The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 18, 1939 · Page 6
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 6

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 18, 1939
Page 6
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FOUR BLIND DATES · By Edwin Run Consider good vacant property for investment Read Real Estate Ads. ALOOKA By Ham Fisher HA HA. THAT'S ME-'V GREAT. KIN I ·TOTI- \ RASSLEWITH RASSLE HlfPA-LOO-KAH HEAP-STRONG. HEAP STRONGER-DAN GREY CLOUD. AH HOPt DAT BEAM DON' POGIT HIS OWN STRENGTH DAS ALL. PLEASE MISTAH OPOE- DON' DO A IT. ANNOUNCEMENTS MERCHANDISE Household Goods The Daily Messenger CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING KATES AND REGULATIONS FELKPHONB 807 -- Classified ·da are accepted over the tele* phone *$d;the cash rate 1» allowed providing bill is paid wlthta 10 day* to date of bill. CLOSma HOUR--Copy received up to 10:00 A. M., will be published the wine day. KRRORS must be corrected by ftot day as the Publishers will net lie responsible for more than one Incorrect insertion. RATES--Per IJne per day: 1 day 12* jMh, 34* charge. I days, IflfftfaVa* charge. 0 .days, W.caah, 10# charge. SO day eontcttt 9f, copy may be changed'weekly. MlniiMnft Mvertisement, I Unet Count five* Average words to the line; woWj containing more than i letters, count as two words. Tbe cash rate applies If paid within tea days from date of MIL CLASSIFICATION INDEX Individual classified advertisements are arranged nnder the following sab-Jbeidings and classification*: ANNOUNCEMENTS-1--Special Notice 2---Lost and Fonnd 3-HPtXMiMl Service to Buy Help Wanted -Wanted 10~§i*H*ifehs Wanted J 11--Automobiles For Sale 12--Mechanical Repair 13-3*«»*SS«ies and Tires BUSINESS SERVICE-14--Beauty shops i5--Contractors l-Mbceltoneous Servke 17--Repair Service 17A--Painten - Carpenters FARtt SERVICE-18--Farm 'Machinery 19-HLinsUK* 20--15* Animals . J Poritry 22--ftants and Seeds Supplies products Wanted to Buy 25 WHHITE Leghorn laying pullets. Phone 186-R. 67-68 ATTENTION MR. FARMER! WANTED - 5 cars of good alfalfa or clover, also 2 cars wheat straw. Phone 137 or 538. W. S. Buck, 18 Niagara St. v 31-61tf BUYING wheat, rye, beans. J. W. Walker, Phone 292. 23-60tf Antiques Wan ted-Carriage, lamps, bnc brae, all old antiques D--3 23-50tf Foods CHERRIES, 3c Ib. picked, currants, red rasp berries. Ray Maloney, E. Bloomfield. 71-70 FOR SALE - Montmorency cherries thoroughly sprayed. Bring 'baskets. Soiart F. Kinde, White St. x65-G7 VINEGAR - Best for pickles. Hecker's Cider Mill. Phone 1195-R. 86-68 RED, purple berries, black caps. 190 Granger St. Phone 794-J. 25-60tf TAXES Fatal Mercy Trip LARGE mahogany dining room side board. Good condition, sell for $10. Weekly payments if you wish. See Mrs. Hutton. 152 N. Main St. 83-66 The government depends on taxes for revenue. The people of Ontario County depend on the Daily Messenger Want Ads when they want results--fast! Put them to work for you. We'll be glad to help you write your Want Ads! · Phone 897! Ask for an Ad-Taker! AUTOMOTIVE EMPLOYMENT Male Instruction 8A WOULD like to hear from reliable men we can train to overhaul, install and service air conditioning and refrigerating equipment. Must be mechanically inclined. No interference with present ' occupation. For interview write at once giving name, address, age. Utilities Inst., C-l, c-o Messenger. X77-66 Automobiles For Sale 11 1937 CHRYSLER sedan 1936 CHRYSLER 4-dr, trg. sedan |1936 CHEVROLET town sedan 1935 CHEVROLET sedan 1935 OLDSMOBILE sedan 11935 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 11934 PLYMOUTH coach 1936 TERRAPLANE coach 1936 FORD 4-dr. trg. sedan J1936 FORD tudor trg. sedan 1933 FORD coupe ! 1935 PONTlAC sedan ! 1934 PONTIAC 8 cyl. sedan 1932 DODGE 1 1-2 ton trk, stake 1932 CHEVROLET L 1-2 tor. truck GEORGE D. McGURK, Shortsville MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale ANNOUNCING BIG REFRIGERATOR SALE - At your Montgomery Ward Order Office. Here's a sample of the savings -- an extra big 6-cubic foot refrigerator now costs less than $100. A real $139.50 value. 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The Chi»clei tenn hi» pcnits on a balcony, ami is intercepted by Mrs Dipwny. the howckcever. ir.'iosc fortune just predicted that n Itirf/e wan of rcr;al Iwvuitf witt e:itr her li/e. i Lt. William L. Clemmer (above), commanding the eoa«i Chapter 32 The Honeyed Tongue HAVE not the advantage of youi name," said the Chiseler. "It's Mrs Dipsang." "Ah! Mrs. Dipsang. An unusual name, but extremely euphonious, if I may say so. My felicitations to Mr. Dipsang." Mrs. Dipsang blinked a little. She had long si nee ceased to mourn the marine-minded Dipsang. But, out of respect for his memory, it was her custom to shed a tear or two whenever his name was mentioned. The Chiseler noted the blinks. "I trust," he said solicitously, "that I have not inadvertently touched upon a delicate subject." "Oh, no," said Mrs. Dipsang, wiping her eyes with the end of a handkerchief. "It's just that Dip- sang got himself lost overboard off a ship." Had the Chiseler rehearsed his reception of this information he 2ould not have comported himself in a manner better calculated to win Mrs. Dipsang's esteem. He took off his hat and bowed his massive head on his chest. In this attitude he remained for the space of two minutes. Mrs. Dipsang was deeply moved. "Very sad," he said gently. "A most unfortunate occurrenco. Tell me, Mrs. Dipsang, how long ago did this--er--tragedy take place?" A few details, he thought, might possibly come in handy. One never knew. "Nine years ago next Christmas," Mrs. Dipsang told him. "H'm," said the Chiseler. "Hum! Most regrettable." Mrs. Dipsang did not reply immediately and the Chiseler considered the time ripe for withdrawal. "Well," he said, consulting his watch, "I am afraid that I shall guard plane which crashed in I have to take my departure. 1 hope BUSINESS SERVICE -jTjj i Repair Service 17 Situations \\anted -- 'NEW ROOFING and roof repairs UNDERGRADUATE NURSE, night i are our specialty. We can do it duty, semi-invalid, reasonable fee. I better at lower cost. Pontius. Tel. 24-^Uiicles For Safe and Supplies 2T ·nirrhoid Goods 26-- Cfeland Wood 26AMPlKt Oils ry For Sate Merchandise Sales A Service RENJAtS- 3t 'Af«rtincnU For Rent 31f*B**rdint Howies 3~Frirtttshed Rooms 33--Hotels and Restaurants 34--Housekeeping Rooms 35--Hrases For Rent 3C"Hhirll»neotts For Rent 37--Resorts and Cottages 38--Wanted to Rent 3ftA-~A*etkm Sales For Rent REAL ESTATE-W--Business Opportunities 41--Business Property 12--Farms and Land is--Houses For sale 44--Lots For Sale 45--Moner to Loan 4«--Wanlrd. Real Estate 47--Real Estate Exchange 48--Legal Notices 49--Financial Box A-5. 87-68 AUTOMOTIVE 505-W or 195-M. 91-66 FARM SERVICE Automobiles For Sale 11! Farm Machinery 18 1937 DODGE sedan 1936 DODGE coupe 1938 DODGE coupe 1938 HUDSON 6 sedan 1938 PLYMOUTH sedan 1937 PLYMOUTH sedan 1937 DODGE coupe 1937 FORD deluxe sedan 1937 CHEVROLET 2 dr. tr. sdn. 1936 HUDSON coupe 1935 FORD 1-2 ton pick-up 1935 GRAHAM sedan 1934 DODGE coupe 1933 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 40 OTHER USED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM AT $25 and up. A. W. WHITE 25 Ontario S*- Phone 138 TWO McCormicfc Deering Parmalls, one $225; 4 used McCormick Deering 10-20. $150 up; one used McCormick Deering "22-36. Don IIow- -ard Tractor Parts. 63-66 BUY TEXOLITE - The modern interior wall paint. Dries in one hour. One coat covers ordinary surfaces completely. Many colors. i Economical. Davidson's, 64 West 1 Ave. 55-63tf (FOR SALE - Gen. Elec. air conditioning plant or will exchange I for lighting plant. Reginald Brownell, Chapin. 75-70 i . JUSE a cement paint that will last. , Buy Flor-Dye. Great for gas station floors. Davidson's. Phone 69. 35-51tf RENTALS the Atlantic Ocean while ai- tempting to bring a sick sailor ashore, was one of three men nho perished in the accident. Apartments For Rent 30 ATTRACTIVE 5 rm. nested op' Unfur 28 Greig Terrace 42-751 DESIRABLE 7 room home, mod- . ern conveniences. Inquire A. W. Gilbert, 71 So. Main St. 89-68 I SEEDED STARS IN EAST MEET Furnished Rooms i LGE., well fur. front room, central. Phone 4.92-M. 44-85 BINDER TWINE, $3.20 a bale. We sell hay rope. Get our price. The Mather Seed Store. 80-56tf ALLIS-CHALMERS All-Crop harvesters, guaranteed to thresh your grain, feeds and beans. Only $385 delivered. Cylinder bars and shelling plates are rubber faced to gave the best in performance. Insist on an Allis-Chalmers to do your combining. Phone 1077-W if you I have combining you wish done. 1 Don Howard. Tractor Parts. 63-69 ! BALED HAY TIES - Binder twine. i J W. Walker. G3-54ti Typewriters 24A BARGAINS in portable and standard typewriters. Repairs on all makes. HUTTON'S BOOK STORE. 83-66 13 McCORMICK DEERING bma-1 I ers traded in on harvesters. Prices j $35 up. Don Houarv.. rr"-.,r-| i Parts. 63-66 FARM SERVICE Household Goods 25 FOR SALE - 2 used combination ranges, excellent condition, cheap for cash. Phone 716. 69-67 UPHOLSTERED chairs. settees. 1 dressers, wash stands, lounges, etc. 1 Carter, 24 Coy St. 85-66tf GOOD BUYING and selling hints j COMBINING - 50 acres or more, OIL STOVE, kitchen cabinets. Conwill be found daily throughout the' $2; 10 acres, more, $2.50; less than 1 goleum rugs, twin beds. Khngman. rlapsified columns. · 10, $3. Collins, Cheshire. X38-67 29 Bristol St. Phone 687. 39-62tf NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS T Sta5 1 SSS" by Oscar Hitt Special Notice EXPERT repairing on fu- coats: also dreawaaking. 25 Gorhara St corner of Omrt St. EXPERT HATRCITTTING - Wade Voit Barber Shop, 4 Niagara St. 16-69 ICE CRfiAM SOCIAL - Wed eve. July 19th, musp Zealous Workers. Bristol ViOey Cong. Church on th« lawn of O. H. Gunnison. 74-66 \rASHIJiOS WANTED ~CaJl i' , nnfl 3fhwr*d, Phinr ^^-/i v- Rotoi. Bsrrtm. Holcomb. 88-71 DIHINO, bedroom furniture Cdca Usfd Ftoiiture Market 136 StlfONIZftfG, $330; washing, 75c. Maurice Badger. Sinclair Station SALE - Sand, sravel. cinders; «. James VitaJone. THINGS T' HAPPEN AT ATIME UNFURLED ALONG THE HIGHWAY FER MILES Houses For Rent 321 Southern Players Dominate Play In Eastern Net Tourney 35 NEW YORK \JP -- For one day-- [ sang. vou will not consider it--ah--forward of me if I say that it has ; been a long time since I have had j 30 charming a conversation." r But if he thought to divert Mrs. 1 Dipsang with r^neyeH words, he ! had reckoned without his hostess. "You're not going," she said "Oh, but I must." said the Chiseler. Mrs. Dipsang shook her head. "No, you're not going. If you attempt to, I shall scream." The Chiseler bowed to the inevitable. He passed through the door. But once over the threshold he embarked upon a sidelong and somewhat circuitous course designed to present the front of himself only to the eyes of Mrs. Dip- 1-2 DOUBLE, modern. John Schoen, and mayue for only one -- a couple , 94 Adelaide Ave. Tel. 896-M. O f southern college players are rul- ] 5859-64tf ing the roost in trie Eastern clay | ,- · praT-p Z^-Zr";;""" ~v,ai-h court tennis championships. i H8 HiSbell ?rt i 7 4 B SS By :onstant aPP^ation to their 118JftiDbelLjrel. 174-R. 82-68 task g llly QlUegpie of At i anta and FOR RENT - Half "double, mod- Miami University and Jack Maho-, ern. 6 rooms, garage 35 Granger ne v cf New York and lhe University St Apply 31 Granger St. x90-68 of Virginia led the field into the "--'- fifth round yesterdav. Gillespie beat Resorts and Cottages 37 Oe fs« ^ aft ° f B"»wj;n 6-25-2. ! ° and Mahoney downed John Benn FOR RENT - Small cottage, west of Brown University. 6-4. 6-3 i side, last week July, last Uo weeks Tne - v ma v not cet muca further. August. Frank Kennedy, Brook st for tne seeded stars in the big field Mrs. Dipsang noticed the flanking movement. "What are you mincing around for?" she asked sharply. The Chiseler answered this but feebly. "Er--urn--ah," he said. "Take that chair," Mrs. Dipsang an overstuffed article in a Obediently the Chiseler backed Very Irregular " ^ O O D Heavens, man, what's the matter with you?" said REAL ESTATE Houses For Sale x65-67 at the Jackson Heights Club are , Mrs. Dipsang. ·-==-- -- -- just getting into action. Top-seeded i "if you must know, Mrs. Dip- Sidney Wood plaxs his first match ; sang," he said, somewhat austere- today while Prank Guernsey of Or- ; ]y. "1 have been so unfortunate as 4 t) lando. Fla.. seeded second, made an ! to tear my trousers." '- imnrpssivp riphnt vpstprriav I "nut Tnrn t?rmi- » impressive debut yesterday. Oh! Torn your trousers, eh? oak floors, fine lawn, shrubs Ray w ToVmcnn T?P^I Pcmto r n «i c7 \v. Johnson RealEstate Co. 81-6 / KAYAK H HEADS CUP FIELD Hollywood Park's $50,000 Race To Be Run On Saturday New York state title, crushed Bunny Smith 6-1. 6-3, in his first, match, then won just as easily ] from Myer Folsom of Palo Alto, · Calif. -1. 6-1. i Six ot.ier seeded piavers inarch- | pj through yesterday's long pro- tram without a break in their ranks although Bob Kamrath of Austin.' Tex. No. 3 on the list, was pressed j lo beat Phil Rubel of Brooklyn. 4-6- j 6-4. 6-3. in the second round. j Defending Champion Jeff Podes- | ta of Montclair. N. J.. seeded runth , -- Martin Biixbv of Miami. Ted i Olrwino. voung Berkeley. Calif..' ar. Marvin Wachman of Chicago ' ~~ and the la^t ' A O in the seeded' INGLEWOOD. Calif. ,7. - Kay- j,,i. Jot- Fi.shback and Frank Bow- ak II and nine optimistic horsi-s ( r. ol N-\v York. ;.:T -ill :: iT' will face the barrier Saturday m behind the two pace .setters. Jack Hollywood Park's $50000 Gold Cup. Kramer of Montebello, Calif. Bob C. S. Howards Argentine Beauty, peacock of Berkeley. Calif. and J. uiminu 324 pounds, look^ 3:kc a Gilbert Hull of Oranpc. N. J.. sped- I pood thing at even money in the C d fifth, sixth and eighth, all land- I lacld 'hat comprises Cravat. Speci- trd .safph- 375 Jhe third round. lv. Can t War,. Whichcee. Ohmpo. One br«»al: in the seeded ranks Gosum. Shininc One. Teddy Kerry marked tne op:mnc of lhe and Mt. Vernon II. i, - -ni-- ir,urr'-i J-jJ\ t^;r Kayak worked the Gold CUT) dis- o j Plra^amlviile. N Y . l^nce. a n:ilf antS one-quarlr. m fifth ^rfrie^ Flajjir Fi'schr] o3 Saji- 204 3--S Sundav Tna* i.^ one and oi:c-lil'' l n "sfcriinJf; ol ne li x wcord Trainer Tom Smith has Kayak reacJv and y, barrmg interference. Ihcrf will be no txciaws if one ol 1he othcr^ romrs flvinp home ahead oi lhe pride ol the Pampas. Shininc Onr his a;i oul^ide chance of not Marline Trainer Bill Finn«ra7i. n h ^ r-ndi1ioned him for Guernsey, national intercollegiate \ Well, sakes alive, why didn't you "I did not," said the Chiseler primly, "consider it a fit subject for discussion." "Rubbish. Take 'em off!" The Chiseler had the grace to blush. "Are you seriously suggesting. Madam." he said frigidly, "that I remove my trousers?" "Certainly. How else do you think I can mend them?" The Chiseler breathed easier, then went into a huddle with himself. This was all very irregular. But. undeniably, he was in a spot. And, without question, it would facilitate matters once more lo DOSSCSS a satisfactory pair of pants. "Come, come," urged Mrs. Dip- sang. "You can't go around with your pants torn. You can lake them oil behind lhal screen over there." The Chiseler came to a decision. It was by far the betier part of valor to humor this woman and gel h i m s e l f made presentable a#ain in the process. He arose and wcnl behind the ocrccn. Had he emerged from I his shelter a niornenl later, he would have pivj^.ntsfl · c o l o r f u l n, « clcod Ui the eyes of Mrj u.;;,,,,.!·' For lie stood revealed in a vj.i o.' gala "ed-and-whit? underpants. '!ay garment tj i a t w o u l d l i u v i been entirely in its element it per mitted to flutter from a flagpole- Em Ihc Oust'lei. w i t h due rr.od- rsty, eschewed bursting upon Hit '.vorld in this festive- p c p p e n n i n t - ish costume He passed his .nlini trousarn over the lop of the- SL-ITPM to Mrs. Dipsang. Mrs. Dipsang, h a v i n g rummagL-c in a work-basket for needle .mo thread, sat down w i t h the liousi n on her knee. "Now." she said comfortably, "you may explain why you were sneaking around on that balcony." The ChiseJer gazed over the screen "Ah," he said sadly. "My actions tonight were but typical of the desperate measures that may be resorted to by a fond father and over-indulgent parent." "I don't know as I follow you," said Mrs. Dipsang, threading her needle. "Mrs. Dipsang," said the Chiseler, "if you wer3 the mother of a wastrel daughter, what would you do?" "I'd keep the baggage in ot nights,' said Mrs. Dipsang, with decision. "Ah, my good woman," said the Chiseler, "I fear that you have had little experience with this present profligate and headstrong generation. The days of parental restriction seem to be -- to be" -- he paused, t h e n s c a l e d a purple height -- "one with Nineve-li and Tyre. I, Mrs. Dipsang, am the unhappy father of a daughter who flouts my advice and casts the teachings of her childhood in my teeth." "Dear me, 1 ' said Mrs. Dipsang, impressed. "That's bad." "Precisely," said the Chiseler, sorrowfully. "Bad. 1 am, of course, accustomed to my daughter's wilfulness. I am tolerant of it, even indulgent. But you will realize, Mrs. Dipsang, that the limits of my extreme toleration were exceeded when I learned that Dor--er-- Lydia was planning to visit this house tonight in the company of a young man of questionable antecedents and unsavory reputation." "Eli?" 5-1 Mrs. Dipsang. "What did you s!\W ;he was coming with?" "An idle young scapegrace who can intend her no good." "But I'm sure you're mistaken,' said Mrs. Dipsang. Depravity "Vf RS. DIPSANG," said the Chis iVJ. eler, resting his chin on the top of the screen, "it is evident that the virtuous and sequestered life that you have led under this roof has blinded you to the wickedness of the young man and womanhood of today. They mask their iniquity under a veneer of honeyed word and charming manner. You, who are doubtless reluctant to believe ill of anyone, would not see through this veneer to the depravity that lies below. You would probably fail to recognize it even in those who sit at your table and eat your bread and--er --salt." Mrs. Dipsang was flattered. This gentleman had a rare command of language and a good delivery. She hastened to correct a slight error, however. "It isn't my bread and salt they eat," she safd. "It's Mr. Adams's. I'm only the housekeeper." "An honest calling," the Chiseler said magnanimously. "Getting back to this depravity," said Mrs. Dipsang, "I hadn't noticed it I do lead a sheltered life here. And being a lorn woman without chick or child, now thai Dipsang's gone. I wouldn't know, of course." "You are fortunate," said the Chiseler. "Mister Jonathan is a little wild, to be sure. But there isn't an ounce of harm in him." "Jonathan?" said the Chiseller, cogitating. "Now which of these misguided young people would he be?" "Why, he's the Master's nephew." Mrs. Dipsang said. "He's a trifle--well, harum scarum." "If memory serves me rightly," said the Chiseler. "my poor daughter D--ah--Lydia was escorted to this rendezvous tonight by a young gentleman of the name of Harkness." Mrs. Dipsang uttered a laugh. "Van Harkness? Well set your mind at rest If she's with him. she'll be all right. He wouldn't hurt a fly." "Despite your assurances," said the Chiseler, "I still entertain grave doubts of his procliviliei w h e r e unsophisticated wosnan- hood is concerned." "Pouf." said Mrs. Diosang. . 4-6. G-4 6-4. round. TOWN MOVKS SIX f PR I NO FT FT i;. Mo '/Ti Thn '1'jivn' nj R n t l fftl Mo ha- ;nampcJ ab(/u1 'ix inur acroM Stun" Counlv. Mr 7 Trotters Vie Today In Grand Circuit Race Ol D ORCHARD BE/'~H, Mf nf 1hr TTOH. breaking thr tmrk record ma-.Ui Mnr p r r1J1 " i- Tmn . wav thr post- rnnm?n cimliefl intn suitors bf- at a mile ond him ihrouch a L' 'he 1im" i- Oii r -mil- -ip -^in |i t h e Tar* fi- NK' 1 . W,j]J ^···L^^r MTcMh for »I1 kinds of us- 1*1 77-W. VFl or «20 I THAN A HORNET AND GROAWNG UKE AN BAGPIPE THE OLD eoy CUSSED JE*P FUNKER WITH EVERY STEP- ITS THE LAST SUmCASE PTTE«S'LL EVER SORROW FROM HIM !! will put TOT11 anrt f 1:1"] "o i j j - onr oi ·))«· Orjf- * hith -Ti]]] "0 :i' at 30«? pOHnr5 That 3- 11 pound-. ]*·-.- than he c-arr;ed to 7,ir the Ho]r - df-fby B Martin brmaeht Cm- I lyre 1o f.en lhe vore for the Ini" KV,J}. w F i. ni m i. 1hr Grand number f\p!,jm-, Mr^ Edith Co?:, hind Iivt-Mrpp7m 1 rollers 1odav n'flirr ua 1 , ".'.b^if she lived ' f I m the paitmavlcT and thus Circuit's 2 W 1roi ] li-vf ^ r this is where the i - i^, f - p A3 .j M 13. I.X'g.c K " And 1ha1% .mM abiut me d ivfr h"W ihr iem, I I 10 K r u L r n l Mo Tnnovi. VIP dnrH ol v FJemi7)= v^ up i ] 7 j j f ~\4^ turned 111 ]a~M ^ ^ Cftlnrnct I5j] i ^'0rt]vi Gentle* i n.f u ] 40 1-5 Martii. 'i"n-( llunbar T,i , ie-. eriin- Sport's Mirror Today a \car A«o -- Dir,zv !an, E; 1c box for ihr first !;mr May 3. pilriird foir-hlt to I 3own Bo^t-^n Bees 3-1 To.- Yrarr Ago -- Avon" Snm- . prf=;jdrnl of Amrricin Ctl.vm- pir rommjilcr. .vencd .Oiarp warning lo alhlclt" vjolalui: ---ri -o- "A ?.! ·. ' much ol a finif for :sl-e li.«l«j Ooar? lh,in 2 10 aeain I!*-- ] o1 l « n hf-ai« aud in the- 217 . all onf hf-ai ( i 1- in condition 3 a mjlf la$l Sal- -a«( J 2 2tt S Tnat mrans he par", -aith per- iti riehl alon? with him Ka\alc, Cravat and Shining , _ . Amti handicap, but One Ma-, iu-1 bark of the pace and pha. p]anni? in the"^ lhe horse ha-, not n-orkfd within do then junnjn,; m Uie stretch nn 6 bnckf]., $14250 -ac!» r-1 1 w Ae' pace -.iri' in and ihrralrnmc ii«.nn«.«jil for ·harthrr mfrar1ioris. Yrare Ago -- «Jo: Tiamr^*. p ·onr-liandprl. -arn Lonp I«- open coM tournament l« four SCHENBTTADY -- Mr and Mrs Thomas CTiiTcc's whit* Killarney ha* stooj Uitm in When they were married 42 rears ARC, Mrs. Dulte's wcA- dinr bouiTii^t wa« phcked from it ftr-1 Or- ' On" 1hnr 42nd annivrrsarv, Mn h*al. paid Duke wore a cattagf of Ihc .same ongin

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