The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on June 4, 1976 · Page 4
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 4

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1976
Page 4
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June 4.1»7« The M* Infer Ltte. K«N*pell, Montana Humphrey takes second look B, ASSOCIATED PRESS Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey say* he'll reuses* his position igaiiut active!; campaigning for the Democratic presidential Domination after Tuesday': primary elections in Ohio, California and New Jersey. If Jimmy Carter, the present front-runner in the race for Democratic nominating delegates, comes out of those primaries with lever than 1,200 to 1,300 committed delegates, Humphrey said Thursday, he will begin testing the sentiments of party leaders about mounting an active campaign for himself. Carter, whom Humphrey said has "lost a lot of his zip," was not immediately available for comment. On the Republican side, meanwhile, the California Poll, released today, said Ronald Reagan has substantially widened his lead over President Ford in the latest survey of Republican voters planning to cast ballots in next Tuesday's election.- Reagan leads Ford by 24 percentage points, 56 to 32 per cent, with 12 per cent undecided, in the itonpar- tisan poll taken earlier in the week by Mervin D. Field. In a poll taken a month ago, Reagan led Ford by 10 percentage points -- 49 to 39 per cent with 12 per cent undecided. In March, Ford led Reagan by five percentage points in the sampling by the independent, statewide survey. Among Democrats interviewed in the same poll, California Gov. Edmund Brown Jr. had more support for his party's presidential nomination than ail his rivals combined with 51 per cent. Carter got 20 per cent, the poll said. ' The winner of the Republican primary gets al! 167 of the state's delegates. In the Democratic primary, 280 delegates are distributed under a proportional system weighted in favor of the winner and second-place finisher, Reagan said Thursday in California that his earlier statements on keeping peace in racially divided Rhodesia had been misunderstood. He said be wants to achieve peace in the African nation -- not start a war involving American troops. But an aide to the former California governor denied Reagan was backing away from earlier comments. "Reagan is saying, as part of peace-keeping after mediation, then perhaps we might send a token contingent to help maintain that peace," Jim Lake! the GOP candidate's press secretary, said Thursday. Reagan said in a news conference Thursday on San Francisco's Nob Hill, "I made the mistake of trying to answer a hypothetical question with a hypothetical answer." President Ford, asked Thursday about Reagan's comment on Rhodesia, said in Washington he does not believe it would be necessary to send U.S. troops to Legals No ]431 NOTICE OF SALE Soled bids will be received by the Department at N«tur»l Resources and Conservttlon, Division of Forestry, 1706 Sptirgin Road, MuBoula, Montana., tm to 2:00 p.m. on June 8, lim, lor UK m e r c h a n t a b l e s a w t i m h e r designated for cutting in Section H, faN-RSW, estimated to contain 141MBF Poaderon Pine, 307 MBF Dowlaifir, 1% MBF Lard), Jl MBF Lodgepole Pine, and 1 MBF dry DaiuOr and Urea, more or lets. Bids will be accompanied by a deposit of tSlO.OO, rtyroe.ling 5% of the appraised value of the sale to cash, cashier's check, certified check, bank money order, or bank draft to be applied on stumpace for successful bidder. The timber will be sold to the hidwst bidder and no bid will be accepted at less than R0.45/MBF for P o n d e r o a a Pine); (B4.0VMBF for Douilasfir); (1Z4.05/MBF for L a r c h ) ; (I16.J5/MBF for Lodrepole Pine); and (112.03/MBF for dry Douglasfir and Lircfil. An additional charge of B.S/MBF for brush disposal and 13.50 for timber stand improvement, will be nude on all live merchantable timber cut. The purchaser will be required to after into a written agreement stipulating tbe conditions of cutting and removing the Umber and must furnish a bond with sal- ficlent sureties in an amount equal to X% of the bid value of the sale for faithful performance of tbe contract. . Full particulars' regarding-the term of the contract regulations fwercing the sale and bid forrni '.. may be obtained from the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Division of Forestry, in Missoula, Montana or Kalispell, Medina. The rijkt is reserved to reject any or aJTbids. HI GARETH C. MOON Administrator Division of Forestry May M. June 4.11, IS. 1«7» No. 14S5 NOTICE OF HIGH SCHOOL BOND ELECTION Notice is hereby given by the Trustees of High School District No. 31 of Fkfhead and Lake, Jt. Counties. State of Montana, that pursuant to a certain resolution duly adapted at a meeting of Ihe board of trustees of said school district beid on the 10th day of May, A.D., 197S, an election of the registered electors of High School District No. it of FUthead and Lake, Jt. Counties, State of Montana, will be held on the 22nd day of June, A.D, 197«, at Bigfork High School gymnasium for the purpose .of voting upon the question of whether or not the trustees shall be authorised to issue and sell bonds of said school distric t in tbe amount of eight hundred thousand and no/100 dollars (£00,00- 0.00), bearing interest at a rate not more than sevtn per cent (7%) per annum, payable semiannually, for the purpose of constructing a music facility, additional classrooms, media center, additional vocational shop space, and equipping same. The bonds to be issued will be either amortization or serial bonds, and amortiiation bonds will be Ihe first choice of the Board of Trustees. Tbe bonds to be Issued, whether amortisation or serial bonds, will be payable in installments over a period not exceeding 20 years. The polls will be open from 13:0» o'clock a.m. and until I p.m. of the said day. Dated and posted this 29th day of May, A.D.Ims. is/ Robert Hislop Chairman of School District No. 3* of Flatbead and Lake Jt. Counties, SUte of Montana Maya. June 4, II, im No. 1441 NOTICE OF SALE OF SCHOOL DISTRICT BONDS Notice is hereby given by the trustees of School District No. M of FJalhead County, state of Montana, that the said trustees will on the 6th day of July, 1776 at UK hour of B:00 o'clock p.m. at the Kila School in the said district, sell to the highest and best bidder for cash, either amortization or serial bonds of the said school district in the total amount of («3S,0- 00.00) Twenty-five thousand dollars for Ihe purpose of construe- tint » ndU-purpose ballding on the school site. Amortization bonds will be the first choke and serial bonds will be the second choice of the trustees. If amortization bonds are sold and issued, the entire issue may be put into one single bond or ditided into seven) bonds, 11 the trustees may determine upon at the time of sale, both principal and Interest payable in semiannual installments during a period of 10 yean from the date of issue If serial bonds are issued and MM they will be in the amount of Twelve hundred lifty dollars (11250.00) each, the sum of Twelve hundred fifty dollars HISO 00) of the said serial bonds will become payable on Ihe ISth day of July, 1977, and the sum of Twelve hundred fifty dollars UUSC.OO! will become payable on the s a m e day each year thereafter until all of such bonds are paid. The bonds, whether amortization or serial bonds, will bear date of July 15. im and will bear interest at a rate not exceeding seven per cent (7%1 per annum, payable semiannuatly, on Ihe ISth day of January and July in each year, and will be redeemable In full on any interest payment date from and after to years (half the term for which the bonds are issued from the date of issue ) The bonds will be sold for not less than their par value with accrued interest, and all bidders must slate the lowest rate of interest at which they will purchase the bonds af par. Such bonds shall be sold in open competition bidding, by written bids, or by sealed bids. The trustees reserve the right to reject anyandallbidsand to sell tie said bonds at private sale. AH bids other than by or on behalf of the state board of laod commissioners mast be accompanied by money, a certified checX. cashier's check, bank money order or bankdrafl drawn and issued by a national banking association located in Montana or by any banking corporation incorporated under tbe laws of Montana, in Ihe sum of Two hundred fifty dollars (B50.00) payable to the order of the district, which will be forfeited by the successful bidder in the event that be shall refuse to purchase Ihe bonds : All bids addressed to the undersigned district. 1st Paul Palmer, Chairman, School District No. 20, Flalhead County c/o PO Box 7S5 Kalispell. Montana 59901 ATTEST: Subscribed and sworn to before roe this 7! day of May, 1976 /s/ Bruce A. Moon Notary Public for the State Residing at Kalispel), Montana. My Commission expires February JO, 1978 June 4, 11. U. 25, 1976 _ _ No. 1449 NOTICE OF HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Board of County Commissioners of Flathead County. Montana will hold a pubhc hearini? on PROPOSED ZONING DISTRICT BOUNDARIES AND REGULATIONS for the area that is known as West Evergreen, and more particularly described as follows. Land in the SW4 ol Section 33 Township » Range 21, SEV. SEVi of Section JS, Township JO Range 21 and Government Lot S and 4 of Section 1 Township 28 Range 21 Berirnine at Ihe Intersection of the" Easterly Rignt of Way of the Burlington Northern Railroad and the Northerly Right of Way of West Evergreen Drive; thence Northesterly and along tbe the No. 1442 NATIONAL FOREST TIMBER FOR SALE NATIONAL FOREST TIMBER SALE, FLATHEAD NATIONAL FOREST, UPPER BIG NICOLA North dary of said ot 6, to the Northwest wroeroflxrtJ. Block! of said Larson's Acres; thence to oTLofM I'SfSiSS: dary of Lot! Block 2 of said subdivision 140 feet more or less to a po»t which IS an extension of Ihe 3 7 un»s timber marked or nih , - "° Thl . a nomton the North Boundary :me ATM iJ' °# , . ^T £ ? : ?i "J Kt J° * "?',"' "I the East Boundary line of Lot 1 u tn, l i o n , t tie nee South to the oMSSH*"* M A*" of Larson s Acres 1st Addition; aaiit for dead pulplora for all species except cedar is JO 1 30 In addition, there Is wilhin the sale area m «««ated 100 MBF of unsound sapwood sawlogs, which win be pak for at »l.Mper MBF. This is a flla) rate: M o*" rate * m * considered. This is a flat ra t e sale and not subject to l" 3 *^ "U^tment. Addltiona" reauired deii;iu fnr »u siwioc f " ^ rrSL'S « SI , Boundary to a point on B , , , Road; thence South and along the West Right of Way of iJalte Road to a point of intersection with the South Highl of Way of West Evergre«n Drive; thence WestandatagtheSouthRightof Way of West Evergreen Dnve to the Northeast corner of Tract 1 RPJL S «T "County plat map Boo* 325 Page 397); thence Soutt ? fSSSw* fT* '- *** tract; tbenee West to a point on mlJifi.'W'JK °' Tra F l -'P* (Book no Page 73); thence South' and along the East Bdundary, of Tract 1 DA to the Southeast corner thereof; thence West to a point on Ihe East boundary of Government Lot 4; thence South and along tue East boundary of Government Lot .4, to the fSlSftU ·S*"U.." ^'J ' (Book 154 Page Ml; thence West along the ^SoShBoundary of Tract 1 I to the Southwest comer of Tract I I ; thence North to a point on the North Right of Wa of West Evergreen Drive: thence r all mwi» TM , c e on Forel «io oavablo tn ih» Fiaihparf R^d Siena^e AsScS are to 55 i»r MBF and so M t»r cuni? Aitional required deoosits Tor surfat-p n^ni-ati.-*. SrStRoadi lOare tfSpTr MBF and JO 15 per cantt TBe required bid guarantee is tJSO.r* fo right to reject any and all bids is reserved Full information Mn «TMta« "« timber thVcondT Uons of sale, and the submission »' Wds should be obtained from -the Glacier View District Ran«r : Columbia Falls. Montana. · June 4 1«7fi __ TM^,jirjo^ _ Nt 1445 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE ELEVENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT OF THE STATE OF MONTANA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF FLATHEAD In tbe Matter of theEstate of ESTHER I srrrTT No. 1*43 NATIONAL FOREST TIMBER FOR SALE NATIONAL FOREST TIMBER SALE, FLATHEAD NATIONAL FOREST, HORNET BURN SALVAGE SALE, located within T36N, Raw, M.P.M. SEALED bids will be received by the District Ranger, Box W, Columbia Falls, Montana, at 1:00 p.m., local time at place of bid opening, June 14,1976, for an estimated 743 M board feet of Douglas-fir, Engelmann spruce, lodgepole pine, subalpine fir. western larch, and other species of timber marked or otherwise designated for cutting. The minimum acceptable weighted average tid rate per M board f«t u J63.M. The bid rates for all species will be subject to adjustment during the period of sale as provided for by the quarterly adjustment provisions of the timber sale contract. In addition, there is within the sale area an estimated 10 MBF of unsound sapwood sawtogs, which will be (aid for at 51.00 per MBF. Additional deposit required for slash disposal per M board feet for all species for road surface rock replacement on existing Forest roads is 12.10. Aouitional required deposit per M board feet f o r a l l species f o r r o a d maintenance on existing Forest roads is JO.19. In addition, deposits are required for all species for Third P a r t y Maintenance on North Fork of the Flathead Road RIO. payable to the FUthead Road Maintenance Association, of 13 » per M board feet. The required bid guarantee is 110,710. None of Die unprocessed Included Timber may be exported from the United States nor be used as a substitute for timber from private lands exported by the porcbaser. Bidders are ao- vised that violation ol the Timber Export and Substitution Restrictions consulates breach of contract and may result in contract cancellation, or in refusal to award timber sales to the violator, or debarmeaC or suspension from bidding on future timber sales. The right to reject , , Ihe submission of bids should be obtained from the Glacier View District Ranger, Columbia Falls. Montana. June 4. IWS NOTICE IS HEREBY that the undersigned has be r m . from the majority of the Un- O f (he above named estate All downers within tbe proposed d.s- persons i^ng clahns agatast ^ r r 1 r,-' .V a : A.M. in the ofhce of the County Commissioners in the basement · " e - n " o f he »hv r . public comment on the proposed zoning district boundaries and regulations; UK proposed zoning regulations (R-3) provide for a vanety of use districts and uses TMwhs alter the date of the first publication of this notice or said claims will be forever barred. CUims must either be mailed to Jamcs E - Mur P h y. I* P"^" 31 «l««ntaUv«, return reSipt re- guested, at the offices of Murphy, Soojnson. Heckathorn PhiUips Box 759, Kalispell, Montana or filed wju, tne^rt of UiTatioTM entitled Court ^ '""' ^ « «*· /s/ James E . Marpov cording to tbe Flathead County Comprehensive Z o n i n g Regulations) are on file for public Murphy r inspection at the office of the t Phillips Flathead County Clerk and Attorneys for Personal Kecoroer. Kenresentative Baled this 1st day of June, 1976. One Main Blo wiATmrwrourfrY · Itolis^ SlSuna S9901 COMMISSIONERS Flathead County, Montana Joe A. DeLong, Chairman Ethyl L. Smifi, Clerk of Board by Neva Foy. Deputy June , 11, 1976 June 4, 11. IB, 1976 any and ill bids is reserved. Full information concerning the timber, the conditions of saw, and ADVERTISEMENT FOR BID Sealed bids on the following will be received up to 8:00 p.m., Monday. June 14. 1J76 by Mariiyn P Nylander, Clerk of the Board of Trustees of School District No. X, Flathead and. take Canutes, Jt., Bigfork. Montana. Approximately 60,000 gallons regular No. 5 fuel oil to be delivered as needed. The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Marilyn P. Nylancier Clerk May 21. 38, June 4, 1S76 No 1447 Flalhead School District f 58 Bill accept sealed bids on a wood burning cookstove until 5:00 P.M. on June 14, 1976. This stove may be seen at Ihe Olney School by contacting Margaret Beck. Chairman. Tel, 881-2474 or Gwen Wollan. Clerk. Tel. 862-3865. Tbe Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids Signed: Gwen E Wollan, Clerk. Rt. fl Whitefisrr Mont. June 4. 11. 1976 Thn daily test pattern n part of our quality control program to brina. you the twit pottible printing reproduction. southern Africa because peace in the region can be won through diplomacy and negotiation. Leaders of a move to draft Humphrey announced Wednesday, they had contacted nearly 400 uncommitted convention delegates and "the overwhelming majority have indicated a preference for Sen. Humphrey." Humphrey had said previously he would not enter any primaries but would be available for a draft if one developed. Noting that Carter has over 900 officially committed delegates, Humphrey said, "Carter has a significant lead now. ff he came out of the next three primaries with a substantial number of delegates, he'd be in a position" to win. ' "If Carter has 1,100 or less delegates, the convention is oper," Humphrey said. "I don't want to do anything that will end up as a foolish, abortive effort ... I'm not unaware of the fact he has a very commanding lead.'' An Associated Press national poll found most of Carter's supporters favor him because of personal factors rather than because of his stands on issues, and his chief spokesman said there's nothing wrong with that. But Arizona Rep. Morris Udall said he was very disappointed at the finding. The AP poll found that more than half of all the 2,001 Americans surveyed didn't know where their favorite candidate for president stands on the issues. The AP poll found that four months of campaigning have not drawn many clear links between candidates and issues for potential voters. FVCC graduation set for June 13 The eighth commencement of Flathead Valley Community College will take place Sunday, June 13 at 2 p.m., at the Liberty Theater. FVCC President Don Lindahl said the graduation program includes-. The invocation; presentation of the graduating class by Lindahl; acceptance of the class by Robert Lopp, chairman of the Board of Trustees; speakers Robert Holston, first FVCC associated student body president and Jack Uhde, 1975-76 associated student body president; Bicentennial Choir directed by Jim Durado; awarding of diplomas by Dr. Richard Mattson and benediction. Uhde will be the master of ceremonies and the theme will be "Education - The Open Door to Opportunity." Following the graduation, family, friends and graduates are invited to attend a social hour hosted by the faculty wives, Lindahl said. MHP cases top court blotter . ..Once,.again, Montana Highway Patrol cases dominated the blotter of KalispeU's Justice Court during the.month of May. ..'.:. Figures released Thursday -by. acting Judge Mary Riedel showed 198 highway patrol charges handled during the month with $3,970 collected. Disbursement of that income saw Jl,132.50 routed to the county, $794 to driver's education and J2.043.50 to the patrol. Seventh-four county charges, 14 of a criminal nature and 60 civil cases, resulted in fined or forfeitures of $707.72 with $25 of that total routed to driver's education and the remainder into county coffers. There were six violations of gross vehicle weight limits brought before the court, income totalling $475 with J95 awarded driver's education and $32.50 allotted to the highway department. Four fish and game violations resulted in $35 worth of fines. All but $5 of that went to the county with the $5 transferred to the Department of Fish and Game. First service set The first service of the newly formed Glacier Baptist Church will take place at 8:30 a.m. Sunday in the music room of the Kalispell Junior High School. Guest speaker for the opening service will be the Rev. John Bergeson of Seattle, Wash., executive secretary of the Columbia Baptist Conference. The Columbia Baptist Conference is a district of the General Baptist Conference of America. All interested persons are invited to attend the service and a full listing of services and Sunday schools will be announced at a later date. stock quotes Amcord ?LI Amer Broad 31 Vi Amer Electric Power im-n American Motors sv* American Tel Tel 544-H Anaconda Co 84-4 Ansul Co JH-LJ Apeco Corp m-^ Avon Prod 4JH... Bausch Lomb ... 33-1 Beatrice Foods 25't+i Bethlehem Steel 42-4 H4R Block 15', Boeing 35^ - Boise Cascade S'n-'i Brunswick I5 r i-t» Bocycrus-Erie 27-Mi Burlington Northerr, ... 44Y 4 -Hi Champion Home Bite ... 4^.^ Champion Iml Chr p sler HM+'i Cily Investing 9»i Coca Cola 78'i-^i Comstat ZS'.i.'i Continental Oil 3«*4+!» Control Data Jl-v, Digiorgio Corp S'i... Disney 52-1^4 Dow Chemical 99H... Eastern Airl _ ft'.i.u Eastman Kodak .... Evans Prod Exxon Corp First Charter utifi Flintkot 17V.. Ford Motors 56^i+?i GooJrich 27-H Great West Finance J6H-*4 Greyhound 15^»... Gulf Oi] 3S^i+ i Homtstakt .............. 40H-H Jewel Co ............ MV t -* SS Kresge ............ S4V-m Louisiana Pjcific .......... 14... Marcor ................ J7-I-H McDonalds .............. S5VM Minn Min £ Minuf ...... MVVt Monsanto ........ srjVi Mool Dakota .......... SOtf+Vi Mont Power -- . Morrison Knotson Watomas ........... NW AirLiM- ........... '»i-v, NW Bancorp .......... S1*+H Occidental Pet ............ t« Pan Am Air Line ........ 5V,.fc JC Penney Pittson . . .Polaroid Purex Corp ........ 15 St Regis Ppaer . . . . tlv t -/, Scott Paper ........... Iiv»-Hi fears ................... KJ. IH Skyline Stand Oil of Calif Sunshine Min Telepfompter Texas Insl ............. llivt-u Texas Inter ........... 6H-V4 Twentieth Cent Fox ...... 5*4.14 Union Carbide ... 09^-ffc us steei .......... ;::;.. a ».£ Western Air Line ........ 1( Wt Western Bancorp .. BHt+K West Co. of NA ....... m.+ H Whittaker ........ nj Wickes ............... ' i V - f - Woolworlh Xerox Corp NEWSpapers give you more On J u n e 15. 1776. when General Washington was in Mew York Cily. Thomas Mickey, a member of Ms Life Guard, and another Continental soldier were, brought b e f o r e t h e p r o v i n c i a l Congress on Ihe charge of passing counterfeit money. The prisoners bragged aboul participating in a conspiracy to turn against the Americans once the British army arrived. Hickey was tried by court martial, convicted of mutiny and sedition, and was hanged The real extent of the conspiracy was so magnified and propagandized lhat (he (acts were never known. The World Almanac relates. Congratulations... Mrs. May Mines WINNER OF A FULL SIZE SEALY MATTRESS In Our "6ue*« The Weight" Of The Big Bed Contest Mrs. Mines Guested 542 Ifas. Bed's Actual Weight Was 540 ibs MEMORIES TRURO, England (AP) -During a fines amnesty at a Cornish library, one reader re- tumtd a book thai was three months overdue. Its titlei "How to Develop a Superpower Memory." Your Key To Fine Furniture 11 MAIN ST., KALISPEIL *£* ***^'+^ PLUS 3 FREE CHAINS For Above ··-. htiititatyuts. Newest and Moit Powerful Super Lightweight Saw With All Professional Feiturn Antivirxatron sysrein Cliain brake Automatic oiling Safely Triggei 2.3 cu. in. engine Reg, 194.95 ll weighs just over f 1 pounds complete wiTri 14" bar and rfiain. PR010-10 AUTOMATIC ONLY M99' s Reg. 234.95 · Nav; Chain Brake -- The professional salety lealure that slops a chain in milliseconds to leduce the hazard from "kickback" · New--professional style air filler for easy maintenance fonrjerme. · Fells Irees nearly 3 fee! Me'*. Zips Ihrough an 8" tog in seconds. See tor yourself at: MeCLULOCH Saturday! ft 4 Smaay 12 to 5 titauy West Mil RL 7554111

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