The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 2, 1965 · Page 2
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 2

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 2, 1965
Page 2
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· Delia Democrat-Times .2 Wednesday, June '2, '65 r~ Along The Waterfront Valley Towing vessel, Ole Miss, Service motor was schedueld to reach Warficld Point, 5 miles below Greenville, al l:3fl p.m. today to take on supplies and change crews. The Ole Miss radioed at 6 a.m. at mile 4SS on the lower Mississippi, 42 miles south of Grccnvllc, ami the City of Greenville reported she was loading cargo at Sunshine, La., on the lower Mississippi. · IVEt SI AC!! House Group Clears Way For Vote BUI WASHINGTON (UPI) - The News Briefs AA MEETING The Washington Countv Group of Alcoholics Anonymous will meet Thursday night al 8 at the Scout Hut behind (lie First Presbyterian Church. All interested persons are invited to attend. 'GOP Calls For Firm US Viet Action House Judiciary Committee call- Tk v ,,,, UBK , AUVr KM»**-NS MONDAY cd today for early floor action 1 ,, T , hc T " Alw!! "" Icr P "^ Memorial library will reopen on the administration's voting * tond " y JlnC '" ln " S lc »"»TMry Barters ,n the old Commercial rights bill in a reporl lhal revealed a nine - way split among (he commillec's 35 members. The Senate already h a s voting righls bill close- passed ly rescmblig the House bill except for a polclially troublesome difference on poll The Senate bill merely would Dank building on South Poplar Street. The closure Ihis week is necessary so lliu library staff may complete (hc disk of rcar- ranging books and periodicals, Mrs. librarian, iaid (oday. Lucy Criltenden, head KNIGHTS KLKCT OFFICIOUS TONIGHT Ekttirin (if officers for the Greenville Knights of Columbus wil be held loinght al 8 at ibe KC Hall on Reed Road. WASHINGTON (UPI) - Republican leaders urged loday that the United Stales take 'whatever measures are necessary" to defeat the Communists in South Viet Nnm. Senate GOP Leader Everett M. Dirkscn tokl a news confer- Picketers- 'No Trouble' SeenAtMillsaps (Continued From Page 1) He handed the copies of the nj'.mction to the defendants,] briefly summed up the conlcntsl JACKSON (UPI) - The presi- of the injunction for those of lhe' llerl ° f Millsapa College said to- defendants who could not read'" 1 ^ hc dld no( an 'opale any and asked if there were any questions. The chief deputy explained to Ihe defendants that the injunction required them to remove all personal effects from houses occupied on the Andrews farm, cncc that Ihis did not meanjinctuding livestock, however, any endorsement of use of nuclear weapons. 5? 30 2 4 5 i/.s ?? 5 15.2 11.5 1 8 4 · 0.1 ·O.ft O.T W K K K K A M i "SATISFACTORY" Hplorc slate- and Inrnl poll lax-! ^ c condition of Jnlm \Vcckia!l. 50, iraclur driver on Glen Hnn fjf mc;isurc l plantation. Suin^lown road, seriously injured Tite.sflay when a ' Iriiclor overturned while crossing n water fumnv, was reportrd satisfactory al Gcnernl [lo*pil;d lorlny. lie buffered brukcn bones of tlie hands awl pelvis. cs while llic House would repeal them. ived Mtrx, ** IN IHE IAKE fESGUSON venel Der.r.i Brswft o cay of ?H» Monn* We'ding nrxi V/ailt. P. 6. Gt.Flrr. said todoy Molina. Th« la.iy lu'Mr lell It* here at 6:30 n.m. Tv*lday and d THE judiciary committee, which approved Ihe bill last CVO MEETS TONIGHT month, sent its report lo Rulcs| -|-| 1C si. Joseph Callrolic: Youth Organi/.uion meets tonight al 7 Commillec Chairman Howard, at Ihe parish hall. A special invitation is extended to those wlw will W. Smith, U-Va., along with a|be in Ihis Scplrmlicr's ninth grade lo attend and lo join Ihe CYO. letter requesting early clear-; up AND oowuTmt Mississirn nvrc' ancc ' lo lne Hour. Smilh ha.-.I e-i-?l'9 1H;!*1 by Wd'li«H rv.t hit n-ahlj ord ssily tcacjy -Tchjded Wily J., S«i-l biw. Ned snd. Gfeen . iHe M, Hi He cm LOADING Our UR'REP Mrl th* tuw of Hi* po'i l*-(nm^l IS^iv. C S^*Daid V r p f d 1» Kave hi* n-c-;r v C--nm^K'o1. back In h^rbft- *«fv*» 1 r-d FtrHif (/C i O tOtli|flr. HEfE AND IHttE V/UH C C i r f l V I I I F E^S^O IAOTOR VES5EIS (,'nrt st«-r)i tQ^d tod-i* ni 1 -* O'fVjifl. V/asnn S^j riiin Towir^3 Cerrfxir.v tS^ r^-fflr vrjlfl Ei O'llaia reoatted rrvt D^caui. A'o.. -' 6 o.n-, B i t towiy \ii-i 16- veHfl. ' KG'// Jntj " Volume III nf 'IJII-; I.AUKFATi;. Ihe (rjeenville High School literary ninga/inc. i.s nn snip al Ihe following Mnret: Nel.ns and Hlum. Ofllcc Supply Co.. Cullry Rexall Drugs Kn. 2, and Seven- filcvcn Minute Market. The magavluc is priced al 51 cenls a copy. 'Mjnol yel indicated when he would start hearings on the measure, bitterly opposed by Souihcrn congressmen. Floor debsle ia not expected lo start before thej _ third week in June. I A S K f } j] E J7p~ON GAKBAGK Ihe 10 separate slalcments. Alphnnsn (Illrrmari of Oluemari PlamaliTM tnday asked resi- published by Ihp. judiciary corn-L^,,,, ,,( . M ,|,,|jvisinns barriering Rerd Read and Re.iuchmnp lo re- inillce include tire majority ie- f ra i,i from dumping garbage in lhc ililch thai runs along his port by 19 Democrals, a rcrmrl!p rori erlv. cralic views anil lour mrtivxluall . , ..' . r , , . . , ' , , · i, .'i '·',, £ . . · ,I plant caught lire al Delta Molor Lines, North Ilicobald Slrccl Lx- GOi reports. lendcd. al 5: ID p.m. Tuesday. lingine Company No. 2 nf Ihe Fire Department extinguished the Naxc wilh two Imostcr tank lines. HKALTII I)KI'AKTMENT~CLOSED THURSDAY The Viet Nnm recommendations, in effect an endorsement many efforls already undertaken hy President Johnson were contained in a foreign policy report lo Ihe Republican Coordinating Committee -- a n Rev. Delta f.FUlriCR Ministry Walker asked, of Iho "Does policy making voice of tile GOP.!"Docs . - . . ition?" Parly leaders saxl Ihe committee had not taken .T stawl on President Johnson's rccnm- Ihat include furnilureV" "Do you live over (here?" re- pficd J : ishcr. "I do not," Walker responded. Then it's none of y o u r business," Ihe chief deputy replied, that answer your o,ues- mewlafion for repf;0 (if HIP Tafl-Hartlcy Law provisinn permitting slate, righHo-work laws. now rwnd- Tl (K SAME ijiicsl inn, asked by one of the 12 striking larm workers, w.ii subsequently answered by Fisher. When serving (he documents he did nol 'serious" problems a r i s i n g rom the lowering of racial b a r r i e r s at the Methodist supported school. Dr. n. B. Graves told the 53rd annual Melhodist Conference that "We do not expccl any serious problems. . .provided keep radicals of both sides out of the picture." Graves said sliff admission :|ualificalions and a high Union fee wouM limit lhc number of Negroes who would attend Millsaps, lie said any Negroes would be "exceptional" students. the chief deputy asked who Since the issue ing in Ihe House, Rep. Gerald R. Ford, R.Mich., House GOP lnc * rol 'P "presented the Coun- lender said Iho group did nol cil nf ' ; «^"ted Organizations, feel il was a subject it should!' 1 here was nn response. When I tack!Ie. Excise Tax: The House nenrcd Towl-g 1 P.ver end th» nlf.l'nltrf W^Dlhe'l ..,-.. M. Ce-c:ny » Icwbcn'. George V,t:ir*ii. |hc approval of PrCSHlCnl J(Jlin r a r f e f d fib^ve A.Ilsn. 111., r-ilft 213 era' 1 ' pc*ii;c.n lo 'nfli^? 'hp Mrlindo 8.. frife 131 and rfownhountl on Mijtouri Rivrr, /.Sc-ArV mi'« 770 orH isulj-.b^-vd dr. f f ' lower rAiiti» : iSnl. Snliy S.. mile 181 r.~d urhovncf en rhe W.'nouri. W:« HtifKy. mile 7?4 nod unbeind r-i Ohio River. Chi/:V K^bnrl. mils 43) and unbound on Mlucyr, P.vcr . . . Brenl Towtno Con-D3.-y'l Ann enl rod.ced a mira 328 Dnd .wnKbcund a.45 n.m. rod'ced 01 rr-le 53i nr.d i r,r-}i. bcj.-d on Ke lc*-er Mijiiiilpp". Bafhnia Eicnl. n:l e S04 ord upbiu-d en tS« Oh'o Piv(r. Dona S', mil* 318 end n;i'fi- MUIU*:DPI, Ann G.. Piv , ilo 73-i and usfcouia' on iJ-r OI l M o ' O O ' t f B'lnf. rr-iJe 1 1 1 C^-d do*n^v en tf't Akbalolovn Rivci, Cnro'- Brc nvlc 654 ond ror'J-.bovnJ on 'he J?v /.1-il'ii'cci . . . Ce't^r Towing Cor-r^in Cov ; d VitVeii. Ica^Tr) corffo nl Bat Jtovgt. la., Ni'a Deon. rril* 7^3 a I'OUrbo-jfid O.T the leaver Mi« ; )i : nni, J T. F Ke"d L/D ^C(c«.'« c( high write/ at i f'cod gale fn Colorado River . . Loyacono Retires From MPL Innocent J. l-oyacono. Greenville storekeeper for Mississippi Power and Light Compnny. rclircd yesterday with 50 years of service lo Ihe company. He was presented a certificate of appreciation by Ba:dcr Wilson, MP L president nt a special ceremony Tuesday a f t - ernoon in Ihe auditorium of Ihe new Mississippi Power antl Light Company building on Main Slrcel. A stereo set w a s given to his wife. * * + LOYACONO was also presented a plaque on his SOtli anniversary recenlly at a luncheon held son's excise lux reduction plan which is moving swiftly Ihrougli Congress. The $18 million plan is designed lo prevent the economy from slowing down ami House members indicaled eagerness lo gel it passed nr.d uvcr lo Ihe Senate. Guns: Chairman Thomas J. Dodd. D-Conn. r of Ihe Senalc Juvenile Delinquency subcom- roillee said one of his group's agents has infiltrated the Min- ulcmcn. a militant nationalist "fhc Washingltm County Health Department will lie closed al day Thursday in observance of .fefforson Davis 1 birthday. Education Said Key To Better Economy "If we are lo advHiicc , organization preparing fnr guerrilla warcfare in Ihis country. Dodd made the disclosure nl a hearing on proposed legislation restrict sales of guns. Union Wins Local Plant Election The Amalgamated Meat Cut Icrs and Bulrher Workmen o Base. ·aid. economy wo must improve education likewise," W B. llorton of Moorhcud, president of the Mississippi Delta Junior College, told the Kiwanis Club Tuesday at Hotel Greenville. President Morton expressed hope that some dny Clreenvillelcollcge within the ability to pay. vill have a fine vocational pro- New* Of Record were Mon- al Greenville Air P'nrce "That will come," he Employers today aro looking ir trained persons, llorton said D discussing the development Prcsklent Jack Slull called attention of Kiwanians to a trip made by Kiwanian Willard Mc- llwain lo Chicago where he served as a member of the commil- ce drafting resolutions for Ihe coming convention of Kiwanis n vocational program for use North won a Board (ion of workers America this morning National Labor Relations eleclon for reprcscnla- Nalional here. voie, Packlng Co. minds nnd hands. He was prchcnkd hy Kiwaninn J. D. iloliman, chairman of the program committee. UK SAID if Greenville could ncrtEisc the income of each person SaO per year hy raising Ihe education level if would greatly International New York. Kiwanian W. C. Ferrcll tol Kiwanians that (he "Y" swim- iniiil 1 , [MKil IIHS been heated am is available for use by men dur ing the noun hours and from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Kiwanian Leslie Fra/ier is a proud father of a son who arriv In a "close voie," a majority! im P rove lhc economic condition. of (he company's 37 production! TllL ' i lin '" r coilc 6 c program and maintenance employees, in-;0riginalcd in the United Slates eluding Iruckdrivers. voted representation tiy Ihe AFI.-CIO affiliated union. Office, clerical, professional and supervisory workers were barred from participating in the election held in Ihe firm's new office building. f u[ .jaml is truly American otic, the in his honor in Jackson. l.oyaccno will be the last and] only employee lo chalk up Sol KOCllB NflfflSQ years of service with MPL, nsl n i ·»_ IS is now the minimum age for employment. I NEW YORK (UPI) - Jamc Loyacono slarlcd working for|M. Roche, a slatislician. w c n t j Ihe Delta Light Traction jto work for Cadillac in 1927. Hc CM President cci early Tuesday, Roy Campbell Jr., club's only guest. Slull was said. Ihe The following people sentenced in city court lay: Fdward M. Wcslcrman, 232 Clover Circle, careless and reckless driving. $15, running stop sign, S10; Sarah Dorris, at large, drunk. S15, resisling ar- rcsl, $55; Herbert Rogers, Avon, drunken driving, S200 and M ays, days suspended. Mack Simmons, at large, drunk, S55; Ale.v Williams Jr., 512 S. flighlh. drunken driving, $200 aixl SO days, days suspended, failure to yield, $15; David Roach. 123 N. Theobald, drunk, $H nnd 30 days. * * + JOE 5ANSBERRY, at large, assault and battery. $250 and 60 days, assault and battery, 115, resisting arrest, $250; Ron- Id Hood, 328 Alexander, expir- ;d driver's license, $10, leaving scene, $55, drunken driving,! $250 and 91) days, careless and reckless driving, S15. Snmmie . Miles, 23S Hughes, careless and reckless driving (CR), $15; 13. J. Reynolds. Glen Allan, speeding, $15; Leroy Foster, 212 Ohio, speeding, S30; Dwight John Lewis, Mun- fnrd, Tenn., drunken driving, $100; Booker T. Scott, 425 N. Theobald, assault and battery, I lie askcil COI r O projccl director Vince I'errar if he represented COl'O, Ferrar answered, "No." Although (here were nn pick- els at the farm this morning, a Delta Ministry spokesman indicated the picketing would be resumed. "This certainly doesn't mean I Ihe end of our project," he said. Subscription Rates The Delta Democrat - Times Published every uflerfloon (except Saturday) and Sunday by: The Times Publishing Co., 201 Main St., Greenville, Miss. Delivery by carrier $1.75 per month. Mail subscriptions payable in advance to subscribers living In Washington and ad- Joining counties not served by dealers and carriers, 3 months $·1.25; six months, $8.00; one year $15.M. By mail all olher areas within United Slates: three monlhs, $5.25; six months $10.00; one, ?20.00. linlered as Second Class nialter at Ihe Post Office at Greenville, Miss., under Act of March 8, 1879. . Dr. Paul E. Maxwell Are Yon Singing The Migraine Bines? "Migraine" (sick headache) ha* Its origin in Ihe nervous system and many suffer untold agony with this Incoodination. Chiropractic research through the years hns convinced chiropractic authorities that migraine headaches would not be possible ·without interference to llie normal flow of life force through the spinal rord and nerves. Of tha htfndreda of cases of this type cared for by chiropractors, not or.n case has failed to show a definite pattern of interference to the normal lifo force flow when scientifically checked by chiropractors to delennlna if nerve interference exists. Tt is logiral that the imlivid- MAXWELL ual luffering from the incoordi- natlon called migraina thould seek out the cause, of his condition and have -it corrected. Chiropractic caio is ths most reliable means of removing the cause of sick headache. Thii fact is attested to by thousands of testimonial letters written by grateful people who now enjoy complete freedom from tha In- :oorc]ination: migraine. If you are Buffering from this condition, seek out tha cause and have It corrected. Ask a chiropractor to help you. You May Not Need Chlropracti But You Owe It To Yourself To Know. CHIBOPKACTIC CLINIC THOMAS SHOPPING CENTER - PHONE 332-2842 speaker said, as Iho basic purposes of education. Changes in society, JHorlon said, h a v e brought new demands on education, nnd poinlcd out the greal changes that have come in tins generation. He point ccl lo the mass influx into economy by the moving of many to cities. Concentration of cmploymcnl ami mechanization has left only nine per cent in common Inbor jobs, he declar- Icd Company on March 15, 1015 v/hcn he was M years of age. MPL acquired (he Delta Lighl, Traction Company in 1024. In 1S23, Loyacono became chief clerk in the Accounting Section. He was made slorekcc- per in 1939. JN rcliremcnt ceremonies, MPL President Wilson said Loyacono "typifies the highest ideals of service" and expressed gratitude for "his life of dedication." Loyacono is married to Ihe former Margaret DeVolo of Yazoo Cily and is Ihe falher of two children, Frank John Loyacono of Greenville, and Mrs. Paul Reggins of Bj.ton. Roosevel) Wins Miami Beach Post I The was 21 years oM. and lhc sales 1 ' n c J uninr collc fi° of General Motors, of which " uatcl ' mcc ' s lhc " CCC ' 3 more arle- limn Carlillnc was a parl. were $l,'l aily " Illcr ' He sail1 cosl is '"" 2t3.313.673 in lhal year. ! v " lvc1 ;mi1 Kenillr TM llc « cs cosls Today Roche slarls his first', 8 " nsl "£- full Hay as president of General! Thc i l "" or C "" C 8 C PTMTM'" 'or NOTHING Motors. Hc now i. sales of General 55, a ml the Motors were last year S16,997,(M-M63; its sales in Ihe firsl ihrcc months of this year were $5.557,059.245, Ihe student al a cost he can 'incci. Morton said il is possible tt allcjid Dclln Junior College for S37J n year. HE SAID transportation is pro- more than four limes what hcy| viric1 lo "he eight were for the entire first year in| counl ics '' scrv " al a cost ^ $72 jper year, bringing t w o years o[ named chairman of tive committee and MIAMI BEACH (UPI) - El liott Roosevelt, son of President Franklin D. Roosevell. won election as Miami Beach mayorj Tuesday and attributed his upset victory lo hard work. Defeated incumbent Mayor Melvin Richard, However, claimed "Ihe Roosevelt name played a greal part in Ihis; I overheard one senior citizen say 'isn't if nice that President Roosevelt is running for mayor 1 ." The 54-year old son of the late president denied his name had anything lo do with his most important political victory (o date. "My brolher Jimmy loi! the mayor's race in I.os Angeles by which he went to work. The n e w president -- als the execii a member of the finance committee by t h e 1 ' GiVf directors who elected him Tuesday -- admitted at a news conference that his first reaction was "sort of being overwhelmed" by Ihe responsibilities of his task: Heading the world's largest industrial corporation. he lias Elliou Ihe Obituary S. L. Hall SHAW -- Funeral services for, Stephen Lyon Hall, 81. are sche-| duled for 4 p.m. today at Ihe | Presbylerian Church h e r e . Burial will follow in Ihe Shaw Cemetery with Coleman Kuner- Grecnvilie liuick-Cadillac- Cr. is proud lo announce ithat W. D. Fcrriss has joined ilheir sales slaff. Mr. Fcrriss has' j lived in the Delta his enlire life al Home of Indianola in charge.! land asks his many friends run! ac- Mr. Hall, a retired farmer and.qtiaintances lo contact him be- eldcr in Ihe Presbyterian Church, died Tuesday at General Hospital in Greenville following a long illness. He was born in Cedar View. fore buying a new car, saying. 'Greenville fiiiick-Cadillac-Pon- tiac Co. has given me terrific selling prices on all new cars lo help me get 'kicked off" in Ihis LIKE FLA ME LESS A I R C O N D I T I O N I N G CLEAN D QUIET D HEALTHFUL D DEPENDABLE A n d n o w e v e n MORE e c o n o m i c a l ! (Also, MPL's rates make it even more economical to go total electric than to use a combination of services.) Ask your local office for full details! Miss., nnd lived in Isola and Ok-1business. We have a fabulous :ahoma City before moving Shaw in 1956. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nannie B. Hall; one son, a 2-1 margin and Roosevelt name," minded. With nboul two-thirds of Minmi Beach's 30,000 registered voters turning cut, final rcturns | (save Roosevelt 10,002 votes andjonc daughler, Mrs. C. A. jla.cting me at Ihe Grcenvil.,, Richard 8,601. Morris ZuckerlWashington of Shaw; ten firandjRuick-Cadillac-Poniiac Co., down- (ind Fred T. Hunl Sr. were also- children and seven great Gi-nmville, 332-5193. rans children. ' -- Adv.-- slock nf .-ill lliree nnikes of cars ready for immediate delivery. I cnn .save you money on a ncw IJUICK, CADILLAC, OR PON- MISSISSIPPI POWER Stephen IL. Hall of C;reenville:|T(AC. Make me prove it by con-: HSfeS, LIGHT COMPANY DELTA WHOLESALE CO. NOW UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP and MANAGEMENT MATT VIRDEN end BREEZY BAKER Are Now The Sole, Owners of Delta Wholesale Co. Delta Wholesale's Prices Are At, Low, Low Discounts! But Now, There Are 2 Owners Instead Of 3, Delta Wholesale Can Give You Even LOWER PRICES than EVER BEFORE- For Personal Attention and Customer Satisfaction From All Departments Se« MIKE WINDUS NEW MANAGER of Delia Wholesale LOW OVERHEAD 2 Owners, and Volume Buying Means Low Prices IE1A11 DIVISION Of DELTA Wholesale 7 Company 815 Main

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