The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 25, 1963 · Page 14
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 14

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1963
Page 14
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14 THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION-MORNING PRESS, Sunday, Aug. 25, 1963 En ment To Start Enrollment Schedule For Public Schools Here's an enrollment schedule for Lnwton public schools: LIIS. K1SKXHOWER. DOUGLASS Monday, Aus. 2C --Seniors: S-S:1" a.m. A through Ba S:lo-S::'.0 a.m. Be through Ca J:30-S:-13 a.m. Co through D T:-10-9:00 a.m. E - F - G F)-9:la a.m, H H: 13-9:30 I - J - K 9:30-9:-13 a.m. L and Me 9:43-10:00 a.m. M - X - 0 10-10:15 a.m, P - Q 10:13-10:30 a.r.i. R rhi-ouTMh Sh 30:30-10:-13 a.m. Si through S* 10:-13-11:00 a.m. T - U - V 31-11:15 a.m. \V - X - Y - Z TuCMlav, Aiur. 27 --limiorv S-S:15 a.m. \V - X - Y - Z S: 13-5:30 a.m. T - U - V S:30-vS:-IS a.m. Sh through Sx S:-13-5:00 a.m. Q-R lilroujh Se 9-?: 13 a.m. N - 0 - P 9:13-9:30 a.m. M P::iO-9:-13 a.m. L and Me 9:43-10:00 a.m. J - K 10-10:13 a.m. He through T 30:13-10:30 a.m. G ihroush Ha 10:30-.1Q:-15 a.m. D - K - F 30:-13-11:00 a.m. Ce throush d 31-13:15 a.m. Br throu.Erli Ca 11:15-11:30 a.m. A throusli Bo Thursday, Aujf. -9 --Sophoiiinro S:00-S:1S a.m, A ihrouKh Be 5:1-3-8:30 a.m. Bh ihixjugh Bz S:30-S:-)5 a.m. C S:-15-9:00 a.m. D 9:00-9:13 a.m. E - F P:ir)-9:30 a.m. G rhroueh Ha 9:30-9:43 a.m. He through Hz 9:-!3-10:00 a.m. 1 - J - K 30-10:13 a.m. L and Mr 3 0:15-10: ISO a.m. M and X J0:30-10:45 a.m. 0 and P ]0:-13-11:00 a.m. Q ami R 11-11:13 a.m, S 11:13-11:;;0 a.m. T - U - V through Vi-Ji 13:::0-11:45 a.m. We - X - Y - Z CENTRAL TOML1XSON . J R . H I G H ThursdKv, Aii£. 29 --[-"Tf^hnion 1-1:15 p.m. A through Ba 3:1.V1:30 p.m. Be through Ca 1:30-1:45 p.m. Ce through D 3:43-2 p.m. K - F - G 2-2:15 p.m. H 2:i:i-2:30 p.m. I - J - K 2:r.O-2:-13 p.m. L and Me 2:-15-3 p.m. M - X - 0 .1-3:15 p.m. P - Q ,":13-3:.".n p.m. R rhrouph Sh 3:30-3:43 p.m. Si throiiRh ?7. S:-I5-1 p.m. T - U - V 4-4:15 p.m. W - X - Y - Z Friday. Anc. M --Kifhth Grad« S-S:13 s.m. A ihrouc'n Ba R: 1.i-S:30 a.m. BP through Ca S:30-S:-ln a.m. Ce llu'ough D S:-l5-9 a.m, E - F - G 9-9:15 a.m. H 9:15-9:30 a.m. 1 - J - K 9:30-9:-lJ a.m, L and Me !):-15-10 a.m. M - N - 0 .10-10:15 a.m. P - Q 10:13-10:30 a.m, R through Sh 10:30-10:45 a.m. Si through S/, 10;-15-11 a.m. T - U - V 11-11:15 a.m. W - X - Y - Z Friday, Aug. 30 --Seventh Gnule 1-1:15 p.m. A through Ba 3:15-1:30 p.m. Be through Ca 1:.',0-1:-15 p.m, Ce through D 1.--15-2 p.m. E - F - G 2-2-..15 p.m. l\ 2:15-L';;W p.m. I - J - K 2:30-2:-l5 p.m. L and Me 2:-1i-3 p.m. M - -N - 0 !W:la p.m. P - Q 3:15-3:30 p.m, R through Sh 3:'f3:-lii p.m. Si through Sz 3;. 15-1 p.m. T - U - V 4-4:15 p.m. \ V - X - Y - Z KISKNHOWErt rOl'tfl.A«i .IUNIOK H I G H TluirMlay. AIIR. 29 --('"n.-sliiiii.'n , S-S:15 a.m. A through Ba S: 15-8:30 a.m. Be through Ca S:30-S:J5 a.m. Cc through D S:45-9 a.m. K - F - G * 9-3:15 a.m. H 9:19:30 a.m. I - J - K 9:30-9:-15 a.m. L and Me 9:45-10 a.m. M - N - 0 10-10:13 a.m. P and Q 10:13-10:30: a.m. R through Sh 10:30-10:43 a.m. Si through Sz 10:-I5-11 a.m. T - U - V 11-11:15 a.m. \V - X - Y - 7. Friilny. Aiijr. .10 -- Eighth Grnri? S-S:15 a.m. A through Ba S:15-S:r.O a.m. Be through Ca S:30-S:45 a.m. Ce through D 5:-13-9 a.m. E - ' - G 9-9:15 a.m. H 9:15-9:30 A.m. I - J - K 9:30-9:-13 a.m. L and Me 9:-15-10 a.m. M - N - 0 .10-10:15 a.m. P and Q 10:i:vlO:30 a.m. R through Sh Cameron Adds New Teachers, Music Courses Band and instrumental music ·"ill be added to Cameron col- Bus-Routes Set; First Runs Planned Sept. I School bus 1'oule.f for L a w L o n - o f Fort Sill, public schools during Uie 1963-64 Here are bus roules and sehed- \ curriculum this -term. B. H. i . dit'wcr. dca.n of inslraclion, a n - : ( nounccd Saturday term were announced Siilm-day by John Elkins, assistant supcrinlen- dejil. STOP Buses-will make their f h s i runs i ; on Tuesday, Sept. 3, and will s t a r t ! ; on the same routes as lasl year | Jake Mnnzanares. formerly of-\ w iih adjustments lo be made al a : Eastern New Mexico universily atj'iatet- dale when necessary, Buses: Poiiales will be iu charge of Ilie j will not operate on new musical program. j days. ; In addition to nine new Aggie \ All elementary school students i f a c u l t y members replacing former ! transported by 'school buses will | Cameron teachei-s. Robert Butler, i aliend Lincoln school at Sixth and i a counselor, has been added to ' Park. I the staff of the dean of sludents. j Junior high students living j Master's DI-STIM- ; of Fort Sill Blvd., in Officers Cape- i Butler holds a master's degree j han, housing at Fort Sill or in Ihe i from Southwestern Stale college, j new officers housing area, will be ! Weatherlord. and for the past, scv- i transported Lo Tomlinson Junior 1 eral years has been employed as ! high al 29iJi and Ferris. 1 an alhletic coach in the Allus pub- All olher transported junior high i lie school system, , students will a l i e n d Central Junior I Olhcr new faces on the insLruc- high at Ninth and C, e.xcepl those i tional staff include Glon D. Tho- siud»nls allending Douglass school, j mas, replaces Paul Elder in ihe Alii sophomores living west o i l 1 agricultui-e department. ; Fort Sill Blvd.'or in Officers Canc-j , Thomas, a native of Klmore ; hart al Sill will anend Eisenhower j ' City, recently returned from a gov- j Junior-Senior high at 52nd and j ; ernmcnt project assignment in Gow. ' i . E t h i o p i a lie holds a master's de- i Oliher iransporled high school! °rec from Oklahoma Slate uni-' sludenls will aliend Lawlon high al i ; versilv i II" 1 and Ferris, e.xcepl sludenls : : ' Von.,er Silglcr Man · attending Douglass. ! i Replacing .Mrs Ruih Howell '· Tnc Lawton public schools will : in the biologv department is Ger- · operate buses as follows: ; aid R. Kirk." formerlv 01' Sligler. B » s N '°- I ,TM 11 °P el T'* ln Ule j ;«-ho has a master's degree from 5000 ^00 o200. and rfOO areas I ; nisi 7 - o f Forl Sill; Bus No. 2 will run M i l s No, I 1 5274 S. L'tmfilln 2 Conklln T-jL'iirr Ilri». .1 30(0 Humjilc Awirt J 3l)?0 R u m n l c llond S KlnJc TV,'|IIE- Ol.'lircr-: Open Mrs* Anncv enrollment I BH« NO, :i I^-CHIMIIVIT'J smi ! J _:'-M B;irrliiy 5HS Avnlo:i ·1 .v.E. 4")Lh X.-. Avondjil*- Ti .ll'JJ Avnndnli: G A^·flTldlll^ it .SulMvnil Hr. 7 r,l?'irull! .- S u t l l i ' n n Or, S Cnmddn A Sullivan Dr. ? Iloi-i7lii!.s'.i?r Sullivnn Dr. V) Jl'lt Onrchcjicr I I.I IJiirclii-sicr * N.E. .|S;h St. 11' Olinilr-n * X. R. -ISlh Si. 1.1 Rpdftird K ".K, .|S'.li 31: I I Clunlon RJ t- HlEliu.'iy 7 ]."· Hlchwuy 7 ,t- Sullivan Dr. Hm NII. * 1 Hii:mni.'l .'; C'lniJnn ^ rriL'i B H/unnicI .1 H n m m c l * Follrtt llh. NIL 1 J Cui'flon t Liiumpn 2 Lnutnuji A- Sloul -T l.crvcr 4 Lindsay ·i Si out £ BnLiim 5 liuison A Curclnn fj .Rni^on i RolHTM . Kn Kav Helen Lucero. mathematics instructor. replaces Evelyn Thur, who is on n one-vear sabbatical . ,, study it, .he *,dua,, school Loval' Farmer, maui instructor E ^' ° r ,^ wlon| c ° vcrir ! f - Ul ' Min- ' eTM 1 \Vplls and Pumpkin Cenior : areas N o r t h of lltghway , and w i l l : ' -- ^^TM J* ^ | junior high and senior Ingh ova , : from Leonard. Olda,. who received ; * ud « B1 * ft TM l " e . his master's degree from OSU, is ; another HOW faculty member. He F sm ; replaces Mrs. Helen Gn-i.ey. « n o ; B i i ( i No . ^ ^.^ ^ ^ 17 1 retired last year. ! Directing drama activities in ihe ; language ans doparimcnl is Bill in servicins Ihe 500 and (iOO areas ! : of Fon Sill: Bus No. 7 will trans-' 1 r-cmlrll Rd. 2 Corner whrr luriis West a Connor Rd. .L- M n n l n K U r P.O. Rri. H u v .Nn. i l i«fx'inil II : Kln7r-ll .'til. A- Cin 2 Fnluln v- Cnillld.l .1 K n l n l l i f.- Pcil'.-n J Klrm-1 !.- I'oilcn 5 Pnli-ii f , P.ullt-clC- 2 SDHUtcllns: Snnu- R ( inH 3 SiiHuidnc t HII-. Nil. in 1 \Vt-i\ *nrt nr .MJirti-uili-r 2 U-xltT i- H a l r m n n 3 1117 A TvniT ·c K i l l i r r l l i i Kins H u S». I* Ilin Nn 1 Fl Sill Blvd. ,t ; Ft Sill H U M . A- LCI- .1 yi. sill BlTM. A 2 IJ-.-, 3 XU students in the Lawlor View | T lml ji..».^vv.ju r...... .* i...wx..,. .j,. ,. -- - r, · pon siunen's in in*. L^^IUI. \ n*« i * nrn rmnn 10:30-10:45 a.m. Si through St - J. Foster, a former Cameron stu-- i^ (o D(J , ajis Schoo] g,,, N o i nm si,',,,,Ki,n ci r ,i. ]0:43-U a.m. T - U - V deni who has laughl drama a i d ; 9 wj ,, M a n f ) f .^ of I , i,,r, ,:,,,,,,, U-ll:15 a.m. \V - X - 1' - Z si'cech in a Wichita, Kan., high : Lawnon ^ d ,,.;,, renirn ,,, ^wtm . c i«i'i : ij,, 1 ,"','," . , * _ . . .. .L -,,..- school for the past eight ears- j on viiRhway " a(l»r m^klne its run. ( iPia um«...i _. T:.W 7:32 Friday, 30 --Seventh RrHde He holds (i master's of ans 1-1:15 p.m. A through Ba 1:15-1:30 p.m. Be through Ca 1:30-1:45 p.m. Ce through D 1:45-2 p.m. E - F - C 2-2:35 p.m. H 2:15-2:30 p.m, I - J - X 2:30-2:45 p.m. L and Me 2:45-3 p.m. M - N - 0 3-3:15 p.m. P and Q 3:13-3:30 p.m. R through Sh 3:30-3:45 p.m. Si through S/. 3:-i:i-f p.m. T - U - V 4-1:13 p.m. \V - X - Y - Z B(Js " attw will its run. | t h e from Colorado State univer- j officors ^j,,,, arw a ( Fol1 sil): i Bus No,"11 will operate in Ihe new ; J On " 1 area o f ' U i e NCO Capchart housing. Cameron To Launch Enrollment Sept. 4 Enrollmenl machineiy at Cam-! cron college goes inio o[Mraiion · Wednesday, Sepi. 4. extending ; f h ^ d K through three days. Classes for the l?63-« lei-m are' n u n l i : : ln * ""erncon o[ Sept. 5, ncheduled lo begin Sept. fl. Dr. . and L-R on t h e moniing of S*pl. 6 Richard Burch. college prexiden!. ajnd S-Z dnrinc the afternoon. , sily and replaces .lane Quaid. j To Tench IliMory: Oiarles AngelleiLi. who hold* » : an( , wjl , ^^ t ,. anspol -| elemenlarj- I master's degree from th» bmver- · dlildren flt)lrl Su |jj van village lo ' i sily of Tulsa. will teach history . Ljnoo | n School, : ajid TOvemmcnt, replacing Gale BU! . ^ Y 2 will sen-ice lh» Ar- Niible. . liilery \'illage area of Forl Sill: : In the mililan- dopartmcMt. ^ lf 'x 0 . 13 will assist bus No. 1C Capi. George Humphries who IT- - m S C mcing Ihe 1100 area of Foil | rcnlly reiurned from a tour of ^\\. ft\ lf ^ 0 ^ u .ji] ( r] ) r ,:p 01 -i s |ij.; duty in Vietnam, has bcon adde^l ] m \f fi-oni Ihe Ijiwion View area ' ;o lh» staff. to Douglas.-; S:hixil. '. Also new on the si^ff is Sgl. Rn s \ 0 . i;, w ill servicp Ihr 2000 '· Johnny Cox. Fon Sill, who re- a ,CH O f |.' O |., sill: Bus No. in will places Sgt. Larry Howell, I'eccnl- assist bus No. 13 in seivicing the : ly assigned to Germany. ' 1.1 on area of Fort Sill: Bus No. 17 : Maj. Donald Moans ha." been u -ill assist bus Mo. 3 In semcing,' appointed professor of inilitao 1 scl- ihe 5(XI and TOO arras of Fort j ?nce and tactics, replacing l-l. Sill: Bus No. IS will opei-iln in I h e . Col. E. \V. Dviirn, now stationed 1300 n n d 1WO area; of For! Sill, j in Nepal. Bus No. 19 will operate in i h e ' Teaching in the Church of Christ : area Souih of Lawlon along High- j Bible Chair will lie Richard Eu- wny '.'77; Bus No. UP will assist o i h - ' 1 Prtn * OuniJon C CnniUin A- n u l l f d c S H'/npvvun A. 2 F"rll«ll A- Cunilnn ^ Hr\vron Jt- r,i-**tihi H ·i r; mm I mi i A- KiiiN'-r llii* .\n. 3^ 1 M u r n i A- K l f n u n c I ii'll' A = n n w H u H r i .1 GMT A Prt'iiv Finiifl l l n * N i l . ?l 1 Kuns f. K i i i u l i i ! | ' l i T H i . m l l l t - n A- f n m l m « .T l l r i m l l l ' i n A I ' l i l r k h ^ M 4 d i l r l i m h n * l l n i K l ' i l p h T. AH m i n i f.- l i t r l i l H l l 7:,tl 7:W 7:M ALL SKT, Johnny Elkins, 6, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Elkins. 1S09 Lincoln, demonstrates to his parents that he knows how to tie his own shoes--a talent that school . officials would like for all prospective first graders to develop, Elkins is assistant superintendent in charge of personnel for the Lawton public school system. Birth Certificate A Must- Junior's first Day? Here Are Hints T.X 7 :n · 7:114 Freshmen will follow the same s( , nr iOnc-1 Byrd, formerly of rr buses in servinc lhc 5500 area ·stem on Snpt, 5-6 wilh A-D d u r - ' Eastern New Mexico university, of Forl Sill: Bus No. Jl will as- announced Saturday, FTeshnifn mtisl h.nve laken replaces Clyde Sloan, Sill Boundaries Set For School sist bus No. -1 in snrvicine Ihe ")OQ } '- ai-ea of Vorl Sill: Bos No. 'I'' will . ,, run west on Highway (TJ. covering J-"' ! lhc Scolt School area, I t will ihen | proceed lo Fort Sill I n d i a n School I nnM riirn IA Uie Risllrtll Po-»ri al'e-t \mn men to me H SHOD a i i . ( . i Bus No. 2' w i l l assist bus No. ' 12 in sciricinc t h e A t l i l l e r v V i l l a g e i a r e a : Bus No, M wil, service ,he 100. 2CIO. 300. -IOC wild ,vS(l(l alVHS 1 my T 1.11-1 r . n n - l n y 2 ·Ci'; 1 ' Avn'tnn .1 Ciinv-r A v n l o t l A ClAMlon -t N. K. ^.lili -t Avi.mdiilr 5 I'.'ld A v i w d f l l i * f, A v i M i i l n J r A R u l l l v n n ff. 7 Mi-dCnnl ft R u M l v j i n Pr H cvmi^ii fr Sulllvrn Pr. u M n r c h n f c l f r fr S u U l ^ n n lr. !0 i?: I Dnri-lir*l"r 11 n..|,-h^ii'r A- X . K . J 5 t l SI. ili-n A. N K. -iSlli SL uM A- N !·: -"Jill Si. hin Hi) * U l ^ l n v n y 7 m i i y 7 A S u l l i v n l i Or. Hll , , lr | V .. r mrll ,j, .n m , n y M.'in-.v, c. L IYBIB. Cnry u ...... i«. Tummy 111 !·. f ^ t f J t n / f l l . ^l^ 1 l· K v n i w . !·( T u r m l i n , ^ rM A | I r i | n , rkHjn ,- . Orrr]] KrHh LVHCH. wm.icii wu«i.n. n,,nntit lu-ivr. ' Orvin.- fsi,-r, Bill i-m-lsh, nml Iliinnl* IJnn. n, v i u c i r , S l l i f r ( V r i l P r I M.MJiDlATELV followinz L,il- or Dny, Ihe day l h a l nil children f;ice sooner or l.iH-r mil come 5 t f i l k i n c ox'er the hori/on --school. And u-orryine almusl «."; much n.i Ih' 1 children ;tr? p;irrnls who^P i-liiiijrcn «-ill be nnlcrint: school for ill'- firsi lime. B i n , as Miss Thelma Tjilln. r|». nn.'nliii coorclinalnr, poinl-: out, ihe Ihiniis n rhiirl should be l a u g h l hcfore cnlerinc school sre relatively fevc. "Perhaps Ihe most imporUml singh' item a child should ho i^iuchl is liow lo obsrn. r e Ira Hie nilcs," she s;ii*J. "Of course ihey should H|.SO kno\v f h e i i - nrime. nd- fli'i'S^. lotcphtine number jint.l UIP way home." She .Tided I l i h l Ihf children should also kixin- ihe names of nriphhors, in case Uie parents couldn't be reached in an emergency. As far as hrinc psychologically prepared. Miss Talla said vciy Tew children cried lo zo home ro Iheir moUiers. "We had ihat problem wirh children even as late as .10 years aeo," she said. ''But children nre very sophislicfHcd nowadays." "Some don't pven want Iheir mothers lo nccompnny ihem to school on ihf first day " she add- «vl. Ho\^ f rv-er. siic said, school RU- timrilies in'^e nil parents lo ac- compnny iheir children on enrollment day. which is Au.c. 30. Kach child should also have his birth certificate on thai ri;iy. Other things a child should know are: 1. How 10 pul on caloshcs and tie shoe laces. 2. ilow io follow directions. 3. Be independent. ·1. How to open a milk carton. - 5. How lo play safely and courteously (how lo take rtirnsi. -She added thai the children's, cloihes should also bo labeled. "You would be surprised at how much clothinz we musi lake to the citv mission each vnar he- cause ws can't locate ihe owner." she said. Miss Talla said parents need nor concern themselves over the children's lunch, a? each school serves a balanced diet. "They should purchase th'-ir children's school supplies early, however, in order to b^ac ih^ rush," she said. Book lists are on Sic at the R a r c l i f f c Eook store. 31? D. She added thai immuni/iHiion shots or physical check-ops weri» not required by Ihe school aii- thorirics. Miss Talla also S9id that children should be lau^liT not t o speak to strangers on the way to or from school. "Schools will dismiss ar thr regular time e;ich day." sht? said. "In the evenr that classes nre dismissed early, parents will be notified ahead of rime." She. paid that parents need not a:trmpt to teach the children academic prior to the open- in;; of school. "That's our Job." she said. Most County Schools To Open Doors Monday Cameron officials this rear avr Am( . riran Cf n el;p Test before they prr-dic-nng one of the largest en- can ^ officianv emt)1]od C *rdm i-ollments m Ihr history ol rhe col- p . Alnf dMn p , ' F(A ^ sf ; onK ^A. lege based on an overtlow ol applications a n d inquiries from srtt- A n o t h e r A C T exam will b^ a d - . , . - , - , Jj cnls minislorori a; 1 p.m. *ep:. 3 al : School designations for military Eru-ollment is os-pected 10 range tnr ' TMHege for students who did dependent sludems living al Foil between 1,500 and 2.WO sludenls w tako t h e test yesierda'. Sill are as follows: si the slate's largest junior col- New enrollres also musi hav,- a All students in gi-ados 1 through ] n , P cuii-i-nt physical examination slip 6 living in Artillery Village on t h e Newly - remodeled doiTnitories signed by a physician ajid an of- For!^ Sill reservation will intend »re -«'heduledlo open on Monday.- final l|ansmpl of hi ^ «^ " nd ' ^^rolhe?^'^1*10*1 Most couniv schools will opTM , how,v,r. HS llill.side will mnir-ndenl-. Fred Fteming. high ; home economics: Mn. Ruih Col*.. KfJJlN. Aug. 25, enrollment En-oTlment proc'edures vill f o l - ' Enrollmeni w-ill be held in the dents "living on Post will aliend · their doors for the 1M?,-S4 term lo be a one-teacher school. Last school principal and counselor; : English: Bob Clifton, commerce: about S10. Dr. Arthur Faitar, sup] o w l M t l o r r n - J : system irith ropho-' Hir-condilioned Qarence Davis : the Gcronuno Road Post Children's - Monday with a full set of leachcrs ycai-s enrollment was 2,. , J. S. t rancis, junior high pnnci-; Bobbie Thompson, music: .1. D . ; crintendent: Wesley Barrow, high mores registorinp Sept. 4 and Memorial Student Union building. Sc freshmen on Scpl. 5-6. Sludenls at the time of enroll- Sophomorcs whose last names mem \\-ill he required to have iheir bcgin w i t h Ihe letters A-K will en-· pictures made for the Aggie year- mil .^.-^ . . . _ - . . roll from S a.m to 12 noon on book and also, for their personnel lows: S.nfJO sludems anendcd schools o u t - 1 Wedncsdav Sept. 4. and those file. Pholo fee is 51. Male students Students living west of Fon Sill side of La won lasl year b u t , whose last names begin L-Z w i l l . are requested to wear coats and Blvd. and all students in Ihe Offi- ; school officials feel thai e n r o l . m e n t ; enroll from 1-.|:.10 p.m. ! ties for photos. cer Capchart housing area will at- m most dependent' DEPENDENT SCHOOI-S .·MKDlClNK P A I t K . Aug. 1'G. en Fort Sill Indian School Opens!| n f Wednesday, 275 Attending ; that do not ha : schools'* will increase this year. Blvd., excluding all students I Perhaps making the biggi nomias; Alvis PJchcy. shop and ' principal and sixih grade: Ollecn aturc: Miss .Tohnna Faye Johnson. i-afls; Pat O'Doll. business and - P-ichardson. f i f t h : Mary Wilhurr., . junior high English and" literarure; feel that e n r o l l m e n t 1 ·V' l)lC . l ;i E TM AUh ' J l 1 !"' - 6l c n ' · girls coach: Elixabeth Ajin L i n d - . f o u n h : Mrs. Anna Rose, third: Mrs. M.irie .-\ddcrholr third gi'ade- Jcr.f schools ftliosc I ''-ol.mciil ]..l: Clarence I Jtlcr, p r t n ; strorn ^.ngjisi, arK j library; Rob-' Omega Thomas, first: board mem- Tommy Ray Allen, sixih: Elbeit ve their own high i c'P al: Richard Lee Deeds, .Mrs. cr| Vaughan. social studies a n d . bcrs are W. H. JFcCall. president: : BonrJev, high sohcwl socia! sci- . . . I "P11 111 \^ II -inn X I ' S l ? l l l l V Tl'am- , - _ : - * J _ 1 : " -:.. : _ _ . r - . . T - r, . . . . - _ _ . - - , . " , . - _ ' . j m ,, 1: board vice preside: ence and couch: 1I«. El^beth ; hl v h English: George Daugherty. ; Alford Butier, clerk: Lillian_ Waid. Bandy, English: Mrs. Kathleen Hayes, social ; treasurer: and members c.dward Lamberr, business education: Mrs education and boys . P. Hill Jr.. and Robert E. Sey- ' Mable Fullerton, librarian: Miss Marie R.USS, math«- ; mou;. i Anna Ryan, home economics; Lyle south of Lawton and within ,he " a t t h o " - t i r s t and second: rs: bodv is expected lo consist of . , , , -,. . T i about 375 Navaios from New Mex- i CI ^ lh p**: Mrs. Ava Doty, sev- ico and Arizona and 100 Indians cnlh: Lemuel Apald, ^du.^iaJ from Washington North Carolina. l arls: i' 01115 , ^ sam ' *£*?? Florida. Idaho and Oklahoma, . . ai ^; d fester °Arnos ' business I reservation The students will be housed i n ; education; Irv-in R. Garrison, aca-1 V-ti h school. anend Lawton High -- Thc For ," sill milim? | atlpnd L I BISHOP, Sepl. 3, enrollment 13S. | firsf: Mildred Fleming, music:; I Earl f n m a n , principal; JCITV Ryd-; Fayc Bridwell. special music:; I er, Mrs. Opal .Teaji Rice, Mi's. Pnl- bo;ird mcmhevs arc Albeit Loguc,'- Dr 7-mips W Reynolds junior i S V A n n Scward. Mrs. Willella prcsidenl: Ed Griswold. vice prcs-i Dr. J.mic.s \S^ Reynoms.^unioij Schefr|er; bo . u . H mc!TlbcI . s ;l ,. c ; i d e n l . Troy Haaar. clerk: and PwUdy Ilaaxn, president: For Keynote Talk and ; college consultant live clormilones. including two, t | emic . department head; J. Ed- twm-story structures and three ol, wilrd -Wasuburn teacher-advisor; the small, more modem "cottage" i Ml ._ s p eal ,j M . Katiley, teacher- I adi'isor: Miss Eoxie Plumlee. Eng- Mrs, Vttnona Qlieloa, home the small, more modem dormitories. Talmage Heard, superintendent, j 1 Dependents of personnel living off the military reservation will be assigned to the schools of the district in which they reside. Kow- ; versily of Texas, will be keynote speaker at the annual Cameron college faculty conference- and workshop 'Thursday and Friday, Announcemcnls concerning the Dr. ! members Jack Harmon and En- - ninvisions have been made nesv term also will be- ntade by . pi^n JAIVIIS uavc j^i D-..L j D,,_ u /^ m " nl .,.- ^^,-,0 -i-uuiiM^i. n L - a i u , ctUHi-i i j u L ' n u L - i i L , ; IJMI, tvil'h, vvuiuna 4;ilt,-luu T liuiiu: i ^* ^ ' - r""TM- . . r. D - « u J D . . ^ U r- m n,-«H reported that two new teachers ! economics department head, and 1 to allow those students who start- j pi. Richard BurUi, Camci on were hired this year, including I Mrs. Marjorie Kelley, home--eco-j ed high school at Lawton High Edward D. Fan-is, who will leach ; nomics. I school to continue there without Stamps For Plane sw Loan Wil1 Create 11 ° DALLAS (UPI) -It takes a heap of groceries to save enough trading stamps for a new vac- vium sweeper. But Dallas Presbyterians are going lo try lor an airplane. (AP)-A _ ,, _ . . . - - Sma " Bllslness AdmimstraUon Teachers To Hold ' Thursday y ^r B H ' detm of instruction, said. mis -M, Bocson. VTD1A1IOMA. Aug. 25. 'enrpll- . . · ^t.HUUI I U I . - I L I . l r l : LtlU h0 "^- c S? 1nr ° lmcs1 i i Mrs. Cuma Lee Doyle, sixth grade: agriculture and; Mrs ^^ Johnsop f j f t h . ^ bold ·mTmbe e " a ^ i^- ^ d - ^V^'v^" t syp^-as^-r-g sci '' nrc: nd Crow, clerk.. :md members John Lewis and Clyde L. Champion. merit alxnil 250. Kenneth Ellis, sup-! FLETCHKR. Aug. 22. enrollraent erinlendent; Ralph Rag'an. high " about 350, Kenneth 'Harrel. superin- school principal .;Lnd conch; ard Hunter, agriculture: second; Mrs. Feme Farrar, second: Mrs. Cyrilla Caster, first. Mrs. R u t h . Denson. fii-st: board members arc Dr. C. M. Martin,. Charles Kelsny, vice president', and Oliver W. Pine, clerk. HTlXSrDK, Aug. 26, enrollment 27. leachev not liircd yet: board membei's .are W, C. Cabel. presi- denl.; J.. Allen Lowry, vice, prfsi- dent, and Eugene Goodin, clerk, ' rr\n U'atson,.home economii I Elsie Hunler, English: Leon Ro- social studies:- Mrs. Lowell'Ander-i CHATTAN'OOCA. 1 Aug. 26. en- STOXV POINT. Aupf, 2S; enroll- manS| biology and science: Don son. fourth:. Mvs. J.'W. BirdweU. rollment about 210. Ed Meece. sun- General mcedngs wil] be held dur- j Larry Don Adair. ing the-morniJiE and dcpartmonla] Goldsmith, Mrs! 1 meetings;will be conducted during the. afternoon. loan to ludustnal Develop- A get-acquainled mixer for aJI Lawlon public school teachers will j b e held at 7:M Hie La\vton high The congregations of Oak Cliff | used by the Glenn Berry Manufac- ' T]le pj-Q^am. | las been planned --'-"""···" ^ *· -" J TM~" · -·- - · a-eate · at by presidents and progi-am chair- ; Education To Meet Presbyteriyn Church and First Presbyterian Church win by to collect 4,650 green stamp books to buy a Piper Cub for Dr. James Boyce.'a medical missionary. ... Boyce needs the plane in 'his work in field hospital of southern Mexico. . .luring Co. and ist 110 new jobs. The compMy, which makes men's and boy's .trousers, was started in 1958, and cow has 335 employes. It is" the third largest industrial payroll in tb« Ottawa I County area. men of. three teacher organizations, Lawlon Elucation association, Classroom Teachers association and Association for Childhood Education. Entertainment will include get-acquainted games 'and " ' · The' next regular monthly, meeting of the Lawton hoard of edu- cationiwill be held at 7 p.m. Sept; 3 in Iward'office's at Central Junior' high school. . The session was changed to Tuesday night because of the Labor Day holiday, Glen Dutcher, .board president,; Mid, .;·'· -.-,'', ' , ; · ' · . merit- 95. -Glen Tramel. principal: Billy Wayne Belly Farmer; board members are ,T. B. Cunningham, president; Olllc Price,'vice president, and Eleanor Ltveille, cleric. · "- · FAXO.V; Aug. 2G, enrollment 92. .Terry L. Hailhcoclc. principal; Mrs'. Bemice Welch. 'Mrs,: Cora "Hag 1 gard, Mrs Edna'Allen. Polk;, boarf membei-s are."Hugh Wilson, presi-' dent; Mark Rjchai-d Schcrleiv vice president, and-Maurice F. Wyatt, clerk. . . .· - -. INDEPENDENT SCHOOLS . CACHE; Aug. 26, .enrollment' about-600,,-IV.'E. 'Lauderdale, Mip- Tucker. junior-high coach and his-; commerce;. Mrs. Winifred Burch. toiy: Charles Waller, math and; Mrs. Harry Claypool. sLxih; physics; Mrs. Joy Ragan. filth'I. Miss Virginia Collier, home ecogrpde: "Mvs.. Susie Hess, .fourth; -nornics; Kennetli Harrel. mathe- Mrs. Doris Ellis, third: Mvs'. Belle ShuUs, second; Mrs. Ruth Bivans, | first; board members are J,. B. Woodward, president; Ralph Dodd, vice pvcsldcnl". John Boxbergcr, clerk; A, B, "Ben" Moore, treasurer, and members Sain Carothers and George H. Robertson. -' STERLING. Aug. 26. -eiirollTnent about '335, .Doyle Helm, .superkt- tendenl; John 1 Hooper, 1 high .school principal, mathematics and .coach;Hester Askew,'English: Curtis Jef- freyi,'-'agriculture). Muriel- 1 , £llei; erintendent:. H. R. Morrison, high school principal: Gerald Gravlcc. junior high principal:. M., W...Potts,. coach and physical education: Mr?. matics;. Mrs, Kenneth Harrel, pri- 1 ! Joe Moece. "English: Max Mapp. m'ary; .Mrs. Browic Dilting,. fifth; ; science and'mal.hemalics: Dclbcrt Bill Hasenbeck,'agriculture: Mrs. 1 ! Durham, commerce:. David Mar- Bill Hasenbeck,'third: Victor Le-j tin. agriculture: Mvs. Marguerile gako,.science, mathematics: C. L Mavcin, home economics: Mis. .Ma-'Ridgway,.. library! industrial arts; James Rury,'English;- Phil. Stephens, junior high mathematics!, sci-. ence. - coach: 'Mrs..- Gilford.. Windle.' rie Seyfevt. English: Mrs. 1 Diane Sails, elementary:. Mrs. Dollie Hagar. elementary; Mrs.- Delia Mae Taylor, elementary, and Mvs. Ona. second; boai'd mernbevs ai'e Hi B..I Morrison, elementary: board mem- Keviwdle, president;.Hugh Thomp-.I bers ai'e 1 George Bonl, president: son. .vice president;;-.-Willis Hinson, clerk: Kenneth rHarrel, treasurer; and members Stanley I. Rieck and: 1 nd: tr -. I.P; D. M. Humble, 'vice president; 'F. . C: Harvey; 'derk;, F. C., Minton,treasurer, and -members Henry 'ayne and- Jack McCary.- ' . " · .

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