The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on June 4, 1976 · Page 11
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 11

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1976
Page 11
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Th« D*Hy toMr , Montan*. Frid*y. ...earner's WOT UOHCfe MAKIUfc IT! WiK AT BRIDGE BEfTlf BAILEY ISNT THAT THE WAV J WANT ITZ S0INS TO WlTri HIM OVER TtJERE ANP YOU OVER WINTHROf A GENTLEMAN (SHOULD WALK ATA UADYfe SIDE Tt PROTECT HBS FRCM THINOS WHICH MAY RMJ_ . Jww t. Itt» AMU (Mm* *i-A»rt 11) Before you o/umMe about a job you rnem doing today, consider Its long-range aspects It could prove to be very beneficial. TAURUS (April tt-Ht, 10) Youll be generally fortunate today except In finances. Leave the long shots to those who like to gamble and a/e used to tos- tofl. OEUIMI (Mar 11-JuM M) Though a member ol your f»mlty coutd cause scmo unnecessary frustration today, be the first to foigive so the matter can be forgotten. CANCER (June it-July 22) Today, keep everything out m the open. You'll only come to grief by trying to repress important, but embarrassing facts. LEO (My 23-Au«. 12) An alternative today may turn out lo be your most fortunate choice. ft m ay not a ppea' to be so at the time VIROO (Aug. 2»-S*pt 22) There's nothing wrong witti being ambitious, but have lun at the same Ume. Don't pursue goals so doggedly you for get to Kve. UBRA (Sept 23-Oct 23) You have a tendency today to create needless problems. Fortunately, you'll be able to byferrtoefecteQ/cl g«t out of IrouWe u wily w you 90! Into it. tCWWlO (Oct. M4o. 21) Don! enltr »ny arrangements today *h»e you hop* 10 g« more Irian you're writing to flrve. If you're g«n«rous trie olher party win reciprocate. SAGITTARIUS (Hx. J3-O«C. 91) An associate will try to take credit today for sonwttiing you did. His tactics win t* to no avail. You'll get due praise. CAPftlCOHM (D*e. 22-Jtn. 19) Don't be rash or tooiish. but a a calculated risk is called (or today, take It. U may be well worth the effort. AQUARIUS (Jan. M-F«t. 11) 11 you ke«p your nose to the grindstone today, the possibility of gain looks very promising. Opting for pleasure will diminish your chances. PISCES (Feb. 20-Meri* M) Steer clear of domineering people today. Pal around with someone with whom you can feel and act yourse 1 !. Two wrong* makt a right MWTH ID) WEST » A J S EAST A Q 9 8 5 4 2 « A Q J 5 3 «£ SOUTH 4 K 1 0 3 » A K 10 2 « K 104 X J I 0 4 NorUvSoulh vulnerable W«t Nwlh E»ll 1« I NT. 2 A Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead -- J * Soulfc Dbl. J NT. Your Birthday June S, 1976 Activity behind the scenes w=a be of great benefit to you ffiis coming year. Someone influential is quietly pulling strings in your behalf. By Oswald James Jacoby This may well be the comic hand of 1976. All the players were great experts which may explain what happened. Experts can play belter than anyone, but they also can play worse. The game was match points and East and West were not vulnerable. Therefore, East decided to try a screwball. aotnimp to Kir Wort »p Smith's double 4n correct and West's two-dub caJJ »*j designed to uk East to «ho» a s u i t , b u t Ealt p a u e d . whereupon South jumped to three notrump. West opened 0V jack of diamonds. South won with hii king, looked over the eocmy convention card to tee that the jack lead showed either zero or two higher. So South decided to get brilliant. He led tile 10 of clubs to dummy's queen, played a tow spade and stuck in his lung. At this point the defense could hare cashed seven more tricks, bu! West decided that East had a long heart suit. He led his jack of hearts and South made the five notrump he had available from the start of the play. A Tennessee reader wants to know wliy modern players use all sorts of fancy opening lead conventions. The answer is that standard lead conventions are not perfect and these young experts are trying to improve on them. So far they have i really succeeded. not RICK OSHAY WELL., r RECKON IT TAKB* ONE T KNOW ONK-:. .,1 RECKON WE T ' O 4XMWTUWM AN' I'VE E-OU A: FUNSRM- For SurxUr, June «. 1*7* ARIES (Itwch 21-April 1t) NormaUy, wnerever you go you generate action. Today your presence will have a very soothing effect on others. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) You may find someone yrill',ng. to help you wrap up an old task you've been purling off. It wiii b« a welcome relief. GEMINI (H»y 21-Jun* 28) Although you'll be in a gregaiious mood today, you'fl also want to be around serious thinkers to exchange worthwhile ideas. CANCER (June 21-My 22) You know how to get real mileage out of a dollar today and couid pick up some good bargains. This is particularly true of household items. LEO (My 21-Aug. 22) They II take notice today if you voice an opinion during a discussion. Others sense you're not given to malting idte remarks. VIRQO (Aug. 93-S«pt 22) If you expect an old debt to be repaid, cat! the person aside today and give him a gentle reminder. Otherwise, it just won't happen. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You function best as the power behind the throne tod ay -- and you enjoy it! Eiposure will l e s s e n your c h a n c e s o f success. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) A group you're affiliated with may ask you to take on added responstolttes today. Don't shirk. They realty need your help. CAPRICORN (0*c. 22-J«n. 13) Challenge stimulates you today to trie point where you might volunteer lo take on things others run away from. What's more, you'll do it! AQUARIUS (Jtn. 20-Feb. 19) Don't ask for ciiticism today from afriendwtioalwaystellsit like it is, unless you're prepared to lace the truth. PISCES (Feb. »-M«rch 20) You are especially determined today and will accomplish whal you set out to do. Surpnsjigly. your best efforts will go to help someone else. SURE... Small Space Ads Attract Attention. SIDE OUNCES by Gill Fox Your Birthday . 23-Oct. 2») Stand up- ind .be counted if anything threatens an old f r i e n d t o d a y . Your realatkxisnip has been a good one. Your loyally will strengthen it. June 6, 1976 , .· Important..contacts will be developed. Ifiis coming year t h r o u g h your s o c i a l in- volvenients. You'll do par- lictlarly well with those older than yoursell. »·«»«»··«···«·«·····«,«,.« ' ALLEY OOP I'LL SET HE'S \ YEAH, lU BET \ MY SLAOTBET ) HE IS.TOO! I... _/ LOOK-THERE RID OP US / A-_ ^- MR. OOP.' Place A Classified Ad Today in : TheDaily Inter Lake "Good heavens! With movies like that being made how do ttiey EVER expect to control vwld population?" Angelology Answer 10 Previous Puu!e ACROSS In.dan 1 Heavenry AJ Vhrid hues riressenger 43 AsV tor alms 6 Angel clothed 44 Word of in red suipiise (2 French river 46 Alpine maunl 13 Honoied 49 Daughter 01 15 GreeV letter Cadmus 16 Herb (rriytti.) 1? S: ; tcVi together 50 Floor cowering - - Z!.=dii^sn :a ! -jnnr^ IS Spat 20 Fish sauce 21 t.ile/ary coflectron 22 Pfohifcil 24 Imfjortea cTieese 27 SKIy person 29 MonV's htle 32 EvU spirit 34 Archangel fGod has Teaied') 36 Archangel ("Man of God") 38 Brislte*e parts 39 Former name of Tokyo 40 Canadan 53 Co 1 with 58 Aicl~angei C Wh.o is like God?'] 59 MH tern's "regent of !fie " essayist fV1 Perceive DOWN prophet 2 Tn'e 3 Cuifcva:ed 4 Modem lang-jage (ab) 5 Corr.e !o kr.ow 6 B'-ack tifd 6 FifS1 woman 9 Lea^s daughter 10 Sov;el r.ver H Noia 14 Cofoquiai ti'e 19 tout ?1 God ol lovfl 22 Ccnstiiclor 23 H-tjh mountains 24 SUght advantage 25 Expired 26 p'j-pil 2B HpiaidiC ?9 DeMmy 30 Peruse 31 Pub O'CPfs 33 Atliaclive 35 B.-ave i.-d vidual 37 6 urn 41 AQPS and ages 43 Lave 45 Egypt an go3 46 Ui'e s^eep 47'Jaca^ese sashes 48 Relig--ou5 grajp 49 rum 53 Piec-p"ta(K?n 51 Sf-osfKireari ind ans 52 Slro^g *^.d 54 T i S c o l ] CAPTAIN EASY EEK MEEK KOLP ir FAT STUFF'.... \~7 V5T. Crt'EFL,. DO I GET THE tJAPf?E5StOrO )/ WAY I rv\AKE A V0U'K"MIRACL FLU'^* " " «AY HAVf- PAWASED / W E L L _\ SCMEPLACE. CAAJ se Auue f ANDY CAfP DO I GATHER FROM EA5V THAT YOU'RE AFKfllD THE .SMRACLE FLUID VW HAVE SH^UMK LirA MAMWORT'S LE6 A TRIFLE TOO MUCH? V JOVE! r THIM vou-ue SOT 50METHIM ' LAKES AMP GENTLEMEN OF THE PRE55- WILL CONTINUE; TOKEEPCL1CKIN' · TMEMNEcOLES, FtO?rrCANB£

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