The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 20, 1960 · Page 12
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 12

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 20, 1960
Page 12
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Delta Democrat-Times 12 Wednesday, July 20, '60 Congressional Quarterly Kennedy Needs Johnson To Help Fulfill Platform Promises By Congressional Quarterly WASHINGTON --The key man 1 In fulfilling those bold pledges in tho I960 Democratic platform could well be none other than the Sena lor from Texas, Lyndon B. Johnson. Winning the Soutli's 148 electoral votes in November was reason enough for Presidential Nominee John F. Kennedy to pick the Senate Majority Leader to be his 'running mate.' But t he choice of Johnson bore as well on a longer - range challenge: how to enlist the support of conservative Democrats in Congress in redeeming the lavish promises of a liberal platform. Many of these pledges are carbon copies of proposals pushed by Sen. Kennedy and other Republicans. Barring a landslide of 1936 proportions, Kennedy, if elected, is going to need the support of conservatives ort a number of key issues. That is where Johnson could fit like a glove. An organizational genius free of fixed ideas, he is admirably qualified to per- iuade his admiring Southern colleagues. Whether he would do so may be open to question, given .his disputes with Senate liberals over legislative strategy. But there is nothing in the record to suggest that Johnson, as Vice President, would not give vigorous and effective support to the request' of a Democratic President. Platform Problems Assuming that those requests parallel the 1960 platform pledges, here are the potential troublemakers, judged by recent exper ience, FOREIGN AID--A promise 'to assure continuity in our aid programs for periods of at least five years'* is the offspring of a plan urged by Sen. J. W. Fulbrigh (D Ark.) in 1959, to authorize the Development Loan Fund to boroow $1 billion annually from the Treasury for five years. Opposed by the President, who want ed more than $700 million for one year, the plan was rejected by the Senate by a vote of 42-48 (D 35-24; R7-24). Among the 2' Democrats voting against the proposal were 17 Southerners. MILITARY REORGANIZATION- The statement that the arme forces "should be organized more nearly on the basis of function' goes to the heart of a bitter in terservice struggle, and coulc mark the beginning of anothei major drive for unification. Yel in 1958, when Congress passed a watered-down version of Presi dent Eisenhower's modest reor ganization proposals, House Dem ocrals voted overwhelmingly tc reject toughening amendments demanded by the President. .. Thi vote was 192-211 (D 20-196; R 17: -15). IMMIGRATION - As in 1956 thi I960 Democratic platform c o n demns the national origin quota system written into U.S immigration laws in 1921 an perpetuated by the McCarran Walter Act of 1952, which wa passed over President Truman* veto with the help of Democratic majorities in both Senate and House. Congress, however has steadfastly ignored Presi No Trigger Finger; Is Still Good Shot SALEM, Ore. (UPI) - A mai ranks among the highest civ service applicants for Salem cit policeman -- even in shootin prowess. Frank J. Schultz was ruled in eligible .ifter officials learnec that his righ' index finger gone. He lost it when he was 19 months old in a washing machin. mishap. But Schultz informed official that he was in the Marine Corp for 10 years and is an exper shot with a rifle and pistol. The took him out on the firin range--and he proved it. Noall he's waiting for is an open ing. cnt Eisenhower's plea for a James 0. En si land (D Miss.) cw immigration law. Both Sen. chairman of the Senate Jutlicia cis E. Waller (D Pa.), lop author- ly in the House, arc quite satisfied with the quota system ns it s, ami it wil! take a miracle to convert or circumvent them. INTEREST RATES--Tie blunl promise that "a Democrat President will put an end to the present high interest, tight money policy" is a guarantee of fireworks ahead, in and out of Con gress. Although historically committed to easy credit and low in- would oppose any effort to fiddle with tho independence of the [·'cderal Reserve System or its power lo rcgulnlc the nation's money supply. TAXES--In pledging to "close the looplwles in the tax law] by which certain privileged . groups legally escape their (air share of taxation," the platform singles, out the depletion allowance, the 4 percent tax credit on divi- business expense deduction, Earlier in 19GO, the Senate and a majority of Democrats voted to repeal the dividend tax credit ami to expense deductions, but House conferees refused to accept either provision. As for limiting the depletion allowance--a platform "first" in I960--such P proposal was rejcc ted in the Senate by n majority of Democrats as well as Republicans, by c. vole of 30-M (D 22- it comes, will set off an epic battle between conflicting interest groups, nil ably represented in Congress. FARM POLICY-As usual, ^he 1960 platform promised the farmer "full parity income" with tlw help of price supports "at not less than 90 percent of parity." But there is no assurance that urban Democrats are prepared to swallow the old formulas for rais- ern ing farm income and culling sur- r '.:;j. 1'..: '.'..-^~ iccvully I..IL.1 a wheat bill jacking up price supports, by a vote of 171-236 (D 162-100; R 9-1M), ,and moat the 100 Democrats voting "nay" were from the citits. No task facing the next administration, whether Democratic or Republican, will be tougher than to write a farm program that will wrok and that can be enacted. CIVIL RIGHTS-As the Soulh- . minority, report indicated, there was nothing in the I960 ,.:_..!: c.i ilj,'..-- '.J l.'.WJ."ago » bclicl that Democrats will soon unite on this divisive Issue, of The bold promises of tlw liberal wing will serve an important campaign function In November. Dut whether a victorious President Kennedy would press for immediate legislative fulfillment Is 'open to question. A key adviser at that point might well ba Lyndon B. Johnson. (Copyright 1950, Congressional Quarterly Inc.) See Grady Griffin FOR LOANS 15°°* UP $1 PUTS Y O U R SELECTION IN L A Y A W A Y TIL OCTOBER 15TH WINTER COAT terrific buys in women's coat group, some regularly up to 32.98 special selection regularly up to 16.98, now just tweeds and wools in your choice of colors and styles in fall and winter coats. See this selection in sizes 8 to 20 at Sears, todayl regular up to 29.95* coat group 3 day priced at $15 huge choice of mens coats specially priced Jacket Group Regularly Priced Up To 9.98* You name the type jacket, we will probably have it. Nylons, reversibles, fleece linings . . . all in choice of colors. Sizes 36 to 48. surcoats, reversibles Regularly Priced Up To 16.98* Many have orlon fleece linings, detachable hoods, detachable collars. 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