The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on June 4, 1976 · Page 8
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 8

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1976
Page 8
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A--6 " Friday, Jun» 4, 1(76 TO* D*Uy Inttf Uke, KiliepeU. Montana arm landers Bretz, Gli'ne trial to jury Dear Ann Landers: My husband and I are in our 40s, married over 20 years. The problem I am writing about is the bed. Before you jump to any conclusions, let me assure you that our sex life is terrific, but like most people in their 40s our sleep patterns have changed. We used to sleep cuddled up together, but now he complains that I am "leaning" on him. Our bed is the standard 57-inch type. Space was never, a problem before, but now I'm conscious of the fact that he takes more than his 28Vi inches. And he snores louder than he used to. Much louder. If 1 get up in the night to go to the bathroom he is annoyed because "! woke him up." Last week I said, "Honey, I want twin beds." He was hurt, insulted and outraged. Why do men consider it a sexual rejection? I guess the only solution is to START married life in twin beds, but it's too late for that now. Any suggestions? -- Morpheus Where Are You? Dear Morph: Slop is wienlral to good htollh. You will bcfh profit from th» change. Bui thi» uit el a ttanti- fan, offer 20 yeart, «houtd be engineered with imagination and tact. Buy him a whiitti for hit b»dlid« tabli. Hav* the following inKription engrav«d on it: "If you want mt, ju«t whittle." Dear Ann Landers: Topic: Family Hassle. Our parents will soon be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. We, the children, are getting together to give them a lovely party. Now comes the problem about the family picture. My brother, his wife and children had their pictures taken for their last Christmas card. You'd have to see it to believe it, Ann. They all wore red and green plaid jackets. A more ludicrous sight would be hard to imagine. They looked like a musical unit. My sister-in-law told me today they've decided to wear their plaid jackets in the 50th anniversary picture. The rest of us think the women should all wear plain, dark dresses and the men dark suits. The children can wear pastels -- not prints, stripes or polka dots. Are we being unreasonable? -- Say Cheese Dear Cheew: Put it on the baiii of majority rut* and tale a vote. That's the democratic way to fettle the problem. Dear Ann Landers: I got out of bed at 2:00 a.m. to write this letter. I hope "Super-Secretary" will read it. I'm a secretary also, and I have a friend who thinks she is a Super-Everything. Recently she bought her boss a very expensive suit of clothes for his birthday. When she told me about it I was appalled. It seemed like a very personal gift - and outrageously expensive. To my amazement, I later heard that "Super's" boss was bragging to everyone in the building about it. I thought maybe I was crazy and asked my boss for an opinion. He said he would never accept such a gift -- that 1 was right. What are your views. Ann? -- Nevada Girl Friday Dear Girl: I'm with you. A tuit of clothes rt too coitly and loo intimate a gift (or a iccnitary to give her boti. By the tame token, no bou ihould buy hit secretary a dien -- or worse yet, a fur coat. What griit for the gossip mill! Ground squirrel plan tinder way A ground squirrel control program has been developed through cooperation between the Flathead Rodent Control Board, area ranchers and the Montana Department of Livestock. County Extension Agent Merle Lyda said a series of meetings for interested farmers and ranchers has been scheduled for the next two weeks. Persons living in the Niarada, Lost Prairie, Pleasant Valley and Smith Valley areas will meet to discuss routes and liability waivers at the Kila School at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Tfie meeting for residents of the Foy Lake, Patrick Creek, lower valley and south county areas will be held at the Somers School at 8 p.m. Wednesday. Whitefish, Olney and Columbia Falls area communities will meet at the LaSalle Grange Hall at 8 p.m. Thursday. Kalispell residents and persons living northwest of the city up to Bissell will meet at the West Valley School on June 14 at 8 p.m.- And residents of the Badrock, Mov.ntain Brook, Creston. BigforJc and Swan areas will attend the final meeting on June 15 at 3 p.m. at the Fair-Monl-Egan School. Ranchers will furnish labor for baiting their property and pay for bait. The Rodent Control District will provide supervision, bait delivery, and post- project study of effects. Persons having questions may contact Lyda by calling the extension office at 755-5300, extension 229. City sale near The city of Kaiispeil will auction off used city equipment at the city shop, First Avenue West and 13th Street, Saturday beginning at 10 a.m. The sale area will be open at 8 a.m. for inspection of the auction items which include trucks, lawnmowers, wheelbarrows and bicycles. Police Chief LeRoy McDowell will be the auctioneer. Mayor Norma Happ said. Sealed bids have been submitted, but after they are opened Saturday, oral bidding will be allowed. Timber sales awarded UBBY -- Two limber sales -- Devil Snake on the Cabinet Ranger District and Jim Sunday on the Fortine District -- have been awarded by the Kootenai National Forest through oral auctions. The Devil Snake sate, with a total volume of about . six million board feet, was awarded to Columbia Helicopters, Inc., of Portland, Ore., for $15,168. The Jim Sunday sale was granted to Plum Creek Lumber Co., Columbia Falls for $1,510.000 for a total volume of about 18 million board feet. This sale is to remove old growth, regenerating to a thrifty new stand of species, Don Westfall of the Kootenai Forest said. Other bidders in the Sunday sale included Veneers, Inc., Kalispell with an offer of about $1.505,000 and Stoltze Land and Lumber Co. of Columbia Falls with a bid of about $686,000. DEEH LODGE (AP) - A district- court j u r y on Friday c o n t i n u e d deliberating the fate of La von Bretz and Merrel Cline -- prison convicts accused of hatching a behind-the-walts plot to assassinate two state officials. The case went to the jury at about 6:30 p.m. Thursday after 20 days of testimony from 60 witnesses and the'introduction of about 120 separate pieces of evidence. Final arguments on all sides spanned more than seven hours Thursday. The case was not submitted before scathing attacks against the prosecution's handling of the case. The defendants are charged with attempting to hire convicts Harold "Cnico" Armstrong and Jack LaMere to murder Atty. Gen. Robert Woodahl and former chief prosecutor Dick Dzivi. Suggesting that Lamere entrapped Cline into a prison-yard conversation secretly tape recorded last Aug. 22, Richard Anderson said the state failed to sufficiently check out the witness' credibility. Anderson also alluded to the politics of Woodahl in the case, saying: "1 don't think Woodahl is actually paranoid but there is a lot here which needs to be explained to show me he's not." Anderson outlined a July 4,1974, flight by Woodahl in a rented travel-trailer to the West Coast because of an alleged threat by Stanley J.J. Wright, the now- deceased "Washington hit man." Anderson said that while Woodahl took a state-financed trip for 10 days and returned to Helena, Wright -- who was reported in Helena at the time -- was never arrested and never directly questioned by authorities. "But it makes good press," Anderson said, alluding to several widely distributed press reports of Woodahl's fears about his personal safety. In an emotional presentation to the jury, Frank Morrison -- representing Bretz -- said the case "just doesn't make sense." He said if there were lawyers outside of prison who really wanted to "bump off the attorney general" they would have hired a professional killer, not Armstrong and LaMere. Morrison charged the state's prosecutors were not objective in their search for the truth in the case and said they did .not check out whether LaMere could have gotten $10.000 and a gun in Butte. a parole from the Parole Board or whether Shirley Cline was really the go- between in the case. He charged the state did not check out LaMere's credibility but sought to collaborate his t e s t i m o n y with the testimony of Armstrong by putting both men together in the Powell County jail for several davs. Justice Department may sue Hays WASHINGTON (AP) - The Justice Department is considering filing a civil suit against Rep. Wayne Hays in an effort to recover public money paid to Elizabeth Ray, who claims she was on the government payroll to serve as the Ohio Democrat's mistress, an informed source says. The source said Thursday the Justice Department's civil division is weighing the possibility of filing the suit, which would be handled independently of the department's criminal investigation of Hays. Meanwhile, another source revealed that Miss Ray is claiming to have had relationships with congressmen besides Hays. This source, asked about a published report that Miss Ray claimed bedroom encounters with 15 members of Congress, said: " T h a t ' s the correct o r d e r of magnitude. By that, I mean it's less than the capacity of a football stadium and greater than zero." Hays bowed to pressure of his colleagues Thursday and announced he would step down from one of the two leadership posts he holds until the completion of investigations into his relationship with Miss Ray. Miss Ray, 33, says she was placed on the payroll of Hays' House Administration Committee at $14,000 a year, but that her only duty was to be Hays' mistress. Hays has denied the allegation, but admits having a "personal relationship" with the shapely blonde. The 65-year-old congressman, reading a prepared statement, said he would temporarily give up chairmanship of the Democratic campaign committee, which disburses funds to party House candidates, until investigations into his conduct are completed. Justice Department attorneys examining a possibile civil suit against Hays were said to be eyeing the federal False Claims Act as a possible vehicle for the suit. AUTO PARTS SAVE 30%-50% ·FT MAMM ACTVRERS un nua AT. mac TXIftT Txesam UFETImE, DO-IT-YOURSELF BRAKE SYSTEM REPAIR! BATTERY lUAKEUfEKRHOSE · One Men Operation! 1 Remove Dangerous Ai IfcjbbfesFroniYour MX MAKE ma · Designed For · Fast, Adjustment ·Of Brakes With · Slor Adjuslment. |etrTEMraU1t«E mm 399 MAKECYLHKt ·IS. 4.2* | fill Anj Biol. Mosl«r Of Wheel Cylinder From ','." To 1'/.-. ·UKE CTL. KEFAW Kin Cm aV.ty S«ol ing BOOM Spocial Taniion Swings. 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Prevents oton urn sreoui 14" CUSTOM I AIR CLEANER ll,ipJ»Cnrom»Plot«J * BIG. 13.99 1.W uaum ^ dlMOM CARMK ... " »c inl^US^J* 11 " TM IWO-.ingun^n. f A O | '''^?' f "?j»"» OO Sp«iol Slip-Proof ·" * 11 L:-- ·raewKH ·COVER -- · KieptFendviFie* · Ol Grrot». Pcml k, All At l,||iJ!l[J! 1 H »!P' K « ! l l ' f l k ^ U IrommiMion irli Stal.SollAnd 111 · Fl.x.W.. RcotK G«orNoi». PARTS 9|,v.-';;,;.. 1^91^^^^' RQclBBI KW«- ; '· ;: ·''·=·-1- 47 !^"^ j^'^'p P"** J H T il!,v^a^ 1 a 1 i_QjL-M^--^JJ^^r^^m^l^Jn^^^^ "^"^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HOURS J'Sil-SS:- 11 ""'"- _ 310 WEST IDAHO - KALISPELL t %^rB ^^^^^^^--·^--^--^^--^^^^----

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