The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 19, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 2

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 19, 1939
Page 2
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THE DAILY MESSENGER. CANANDAIGUA, N. Y.. WEDNESDAY, JULY 19, 198ft , L* ·e t * · · · · · ^ --- -la Enlists of Parents in Safe Bike Riding i tlelof Police Gives Suggestions for Reducing Accidents . WlttJ scores ol=af5uthfu 4 Canantii.i- the young bicyclist of today will b? Wmna'kShttsiasOfc- bicyclists, Cru-i the motorist of tomorrow and it is Kuans rewasBHK***"- · ; m m rt Q nt. that lie be "safetv con'- of Polfce Ttfbmas P. Kinsella today appealed to parents to instruct their duldfth to ''ride carefully and to Check fche ^bfoycles to toe sure that OUy are in 'good mechanical condi- pn : ?·· ----- Citirlg-- accident statistics. Chief St* -out that from Jan. 1, 193 to Oct. 31, 1938. there were K7» : automobile-bicycle accidents In New York State. The majority of the 1|8 persons killed and 8.470 Injured where children under 15 Spars pf age. '"' White many of these accidents »ere directly chargeable to the mo- tin the greatest number of Ss 'tnfe Bicyclist was at fault, p ...__ B ntions,.pi:oved. Too often. Chief Kinielia says, he violated tns gmple 1 rules of safety and paid with his lift! for 4 this* recklessness. -; Further, ' the .Chief pointed out, "Help Quick " -.rf"r * - " * *"" * * iff · i I net in IBrouble" r * "--Smashed into a load of §eopit-~they're badly Htart -- they claim it fault -- think riFbe arrested -- what shall I do?" Insvance men get calls like this . ererjj day. Accidents will happen; somebody's to-blame anff some- .That's when Insurance is good to f *)l back upon. We're on the job -in a'- jiffy. Possibly the other . fdtov was. to blame. The damage" may- not be so serious after aO. faiatever happens we stand between yw and trouble -smooth out the arguments -- see that '10* injured gets his just Aes-lnd d H so promptly and thordarhly that yonf Tfomes are Monjover. -CHURCH important that he be "safety conscious." The training he receives in his formative years will not be forgotten and parents can materially assist in cultivating safe habits. By following these rules of safe bicycling. Chief Kinsella says, the clean record of Canandaigua in automobile-bicycling accidents can be maintained: Pedestrians always have the right of way. Obey general traffic rules and legulations. particularly ^top SILUS and traffic signals. Watch for cars pulling from parking spaces. Give hand signals when you plan to turn or stop. Don't ride too fast. Don't try to carry bundles or ride "no hands.'' Ride with both of your hands on the handlebars. Don't hitch rides on moving vehicles. Don't ride other passengers on your bicycle. " Don't attempt'to pass automobiles ahead of you. Keep to the right and ride close to the curb. Ride if you can on streets where traffic is light. Sound horn or bell when approaching street intersections. Don't coast, particularly in traffic. Keeping a bicycle in good condition is one of the pre-requisities of safety, the Chief says. He advises that bicyclists be sure: That your bicycle is always in good condition. Become your own safety inspector and check up daily. That the steering mechanism of, your bicycle is in good working or- I (j er -- never attempt to ride a I wheel that steers poorly. To avoid! accidents you must have youri bicycle under full control at all j times. That your brakes are adequate ; and kept that way. Your life may j depend on their quick action. i That you have a bell, horn O f j other signaling device attached to ] your bicycle which will produce a ' sound sufficiently loud to serve as a danger warning. It is courteous' and necessary'" to. signal your inten- IRONS CAUSE OF FIRES IN HOMES More Blazes Occur From Electric Irons Than Other Appliances By MRS. W. G. DEPEW Chamber of Commerce Safety Comjnitlec More home fires occur from the electric flatiron than from any other electric appliance. The reasons are many, some of which are listed below: 1--Operator leaves home without disconnecting iron. 2--Connecting irons to sockets at the end of pendent cords and not knowing whether the iron is off or on. 3--Using lamp sockets, the switching mechanism of which is for control of mcadescent lamps seldom exceeding 200 wtitts. Iior.h requne from 500 to 1.000 watts. Accidents may be lessened by using the following rules: 1--Use automatic iron if possible, which turns off current when iron gets too hot. 2--Always pull cord from iron when not in use. 3--Attach to socket especially constructed for iron. 4--Never leave iron standing on ironing board. Always use standard. 5--use a cord of recognized safety standards in good condition. To SAVE YOUR LIFE CAN T BEAT TRAFFIC SIGNS FARM ACCIDENT TOTALJSHIGH Agricultural Death Toll 4,300 In 1938, 26 Per Cent Of All Mishaps More people arc killed in the course of farm work than in any other one Indusry, according to the 1939 edition of Accident Facts, the National Safety Council's statistical yearbook. The agricultural accident death total in 1938 was 4,300. or 26 per cent of the all-industries total of 16.500. There were 4,000 accident fatalities in trade and service industries, 2 700 in construction work. 2,000 in transportation and public utilities. 2,000 in manufacturing and 1,500 in mining, quarrying, oil and gas well operations. In addition to the deaths there were 1.350 work accident injuries. The total of deaths and ii.juries represented an economic loss of about 8650,000,000. the Council estimates.. However. 1938 deaths were 13' per cent fewer than in 1937, a saving of 2.500 lives. KEEP TO RIGHT On four lane highways ttw general rule - and usually the law too requires motorists to travel on 'he right-hand lane nearest the Jxige of the road, except when pass- ine This rule, where followed, keeps the" slow driver from gumming up trafflf and lessens'the danger of accidents by making it possible to - is« always on Wic left side, rather than on the dangerous right side. _____^-Safety Glass Installed in your car . . The best protection against cuts that you can huy. Glass Work Of All Kinds James Canalli Rear of Grcenfront Restaurant PHONE 611-R STAIRS CAUSE OF MANY HURTS 23 Per Cent Of Accidents In Home Involve Steps And Stairways Traffic Deaths in May Up For 1st Time in 18 Months Surprise! The bathroom isn't the most dangerous room in the house. Legend, ugly rumors and old wives' tales to the contrary, the bathroom actually was the scene of fewer home accidents than almost ?ny otner room in the nouse in a study of 4.600 home accidents occurring in Chicago. The 1939 edition of Accident Facts, the National SaiCty Coun- cTs statistical yearbook, reports the study and ranks the rooms of the average house with respect to the number of accidents that occur there, as follows: Stairs and steps. 23 per cent. Yard, 19 per cent. Kitchen, 18 per cent. Living room, 9 per cent. Porch. 7 per cent. Bedroom, 7 per cent. Basement. 6 per cent. Others (dining room, bathroom. pantry, vestibule, hallways), 11 pe r cent. "However." the safety ccunci' -=· experts said, "don't let the figures believing there For the first time m 18 consecutive month*, traffic deaths in New York State have exceeded those of the corresponding month of the previous year. Motor Vehicle Commissioner' Carroll E. Meaiey announced today. During May. motor vehicle deaths totalled 191 as co.npprta to ii' m May. 1938--an increase of five fatalities. In contrast, both the number of accidents and injuries declined. Accidents, numbering 6. 128 decreased 239 while injuries, totalling 7.832. declined 501 in com- pansoi-fwith May. 1938 The Mav fataiitv increase snans a record string of "life-saving" Motor Vehicle Chief Releases Information On Road Regulations months which began in December 1937. and ran for 17 months. The i longest, previous period of consecutive monthly reductions was recorded in 193*6. when traffic fatalities in the six months. February through July, were under death totals of the -ame months in 1935. i Disturbed by the new trend, following evidence of sustained improvement for almost a year and a half. Commissioner Meaiey expressed the hope that gains already made in accident prevention would not, be nullified bv the By CARROLL E. MEALEY Commissioner of Motor Vehicles (Editor's Note: Below art- presented some questions ar.a a.i- swers on the subject ol the vehicle and traffic law and rule- of the road. Readers au- hivitec 1 . to submit questions to information service. Bureau of Ivlotci Vehicles. Albany, N. Y Q--Does the Vehicle and Trafl.c law place any restrictions on ;!·: actions of pedestrians? A.--Yes. In the interest of saie.y thtie are laws which, while restiirt- ing the activities of pedestrian:were enacted for the protection o- the walking public. Q.--Should pedestrians obey ..raffle control signals? A.--Yes. Pedestrians should c.o'; ouly on the green signal ai into' · .sections where traffic is control.:.: experience i by traffic control signals. Of course of the coming months of the year, i when a pedestrian has stcuted o; -I; depends" \ery vitallv upon e v - I the green light and the sigia ery operator." he' ."-aid -These sta- changes to red. the motorist v ·liged to yield the right of "--------- tistical renorts should leave no tioruTto" others on "the highways. | fool you into believing there isn't That your bicycle nas front and ' a real danger of electric shocks. reap reflectors of a type approved by the commissioner of motor vehicles and that each reflector is attached so that it may be visible for at least 200 feet when opposed by the headlights of an automobile traveling with undimmed headlights. That you have a lamp attached to the front of your bicycle which 32,400 KILLED IN CAR MISHAPS Traffic Accidents Oc- cured At Rate Of One Everv 16 Minutes falls, slipptag in uie bathtub or gargling from the wrong bottle when you're after the mouth wash."' ACCIDENTRATE 1IN3SECONDS PHONE NO1 CANANDAIGUA. NX ,, Go tb Church for Insurance when lighted will be visible from a point 500 feet ahead. This lamp j must project either white or yellow i light and must be lighted if your j bicycle is in use during the period i of one-half hour after sunset to one half hj»ur before sunrise. ,0ne Person Is Killed In Every 5'/£ Minutes; 94,000 Fatally Hurt BRAKES ! AVOID ACCIDENTS i Bring In Your Car and Have Them Relined ."... . --and Tested. i' SAFETY TESTED | USED CARS I -., 75 to Choose From--S50 and Up I A. W. White, Inc. a ONTARIO STREET PI1ONK 138 ; Old Man Accident let no moss · grow under his feet last year as he peddled his deadly wares. i The National Safety Council in its annual yearbook. Accident Facts, ' just off the presses, records that ' accidental deaths occurred z^ follows during 1938: One every 5 1-2 minutes. 11 every hour. 260 per day. 1.700 each week. 94.000 killed for the year. Non-fatal injuries suffered in accidents occurred at an even more startling rate: 1 every 3 seconds. 17 per minute. 1.000 even- hour. 24.000 each day. 170.000 each \\eck. 3500.000 injuries for The Council audited last year"- accirk-nu at 000. This accidental At the end of 1933 there i'-eie 29.485.680 motor '. chicle? registered in the United States Collectively. they traveled approxim..'el.' 2-jO 000.000 miles during th? "ear. In the -.vake of then- purring exhaust pipes v.pre 324CO :r.'i. ·:-·:- en and children -- all ::iiied in motor vehicle accidfr.:.-. These are gnm -T.-IS'.C;^. ;o:::, t iat appear in Acc.c National Sa'cty Co'i pu'r'.L-hed Traffic accic'T.t c'.ic':;ed of at p. ra;c 1 every 16 minutes. 89 per cir.y. 32.400 d^a'h- for T Non-fatal tor accident r .\r."r. at the rate of - - 1 f/erv 27 .-econd-. 130 every ho'ir to heavv traffic now on the highways. Dr:\ers s imp".' - cannot affo'rd to ignore con:;non sense safetv practice?. Host :ir.noitant of all. the; must limit soeeds ?a that they kno'w they can stop within the clear distance ahead: they must reduce speeds even further a; night, and thev must exerci.-e the upmost caution -."here pedestrians are concerned". 1 An analvsis of acrid'j't ?ta' tics for May. 1939. disclosed the following: 1 l--There '.vere 96 nedestrian ci' Q.--How should the pedestrian cioss at intersections where iheio i-no method of traffic cont.ol? A.--At intersections where the:'j I- r.o regulated traffic control, the nn- tcirist is required to yield the n^'u- o! way. but this in no way relieve;, the pedestrian from excr.-ising au: care for his safety. j Q.--Should pedestrian use uir.- rtlf or overhead crossings if the: are provided A.--Yes. Q.--What does the law s;y concerning crossing of street- at point; other than intersections? A.--In crossing streets other tl.a ai intersections, pedestrians are 12- deaths and 2.903 pede.-tnan injuries, an increase of 16 fatalities and 93 iniunes, over last May. quired to yield the right of way to 2--There vas an increase of nine ] vf hides, but the motorist is not rein the r.tunoer of children killed a s i h r \ e d from the duty ol ..roc,., compared w:th May. 1938. 3--Fatal rush: accident^ decreased twelve in number. 4--Xo railroad crowing fatalities drr. er- ir.v co'r.narfa MT. ?. --ear 6 -- J ir.'or r. cd in acrident? as :t'.i three, recorded in aro. cprra*or-- accounted r.~ W- *-·.- :o - :r df-a:::- :n or.' for :.!av. 1938 7--?'.'." i I ac"iden m i3T::ic'- areas t.».ni 50 ntrcent - occurring in increased more of intoxicated in accident* dec: ; y · ;. .- : " 1 " 1 r . ·-. ··" '' p r p r v da;;\._i- lY-s TfKN OFF MOTOR bu.-v ix.-wlr- niako \\v ir.i ,»·.-irj thf :r cars mum; ;i ior :\ rmrr.rntan rrrrtr cr-v.s''] :""o:;i I OH : rr. of 4o nor "r.i ",r'.-: : ' mi/mr .M -",;·' '') -'.lO-y a ' a r :.- M i I, Yo: j: inc:'Ti^°d in M' 'iwioh'jn .17 ; · 62 Th' 1 ^nnma'"' " r i V h . fil 193!) ··iv York do- 13. a redurt- ··is was the . j^ion in the "- r .:i^ of 3ivc=" hi ;:' Tjjban Xcw -cm ri to 27. and XP-V York, from extrcis.iiL care for the safety of p* n Depends On Your TIRES Boit'trRisk a Serious Accident j £ --PLAY SAFE! tou'rc hot driving a safe car . . . and you're iot a safe driver if the tire.? on your car arc smooth! Good tires are the only "safety ,1n* between you and sd-ious accidents. T ..Jrich Safety Tin* will make your car safe to thrive and protect you antf others on the fOM* i EASIEST CREDIT IN TOWN! FOLEY'S HELL STATION West Av«. damage from motor cidents and 'ares. thr year the of S3.300.0W.- covcr. the cos", of all mjunc'. plus property IV r::'i ·:i till.-- for "hf first five :·'-. i ' f f l a rcduc- ,",."- .:. .L-dc.,'... I i . O f i t :ii'.''- .uifj 39 jx-r- inr a- '-riuarcd with ·injin" jij'intn.s of i chicle ac- Majority of Drownings Occur In Three Months 7.500 persons 193?, a:irt almoM cxa^-1- ly 50 per cent ol ihcm did it riiar- ing ju-t three nj f m'Ui'---Junc. Julv and Awust. So --a;vs Ihf National SaWy I Coininl in i t - 1'W iaiM.c.V, yrar- j VriK A r c i d c n i Faf iu-t publr-h- ' r j Abvii '- 000 ol n,f total or- I r j : ; r r j whlJf t l / MCtim,S WtIP nnt; ol fur lr.' 'j;o7.Miic '·'(·- 'both Trial" and If male* " a .cr f V '.''~dT~ ol as* 1 n-'f-n ti this. mTr r o! -T, - j · · n.n r ,.i r \ uo - DOIBLI, PARKING 3;. Tra v.x mil."-- oi 1L" f )Tl,l:-i M,U," "cts an^ parkme i- pfrmitu-d from the .·sSjEty ftar;dpoirj! par- l Carolina wa gold produce ;o.n nation's i Xf. Q._\Vhat is the proper wa;. .c walk along a highway? A.--Pedestrians are r?qu.reci tr % aik facing traffic. This is a p.o- ·usicn of the law. The Buirau of !· · tor Vehicles further that at night pedestrian can; ; liaht or a white object, fdcr. as a handkerchief, and that they y^:o !ho right of way upon the apprcicn o: an automobile. Q.__\Vhat does the new headlight law require of the operator of a car with regard to meeting and passing approaching vehicles, and with regard to driving in lighted areas? A.--The new law. which went inn effect July 1. prohibit.-- the ···· of the upper beam of headlamps when meeting and passing oncoming vehicles and while driving in lighted areas. The operator, in these Circumstances is required to switch to the lower beam. In the case of an approaching vehicle, the switch must be made when the oncoming vehicle is within 500 feet. Q.--What is meant by "dimming? " A.--Thr law docs not define "dimming." In common usage, the i i m mav meaJi one oi l"-"n Hun;,'-. either the of parkins light,' or the operation of -switching hcad- lamp.s irom the upper to the lower, beam. Prior to the advent of mul- | tiplc team headlamps, dimming re- , ferrcri la turning off the headlamp i .^eam and switching to "dim" or I parking lights. Thus is dangerous! and is not required in modern prac- I Ike use of the lower beam o' headlamps -should eliminate! glare Use of this lower beam ol i {he headlamps canot accurately be | as "dimming." however.] the lower beam docs not | ih:nw less light than Hue upper' brain: it simplv tilts Ihc light hrams downward. Q - -What arc "parkinp lights? A -Parking lights arc the lights r.* 'h r front of t*r ra ^ required by i w ^ ' i o bf lighted when the car is parked. These lights. wHch r.r.s. br de.^nbed acnarately as "dim; mhts may 3x? in the Jieadlamps. on ih" ro-al or on the fender.* of your far. C ON i:\TRATION Thf- -.ale driver today may bf ir. ranv on a conversation with his '^·t»n«er« while en route, but he 1 ,r -i ,-f. n * rale to keep his eyes i-,i ii".' load anrad at fill times. He ' r^~ not permit distraction to tak? 2,^ , - f t , from the road and evfri , n . f , , fh hf may be talking, he tteep^ 1 3}P driving m mind. The motprisi i ho k'-'ps his eyes on 1h" road hi = hftvr:- on the strering wheel and l.i* mind on his driving jot) doesn't nffd to worry much about acci- Indian marathon nmners of Mexico are among the fastest in t h e , world. 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