The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 13, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 7

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 13, 1948
Page 7
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[THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIG.UA, N. Y., TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 1948 PAGE FIVE TOE PALOOKfl by Ham Fisher WHAT A SHAME MARVIN... EVERYONE'S CHARMED Wll Classified Advertising must be received Ln the office of The Daily" Messenger before 3:00 p. in. to insure publication next day. Stop orders m"':t be received ly 3 p. m. Cre« T ' .ul not be a l l o w ed for error., m advertisements unless reported before 20 a. m. on the day following first publiculion. Identity of advertisers using box iiumheis for "blind ad" leplies cannot be revealed. Please do not ask for this information. Advtrtisei.s will be required to pay postage when necessary to forward any "Mind ad" replies by mail. The right is reserved to edit or reject any advertising copy. RATES--15c per line charged, 12c per line cash or if paid within 10 days after first insertion. 3 consecutive insertions, 13c per line ·-charged, lOc per line cash. Other long term rates on request. Phone 897 for Ad Taker 'hone Geneva 43-F-13 Charles Agonito Mason Contractor Builder Plastering Landscape M u s o i n \ K i i c l l i i c k Sci'.s -- O u t d o o r K i i f - p l a c e s 0 Geneva St. Geneva, X. Y. I ' l D - l f ) Articles Sale 32 BABY Tavlor C A R R I A G E , a l u m i n u m Tol. Phone 4lK-\\'. .\59-10 R A D I O S E R V I C E A l l · P . I K . ^ s o paired. E.xpeit seiviee. Cali 1! The CORNER BOOK Sloi e. 23-10 401 Death of Stalin Might Decrease ACE FARM HOME FREEZERS, siamless steel tops, c o i k insulation. 10- 15 20 21 and 30 cubic loot. Special price t h i s m o n t h o n l v . Don Howard. Cdga. G ! - l u Supplies 4( :: PIECE v.alnut d i n i n g ^iites, bed room = u i U " . . v.iishei.s and iei n g e i a i o i son, 1( Coy Si i PHOTO SUPPLIES- -We now have a good stock ot Kodak-, .»nd cameras, projectors, eniaigei M a k f Us y u u r p h o t o g i a p l i i e 'scai ( u i n i t e r s , \Ve a i c s u i c \ o u v.i l i n d j u - t w h a t you want Tne C O R N E R BOOK Store. 2S-1D AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles Per Sale 17 ANNOUNCEMENT* Special Notlot 1 GENERAL t i licking and m o \ i n g , reasonable rates, also for sale, good beech coiri wood or fireplace logs; any a m o u n t , imme- d i a t e d e l h e r y . Phone 951, Canandaigua 26-15 ·*, * YOU MAY now order Sat Eve Post, new ru renewal. A 2 M sub. .sa\es S3 GO u \ e i .-mule copy price Readers Digest goe-, f i o m S2.75 to S3.00 on Thurs. Call Mrs. Fairley, 195-R. - 21-11 BEAUTIFUL COLOR MOVIES of your children Uircen now become- valued treasure.- of iomono\v A.,k for your f i o e color p : ctb!'e Phone .351-.\T. S t a n l e j Woodc-n, Canand'nigua, N. Y. xR.l.", CARPENTER WORK---G a r a g e overhead doors, porch enclosures, FOR SALE- 1916 C h e \ i o l . - t sedan, h e a t e i , defrostoi. radio, tog lights. Excellent condition. Musi soil i m m e d i a l e l \ Will .saciifice price. Call 28--3-R. x6'-ll 1938 CHEVROLET coupe--good condition. Quick sale. Phone H25- cellent motor, heater, ladio, de- fro.ster. §600. 43 Buffalo St. \17-15 193S DODGE 4 door sedan--radio and heater, excellent tires. Good cndition. Quick sale. Phone S25- M. Vets. Ho»p. Hut SE. 25-lL FOR SALE coupe, heater, radio Buick club Call 762-\\ . 32-14 FOR SALE Pan sk;i!es. cx^llein Phone 1139-M FOR SALE- 9\12 can be -een at Phone 2.'.5-R. -hoc i, Si .VI f , i l i o n rug. ham St ·',1-12 L1CA. .'!5 m-ii j i h o t o f i i l n i g i " S.'in ca-h. D a s u n i n . M I C R O 1G u.--;. c a m e r a B r a n d new. Fn.-t "20 t a k e s u Box -Uifi, Geneva. N. V 20-11 REAL ESTATE RENTALS Rout » m o Ik K Ui- i- iCK l n 1.1; .-s _ ,. u d r a w e r stei-1 files S24 °5 \u $57 50. j also l e t l e i box liles o! board antl j steel $125 to $298 The.CORNER i impiovemoiUf, for 2 months v.hile BOOK Store. 2S-10 ! FURNISHED Louie w i t h modem in Florida Pnone 1089-W. 46-1." CROSSCUT SAWS, axes, wedge.-, coal and wood heater.-, l a n y e oil b u r n e r s , r u r a l m a ' l boxes and Fiexoglas.-. MERSON H a i d u a i e i 27-10 I HEATROLA FOR SALE--60 No. Peail 01 phone 92-!-J b e t w e e n 5 and 7. 7-11 Resorts and Cottages 48 FOR RENT-Fui niched cottage, modern conveniences, w i t h i n city l i m i t s u n t i l M a i c h 15th. Phr-ne 525. 3-13 FOR SALE--Skates. 2 pair ladies, white, sizes 6 and 7. also one pair figure skate.s. .size 7, one pair mens t u b e skato. si/.e is. -Can be seen at Red .laekei i m k . \6-ll Highest Prices Paid on the Spot For USED GARS A. W. White 25 Ontario St. Phone 13!» Hpneoye Falls, N. Y. Phone 11-M. xS5-10 WANTED--Ride to Canandaigua irom Hecker's Cider Mill about R-30 a. m. Phone 1149-W. x!7-7tl FOR PROMPT, efficient ash and refuse service call 216-J or C. Reese. 81 Chapin St. 13-32 WATER WELLS--For more experience, better equipment and jess cost, call or write Barney A. Moravec, Penn Yan. Tellephorie 390. 4S-61U CHAIR SAGGING? Divan Dumpy? We can restore furniture to its original comfort. Right in youi home. Work guaranteed. Divan S18.50, chair, $8.75. Phone youi furniture problems to Sharkej furniture repair, Cdga. 97. 70-6311 WANTED--Hay and straw. Buying all grades at top market prices. W. J. Kipp, IS Niagara St. Phone 137. 47-Bltf Lost and Found 2 LOST--Biov. n w a l l e t Sat. n i g h t on Adelaide A \ e . R e w a r d . R. L M c V i t t i o R e t u r n t o Davidson Shoe Store. x!7-ll Foods 6 APPLES for eating and cooking. l u l l e.;gs, poiaiws. Will deliver. Priorif IIO.VR. I J c r k f r Cider Mill. 56-10tf Pet Animals 10-A FOR SALK--A male fox f e r r i c ; puppy. Phone 706-.I. 2 Ml? Kelp Wanted M WANTED- -M^an or woman for cleaning. SI.00 per hour. F i a n k Van Dousen Basement Shop. 19-10 WANTED--Tool and Die makers · -modern plant, pleasant work- Ing conditions. Apply Personnel uflrro, Velo-King, Jnc. 30 Chai»in St. Canandaigua. 74-11 WANTED Washings only. Spe- riniu for- ruffled curtains. Phone 1291-.J. 15-11 Male Help Wanted 13 WANTED- -Married man to work on farm Phone 901-R, ITS Wes t Avo. 18-12 WANTED Punch press die setter, must he f x p e i ien ed. in a n s W f i state age, experience and wago desiied. W r i t e box A-2. r'o Messenger O f f i i e. 30-15 Highest Cash Prices J'IT U S E D C A R S Carter Phillips Motors, Inc.orpontii-t! 290 Tires and Accessories iS U. S. ROYAJL tires, Dunlop tires DIBBLE'S Lake Shore station 23-nytf WHEN IN NEED of automobile glass call on me at Centertield, N. Y. Can give you a factory t v p e job while you wait. Glass channels and felts in stock. L. H. Loven, Route 5 20, Centerfield, N- Y. 40-32 TRACTOR MODEL in a n u r e s p i e a d o i s \ \ i i l i \ \ h e r l s f o r 2 0 " t s u c k lirep. Received c a i l o a d ihi-- week. !273 00. Don Howard. Canandaigua. 75-11 SPRING-TOOTHED HARROWS, 3 or 4 section with reversible or plain f e e f h . Immediate delivery. Don Howard, Cdga. fv!-io TAVERN CANDLES. Pyrex. Hall tea pots, 7 pc. cake sets, games. China Gift Shop PECKS Snd floor. ' 13-11 MORTON'S lender quick sausage seasoning, smoke s a l t , meat saws, cleavers, b u t c h e r kimes. hog scrapers, s k i n n i n g k n i es PECK Hdw. Co. 13-11 FOR SALE- Nev. GE elect lie: liinge. F r f i y dollar-, unriei list price for quick sale. Can be seen r, , ,,, - ,, ,,, . ^, r, ., ,,, r'^^lr.^- 1 · Texaco Sei\ice, Canandaigua street. Shortsviile, N. Y. 9-11 Stores and Offices 49 FOR RENT -Olfice loom, heat and l i g h t : good location. F. W. Kmde .\17-12 OFFICE ROOMS--Centrally located, Frank Grabner. x59-10 Wanted To Rent 50 WANTED TO RENT--First floor or complete small building on one level for storage, must be dr\ and msurable. Phone 897. x!7-10t£ WANTED- -4 or 5 room apartment by tv.-o adults and child. Both v. orkmg in city best of reference^. \Vnte Box F-5. c/o Messenger. 97-10 4.U t ft I -- ftn · wn ELECTRIC MOTORS. V pullies. V belts, electric dulls and grinders, water s\stem and pipe. Cu\ Street Hardware. S-ii Houses For Sale Auction Sales 33 and Poultry 28 £ggs_ NONE TOO EARLY to order Biay Chicks We've dnyold and started immediate deliverv. Or book f o r ! ---- latei New York I'. S. Approved, j Typewriter* p u l l o r u m clean. B r a y Hatchery. ' llfi-C Mvrlle Avo.. B u f f a l o 1. N. AUCTION--The place having b°en sold and the present ov. ners moving to Florida, will sell at Smithoover residence, Macedon road (next door to the Moose C l u b ) , R. D.. Canandaigua. N. Y. on Wed., Jan. 1-J commencing ai 10 a. m. Household goods, iom- plele household effects of a 10- room home, these suites are all nearly new: 5 bedroom suites. 2 Ihing room suites, 1 i.c-w; 2 breakfast sets, odd c-hans. ca'-'not -. tables, e t . ' ; P h i K - n i n d i o . Wo.siinghouso uuiuo, Ropoi gas range. Wicker porch set, numerous rugs, carpeting. ,n,rrors. dishes, cooking utensils, lamps, children's clothing and toys, linens and manv o t h e r household articles too n u m n o u s to mention. This is a large .ale and w i l l start on time. Q u a n t i t y garden tools. Terms of sale---Cash. H a r r \ C. Cole, Auctioneer- Mrs. Fred Smithoovei, owner. 93-P PULLHTS -,Vj runs B. Roik S2.50 e a c h . 10G1-M e \ o n i n g xG-li) makes, of typewriters and adding machine-;. l-Xpei't sei\ice. Call 1-1. The CORNER BOOK Store '28-10 AN EXCELLENT BUY. S room house just a short di-stance "rorn City line. Fruit, garden, gainge, hen house. Main road. Only S 1 , 20(i and will help \ou finance it. T. Sunderlfn Baker. Licensed Broker. Phone 1195-M. Office Home--Lafayette Highway. 23-12 FOR SALE--One house, five rooms and bath, hardwood floors, modern kitchen, automatic oil heat, insulated. FINE eight room house. Canandaigua. cherry and oak trim, four large bedrooms second floor, large recreation room third floor, hardwood floors, hot air heat, Timkm burner, gas water heater, three fireplaces, enclosed porch, two car garago. SIX ROOM house WOM ..\enue. Canandaigua, sun loom, enclosed porch, wood shingled sides, exira lot. Household furnishings optional. Possession soon. Owner anxious to sell. Arthur L. Young Realty Co., 31 So. Main .street". Canandaigua. Phone 500. (Suc- cessoi to Ray W. Johnson Real Estate C o m p a n y ) . 29-13 Peace Chances liy UcXVitt Mackenzie A" l-'oivign Aiiairs Anal.vst Mo.siov. denials 01" rumor ;Jia! P i e m i e r Stalin is dead will, one su.spect--. be leceived w i t h relief in the c.ip.ta!-, of the w e s t e r n derno- era. ie-' I u n i t e H-aljy.'? t h a i sucii a M a t e mom sf«m-. K) contain conflicting '.hought.s H o w e v e r , it s t i i k e s me · f i a t we a i e dealing with an idea v. Inch at f i i b t blush seems a b s u r d .me! v e t actually is correct. My ·'asr}mng is this: The conflict between the Russian r"!^c and t'ic '.vc^'O'""* *}^" O»-Q ic " -uch a dangerous state that a bad misstep could produce another woild vvar. Both sides recognize t h i s and are proceeding w i t h caie because neither wants, to see a t h i r d global upheaval. Word Is Supreme Stalin's \\ord Ls supreme and f i n al in Russia. For more than a score of years his policies have dominated both home affairs and foreign relations. His foreign policy, w h ' l e going the full limit of daring in the interest of So\ let expansion, apparently has been aimed at avoiding major warfare. So il Stalin's control were sud- denh were removed, and affairs v. ere placed in charge of less dominant and s h t e w d men, a disastrous situation could arise. No. 1 think that right now western diplomacy would prefer to see Stalin at the wheel in Moscow-and this despite the fact that he probablv is regarded as being the most dangerous man ever pitted against oui v.ay of life. It isn't that democracy loves Stalin the. more but t h a t it likes the idea of possible hot-headed instability in Moscow t h e le-s. Based on Genius Desmte democracy's dislike of everytmng Stalin stands 101. fact remains that he is one of most powerful leaders of all I N T E R S C E N E I N N m Union Square, New York C i t y . E W OR K _ Ice-covc-red frees line «.vilk through park early in morning after mm froze as it fell during night. Only Herman, the Hermit, Tells 111CU u u ·+ M D Phelps OES Seats New Officer Slate A. V*O » B\ Hal Boyle WASHINGTON-- .Pi -The onh guv I know o! in America who boasts nothing evei annoys him is Herman, the hermit Recentlv I wrote a li.-t of pet peeves--minor \e.xations put types tory, and i'; leadership is based on undoubted genius. Stalin, more than any other i n - dividual, would seem to be res- j ponsible for the building of Russia's house of Communism. He inherited theories but the interpretation and practical application have been his. And apart f i o m his political and economic operations, he is given ciedit for having been in fact the commander in friction in daily hv ing--and leaders to send in t h e n s Well, it turned out praeticallv everybody had some small dislfke to loss into the swap pile of thing.- we can do without and n e v e r mi.s.s. All except Herman. I don't know a n y t h i n g about Herman except that he lives at Los Gatos, Calif. '! don't have any irritations, you see. because I am Herman, the h e r mit," he wrote blithely. But this landmark in human contentment stands out like a cheerful canary in a flock of .somber grackles. All the others chipped in their favorite blood pressure ers. and the census showed: (1) What annoys men most i-, women. i 2 What a n n o v s w o m e n is men-and other women, too. A gentleman in Tucson, Ariz., and a lacly in Seattle both w r o t e tne | unit tncv coumn L uut.-uue women the i who light cigarets and hold them his-1 so the smoke goes up other people's theme, listed as one of eight of women she disliked: "Wo:r.en who live in the kitchen, make their husbands sit there, and won't allow 'em to smoke or have a d r i n k at home, but think it okay to .slouch all Ov'er my turquoise sat- The Senitle lady, mo-t vigorous on i he .'. oman - v e: .-us - MDIO PROGRAM invited i in cushion.-, ,n their dirty w o i k | slacks .put their feet on my sofa, j and spill ashes and drinks all over j m\ li\ ing loom." A miffed citizen of Columbus, Ohio, was mad about the most things. His record list of 37 com- nlaints swept the boards from "lumpy gravy" to "women who t h i n k they are more feared than the atom bomb.'' People who chain-drink highballs, fancy dancers, "telephone visitors" and check "tumblers" who d u c k their share of bills are the bane of one young Dallas girl's life. From a lady in Lakeland, Fla,: j "A big fat man in shorts and a big fat woman in slack's.' Others wrote in to rap people ivho use toothpicks in public, "B" rnoiies, and radio crime programs. A cross-section of the letters le- \ealed t h a t the favorite pet hate 110111 coasl lu cociil, me one must agree is the biggest pest in American life, is none other t h a n our old friend-The guy who sits behind you at the mo\ie and eats popcorn aloud! If anybody loves him--even his mother--she didn't write in to defend him. 1 PHELPS -- Officers of Royal c h a p t e r , OES, were installed at a recent meeting. Charles Backer I wax the ' installing officer and 1 Leonard Avery was marshal with I Mis. Miriam Howard the assis- ! taut marshal and Mrs. Leah An- 1 drew-, chaplain A tureen supper preceded the installation. The next meeting of the chapter will be c-n Tuesday, Jan. 19. with iais- RUTH CIRCLE MEETS TONIGHT PHELPS--Mrs. Paul Rockefeller will entertain the Ruth Circle of the Piesbvterian church on Mon- dav evening. 'BEST YEARS' WINS AGAIN NEW YORK, (JPi--A poll of 446 movie reviewers and commentators has chosen "The Best Years of Our the Academy award win- Lives," ner, as 1947. the best mcftion picture of OLD HORSE WANTED wn» I (Eastern Standard Time NEW YORK, L-?--The Amo- chief of the Russian and Andv broadcast on NBC at J per ib. for good meaty horses to be humanely killed. RENNETT Silver Fox Ranch Victor, N. Y. Phone reverss Ilolcornb 871-A forces during the late war. Of course, there are many ob- ser\ers who believe that when Stahn does gi\e up the helm of state, the succeeding regime ma\ be comprised of i n d i v i d u a l s who ma\ se- crifice discretion to ambition and that thus Communism xvill be .veakened. I n a n y e v e n t , t h e known q t i n l i :'Cs of S t n l i n n.s chief of s t a t e w o u l d seem to be preferable to uncertainties in these parlous day?,. }anet Wickham Is New YMCA Secretary NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS by Oscar Hitt \VANTED M a i r i e d man to work on f a r m by 'he year beginning Mar. 1. XV.'H. Wmne. Centerfield Rd C a n a n d ; n u u a . Phone 1110-M. 78-S Situations Wanted 16 WANTED --Housework by day. Phone 915-.M. 22-10 NOW WHERE 15 THAT INVITATION 7 ...THE COMMITTEE 'SAYS IT WASN'T T^oR FETER5 AT ALL {/THEY THINK HE PUuLt? A PHONV PEAL TO COME HERE A5 THBR G,L)£5T AND THEY'VE ARRE5TEP HIM.«. ANPTHAT TELEGRAM'S THE QNLV PROCP WE P/ON'T VC ANYTHING cROOK.EP-.y-OH, WHERE IS IT 7 FOR SALE -House centrally located, w i t h 4 .iparlmenls. Pnee §6,000. A GOI\*G T;,ocfry bu?iness and f p s station w i t h livn's; runrtM-.s. a !hrivi:i!j fonimuiuty. 5 nil. uui. E u i i i r m c m i and lease lor 1 year. SI. 420 plus block. Louise A. Evans. Broker. 45S So. M - t i n . Phone 561 -.7. 2-10 Modern Home FLINT -- Miss daughter of Mr. I W i c k h a m Flint. | the job of Girl's Janet Wickham, and Mrs. Irvvin has taken over Work Secretary tonight starts their t w e n t y - t h i ' d year as a black-face m i c r o p h o n e act. This just about sjives t h e m i h e r-ecord as radio's longed c o n t i n u - ing team. The\ staited as Sam and H e m v via WGX, Chicago, on Jan. 12. 1926. Two veins later i h o v changed to W.MAQ. Clhc-ago. t" become A n n i - arrf A n d v . a n d i l . e n expanded to n o r ' o i k t - i a t u i o o n Aug. 19, 1929. To mark t h e anniversary, iheir sponsor has issued a 10-page brochure recalling t h e story ol t h e i r career. I n c i d e a t a l l v . dcsp'te t h e i r manv i a d m voar^. A and -\. s t i l l "'at"" iri i h e Hooper n - p d i i - The latent gave t h e m .seventh place with a percentage of 23. of 'lie Geneva YMCA d u r i n g the lempornrv absence of Mrs. Reginald Leonard. HER FRANTIC SEARCH WAS TO NO AVAIL/'- . PETERS'FREEDOM HiNGES ENTIRELY ON PROVIM6 THE: TELEGRAM WAS REALLV ADDRESSED TO HIM WITH NO , STRINGS ATTACHEP . AND NOW H6 PROOF \s POOFEP., f l ' i : i \ I . L i v i n y ; loom, e.innifi l o o m , m o c i e i n k i f e i i e n . lr-:^e i "- c e p i i o n h;'!i. l a i m d i y . f o u r bed- looms, p!ent\ clos-ois. h a ' h . .uamf- room m i)a.emeni. a . u o m a t i c ' h e a t , e x i r a l;;!.ce lot \ v e l l s'i! uddvd. hi'ir.e f l i n t , p a r a d e T. Snndcrliji Baker Kxlusive Broker O l f n - e v Hom I If.;- .\pp(l Lafavette Hit i n d e f i n i t e period of t i m e in Florida w i t h her husband. Miss Wickham u;as a graduate of Brockport S t a l e Teacher's college in 1945. and since t h a t time -,hi has been teaching the second grade in the N o r t h Street school, Geneva. La.-t summer she was plav- frround director of the Geneva playgrounds. She was also a d v i - sor of the Girl's Gra-V club. HIlinOE CIA R MEETS HOLCOMB- The membeis of 'he T Bridge Club met Tuesda\ J evening w i t h Mrs. Ruben Johnson, ' V i c t o r road. Honors u e i e awarded Mi-. H o w a r d Bun and Mis. K e n - ' netii Arm.-trong. The next meeting \ \ i l i be iu-id J a n . lf vv.!;; Mr.x Ai m- I Farms and Land 53 7-! ACRKS, good productive loam, no huiMings. has good hard road l i o u t a g e , n e a r l y all \ \ o i k a b l c 01 would make e\ceiient pasture, plenty of water. Can be bought for S.'IO per ncie. Phone Honeoye Fall.s r»7-F-fi. S.M1 FINEST FARM i7r^"~C^:a:ui;;u^ jusi listed. M mom hoiisf. iiard- \vood floors, o;ik u i m , f l e c t r i c i l y . e\cellenl wells, conipleic 'naih. a u t o m a t i c w:iiii heater, au'o- m a t i c oil h e a l . Casement b a ; n . hog, d i \ Act cage consists inostK of grape.^, l)lack- he;' ios, hlueheriies-. Toial acioagc ,")S. Macadam load. Low pssess- m e n l . F a r m can he bought w i t h ' or- w i t h o u t e q u i p m e n t . Pi iced leasonnhh. W i l l i a m Henry Tlaw- ly. Exclusive Broker. ;!' Cieig ferraco. Phone 300-W. Ki-U BT'SINESS LEAOKK D1F.S BUFFALO. i.P- -- Charles B. Wcydman, 30, president and one ot tiie founders of the Rex Grain .Milling Co.. Inc.. and an e\-prei- dent of the B u f f a l o co'-n exchance died Saturda\ l o l l o w i n g a heart at lack. ' T u n i n g t o n i g h t : NBC -i Milt Be: le comedy; 8:30 Date v u t h J u d v ; 9:30 Fibbei and M o l l v : 10 Bob Hope and H e r b e r t M a i s h a l l : 10:30 Red Skeilon. Cbs -ft Oig '-.-...i. .1 \\'- ,;,, People. F:a:vis X Bu-nm;.n. .130 Studio One "Wednesday's Child," 10:30 open h e a r i n g . "What Kind of Tax Reduction"" ABC--7-30 Gie^n H^mc 1 : S 3o Town meeting on European h.e- coveiy Plan: 9:30 Bobtc.'. c... m- phony houi. M13S-- S M V - I C M O U - t i a v e l e r : S.3u Detective y a r n : 9:30 '/.u*.r Groy s t o i v ; 10 A m e t i c a n Fonim on displaced per-ons \\"edPesdav p i o u r a n i } . : N B C - 9:-J5 a. m. Nelson Olmsted s!o v : 12.30 p. m. Words and Music: .V 1 5 Front Page Farrell: .0 D u f f v ' s T a v e i n : 11:30 Guy Lombairio CBS---2 Second Ah--. But t u n . 3:3(i House P a i i v ; 5 School - i lie A i r : 8:30 Di. ChMsiuin .irama: H 1 The Whistler . . . ABC 9 i -n. Breakfast club. 2:3,0 p. m. B ' i d e and Groom: 5:30 (repea 1 J ' J i ) ' Skv K i n g ; 7:30 Lone il;nmei. !'.3n Groucho M a i x qui/. . . . MBS 10:30 a. m. Sa It w , i h COACH St. GARAGE Phone 77-W 24 'Coach Street i. A, Van Aken Kenneth G. Champlm General Repairing 'and Service Featuring Latest Type Equipment for Motor Tune Up Battery High Rate Quick Charge You Will Be Pleased w ith Our Friendly Service j. m. Queen for a D.u : .-on fjiiiul.i : 7 F u l t o n l 9:15 R e a l L i f e M o r \ . M u 1:1." Wanted _ Real J state 55 ! Church School VVANTKD--Homes in Canaririai- _. f\tt m Elects Onicers gua and suriouiiding towns for clients w i t h cnsl). Kloiencf Trie- key, CanoiHlaigua. 53-851 f WANTED -Li.sUngs of f a r m s , cily, \illage and business p r o p e i t y . A r t h u r L Young R e a l t y Co., 31 So. Main St. Canandaigua. Phone 500. 60-51 f W.ANTED D a n v l.nm. 125 acie.s w i t h good buildings. Own stock i and tools. Cash or shares. Box G-4 Messenger. .\17-11 PHELPS The nc\\ o i n c e i s oi t h e Presbytet lan c h u i r h s,-hool a i e . S u p e r i n t e n d e n t . G r o v e \ Xa- gel; nssis!;\nt. R. C Hicks; secre- i n i v ' . I'.'. /\. Dcman.'i--: I n v i s j i r r , P a u l Adams; departr.ieni .superin- t e n d e n t s : C i n d l e roll. Mis. Fied L. W e a v e i : beginners, Mrs. John B. Harland: p r i m a r v , Mrs. Charle.s H. Dayton; j i i i n o i , Mrs A l i a Hu'k.s. ' WANT AD ORDER BLANK Please insert the fol- ,lowing Want Ad in The Daily Messenger for the number of days marked. Remittance Enclosed- ,, Send Bill to My Address RATES 4 Lint:;.--20 Words · 3 Conscc. Days i Consec. Days $1.20 One Day 48c Above are cash rates and Apply If paid within U days of first Insertion, Extra line charge for each 5 worti. Name- Number of Days Mali To; Daily Messenger, Ganandaigua

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