The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 20, 1960 · Page 10
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 10

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 20, 1960
Page 10
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Dclln Dcmocrnt-Ttmcs 10 Wednesday, July 20, '60 Ul-CTLE BAILUV NIC6 6ERWOM, CHAPtAWi B/ THB WAX DID VoD POlVH ROCKY?, HE'S BEEN VERV GOOP lATa-V tt SET My SANS'AFTER JUST LEAVE THE P/NT3 ANO TAKE THE PAIt EFT MXJR RANTS DM THE CM AIR FOR THETAILOR PICK UP HE DELIVERS THE OTHER PAIR I BSLIBVe ht'Ll 7EIL. *e THE mum. FKIP HA* DRttfiK, HO MATTtR rVTMT THF OOIKO ASXUND TOHN! STEVE CANYON Y... SVENGAU MiO CA1BWS ' FLAVIN 'SfATH£R A LIFE PPSONER Hl NO TH« I BoN CUB- TAIN...WHATISMKE NATURAL THA.VTO HAVE f-of. HAYS I SEEN TOOiYIAWOCBWlES OF n-A5 CO'WBOYt WJ . . . . AHP INPMW--7 ONiyA«VER-UrK* METJWS ELSE A PSUIXE FU6Hr HMM IWESTBTO* ·» EUROPE] FLAVIN APPEL 5KOL1P NEVER «r CAME ON THE SAME FLJaUT Tt LjJCE. AWONE.'A lATAPMCB«KAP«l«p U.S. IN TO EYESCFTWKE IATJN PAP 1VU. BE RflfASEO HEYlTHB ANCIENT PEOPLi HiRE WERE CALUP INP1ANS MAYBE I SHOULD SAMPLE UPANP RIPE STAY ClOSE S/, CWLE, IWRUNS.'T CAN AT FROM HERE' WAS OUR LAST re, wuE. THE WVfAWTINE STAKE'S AWrTX IS STAIOIED TO S££ A CQKTRXX TVMBiE TaVAKP HIM. TfEr CALL ME FH?RET, K1RBY; ASP TAKE 1DOR P1ZZICATO- fiCMNS HWPS "OFF ME' WELL, WHOA?E YOU? NOW WE MUST STUDY HER HAIRDO AMP MAKE-UR REMEMBER, VOU MUST LOOK ^ EXACTLY LlkH HER THAT TATTOO STILL HURTS AND ) THINK MV ANKLE IS SWOLLEN. 1 MAY BE NOO'PE MOUHTA'M OUT Ofi A KWOtL. THE ANOKEEPF.'IF.S OM THE OC4L. FORGET IT, ADMIRAL, OlD BOY, I'LL KEEP BOOKS A!W WEIL SETTLE LATER, RIGHTO? SP1ASH W ENOUSU TO WARM UP THE ENSIN6S JAKE . ASOUT BO 6AIUM4 OU6HTA POIT.,,HA,HA.' EH, APlWRAL? TWS XP HJB MAY BE A GAS HOG, BUT 1$ SHE FAST/ WTL BUST EVERY IN'.ETIN CHESAPEAKE BAYWIPE OPZN KFORE YOU KNOW IT. ICOK SAM. 11K6TOPAY .W HALC AS WE GO ALONG, DAISY MAE ?- OH, 3.VT \-JOn BOUTHER.'.' ( V/HEN THET FEEND WIFANCE FAT YOUNG I GITS THROUGH LICENSE I PLATE? J LASTTIMEWEILEVERSEE \ TH'PLAIN BUTLUWABLE I GEAINULMAM INACAR// 3 MEN WANTED 'or local positions to sell nd service our appliances. 2all Employment Manager, ED 2-0928. POGO Roues For Rent J B/R furnlilMd hovlt. »55 Mo. I30» Mo In. Ph. ED 3.} 137 K:GH ST. 3 B/« Ur*»n. HM. drapil urn. Call Mil. Crll*«N. ED 7.JS73, « «.n. t S P.m. *W° trim fikiay. 457 BEAUCHAMP. 2 B/R, Dining und ulilir/ rooo, »65. J14,,, « B/ · Mil. ISO. Ph. ED COtJNIRV HOMES I35.S75, lo»n li'lMi rfcnow* Fionlollon. Pbcf* 3 L.on*. AVAIlABlE AUO 111. 3 Bfdiccm Un. HOUII. 417 S. Eunko. fh. ED 2-263J. Morjonl Blvd. 3 t/« Prowl lain. H, ID 2.?«»1. 234 N. fHELIV, J B«lr»cnl fum Hovit. Ph. ED 2-7177. FOR SENT, UNFU5N Appl 711 .iaoai twnllUd Kov« I" S.ood«or Coll ED -3»a._ SMALL Uofurn Hovit on Cedar, olio Fuin Duo'«« on P«1CY. Pti. ED A-VXa. 3 B/R Unfu/n Hx*ie. N1c« locol'on, MOI ihPDlnl ««inr. »°. PI-. ED 2-OOI6. Unlixn Hoiit, olc« lo"^on. na «nitr. W. fh. ED 2-0016. 337 KENIOCKV, 3 B / « w'»" dop!«. Uti- Illy room, gaiaot, nice (on. laio« IMijl Room end loioi Klkhin. 155 CH nvmlh. Ph. ED 4-9331 Of ED 5-H72. UNFJSN 2 B/8 H«'-ie. alllt Ian, vimllol bllndi/ Wolhtr ton.-.. Co/port, llorogj F«n'td "J J. Video Cob!«. »75 . 973 Polton Dr. EO 2-6237. Classified Advertising Lost sad Found OST, Bayi. I960 C!a» Ring on \Vavh- ·o/i AV*AUI. Call M-i. L A. BraiweJI, 3-2674 Clivtlgnd, Mu. Reword Special IEET MUSIC, liablt wh;i* lody to tarr for hildrcr my hc-T*. fhor.o ED 5-2194. HILD CARE ior wofkTrg rr.arF^n !.n m-, rna, te'Ioble while lody. Ph, ID 5-1641, iRMANENT WAVE SPECIAL S10 - $5, 5 - 5 6 . 5 0 . $ ? 0 - 1 8 5 0 . loMarki Brnj- Sxp. 414 Arnofd Ave. Fh. ED 2-67J.S. tota truii» to «lfc«i Kil. o!ja Inirrvmefili ieixi];ed RlaVily Fl. Inc. 335 Wofn. Ph. ED 2-1432 Mala Help Wanted ·JSIDE Sa ! ei, 30 to 55. $231. Call ED 3611 Fe ppei Err pi pyrr.e m St rv'xe. NDUimiM o; Mtchonkal in,. id'o'tly. Coll ED -361l Ptcptr Em- i?nT Strvk*. CCCKINTANT, 21 5--iMier Kcvi*. Etc«1- n! lulur*. Coif fD 4-36U Pfarer Err.- JLANAGER Tfalrv»e, S3?5. Raiiet, bom,«t. t«nt opDortu n! ry. Co11 ED 4-3611 ; Efrclavrrenr Sfrvke. WANTED BOYS 0 years of age or older to ell The Delta Democrat- Imes in the down 'own rea each evening a l t e r chooL See Mr. Young, Circulation Dept. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. ATTENTION BOYS Age 12 To 15 Vould you like the chance o earn your own spending money? summer Vacation will be lere in s few weeks. We lave several, good News- aper Routes open in your leighborhood. If interested call Mr. Young ED 5-1155 Circulation department The Delta Democrat-Times. Female Help ffanled OfFtCE CASHIER. 30 To XO. S175. Cal D 4-3611 Pepper Fn-plovrrr-.! Sendee. VANUD WHITE Wallnii. Atny in ton, LaV* Vie*t Grill, H^Y. 32, Le?and ~ , Ha ohcn* calli. U. Mala or Female Help Wauled SALES TRAINEES MALE AND FEMALE you can Itva on S95 !o 1W 1K« (in e* wt«Vi we wau'd hka to loiV ro v= tu hav» cci end nrol cpaec'c^ce. Sn t.'-Z. GENE AUSTIN t A-XOd« Euildirg brr^?-n 9 £ II a.r 20, Articles For Sale OK SAlf. DEITA Vidfo Cob!e . JJO.OO. Ph. ED ?./5l9. SALE. Delro Vdfo Cab's JiO.OO. Ph. ED 3-3335. fCW SAIE, GoCair wllh n-.c'cr l» up payrr.en'i, Fh. FD 2-7302 cfn p m. WANTED iom» orw fo laVe tn p3Y"-* Slgnl-O-MaKc Portable S:nger S^: Alach're, alio Singer Va:ein Cl?3.- ED 7-5605. ,,. SAIE. Used U* bwfii. Good tunllng w flih^og toblrj o-yj cihf» L)*!ta Coachei, NonS BrDcdwoy tile ed Phcna ED 4-975.1. SPR1NK1,ER TRRIGATION SYSTEMS FOR SALE 3n« Knoll Syl'en Hill har^j'e ^3 ctiei 51500. Ort r^rgt Sytle^i will fondle X)0 a S6.5CO. THE 61 SHOP h Ko'lonrfale Sted o^J!/ Co Hollandal*. Min. GC»DYEAR SERVICE STORE specialty in used repossessec Mferchandise. Air conditioners Refrigerators Automatic Washing Machines · Lawn Mowers · Used Tire See: Ed Frazier Phone ED 2-1561 BoaC, Motors Sullies Boats, Molpvs Supplies BMI, I9SS 25 H.P. Jo^.nisn Mota a'!*( 55SO. PS. ED 2-O878. 35. Service Directory LAWN MOWING SERVICE. S.llabl. while Soy, fh. FD ?-U4S. :5% Discount--Brand new, ompletely equipped 8'xl3' 'oiitoon Boat (unassembl- ·d), 12 HP Scott Motor crated). $750. Write Smith, 37 Evergreen Street, Jackon, Mississippi. USED Complete Rig 15' RUNABOUT 5 H.P. JOHNSON MOTOR WITH :ONTROLS AND TRAILER Ready to go -- Guaranteed Only . . . $595. SPECIAL! SPECIAL! 1059--14* Fiberglass Boat Equipped 59_35 H.P. Eletrr* S'ortinj MereuTy jibco-d A'j'cf Tioiler. Gaod 01 rAtw, $795 EJIV T*irr,» The Fulton Co. vy 1 Souh Prione ED 3-1763 Farm Equipment O* SALE. Ftnayian Iracioi «0.00. Fh. tD -1-3683. J. Farmers [Market Produce WATER MELONS WATER MELONS Wholesale and Retail. One or one thousand. Hwy. 1 South, 1 mile South of Wayside. ED 2-0778. 0. Pels, Poultry Livestock O? QUAlirY G«iman Sl-ioHrd PuppI lull ieo lo apprerlaiff, 535.00 w:ri, alio viva- 2 Corl.e,i leFt al 510 O? ecch e!fen=n 0-. TO ? 0386. Household Goods ^al Bcis B/R Suile, BooV-coie B»d, im-o-ped; f r a i l . wo 4 dialer chert. Alio L / B S,-ir«, 2 ] Pockeil, (-olch'ng 5o{o · swilh b'ui t, nvelalic revering. Call i, ED 4.4501. YOLH? USED FURNITURE APPLIANCES RAILROAD SALVAGE FURNTTURE CO. '39 Wash. Ph. ED 3-2718 SOTK IANX For narrc Kmk elMnlntf eoft Hodgi» Phoo* ED 3.1729 M EO 4.4o84. Y E S We Install A U T O G L A S S (Curved Windshields In Stock) BURK HALL - TAYLOE Paint Glass Co. Hwy. 82 East (Ncxl to Aiar's) Phone ED 5-56M SPECIAL Auto Paint Job, Dupont Enamel. Guaranteed. $39.50 TOM'S BODY SHOP 8!l Waliholl St. hi. EO 4-«J9 44. Insurance HOCK-BOTTOM* RATES Call John Worthy SUIT f«« XITUL V,- Sof form Aj«rt ^ BfltUCCCtKrJXT noni ID 1-1054 f ». ra?--137 t/nturnisbcd ApartmenU Unfym. locolM. 2 B/R dyp'«. caroart. Cenlrcllr $53 mo. ^0? Oo^oa, ED ?.60;i. " ~ ~ ~ IOVEIY 3 Bedroom HomM, ojl - ItrKei 1315 E. John 104 Paw! no. MOTII 1 Moyie. Ph. ED I-OSOO cl fO 2-8liN. : MEWIY DECORATED Unlum Hocie, -i Boo.TM 4 Both. Hardwood lloorl. AMIS Fon, lo.-oi yoid. S(O. U07 H*y. 1 Soulh. SeKool 8u »l. Tcjiy londl. ED 2-6096. FOR BENT. 3 B/B UtiFu:n H=ui«. 2 boihi, largo »^«r.ed Patio, oil eordlrlored, bada l-eel, rtzi l:Ko=l and po.'k, Ava : lib!e Aucv.! ISlh. fh. ED 2-6096 or [D 2-2182. . rimcnli. -4 Bocn«i t Barn. S30 manlh. Ph. ED 1 6053. MAYNARD WILZIN CHat CD 4-4514 144 N. Brooc H'fxJi F08 BENr UNFU8HI5HEO. 1 II* Doo\t* 1004 Dvai O'c!o - J5 7 B/R endoied ro«h-- 6! MiAllliw »75--Coll lodov Foi oopo'r^enl. PojMno.i realrorl, ED 2-0559, ·Ignn ED 31« J 1717 SOIV 12» W Ift-aei __ H2 I. Sfoil)r« 314 Walkei S5? Mo^io 551 Abiohow 2837 N. BrooJ«ov . J« 00 J^ »0 00 $4000 13500 $4500 $50 W S551W _ J/B 335 E Stalling - J60 00 Go'dlng'Acrei 3 B/R, 2 BaiS $15000 Oiforx-'o - S45.00' 3 B/R 979 leg'cn , . J65.00 3 B/B 333 S SK*'bv W M 1343 T. Co'l^ Or. Fvm. _- 190.00 . . . N. Co'cicaS 3 B/S J. L. McCLENDON 137 S. Homy - Phor. EO 2.S193 UNFUBNI5MO 556 N. Poplar \ B/R _ J20 B. Woihi-iglon 1 B/B 114 Oilondo 1 B/f 12? S. Edlic/i I B/R . 1436 S. 1'ain I B/S 202 M.-AIIUKr 2 B/R 318 Aleicxxiai I B/R 1242 S. Moll 2 B/B 112 Colhtjrr-B 2 B/R 119 N. Theobold 3 Poom . L 130 Orla-xio I B/R 1052 Margaiv! 2 B/R 231 S Hi.-d, 3 B/R 1317 DcrJpIj 2 B/R 176 Cerhrlns 2 6y» 1436-A Coral 3 B/R 353 A Oihnda 1743 So. 52. Rooma For fto n t 12500 S4500 145.00 S-iS.OO $33.00 S5CVOO 455^00 . iSS 00 . J«.CO . S30.00 $53.00 . SJ3,00 . $5500 280.00 SID 00 iSS.CO Dial ED 4-A554 633 OrkxxJo 2530 Alrdala 1260 Ma-g a re) Blvd. 214 rulf=n 117J AinckJ 2600 At.-eda'a UB4 Ccnat --_ 123 W. YffQC/ --TM J Bfd/ocr-i, a5f. bath. Clcio fn. piivil*gei. Fh. EO 2-75-JB. 2 Bedrcarr.i, private bolhj Pent abla. Clo» ifl. Phone CD J-49E8. NICE BSOEOOMS Ml H. t'indi Th £0 3 0 5 J . BEDROC-'.l In ^ lon. 5IA Joh".| KcT.e. M-i i. ED 2613?. 50. Furnished Apartments 2 Roofn Fum ApT. Ifghli, gai, vta-tt of pltcrv*. 153 mo. EO 4-1963. 3 Boom Fu.-n Apt. Put tonlrot, l.V, CcWe, Wciir\g Waihirv*. ?k. ED 4-49S3. AIR CONDITIONED 3 Boom Fin ar* bolh. ?nlron:e, Cara-js. Cabli. 647 Arnold. Fh. ED 4-99^J Apt. T.V. 722 VAUIANT ST. 2 SMrtxsm Aporinnnt. PK. ED 4-4791. C«nt in LI!C:X]I Fum. op^k Niwly Dialed. Ri. 60 of 164. NEWLY DECOMTED 3 Kcora Furo Apr. rtl .pq-d. rh. ED 2*1360. 1 B/B luinhhed cparTn-Ml. 3X6 Orlando. $60 mo. CoU ED 2-5M2." I and 2 Bcdiocm Fum Aoartn-.enii. Woier fum, Fh. £D 2-7629 01 ED 4-9651. AZAR AZAU £D 2-6417 1M5 Hwy. 82 E. 27 E. e.fd Brf., 7 8/R d^r S60 00 05-3. N. Broadway. I B/» duo. _ $42.50 350 Arm Oi . 2 B/B houio J6S.CO 05 Ollremarl lar.e, 2 B/B fouii SS3.CO ') floiida 3 E/B Dvoli* 565.00 23 Eureka, 2 BfP, dup. . . 56000 W AIQT Oi. 2 B/R dup. J 5 N. Th*cbo!d. 2 B/Jf J.o. . 52500 NfCE RJBNiSHfD API. 239 Sa. Broadway. Ph. ED 2-7762. APT. 3 RxxTM" Bo-F». PK~ COMFORFABLE Fu/n Apt. 3 Roor.1 ftarh. Utililin po!d. J65 mcnlh. ED 2-2163. 2 ROCTI Fum Apr P/ivc'» bolh oTMJ ?orcri. Window fen, T.V. Coii'i woilwr con;co. UiihtiM paid. 3S2 S. Wrdi. Ph. £U 5-1570. MAYNARD WILZIN Dial EO 4-1554 144 N. R/oodwcy Aleionder 335 Bella Alra 522-K V/oHet 3 ROOMS FURNITURE ALL NEW $299.95 --^ . J55,00 . 159.00 5X5.00 3*0.00 _^ J4Q QQ 3?T-A H. Braoriwny . J45 00 5?i Alexcrdc,- $50.00 31? S. Broorfwey $45.00 19 PIECES *of3 bed mate! 1 'ing tSalr tfFD tablet ccffi* lab!* 2-larrci --doufcli cfr»«i; I Bryan Wilson Building Material] L U M B E R Cypress $75. up rlardwood J45. up Chatham, Miss. Ph. ED 2-856S Timbers, Boat Lumber, Flooring, etc. Special Orders Cut E. G. NELSON Service Directory V» hov» en hand uoholi'trir^ fabtla a oi*'-m» a ftxroleta M(e^;n lot YOU iha latgeil ta'eciion In and around Gr«n- '!!'«, Aj w» cnainrolN th» Targtu uoSo'- Hery i v co w» cr« eaulcnrd to rurn our all TTD«) *f work. Frit Etllmoltk GREENVILLE AWNING UPHOLSTERING CO. AIR CONDmONED FURNISHED APARTMENTS. C A B L E CONNECTIONS, PEST CONTROL SERVICE, ALL U T I L I T I E S PAID, CALL ED 4-4738 OR COME BY 7-11 MINUTE MARKET. FOR RENT ICE CREAM FREEZER AND FLOOR POLISHERS. J. L. McCLENDON 137 S. Ho-v.y -- RIOTX ED 5 519) FUBHIWiD 3 S. Shalbf J75.00 507 S. Main . SO.OO Mldlo.-d Atn. [2 B/» oc, !. .01.) i 100-00 · 13 S Coli'on-Ja 2 HI JSO.OO 12? H. Shelby J55.CO 715-A Central 2 B/B JX5.00 C U t r / A p N l 6/8 S75.00 51. Unfurnished Apartments UNFURNISHED APAPTMENT, t Rowr.i Both. Ca.-oort Stofagi. $40 on north fh. EO 2-6643 of CD 2-7263. TO* RENT. TWO UNTLJRNiSHED APT'5. 3 Bocxni A ftoih. $30 ond 140 Mr racnlh- 614 W 3 -n St. Call E0 5-1133 50 a.m a 4:30 p.m. 3l» bolh. Genlle^en pi le.rill, 745 S. Waihino Houses For Rent B/R lum. hocie, wc'f.- cab'e Km. OO-R Inez. ID 3-7151. B/R UnFurn V. 8?. $50 r Rhodes T. Wasson Agency 236 Wcihrno'on ""· EO 2-1531 MAYNARD WILZIN $55.00 $35.00 $?000 $35.00 . J50.00 175.OO . 160 CO J. L. McCLENDON 3^ S. ltar.eY -- rhcr. ED 2-B193 UNFUtNIS'ltO HOUSES 615 1 ill S60.00 1146 lew!* 3 B/3 S75.00 670 N. Biood.»oy 1 Hi S5S.OO 5J5 W. ff-ct I B/li - 81ft Hsv. 1 H. 2 B/R _ 317 W. Alexandii 2 E/E JM.OO $6400 S60.00 S60 00 212 Orantjt 2 B/H SfcO 00 995 Pa::on 2 B/R. rtf ifcvi __ $70.00 1735 Gitttn Cllv lens 2 B/K 160.0Q 324 Mill Rd. 2 B/R --_ 155.00 1011 Carjicn MAY'S RENTALS PRICES REDUCED 130 M. THEO 3 Largs Fu;n. ADI. All Lft~liii« Boomi A Baih. In;. J65.00 730Yi \VASH. AVE. UpHaln 1 B/K Fum Am. All L.-!i:iHei Inc. $50.00 1811 WAY 7 B.R. Modern Huuie 1738 AW.Y IOTQB "HwJ«m 2 B.R- Duolai 712 CANNCfJ. Lanja WtxJefn 2 B.R. UDSfc ; '» Furn. ADI. 170.00 6)4 FAIRVIEW. E.i.-a lmc« lAsdem A Rc«-n Dupr«« J75.00 Wow'ng Se.-viTT Ccbla ccrvr«ncn» and Put Ccniicl itJvkB Ire. Call Wn. May 01 Mn. Btcdr, EO 2-6376. tt) 2-51W. WA. Trailer Park Al» CONDI riCMED, Cv-nlerely Fo-n. Hovna Tcpil* on b*ov!.iol la»« Ferguion. LnUiidi Trailtr Park. EO 4-45JS or ED 4 . 3 7 2 1 . . Houses For 70. Houses For Sale A MATTER OF CHQICE- IF IF IF IF You want to live In a value controlled nrea, near churches and schools . . . . You want two, three or four bedrooms for your growing family .... You want an attractive home, inside out . . . . A home that surrounds you with comfort Something of beauty convenience that all your friends wiU admire . . . . This is what you want . . . . Let us make a suggestion .... CALT, ED 2-7217 iRODEI UEALTX COMPANY 70: Houses For Sale 70. Houses For Sale Houses PCI Uale TO DIAL SPRINGTIME ANYTIME Dial ED 2-0513 KREMSER'S MOVING Call ED 2-2685 DON EWBANK Moving Storage 4* X 17* rod rjM 18 HP. Molor '53 rtodtf, boiS foi J3?O 00*. Or * '1 «il iepa-arelv. Coll EO 4-9349. FO! SAlf, 14 Ir. tunobcul w.lh 35 H.P. Ev:nrwJ« t'.etli'.c nar'tr Mc'or, crxj TroUei, Can h* ittn ol 1165 G-oor-.». COMPLETE OUTBOARD BOATING OUTFIT If Arislcraft Plywood Runabout, M H.P. electric starting Mercury Motor, (used less than 10 hours) all controls, $ gel. gas can and 2 wheel Trailer. J775.00. Call 456-M2 Belzoni, Miss. SHOP AT THE SIGH of QUALITY 713 Mala St, . Fbcn« ED 28W ^Remodeling Repairing Call ED 2-5421 and let us give you a free estimate on all your repair work ... No Down Payment 36 Months lo Pay. [Savings E very'Day. ITon .BUILDING MATERIALS Use our Cash Wholesale Plan for all your Building Materials and Supplies . . . and cut your costs -HOMES FOR SALE I N V A R I O U S L O C A T I O N S V E R Y L I B E R A I, T U A D E - I N S O N Y O U R 0 M ) H O M E . ¥irden Lumber 815 Main Street Phone ED 2-5121 Nite ED 2-2794, ED 5-216G

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