEED,YES, BEING ALIVE 15- AHEAM-MOST / M 1 5)EU^. BE ASSURED WE WILL COMDUCT A FURTHER IKJVESJIfiATlOM. /· THE MAN 15 A OR PEKHAP5 KE'SA MAD. ABSOLUtaV J SPY, A CRIMINAL. MPsDl _xf INDEED/VES, WE LL INVESTIGATE. AH/ A FELLOW AMERICAN. ALLOW ME TO INTROPUCE MY5ELR YOUNG WAN.'I'M POAAFREY- JEROME POMFREY FROM CHICAGO. I-AH- HOPE YOU'RE NOT HAVlNCa DIFFICULTIES WITHTHE LOCAL GENDARMES, MY BOY? --^SLIGHT ^' PRIVATE D1FPVCULTY, COME TO THINK UP 11 REMOVEPTHIS ^ FROM VOUR SATCHEL YET-- t HOW PIP VA KNOW T' MEET ME »N THAT RflRKrSOMEBOPy TRIEP T' LOUSE ME UP/-.-50 WE GO BACK TO MV HOTEL AN YOU SPILL SOME WSWERSf, "^ \ n /,w \J** ·ft**] '» -v V c/7#/ /Tfcwv c£? you spell elephant?^ / sfo/7'/' think you'll find it spelled that way in the dictionary, SA-/V.,. te"r3 y^ x£ £$* MJ/ ^ do you go about, telling a,friend that the girl he w*nts to marrv is" not all she should be ? ESPECIALLY WHAT PRIZEFIGHTER? i^ANO CONNIE DIDN'T V SWELL 6AL, KNOW A THING, HUH? [ BAT. AND SAAART. WHAT DO YOU THINK \ B U T M Y V I S i r 6 O T OF HER, VIC? CLASS, l / f l E NOWHERE. W£t^U^g-g w *..^ \ ;T^iia^ f^zum^mfZ' \w IS NO LIE. ' VX *y w/="» ^ ^ -H'-YllJU COPR. 1?47 nv NI:A BCRVICC. INC T. M. RCQ, u, «it PAL."" OH, HELLO,NIPTY, YOU CAN'T GUESS WHO CALLED ON ME THIS AFTERNOON. AN OLD FRIEND OP YOURS" VIC FLINT, WHAT/ WAIT THERE-* tU BE RK3HT OVER / THIG SORILLA, / LET THE BRA6SART5 ) ( *O BE IT.' PITTRD AfiAINST^ 5H(?Ss' THEIR ^---^-^ REMOS'E HIS COUNTRY- WARE'S A5 /THE MOR6\ HIM MEN FROM THE [ SVARRIOR5.'/ HE KILL'S, ) TO THE AMERICAN \ V A R - V - °^^O I THE LESS ARENA WE HAVE TO FEED SHIR SHOULD AFFORD US «ARR 5PORT , POP WAMrs TO ALL THIS / - K M O W MOW OTHER. FUSS OVGK / pARENJTS FEEL A LITTLE f AR'OUT KIDS HOG- PHONE (5ING- l^fr PHOME. CALL / y BUT ME CANT 6ET GOOBERS/ \ TMIS TMIW is 1ME MORE DEADLY M06OOSE-YS' 7WAM THE , BUBONIC PLAGUE X 7 0 0 / ^ ^ S l l E T H F "^'"^AI-L-Y/ AT u ; .Abi II-U.-IK DOORBELLS SVOW'T BIT BUSY/ f Bur ITS TIME, PADDY/ DID PAUL REVERE WAIT fOR. *** wO' SiOT AT ALL- A \AS A S E N T I T L E D I OF F ID 5ET OSi HiS Ml TH^K GOT . M. MO, U. t.lAT WONOpfl HOW ^T NO TEUUW0/ WAWV PILLION PIC- \ BA5V..BUT IT'3 TUPS 0' THE"KRIN61E \ ONE OF THE PfcBS" HAVE BEEN ,,.ON^_. , mtvlDBILL / IWTHf WORLD ; / lWP^Pf^ A TOOAV! par r ^ A k i / .^^MA _ I t * , t WHEN SHE GIVE'S ME THAT ANGEL SMILE i "VE WOULDN'T TELL 'lM, PADDX.?" SUQEvWHAT KTIND OF A MAN D'VE THIKIk' I AM? VE'LL HAPTA GET VER INFORMATION ELSEWHERE, ME BUCKO WELL, THAT'S THAT/ I'VE SEEN ALL HONEV DORIAN^ FRIEND6 AND RELATIVES . k. AND NOT A PEEP OUT OF ANV OP'THEM/THE LITTLE MINX/ I THlNJkT SHE'S GOT ^~ THE BOSS ft 191?, Kinf IVijimiJijndum, Im , \VniM A PRETTV BLOlvlDE? \VWV, 6lC, WE SEE MANV PRETT/ GlRLS EVERY DAV/ IT'S WARD TO REMEMBER THEM ALL.., FOG NN CLARABELLES PET^ EMPOI2IUM"! SIGN THAT FLISWTV CLAC2ABELL.E!" RUNNIN6 OFF AND LEAVING AAE VA/ITW . . . ' SETTER. CALL T^E PSVT^O LJVT TiAM GUV OX TV-S Pi-OXS SAN' W E S SE;N:6 TRAXNPLEP TO DSATM IN A BABV OSTRICM STA\\PEDE:J $$^ ----··' ^k\ ^TTi

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