The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 31, 1965 · Page 11
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 11

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1965
Page 11
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rleed Vacation Money? Sell "Don^W^^JJ^o^JTOTj^e^^g -^ = ~n. MSTRelp WutM " II. Female Htlp Wanted U. Pitnos Radios. Television; M. Furnished^Apartments ^JMu^hed Apartni^m^_ 10. "°"!?l.ESLJ5^ - -."?"-.?!--i£ Monday^MaySI, '65 11 X~^(l " /"* l -^-^»»P^-»---.WW-.J.II. ^^.»^^.-.^. jK^m^.^MB.^ .^^^^-^^^j..^-^*^^--***^-.^--. ·i.-^-^..-^»- -unj-u-u-u-u-u-------.-_---i-----i-r n - r.L",. .L^OLTwun. M-W^J-JUHJ-ILJ u i-L.-i»TM-i,r- ... in/ i n ik · BTO rannia,.- rinnn IrTt* bedroc-'n brick Vo'-i*. 13 "31 fa^lif fOJ( SAIE 2 bedraon praill colly nraV __--.- ~~ I ifm^lllPfl FUENISHED GARAGE Apairirtni for «juo «. BM H.,Y fl |^.^ h '.^'Jo j^JJ^ U ° ' tOQ .-n. 1 V, baihi. bj H In ro«e« d-ac«i home. J6.750. SIM tn\ J52.50 en' pj, CiU'i For Sal* Classified 'Advertisement j. Special Notices IECM THIS OA1E Ma/ 30, 1965 I w i t r= t b« relpom'.bla lex debll mada by any. *-a olHer lhan myte!l. 5g-.ed: EUGENE OSWALT Schools -- Instructions HIGH HOME SCHOOL If von dWi't tlntlh Kt9li School, why coclbii-c under Ihli hindkap? wnio (oday for FREE BOOKLET. Te:rs ho* ycu cin earn a Hteh School clplsma In/oush spar* 1lrr,» aludv. S4 monthly Includes all books and Irul;UCtrons. Our o7lh year. . AMERICAN SCHOOL. Dw. O, P.O. BOX lOOtl JrxVian. Mlu. Cell 355.6456 MEN WANTED To sell insurance. Leads furnished. Salary open. For appointment call ED 2-2264. Night foreman and leaclermen Must have shipyard experience in lug and lowboat repair. BLUDWORTH SHIPYARD, INC. P. 0. Box 5426 Wa 8-5051 Houston, Texas DIANA STORES CORP. Women aDaorel cho'n wilS l!crcl eoall 10 hoi e«ce1lar.l cooorrwnlry lor wc-msn w}-.. fyn relocota. Nead n*o.iogari mancger hairnet lor big a*pani : on rog'oi-. Salary, eon-.minIon, Irta Inlur- xi, PSP, l.beroble d iccvnl on oil or. crel. For frviervlaw write cr coll l.-i per- on Mri. M. Willlom. DIANA SHOP "TIME TO UPDATE your car Prices and terms are mighty attractive right now. Turn bad to Classified and see! if Male Help Wanted ATTENTION BOYS AGE 12-15 School vacation will soon be here We will have several good news paper roulc-s open in your neigl borhotxi. If you are interested i earning extra spending monc this summer cnll Mr. Young o Mr. Morris at EDisoii 5-1155 Ci ciilalion Department, Delta Democrat-Times. SALESMEN NEEDED to $1,000 per month. Car ecessary, to work Greenville, levcland or Greenwood. Call 32-1323 3 A. M. till 12 Noon : londay, Tuesday and Wednes. ay. I I . 'l Te'e^'- S T A Y C O O L SPECIALS At Firestone Frigi King Car Air Conditioner 95 No Money Down $13.00 Mo. 18,000 B-T-tr Room Air Conditioner 249 95 In The Crate Price No Money Down $13.00 Mo. 8,300 B-T-U Room Air Conditioner 95 In The Crate Prica No Money Down $11.00 Mo. FIRESTONE STORES SALES MANAGER TRAINEE AGE 21-34 Company expansion has created opporuniies for (2) two men who desire a career in sales. Men chosen must have late model car, present a neat appearance, have at least a high school education and be able to pass n rigid character ex- nminalion. I r or interview appointment call 332-2264 13. Pianos, RELAX Previous lessons unnecessary Play Hammond Organ at HEWITT - SILK PIANO CO. 12 Docrl fro-n S'ain Won) FOR A QUICK SALE USE THE WANT ADS IN THE DELTA DEMOCRAT-TIMES 2. Male or Female Help Wanted MANAGERS HOSPITAL A H LIFE Oca ol lha notion faifeit grcw'r^j :c-ncon v ej oFlen taretr nicnoctrrenl norrunil ai lo men cr wocntn who r-ava 0 go=d lolei background In Iniuranci Mcnccerr.ent experience nol neceilory. All hcw::ol, ntedca! room end bsai d cclh p'oni ai« No-i-Ca-celb'ele civ oicnleed renewable icr lile. Na rider -i ba al:cch»d attar Ulve. *JnH ca ra-.g» er.ablei vc-J to n-eel CO :ci. Rtcenlly mcd« availob'e ! cr rier-e^l which it lo be n!13chr-d I; J period*. Ar.olher Imocrlonl f*3lur* 1 lh» 207, re^ycho-v In p.»mk--- li;lderi wrm rfrr.^n In Ruilding Materials LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL Cypress, Pine. Hardwood HOUGH CR DSESSED SFtCIAl OSDESS CU1 E. G. NELSON. INC. PSo.-a ED 2-S558 01 ED 7.7471 Service Directory SEPTIC fUSN. DUPIEX. nb. garagt. i Clcta ua ra«n IV cab'e Coll ED 5-1243 or FD ?-5243. * 2 B / E Ao'-| !! Coll ED S-1_S91. "S60 " 51. Unfurnished Apartments I lr,',Y I Narlh. ? B/R EXjDlec. cle: bV. 2?0 wl^rirvg. 553805 ?.\AYE6 1 B/» unhjmlj^ed d-.p'ai 3PI Senarc'a DyP. S55 Mr r-oniri. Ne* ·Y d*:oro'ed Co 1 ! Dav'd W.licn. ft J.0558 FUSNISHtO tlt*.e--Ci A c r . . ^.1 -.n we 1 drTM;t -o In^vo. TV Cob'*. -· I'l . f". EO 4-J5.13. tu'lgin UBIIC.-I oal. P(lvo'« enlrcm . a-d gcrcgp TV cab't. OT cc^d.i e COUD'P o-^'y !45 Dti f-oni 1 !. 4 5 B'ocdv,3r. ·"!· ED J 4342. NEW LUXURIOUS DOWNTOWN APARTMENTS ! bediocm iwyii. i-.ll avo'labl*. Fu'- n.ihed a33"mt-.' c!i3 a.o.laDle. *ll e1r:l/:e. F-w Fy*ibt; infcimflro.-i oll. ED 2-5-121 or after 6 p.m. 5-1669 tau'TV arid oil-11 ! .^o. ' ._ bedro:-n brick jam. 1 '/i balK bj ll Deluded Pay »^aH ta . lean. 13^? Cilefe. Cc'l 332-76)0. 633 S. CMiVosSIA. 3 Bed'OS-n ctetn/l'h.' EO l-tni L ~_ FOR SAtt BV OWNE^ 3 B R hc^-» w ih ier;ar!e D/5. r 3cvd Scr-ocl. MOO.OO taiS ond r S77 00 per mor-h. Coll O--«r J.39J5 or ED 2-78?^ CD ?.3St8 o'ret 7.30 P.M. eal Ei o'«l ol cl ED lluum* ror FURNISHED ROOMS AND AP ARTMENTS. CABLE CONNEC- HONS, PEST CONTROL SER- ,^ ! ?g'' v . c .'- a " " """"· " 3 E " ''= ' VICE, ALL UTILITIES PAID.L'jpt-e.,"',. \V^- --d,.~iv FOR RENT: ICE CREAM FRF.E-icc^. no c«dv. 53 ?..·;:: »· ED 2-7.5 « 7.ER AND POWEK TOOLS 7-11 MINUTE MARKET. Th" Eit" ?-*644. ni CALL DELTA APPLIANCE SERVICE Ljiotil S e r v i c e Cn All Mniai Ao ei rV Aic CC.TM-OI. Lv.n "lei U« ie:v,=e You. A.I Csrd-l !n-- lie HOTKL G R E E N V I M / E 1-5 ROOM EFFICIENCY APARTMENTS All Ulil In Told low Mjxiih'v Cal Cr. Singla Rocrr-i Phone ED 2-8181 [n_?-j 51. Houses For Kcnl j ? ? 3 HJ'Jl ^1 I ·· LOAN ASSUMPTION LOW EQUITY -- LOW NOTES 3 B/R. kitchen-family room, patio, Inrgc storage, breakfast bar. 'IV cable with 2 connections. Good school district. 1250 Cilcsle, Phone 5-H09. FOR SALE All Houses Just Redecorated And In Excellent Condition 8I« Boy SI., 2 8 / t , J200 desvn, car rrovh S41.83 r. Infarmallart Coll 9*7-9111 WASHINGTON COUNTY SAVINGS LOAN FOR SALE 1011 Cednr Street Tent beri'oc-i, 7 balKi, Alr-(oxJI- t.O'-ed. jep^io'e din"r? looTi. (af- celt crd cfiace, _ 124.0CO.OO SEI US roi EXCUISIVE IISTIHO! MOYSE MOYSE AVASSON JoSn J. 0=n-.;r., Ct^'.'-n End I. /,'3Yie, =.Vtoi T. P. R«y-t;'c!l. Keallci R^odel T. \V=«!r. S e ; ' l a r F^ ED S-3«3 o: Cc'l EO 2.33IB ll-.t For Sate oi*. oil sower, lo* Mlfa- o r-olei. Ph. 2-5305. . ._, iicvTford, radk), Haolir, 4 Cyl. J350.00 Ph. [D 5-3415 or {D J.2C02. I9J9 Si"-r:a 4 door ictan, 25.000 atlual V/,ll te!l b*^" Blue Bo9c wboil- c,;e. Ca'l 332-0411. I960 Chev. 4 Or. fl Cyl. radio o^d F-sa'«r. Air ceTdii orwd. Good tirei. 795. C2M_035-2443^_M 'e 335-2332. 1?62 Me* Yo-Ve/, 4 cfoor iedan, air on- dil.c-.ed. DOA»r I'eerlrto, cower fcreVel, rod-o. healer, ey.rylVn-j. $1273.00. Coll :=-.n Gbion. EO 5.1155. 71. Colored Hropwiv Sale S. V/a Fli. S-10J6 OM« 2-1936 l For inlmmfilio-. wnld Un on B = nl«il 1 iurans Co.. P.O. Eo 1212, JciVlcn. 1'eniale Help Wanted 15. Situations Wanted Female vvcrk. V/iil v.-ork crivols ir. h=n-e c Cell ED ?.*753. 20. Articles For Sale WAX POLISH rial.H Ycur Car Feu lu.rm.ll $10.95 liossman-Vickery Thoie 33S-33Ba MAY'S RENTALS 625 Alewi'd". 3 roo-.* .-hlilies 514 r Ale.'.Jir. ? B y f . v,o'cr 62S Ale.-i.-der 2 rcrr-\ nl.l.nei .n-T N ll-ecbold .1 rm. ulilil el '603 E. Fo M.e-.'. 3 .c-^rri 413 Falrv.ew. 7 B y P J ».n'-i ... UN'ilPMISHED '12 Cannon SI. 6 frri i Ml w.iri V d:o «Iab'e i fAcwii C K ED 7 A3" 1 * l:CE l-inll l'-.u C-·:'·! C a l l IP 1«CO ^^seo '· o" lr J5^ CO '·' ? " ·|n-.j i Mi CO j.,' ... -. S6000 r,. T, J5 00 122 S. Co'c.rd: WO.'i'.EN ov«r 35 wllh ^feoilnrj rErio-olily ri ecin 530 ro J.JO a woaK ccnlacli-g rabliiLad Avc-i E.peila^ce on- necemry. \Vrira MRS. PEAR McWHORTER 1410 K i r k l a n d St. Greenville, Miss. inj Ser WANTED Oulside Car Hops. 6 day week, hour shifts. Uniforms furnished. Paid vacations. APPLY IN PERSON NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE STRAZI'S DRIVE-IN SECRETARY - RECEPTIONIST Must be able to take dictation and type a neat letter, 40 hour ·vcek. Write P.O. Box 5575, Greenville, giving experience nnd ret- DIGNIFIED IADV WAN1ED Vl public reiallo.-! ( ;.ecnlo~n Mtrrorlol Gaidani -- Mil :cnnlela oerpaluol cure. Port lit:* or lima errploymenl. fAutl be a rrva lady oF unqueillcuicibla choracler and In lefiritv. High^jf ar*j on un cooo:1unily lor a lady who ccn qu r personal interview wiila Greenlaw Me.-narial GardeTM, 210 Aicade B r dg inville, M:«., giving full rellwre c 33-1-H313 May 31. J^-ne \\: f. 2nc b«IWBen 9:30 a. m. end 4 D. m. PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADS! YOU ARE! 12. Malo Or Female Help Wanted DELTA PERSONNEL SERVICE 1M H. roplor ol WaihlnlM 332-8473 Nlla 332-1915 $200 ·,,id. (Eipirlancari) · Cradll Mg'. tW · Mgr.-rrnlr»a 31-74 Act $»! Solei.lmlda [Iroln] $175 Ilor · loalilcaicar (talocole) (300 Mj Truck MetHcnlt Oaafl · lauta Solai $700 i Ca M..T.b.r «t N.t.A. and M.P.f.*. Olfic» Houra » - J. CalFiga A Junior Collaga Cradi o · · for ctur.i.ling. UMA« SltVEY--Ov»» ^·^··.^·^.·"···^·^ HOUM9 For Sate liouieFull of furn. Day Ph. 5-7A31 nrlrrenl t : ia IIOVB JI2.50, aca'lmenr leliigeralor S27.50r 21" TV S25.00. V/. 0'H«t. Ton Alt Co-.dilln.n onll, 8 (T. Dairy , Uprighl Fr*ezar o-.d lea rV.clrer. Hip Wglkitn. ED .M736 or EO_5-S1S. nq dc cKc'r, lilt* naw. I bed- xn chair, I liv.g roam cr-nlr, ttlra ge rr.eiol trunk. Peaicnafclv priced. 2 Arnold Ave. TAKE ADVANTAGE -- Ol Ogr -EXPERIENCED SERVICE DEPARTMENT Frx Service on Typewriters and Adding Machine! Carl TOUCHSTONE BUSINESS MACHINE 16 S. hoatiwav ACRIF1CE: Ice Maker Machine, ipacity 300 pounds per day. radically new. Original price ,000, sale price approximately 500.00. See at Modern Appliance, eland, Miss. Ph. 686-4066. SAFE FOR SALE lemington - Hand 4 hour Safe, large size, $350.00 Call 332-5872. Boats, Motors Supplies CR SALE: 12' Alc;m : ,TUTi Boat, 7'/, H.P ion Mclor and Trailer. Coll 680.4043 FIND YOUR OPPORTUNITY n the "Business Opporluniticr column in the Classified Section OR SAIE: 12'x2i' Roll, 35 H.P. moti Fh. ID 4OS61 BATTERY RE-CHARGE 29c Rental 25c Per Day GUARANTEED USED BATTERIES 6 Volt-- $3.88 12 Volt-- $4.88 OTA SCO Oklahoma Tire Supply Co. " ' ' 612 V/oihlngton " , . . ofio fully etVJ'pced oVing , ei. Cell Bill MiRight. ED 2-2838. ~ " ~ Fiba-glcn Bad, 75 H.P. Fv-inrude Motor. 1963 rrodel. 30 gnllon gni la-k. 5753.00. Pr.ora ED 7-10^1. RAFT, 8' X 18' «leclii: ilarler 25 H. P. virwuda r.\olcr, rarr.ola co-.rrol. 8' x T2' Con ba leen at Ynchl Club. Coll 27. Farm Equipment 4 row t.\lf tool bar pbnler J*50 Oo-AII New S550 4 rov/ birth IrDDlnn ^ic S AddJ-1 gra'n call 5*53 F,r;uhouF 35' flrain trailer S7750 "127" combine J350 M/lt i-per " 9 2 ' 53750 TERMS ARRANGED TOM BUEKER lollnndoFe. Mil. Ph. 827.5490 28. Farmers Market Produce LEE SOYBEANS seeds cleaned sacked, 80% germination or better. CALL: TOM BUEKER Hollandale, Miss. 827-5490 anytime 30. Pets, Poultry Livestock I. Business Opportunities FOR LEASE MAJOR OIL COMPANY SERVICE STATION U.S. Highway 82 East Adjoining Holiday Inn PHONE ED 2-6973 MAYNARD WILZIN REATLOS ED 4-4554 144 N. Brcxidway FURHiSHED .11 E. Woilkar .............. $7000 H. FWar S. Tleobnld UNFU1CNISM!D Wnllcer .................. S 5 0 0 O J50.CO J45.CO S30fG 545.00 ' '' ''-."-'. LOVELY BRICK HOME ' F.eor _ ...ill deiircbla Icvarlen. landucCM ,ntd. l*o recnr, Torino Ire,.. 3 bed ,«,-,. 2 loll b,ihv f^'v '"- " "' by 26 (I.. 5 t.-n ceinal A y C . brcnd n»» k.lclipi cnb-retl n-.d c r r l - ^ C ( COLORED HOMES OR SALE 1 2 bedroom homes Priced f r o m $2,250.00 10 57,500.00 J. L. McCLKNDON Re='i = r l.V S. Hjrvey rl!- ED 2-8153 drjble rccil by orpo or EOiio rx) Icrge i!crcXi Shcw ,ly. Call ED.:n 7-1173 5.1163 (w UDDO .-'marrv. EXTRA CLEAN 1064 Po-'a: l cory|rl'bt», leco red Irrm. AUTO* l~o., b.'aket end loo. . Ca'l v.'cyre Ffarey, C'-arli.^i. Mobile Homes MAKE EVERY week end a va- cation in one of our Travel Trail- ers. Priced from $950.00 up. $250.00 DOWN And n.cnthly notes of only $35.00 Buys tltis nice 3 room house on| (he north end of town -- insidc ( n IE.WO: '· B , ' A I -y|«. ' -. ',!.'. .JKJ-- r-.--., ST~ Ci'Sllo." ss·*....·,"i .-- ^=*.-df·· ; 1 E ' ? J-.rT.-T irca-T^ ri n - 7 tc-c:^.! 'ci-mcn. ^-=5 CO. Ca'l /-'. I. - r cM G r i f f n , ED *-S1|. | . r ST LOCATim ? B.'^ i''if urn. Dtja'ex. ,11 c^-ri, *rc-v F-vH S-J.od d-m el, StO --nili Cn 1 ' FD .1^375. 1 5 \-tfff ST. in Gitc-/i"e. 2 B/R u-n- tn. Irejse. laigo lenced fcatV y::.cJ, very ,iroVi1a r*'n v 'fcaili?'5d Ava-lafc'*i row. Cn!l Sim Cnrallo. 6S6.4531 l«land. Abraham *«·«! IM-.^.,.. DECORATED. 3 S. W a i M n o l o S45.CO 565.00 ^ nn'J i;»l fD 4.3337. and baili. _ . . «-.'.. 7 Elje^a-td. ( \ f f \ s -a M A Y N A R U WILZIN REAL1OI D'al ED 4-453L 144 M. 7581 II. o.ootlVrav 1732 rct'rv'aw Cnpe Cod Dcsipu Tliis home at 2!30 Naples Si reel is now Iwing olfcied !or n small down p.iyincnt .ind monlhly nolcs l inly $62.20 plus tnxcs aiTil insurance. l-'our Ixxlmoms, two balhs. largo lo!. Tremendous Buy! Immediate occupancy. CA'.l WALTER HEKBJSON 5-2SSS Nights 2-1 !Ht Days commode, sink, papered wall and' ' screened front porch. For full de- TKA!L ERS SALES, INC. tails call or see M A Y N A R D W I L Z I N F t A l l O S F--I! Ei1o« Rp-.-c'i l-v lio D,ol ED 4.4^54 M* It. S.'c3d*a ST.S HeadovaMeii of l^« D«lla 82 Foil Ff.on fB 2-\T!l PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADS I YOU ARE. Carefree Living Can Be Yours At Magnolia Arms YOUR WORRIES ARE OURS! · No Maintenance No -.Yard. Chores · We Do Your Painting · Locked Gates · Private Swimming Pool · Private Parking · Covered Parking (Optional) · 1 2 Bedroom · l!/2 Bath Wei'l.-.pTrouia Applla-xel, A ; / Condilicruncj ritaiina S29 McAllister Phone 332-«83 For Appointment I B/» Hi 3 B;R 3 B;R H: B/R H SIDNEY STALL1NGS, BROKER Phono 486-7215 . S 50.00 ";;;;;;;; 575.00 $93.00 J76.00 44. Insurance AKC legli'ared lov ChihuiiVira ill o'd. Call ED 5.2221. ··', 7 32. Household Goods ROCK-BOTTOM] RATES Call: John Worthy 51. Unfurnished Apartments FOR RENT 2 Bedroom unfurnished Duplex Apt. 322 Beauchamp St. Call ED 5-1155 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. J. L. McCLENDON REAITORS 137 S. Harvey -- Fhor.a to 2-S193 UNFUBNISHED HOUSES 1E53 O'd Inland Road 3 FJ/8 180.0T 314 H;ai« 2 B/R S60.0C 743 Clay. 2 B/R S55.0C 3D3 Canlral. 3 B/R S50.0C 271 Reed P.d., 2 B/R S60.O 30 Honw 2 8/8 S5O.O 525 Kenljcky S50.O 020-P Coder, 2 B/R S55.O 532 S. WatS'nglon 4 B/R, BatK Vr $110.01 995 Po:lon Dr., 2 B/R S55.C 260 Ohio, 3 B/R S45.0 41/ Stebbin 2 B/R S50.0C 210 2 B/R S45.0T 632 Pollock S50.0I 31 / S. Delia, 3 B/5 S50.O 2713 H. Broadway J65.9 93? S. Theobald, 2 B/R S40.0I S07 W lym, 3 B/R JBO.OI 1700 Kirk Cr., 3 B/R, IV, ta!h $100.0 2477 A'em-.dcr. 3 8/R 560.O 7642 Avd^'e. 3 B/R, ov'.b. 6 / 1 .. S/O.Oc «, 2 B/R 5 FURNISHEO HOUSES 437 Cherry, 1 B/R $50.01 55. ED M056 SPRING HOME SHOW OPEN HOUSE 3 To 6 P.M. Designed and constructed for Better Living, VIRDEN HOMES offer you a Lifetime of SECURITY and PRESTIGE _C-A-S-H- FOR YOUR OLD FURNITURE APPLIANCES · 1UT · SILT. · TRAD! RAILROAD SALVAGE FUINITURI CO. 75) Waihlmilan Ph. ED S-2711 50. Furnished Apartments NIC6 Fern. Anl. Uiililiei paid. Cloia In. !50 c;r mcnlh. ED S-719J. 7o"l ORIAMDO, N'celv Furn. 2 B/R Dulc^. Coble t cgrporl. ED 2.5071. TceT dawniloi.-l luin. cpt. 138 M. Piood- wcy. Ph. ED 2.5193. Colored Rentali oon ho-jir. corrcle'a boll.. 941 I4o Sr. ED 2-5221 or 2-5931. S33.00. 60. Real Estate Services HOMELIKE LIVING iooclcnrt 4VV roerti. 2 beaVoorrl, privoU lourl, central f-eal:nfj cr.d air cond.tioair.a, jlj alectrc. New a.vj Modern. MAIN STRKET GARDEN APARTMENTS CARED ED 2.MS4 J. L. McCLENDON 3 Rocn Furn. Ar» AHo imll Turn. Col.. Ulilitiei pc.d. ED 4-J988. FLfmlSHED API. 3 roo-ni ond bo*. Coap'e ly. 624 Alexander. 217 M. THEOBALD. 2 B/R furn. apl. 112.53 per week. Phone to 4-43v8. WE BUY USED FURNITURE end APPLIANCES (EE US IEFOI1I YOU Mil QUEEN CITY FURNITURE CO. 75] Waifc'noton Ay.. *lan» It) 5-«« NICE 2 Room Furn. Apv Privo'a hath. Ur.lili paid. S60.00. EO 4-4WS. FOR RENT Upstairs furnished apartment. TV connection. 905 Main Street. Call MRS. C. E. JORDAN, ED 4-3841 Houses For Sal* 79. Far Sale 1733 W. Sudan-Terrace Gardens East FEATURES: Eeatttiful PlUio wlth B " ck TO SEE OTHER HOMES Come By and Pickup Key at the Open House . Or CALL THE OFFICE 2-H2I. ~-- - - COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE ABIDE HOMES MODEL OPEN DAILY 3 T0 6 P.M. 1125 COTTAGE DRIVE Located at the corner of Collage Drive and St. Joseph Street in Ihe Garden Addition. From Highway 82 Drive South on Colorado to St. Joseph Street. Turn left and proceed to Model Home. THINGS TO LOOK FOR: First, note the exterior of our model home, ll is authentic French Provencial styling, even to the corbeling of the brick next to the gutters. This design, while different, has dignity which will last. Next in the enlry hall, we have installed a new type floor which looks like the finest type Italian marble. It's easier to maintain, though, because of its high resistance to scratches. In the family room, please notice Ihe ceiling light fixture. By installing better light fixtures, we believe we add a great deal of charm to our homes. In the kitchen, our Pre- way built-ins are the only appliances in the world lo carry a three year guarantee. That p.-oves something! Another new and better produce is found on our bedroom closet doors. The "Eden Roc" pattern on these doors is really exquisite. We are sure you will find your lour through our home most interesting, «nd comfortable, too, since it is cooled by a llc-il- Quaker unit. We'll look for you this afternoon! ABIDE HOMES Dial ED 5-1163 REAITOSJ 137 S. Harvey -- Phoni ED 2-SI93 FURNISHED APARFMENFS 2 F. Moore, I B / R . air cond. J6S.OO, rillc Ap!., 2 B/R 570.00 in 0 McAllil'er F4o. 1 S62.00 9 W Reed Rd., 2 B/ii 167.50 5 B««d Rood, 2 B/B 590.00 rlyn Apti.. 1 B/r? $115.00 UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS 26 V/aSion Dr., 2 B/R S50.00 40 Main 2 B/R .._ $50.00 7 S. H/m Buying A Home? Let us plan your FHA or VA Loan Coma In Or Catl WASHINGTON COUNTY SAVINGS AND LOAN 332-8121 945 S. WASHiriGlCI! ;» de.-. 3 lull bolht. 2 Kail halhi. , enlry Kail. l:»i.ia ico-n, WANT TO SELL YOUR HOME? l : or niA aiul VA Appraisal Call WASHINGTON COUNTY SAVINGS AND LOAN 332-8121 Houses l-or Sain ?;a F.rd P.clua Qnod co-dilio". See of ijJ N. S^-ullo Circ'e. fh. ED 2-24;?. $1828.00 1965 CMC Pickup RUSSELL J.'.?-cr !. Er.u ; OT.enl Co. H/.-V. I n=r-h Ph. 331.9377 | S8. Airplanes For Sale 'FO! SAIE- 8 A S l v c r . 6S H.P. Imsur-h. iCccd cc^d.l'oi. Cr.n ba lien al CypreM 'i-..rpcn. r-o-a EO 4-114J. Houses *or Sal* Ino cord.-, , Ryful Thomoion. BVcVar W1ERS fc THOMP5CJN RCAirr CO. MIERS PRATT 7 Hwv. No. I SooA Olol ED J.T544 l |m R tltcfra MwWqa 'oaru Nlta Fhona ED 2- BEST LOCATION 122! Kirk Circle _ Jl«.Otj0.tX - S hedrocr-.i 1 balh. Imaa lol. I'SOJ Kirk Circ'a - - »3°.5t»» - 3 aedroorr.i, 2 balhi, leparolo ioc.c\. SEI US F0» tXCWSlVi USTINOS MOYSE MOYSE WASSON John J. Gannon, tenllor Feed I. Mone, Realloi T P. R«!dl, Renllcr Rhodel T. Walion, Raallor Pho-ia ED 5-3553 or Coll ED 2-8328 Ilila 1221 tONOVIEW DRIVI 2 vrl oH, 3 bedroom. 1 tila bolh, DOnel dtV °TMlr. lenc.d ba=fc vard, localeci rla fm B^J School. FHft S450 d 1201 WANDA DRIVE -- 3 B/R. Separate Den Jll.500.00 2D1 PAULINE -- 3 B/R, l'/j IMhs 12,900.00 234 ST. ANTHONY -- 3 D/R, Unclosed Yard 11,500.00 1273 CELESTE - 3 B/R, l'/ 2 HatlT, A/C, Pay Equity . 500.00 617 S. CALIF. -- 2 Large B/R, Reduced 9,500.00 996 TI10RTON -- 2 B/R, E x t r a Clean 7,500.00 7.W PERCY -- 4 Bd. Rms., 3 Balhs $6,850.00 2252 E. ALEXANDER (Reduced) 7,250.00 Kossman Insurance David C. Wilson, Realtor Bus. Phone 332-0558 -- 503 Wash. Ave. -- Home 311-1877 Colored iTopert? For Sale VI. Colored Property Houses For Sale 12, COTTAGE DRIVE GARDENS ADDITION sso.oo 3 Bedroom home on large corner 2 Soiomor, jj'B/B'* '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' "s'w lot - 2 ful1 baths, central nir con- 63 Old Lrbnd Rd. i'V/R UDIV $55.00 ditioncrl, central heal. Buill-in role* cpprox. $100 mc-ilh. IIHACI GABDEN! 153 Clover Circle. Icvelr 3 B/», 2 bath bmk horr.e. cenl.ol l.eot and o'r cordilioi- Complela boilt.In-kilchen, aleclnc anga, even, dHpolal. a-vt d ihwoiher. Carpal Ineludac), lorga cnllo. baauliful ar-dicopfid vord. 333 CAUF01NIA SlIEir 2 bedrcs.rl, I balh, large [ol 7?'x?68'y. Snail cfoxn payrr.enl, notei n:ludin3 ta«!i 1 Iriuranca cpproxkr.ala- y 560.00 no.-/!i. CAUSEY REAT, ESTATE Bit] lagaarr -- John Camay, Jr., Brofc*r V/eeldoyi ED 2-5H1 -- Miohll So.. ED 3.5392 ED J-S3S» «M COHNtUi 3 E;R, living room. rHinlrD room, FaT.ilv room, bolh. end lenced i- bacl-. yard. 530-3.00 dow.i on F.M.A. 1505 S. WASHINGTON: 3 B/R. 2 bart-.I, My lira room, dmlir, roo", ircrfern In., big (om'.lv rcom. Call lo: comp!el» 11« MA!GA8[Ti 3 SJR. I'/i b'in. Fenced backivard, carpcil c^d itorage. Pr.ce I|77? 5UOAH: le-ra:a G^.deni [oil. Beau- l,!ul 3 B / R . 2 balh home. Fa-nily .oca, ^i!T I r e place. Call for Injoeclion :o ita. I4t0 FKANCIS. J 8 / 8 . balh. liing-d.nin] rcom. kitchen, carport end ilorage.Pnc« 111.850. 719 CAIIFOIHIA: 3 E/!f, IV, bo'hl. living, dining rc^.. lilchen, ..t.l.'v roc~, «»'- porl crd irsrcge. .« Oven and range. Garbage dispos- 133 dd la'a.-d Bd. 3 B/R .... 555.00! n | ]_ ar g c f am i|y room kitchen. 2 catheMn'a r 2 B/» !^:m^! j50.oo|Carport and storage. Pay equity and assume notes of 5103.35 per month, including taxes and insurance. Call 334-4M3. - Cobb, 2 B/R S5000 4B Main 2 B/R S50.00 839 MklTqa-i. 1 B/R S40 00 B83 O'd leior.d Rd. 3 B/S Dml S83.00 Fee! FREE lo call frx ccr-cle'* 1re cboe p'ccerliei. Marvin D. Bowen Suleiman ?h. 335-3521 ID 2.2355 John W. Young, Jr Raallor 804 WoiVrgici Ave. 70. r-tjr Sale 70. Houses For Sale 70. Houses For Sale HOMES FOR SALE Close To T. L. Wcston School 1255 HOLMES ST. .1 bedrooms, large living room kitchen, maple kitcnen eah- inels with formica sink lop, double sink, central heat, aluminum windows, reinforced concrete foundation, 10 year guaranteed 30 gal. glass lined water heater. Move in immediately. $500.00 down -- $6i.03 per month for 15 years loan. 919 DALLRIVA S bedroom sewing room, large living room, extra larg« kitchen, inside utility room with washing machine connection, mnple kitchen cabinets with formica top, completely remodeled redecorated. $500.00 down -- $52.57 per month for 15 years loan. 849 CAROLINE ST. Be sure to see this home. Same design and price as home on 1233 Holmes St. GREENVILLE LUMBER CO. Phone ED 2-2637 -- NiTE 5-2801 80 Cars For Sale Cars Tor Sale Check In At Your DATSUN Dealer Today-Check Out In A DATSUN Model Homes OPEN 3 TO 6 P. M. WEEKDAYS 192 Lilac Lane In Highland Heights 3 Bedroom, 2 tile baths, All Brick Home 1545 Marilyn In Roman Gardens 3 Bedroom, 11 bath, Brick Home Greenville Lumber Co. Highway 82 East Phone ED 2-2637 See the famous "Four-Ten" 4-dr. Sedans Station Wagons, and the fabulo'.is L320 Pickup Trucks. Drive these new DATSUNS and see why DATSUN-owners make up the fastest growing imported car list in America today. DATSUN THE RWERVALLEY GO, 129 S. WALNUT ST. PH- 535-3321 RIVERVALLEY MOTORS HWY. 82 E. PH. J32-M41

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