The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 19, 1951 · Page 4
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 4

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1951
Page 4
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Part* CALLE1UTIM1S. Sun., Aug. 19, WITH US I son, they ar» · year-around busi-, Changing Times Reflected in Tovs ; "Children »r« always having I : birthdays or getting toy« for jwd \ behavior," Mrs. LJvingiton said.; Dudney «aid that h« depeads on i __ _ · resident buyers in New York to «-! I if-if f* v 1an T^ 17 f 16X311$ liillCI ian in the department and also a l at University , senior The U-aiaees will return to their! Willed by hom« towns to organize similar; Ff , n f« courses locally. ; I O JJoyS 1 OWtt Counties which now have trained; * monitors include Travis t Austin*,'; LOS ANGELES, Calif., Au«, 18. 14; Tarrant (Fort Worth). 7 ; H»r-i(AP'i -- The bulk of the J370.0W ris, (Houston!. 6; Galveston, 5; [estate ot Edwin A. McKanna of - u *. , "They know their business »nd which Angelina, Webb, and Hidal- j m , Kirti 32 -y e ar-old sister of th» late oil heir. She had sued to it. By PAUL Dt'LAXEY i Cowboys and Indiana and Watch that popgun. Fop. Junior''* nsu i n l» warfare znuxt be timeless may be reflecting the thinking; or £ » r *wth Dudney and Mrs. Uvinj?-; TM W(1J WIWJBm ,,, .^ruus unns . -- · , -- -- - - -- our age. Iston agreed that these, like old £ b7 C ause of the clirnate i On * ol Ujem is a pert brunetle - |are lon * representatives in their; the former Nancy Daws and While father may have .applied| to y srjldler ", *ever "*· [ « A few years ^ doUa jnadei^TM^^f" ^^ toe coura *-!^TMu* s : w £ lch ,'"^V d * D *! 3 ^'iinherited Mrs. Eileen Ann McKan- for a '52 auto, and mother a revo-i While Junior is outmodernizing; 0 f i at ex were deteriorating ba31v ! A Feti '^ ral Ovil Defense Agency pTM lutionary household gadget, chaHc-|hi« elders with derivatives of the:a, this climate" he said "But- cial sald the senes of three ^ tf v :__ es»re Junior will ge them one bet-j atom, his, sister is reflecting the..manufacture* caught on and be-i" ve " aay com ' ses *' }uch mi ^ ^'-r,. I. I ·". TV~ ?~o tuft- with an atomic rifle. j modern trends. ;ffan making them of vinvlite i d a y was one of Ule most positive j*-aS»Ualty LJSt 1O. O O Such was the genera! agreement : Dwlls t)o MoUeru :which is used in some t\Tes oj' steps Jet taken in civii ^eense 1 WASHINGTON, Aug. 18. (API--. jlast week of two local toy buyers:* S v, e deci( ied on dolls wav backilusgage, a material that does not ;edu ?f, lion ! " Texas." ;The Defense Department today Mrs. Venia Livingston, toy depai-t-; w hen they were stuffed with Dodo: ro ' so readily." \ / t s probably the most worth-;identified SS additional battle cas- rhent manager for Perkins Broth-:kj r j feathers and has stuck with' An d it is "a problem to please'' x ^ f thing: Texas has tlcne to:ualUes in Korea. A new list (No. ers. Inc., and Dick Dudney, buyer; tnenu g ut today's dolls are a far^unio 1 " and his sister. They are ;stir U P Public interest in civil de-;378) reported 17 killed. S3 wound- in boy's wear and boy's toys £01 cry f rom thqse · made of whale'· Products of an age that want* the ;f e ns *." said Vincent Lamoureax.led. three missing in actidn and five Lichtenstein's Inc. teeth and walrus tusks. ibest. 'head ot the environmental sanita-! injured in battle zone accidents. War Toy* Popular . Alodern dolls crv wai 1 - h«-"« *" ' ^ fact, a manufacturer got him-! tion . health and specitl weapons; Dudney said this is a big year- -wwein aou* u j . Wai*, n -.-_.,, .... _ , , . » . . i,,,, _, ^. ,,,,,,. i for Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps toys. One toy house has 20 numbers in a line devoted to Army equipment f.uch as forts, complete with as many as 100 pieces of equipment. lolk rev \v«r- ,«·.·/» VIM : "· latl ' tt luanuiaciurer goi mm- """· "*-""' ="" O^CLIU «c»pi. feel real and'do things i seu in trouble iast ?'«»· *eyTMS to Defense section of the FCDA. so darn realistic thev make si s -i«, ive the youngsters realistic toys.j Seventeen^ounties sent repres- Iter's elders blush. " jOne_of his atomic pistols m the j entatives from every principal Mrs - said there 13 now a doll that has hair that can be set. unset, given a permanent hands of a demonstrator, laid one ! target area of the state to study o f the young: prospective buyers radiology in the State Department saki ajsix months in advance of the toV ' 1; ' - ' - " ' "Army toys are realistic and detailed." Dudney said. "They are puintecl olive drab."' Proving that youngsters keep up! with the times, Dudney couple of years ago. before the j land sea«?n. Some orders placed Korean situation l.roke. the 'boys[in May result in shipment by Aug- vvere mostly interestc'd in HopalongKist. Casf.!dy and Roy Rogers toys. · Vcur-Aroiuul I'.iisincss "But even then they were- s-radii- Thev ^ (h;U wh ., ( , , oys , atintr towarO sp»c-c «nrt rock- m o M l y d u r j ^ Christmas" seo- et tovs. thf" Inivcr said, .__ ._ . . out on the department store floor, resulting damage suit canceled and washed. They're so realistic j aU orders for the "realistic" weap- it s almost impossible to see which O n. one has the Toni. The local toy buyers order .toys] of Health's civil defense education program. , The Icne woman student was Su-i san McBride, a biologies techic-! MATTRESS RENOVATING $8.95 INNERSPRING RENOVATING 14.95 HEAVY TICKING USED CALL SUNILAND FURNITURE AND BEDDING CO. t-JTM O.NXY 127 DAYS 'TIL CHRISTMAS--Little Dick Greusel, 3Vi, of Hebbronville, wandered into a local department store the other day with an -eye to the future. Dick, son of Dr. and Mrs. Paul Greusei. had a toy truck he wanted to trade in on a Buck Rogers suit for Christmas. Owners Plan Rapid Production Of Slalk Cnlter Plans are being formulated to start rapid production of a four- row s t a l k cutter at the SS Machine Shop here, it was slated yes;- tei'day by Julius and Hairy Stool?.. owners, who have built » cutter and demonstrated it last week (in the Weil f a i m west of Corpus Christ;. They s-uid opplicution if Vicing made for udditiomil stee! to bi? used In making the cutters- Considerable interest iias bei'ii shown in the machino since it was* demonstrated here. The mnchine, a rotary type cut-; ter, not only cuts stalks at ground; Irve!, but also shreds them «nd ! s p r e a d s the debris over the ground. ,, ^ New Boss at Holuhird | BALTIMORE, Aug. IS. A P i -- j T|ie command changed nt Fort! Holabird today when Brig. Gen. Pliilip E. Gallagher arrived tg l u K e j over from Maj. Gen. John K. Rice, i Oen. Gallagher assumes command i on Monday when Gen, Rice leaves j to h4f.omc chicj^lijlJ^ thr United) States Milit«ryi ! '-Assistance i n i . RomQ," I; Sterlin Reelecle! WORCESTER, Maw,, I A P I -- C o l . Joseph C, Sterlin, Wirld War 1 ace from Miami Beaeh, F)a., was reelected national cotnmander for the third year »t the Army Navy Union 'convention here. Uttlf TV Inrlui-iicc ! "The demand for atmiiic o r r u t r k - ; let toys, cnuscd by television shows-, j hasn't affected us much here be-, i cause there are o !\v TV «'l.s," : i Dudney .said. ! fftit he ad'decl t h a t the influence ; Of young luiyers is the East i.s ifar-reachiiijj anti tliey affect t h e ; is;ile of toys in Corpus Ohristi. i , "About a yfsr ago. toy-makers· I came out. with an atomic lanora-l | lory for the youiiKsters," Dudney Au" IS i s f l ' ( ' r!0 ^ elaborating on the pos"' " " · threat of such -a device in the hands of Ingenious youngsters. It's Wonderful The Zenith Transoceanic Radio is a beauty--- world wide reception ot your f i n g e r tips -- and ot such o reasonable p r i c e · -$99.95- -- small payment delivers -- small payment monthly. JJ MUSIC STORE 415 Schottel HEY-HAY FEVER? Carrier Room Air-Conditioner Install Now In Your Office and Home Cleans and roojs the »lr. Removes dust and pollen that plague h a y f e - e r victims. Gives healthful ventilation the year around. Immediate delivery. Cpoiidge Locher Co. 1310 S. Staples 3-854S FOGGERS Death To Pests CORPUS CHRISTI EXTERMINATING CO. DIAL 4-8011 fTtffT ROM · BltHCAL-MtomslOHAL MOILUtK 4H HMTH CmrAKtAl * ULffHOHt 1-9479 If] JU Attend Church Every Sunday .'ASSEMBLY, OF GOD FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD JSM Satlh Hron-nlr* Wrre» i, n*M»1, r*ior »:! ».«, Vn«d«r School 11:W «.m, Mornlnf Vorhlp *:4* ».m. GA Serrlc* 7:4* p.ns- HILLCREST ASSEMBLY OF GOD K«T. 1X1* B.cnnrd- J, W. Naih. Failor . , v U:M «.m- Merning Wnrnhlp -T;tt p.m. Kveninic Worship 7:48- p.m. Thursday, Mldwcpu S^rvlc 7;« p.m. Fr)a»y. Voulb Srrvl.ts BAPTiST DOWNTOWN BAPTIST Mecqntta »t Ta^tor W. O. aaltt«n, Minister f.*5 «.m. Rtbla Sohnol U:Mmri. Sforufnc Worship 3:38 ].th. Trlnlnf; Cnfon S-M KJn. Gven!n« Wor«hl» "In the Mw«rt of the Cily (»r lh or th» City." FIRST BAPTIST JIU Orenn Drive C. B. Hereford, D. D., Puitor I0:i »-m. "God's Eainbon" JJr. Tlettlatt, »:W p.m. "JUitory'n Gr*»t*9t Love Story."--Or, Hereford. SECOND BAFHST CHURCH Or. Wwren ITlker. r«.«lor 0:4$ a.m, Anndfty Srhon! 11:011 *.m. MornlBi; Uorihl? «:4S p.m. Trslnlns L'nlon »:M p.m. Kvenlnf Service 7:4S p.m. n'rdncid»j--Ml(}iTpft ChnrcJi Service. PRIMITIVE BAPTIST CHURCH ISO! Bniblrt St. ' flier W. 7, dumb«rf, M*«0a« 1»;38 a.m. CHURCH of the BRETHREN 11 KT» St. On» Rlnfli! off Ixolnftnn Blvd. N»r C»8sc«»y lntcr»ci:llcn ttl {-'lour Bluff R«T. Lf» F. 8pll«*r. Piwlor *d Third ?anfl»yt n:on rt.m, IUim«r trnttn n-.on »,m. r v c » . r . : j.m. *«fifc*» fern fleU in Fititor't horn*. CHRISTIAN FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Jllnifier: Rc^. W. O. Harrlton n. D. Su 0 a»r 9:S a.m. Church School 10 :M K.R1. .M.lraini H'nrfhip Sermon -- T)r. C. K. C^evr-rtw; 3:00 u.m. Chi Rho 7:W p.m. Chrlttlan youth Fpllowslilp Ice Crcum .social Hour p.m. Koj- Scon* 3:W P.m. CW Rho CHRISTIAN SCIENCE FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST J'crmd ni Butgrd Snnd»3r J. :W) ».m. SundiiT Srhaol 11 :W) n.ltl. Wednesday 8:00 p.m. All Ar« tuttttd C H U R C H OF CHRIST CHURCH OF CHRIST Furmar. end Slepica »l». K. D. Simmons. 5!In!ittr Blbtr Staff (nil sect) 9:1$ ».m. and 6:3B p.m. frvBchlot aitdl Commonltir. 14 10:4 A,m. nnd 7:30 p.m. Mldwiw'* BIMo Stndy and Seni Drli! VVcdnetdnj' 7:36 U.m. EPISCOPAL MISSOURI SITCOD TRINITY LUTHERAN 86S tjflii.i*lttaii KCT. B. r. A'qeuber. J"»»tor I O H J Mornlnf Worth)* 5:ll» p.m. -- service. ST. JOHN LUTHERAN 3320 Antelop# Rev, T, 8, t*r*nUnaK, f utor Sundny School. »:3ft ».nu Alornlnr Scrvlc*. 8:30 and 10:45 «.m. METHODIST You can Beat the Bushes but you can't Beat this FIRST METHODIST 1004 Mciqult* ftt 5iwui "MS ».m. -- Chnrch School IU:5S n.m. -Mornlnit Wornhlp (BntiidoMt KETS-1449) w u B Kotith FpllO'VClilp 7:."il Kvrnini Worship John Donnbo, Mln!.«Ui ST. LUKE'S METHODIST Sf la DriT* at Roblniim J. Bsrcni Moor*, Mlnlijor 9: IS ».m. Sand*? Softool' Two Moraine 8errJc«* 9:00 «mn. * U ».ta. «:«i B.m. Stethodlj* Vonnj FeUm»b.lp :3B p.m. Evening Worihlf PENTECOSTAL CHURCH OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD 7:30 a.m. Holy Communion »:M n.m. Family 8'rtlr« tl :00 ».m. Mornlnt rr«j»r A Sermon Dstld S, RM« LUTHERAN ST. MARK'S LUTHERAN CHURCH U. L. C. A. 3IM ». Alummln Or. t'hllip L. IVnhlhcrr. rnitor Sunn».v School S;30 Thn ««nlr« 9;44 ^ermon "Th» Sunrlll.r nf tile" (A nnrncry l jircvM^I MnrtaK »irrtc#i for fhnrttrn undfr 3) FIRST PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH ISM Htatflj Pfc. 4-HgJ r»sto,-. t). 3. Ltllurd sondnr Si'honl »:4S \Vofshlp Senlee 11:00 tvrnlny Service 7:30 p.m. Friday P.H.Y.S. 1:30 p.m. Ulifro »ll peopl« of all fallht mpcl to \vorahlp PRESBYTERIAN FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Sunilnjr for All H:oO Morning \Vorshl!-- Jiprikcr: I. ("ill. Koktrr M, Hf»rn, fh»plMn (xhanu* I If Id SB Kv*Blnjr Wor pr^«l(lln|^, Jonn ony unrulier. r you want to know why shrewd car shoppers are saying "Smart Buy's Buick," take a look at this. It's the new Buick SPECIAL 2-door, fvpassenger Sedan--and it's roomier than most 4-door «edan«, higher- powered than many costlier cars--and priced, as you'll discover, right down near the lowest. Now, we ask you: where can you beat it for the money? G an you beat this beauty on looks and style and rich bearing in any other car near its price? Can you match, at the same money, the big power of its valTC-in-head Fireball Engine (128 horsepower with Dynaflow Drive*) --or the big miles-per-gallon figure it delivers with such thrills? Can you equal this travelers roominess in any other car of comparable cost--get full-size headroom, legroom and hiproom both front and rear in any other 2-door automobile? Can you come even near trie gentle levelness of its ride and the solid steadiness of its going -- have coil springs on all four wheels and a torque-tube keel beneath you-^except in another Buick? And where can you top the restful ease and luxurious smoothness of this sweetheart's Dynaflow Drive* in any other automobile at any price? The answers, from a lot of certain- sure folks, sum up to a great big* ' '-'YOU CANT!" But why take anyone else's word for it? Come in and get your own answers. Look over this bedrock-priced Buick -- compare it with any other automobile at the same money-- and you'll agree you can't beat this smartest of buys. , trim and s are su6j«fi la eha* Xiona; tit ar.ra «*t *A«r Strii*. MO OTHEB PROVIDES Ff icMnrwrfc FfftEBAU .kxl-- gefs nora mifa frw» erwy tawlk rf : WHrfE^riow wsr«/*«fvmf-*9*r dw M^AW, ·JpecroJfy of nfgfrf fh« rWe, Jmprore* drrVing 4-WHKLCQIL SPRINGING - rW«, jores lervicing cosfs OUAt VENTJUT/OM-oufsWe otr f ecf *9porateV to rfgfrf or /efr of frwrf «miporfm«ftf BRAKES ~ hydmitk ~ five ffm«s etf i«jt» druns DRf AMIWE STYlWO-toperecf, eor^ngfh texte* g/eoming JweepipeoK on mosf j Se/f-/ocfcmg foggoj* firf, S/epOn farofee, fwo-woy jgnifion lock, Sofefy-R/'de rims, KWoiied engine mounting, Body by Fis/ier Wh«w tatter automobile* are feuih BUICK wiK build rhem . TARO«, GILLESPIE BUICK COMPANY 401 South Water Strett Corpus Ch listi, Texas SALES DEPARTMENT OPEN EVENINGS TILL EIGHT AND ALL DAY SATURDAY Dial 3-8511

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