The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on June 3, 1976 · Page 5
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 5

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 3, 1976
Page 5
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Don't cheat on rules of the road Wky te tt « penoft who woaldnl dnwn of chMttaf IB a card game often thinks nothing ol cheating oo driving rulef? Traffic laws evolved from tragic experience, and when you Ignore even one, you're gambling your life that nothing will happen. Your life, or perhaps someone else's life, could depend on coming to a full stop at a stop sign, or not trying to beat the light. Bike riders especially are careless about stop signs, and they have less physical protection than anyone, in the event of a crash. It seems the biggest threat to older bike riders or pedestrians Is their own attitude. The second biggest threat is the attitude of a lot of motorists. A big percentage of the bicycle fatalities are children under 12. Their attention span Isn't very long, they haven't had the experiences which make traffic danger real to them and they o«en forget the rules. This is where the attitude of the motorist is so important. We breeze down the road expecting everyone to do the riglit things, and others often don't do the right, the expected thing. As drivers piloting thousands of pounds of metal, we have to expect the worst from young bike riders and be prepared to avoid them. A little caution on our part could mean a longer life for a young cyclist. This same caution shouldn't be necessary with older bike riders, but it Is. Perhaps we're not bicycle oriented yet, but bike riders don't seem to accept the fact that they are required by law to observe stop signs; stop lights, one-way traffic rules and the like. We remember a very upset young man who had been arrested for running a stop sign on his bike. Another traffic officer was explaining the law to the young man, ending with the statement that bike riders must follow the same traffic rules that motorists follow. The young man thanked him for the explanation, adding that he hadn't understood he had to obey the same traffic laws. Then he lot on his bike and pedalled away -- the wrong way, against traffic on a one- way street! Watching him, the officer said -- to no one in particular-"how are we ever going to reach these guys?" Chief Joe Sol of the Montana Highway Patrol said driver apathy is one of our biggest traffic problems. "People simply will not accept the idea that they, themselves, could be the next traffic victim. "They don't want to feel they're in danger in the family car. And none of us want to be told that we might not be the world's best drivers," he said. This same logic must apply to bike riders. How else can we explain all ·''··"·"':·. ".·-··£·.· :;', ;-·:-;-;·· r;^m ;i vttf^ff. lfl'i'£^fi '*$$ 4^^t :·::·':·:;:*·«« v?^:/» i'Vfe?w 'It's all your fault' Hard look at city-manager EDITOR: Anyone who has studied regional government and the efforts of the federal government to streamline and centralize local government bodies to serve under the federal system should not be surprised at the findings and recommendations of the Kalispell City Local Study Commission. The commission goes to great lengths to make the citizens believe they arrived at this plan through, "thoughts and opinions of those who participated in public hearings and those who attended our regular meetings in addition to the independent efforts of this study commission." Why I wonder is this plan that is supposed to reflect "local thoughts and opinions," and to have been drafted after careful consideration of local needs identical to the plans you find in areas that have already Incorporated city-manager forms of government? It sounds to me that the Kalispell City Local Study Commission did just what they were expected to do and copied their federal guidelines, then tried to legitimize it by adding their signatures. They have tried to make this document as appealing to 'the voters as possible. The wording reminds one of something out of the book 1984: Doublethink. For instance they say this system will provide, "Government that is responsive to citizens." In the next breath they tell us the cityrmanager will answer only to the city council and unlike the present mayor system he is not held directly accountable to the voting citizens. They then add insult to injury by telling us they will eliminate three council seats leaving us with only five councilmen. And alas, by doing away with four elected positions, we have built a system that is more responsive to citizens. (Doublethink) They go on to tell us that the new system will provide a "Government that is efficient." They have drawn out a well-planned chart that shows that under the new system we will save 1240.00 a year. This is provided of course that the five new councilmen vote to reduce their salary by $40.00 per month. How many elected officials have you met lately that have voted for a salary reduction? And finally, when has government ever been efficient? I can never remember hearing of one, unless you want to consider Nazi Germany. I am urging the citizens of this community to take a hard second look at this whitewash they call the city-manager form of government. those bikes without lights or even reflectors that we see on summer nights. How often do you see bike riders breeze through a stop sign, or stop, look around and then continue on through? We've seen entire families do this, following toe lead of the guy in front -- probably dad. How can we expect to have responsible, safe, bike riders and motorists if we show others, by our actions, that we don't have any respect for the same traffic laws we tell them they should obey? We carry our own bad traffic habits over into such things as warnings against drugs, while we use the moat abused dng of all -- alcohol. With a halo around our heads we tell them they *ou)d never dri* aad drive, then go out do it ounetre*. Now, before we start getting more letters from people telling us proudly (and usually with a few nasty, personal barbs thrown la) that (bey never drink, so why are we smearing them, let us explain that the vast majority of people do drink, and many of them also drive. And that is a big part of our traffic crash problem. Last year blood testa from drivers killed in traffic crashes showed 40 per cent had been drinking. Obviously, if we hope to change the attitudes and highway habits of new drivers and bike riders, we're going to have to start with our own. letters to the editor FVCC president sends thanks EDITOR: I would like to lake this means to express my thanks to you, the entire staff of the Inter Lake, and to the many friends of FVCC who helped to get out the positive vote at our recent mill levy election. It is personally gratifying to have such broadbased support from the media as well as from the entire Flathead County. The levy received approval in more precincts and/or school districts ihan any other ie*y election i.i the past. Thanks once again to you and to all tie FVCC supporters who got out and voted. Donald G. Undahl President Candidate receives invitation EDITOR: A speech aired by Jack Uhde May 25, 1976: Examples were given of federal government red tape's inefficiency. The requirement of individual habilitation planning for individuals leaving from our state institutions was given as one example. Uhde has stated that "This requirement was being ignored at one state institution, and rightfully so." Uhde has either been misinformed, is seeking his information from the wrong people, or simply is not concerned about the rights of the handicapped. I think we are all concerned with red tape, but some is for the protection of mankind. Habilitation planning is done prior to releasing an individual from Boulder River School and Hospital or W a r m Springs simply to guarantee, that decisions being made are in the best interests of all concerned, particularly the individual being released and the community which will be accepting him. Any individual seeking to represent the people surely should wish to preserve basic human rights of liberty and justice, and I hope that Mr. Uhde would agree also. I would like to extend an invitation to Mr. Uhde to attend the regular meetings the last Tuesday of every month at Flathead Activity Center for the Handicapped. I would also like to thank our current legislators for their interest and support of Flathead County's handicapped citizens. Support from both parties has been great. A concerned friend and parent of our developmentally disabled' friends and current senior vice- president of Montana Association of R e t a r d e d Citizens Regional Delegate of Regional Developmentally Disabled Council. Arthur W. Kienas Kalispel! Same problem, same message We have already lost control over what happens on the federal level. The only thing that is slowing down the great federal steamroller is strong local governments controlled by strong local citizens. At no time in our nation's history have we' had more threats to to- dividual or local government rights than right now. We are constantly being urged to accept federally sponsored and controlled programs such as, area wide planning, consolidation of city and county governments, centralized and federally controlled police forces, and what we are concerned with here, our very system of local self rule. The importance of voting intelligently on this and any other so- called- "local" program cannot be overestimated. Now more than ever before the old adage "A free people can vote themselves slaves, but a slave cannot vote himself free" applies. When you go to the polls, resist the federally funded bombardment of propaganda you are going to be hearing on the radio and TV and reading in the newspaper praising this fine "local" study that has found solutions to all your "local" problems. Mark the box that says "For the e x i s t i n g f o r m of government." Russell Crowder EDITOR: Last year, about this time, I wrote to you concerning the broken bottles and litter in the public parking lot at the corner of Second Street and First Avenue West. In the fullness of time the mess was cleaned up. Well, this year I'm writing again. Same complaint. . Perhaps the street cleaning crew , has forgotten that this parking lot exists. At any rate the broken bottles are there again and have been since the snow disappeared. This is a public lot with parking meters and 1 am certain that the meter maid doesn't pass it by, so perhaps some of the funds collected can be utilized to help maintain the area. I have European friends coming to visit this summer and I hope that it isn't necessary for them to make invidious comparisons between the public cleanliness in Kalispell and that abroad. Also, that lot is the most convenient place for me to park when working on Bingo nights. Mary Johns Somers Coach gets pat on the back EDITOR: Re: Mike Persha, women's basketball coach, Flathead Valley Community College. The Board of Directors, Bud Skinner and I would like to congratulate you for the outstanding season you had with the FVCC Mountainette basketball team. You have had great success with this group and have built a fine winn- 'ing tradition. Your success, in turn, filters back through our community through the national recognition your team has acquired. Personally, you gave up your own salary as well as a fine donation from your company, IBM, to defray travelling expenses. People of your mold and dedica- tion are few and far between this day and age. We thank you and the team for being Kalispell ambassadors to the United States of America and wish you the greatest success in the future. Brent L. Hall President, Kalispell Area Chamber of Commerce Whitefish musician needs help EDITOR: In order to earn money to make the European Youth in Concert tour I could use a few more jobs. I have three half-day house cleaning jobs weekly and 1 am limbing posts and poles in the woods. I also work the last week of June at Northwest Basketball Camp in Spokane. 1 would like lawn mowing and babysitting jobs in the Whitefish area. With the help of friends I will be having a car wash June 12 at the Whitefish First National Bank. I really appreciate the donations I have received so far from around the Flathead Valley, which still leaves a balance of nearly $950. · I am obligated to pay this by June 15. I greatly need your support and donations. Sheryl Newbury Box 222 882-3087 Whitefish today's thoughts Jesui said to ' them, "Render to Caetar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God'»." And they were amazed at him. --Mark 12:17. "Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's and unto God the things which are God's.' One would like to add: Give unto man things which are man's; give man his freedom and personality, his rights and religion." -- Pope Pius XII. Is there truth in all the memoirs? WASHINGTON - The little old lady came into my office clutching a yellow manuscript. "I was wondering," she said in a tiny voice, "if these are worth anything?" "What are they?" "My memoirs. I was the mistress of Abraham Lincoln." "It's been my secret for 101 years," she said.. "Why are you revealing It now?" "Everybody else seems to be talking about their affairs with the President, and I figured I might as well get into the act. President Lincoln and I were more than good friends." "How good?" "It's all in the book. We used to f art 'buchwald meet in the Lincoln Room any time May Todd was out of town." "How did you meet him?" "Through Frank Sinatra. We were introduced at a party in Chicago." "Frank Sinatra the singer?" I asked in amazement. "Not that Frank Sinatra, silly. Frank Smatra was a colonel in the Il- linois Regulars. I met him through Sam Giancana." "Giancana, the Mafia boss?" "No, stupid," she said. "Sam Giancana was in the War Department. I used to date him when I worked up on tne Hill for Congressman Hays." "Wayne Hays?" "No, Rutherford B. Hayes. 1 couldn't type, but it didn't seem to matter because we didn't have typewriters then." "Let's get back to Lincoln. You say you had an affair with him?" "That's correct. He may have been in a wheelchair, but he was strong as an ox." "Now wait a minute. Lincoln wasn't in a wheelchair. That was Franklin Delano Roosevelt." "Are you sure?" she asked. "I'm certain of it." "Well, maybe it was Roosevelt then. He had a moustache and kept talking about San Juan Hill." "That was Teddy Roosevelt, not Franklin Roosevelt. Lincoln was the one with the stovepipe hat and a beard." "It's been so long ago it's hard for met to remember. I know he never wore a stovepipe hat when we had our affair. He told me once that he wouldn't be able to see me for a while because he was going to be impeached." "The only Presidents who were going to be impeached were Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon. It wasn't Richard Nixon, was it?" "I should say not. I would never have had an affair with that man. He lied to the American people." "Then it must have been Andrew Johnson." '"Rial's funny, I tought it was Lincoln. Do you think Frank Sinatra lied to me?" "I wouldn't know." "Well, whoever it was used to take me for long walks by the Tidal Basin." "The Tidal Basin? Are you sure you didn't make all this up?" "Cross my heart and hope to die." she said. "I was somebody's mistress and if it wasn't Lincoln, it was the fellow that came a few years later." "General Grant? Did he drink a lot?" "Yup. It's all in my memoirs. We used to drink and then we'd go up to the Lincoln Room. Maybe that's why I thought it was Lincoln -- because of the name on the room. 1 remember he said his greatest dream was to return to his ranch on the Pedernales." "Wow, you do have a story to tel- 1." "So you think someone might buy my memoirs?" "Are you kidding? I know seven paperback houses that will give you 1100,000 for them, without reading a chapter." The little old lady said. "I'm not just doing it for the money. I'm doing it because 1 believe people should know what Abraham Lincoln really was like."

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