The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 25, 1963 · Page 13
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 13

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 25, 1963
Page 13
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Wichita Will's Series: No.4 Buffalo Herds Protected On 4 National Refuges (A Tfcrnl piiMlrntlnn "Th* Amnrl- r;xn Nultulo" by 1he U. .S. IVpnrlmcnt of t n p Interior, Kl*h and AVIIdllfr pprv- Iro. brlnch locothi-r much non-irrjmt- pa\ Information nhaul UU* \VlchUn. Jl^furr- t|rrlf«. 1*11? fonitwlne U tnkfn Irom thi* pnhllcalhm KH -f lnlrrr-*t loriO:,v nnd In Ihn fourth und ll\.«l of CONSKRVATION o( the buffalo came slowly. Not until only nboiH 20 wild animals remained in the United States and 250 in Canada wns lepil action taken to save Ihe species. In the winter o[ 1J93-94, poachers nearly destroyed our last wild herd, which had retreated to the more inaccessible parls ot the Yellowstone National Park. In May ISM. Congress enacted R law makinp bultalo hunting in the Yellowstone National Park illegal. This was the first real attempt by the United States to save the species. Eisht years later money was appropriated to buy 21 butfalo from private herds to build up the Yellowstone herd. With adequate protection this herd has steadily increased until it numbers more than $00 animals today. Fortunately, the buffalo will biT«3 in captivity, The National Bison Society (organized by a group ot conservationists interested in sav- ins the buffalo) and the New York Zoological Society now be- pin advocating other Federal herds. Because ot the persistent efforts ot these groups and many private ciir/.ens, four nation- si refuges for buffalo weve eventually created. On these areas you can see the great animals livinc as nearly like their ancestors as modern conditions permit. OX TIFK Wichita Mountains Kefuce in southwest Oklahoma, * herd of about 900 buffalo range over one of the finest native pas- hires in the United States. The original herd of 15 animals was R gift of the New York Zoological Society, in 1907, to the American people. From 300 to 400 buffalo live rin thr National Bison Range in the Flathc-ad Valley "f Montana , They are the descendants of 34 animals placed on rhe Range in 3POS by the American Bison Society. T'nr herd of about 20 b u f - THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION-MORNING PRESS, Sunday, Aug. 25, 1963 j 3 Throne Likely To Be First Out Of Mine Court Following, are the police court cases disposed ot Snttrcay by Municipal Judge J. Merle Oaks, with defendants, charges, and disposition ol each case: John £: Culvrr. 2708 G. wa.sllnj: wnter. lined s:o. ,'ohnny ArUuir Green. 42. LnwLnn. pn.s,s- Inc n boiTus check, flnpd ,?20 Louis B.ikcr. LnvvKin, wauling wHtcr M ShcrUlnn Rn/ld nnd FeiTls, Tlncd Sid. Pnul A. Chnlhnm. tt, or 3JB B r l l , ^vntcrln^ nflcr hour. 1 ;. Jl?0 hnnrt rorfrltcfl. Cnmlc C. Wpn'.lierfonl. 55. of M10 Ar- llnRlon fnll lo yield !hr rlchi-oT-wny, lined M. ' · Thclmn Howll. 21. ot 5(15 .V. Fourlll. fnll to ylpld lljc J'lchL-of-ivnj'. f l n p d ?5. Rnrry I.. Bolsf, ^3113 H. WHStinK n-nler, flnpd s:o. Jerry Zlmmrrman, 27, No. ? N. Scvpn- Ol. mnklr.r n Ihrent lo do bodily harm, KO bend rot-felted. iMnrln Jlolmnn. IftlS Rnoscvsll, reckless drlvlnc. fined 515. Busier Grooms, 912 F. making n IhrpwL lo do bodily harm, fined 510. suspended. Public drunkenness chllrErs: Three Mil r i n r n nnd four Jill (Incs. ' HAZLETON; Pa., (UPI)--Who will be the first miner to iise the rescue capsule and emerge from his underground tomb? Most of the people in and around | this small mining comm u n i t y believe it will be Henry (Hank) Throne -- including Mrs. David Fellin, wife ot the other miner trapped with Throne. Feliit: is co-owner of the mine, "Hank will be the first to come out," she said without hesitation. "That is, unless David 'gels a specific order otherwise, perhaps by the doctor. But as they are now, I think Dave would insist upon Hank coming out first." Mrs, Fellin sits on a. chair in a spot made for her about 300 vnrds from the face of llie mine. I She'clutches a six-inch statuette of the Virgin Mary.' In it Is water from the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes. She was asked what she thought about Throne coming up : first. · . ' . "Whatever he CFellirO wants-I am satisfied," she said. Fellin's older brother, Joe, a retired miner, said, "Deti.iilely Davey would come out last. I know him, And probably he would lo sLay there and help get the other guy (Boya) out," George Walker, the stationary j engineer who seldom is away from his post in the engine ; room which operates the hopper cars, also said .Throne probably would be sent up first. "Dave has. been the Jeader, the 'take charge' guy down there and ·he'll send Hank up first.'' William Wittig of nearby Nuremberg, said Fellin "would b* the last one" to come up. "I worked around Davey for 30 years--ons enough to know him--and I know he would be the last." Al Kashner of Shamokin said Fellin would think of. Throne first. lalo now on the Fort Niobrara Refuge in northern Nebraska originated from a small group given the refuge by a Nebraskan, j. W. Gilbert, in 1913. Local cit- ijiens raised the money to fence the pasture. The small herd ot about 20 buffalo on the Sullys Hill Refuse in northwestern North Dakota originated from six animals given the refuge In 1918 by the city ot Portland, Ore. Buffalo nre protected on all National Parks where they occur. Beside* the large herd on Yellowstone National Park, about 20 are on the Grand Teton, 9 on the Flatt, 370 on Wind Cave, and 24 r-n the Colorado National Monument. The National Wildlife Refuges and National Parks are can-vine as large herds as their present wafr supplies and grazing ranges permit. Butfalo also are found today in numerous privale and State herds. One .of. the largest herds --numbering about 1,300 animals --in the United Stales is on Ihe Glister Slate Park in South Dakota. EARLY history on the conservation of the, buffalo In Canada nearly parallels that in the United States. The 250 wild buffalo left in CajiadH were placed under -Ihe protection ol the Mounted Police in 1S93. By .1922, with rigid protection, the herd had increased (o T.,500 animals. Need for additional range led lo ihe establishment ot the U-million- aci'c Wood B u f f a l o N a t i o n a l Park near Great Slave Lake in 1322. A herd o[ 14.000 to 1C.OOO new t h e immense area, of F- r * uajiftz boreal forest, muskeg, and grassy plains. Surveys of the b u f f a l o herds in the United Siales and Canada in recent years show a conti- neni.-il population of 20,000 lo 22,000 animals. While Ihis is a small number when compared with me greal herds lhat once ranged Ihe North American Continent, it is large enough to assure the well-being of the Ampr- ican buffalo in the foreseeable future, This concludes ;he series on the buffalo. Anyone wishing the booklet from which this maierial was (tikcn may receive a copy by rcc;ucsing "Conservation N o t e 12, The American Buffalo". The card or letter should hp addressed lo the Wichita Mount a i n s W i l d l i f e Refuge, Cache. Okla. Warranty Deeds T.on»ld Jack and :mma D'lores Arm- ·Ironc lo Pore;- W. and Lenle MRP n'oc-K-s: 51.10 slhmrv lohnnie »nd CIHTK N. Spartft to Houv . * Ompnoy ITIC . lol S. block 27. replnl · of blocks 34. 37. Military Million; 5'..10 . "'rhivrl'ps K nnd Thpofloni T.. Dl«l7. to Lellon N. find l.ydla O. Knncc. lol 29, 3li. block ^fl. MounWln View liddl- l l o n ; sao.-lA stamps. ; Rn« \J-r- Knclnnil to Ivnn M. «nrt T.oH M u d l n e IVII-r. lol 7, block i:. Country Club K«n:" 2nd mldlilon; J-.S * R"u«ell H. « n d Klle»n M. O'N'll to ' t' Counl'.v r i u b EVIRIPM SIT.ns ^Mmr"- T--c B »nd Kllvubr-th M. Br*num to' R»y Pinrt Kslber Blnncl. SWi of ?-e Srt T'S J^t!iW- ^P.flO .^Inmps. 1-Ir.g^r *· r n m n n n y to R o n u l d .Tuck «nd PeMrp K. ArmMrnnc. lol 5, blook · 9. Sulll^^n's VlllHse Jnn H d d l l l o n ; 51?'tf *"n n "'K. »nd Idelln G l e n n lo G l e n n Oil Oimpnny Inr.. lol ". S. block II. Or'.clnnl 7o«T^I!e ol I.mvion. ind loU 7. S. block T. CollPCc \"lew a d d i t i o n ; no M A m f v F.rne^l »nd Oeortrlh ,Tohti«on hnd oihei-v To Frhnk Hnd Krincp KPMSCPT. lots J l 24, block IT. Town or G^ronlmo; no * l»m:^. R»!ph Holl to W n l t p r Holt Tuttlp, lot West Seeking ! Unified Stand ; On Disarming I GENEVA (UPD--Western dele- cntes to thr- disarmament conference are atiempting to hammer out a unified stand on Soviet. Premier Nikiia Khrushchev's plan '. for surprise attack inspection be; lore Ihe U.N. General Assembly | opens next month, sources said: Saturday. Contcronw officials said members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) must agree on a basic approach before the Big Three foreign ministers take · It up nt the U.N. meeting. I Secretary- of State Dean Rusk, j British Fo.-cign Secretary Lord : Home and Sonet Foreign Muiis- j ter Andrei Gromyko have scheduled talks at the U.N, on further ways of! reducing cold war tension!;. A top Item on their agenda, sources here said, was almost | certain to be Khrushchev's surprise attack proposal. The United Stales and Soviet Union had both indicated interest in the plan. But before Rusk, j Home and Gromyko can deter- j mine whether the idea is ripe j for serious negotiation, sources here said, it "must be thoroughly threshed out by NATO members. ! Talks already arc underway \ nnd attempts are being made to draft a united position before the ministers begin conferring at .the Sept. 18 opening of the General Assembly, sources said. Khrushchev's plan calls for the stationing of observers nt such [ strategic locations as railheads and airports on both sides of the Iron Curtain. r. Mock ». OrlslnM Tnwmlt' of ln» ! City of I.mvion; no *lhmp». N. E. Prosdw-ell 10 Orl Hull. Ion ici.i:. blocK 2«, Town ot Faxon: 52.X Khm'* J. f n d K u i h Pmion lo TVdro .1. i»nd C*rm-n I. Ro«ndo. lol 4, block 6. Curl *nd N'rllli- H«!r lo Curl Hull, iot- JfM!. block ?«. To«-n ot »xon: no L E »nrt Fm Wncplrr lo C«r! H»H. Ion 10-1C. blork X. Town of Fnxon: no ;iropr »nd Kr1n« r»lp»l lo C,rl Hull. Ids lf-12. block . Tm^Ti o[ Vv.'on: no C»rl H»" 1o KcmlTM n, Hull. lol in-12. block W. Town o( r«\on; no slAir.p". Zurich O«k H"m»* inc. to Johnnl" 1 Pc^-Tlv- R n d Nplvln C. tlrown. lol 2. block 't. Runch O«k n d r t l l l o n : Jl.VTS R u n c h O^k Homps Tnc, to .Tnmp* "nd .TunnlU J Prrk1n«. lol S. block «, R u n r n OJik n r i d l i l o n ; 512.10 slftmp.^. R u n c h Ohk l l n m f s Inc. !0 O K nnd Cbrlfllnr G. D«v!». lol 1. blocH . Rincb Onk A d d i t i o n : M.VPS xtamp«. Rnorli 0«k Hnmcv Inc. 11 Burnpll »nd Siirab T. .loho^on Jr.. !«! S. Not* 1. Plinoh Ohk H r i r l l t l n n ; 512.1S s l A m p . Ptockm^n Horocv Tnc. lo Ert^-ard C. »nd r.lndv« R Hlllon, S S f"L or lol .?. »nd N * !··! of lo'. :. block in, , Coun;r- Club Hp|chl« A d d i t i o n : X12.10 Rflnch Oak Home* Tno. to Klnc »nd Tlonlrlcc FLAvklr,. lol T. block 1. Ranch Onk ndrilllon: S1.1.7S ^IJfmp*. O. t.. And Aim* Tlollln* to ChATln Tiny *nd . t u n n l l R J u n r SArlR.ln. lot P. bloi-k . R»dlo Cliy a d d i t i o n : Sfi.SO Rlftlnp*. .IlmTnlp and Tvnry Marie Colllpr 10 · Mld-Slnlr Homes Inc., lot 14. block J. woodbouso sub-division of block fi.R. or ' the Woodhousr sub-dtvlslon; no stamps. · Almor Tnvesiment Cotr.p^iny lo Ken- ' ni-lh Jnc.k^on. lot B. Mock 19. Country ! Club WP! Dnd uddUlor: SJ.30 stumps. t'rlpnc *.. Allen lo Enbtrt Taylor, loi 13. blfic.k 12, CV»un!ry Club We«l 3rd ad- ' clllinn: no sliimpv Tlobcrl find ^-n·lan .1. Tn'lor lo W!l- . llnm Jc^sp nnd Mwrchrpt Sue Grimm, i lol 1.1, block 12. Country Club West : n d d l t i o n : nn.T.S klKiTipn. i B. A. htld Prffce Lee Ailrn Jr. to ; Tlnherl L. EKhop. lol 1^. block 17. Coun- ; tr;- Club WPRI ^tri addition: 512.30 siftmps. ' Robprl and Vivlim J. Taylor to Wi:- j Horn P,. dnd Helen v, Thornr. lot 4, Wnck 9, Counlry Club Wesl Rridlllor.: [ IIS. 4(1 stamps. .Tospph G. ajid Ixils .Tran Hrajilley to i Jonn Ilojierl and Remind N. Vntlne, :o:.s 22-24. block 12, Tinvn or Siertln;: W Allen To Address Industry Seekers OKLAHOMA CITY (AP)-Okla. 1 homa's ne\v Commerce and In. dustrj- Department director, Lloyd K. Allen, will be welcoming spcak- -. er for the Southern Ii\dusli-jn! De-, velopment Council at its annual convention here Ocl. ]9-20. j Thp council is composed o( in- j duslrial devlppmenl reprcsenU- livns for 15 Southern stains. About 400 persons are expected lo attend. · OFFICE SUPPLIES · OFFICE FURNITURE Dcski . Choiri - Filci McCord's g*. S17 C Avpnn* Dlnl CL 6-M71 Chnndlrr Development Co Inc. lo Cle- : lus How|nnd. lol r 1 . hloclc in. Coun;n: Club Wpsl 3rd addl-Jon: T.3 TS 'lamps ! W- E. nnd Anlm Fnyp Blakeley to Roy J. Tnlnuidie. lol 11, nlock 12,' Alrporl ' nddillon: *L10 slAmps. Crosby Dcvelopmcnl Compuiy lo Fran* ! J, and MHrclr K. While, lol 17, block 33, Gooch Acres 7:h uddlllon; S3 30 ' alnmps, i Bplly Z. E»'nn« lo Ln\\-rrni?» ~P. and Vlckl S. Eblsch. loi B, Home replni or N W a: block 42. Lmv.on Helshts «a- Ultlon; I!1.35 slumps. always a p p r e c i a t e d . . Frosh, doliciow Ruisel! Slover Condioi or« fhe perfad giH I 1-1/2 Ib. GIFT.BOX. .$2.4O RAY'S Pharmacy COMING... S O O N "20-Year Warranty Homes" Watch For Them! Dial EL 5-1515 Call FOG SERVICE ELS-JOTS I REG. 69.95 BUY! MATCHING PATIO BAR f Q C f WITH PURCHASE r If C E. OF NEW STOCKADE FENCE FREE ESTIMATES-LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS Offer Good Limited Time! . · CALLOR SEE:ACME FENCE CO. 2102 CACHE ROAD DIAL EL 5-3445 A R T S T U D E N T S One Stop Jor All Su|llle* LYONS' HOBBY ART CENTER Cnnho M. pi|. EL 5-81B NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC Applications are now bcinp accepted for admission to the-- McMAHON-TOMLINSON NURSING CENTER 3J56 Arlington Ave., Ijnvton, Okln. The cenlur will render Intfll iturslnp cjir* for pnh'p.nrs ivlrh cnrdlnc, homnplepc, n r l h r l l l c nnd other long term debilitating illsonse* at moderate rules. For f u r t h e r Inrorrrmrlon while or visit the center nt the above ntldre^s or plione EL 7-S2-IO nr EL 5-SS20. MUJU'nY COLE, Administrator B O O K S "Carbine and Lance" by W. S. Nye "Tales of fhe Kiowas" by W. S. Nye "The Comanches" by Wallace and Hoebcl "Frontier Ways" by Dr. E. E. Dale Many, Many O t h e r s CORWINS BAvc. at 10th LEVINE'S MONEY BACK-TO-SCHOOL SAVERS BOYS HEAVIEST 13 3 / 4 -OZ. BLUE JEANS · VAT DYED COTTON DENIM · REGULARS · SLIMS · TRIPLE STITCHED · SANFORIZED · SIZES 4 TO 16 GIRLS FRESH NEW FALL BACK-TO-SCHOOL DRESSES · BEAUTIFUL WOVEN GINGHAMS · J A C Q U A R D T R I M S · SOLIDS · SIZES 3-6x, 7-14 "^*^^ TOSS.99 GIRLS MORPUL BOBBY SOX · WHITE COTTON · SIZES 7-11 · TRIPLE ROLL GIRLS COTTON P A N T I E S · POPULAR DIMPLE WEAVE · COTTON LACE TRIM 3 $ 1 BOYS BOXER STYLE C O R D U R O Y L O N G I E S · WASHABLE COTTON · SOLID COLORS · SIZES l-6x 45 INCHES WIDE WOVEN DARK G I N G H A M S · JACQUARD BORDERS · MUTED DARK PLAIDS · 100% COTTON · FINEST QUALITY · BUY NOW YD. B A C K T O S C H O O L B O Y S A N D GIRLS S H O E S A L E · SADDLE OXFORDS · BOOTIES - T - STRAPS · LH.ATin-IR OXFORDS · SIZKS 8 V: f .1 2.67 pair CUTE NEW FALL BLOUSES 100% COTTON SOLIDS PRINTS SIZES 30 - 38 SUEDE FALL SLIP ONS · BACK-TO-SCHOOL FAVORITE · BLACK · RED · GREY · BROWN BOYS FALL TONE S H I R T S · NEW FALL PRINTS, CHECKS AND SOLIDS · IVY STYLES · TAPERED BODY · SIZES 6-16 BOYS THUNDERCORD W H I T E J E A N S SANFORIZED WHITE ,THUNDERCORD COTTON · SLIM OR REGULAR · SIZES 4 TO 16 THICK RUBBER SOLE -- MEN'S AND BOY'S GYM SHOES · BLACK OR ALl W H I T E · LOW OR HI TOP STYLE · THICK SUCTION CUP SOLES · CUSHION AR.CH · SIZES 12-3, · - 3 V 4 T 0 6 , . . - . . 6Va TO U

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