The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 20, 1957 · Page 10
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 10

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 20, 1957
Page 10
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-10 THE INTER LAKE, Wednesday, November 20, 1957 THE DAILY INTER LAKE COMICS-FEATURE BLONDIE IM EXHAUSTED- 1 SPENT THE WHOLE DAY REARRANGING THE DOWNSTAIRS FURNITURE By Chic Young AFTER I GOT ALL ill' THROUGH. I DECIDED I LIKED IT BETTER THE -vx WAY IT WAS ; "^ ORIGINALLY NO. DEAR-WIVES JUST REARRANGE FURNITURE-HUSBANDS PUT IT BACK ARE VOU GOING TO PUT IT ALL BACK AGAIN ? STEVE CANYON WELUNOW.TKAT JUS'PEAU PINE, MISSUS (NPex... WE/RE HAPPY ID LENP A NEIGHBORLY HANP.'.. IF YOU THINK YOU CAN J2EPAIE.TM6 BACTO-GO AHEAP.' I'LL LISTEN TO MY By Milton CaniFf IF VtU CAN FIX THE SET..OKAY/ -OTHERWISE, PONY BOTHER AFTER A FEW MORE HALF-HEARTS! ATTEMPTS AT CONVERSATK3N,6VEN FDTEETOIVES UP... FLIP THE POWER SWITCH AT THE METER BOX... THIS PLACE FBEE7E 7HEEE, MJSSU IN PEX T ANPM5U TWO GOT A 6OOP -YOUR. RAPIO IS 7tOOfc AT A WOAWN WHO JUST FIXEP... r-Sf CAME OltroF PRISON. 1 LETS PWSa /r--^ \f ALLIT EVEN ~ THEN ^ WJiWM, ~**^ m~^ CAN LEAVE ME ALONE.' BOARDING HOUSE MAJOK HOOPLE . Cv'T WA 0y BUGS BUNNY ELMBTS MOTOR OONkSOUTJUS' STOPPIN'T' GIMME A LIFT! I CAN'T FIND* THE TVvOUBLE ...SEE IF YOU CAN,BUGS! OKAY, GIMME TH'' WRENCH' YEf? PLU6S SEEM OKAY... TH-FUEL LINE IS OPEN. HMM... MAYBE YA BETTER CALL A FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosse. LARD TfcOK R4SKETBALL MET FROM TWE GARAE/ WELL. GOSH-.-CAN'T i jusr PURSUE TpE SPOp-r FOR. -^ ReLA"XATiOM NOW ? Yes, ME SAID IT WAS TOO COLD/ CITY OF KALISPELI, KALISPELL, MONTANA NOTICE OF PASSAGE OF RESOLUTION OF INTENTION ' TO CREATE SPECIAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 294 Notice is hereby given that on November 5, 1957, the City Council of the City of Kalispell, Montana, duly and regularly, passed and adopted Resolution No. 2336, being; a resolution of intention to create Special Improvement District No.] 294 for fhe purpose of participating with the · State Highway Commission and the Bureau of Public Roads .for the widening and re- Idaho Street, and on North Main Street and Sunset Boulevard aiong the present right of way of TJ. S. Highway No. 93 from Idaho Street to Wyoming Street, including the purchase of necessary right of way and the construction of catch basins to provide for drainage, and other structures and work connected with said projects, all according to plans and specifications of the State Highway Commission Astrological Forecast By Carroll Righter FOR THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1957 and Bureau of Public Roads, AHIES (Maich 21 jo April is) Projects No. F 270 (7) and U 257 1 (14) on file in the office Of the 'could building of Idaho Street within]more particulars. State Highway Commission, to] which reference is hereby made, and which may be referred to for easily upset your equilibrium ' h - is A M - Be not to make vm- the City limits, and North Main Street and Sunset Boulevard along the present right of way of U.S. Highway No; 93 from Idaho Street to Wyoming Street. The general character of the improvements to be made in the proposed Special Improvement District is the -widening of Idaho Street to'seventy-four feet, and the construction of a four lane highway, with replacement of existing curbs and sidewalks, on wise investments, thoughtless P.M. friend brtn. to your detriment. Then the alternoon is line for great accomplishment with associates, relations, neighbors. Labor diligently. LIBRA (Sept, 23 lo Oct. Your goals are far greater than «!s.;fa=r ss^ r o l l Righter's indiv ,16-page [Chew Wrfgley'* Spearmint to freshen taste--sweeten breath--help keep teeth dean, good looking. The estimated total cost for the program above mentioned, of which such Special. Improvement! District is a part, is $440,000.00, and the estimated share to be home by such Special Improvement ' District is $110,000.00, or twenty-five per cent of the total cost of such project, whichever is the lesser. The cost to he borne Forecast for December send your birthdate and 50c in coin (no stamps) to -CarroU Righter Forecast, Daily Inter Lake, Box 1895, Grand Central . . ZD !o May 201 If you are not the soul of diplomacy, this A.M. a furious battle royal lllliu ,,_ aole ,_ m could ensue between a family tie and towards success R? outsider. Afternoon you are then able jjSAGITTARIUS »« your admiration and devotion to righ. parties, you will get help that wil bring them closer. Get clothes cleaned SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21)* Morning is touchy, since you would dearly love to berate a higher up or an executive will try to do ;this f ( you. Sidestep quickly and you wil ' " ' mak to- be with person make agreement. GEMINI, (May 21 to June 211 Take care to drive carefully and use well-chosen words or a major conflict could take place. Only in this do . by the Speciai;iraprovement'Dis-' P 1f shhi ?Sii W th l at y you bS et a out fe trict will, be assessed against all, JJ$[^jf R g dt } T ,};£ s ' property in the .district on a square foot-basis as set forth in Resolution NO.; 2336, above referred to, and suph assessment: may be paid for in ten equal annual installments, extending over a period of ten years. " · · - · · : . - Reference 'is hereby. made to high- power salesmanship to influence you in bus-ing at Wgh price something of little value. Later in afternoon you will have free time and ease of-mind to enjoy pleasures with dearest friends. LF-O (July 22 to Ang. 21) Refrain from exercising too much authority with those within your household today.. Use this dynamism - ^^^ ^ «"-^ ..t"^" .. w in- business, if necessary.".Get"fixtures Resolution No.-2336 on,-file-in the in- good order. Be,-poised, for the that you will be aWe Jo perform tasks that are a must, yet also have time for association with that .fascinating person. P.M. make, an, impression In private on admired personality. CAPRICORN (Dec, 2?. to Jan.-20} A run-of-the-mill advisor today hands you some pretty tall . actvlce which you should quickly forget De- t^rrn'ne to solve own problems bv use by use of the good sense God gave you and ' ' wh !^ is' true or 'false (Jan. 21-!o Feb. 13)' ' Avoid pitched battle between good associate and some wDy. an'gUng iSeh- er up. Then : .it will be" pSsiigle- foV you to know best way, to advance by ISCES (Feb. 20 :io M«ch 2fl) ''' office of the City Clerk for the description of the boundaries of said .Special 'Improvement District, The 'City Council will hear and planetary forces want to test you. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22} .. 'Be calm and kind this AJW. or many of your little secrets will be-exposed « n i . t , . ? ' w a y grind, this would be. a perfect; day for enlarging your scops, after : doin?- ' , what is, absolutely necessary. ,'U you ·have no original ideas','- look- into your paper for best bets. .yuui IF YOUR CHILD 'IS BORN TODAY said proposed'Speeiai improvement District, or ;hqth, · at: a ! regular meeting-of the City Council:to be[ held · in the' Council · Chambers of, the'City:Hall in the City of,Kali-! spell, Montana',-at 7:30- P.:M. 1 , December 2nd;'-. 1957. Any- such protests-, are' be made, iri - writing- and : delivered to the City Clerk not later than 5:00 P. M.,* Novem- b e r 29th, 1957. - . ' · · · : - ,-· , ' H . J. HUNT," v ' " ' - - · ' vl City- Clerk.' r ' ; Nov. 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22) Largest Monument : PLYMpiOTH,' Bjss: ..(tJP);:-- The Fcircfathprs' Monjiirneijt-i|i , this historic - ;to\5Ti"" is ' reputed- .ib .' be , the largest ,MUd ; granite iTnojurrient; in the world.' The n :raonument-'is. 81 feet high. On each'of^thejfQur buttresses at the base is 4 a v seated' figure symbolic of-the Pilgrim principles -of morality, iSw,' ·education and freedom, . . · JOME.TWK56/ AtA I 5PIMELE55 WORM?OFFICER. ._ A\B W\TH THIS WARRANT FOR COUSlM TJAI5V AND 1 OFFERED TO LEAD HER TO 3UDSi COURT/--NOW i FEEL PANSS OF A COMVICTED MURDERER Ol?DER- IM6 UtS LAST \ MEAL -- ULP- """^.^.: I'M MOT IN! tMe MOOD , ^ r 'VALTZIN6 V/IT14TIGER'S, MAJOR ,60 CSUST 6RAB ·'OURSELF A CMAlR, OPEM THE CAGE AND SLIDE- lM/ ' ~~ /MAYBE YOU COULD HYPNOTIZE WE!? YOUR PATENTED PATRICK: HENRY SPEECH.' ·v.«^. VOo PON'T PLAN) \l TO G'\ ?. THAT BUMCH OF V TO MOM-SHE i, COULO (SET HERHAWPS J"l FULL OF PRICKERS/ / 11-20. - ,, , 6e MATURE OP 'LL PONT V ORRY, THROW THIS AWAY WOW.' FOR ONCE I WANTED TO3ETALL THE WAY HOME WITH A BOUOUET AMP NOT HA\. AMY 6IRLG. SMI LE AMP SWEET-TALK AAE i HE WORRY \WRT ALLEY OOP ByV.T.H«n!in HOW'S DOC AM' TOOT PRIVATE EYE HE TOOK WITH HIM FIGGER TGET BACK HERE WITH THE TIME-MACHINE FIXED SO'S WE CAN'T FIND OUT WHERE THEY \VEMT? SIMPLE-I'M TO REVERSE THE PROCESS AFTER. THEY'VE BEEN OH.THEfJ WE STILL GOT SOMEWHW y^ YES, OF A WAAT / COP, I'M AHEAD OF US. f AFRWD HAVENT WE? \ NVE HAVE MORTY MEEKIE By Dick Cnvall PRtSCILLA'S POP I MEAN IT. B O T T S ) -YOU OUGHT TO REDUCE ? ViTHAT WAISTLINE.' T-- / ( HA'.VOU'RE JUST Bv Al Verme«r JEALOUS?? WHY -SHOULD I BE JEALOUS? THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE SDEmSE.' THE/ KKXH MEOUr ' OF THE HOSPITAL A FEW CWS EMJLV, AND HEKEIAM-EAS AND By Wilson Scrugg*. WELL, HOWS IT FEEL'CES AVVCOW WITH MO HU6BV OK CAPTAIN EASY BUT HB KMOW TW\ HOLPING NOW. IP I LET Hlh\ GO, POLIC By Leslie Tumo HE'LL BE IDENTIFIER MJD SOON£ff OftV KIGHU ft VNftK. LWEK HIS MEMORV WILL RETURN i / VET WHO LOST A WITH POLICE IWTEKESTEP IN HIS CASE, HE CAN CKUCIFy ME- WITH THE RkCK UL PUT HIM WHERE HE. CANT TALK! BUf VOU *AU5T DISPOSE OP HI CAR TOWIiJtNTl H£ LEAKNEP FKOW VATES AFFIPAVIT^! SAVE HI HOWE, WILL SET PLENT/ OF VMPATHW BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edg*r Martin

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