The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 5
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 5

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 5
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Opportunity's 'Beating OnThe Door For 1947's Crop Of College Grads; Knock Won't Be So Loud Next Year OAMBRIDE, Mass., (NBA) -- j un e_this June-- Is tho month of golden opportunty for college graduates from coast to coast. Next year's Juno won't bo so Rood. Juno of 1940 nifty be much worse. But the more than 175,000 young men nnd women getting ehcrpsklna In 1947 have the world as their oyster. Bvi«lnrwi und Industry huve boen ftiArvcd, ever alnct! the wur bognn, for promising younK blood that could be ntnrtcd near the bottom nnd trained to hold top Jobs some day. For months now their scouts have been combing college carnp- UMVS. making nlmost fabulous offers to the more dcfilnvblc June graduates. Tl Is nlmost Impossible to get ft degree this ytmr nnd not hiive a chance ni one or more good jobs. But the need, great as it is, has limits. By grabbing everybody In sight, business and industry this *u"mmer v/ill fill most of the gaps. What remain will be filled from 1948's record-breaking crop of GI nnd other grndunLcH. By 1049, ccl- cuntors say, only nacancic.s and possible expansions will remain to bt- filled. And 1049 is llv? your of the big harvest-- the year when GI's who have returned to college will be turned loose in the biggest mass graduation In educational history. So the keener educators way that they iiren't taking back one word of the warnings they have given before, that scores of thousands of GI's will be disappointed If they hope to sell college diplomas for very much e x t r a pay on the employment market, For this one j ear, however, happy days really are here again on the campus. Th* sky Is the limit. Massachusetts Institute of Technology will hahd Ph. D. degrees in science to 19 youngsters. For Mich there arc 25 would-be employers lying In ambush, willing to let them write their own tickets up to, sny, $6000 a year. The 548 Bachelors of Science aren't eo fortunate. On the average, each has only two or three bidden offering from $225 to as much an $300 a month. Even that would look good to tho old grads \vho went with major corporations In tho '20's and tho '30'fl for $100 to $125 a month. * In general, an the average GI suspected, It Is the technical school graduate who Is in most demand, tit highest starting pay. A scien- t i f i c or technical degree Is worth H I least 15 per cent more than a good academic: degree. NevcrthclrHS, there are plenty of jobs clamoring for June graduates who can show only a Bachelor's degree In Aart.'i or Philosophy. Salesmen, If placed on salary, can hope to start at $225 to $260 a month. Hanking, Insurance, accounting, credit work may carry more prestige, but they pay $25 H month less. Tho general run of o f f i c e jobrt will pay under $200. Many companies aro offering preference to veterans. Not Just first chance at a job-- which docs not mean too much when there are good Jobs for all -- but extra pay, ranging from $15 to $30 a month according to the company and the length of service. Wcst- Jnghouse, for example, offers an rxtra $20 to any body who was In uniform ns much as two years. Employers generally arc well pleased with thff quality of this year's graduating classes, which are heavly loaded with veterans. Graduates naturally are pleased v l t h the situation. But It offers problems. "Jobs are so easy to find." ex- pained one. "that you don't know which to choose." There arc a (ew who arc not nnxlous to settle down to work. These Include some Harvard men who want to t a k e time out to reform tho world. But. this a t t i t u d e common. Veterans generally they have lost too much The Job's hunting him: Buck from the wars, this veteran lived In u trailer as he worked for his engineering 1 degree. Kv«ri without the slide-rule he's busily working, ho can figure that nexl month will be Ills golden opportunity If he's one of 1047's grads, Bikini Hangover Leaves Destroyer A Zombie Ship : r :: ;:^^ A JoH For Boy Calling 'Extra' NEW YORK--(/I 1 )--On o of the big needs In radio, says Electronics Magazine, is some gadget to give notice, when, the radio set Is turned off, that some big news announcement or televised show Is coming" up. It; doesn't, suggest any invention, but says "a gadget consuming five watts, the same as an electric clock, might Just do the trick," operating all the time' as a kind of alarm clock. i .Tun« If, 1947 THE BROWNSVILLE HEKAL1 What Silesia Now Means To Poland WARSAW --(/P)-- The semi-official newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported 30,000 private industrial and commercial enterprises presently nro operating In Silesia. Four thoufuvnel of UIOHC nro in Katowice--tho "PlttHburgh of Poland." Amethysts were b e l i e v e d by the ancient Greeks to be a remedy for drunkenness. counters will board her, to study the deadly lingering radiological activity and to check whatever other damage may have been done by the terrific force of the A-bomb's explosion. U.S.9 Hughoa: No walorw, no bnltlo orders, Just JJy TIAKIIY J. LAMBETH PEARL HARBOR--(NEA)--The loneliest destroyer in tho Navy lies anchored today 800 yardw offshore In Ponrl Harbor's southeast loch. No wvilor swabs nor docks or chips H way at tho rust t h n t IH slowly eating Into her hull. No gold- bra Idod officer shouts bnttlo orders from hor bridge. Tho TJS8 Hughes, once proud fluKHhip of tho ath plcnt at the An/!« beachhead, a terror of shell- flro whun GLs waded ashore through the surf of Southern France, escort for tho first occupation troops into Japan, today is a zombi o. The Hughes was one of the target fleet at Bikini, whan Joint Task Force No. 1 exploded two atom bombs to see what they would do to fighting ships. The first did the Hughes no harm. But the second, bursting beneath the lagoon's surface, spouted millions of tons of radioactive- water Into the air, Part of It fell on the Hughes. Since that time she has been untouchable. For six months she lay near vKwajalein. Then she was towed to Pnarl. She has waited here five months, because the Navy has been afraid that rough, wintry seas would break her up. When the Pacific is calmer, the HughoK will be towed, without a crew, lo Hromcrton, Washington, where she was commissioned in 1040. There scientists with Gelger Custom Built VENETIAN BLINDS Your Choice Of Wood - Aluminum - Steel ORDER NOW Prompt Delivery BRENLIH BLIND Truly A Quality Blind For Beauty and Service , See Us For FREE ESTIMATES Beautify Your Floor* with Azrock (Asphalt) Tile Various Color* And Designs Available U United o Supply STORES 1021 E. Washington - Ph, 023 THE TEXAS LINE Is Pleased To Announce That i Offices Have Been Opened At Berth No. 3, Brownsville Marine Terminal Under the Direction Of Walter E. Plitt, Jr., District Manager Phone Brownsville 1877 -- P. 0. Box 1046 THE TEX AS LINE New York -- Baltimore -- Houston Galveston -- Dallas -- Brownsville l.s not feel t h a t t i m o already. They want to get going. The first railroad sleeping car was operated In tho United States in I N36. Will. *«r a.'filaniy on X2jk***A4V*»«* t(tmm £y" Corpus Christ! June 1 2 - 1 3 - 1 4 UAVI LATER- STAY LONGER- BACK SOONER lAIR LINES,//* SAFETY - SPEED ECONOMY LET SCIENCE WORK FOR YOU W A S H D I S H E S The miracle of science comes to your aid. Try concentrated Meta Suds and see lor yourself, Here, truly, is the miracle cleanser for every type of household cleaning so quick, so safe, efficient easy. HARLINGEN1864 MERCEDES 505 D I S H E S SHINE WITHOUT WIPING Eradicate* dirt grim* and gr«a»* immediately by ·muUlflcaUoa. -JL Effective (or all typ*« of household washing and cleansing. LAUNDRY FASTER BRIGHTER JL- Eliminates hard rubbing and scrubbing. I» kind to your hands, dainty silks and baby's things. CONCENTRATED Makes hardest water soft HOUSEHOLI C L E A N I N f i America's Greatest Soap Value--Full 24-oz. Package---Note this weight. JMcta Sud* is anhydrous--Not Blown up with air---Be Wise--Economize I I 0 D U D I I I · CLUB! Just select the blankets you want, pay as little as $3.00 down and a little each week . . . Your blankets will be stored in the Terry Fan-is Lay- Away Department--then when Old Man Winter comes snooping 1 around, the blankets will be paid for, and ready to give you many nights of cozy warmth and comfort. SPECIAL PRICES FOR BLANKET CLUB MEMBERS! * GOLDEN SEAL "MELROSE" 72"x84" 25% WOOL BLANKETS IN 5 COLORS Big, f l u f f y , warm, lightweight blankets that will give you plenty of wnrmth with the minimum of weight (2% Ibs.) . . . '1-inch gleaming rayon satin binding. Biiy nt least 2 or 3, for they nre very handy to have around the house for emergencies, 3 GREAT BLANKET SPECIALS f FOR GOLDEN SEAL "ACE" 100% PURE VIRGIN WOOL BLANKETS! *I 100 % pure wool blankets, dyed in five rich colors and bound with n 5-inch lustrous satin binding . . . A blanket that will give you plenty oJ; downy warmth as well as exquisite beauty . . . It's just the right weight -- ^3 Ibs. :for average use! and Moth Proofed for your protection 1 FOR GOLDEN SEAL "RAMONA" 100% VIRGIN WOOL EXTRA L-O-N-G JUMBO BLANKETS 4 Ibs. of wonderful thick-napped and firmly woven wool to give you plenty of warmth this winter . . . And, remember, it's 'extra large--72"x90"--and can be tucked in on all sides . , . and the extra-wide 5-inch satin binding gives this blanket a luxurious appearance that will make you want to buy at least 2 or 3 of tljem! Remember! These are the big JUMBO luxury-length blankets -- 72"x90"--that extra tall men appreciate , . . that you can pull up under your chin! GORGEOUS COLORS! · ROSE · BLUE · GREEN · CEDAR ROSE · PEACH BROWNSVILLE EDINBURG -- WESLACO -- RAYMONDVILLE -- SAN BENITO

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