The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 27, 1949
Page 12
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FAGtt 'TWELVE l.rt.KK.,1 Overseas Arms Funds Speeded HOUM and Senate Committees Move Swiftly Toward Accord By DM WUtehead WASHINGTON,. Sept. 27. OT — Bwift agreement to a Sc»iat«- HaUM eommltU* on a f 1,314.010,000 overact* arm* program sped along today one U.8,':«nswer to Russia's A-bomb claim;. Th« n*wi of an atomic Wast in Wuisim »enred to speed agreement among the lawmakers that friendly nations must be strengthened •talnst the threat of Communism. A Senate-House conference .late yeaterday sidetracked a House economy move and agreed, In three hours, on the higher cost program voted earlier by the Senate. The discarded House figure was $869,- •41S.OOO, or $444,595.000 less than the atreed-upon Senate figure. Chairman Connally (D-Tex) of the Senate Foreign Relations Com- jnfttee told reporters the Russian "atomic lepotts "have given the armji program new strength." Republican Senators Bridges of New Hampshire, Knowland of California agreed. Usually, conferees appointed to Mttle Senate - House differences reach agreement by an In-between compromise In this case the House members dropped any pretense of fighting for the lower figure. And as the authorization bill now stands It contains: $1,«M,M«,*M for the North At- lantlc pact nation*; 1211.370,000 for Greece »ml Tur= *«•,; - KT.Sit.tW for Iran, Korea and the Philippines; SIS.MN.WM which may be spent by the President—» he sees fit— In the China area; Permission to ship $450,000,000 of aarplus arms. Briefly, the program would auth- orise the bulk of, arms aid for Western Europe and make $125,000,000 available Immediately to gel the aid program underway," This money would "come from the Reconstruction Finance. Corporation. The remainder of the cash and contract authority : ,would be prn- Tided by appropriation. The aid for •Western Europe Is divided. $500.000,000 In cash; and .$500,000,000 in authority to enter contracts. Only $100,000.000 in cash could b« spent immediately. THe lemnin- der would become available onl; • ft«r President Truman approve. 'defense recommendations* niade by the Atlantic Pact Military Commit tee.. The Senate Insisted on puttini this .string oh the spending to ti th* program .more closely, to the operations of the North Atlantic Security: Council and the defense committee. The House members gave ground, Obituaries Osceola Crash Victim Buried In Clarksville Funeral services for Ewell N. Thompson, 31, assistant football coach at Osceola High School, who was killed Sunday night in r c»r- bus crash near Clarksdale, were conducted tills afternoon at the First Methodist Church in Clarksville with burial there. Coach Thompson was killed Instantly when the car he was driving crashed head-on with « Greyhound but on Highway 61 one-fourth of a mile North of Clarksdale. Four members of the Osceola School Board and High School faculty attended the services In Clarka- vllle. They were Head Coach' Rube Boyce, Omar Stevens, high school principal and Joe Rhodes and E. P. Bradley, members of the board. . A. J. Brown of Memphis, driver of the bus, is being treated in Memphis for a fractured ankle received In the accident and six passengers on the bus were treated for minor injuries. They were Mrs, Lou Emma Cox and Mrs. Opal Cross, of Osceola, Otis Lancaster of Turrell and Arthur Durham of Blytheville. Coach Thompson had been a iicmber of the Osceola High School caching staff since Sept. 1. He vns appointed last spring to suc- eed Coach Charles Moore who reigned. At the time of the ac- ident he was en route to McCrory, Ark., to visit friends. • » • ~ 'raighead Pioneer Dies JONESBORO, Sept. 27—</P)—Mrs. nme Selmg, pioneer settler of Cralghcad County and grandmother of State Highway Patrolman Ad Schug, died in her home 15 miles east or here last night. She was il. Mrs. Schug and her late husband, Andy Schug, bought ahd cleared hundreds of acres of land, converting it into rich farming interests, in what Is now known as Schugtown. Eighteen Obtain Divorce Decrees Chancellor Cherry Conducts One-Day Session of Court Fire Destroys Barn On S. Sixteenth Street Fire of an undetermined origin destroyed a bam at the end of South 16th Street early this mom- ing- ••.'..••'• Fire Chief Roy Head said that the barn was empty, and no estimate or damages hnd been made. It was owned by Arthur Taylor, who reported that the blaze was out of control • when he was awakened by neighbors.' The alarm was sounded about 12:30 a.m. and burned almost completely' before the fire department could reach .the scene. Eighteen divorce decree* were granted In Chancery Court here yesterday during a. one-day M.sslon conducted by Chancellor'Francis A. Cherry of Jonesboro. Two other divorce complaints were dismissed and thre; cases In equity were settled. Rulings of the chancellor follow: Vclma Mae Welk vs. Elmer Richard Welk, divorce to plaintiff. Pearl B&?s vs. Dewey Bass, divorce to plaintiff. John O. Mallory vs. Mary Sue Mallovy, divorce to plaintiff. Catherine Seird vs. James Selrd, divorce to plaintiff. Louise Hill Paul vs. Carl G. Paul, divorce suit dismissed without prejudice. Annie Cash vs, If. P. Cash, divorce to plaintiff. Charles A. Wood vs. Loren C Smith, temporary restraining order dissolved in action to prevent filing of laborer's lien for construction work done. Ruth Ashley, ex parte, decree confirming Utle to farm lands neai Blytheville.' Irene Snumaker vs. Archie Shu- inakei, divorce and custody of minor children to plaintiff. Mainie L. Wat.son vs. Edwarc Watson, divorce and custody o: minor children to plaintiff. .G. P. Kersey vs. Sybil Kersey, dl vorce to plaintiff. Mary Sue Wright Johnson vs Ray oJhiison, divorce to plaintiff. Doris M. Bean vs. John C. Bean divorce to plaintiff. Ethel Wiles vs. E. H. Wiles, di vorce to plaintiff. ; Uoa Greathouse vs. Oran W, divorce to plaintiff. .Guaranty Loan Co. vs. Robert an May Ella Futch, forclosure decre and judgment for $318.32 to plain tiff. " . : •'.•.'' Euclean Paris vs. Raleigh Par divorce to plaintiff. Huie M. Brewer vs. Robert BreVer, divorce to plaintiff. : Marguerite C. Cooper vs. Ewing B. Cooper, divorce complaint, temporary restraining order and cross- complaint dismissed; custody of minor children to plaintiff will) defend ant to pay casts and $50 attor- Mexican Airliner, With 24 Aboad, Reported Missing MEXICO CITY, Sept. 27—</P>— Two rescue brigades edged today toward the snow-capped peak of Poi>ocatepell volcano where a Mexican airliner was reported to have crashed with 24 aboard. The tortuous dumb up the rugged ounlaln continued all last night, owed by mud and rain. At dawn the . leading brigade ached the last Indian village a- ut one-third ol the way up. It ports by radio to the mountain's ase. Moises Bautista, a shepherd, said e saw a plane fall into the snow ne the sloiw of the volcano ye.s- erday afternoon. Airport officials ild it must have been the missing lane. The plane, bound from Tapa- hule on the-Guatemala border to Mexico City, carried 21 passengers nd three crewmen. Airline officials >aid two of the passengers—Eugenia Joldsmlth and George Graham— lay be Americans but no record f their addresses was available. - tion *is expected with these questions to be answered: The 1950-51 rates of school All- trict taxation, from which the school* derive their operating funds: . ' " Whether bonds will be issued to pay for new construction or to be used for refinancing old Indebtedness, and, memberships of school boards. Most of th; slate's 423 districts are seeking increases In the rate of taxation, on which there how Is no maximum. The old maximum of 18 mills on each dollar of assessed property valuation was removed by Amendment 40 to the State Constitution,' adopted at the last general elec- Ves/dent, Mrs. Truman To// on Sarah Churchill WASHINGTON, Sept. 27— «>>— resident Truman went backstage asl night to pay a call on Winston Churchill's daughter. Mr. Truman made the visit dur~ ng an Intermission of the play "The 'hiladelphia Story" In which Sarah ihurchill. daughter of the former 3rilish prime minister, starred. "How is your father?" the President asked as he shook hand with he actress. Miss Churchill .inld her famous dad was feeling fine and addec "Thank you for coming." The President and Mrs. Truman drove 26 miles to see the play the Olney Theater in Maryland Livestock lion. Most districts have been lew- Ing an 18-mlll tax. ' If new proposed -taxation rates are rejected .by the voters, the rate for the next year will be the same as In the. 1949-50 year. McMath Optimistic Governor McMath and State Education Commissioner': A.-B. Bonds have expressed hope that all proposed Increases will be approved, the governor saying approval "will be a major step In the educational progress of Arkansas." Organized opposition to the mill- age proposals has come from the Arkansas Public Expenditures Council, which maintains they "will lower the boom" on Arkansas taxpayers. The APEC says the proposed taxes are "double barrelled" n that districts will receive all the 8-mlll tax proceeds approved l« 5 t 'ear for 1849-50 operations plu» a part of the mlllage up for approval today. • • i . Proposed tax rates range from maintenance, of the IS mills at Camden to 1 'mills at Parkin. Voters used the affirmative ay». em of voting for the first time They placed an "X" in a square following the candidate or measure of their choice. In past years, they lave scratched out all candidate! or measures except tho« for which hey wished to vote. . HUSBAND HKLD IN WIFE'S 'LANE DEATH—J. A. Quay, (right) 0-year-old Quebec jeweler, was eld as a material witness at Que- *c (Sept. 24) 1» connection with he death o( his wife, Mrs. J. A. Guay, 28, and 22 othr persons who died in the crash of an airliner in Sept. 9. Guay faces charge of ising his 'mystery woman" girl .riend to plant a dynamite-laden mckage aboard the plane. This is a Toronto Telegram picture. (AP Wire- jhoto). No 1'arking Worries No Dressing Up ST — - - - What.Could It Be! too, ,lri "accepting aid for the China for China. area. The House had voted nothing ney's fee, Geraldine Lockridge vs. Chnrle.< Ray Lockildge, divorce to plaintiff. Irma Cornelius vs. R. E. Cornelius, divorce to plaintiff. Alfred G. Hickman vs. Wanda Lee Hicknian, divorce to plaintiff. . Thomas Jayfoe vs.. Ruth Jayroe, divorce and judgment on 'pleadings of MOO to plaintiff. NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Ill Sept. 27. HP|— (USDA)— Hogs 10. 000; fnivly active; barrows and giH 25 to 50 higher than yesterday's av erage; soivs steady to. 25 hieher good and choice 200-250 Ibs 20.00 25; mostly 20.25. the top; odd lot 200-325 Ibs 13.15-20.00; "180-190 Ib 10.25-20.00; HO-110 Ibs 17.50-19.25 100-130 Ibs in light supply, few lots 14.50-17.25; mostly 15.00 lip: good sows 400 Ibs down 17.25-18.15; heavier sows 15.15-11.25; stags 12.001450. Cattle 6.000: calves 2.000: early steer sales confined .to two loads of high good to . low "choice steers at 29.00-30.50; undertone easier on lower grades: heifers and mixed yearlings opening steady and cows about steady but slow: medium to good heifers and mixed yearlings 19.00-26.00; conmio'i and medium cows 14.00-15.00; canners and cutters largely 11.00-14.00; bulls and vealcrs steady: medium and good bulls 15.50-17-50; cutter and com- Bath House Owner Dies Of Auto Crash Injury MEMPHIS, Sept. 21—<fl>(— Mrs. Whitfield King, about 55, owner of the Rockafellow Bathhouse at Hot Springs, Ark., died at a hospital here early, today of injuries suffered in a traffic accident. She was injured when her chauffeur-driven automobile struck a bridge abutment'on a highway between Hot Springs and Benton, Ark. Sept. 10. ' . • Mrs. King divided her time between Hot Springs and her home here. * : Survivors include three sisters, all or Memphis. Her husband died in March, 1347. OUR NEW TELEPHONE NUMBER 4427 Nunn Provision Co. ELECTIOHS on the ballot. Heavy Vote Expected LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 27. M 1 ) — Arkansas voters today marked bal- ots affecting the education of their children. A record vote for a school etec- mon bulls 13.50-15.00; good and choice vealers 2C.OO-31.00; common and medium 17.00-25^00. TO UK KEY TO KENTVCK Y?S FA \ T OttITE FLAVOtt • In tonight's toddy tir.hi'gliball you'll', find the generous flavor-of Kentucky's favorite Bond your- key to genuine whiskey satisfaction. For 'Fitzgerald's old fashioned sour mash forinnla is to bourbon what Sterling is to silver. mwMMff IONDEO SOUR M>SH KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON V/H!5K€Y • 100 PROOF Davis & Strickland Grocery & Market IS THE LATEST IMJT for their train M tfce sheets There's a reason! "Job- Rated" trucks fit the job. They reduce operating costs . . . last longer . . . and are more dependable. Blytheville ^ Motor Co. "South's Finest Service*': Broadway & Chickasawba'; see us for ihe facts BIGGER DODGE VALUE MEANS YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MORE! You could pay o thousand dollars more and still not get all the extra roominess... ease of handling ...famous dependability of Dodge! What color eyes has your husband? wife? •-,. Y 'OUK JDwige dollar is a bigger dollar. 11 buys a far bigger Talue. Yet Dodge prices start jn,\( «/nc rfotfori more ttian the lowest prictd cor*.' , Takea look al^Iiat Dodgcgivcs 7011. Dodge ia bigger on the imide for comfortable, atrelch- yonr-Iega room, head and hat room, ellx»r room ... and gurat room, too. But smaller on the •attide (or e*ii*r handling, —-"-? p«rk»ng »od garaging. Kxncriencc ihr tbriFl of tli* flashing new pcrforniADctof ibe Dorlgc "Gct-Awftj" engine . . . the liquid smoothness of famous Dodge All-Fluid DHTC, Yoiill find feature* tlinl mean more comfort, more safety, belter economy . . . EXTRA VALUE! See your favorite model at your dealer's now! Prove for jo>ira«U I hat ToiTT dollar biiyn • f*r bigger Tain* in IXnlge! 1XTRA VALVtt Mot* fce»<t loom •bow—Hbow room •!! Around . . . l*c room Wloir! No danger ViwclrinR your Vi»l off tvtttff M or out. S*ali »f« "knr«-lM>«]' 1 t* Buppocl jour !cic* !a w m mod l»our out. AMAZING LOW PRICE Wajfarcr 2-Do«r Sedan IRllvert.l In ,BLYTHEVII.Li; IXT«» VJkVUIl l!,;V.n compitnio. "Gel-A»ay"* erigitie drliven more po 1 " 1 ** —Rives flashinj acceleration with p*»{*r CB 10! in* economy. Gj-romatic to (re« you from shifting »v»i1»W« en th« new Cofoawl model* ml modernl« *xtta co*t. THE BIG RUGGED DODGE Jwtt a f«w oWlar» mon than the l»w»ri priced cant BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO, Broadway & Chickasawba Without looking can you say for sure? Many husbands and wives can't — because memory often fails us on familiar things. Can you remember which shoe you put on first? How many keys you carry? How much change you have in your purs* or pocket? Can you remember for sure whether your electric service comes to you from a business-managed company—or a government agency? This company is a business-managed company. It is self-supporting, and pays its just share of taxes. It is this sound efficient business management that has made electricity the biggest bargain in your family budget. Ark-Mo Power Co

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