The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 19, 1951 · Page 2
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 2

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1951
Page 2
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Christ! CALLER-TIMES, Sun., Aug. If, 1951 |36th Division } Units Converge jOn Camp Polk [ AUSTIN, Aug. 18. (AP)-Spearl ot green-cited national i guardsmen IQI» 66 different towns jand cities throughout Texas will converge upon Cainp Polk, La., to- [niorrow for the 36th Infantry Div- ;i3Jon annual field training. | It will be^ the Texana 1 first train"their home state sine* War II. : Some of the units hit the road' today in convoys of GI tucks and! broke the trip with overnight bivouacs along the way. The T-patchers will be led byi jMaj. Gen. H. Miller Ainsworth of! : Armed Guard Meets Pilot AtOmaha · OMAHA. Aug. 18. AP.-"A Dallas, civilian pilot, Hugh B. Williams, thought he was landing at the Omaha Municipal Airport. Instead he made a. mistake and landed at Oflutt Air Force Base Thursday right. The base is head- Strategic Air Command where even Air Force pilots can't land without' prior clearance. Williams and his passenger. (Motherly Kiss 'Stops Holdup Man PORTLAND, Ore.. Aug. 1*. --A would-be holdup man iurren-i ; dered to the motherly kiss plant-; ed on his brow by a woman grocery store proprietor last night · Mrs. Mabel Brill told police a youth about 21 entered her store,; j brandished a toy pist61 and demand i j ed money. She said she told him j !"business was not good" and got) out the record books to show him I a loss of $18 for the month. J Mrs. Brill said she told him. toj itake the few dollar* in the cash Named U.S. Delegate WASHINGTON, Aug. 18. (AP-Tha White House announced to- that Rep. Ribicoff (D-Conn) bwn naraed to replace Rep. Mansfield (D-Mont.» on the delega- tiwl to ^e San Francisco treaty ttW LITTLC PILES or SAWDUST rV V O V B H O M E MAY MtA\ ithe C v,' 1 ^ l K e a "t o b , 1 f l t he beaches assault on the Eu- continent in Wold War II. TUT THAT ONE THERE'-Mrs. Edith F. Askey, service assistant, instructs fledgling Operators Margy Smothers and Carolyn Williams in the use of a switchboard The 500 signal lights and more than 1,000 'jacks' (plug positions)' lake about two weeks to master. VOICES, VOICES, VOICES i. Carl L. Phlnney, Dallas, assistant division commander, and Brig. Gen. A. B. Crowther. San Antonio, artillery commander. Two Arrive in Spain To Discuss U.S. Loan MADRID. Spain, Aug. 18. (AP) --A two-man commission from the U. S. import export bank arrived here by plane today to discuss with Spani?h officials possibilities of an American loan. The two financial experts. John i Fitch rind Raymond Jones, will visit U-alin r-ities in a study of Spain's economic and industrial needs. Generalissimo Francisco Franco j in talks with '.he late Adm. Forrest P. Sherman .stressed that Spain wanted substantial economic and military aid os the price for American use of Spanish sea and air bases. ! were received by three armed J when he'made n~o" reply shlTwalked ;guards and a jeepload of Air Force;up and kissed him on the fore; mechanics and were taken to the j head. :oase operations office. They were I He ned in a stolen sent on their way after satisfying ab ^ d o ned later. :base officials that it was a mis-| ·. (lake, thai they, were oil men fly-' jing to Dallas from Sioux City, la.. land weie looking for the municipal airport. The two fields are about 10. miles apart. I Education Leader Dies ARLINGTON, Va., Aug., 18. (AP) Cotton Stockpile Bid Due Monday WASHINGTON, Aug. 18. (AP)The Defense Department will be asked next week to recommend stockpiling of cotton, Rep, Mahon --Dr. George Frederick Zook, 66,! (D-Texas) said today. .retired president of the American! The Texan, chairman of the i Council on Education and a for-! House Appropriations subcommit- :mer U. S. commissioner of educa-'tee for the armed services, told a . tion. died last night of heart di?-; reporetr he will confer with Penta- ·ease. Its 194G-47 he served as chair-:son officials Monday on his pro- man of President Truman's com-i posal · to stockpile a" minimum, of ; rnissson tin higher education. I:-; million bales. · HAVE A DAIf COBNEE THAT NEEDS 'BRIGHTENING UF»T Telephone Operators Handle Many Strange, Humorous Calls By JOE CAIMHCIIAEL jments, Theie'M a brighter side With more telephones going into' A Negro customer asked an dial systems, with more being-opei'ator--Mrs. J a n i c e Fender- done by machinery, telephone op-! Brust--about the charges on a call ·rators are having- less and less I "I'm calling my girl f r i e n d " he to do. But it will be quite a long!said." "She'll do all the luikiru- lime before they are outmoded.}I'll just have to pay half the fuii It will be « long time before a irate,- won't I? It'll'cost just half machine Is invented that can ans-i as much if only one person talhs, wer, in a sweet voice, such ques- wo "'t It?" Mrs. Penrl Blisanl was chief before tlons as "Can you lp)l me how . to bahe a devil's food eakt;?" orjoperator at Dublin, Texas Will you find Soandso for me? J she came here. don't know exactlv how to sne)i "a w n m ^« ,. ,n · the last name or where he IvVs ! ^ A , J«?Tnd loU Z '.' 1 or "You ,ure must be pretty, you Airs. Kllsai-' her how to bake ;i cake. 10 average oprrntor, observa - , Will point out, isn't the type! People, even in a biff town J-ionic movies would have the rnib-! think the operator .sees all, hears!"« believe. About SO percent -\rc\ all,, knows all," said Mrs. Neddie j married, they don't pop chewing Lee Brickson, assistant chiet oper-!K»m or rend funny books on d u t y ' ator and a veteran of 30 years | ttnd they aren't dumbbells. " I Mrvlce, "and that any infornm-j Training age is between 10 and! Uon can be had by simpjy dialing j 25 - J t Intte.i two weeks of tutoring ·O .for Operator.' " [by a service assistant before '£irl "solo.s." Tiic 500 signal lights land more tlmn 1,000 "judts" (plus? j positional and other buttons ami! i budgets take a wliiie to get used ito. ·' j Some of the 200 operators em- j ployed- by the Corpus Christi ex-j j«-hunjje arc leaving or corning toj I work t'Vt'ry 30 minutes between 7 j ;, and H p.m. Odd hnurs and .split, tricks ( s h i f t s * keep the 70 'positions "m.-mned" to give fast I'wvieo during rush ,13 well as Hlfiek periods. Kadi «(r! ivccivos a 15-minute In-onk in C ;ich fuilf of her trick. And whnt do HO percent of thi; S'i'ls do in their off moments? Von {TUossod it. they talk to friends over the telephone. THE NEW GEM Titania is its name. They are lovely and brilliant, and very few people can tell them from diamonds. Priced within the reach of everyone. Only $30 a carat. Com« see them today! STEVER'S DEPENDABLE JEWELERS 605 Mecf. Prof. Bldg. Ph. 3-1333 Yonr Family's Weekly Wash THURSDAYS · FRIDAYS · SATURDAYS ONLT 1. Economy Soft Dry ·terlllzed. dried * faltfet. l'»«r »n!lt» w*»Wr WM* -OM Ftal ·*«·. 2. Economy Damp wish KTrrtttiinr w*tlw. itmH* tlfrlUiea. mn«l ·» »*· nwli- t«r» «itrmc*NI ZM 5~A * ^I^H « n*o*ct r« hi*. Ow ^^^^- ^^^* fldrap A D«B»tft« ton li%Otai A Cgrnr 1 · W» Miin-i Ik* rtfM to U*M» *···» mUtli · ··MIMT Colonial Ltimdry ft Cleaierx 1011 Third Sf. . * Dial 2-6521 BUY cr BUILD A Home of Your Own IN' I'AUKSIDE ADDITION while ninlrHiclH nrr nvajliibli-. Tall Voiir OuitrutMnr (»r -I-M71 ; On« of the reasons that operator* are women would seem to be th» need for *n unusually large amotint of that quality known aa "feminjpe intuition." A good operator must be a master sleuth, with nothing more than intuition to work on at times. Mrs. Dorothea Kelman was, wprking the board not long ago! when she got a call from a woman] who wanted to locate her ex-husband. "I don't know his rirst name, tha voice told Mrs. Kelman, "I'm not sure bow to spell his last name, I don't know where he lives but I was married to him at one time." The woman went on to supply ·uch details as: "His family lived in Podunk 25 years ago and he Jived in West Texas 15 years ago NEW! NEW! NEW! Another "I aluiloiis First" at Green's .Jewelers! ^ YOUR OWN INITIAL IN 22-KT. GOLD ON EVERY PIECE! In All Your Years You've Mever Seen a Spectacular Value Like This.... Iff KNOWLES CHINA CO. t ^I 00 PERSONALLY INITIALED ··· . _^«i i ^^ ^ ^^m - 'f" --^ « '" * "-!'"···* j** f ' ·*$'"· .--li f "-l , ."^ 55-Piece P A T E N T E D CERAMIC MICROPHONE ROYAL Kountedl found the man, j ··Oh goody!-' said the woman. HEARING AIDS S 75 INCLUDING W O R R Y SAViR S W I T C H TWO GREAT NEW ZENITH FEATURES it Edith P. Askey got a call for A party in Arizona. The place wasn't listed, as having any telephone service. Some detective.! worlt produced thenames of three! towns -close to the isolated per CfRAMlC (patented) MICROPHONE-GREATEST STl^ AHEAD we hare yet seen ifi hearing aids--anew development found only in Zenith. Solves the long Ways to Phone -;i called the closest of the ^. cc towns,' Mrs. Askey said, "and . asked for the party. Someone rode i tht 30 miles on horseback to call him to the phone." :,But every call doesn't give sat- -JgJaction, there are those that send aYcMll-'down an operator's back. Mrs. Virginia Adams was on duty at .the Tyler exchange in March, 3937. when a call c^me from-.the little town of Overton. ''Send all the doctors and am' bulancea you can get to the New London school," the voice said "about 500 children have b e e n killed," .to the winter of 1947 an operator caJled Mrs. Erickson, then a serv- ;Wht Mrs. Erickson heard was! a wavenne voice astinw ^» ,.,_ microphone cffidcncy ii,ho«, tumid w««th«r. " · : - . . . . AoothtrZenhh FIRST. @ th « "WORRY SAVER" jit*« double "A" battery capta'ty --built io^Vou don't need to carry «n eitr* "A" battttr. Just touch the coaTCnient switch aiid yon instantly h*iefreshiftill power--also permitj last bit of battery iwe (with safety). THt KOYALTY OF HEARINO WE B E L I E V E NO HEARING AID N E E D S E L L F O R MORE THAN 575 _ wavering voice asking for help It was a boy, he said that both A8 To S£Lt AT $15 ° OR Iwo his parents were dead C l , , I W O U L D NOT K N O W H O W TO lielnl^nrt fhlt ,«- ,, ! needed i MA^UFAaURE ZENITH INSTRUMENTS neip--ana that wag all, he faded I BETTER-OR HOW TO OBTAIN MORE OUt. . I EFFICIENT MATERIALS THAN NOW Holding the circuit open Mrr I °° !NTO OUR Jl5 HEARINQ AIDS - Eriekson had the call traced' Piild- 1 - - ^ "" SS ^J^ ca l cam e j rom .j anil BRAND NEW JUST OUT Built especially FOR PEOPLE WITH SEVERE HEARING LOSS S U P E R R O Y A L A compact light weieht jiugl» uait with worlds of power-- avuilableasandwhenyou need it, Many times the poWei 1 of or* dtnaty hearing aids--full 45 T. Yes--it also has the "WORRY SAVER" Emergency Switch snd the patented "CERAMIC" Microphone. A revelation ia power and performance iu isj teld of uae. * * * NOW AVAILABU 3 MODELS a» $75 EACH ROYAL - SUPER ROYAL MINIATURE P INCLUDED! mt N» Extrm C»mt 5-PIECE MATCHING TEA and COFFEE SET! 'of $S.93 \jy Qnfy ; f,' ODerator " . -- asphyxiated the ««BOW» ot mod»tai«. ,. Boy and his parents. But help had!·***»· .rinquir.-.boat these u... arrived in time, thank* *r ti«i? ea ' tl1 H*»rins Aids from aa author- lc ' "wnw , 0 the faed Zenith Hearing Aid De.ler.Ht will j WUTOOit rent i(H]uity wliethc/ you buy ; of not. (Consult youf lortl ClaiiiStj i^T 1 ?^* .'' omino lm ' 1 »ni*^ p 'oV^te^V«iJ":a jus or aeath or impossible assigTi- j toTM*'"' information. Make U. S. Aims Clear, Sen* MeCarrajt Savs ; WASHINGTON, Aug. 18, (.f) - i Sen. McCarran (D-Nev) said yes-j larday the United States should!, make clear to the worJtl that ouri objective is the overthrow of the' Soviet dictatorship by all means j *t our disposal." j Thi» Rim Khould be pursued in eoncert w!th th» subjects of t h n j i McCarran declared. I D O N ' T B E F O O L I 9 No Mooring Aid Can S* Mad* "Invi.ibJ. Ztoirfi if QI InconipicuDVf 01 tK*"bl^--with conctal^o device) ft hftorlng tou pvrmltv TRY A ZINITH HIARINO AID-AT OUt RISK--if aor $200 Hcariojt Aid IN YOUR OPINION in any -way outperform* * *7J Zrnith YOUR MONEY BACK (under oat UNCONDITIONAL 10 day r«arn tri«l«i;« AND YOU AM THE SOLE JUDGE. M . ' . K I U S O F W O R L D F A M O U » T I U V I S I O N , R A D I O , FM, A N D K E A R I N O A I D S «to, u.s. s**r, ctrr. RAPIO COKPOKATION HIAXINO AIO DIVISION Chkojo 39, Illlnoli WITH OU* UMITID IKONTS bUf TO LOW SM.UNO rlICi Wt CANNOT AFFODO TO f AY M*H rXK*t SAUtMIN .» ra cui ufON TOU. m .Mil lllvl\li:. li|t. ki'iis Avi-niK-. hirntn B ond c4 111. lil»r(riur» kt»l ii*«) t nn I Hit »f ZtnM AiMrwt. t ···· » · » « « * « · · « » * « " i « » » « » » « « » » * » * f » * « » Cfa ltl ,.,,., ,,, ,X*ff«.t,».fMrt*. . . * * » « CompJ«t« Service for 8 People* HERE'S WHAT YOU GET,... 8 8 Cups Aft f*lcMs-,Oxr Smpply is UmUedt B«cevs« tMi h s»tfi a ttiucrtfenat b«$oin, «»· ifcmand for fht$ wt wi« be bi» . . . so ertfer your* without rfttey, Begin new to *njoy the beauty ond $pt«nd«r of a Jov»h/, appttizing fobii setting. No finer set ot s» imall a pnc* , . . if* fammi* Knowfej China in fin* quality santonin whnV wart wilh rich 22-kf. gold bortkr Assign and ping wnfw iproy. Each fiec« miKoltd wiihovt cwf« ' ot »o txlra co*t w/f* ^·5?S5SS^ lorg« n v l l e Matching PLUS a c Te« * Coffee Set AND DON'T rOROCT THI . . . Yours for only SI. No Interest! No Carrying Charges! I f f *»««»._ I 301 N. Chaparral lOUli Uopard

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