The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 82
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 82

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 82
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^ ^ Cuts Time on Ore Delivery The offies of (Mease mobiliza-; tion stepped up tile steel »chedule last year. So the Cleveland CliKs Iron "Co.. oldest of the Michigan iron mining firms, nought more i vessel tonnage. New vessels were i on order but they couldn't be de- jliv«red until 1952. ..... . . So, H. L. Gobeille, manager of a litUe over four days. I the acveland ^^ Martae De . tum-around m a y , partment _ bou ht froln toe marl .| " """ Tth f I a k e i t i m e administration the «*.foot| construction ; Victory ship Notre Daire Victory .j s.icie «uv.r. ; _ she was buju in m5 at portiam}. NEW QUEEN OF-THE-GREAT LAKES Victory, above, is the new queen of the Great Lakes. She's a lengthened and converted deep sea freighter that carries 13,000 tons of iron ore at 30 miles an hour and better. That's about twice as fast as the speediest lake carrier in the past. (Wide World Fhoto)_ WAXEY GORDON FIGHTS ON CLEVELAND. Aug. 11. (AP)--:miles. In Speed -- stepchild of the cargo-i This amazin minded Great Lakes for gener-;make ?90 jnillion worth aliens--has lake earner operators i freighters now under in a dither. ; outmoded before tliey Speed is chanjfing the thinking of jtbe ways. Great Lakes shipping i^"^. "^ w'o^VVa/ H ^er- gray-haired skippers who have pi-· companies already have purchased; ^.^ ^ eet loted the plodding bulk freighters: 10 deepsea C-4 tj-pe stops like the; " Gobeille! had ^ e Bethlehem ship- millions of mile, at 12 to 14 miles Chffs Victory and are converting: buijdln - ^ Baltimore cut her in an hour to bring iron ore from;them at coast shipyards for the!^. ^ dd 165 feet fo her hu!1 _ northern Minnesota and Michigan ; bulk lake iron and coal trade. ^ ,, t i, ou , e b ow aa d midshJp to the steel mills of the Middle; The Victory could make its; * c t ^ plus a -nkish funnel were West - ,, , . ,, . i speed margin over the rest of thej bu / '^^^'^ st retched-out Speed 13 helping the carriers, ships even greater if her 8,500 · , , = , toward a. goal of 95 million ions j horsepower engines were permit-! e ^y o ^ haven't seen speed v e t " °V re T a ^ C ° r , d -, , ,,. ;!f, Cl ^ fir h ?tl n . t , he , St r tar ''said Cant. C. R." Gallagher." her On the Great Lakes - w o r d s ,st. Clan- ant! Detroit rivers. Coy-; ..^ ^ ^ busiest inland waterway-speed is, eminent regulations forbid speeds^ those extra six jets on her just another name for Clifia Vie-i of more than 12 miles an hour 1I1; tu r b i n e ^ ·· tory, a lengthened and converted i these streams. j ' " "°' , de«-p sea freighter that carries 13,-j Even then, dweller, along the! Along the backs of Lake Erse OOU tons of ore at 30 miles an hour j banks complain to the U. S. Coast ithey are betting on that the Cliffs -Tmd- betterr with · plenty in·· TeserveH-exiard that wash from the victory * Victory could do with those six That's about twice' as-, fast as the j Is destroyir.g their riverside docks ijets open. spi-ediest lake carrire in the past. I and lawns. I In the counting houses, they are Cliffs Victory is the new queen! But speed (or the sake of speed;wondering which will win out--of the Great Lakes. She makes i Isn't the reason for the new stir. Cliffs Victory with lighter load but the round trip from Cleveland t o ; on the lakes. The reason for the: double speed or conventional Duluth, Minn., a distance of 1,770! Cliffs Victory is more tonnage of i crafts with heavy loads and half ' ' i.steel and coal. i speed. Prohibition's Last Mobster Still in Bouts With Law after repeal became effective in incut had n ?2 million tax lien 39:53. at a time when breweries!against him, announced, "Waxey '[were going at a premium, persons i Gordon is dead. From now on it's junkriown opened firs on Gordorrj Irving "Wexler, salesman." By SAUL PETT NEW YORK, Aug. 11, (AP)-- Waxey Gordon, a short, pudgy, puffy-eyed intreprerieur, is the last of prohibition's big mobsters etjll chasing an uneasy buck. Al Capone, Dutch Schuitz andj Jack "Legs" Diamond are dead. Roger Touny is still in jail. Johnny Torrio has dropped out of the news. Whatever he is doing now, Lucky Luciano is doing it in Italy. And whatever Frank Costello is doing when he isn't on television, he must be ruled out because in the days of bathtub gin he didn't quite make the top echelon. That leaves only the 62-year-old, waning Waxey, former millionaire beer baron, patron of the arts, Broadway "arrgel." pambler, tax evader, black marketeer and su- per-eautkms golfer who used to be so careful he took out a J30.000 insurance policy just in case his slice killed anybody. Wnxey, who wns born Irvine Wexler on the lowest east side of New York, has come upon hard and humiliHliJipr times since repeal but recently had the hardest. He. was arrested with three cronies on charges of possessing $180.000 worth of heroin. Waxev was tossed into the clinic, and his conferees in an Elizabeth, j-\\, n Court Fight .N. J., hotel. Two of his boys were; Despite the announcement, Wax| killed. Waxey fled through a win-| e y found himself unpopular. He dow. | was tossed out of San Francisco Five days later, a third Gordon las a vagrant. In New York, the jlieutenant was shot to de:rth. |late Mayor LaCuardia ordered him apartment in the city and a hugf ;Thf ' r « « r «. liowever, many who be-'arrested on sight, but Waxey won home in the country. According i !icv(! th;it Waxey finally won th? : a court fight to stay if he be- o Elmer L. Irey. former chief O f j a r £ U ! W e n t K i n c « MiuUz rarr into a j h a v e d . the enforcement branch of thej f i l U l 1 hail ° E leild )n Newark ini Two years later, the wavering Treasury Department: 11935. Waxey was back in the clink, "He made millions from the pro-j 3n W33 - youthful Thomas E. jdrawmg a year for black market hibition act. . .he was on intimate IDewey, special U. S. prosecxrtor, |operations in sugar. In 1944, La- erms with the best people iu' m a c i e Gordon the first major vie- jGuardia linked Gordon with a syn- America a n d a g o o d many of t h e m i t i m of Ns le P al talents. Although j die-ate doing business in surplus lulled their cowlicks when he' W n x c ' never lKlct siR'iod anythmj;, war goods, but no prosecution re- lassed;* Gordon was a suave ca-! Dewe y useil 15() shivering witness-j suited. In 1947, he was arrested ron of the arts if legk'v musicals :es ancl 1 000 documents to prove j on a charge of possessing $40,000 can be considered part of the the-! 1 "' 1 - 1 the mobster owed the govern-[worth of "hot" watches, but he ft t re » nient more than $500.000 in buck!was acquitted. It 'was always a matter of aca- t n x M f ° r 'TM and 1931 ' ' In 1949 ' tlle stat * liquor auaior , . , . ' , .. t . , Wiixev was sentenced to 10 vears lily revoked the license of a res- demic interest in the underworld i l u l d f i n e d $ , 0 m _ w ,, h tjm ' e o t { j t f l \ l r a n t because it was a "front vho was bigger, Waxey or Dutch j f0! . fioo( j behavior, he emerged j for Wexler." In 1951, the Senate ;chultz. Now and then it was! from prison in IS'-K), signed a j crime investigating committee nore than academic. Four days!pauper's oath while the govern-!questioned Waxey. VKTEKAX LAU'BRKAKKR -The face of Wnxey Gordon, beer b:irc.«n of prohibition days and target of the law for more than 40 of his 02 years, registered wrath when he was indicted for diverting sugar to illegitimate purposes during the war. (Wide World Photo.) which Is a comedown for a man who used to spend $20 for silk uu-[t««Kht h.-.r to smoke opium, derwear ($20 then was equal to But back '" in24 . the d °P e $40 todav) $160 for suits $225 {or charge evidently frightened Wax- tuxedos (at an opening night, Wax- ey away from that line. He bought y wouldn't be caught dead with-l" im self a couple of Manhattan ho. out one), $3,600 for a bar in Mabels. apartment. $-1,000 for a library of He made big money but these expensively bound classics which'were expanding times and Waxey he never read, and other thousands | expanded. He entered into bootleg- of dollars on two Fierce-Arrows.jging, beer being his specialty. He two Lincolns and a Cadillac \vhichj quickly acquired a string of brew- he maintained simultaneously in cries in New Jersey and New those days. York. In several cases the previous tips and Downs 'owners had died suddenly. But Waxey has had his tips and! Business V vas good, Federal downs before, having beer? ac-1 a g 0 nts were bought, shot or fooled, fiuainted with jails at Leaven-j\viien an agent showed up at orre worth, Sing Sing and others in; 0 f Waxey's big .breweries he saw New Tork and Pennsylvania. j on [y trucks carrying off near or His career has shown great ver-ji e g ai beer. What he didn't see was catility. He began tt iyi 1905 with | the hundreds of thousands of gal. an arrest as a pickpocket and got. J 0 ns of real beer being pumped his nickname because his hands! night and day through pipes in city were as smooth as wax. Two years ; SCW ers to bottling ancl barreling later, he turned to stickups, be-j plants in garages a half mile came a little clumsy and spent iavvay. two years in Sing Sing. j roslt " Ol)Iy ^ Waxey, it was later testified, S50 for a barrel of In 1914 he and 12 otters were acquitted of a murder charge re-i suiting from a battle between ITM 8 "Dopev" Benny's mob and S ome! bcer which · cost him $4. He sold competitor*. That same vear hej 3 00 " to 7,000 barrels a week, de- two years in Sing Sing for " n on the market and com- government just fax. . . He war living: well. HU in Income 'Florida Ranch" Some time in th« early twenties. Waxey came back to New York and opened a pool hall on the lower east side where, according to . . _ authorities who could never make i children- attended expensive, the charge stick, he organized a elusive schools. He had ft dope-peddling ring. · . He was nabbed but acquitted in 1824 of charges involving this shipment from New Yoris to Duluth Minn., of two trucks containing 192 pounds of opium. Waxey appeared to hav« a personal as well as a business interest in dope. Years later, in 1938, Nancy Presser, self-described mistress of Lucky Luciano, testified at Luciano's "trial that Gordon was one o nso «cr«». Abont «0 acres la cultivation. Another 450 acres In Unproved pasiuro. Sonic commercial ilmtMjr In hulanco of pasture. Me* r t s I (1 * n o e. tenant houses, bnrns, "and other \usiirovpjnents. 150 head [ Hereford anil Anuus rnitip irn %\lth sale Ctnje t« sHitl town; Trlre $90,000.00. Some terms. 0. K. 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