The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 18, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 8

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1939
Page 8
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HT V THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANANDAIGUA, N. Y., TUESDAY, JULY 18,1Q89. Strodiy School Picnic Thursday Held In Wife's Strangling The Man- eJMpbr Baptist Sunday School will*.annual picnic at Mendon Wood* Thursday. The bus will leave tot church Thursday morning at ·?* .. , , . Manchester Briefs Joyce Kinner and a friend. Eliz- alyeth Arrowsmith. both of Rochester, spent the weekend at the home «..the',,former's parents, the Rev And Mrs. E. L. Kinner. Aft-., and Mrs. Oscar Warner and family *snd Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Warner and family left Sunday for a tour of Old Forge, Tupper Lake anil other points in the Adirondack Mountains. Mrs. Berthram Lush in confined 'to ,Clifton Springs Sanitarium following a recent operation. ' PaulBolonda, who has been visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bolonda, has returned to lily duties as a male nurse at Go- ·ffartda "State Hospital. " .pf; and Mrs. Clarence Hebblethwaite, who have been vacationing At Jordan, called on her mother Mrs..,Myron Huxley, who has been Qpafihed, to her home by illness. -·Wilfred, Walter and Richard Dllwpfth.-all of Buffalo, are visiting relatives in Manchester. ' Mr. and Mrs. William McDonald and daughter, Marilyn, spent Sunday in Rochester, visiting friends. -·Charlotte Potter has returned Koine from Canandaigua Memorial Hospital, where she was confined for 'some time. : -Guests; at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dalberth and family Sunday were: Mrs. Charles Maley antffamily and Edward McOormick of Attica; Mr. and Mrs. Louise Dal- pBrth and family, Rochester; Mr. and 'Mrs. Prank Knopf, and Mr. ancf'Mrs. Adrian Knopf, and family of Canandaigua; Mrs. Michael Dai- fcrth and family, Rochester. Mr.-and Mrs. Stanley Molner tind; daughter, Dianne, of Scotia are visiting" her parents. Mr. and Mrs. JobnJCehl- -Kenneth Herman has been con- flttea to : his home by a leg injury stffTered at work last week. - : ;.Sfr. -and Mrs. George Grieve of ·Hpfcoirib spent Sunday with Mr and Mrs. John Hayden. '-Helen Tyler is confined to her home -by illness. Mrs; Ryan is reported to be recovering from her recent operation. -Mrs; Carrie Orshall, Mrs. Madge Lswton and Mrs. Pearl Overacre Have,, left for an auto trip along theiJSt. Lawrence. - -Leland Kinner, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Sperry ;-in Savannah, has returned | to; the home of his parents, the i Rev.-and Mrs. E. L. Kinner. r Audrey Gleasman, who is einploy- e4- : in Rochester, spent Sunday with her.-", parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Oteasman. j "^Mfs. ftpbert Loring. Mrs. Robert iionahan, infant. daughter, Sheila Ann, Mrs. Thomas Dal'nerih and her sister, Mrs. Charles Maley arid Ijjmily spent Monday at Dalberth's cottage on Canandaigua Lake. Jane Bennett, daughter of Mr. anff'Mrs. A. M. Bennett, spent Monday visiting friends in Rochester. ---- j Vicinity Marriages j Bristol MRS. JOHN R. GILBERT Staff Correspondent Andrew Bulna, (left) 21-year-old painter, shown at Paterson. N. J.. with Acting Police Chief Lawrence Dunn, who said 1 Bulna admitted rtrangling his wife after a quarrel and driving through Paterson streets for an hour and a half with her body while he tried to frame an alibi. RADIO PROGRAMS (Time Is Eastern Standard) NEW YORK i/P) -- Date for tiii start cf the twelfth const-'-utive season of broadcasting by the Music Appreciation Hour was set todsv for October 13. As in - the past, the hour will be in charge of Dr. Walter Daiiirosch. \eteran conductor who ;s spending i pert of the summer in Hollywood .0 j make his first movie. The program j v-ill have :he 2 o'clock hour o WJZ-NBC Friday afternoons Tr fame procedure as last y^ar \vill I followed. Morton-Monjc -- The marriage of ~MTss Slsie L. Morton, daughter of i.^ -Cora Morten, of RushviUe, t Anthony P. Mcnje. sen of Mis. Jqrieph Monje, of Newark, took jjflHiJfc^tetunJay evening. July 15. at 8 O'clock at the home of the briue's mother. In the presence of 50 gnests, the Rev. Harold W. Mac- Gtilvary, pastor of Rushville Congi-e- gational church, performed the crlemony. '"Preceding the ceremony. M:s. 'Fired WUssn presented ''1 Love Yen j Truly" accompanied on the piano i by-Miss Althea Schweicithard w-;ic r ftisb : -played the wedding march Miss Louise Morton was sister":-- niaid of honor, and bridesmaids 'were Mrs. Arthur Bowles and Mis* Mildred Northrup, Wilircd Monje .Of _ -Newark, served his brother ·.·- i best man, and iittie Mae Bo^le? vva.- : ficirar girl. ! ". - The bride wore a gov.-jj of pearr- j laoe with a white rose in her hair j and carried a bouquet oi -.vhite ! buds'."-'The maid of honor rore roy j al blue chiffon and carriro pink snapdragons and wore a pink ro.v- ,i-» .her hair. Mrs. Bowles v,-orc ;, town of powder blue lacs, and M:st Horthrup yellow celanet* on;and. Both wore corsages of p;nk snapdragons and pink roses. Fh-- fknvc-- girl wore a long hiph-waistta d~i - cf white figured organdy and carded an old 'fashioned bouquet :n garden flowers. The briar's mother trore a dress of powder blue 3r.r *lth pink corsage. The bridegroom's mother -Hrorc n bhic n:n. white silk print with coiv-agc c3 pink flowers. Tlw ceremony was perion.iecl ^i Jht living room, lighted l.y condfc, .bi-Iore an arbor of cviriretn j.i:-: tisistes with a backgroi;nd »3 pink" hollyhocks. Basket? o' ?arci-y flowers were placed at the :-.ides. Following the cerejn«".y supper was served. The bride's %abk. srat- inj, It), was decorated i\-)th gnnKn flowers and the bride's ?akc Mr.-.. Ouy.,Pisher. Miss Helen S Mrs. Phyllis Butler and Mr:,. McPadden served thr cue:. ( s. The following cuesti irr-m out oi town were in attendance: Mr. i.-»i" \ Mrs. ComelJus Stanton. Di. a:i£.: Mrs. S. P. Tiernar). Mr. «irl Mrs. V . , E. Bums and daught-.-r. Dorri-.a i M«* Kathlt-er; W^stia];-. and Ivj''- Flla O'Grady. ail ol HOCJTMC: Mrs. Joseph Monje and on. Jo.-r-, :r Jr.. M). and Mrs. Pave P)tt-. Fr^,-.- u» Manic. Mr. and Mr.-. Vij^-t!.! De Lcney. Mrs. Hazei M.inin. MA-. E. La-9STsnoc. Mr;-. Pi n 3jin^ . Miss Helen Austin, M ; - ~ Monje. Mr, ano MJ,. Jc.-E. Monje and M:;:s M;/. : y^ '..all of Ne»-artc; Mi. ariii M, ScherJl. of Lawrence, of WK-J,.:-.. MonK- of Newport Nev/s Ptknooto De Smit, of C1f.--- O.: Delia De Snit. of Hol- Attie Monje. of Rochest*:- ] events were .» bs«i v '! Civen by M.-K. Wilbur' Bing Crosby will be guest star of his own program Thursday nigh; via WEAF-NBC. Here's how it happens: Bing is on vacation unb! Fall, his co-workers, Bob Burns, is iu charge. Bing is taking a nigut ofl from his vacation upon returning to . Hollywood from Boater., where he saw his horses race, put.t to give Bob a little Help. that he goes back to the vacation. Incidentally, this hour ha? been rent-wed for another 52 weeks datin = from July 27. Tuning tonight: WEAF-NBC--NEW YORK 7:00--Johnny Presents 'o.00--Battle of Sexes S:30--Alec TempietoiVs Piano 9 : co--District Attorney 9:30--Uncle Walt's Doghouse WABC-CBS--NEW IfOIlK 7:00--Dick Powell's Party, finale 6.00--We the People E:30--Bob Crosby Swing 9:00--Hal Kemp Orchestra c.-45_Armchair Adventures WJZ-NBC--NEW YORK 7:00--Inside Story 7:30--Information Please 8:00--Artie Shaw Orchestra E -30--Story Time 9:00--If I had a Chance Interview 8.30--Swing Serenade 8.45--Tower Clock Program 9.00--Hoosier Hot Shots 9.15--Women Only 9.30--Young Dr. Malone 9.45--1 Love a Mystery 10.00--Central City 10.15--Josh Higgins of Finchville 10.30--Jack Berch and His Boys 10.45--Houseboat Hannah 11.00--Mary Marlin 11.15--Vic and Sade 11.30--Pepper Young's Family 11.45--To be announced 12.00--Hit of the Day 12.05--News Reporter 12.15--Kidoodlers 12.30--Nat. Farm and Home Hour 1.30--Al Sigl 1.45--Phil Brito. Songs 2.00--Betty and Bob 2.15--Arnold Grimm's daughter 2.30--Valiant Lady 2.45--Betty Crocker 3.00--Safety Rally 3.15--NBC Dance Band 3.45--Amanda Snow, Songs 4.00--Club Matinee 4.45--"Midstream" 5.00--Charles Barnett and Orch. 5.30--Let's Waltz 5.45--Buck Rogers 6.00--News Reporter 6.15--Your Family and Mine 6.30--Bill Rogers. Sports 6.45--Lowell Thomas 7.00--Easy Aces 7.15--Mr. Keen 7.30--The Good Will Hour 8.00--One Man's Family 8.30--Hobby Lobby 9.00--Horse and Buggy Days 9.30--Idea Mart 10.00--Kay Kyser 11.00--News Reporter 11.15-r-Lawrence Welk and Orch. 11.30--Richard Himber and Orch. 12.00--Hal Kemp and Orch. 12.30--Larry Clinton and Orch. 1.00--Sign-Off Needs Blood To Live -~ What to expect Wednesday: WEAF-NBC--NEW 1'OKK :2:15--Let's Talk It Over 3:15--Stella Dallas 5:00--Art in the News WABC-CBS--NEW YORK 2:30--Swing Serenade 4;15_R=p. T. V. Smith on Boo 5-45_judith Arlen's Songs WJZ-NBC--NEW YORK 11.30 -- Farm and Home Hour 2-15--Favorite Waltzes 4:45_IvEC Dance Orchestra Some Wednesday Shi-.-t \Vavc: D^D Berlin 6:15 Variety Ccnccr-: FCJ Eindhoven 3:25 Pr-jctram - f o. America: TGWA Guaien^'.a City 10 Opera: GSI GSD GSB London ! I . ' - Kt-w Zealand Centenary. TODAY WHAM--ROCHES FEK (Time Is Daylight Savins-' 4:00--Club Matinee. NB"; 4:45_"Midstrcam." NBC r,:00--Rhythm Ronu»::cc. NBC 5:30--Lei's Waltz 5.45--Social Chronicle 6:00--News 6:!5--Your Fcinily it M;nt- 6:30--Sports 6:45--Lowell Thomas. NBC 7:00--Easy Aces. NBC 7:15--Mr. Keen. NBC 7:30--Tommorrow's Hcnliiinv-: 7:45--Rav Kiuney On-h.. Ni'-C f,JoO--"Thr InsidV Stor.x." KHC ?:30--Information ?!·«-:. ]\BC 9:00--Melody and Madnw-s. NBC 9:30--Tn.c Storj- Time. Ni^v" 10:00--"Mr. District Attcmr;.." NBC ;C:30--Charlrs Bam^.L Orrii.. NUC Vicinity Deaths BRISTOL -- Some fifty friends of the Rt-v. and Mrs. Harry M. Wright from LeRoy were guests at the morning service in the Bristol Uni- versalist Church. Sunday morning. Following the services, all enjoyed a picnic dinner on the parsonage lawn. Tom Kivlon is recovering from' l:okun ribs and a shouldiT lancratioi; as the result of a recent accident with a hay fork on the farm of John Mcllveen. Mi. and Mrs. William Brunner and son Billy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Farclough and daughter. Anna, Miss Lottie Szewczyk and Andrew Strank of North Tonawanda, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Leaderstorf and .sons Duane and Roger. Mr. and M'-s. Herbert Leaderstorf and sons, Robert and Donald of Tonawanda, and Mrs. Nellie Brunner of Loraine, Ohio and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Denton and son David of Avon, attended a picnic held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Case, Sunday. The Rev. Harry M. Wright of Bristol was called to Pheips Monday F to officiate at the funeral of Miss Jennie E. Burnette. Mrs. Mae Nestingen cf Rochester is visiting Mrs. Leighton Gilbert. Assemblyman H. R. Marble attended Sunday the dedication of the 4-H Camp at Gilbert. The camp will cover the territory of the three counties: Yates, F^neca and Ontario. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hathaway 1 have purchased the farm owned by Mrs. Florence Nichols of Shortsville and formerly occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Parker Kelly. Carl Johnson who has been spending some time in the Adirondack Mountains, was home for a weekend stay. He expects to return again this Wednesday. Mrs. Eva Ward of Rochester, is spending the week with Mrs. Demerrill Ingraham and daughter Lois Isr.belle. , Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson of Canandaigua spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Minnie Case. Barbara and Dorothy Marble. Jack and Joan Terry a:;d Freduie Ward, are' attending the church school meetings at the Bristol Valley Congregational Church. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cook and family attended the Conesus MilR Producers' Picnic held at Long Point, Conesus Lake, Sunday. Miss Isabelle Ingraham attended Sunday, the Young Republican Club | Picnic at Kashong Park, Seneca j Lake. I ] Mrs. Leo Alonzo and daughter, I j Barbara Jean of Pennsylvania were j 1 recent visitors of Miss Leighton i i Gilbert. j i Mr. and Mrs. John Gilbert and ; son George were Sunday visitors of j Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moran and family at their cottage on Canandaigua Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Metzger and sons. Bobby and Jackie of Nort'i Bloomiieid, Mr. and Mrs. Wilfried Woodiwist. Frank and Charles ; Woodiwist and Mrs. Nance Hib- 1 ' bard of Rochester were Sunday vis- i j itors of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfried Ward, j I Mr. and Mrs. John Newton of i Holcomb and Mrs. Emma Mitchell j of Rochester were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ferris. "' \ Arthur Parsons of Canandaigua was a Sunday caller of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. French of Dansville were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Miller. Mi. and Mrs. Fenner Brecken- Centerfield IIH8. KARL Stiff Pathetically, three-year-old William Caddie peers over the end of his bed in Children's ^ Hospital. Washington, D. C., sad-eyed as though he knew his mother Mrs. Jas. Caddie had appealed to the public for blood to keep him alive. He is suffering from leukemia, in which white blood cells multiply abnormally. West Italy MRS. FLORA JOHNSON Staff Correspondent WEST. ITALY -- Joseph DcWick is ill. Dana Kuncs. of Hccri Comers is assisting at ihc DeVvicli hoi-ie Mrs. Bert DeWick. of Rochester has been the guest cf her duustitar. Mrs. Vernon Dunicn and family. Mrs. Horace Sheparcl. r-ons. John and Horace. Jr.. of Kaples. spent Sunday with her daughter. Mrs. Walter Randolph and husband. Mr. and Mrs. CUi.uae I'ansloiph ri" Bristol, and Mr. and Mrs. Nonrp.'j Dunton and family, oi Hoicoinb spent Sunday at Earle CENTERFIELD -- Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hoof.l'il"irk. BuiJ'alo Road extension, were Sunday f't'.wits of Mrs. Hoo»hkirk'K .sister. Mr:;. F. H. Parks and Mr. Park:-; at Soncc'i Fulls. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Appleton Mr. and Mrs. Let- Moll and daughter. Donna: Mrs. Lillian Gladding and daughter. Buvovly anil .son. Richard; Miss Alice Apple-Urn am! Wallace Appleton, O.'nlerfielil road, spent Sunday at UIL- Rochester parks. Mr. and Mrs. Tlicourn? Orov- ·· and son. Bobby. Hcpkins road, spent Sunday w i t h relatives in Oanajoharii 1 . Mrs. Ro;:; Dorraiu: r - and dau- daushtor. Mildred, of Canandai«ua. have been visitors of Mr. and Mr:-,. L. D. McPhiTson. Hopkins road. O. L. Castle of LeRoy. was a v i s - itor of his sister. Mrs. James K. Haire. Bristol road. Andrew Weibert of Cleveland. O.. who has been spending some time at James K. Haire's. is now attending the World's Fair. Mr. and Mrs. John Wood an! family of Cheshire: Mrs. Eliza Christoph and Mr. and Mrs. L. D. McPherson, Hopkins road, recently picnicked at Pittsford. Mr. and Mrs. Elhvood Speers of Geneva, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. William Cole, and in the afternoon they motored to Prattsburgh and called on Dr. and Mrs. Harry Ferguson. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Fitzgerald and daughter. A. Marie; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hoffman, all of Rochester, were weekend guests oi Mr. nd Mrs. John Hoffman. Wheeler's Station Road. Mr. ancl Mrs. Frank f-ani-is, of ffmclairville, and son. Char'.rs. c.i Flint. Mich., and Mrs. Gu-- Ray-- r.-ond and daughter. IjuroUiy. r '-i Jamestcwn. were recein !;u;:;:.:-: o Mr. Frp.ncis' sister. Mrs. War:--.'-r Davis, and Mr. Davis. Cool.-y \r-::C. MARK WEDDING DATE CLIFTON SPRINGS -- Mr. arc! Mrs. Peter Duthoy and family, of frlHTicfrpon: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vcratrcut. of Phclps, and Mr. tun! Mrs. John VanDcvoorde ii»d Mary Pauline, of Clifton N/rs. Peter VahDevoortif of the Port Gibson road, who were observing their filth wedding anniversary. Forest fires in the United States averaged 172,000 a year in the five i''Ui"hter Mary Pauime, 01 vjiuioin uvurageu n^.wv a j-uui ui me tin yprin'sK :;pcnt Sunday with Mr. and I years from 1933 to 1937 inclusive. SENECA GRANGE TO MEET I STANLEY -- Seneca Grange will Barton Bromley and .son. Robert hold its regular meeting Wednes- Biomley. of Rcchestc \veekend with Mr. and Mr:-:. VicixT Moves. spent the day evening in the Grange Hall. Mrs. Emma Case. County Juvenile i Deputy will be present and outline I the Juvenile activities for the coun- J. B.'Roebuck of Stockton, Calif., j t-y. Mrs. Arthur Watkins will speak and Dr. L. L. Roebuck of Marion ; on current events while Mrs. Hel- O.", saw each other recently for the j en Hutchinson will conduct a dumb first time in 43 years. · spelling bee. Your Films Deserve Carhart's "High Hat" Finish PANEL ART PRINTS Every Print Is Panelled Every Print Is Dated On Back Half Inch Borders on All Prints Velox Deckle-Edged Paper. Certified For Quality NO EXTRA COST 24 HOUR SERVICE Bathing Caps . . lOc to 39c Sun Glasses.. 25c to $1.90 s " Son Tan Oil, Sun Tan Cream . , . 29c to 49c Large Assortment of Rubber Play Balls... 5c to 39c Facial Tissue, 500's.,. 23c · · Simmons' Drug Store "DEPENDABLE DRUGS" Joseph P. Median ! SHORTSVTLLE -- Joseph P. ! Meehan. 43. of 17 Hebron Avenue, r id ge and family of Allen's Hill were j yardmaster at Manchester for the , Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. past 15 years, died suddenly of j; ar i Marble. heart trouble last night in the performance of his duties. Coroner Mrs. Thomas Kennedy and Mrs. Susie Morrow of Vincent and Tom FELD i Leon A. Stetson, of Canandaigua.; Kivlon and Dick McBride were ! issued a verdict of death due to | Sundav afternoon callers of Mr. and I natural causes. : Engaged in coupling freight cars. '· Meehan collapsed on the ground ! and was found by the train crew when he failed to answer the cn- ! -.moor's signal, according tc- ir. '· Stetson, i Mr. Meehan was a member of St. Dominic's Church: Fourth Degree. ! Knights of Columbus: Holy Name j Society. Brotherhood of Railroad i Trainmen and of the Brotherhood ! of Railroad Switchmen. ; He is survived by his wife. Mrs. i Eva Broomfiela Meehan; one , daughter. Ellen Catherine, and four I .sons. Robert. Bernard. John and William Meehan. all of Shorts' ville: his parents. Mr. and Mrs. i John J. Alechan. of Manchester: ; five brothers. William, of Chica' co: Thomas, of Corning John, of · Buffalo: Jamwand Ricnard Mec; nan. of Manchester, and one sis' t-rr. Mrs. Joseph H. Brodcrick. of Wayland. Funeral sorvicrs will be held from the home Thursday morning at 9 o'clock, and 9.30 from St. Dominic's Clr.irrh. the Rev. J. E. Najv- i?r offirialiTM:. Intcrmcnl. will be in St.. H-rw Cfmctcr"- Short«vjllc. Jtfrs. Ralph Case. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel McClintock and daughter. Shirley of East Bloomfield were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. William McKee. Mr?. Edward Olmstead of Cheshire was a recent caller of Mrs. Minnie Case. Richard Babbitt of Orleans was a Sunday visitor of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Reed. Mrs. Henry Dunham, Mrs. Harold Dunham and son. Richard of Cozy Knoll were Sunday visitors of Mrs. Minnie Case. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ingraham of Canandaigua Lake shore were recent visitors of Mrs. Demerrill Ingraham and daughter Isabelle. Mr. and Mrs, Walter Packard of Rochester and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Dicaari of Richmond wove ountliiy visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Frank BIG COUNTS! Rashville :3:31--Nobel Siwl Orch Nf;.C ! ; 1:30--Richard Humwrr Ore]... i i2:00-^Jan Savilt Orch.. NBC ; 32:30--Johnny Mes'Mier Ore,. . i l:00-6Jgn-OfT WEDNESDAY WHAM--ROCHESTER (Time Is Davlishl aiiir; C.30--MoiniMK Alter 7.00--News Reporter -.15--Te be announced 730--Tonic Tunes 7.45--Kindly Thoucbls 8.09--Pete and Joe 8.15--Vocal Voci:ts RUSHVILLE -- Allison Johnson. ·32. oJ Fairpnri. lormcriy Of this is critically ill at thr County hospital Rnchcs- t f i . ivjth Ijttlf liopc for his fry I!is brothers. Hogrr dison. ind -.sister. Carmen have Mark WasSibum NAP3.F.S Funeral -v.-r M;«r3: W^r-hlrsm. 62 r-cti'^i ·\.liO dj;-'3 in I'll.- hon-.c ·or. the- !!'::·)-.- Kn]]ri-,\- -.n;sn. Sianday. ·'.viil ,jc hvl:: i-,trn rallrd to the hospital. Mi. 1 -- Carmcn Johnson is staying ivilh Alii.-.on -lohnson in Fairport. hf R t v K I. Era-rim, pw .'nr 1 '.'· P:T-I;IV''T-MTJ ClT.irr!-). ".'ill '·-'- ,'iHt.r 1 . lri'. r TiT:'T!i -ivill '.r ir. I. 1 J ^;dr;f C c i r j f f r y . Mr--.. Prbert. 1l'jf Allison Jnhn-oji's Be -ides his Mary AV;l-!(j Sunimcr home at Ool- i Tr. M T , U Mr fruiii'ir-'s Wheat: Ku::!-n r - Lyon ace Cit Mi.-..- i Anhisr tlrirrrt bi (/ all cph V».; Kij-.-er-s. oi Nc-"?)Ti:: a ··-; T ^'; -,- tv Miss L"/in-e M'./j't^ Bowles and Miss Noilh: ,T l;jjcrj .-.ho-s'C" by Mr.- LiJ'jai f r. Employt-ts at Nf - a'.-: Si- Sfhool entt-T-l^infa t h r '-TTM' . groom at a party in tlicir hu.^/r. Mr. and Mr?. Monjf if.m^rnfd r.iishville at thf home o' '.n'. t-rir iv.other over Sunday, ^c.^r^.r^., Monday to Ne-R'ari: " h i - r " bo 1 !! ; (tJiplovE-ci. Thf- brjcir: ha--, ri-'.cn e pioyed at the State t'nerr- ih past 12 vcars. Mr. ?!oij^- v Ijnrn in Holland but liar iivod Newark since a small boy. He is t 3-loyed by a constnjctiOii cf.nip.-. Tliey will in.'ik*- their hor.-f J.j :·"' H~k. ' aea: Minrne l"i] K{-nnp1t rccrnHy cn- a" luncheon Mrs. Mana .- and Mrs. Brla Catlin oi : Miss Anna Force ol llh- Mr.-. Lillian Hal-.tead. Miss \ Birds Not Only Return i But Enter Man's House Mr. 1 Lrjc ;-nrt J H. A'-Jamscm YV];';" Crov. '· ,1' leurleij i i v - hTimi;i, j o] ij-jf Cro .ve-FooH-J- J a m P o - r f j f r Mi-] Par!: Surrlav l.i'jjian HsJ.-'ea^ v;-ite:5 j-.r; For low-cost transportation at its best-now as always! BIGGEST HYDRAULIC BRAKES! Ford gives you the biggest, most powerful hydraulics ever used on a low- priced car. BEST ALL ROUND PERFORMANCE! 1 Ford V-8 has the only V-8 engine, and is the fastest, most powerful and best "all-round" performing carlo the low- price field. STEADIEST RIDING CHASSIS! Only Ford V-8 in its price class hw Torque-tube Drive and four radius rods. LONGEST PASSENGER RIDEBASE1 ** Ford's 123 inches between front and rear spring centers is longer by 9 inches than any other car's at this price. TOP OVERALL ECONOMY! 85 h.p. Ford V-8 gave more miles per gallon than any other leading low-priced car in this year's Gilmore- Yoscmitc run. Ford owners also report 1*0 oil added between regular changes. MODERN STYLINO! i With modem fronts, rich interiors, stream-lined, flush-closing luggage backs, Ford V-8 is the style leader of its nricc class. OUTSTANDING ENGINEERING! Only car at the price with semi-ceo- trifugal clutch, sett inserts on M valve*, cast-steel crankshafts, and many other fine-car engineering details. FORD VI f.r DOI.GKVn.I.E /." - - A local resi- rlf-rji. corjc-f-rrjf-d Ix-rawsr WT«IS ·7,-:-.ifl-: rai-fd Ihfir families for y??.i in "IMS Tn-nbousf- had not rt- t^Tri'ri ir.:.-. :.-f-ar. need no longer V.*OTTV. T'.'-jf- wrfi'ji. havf- not only returned -- ont- f-ntm-d the man's house and j-e-au'd itself or: a sewing ma- cnine. Tv.-o swallows and a song spanwv ioY.wcd i1f. example in en- the residence. {Mr.v Eda Catiin at Himrod over ' I Sunday. Miss j.yj-jf-tu. P.r:l-j]-jf-ppe lias re- tunifd homf- irom Canandaigua. and is nn-a- -.v)i]i her aunt. ?vlrs. Charlw Kliiigix-ryf-r at Naples. I Miss Estnei Kr.f.pp is attending ,' Summer ML-liofil at Buffalo Normal. i Mr. and Mrs Charles Foster and | Mr. and Mrs. Howard Tuttlc and : daughter visited Mrs. Foster's sis- j ter Mrs. Charles Hirks. and family ' in Rochester Friday. SOLD BY West Avenue WEST AVENUE GARAGE Sales . . . FORD . . . Service Canandaigua, N. Y. Telephone 4S

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