The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 80
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 80

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 80
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Corpus Christi CALLER-TIMES, Aug. 12, 1951 - ! 52--H«MMI/ t D*tk \ «7-- ··** Accetwic* 76-- Misceli«iie«ia , 77~~H«*sek«U «o(U«« MM! . *wl uniur- OvuMw. i«teot »ccrpt«l. !*· Lw»r*. DULJ i.7800 .Mi- j wtti giragM. Bin KWJ. good kHiatiOQ. ties North of J-l'jtwnowfl- Hte. v.^rUrk. Robstowo Texan. TM N i c e Hobie, ncreeoed porch. fenew! bactL y a r d . . j Stove. ! 4-7398. refrigerator inc.'udfed. D 4 ; service. Anv «iz*. On .. __ _, . , - near J. C. P*na*y Store. Guaranteed j r,, lowest pr:ce». Parking avaiiabit ,' "'.¥£'/ Ptr-vw C^istermac. 4-5'56 } NKVV' i'OK'UBASJB"-- fully e«u;yt*d'O.'fice i H ! - for_Jjc,tor._2-4557, _ I ··'"·"" 415 sgiUARE"" FEE'P^cHolciroftife space, oexri. of Su i"oin;.s next to 1 Low rental. Completely n i r - Ou!f security Bunding AU ..r-7.- Err .-.-.- ii - iiS i. ' , . « , '»9. ·Ittn M BoW- j-M 1 - 1 - * X L *·*· ,, ___ PACKARD marine snir.n*. IW * to ' reduction. £M) dis- ? S. W?.fl^__ bo*U. of CALL" TEXAS for all vuur w WASTE .. Texts per lOO ibs )-oon house. Good j r( . n( j j j a mol!t j,. gee «t 314 Ohio lurniture, 1613 Tth St. Phone :-5Ui. j street. Write Werner Cormierl. Alice. ' Texas. __ _ _ I FOR RENT 704 Tt in is St. Immediate I posses.iion. Phone 5-6870. I | vwjttfom'd i 2-1711 MoU.ra Ly.'natt f a r m and s«rvic OB ail inaiies Bminord M a r i n e Supply. 2 Sl . f 'TM'P* ·»·'"'-'' No lo a. Stilti 25 UIGJJEST CASH JPRIC15«-»*i r:g«ralur«. stove* and waanjac ma- cninea KEJCTT'H FURN1TUM CO 95--Awt* LMM 95--Aut« L«*n» 95--Auto LMIM HOLLAND'S FURNITURE SALE *1!tii.-necl office space. L'llmies lanitor nervlre. Phone 3-779H ' " " ~ ~ furnished Iroced. 34 h o m e . J Lawo- TWQ-SSDROOM 1»H« tuck yard, view.. __ , ONI~TJ£AR~Ol3--nicely furnished. 4 rouit rouK. 3 Mdroom*. til* kitciien *nd taUi. G»r»je. Call S-9S81 or WIU,"-JUBNT"nk* 5-room Surnlsfced horn* on westslde to responsible i»ar- tie«. MB monthly. Call 2-9959. AlfBJRS STREET--large 5 roiim fur- nuiied house, J100. Dial 4-6KO. TWO-ROOM AND bath. oic« yn-rd. bus at door. 13!.M. Bills paid. 561s FOUR JIOOMS modern, garase. Near Y. No drinkers or pets. Call 5-76SS before 12 noon. JFURKIgHEfi EPFJCrKR'ffY collate, electric refrtfierlor, bills j;ud. $13 One-naif mile Soutrj uees. On Kobertson Gat*?. Stre*-A utrlciiy cnoden,. laniior service Snuth Staples St Have as much nf »mitj SM ft. Phone M r l.lj««« phone NICK 2 BEDROOM HOMK-JSO. Dial FIVE~fi6'6^sr~i«rt!y"furnisrie"d". "corner lot. good Rara^e. J7i a month- VVest «ide Dial 3-OSa'i. ^ D u p l e x v i ' i t b new xfove tMiU re?riKe- rater furnished, Tiie kttclieli a n d bath. Near school, bus !'m i . Miosji'lriK center. Automatic washers and rlrvir-,:; lines available. Buccaneer ^srrU-na. Minneji.Ma and Staples o:» new hi£h 5i'hc^!._jreie^hone .'vA'ln*. i?H]?T C5ff AOB-"B I 1 I s weekly.2-tCT.'. S -- ~2-Rw.'n lurniahed. S45 roor.thiy. 41JI J'iO a month. .. _ ,,,, j house »t $(0 h o u « e j Cub Street illUnu. I "-:!7M o; Also one "- it , in Airport Park Phons I-- f uTaished " house. " Bills pi-Id. 113.50 weekly. Arply SOU Hamil- loo Road i\Valer Street i. __^ 523 SO(ffy~ST. -- "l»r K e «~'rooln home. 2 bulbs. »1W a inimlb. KAY " * * ' ' ' 53--Houses, Furnished or Unfurnished 59--Wanted to Rent KETTLE!.) WORKING rtmr-lf will"rent | now or Sept, I n t . four or rive wm.v l furnished apartment, or house. South i part, it town. Alust be ···*+· ar ,-j ! FOR RENT j Tugs-Barges j Tus.1--On-s.-l --l!K to 4WI H P D*rk i barges. *tc«. S'J 'o )3t) feet Oil i iwr^ei 4.'KiO to Iti.i'UO bariels Steei i work-floats 4»xl8 feet. Call us for i inforro-mon resardini; ftll type.* marine transportation trob;etns a n d hy- ' Cafe Equipment REAL BUYS Look These Over exeUan?ed. Trade ( ywura lor otners PwJvet books, all j Walau*. W3r»',e or blonde bedr-oi a u U c i k'nds. Clean S'.OCK. Tne Shamrock. I witn springs it Inrier^princ m a t ' r e M I 2WS Cleo nnd S. fort. j . . . ...J139S«; . .. , g.K»^._ i i v i r i y r m . srouji yy* ^'· f,-Pc- Chrome dinette. 4-burDer ail · stov* SlM.Sli 3 fivKimj cofiipiete. JSit8.60 Maht-gaay djnisgrra. auite damaged Maple diuingrm, atit'.e, daniagej).' S7S.5n Solid OaK dininfirm. suite... OPPOSITE RITZ THEATRE ON CHAPARRAL C C AUTO LOAN ·APPRAISALS CHKVROLETS KOSDS PLYMOUTHS ·OTHER MAKES AND MODELS $1S« I Ml' '50 H310 IL'-'O Co. AND WIKE 'JV5lr»"f»Vn;' i.ihed aiiarttuent or Iwuse fjr. Paster- nncK. -Phone. t;-:iy^i. OOOPLK" WANTS in'ffni'w* 5-rfKiin i;nfurn:.«.lipd house. Permanent^ IMeH.-=*! '·«M Kloyd M. Johnston, Eoboi: Dr'.s- r-M'.l liotd. _ WAiNifTO~RENT~ FARM LAND V.V! ftcrp^ nr ni'irf "r · a l l "r xvr.te 1 - 3 n n - l l - l . o lea." K Caller-Times. Box 121-D h7 ;! ) I PROPERTY OWNERS CO *t-* '*'*2 ^ N l m l l z h-U, One blotk off J'ort. . Bedroom reserved. JM. Weal part Ph. :-K!10. ___ __ _____ NICELY PC'R^JSJIED 5-room huuan. good nesshboriiood. See to u.jpreciate. _ _ _ _ . . _ - - _ - _ ^ ~ RteDECORATEr)-6 r"o o"m furnished house, cool rtedrcM;»m. lnr«e hvitif; room. blli»__gld D'Jl 17tn Str*^. _ 1230 CSEllSS~TABir~ cool . nl.-ply furnlahftd three _ rooms. Dial "-tf*Yl J'tV%--HiyOM "(«rnwhf'l""b'o u "« e "on Ce ft! Lane. JSJ. Call 3-2i:i or S-12W NICE 3-room lu/usi; on StHplvn St. (.'nfurRuhrd li 2-7046 or 4-!l7 h a l f block i. 'urnlah«U Mt»n handle lee \ o u I'-'ifi rcnt.-H i-rot!i For u a of j i t i »-HW. ^ a i - --*U-SD w: ^-;'OJ. ; » * WMV \jm ^M · · MM 54-- Business Property I /VC / L RND J. S. Gissel Houston, Wentworth 5571 Corpus Christi, 4-S9TJ ! Mr. Huckaby j 4-6287 The_Gldston Co. _ j 68--Building Materials \ '.·il'KAPEKT 1-t.AOK in town !u uiiv j Hjiiitjer - nt tw tit-n or Hie red ; ruosf^l t^lty Lunioer Co 3SH!* A K t i e ; a n a j.arii.-lliii K Also B i n s i«mi; tables Mac's Cabinet Shup 5-1151. HI) i;u, t c r unl!, O n i y M:»K'c Ch^f ffial 'hcolter. .S'!f:s£ ste a'or. cyst $; ·1 GK ci'.'i'j .'r^Mi .1 '-j u.i with : ly $135. ai:li bar nyw J»I gaa ! , ..Jll».5fl ..$17!).5"! U iS HiJ f have ni.-inv i'l ("ife. luilie center matct:. lurnfter cal' Crir;us"""OrTri'«ii-- 1-STO""" ~ CH .Nf.MHKI; KO« H . ' M B K i t x ; Roiu-n K.-HI;IIK SMO.IIO J Itun j)CJ 0/\RATE~ StA"I'CKS"",VND AtiSEs j --Wash d r a i n , juid l i f t and cnmiircs- ! Mir. Alexander Motor Co. !"·! S. i FOR SALE iuio_HiWscus. Phone 4-71 BO. _ Sew brick "duplex! newly a'nd completely furniatied Grounds land.tcitp- «d and maintained. Buucxneer G a r dens. MinnedOta and Staples opt*oslt B new DtRh school. Telephone 5-Mtit. 2«W HOUSTON STRKKTT'i~rwmt nicety furnished with ii-tllc r:in-S!l0.lill MTK OHMO-NO DRIVE, a rooms, BenSlx In kitcli^n - 4805 QUKEN 1J1UVE. New 5-room house - SSII.IXI GUARANTY TITI.B AND TflUS'l C O M P A N Y Phune l'-37ul . rl Ave. F:tr reot or lea^c. I phone '.-77^::. ' O O O i r r j o K N K I ' . l.iK-*iii.ri.'."»iiiV(' 7rr. St.vpies and .Murcucrtt*'. Hiti Jor \vhol--n:-ile ur rctiLil bu^int-x Curti.f C'larl;. O'.Mff. riiun'- ^ tiight.-i «ntl Sun. "-·l'J7:v SPA'Cft" l.\'"l.ARC;B .Mode7ir"tiuli :ir!H Morgan Vaved parking $100 monthly, i-eyos. ,r :;-!mi. Kulm, ill f 63--Antiques \ \ a l n u ; itl--.,ri!t i;:.'i.-::' urnl '.httia. rr*-;t) rliair 1 set. i tlU'i si'ul. hidy s rli K n i j i l r e u - A i n u t orian u r n i furninhetl 2 ,*arasto - ' OKF BALDWIN-- Well bedrooms, drapes and tux,*. anrt fsloreroony __ S100 Dial 4- CES3CFI quiet 5 "and rl.'t'oom ~ "cot- :aRe». lont* r.-'prlnKs. i c f r l f i i - r a t u t n . J!». tl.S and u» wetiiclv 4.%i)*? A v o 5.11139 _ POUFt" n O O M S ' A N I ) BATH. Kami;"*. ·vou pay bills. 4H Siei;l«r Ml wrxi of hreakers Hotel. *'"·» mnnih. Key at 41S Sieffier. Chfl'IfT-n cona;d«rert Mr. A Mrs, J. Harry Stanford No. j M 67- I'. _ 52 -- Houies, Unfurnished Blundell ·Tex»«. Dtlve. Call 5"3. «eil on terms. 118 Cain, cornet staple* i3ardend«!e Addition). 2-2Mli._ Wl^^ATTRACTl VK " 7-rJom Komo. linuth. LKTEC feocKci yurri. Lesar If le»lred, 310J WonSerrey S',. 1'lione 3-18S*. SliHI rnoiuhly. Fhoae 40!l Indluca. 5-5T33. COUNTRY CLUB PLACE -- Th:*« Inrrn bedroom*. 2 tile ha(hs. den. »-nmr Kira t =. NKWLY PF.COKATCIJ. Beatillfiil ^i icres ErounJ. 3-IUi7. ?.«SJT. _______ KgNmSiTTffiAfiE^R-lHi" f i v e room hnme on Tonek*. Slove, ri-fneeialor (urniiheil. |SS. Phon* ft-STW. i KXCKl.'.KNT LOt:ATIO.N North S'.Hpk'i* St. for liu.-iinca r t n n v t H e _ r t ' r i t . Apply 7 l t i A r t e t P6'R~' i.EASE - TexitTO Sin I iun On_nl!iin JiiKhwJiJ' l" i t m - U p u i t I''0'Ti~li'KNT"'-" Leonard "Kt.'"eii'rni-'i acruaa street » 4 ;isl friun Ki-nrft-iiie hurk Ptione 4.Miki TOIl 'LKJABE: B e s t " "rcliill" l'n:Vitlc,i I t t K I bloc.k Leopard. Stor- I'ttxTU DIM 3-7:'." 1 or S-44TO. SMA'Cl."oPKjrK i;illt,jir»'i; iin-TiiV, on Avers Street AIMO l i i t v e '.nilUinu sunatjle for Rrorery iiir.-itf! in aide A r i d l t i o n . Knr I n f o n t u t t i o r tMt.'t VV(»o(lsoti Lumber Co . -itiM LKASii'l'S''x -·!' h u i l d i n t s i i i t i l smull tiiiHlnesa or r.tfK-e, -i""M I'.fmd. 2-4!itl1._ _ rlXCK'L'.'ENT "COCATION On W'atiTi Mtreet f u r used car tot N e v l « n n Hoalty Co. 4.7-11:1. i^'OH RKKT on p n n c l l m i tMiriiel in I ' t i r t i a H I . f u n n y t t n t l u n nnd J i v e r-.-uiti ; t l k) , M n , modern house W i l l rent a e u n r a l e i v ' ' " Kee (?asa id-nltj Cotnpady ^ T H I N K S Ij r l n z ' i^ii C u i l e r - T i m e K i-l.-i l e l l Antinii-». Plioiii: d »'riter: ·:"" 'KlrTi.siii"Ni7' T H K H U H N si O I I K B H J H1.SCOUNT :i.\l',f: i I ' l i n . N K -.:-7v'i;, Boats Accessories YOI.T. I.L'ifRKR L. B. WEHRING LUMBER CO. M.", .".' K t M o i f n S ' r e e t * MILL" WORK" ; '.!il'* "f t i n ' i'"rns, u o Ml't n ; i ! n c ' U T f n ( iv,tp« : , C h r i K t i ; .V!.\[Hi\V TXITS tr'.tmp'ffiV.'rt'u'tl.v u- ' i i i r r . a n k ' M o r K e ;:nd" T'liMo" Jiour | :;ile,y at sa-fi/ive Jirlcfti-. j i'Ki-j s*r'*it:tton 'n vwuriters nj ! ( xr c««eH. Prt'-Pd tu sell. { tit? counter suiols at bar^aiti ricta, f.Hns. $*»9 50 ^ar'b, ' used f j u i i n n t n i . | y and bar e*iuir* ! rri'Mit *',- nt.;in*-r«turf !o m.Mit!on. Com** ! NUECES F!XTURE| EQUIPMENT CO. 172-1 N. Water' 2-1582 Phones 4-0737 I 3-Pe. .sec .sofn, wool frie.'.e., ! 2-Pc M v i c s r u i . suite, u s e d . . . . j Sofa ed. used ,. 5-P'.-. solid oak twiter-ix-d ! suite J2i9.5(i PKofOP.TION 2] FEATURES W-H-Y . 11050 ?W 95} ·45 '« * o:«er SSI" 300 :c urox IJOPKL *· CONDITION 18 MONTHS TO REPAY! Car payment? Reduced Any -Age, Make. '31-'51 Car Ne«xl Not B» Paid For 45 t«y« on Mrat Payment Hiisnesi ApprSLiaals _ Loans KS. S75 to $'»00 "tiuiS 1 * * ou N '* e ' Kn ' R«io»ur« ^.TMJA MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE -- · Mortgages Keftnancea · Pavmenw Xo Suit You · Just Bring C»! fc TttSe Br o No Rwurnlna--Quick Servic* · Le^ai Tex»» Rates · Olit-ot-TowD Owners WeicoltH · Cun^nlldat* Billi Into On* · No *VSE» · No Co-Signers · No Furniture Needed · Employers Nor Contacted V Home wwned Plr^n · K*3v P^rhirje · S£ HABLA F.SPANOL jHa.suc bead , -I'c. Bedrm. suit*, u.ted ... ,$12 50! EASY TERMS ' ' HOLLAND FURNITURE CO.! Dial 3-3072 1301 Leopard! £ia!_3 r §993 JS321 Agnes! Some Unusual j Trade-In Values When you ar» (*.*«**ied toy SICKNESS or ACCIDENT from ANT CAUSE vvjr p^ymffnia ?.r* paid !"r you du»- Ing your confinrmeat, your entire balance PAID OFF OD DEATH, and ADDITIONAL CASH to YOU over and above tbes* f-aymeovi to cover sorn* of your -expenses cau be madfc available to you under our various finance - See Us First For A Protective Finance Plan That Suits YOU I HOURS- 8:30 A. M. TO 6 P M. DAILY SAT. TILL. 1:00 P. M. C C AUTO LOAN trrz THEATRE ON CKAFAMUI DIAL 4-7733 77--Household Goods U K I ' A I K ft · we have h**t i^f old i:crcen -n \vith n miMitR-r « nod i . N T i i l I K K!\TI'RK.S. CASKS I'lS- I ' l . A Y CASKS. W I N D O W Coll NIC:.;;:. L A W N i - i ' K N l T t ' H K .M,S(I ci;sT(i,M Ill:iLT K I ' I : M T t M K . M'UMS''''S ft Tl'.IM S . \ N I T M I Y BA:~H KTC. nf n i l k m - i s . A N Y T I I I N C . Ig M l l . W O I l K f o r forn int.':-ci!tl n r !(inu-sti AII:I..I.-;K; *',-n nt '..'X'j .Nia^sra. TWO"PAIR L I N K D - lra'ti's."i:hannfi i«ck (llviui. end iirble. t x n t l e stcnl- l/.irr. tru'i'rl^. V e r y rcasuniibHs, 3'i'.) ( ^ K K K i l D A l U K , rnnKe,~ d i n t t t r " l ) m i ^Jin-^liyi*; (I i n l n K s u i t v . ilullvvoo,! Ic-d.-i. tiiH.-its, i;o!ii|,I, ie l i v i n g 'room. Dm i 4-."J)7t;. I-'OH SALK--10 i'"i; rusi- SH-iKO Brond- looln rut w i t h p a d . PIlullK i-0121. ilA.\( J IN'(;"l.A.MP MilixblB for den. s a m l l wfllnut innrblt! toppi-d c.if.-it, i.-ui J.HSJI jind uhiiia. DUOit Moore St. SALK--II)'., ff0t l u t o r , 'J yt 1 ;-.i'H o;0 I I rt'estingnouse auiuuutiic xvastmr, per- ft.'Ct. guaranteed. | Kaay Spiadry washer, la'.ff mndci I Several suod used refriKerators. I Kuaranteed | Maytag a i u m i n u t n tt;rt wasri^r. de- i I monsirauir N*rw M a y l a g guarantee ' RTidi* wasjior like n**w. : | r.VKt. flf-ep freeze. Vou can buy this i ·oor"f,;i,i I "' a m] n " f *- ' · out t o l d | K c ' v m a t o r i-auor «M porcelain rfr ' op. ear- | frlc^ru'or ! 96--Personal Loans 96--Personal Loans 92--Business Opportunities I v, 5 f(Kit. Kea V i c t o r y . 1'iiunt A T K R I A L K j 69--Cameras Knii- I ron- Ir loi Shell J'rii-ed t r n c k a t i r with 350' t r o t i U K c im K t r m n Street. J u n t off of Stmth Ayers. i'bone ;i.'J47;t. 13Si Drvnn f'rh'c._ ^_ sfOlVft' U f l O M ' lu»t oft w'iiiV»rd HI 7i«i Waco. 10 s TO rom-me (;· "i irlv«.in ovfrliriin renr dour. I d f s i i for wurKhottstl tuartiiim «fiolf 01 i , - ' - i j louaiioh "oa Wu-HBn j M n ' U C I . A K S K A I L m i A T - S H M ! n H Hi f i B r t t;,!! Ijnnl S*' 11 - 1 I 4 H D a . l t n t m I l l n l :'»71il. i'S KilOT " C A B I N Cniii..-! 1 , riim "linnkn". hed.l i'ul|i'\-. I ' h r y . ^ i ^ r CI-HI.VM I ' i i'- dtlrtioli, t.nud r t i r H l i l l u n , si'll. I'tioMe 'J-8litKl. II,' R l / A T T l t A I L K U Si\ H. conitM (nittiuitrd moti-r. Pht.tie ;VJ-mn li III 1 ' W l H A l i n -- out hoard m i n o r W i n cnsli. 1 .'»·!) l l [ i | i l - i M i n : l t « i \ 54 liimrs. Olu! -t-17Hi, I fc'l-T " " i iJx i K ""ci i n li.- r " l.i ..-i V" H it I." ::" i II I' K v i n n n l o uioii'r. tJmid ci.ndl l i n n S.V,;.".. I ' h o n n -l-(i717. !'. A i r - M M . i - I . A S Wr.iliT.s ] K I I A S l ..n f i l l I t f S ack SMVHI il.n ndil '·O.MI''K rn !-er!li'-(Mi [r-r M U H ' »' l ( M » ' V l S H i n MM j. Hi4.r.H i;-i'i:i7. " t ) - \ K C H I N A I M K C K iii« f u r IIII-B t u r - !c. !K i n c h -uVfl One i I n c l m n a urns' $7!i.?5. First 70--Farm Equipment U T I L I T Y MIX EH Till; K M riihic font ra|::vll''. : i-om-n-tf, i n . i r l n r . f v r l l l l / ' - r . si-i'il iliili,!. c i c r t i i ! - or KM.Noho^ |i *;rr;ii !nli,,r -M-.\or for f i i t n i or r A L A M O I R O N WRKS. 3-Kil fi). l uii-. t i m e o f f e r e d alfir.e. Tprni, 1 ;. . j W I L L S K N L FUR CASH"i)r t r u d e f u r I i u l i H i f r . «'M r,,,,^. t,,- \vit:it havt' y n u a ! f li.'tvi* '^ fimni ri'frijiiir.'tlors, .Nor^p 1 A rohissxjt; ftKio i v o r y , drt-.iser; wivici i j hn-.ikfiist .Sft.s; otlK rtfkci'M; I l l c t u l foidins DrOrt^nn ' NAU HARDWARE Deal with Confidence 615 Mesquite St _ Phone 3-4349 MODEIlN~HuJfc;. yJUr~;ew"~Six- ^olnia Air-Conditiuned i - u r r u t u r e Stori- ofiurs u delightful inc.xiu-nsive Colonial Maple ;pen stock «roui lor Bedrooms and Dining Kouina. I-' l r s t Tnm? otftri'd ij Corpus Clirlsti. Dis- liayt-ri in our -stoit- ,xiKi :huvv u u i - ilow..i. Captain ctiu-irs S-T.jt). Kuu/iti I A; S'iuari: Tuble.s fro:n $39 r»0 to 1 i!3..'i|i. Sliliill CheslI 51U.5U. J ' h n i b l c ( Chest JS7.III). Headboard ! 539 in. Night Stands 7-«.00. i Slop |,y and Kf* IKIW it looks' j niltl hoxv ine.vpt'n«ive it is. .Pt»rfe,-t p r a c t i c a l tor nire r*'titrtl p r o p ^ r t . · Wf have ;» lew onr of a Kin\l itoni.i 1 w l i n r i i ui- lire closui}; ou;. ,' 1 Owrtirusi- Tflevi.sion Ctmir. »·».» j 1 Thri-i- j:ierc S.-i-tlonal. Lipstick R e d . ] W H f jli!l.3ll, IIOK J-1'.l..'ltl. i 1 YMi-t-'f pi'-'te S i M - t t o t i i t i . Lune c o l o r , ! AT UNITED'S LOW COMPARE . . . COMPARISON PROVES RATES Amount of Loan $ 60 120 240 600 Amount You Receive $ 52 !05 211 528 12 Monthly Payments $ 5 10 20 50 i Cost for 1 Year $ 8 15 29 72 Lower mommy payments on loana over 12 months If d»s:ref. ! "ON'B OF CORPUS Chrfsti's' fa»ti!»t } drive tn j;rot'erie£. Ideal ioca- ! tlon. Total price flO.Snd TPY JOHN- KOh '-KAi-'K Shoreline."liifl-iirfC corner. Nc improvprapnta. .'.on"d lor t»'is'fnf5« Cn'l Mr. Lii:wt.. -i-^'iV'. N ' i y n t s and Sunday 5-HA5 t-r i--li^y. il.i W!!snn_Bldg. S'BVKRAL " J M A L i . "Bt.'SfNKSSV:s t-'Ofi SALB Good locations - priced j 'o sell j Emmcrt Realty Company I ATROFJ TABLE" SIDELINE now Austin ros supervise If yuu are employed or have a steady income, you cftn pel the is you desire ritht here on United finance f a r l f t w a v Loan Plan you money. Teiephone--Ten np.v thai saves now much you can use--Slop in nnd pick up me Caaa. Get $60 io $1,000 at . . S'.;,'i'lo ri y f r o m Associate Needed W«.H . ill. *UMt* tHOCk of S. ,"!!:tplprl. ! ItKASONAHI.K i r n l d o w n t o w n ofllr* ' i«H»e^. 1 to 4 rooms, i-vct'lieni £,H i r i n n n r r . p h o t o B r n c h v . otrivr- I ·JSlll S. TOUT litoie b:iil.liriK t l l l O motirtv N K Y L A M J UKAI.TV ·I.Tiil i B ( i Y A N V CHRYSLER M A R I N E E N G I N E I N I M . 1 I I STOCK AT A 20".? DISCOUNT 7]---Livestock | t"n __ A^J;^ l[|ncrrst «*ct!ini. HA B ST C.-\ fuel jV'TK~~erey! fi'JjTca'pS. innt'i- Knud coildit;,,-!. 515 :i7ts H a r r i s . si!-(it;fj.\ CA'KOE" nABv" BED ..... -""cood '"con- ,1illun. C!:ilf Viovv Trailer J'ark. Lot cy in 1111 . B. DELHOMME 'r:ini-lil. INC. d I ' H U Y . S l . K K M A l l l . S ' K H I S T I l l H i : T ( i K S . K K I . A N O l l f i r s T l i . N . T K X A S I ' l l ON K CA '.HIM DIRECTORY D3. Air Conditioning fir Heating 7U-TOW remot« «lr-cond!tlin'»r. In- eludes motor *nd owrtora. Pnc» will aurpriac you. Phonft 3-3!193, D5. Applianct Repair D24. Contractors Servic* -- Parts - Rental* · McCRANN'S 61^9_ S.JStap!es Ph. 2-26B6 DM. Airfo R«P£' r "iiity QTtni'o ~«»t !*"·« QTtni'o ». Mulur tri-tor «»rv. 82!) S. P " 1 " 1 ' Mto p»ru * iervtc«. . __ rep«lr«. M»«- Shlnn R«p«Jr _ _ - D18. Brakes 14M A(m»«, Phon* M107. Br»k» Hn- inm §u»r«nti«d_ !_jot'*' TML_v _ CSMHaMTEiifo ierviM. can * troek«. Trucntr 4 ! Equipment Ina- 1817 N. Port Av». Dtnl DZ2. Ceispoois Septic Tanks ______ SEPTiC t»nk« and cess wools clean- «d with "Vacuum." Go anywhere. Fuliy ln«ured. Dial McCuney. SrjMJL sfiPTlO TANKS tnd ce«po5)» io- ·ulled. rapalnd tod cleaned. In '·tailed OB budget plan. Phonn 2-»172 PBJSJA'8 Ce«»pooi service. Equipped to build. cle*n or repair Septic a-nd cesanooU. ...Dial. . . . . . _ _ htld Cora _ _ DARLINGTON PRIVATE SCHOOLS- S28 Norton and 3606 Ayer«. Kindergarten and tint grado. Tap. ballft, an'i piano Inatruction.. Phone ' 2-6230 .or_4-MU. . ; · _ _ . . : _ _ _ r _ DAI NURSlfRY n«ar Six Points, ijhll- d'eo 2 to S yearn. MM. flelWnu. IfeU-- 10th SL 3-'l318. TRAVIS feAPTIST BA? SCHOOL- tr«.d», d»y c»re. Trt.niparU.tlon ·.vllanl*. Llralttd eo- touatent. phfln* 5-7460^ a-1661. _ SOUTHSIDJE "ADDITION-- Biitby ouf- cery. wetklj rates {10, hourly ratei 35 e«QU._472« Archer. Dial. a-1500. W«stild«^ private «chool, Ut grade. fctnd«rit»rten, Reglitrattoa Aut. 22; tatended day care. 3-S3S. _ TtNX TOt'S NURSERX "for'chllaTSi under three By hour or d»j. U21 Crait__»t Brownlee. «-832». _ ________ MRS. BKASMELJD 8abj smwiTRe't ·{star. Licensed- MedlctJ examined Day af Plgnt. 4.6700._ _ __ BABX SITTERS SERVICE. Llit youi oam*. Joy Simmons «sUbU»hed four y*ar«. Uembttr of Cbambor cf Com- merca. 1714 Tarlton. Dial M354. SUPKKVISE'C OAX nuriery. Oi»i 3-9582. Ay«r» Btrwt Nuraary Scoool. MODERN OAY scHooL-corner iuui and Booty. Enrol! your child now In a. school wbera prosrcnsive pro^nrn coven nursery, kindergarten, nnd let grade. Limited classes (or all as* eroupf. State license for extended day care Dial W279. D24. Contractors _ GENERAL CONTRACTINO-- "paraBen foundations additions, house IsvoHnK and repair, 36 months to pay. Call 4J405. tors · Additions gial 4-2426. GataBe« · Repairs. PLAN SERVICE, pinns and spcelfl- cationa-liomes, stores, ElterattODs, etc. Cha«. Caprcm, pesigner, 5-1681. REPAIRS- ADDITIONS - PAINTINfr Houselevellng - garaget and porches. 36 months to pay. Call 52-12 J9. LOW - ' house level- vatloj. 'and patt. udditlon, palntiaj?, Ing, garages, porches, barbeeug^plU. 2-2316. _ _ CONCRETE driveways FIt»r» Porcbes Braezewaya - P»tlo«. Fr»e Estimates. Terraa. Ed Fenner. S-7930 CCOtHESLiNB POSTS -- made of heavy duty 3" plt«. Installed wir» A trlJU3ter». Painted. 6Vi7- 5-1526. REPAIR SPEOIALISt - All EirTS bulldlnc repairs, new and old, Hide- walks driveways. Dial 2-8H3. REPAlRS-room addlUon and pamt- inE. Eipertly done. Free t.itimntfin. Ternw U deilted. Tolli* D. Hurst 5-9253. ; · . J10.M MONTH1.Y. notnmg flown, jo x 20 It garage, conctet» floor, ov«r- hcnd door. Other «lz«« »lso. 5-78S. FOUNDATION WORK. LevellnK. re- palra, nad addltlon.1 No lob too » Ltwi«t ttrmti. Call OMT. FRBK BSWJlAfg 5 ae«imTng. build toy thins:; remodel. bouj» level- )nK. foundatlonj. Ntiecea Bldrj. 4-SB03 GEN. CONTRACTINOl Born* »3dT tlon, 4rlv«way», »!dewal)m, oorche«, TertB« If desired. Hayley Con«truc- t.lnn Co. Plinny 3-lOfO. 3.24-17. ALTERATIONS · RZPAIR* - PAINTING. Ka iob coo tmalL Only ft phooe c»l! awiy. Olv» UK a rlnjt, HUH I R«- liable contracting. Ph.34623--S-05S1. CONCRETE WORK ALL KINDS Kromttt Hhumv.'iy Phon» .»«(S WFf?~MOVE? RBUOOKL TOUR PRKBKNT HOiOD A(j*mon«, npatrii. »ny typ* «on- (tnietlon. 0«n*rtl Cnntr*etliR * Comp!«l» OMllninf A P!»» «tr*tM. Mr. HENDWX 4-TMn. od addition*, fi'any monthly imytntjct CONST1UICT10N CO. _ DRIVE W A Y S , "poni'HKS ' W A U K S Chun II llarhcn f'h "l.-fij-S ~ NEW" HOUSE On you f l e a r lot, ArreriK'Mi to milt for tin l:tile fin no canii CM^III ctoi?~ i n n rn.Hts OttnM'al (1or;tia(UitiR and la your Honi Maintenance Today-On Terms! Fix tip j o u r porches, add r a h i n p t n . add R batlironm, a h^'lronm. a oleyroom. . .hulld a Hedwood We Will Handle All Details PROMPT ESTIMATION 10% Down -- 36 Months Nueces Lumber Co. 1119. MMtlna Ph. 4-7454 D28A. Credit and Collections D56. Painting, Papering Decorating P A P E R I N G , nrrt w-ijrk. Rt-linole. Clnn Sninil johs wuico atihcr, K « i i n i a t r « t Inw! :l-tu;(",t tuvyUtuft. " " aide or outalda. Ano n Mv ·x\tf aim l do »li th« PAINTING, PAPERING REDECORATING Call Us For Free Kslimatcs Liba! Rains 5-8567 D59. Plumbing Service V'o Pick l!p Dond Slock Free tt'i* ijuv Old or I'ach-ss L i v e s t o c k Soulhorn By-Prodiirl?: Cn. j r O liox :,.t^ CoriKH cnri.-ill ] 72--Jewelry M A N ' S I 1 ;- CAI-'AT D T A M i ' M D / " U e WMi.-ihl,'. J ' l i / J L M 1 or A ML'iT 75--Machinery Tools 1 : OU' g l / t i 'K ^AI.K-i'ort^hU'"' Jjln'i-o] U'tMdlfiK M . ' i r h l n r on 'J wlif,-) ir.'tilr t ' o i n p i i - i e u i l h iit'riyii-ti" c a i l i f / i n i - n S'i.Vl. Li-n ll!:;litoU,T. u d - i n . I'hor !I«7K11 ft.«. i':n,-tlc,-i!J- npv.- rari^ iinrt n m E f h i n g r h n l r n . itiK ni!i,'hini'. _' bijoKcasc s. Hahy r u r n l t U M : 4L'iu . 1'ial ;i?-14ii3. ""~" -111% I'erccnt Down. 3fi-Month Terms. O.J1LF PLl r M B rN5_Op.__Di a i JMBTI. LICENsElX Bonded Kfaster""plumber availnbie. Any plumbing work, hour °L.l ob -^°. h .P. Ji. Cantweii. 3-54A1. NQ-VVAV t"L'OsiBiNG CO~Piuni'blfrK contractinit^ and repairs. Loans ar- F6frM"(TM^tT"coTjRtlfoiTs~rauHIK. . ma service at reasonable prices cull DELINQUENT aocuuuts handled on commission basts ny expert, experienced collectors, phone 3-94U1. D30. Dirt and Hauling ATTENTION TRUCKKB'"sr ton haul SAS5Y to Denver. 'toAM arid Call Have 15 83-0583. It kinds of dlrL S-1616 or 3-S768, Shell . T«d Long. rJSCL WADE -- Sheli. loam. calicos. Quantity *»d quality lu teed. 2KB David. 2-9344. D31. Dressmaking _ dirt. DRAPERIES. BEDSPREADS, upholstering, expertly done in jny coroc. Phono 3-2363. WEAVING for cigarette boles, etc.. covered button*, buckles and beJts. insorting, alterations, hercstltchins. U)s Mendlt Shop. 1313 Morgan 4-7608. CACTUS AH'BllAtiON"SHOP. Drfss. making and alterations. Expert workmanship. 180S S. j Alameda. 3-7572. SLIP COVERS." blocking done in ·our tiomo. Mn, Ward. Telephone J3.0909. ·_. ' · THE SB\V:NG BOX Dress makims alteration, also unusual Rifts and an- tl(jues. S06 S. Staples. Phone ;-a5SO. Electrical Services D34. LIGHTING S'lXfURES--aeo"6uFcorfl'- plete display, also Uvmpa and lamp parts. L1GHT1NR SUPPLY OO. tl* s staples 'J-H92 D34A. Fences FENCE -- All types. Call for free estimates. HURRICANE FENCE CO.. "-JTJ3, J-OST2. " _ D37. Floors FOR RENT floor sandar, cdcers. polishers. Reasonsblo rates. Sewall Pj.lJU__yarn!sh.__50ni_Thlrd. 3-1SSO. RENT OUR~llbor Sanders', polishers. etc. City's largest rental stock. Guarantpg Hd\v. SUB S. stapicn. D3 8. Fertilizer BAKNYA.RD loam, shell, dirt, cnHcbe, tractor sprearllr|K.__F'red_J._Hass._ 5-5131. D38A. Foundations House Leveling HOUSE 'EEVSnStT raisTnK nTnd foundation repairs. New foundations under old houses. e.ll t\'pcs. Cnncret* work. T. E. Boyd. Phone 3-OTC3. D42. House Cleaning WHY WORRY? We~wi«j!'«.n'y "hlisd Vf floor. Non-skirt hot w»,x. Lasts and lasts. Freo csttmiUfs. Acs Floor Wai- 5.SHK. D45-A. insuoti'on PTepare for th^fi Homo Insulation. Rockwool Ina'ula- _ , _ D53. Miscellaneous 157 »ani:"~ la for drain twards table tors. CAREY FLOOS CO and -- - . _ . _ _ _ _ D56. Pointing, Papering Decorating " ' . floatlnR. Also papering. For frcs estimates call T, jBtljln, 3-M77. ~ " ~ , tonlnc. Ressonnblo. Guaranteed. Free astlmstes. V. O. BOOARD. 2-4MS. tcxionlnif. Small 1ohs welcome. 3-1674. W 1 _ nsJnit. . Phono _ ^ _ CHARLIK THB'pATNTER-PaTntTn ln«ld«, ontn'.d*. PAperhantlnt. Shell Road. Phone 3-041L Roofi rep»ir«d. Wlnflow* eauiked, all i»r»nte*d. Wright Bro». »·«!!«. I3JTCK1SR (iind "{ntirfof, .... , r«ll«M«. Fret n»tlmat« All work irntrantMil, Dial I-S318. I'ord 8 Iro-ii i i i i m i ; a r s o r M.-IM', ; M HI' moli:r iiu-J l a t i l i - . J l K .taw, 1-3 HP motor n i l fur 4225, Phonn V M7. ONE"yd AMI-". AC Lincoln'"wiTld'ef, ilod. 'i'^o f ^ u n i . ' n u n ' l r i i i i i t u w i t i i '^ IIP motors, S'.'S each, s.'.o Omaha w (MIW i'irtK IN r;"riTari-iirri* V"y7~siiT«roi i-*iuiiniu-itt of f i i i n n i i r * ' t n a n n f i i c t u r r r fon't^d out of t l U f i n e H M . iti'tit!* of lurti.^ rqlii|ni''fil » v f t i ! a b l ? .'it rirart- l l c a l l v ri'.Hi'-i'd |)rl(V«. Kiix. VJ9-D. i.tsilliT'Tiriii'ii. __ CONTKACTORS~ KQUIPMKNT l-uinp*. N e w or uiii'.i. S*! B or ri'nt! ALAMO_I_RON WRKS. .1-9341 r USED MACHINERY N'n. U Cm Mf!nr P a t r o l ,^s 7 I 0 ! l ^ r n n i J new n)a!:hine w i t h flrarlfiftr 0 ' ' u mid en h. ru :',T now serirn. srn hour* H y d r m j i i c nnj;!' 1 d o s p r ~ i u ? t I J Di»--witii C H I h y d r n u H c -- K S *i WO hours--need nn one ,1nh O-I-3T series with h y d r a u l i c find \ v j n e h 7(lt Lima Draclina 3H yds boom 2 yds. at ,10 ft. boom H v s t e r U'ineh for Iiii-uaed 60 dayi R. JX Blair 2-120 Lcacrest Franklin 9159 Dalian, _TsxH* 76--Miscellaneous . Odd Ocean Bfdnxiin suile. llfitl, inurninii!! wr fldfr ti . I'lionn J-1'.'77. TWCi.OOOri c'"Him'ri' : i. ; i! i.'trii:e:.'iliir: -i p i i l r j c h i n t i drupes: I'hnnt' L'-50.'rt. f'Oft S.M.K-rehillir refne'efaiofs." KiiTrt K i e c t r i c Service (.'o. ITiil .South B«.nvn- I ' H I N K S , mid np, ts, WASHI.VO'" M X- SEWIM! M ACHlNKS-SrJ fid 5." ilown und low m o n t h l v Only BELL has DIAL 3- Roto-Ropter S K i V l N C M.AI.'IUNF.S-- have 1 ''f d r e f l ? i r i « h e r niodfl. l p o r t M h l f t . l console-does p v e r y t i i m K w i t h o u t u t t n o h - MiiMHs. i.lli-linur R u n r j i n t f r . Si-ll nt wholesale prl:i* to cut Inventory of stock. K M S V t^riiif If tiesired. Thrift I Sewing Mtichine Co. Dial l'-D4S7. 2UU · lUilliilo. | K O U K i-'tunpit'te rtotns f u r n i t u r e c t u t i i r i ^ new w n s h i n K mitchine, R-rt. I t o t p o i u t refrii.:erHtor, bfdrootu stjilc. I n i i i i i r . ' M r s . Writers, Hilltop Sannlor- liirn. l l l ^ r t w n y 9. _ S ' K W ' K H W I N H M A C I l l N K S "or'SlfftTr- *nt typp«. Portables, cnbineta, tveal model.*-- WejjtiriKhoijsi;, S u n H f t , NI chl. It w t i l pay you to buy in oi:r store. Cnsn r terms. !.iDer»l aliow- J ftnro for old niriohines. House app o i n t m e n t s m the evenings. Rent. repair, e l e c t r i f y . peu-itiR M n c h l n ' I Supply Shop. 1120 Avers. C-31H. | S I M M O N S HOSPITAL BED · and ; mattress, 2 kitchen tables, 1 rahlp.M. i .1 b e a t e r s , 2 bedroom sets. 1 sink. .1 o f f i M chairs. Dla! 4-B24". "0 ft. , 12 GA'UG'E pump, JT5, nnd custom .'^5T Roberts, 530, Both fine Kuns. 2-5260. _ _ ~ _ ___ ___ D60. Plumbing Supplies SiWKS '|?. : WateFaeater ' ^lirTaTE tory Sa. Bsairoom aes SKi. Plumbing rontractlng. 5iiliJI_Hiw3.v_9._j.g12] THREE PtEtiB bithroora .compleic with trim, S172. We instaU these fli- tures Inciudlns tthe entire plumblnc system tn your tome on th» follow. !ng torm«; iff perce,nt down, 30 months to pay. GARSETT PLUMB- tfi.Q CO. r3 3 Staules Dial 3-MKK jDSZ^Pujilicjtenograph y NOTAHX PUBLlcT'Stenbgnipher. ITfM Jones Bldg, Over Waisreen's. 2nd floor. Dial 2-4,191. Beatrice Mure* Rpdjator Repair " " " We "cool r era" r ' WALKER RAPIA- -- _ _ fj,_.Porl, S-27J2. D63. " _ R"AIJIO SEKV1CE Headiiuarters. iio- wrola sales serv pick-up and de- Rnrilo Shop. 4-73;; foot, good conditioo Barffain 5100 ii.'iu-PfSl't-: 1 "? 1 '' 3 : __ WIL7j SACRIFfCE e q u i t y at a Krest discount -- 6-ft. Gil FrlgldMre 22- t:«se beer box; 3-ft. Super cold vece- I.Tlile CRAG sell-continned. 3-4925, 5-577l\ _____ _ ____ ONE' R1TTER Air-Compressor, JfS: one Leica camera with 3-5 lens. JUIO; lour tires, two weeks oW. 7.60 x 15. SSO. Phone 4-S162 weekdays 9 lituit 5. _ _ ___TM____^_.TM_-- __ MKf Al,~R-top i'issas« carrier. S10; two Kapock life jackets. ilO; Coleman gasoline camp stove. $10. All excellent condition. Phone 52-1279. FIVE DRAWER-Wardrobe t r u n k , good_condltlon. Cali__3-636S. SCOPE--with tripod. JIB; ^50 powered lenses SS; portable typewriter 525. Gall aft«r 5 p.m. 434 BreeteenrlAta. 195t) FORD Custom tudor sedan for sale or trade. Also S" tilt arbor Craft- rpan_aa\v $ti5. 46S Hornecrest, ^ SNTTBE~~STOGK: OF~Ariny »tor.e mvist go. Very ilttle time left. Everything at cost and below. Array-Navy reconditioned shoes. $2.55: new dungarees, 51.75; cow bide bills, value ,$3,50 for SI; large metal suitcases. $5.95 value. 5-1.75: aew sweatshirts. 51; knee pnds 51.50; fatipue coveralls, SI.85 used. SXSi new; wool A r m y shirts S2-95 value. M.75; corn- hat boots, $3.95; khaki undershirts, 26 cents; A r m y raincoats, 51; Eisen- hi.nv»r ja.ckets. J2.35; Army Navy Surplus Store, 161S Agaes Street, THADK anything: of V H l u e . on a new machine. PARKS Sewing Machine Store. 1711 Aitnes, 4-3-1S4. riOOD USED WASHING MACHINES- 525 up. STANDARD APPLIANCE PARTS. 2510 LBOPARO. Ph. 4-2512, HIGHEST PRICES paid for used fuK niture. Keetch Furniture Co. 1709 Leopard. Ph. 3-2011. OSED FURNiTURE--Any amount any condition, bought for spot cash. Used Furniture Center. Ph. 3-4572, THINKING of DtiylnR a new appliance? Vou owe It to vourself to visit FI.ATQ-S first. ' TOP PRICES PAID For used fur- nlturs. Taxag Furniture Co. 411 S. Staples. Phong 4-414S. FOR SALE-New deluxe sewtns machines mounted on dressmaker tables. 4-76fig; Sventrjgs and Sundays -I-S355. HOLLYWOOD HEADBOARDS. END TABLES. Unfinished Bookcases, U- Bllt Manufacturing Co.. phone 52-OT77. Your Old Mattres« Rebuilt Into «. new mnerspring. Only IJ9.W. AMEFJ- fVAN MATTRESS CO. S-S--JI?!). ALL KINDS built-l5 cabinets, TnrJ- roheR. - Furniture repairing, cornlsh boards. Mac's Cabinet Shoo. 5-1451. Kelder RUK pert rug cleaning, "x^ry.. 4-S09S. ._.gjg_ D68B. Scrap Metal FEDERAL Cieancrs for ' ex- I^ree pick-up do- PAYS IRON and METAL CO. »!3H£ST. . PRICKS FOR _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _______ FOR" SALE -- Owner leaving city. Set of Hobart electric scales. Meat slicer, Altan-Walps atidinp machine.- No reasonable offer refused. C a l l 3-B73I. FOUR ~ ~ ~ ' ~ M . _ _ _ . _ D70. Sewing Machine Repair ' ' ~ H.F. ID-IS. --Kent, repair, electriry. S»wtmc Ma- c J 1 ^Lfi. u PPiy_J ! n»P _U'.'0 Ayera. S-9l!l AN\ make sew'ini michinV servicecj In your nome. 6.50. Rent sowlnc machines at $5 monthly. WWW Sewlnt Machlno p»pt. ,.1-lghtimstcin's 4-52S1 BUY nm. n ! ? - l . . - .- - _ - D74. Vacuum. Cleaner _ Repair KXl'KKT "SERVICE on all makes , _ _ F66~f~ Selb r dfspiay ~'caser~«i compressor unit. Case model Practically new 1006 Verbena. _ ^_ ___ __ flAVE A WALL SAFB-for sale, never hecn used unpacked. $jO. rom Wise Grain.. Company. Phone +-"523. _________ S'MA'OT dump "pe'd and '36 tru'ck'fran,'- inission cheap. Dial 52-1000 or come to _ _ ___ equipment for smsll BaKery. Oven, mixer, counters, etc. For sale, t.rade. lense^^ Phone 4-?S77 K\^BOO~SH"ASESr "3~SbC S3~4 "f OPt J-1.25. 5 foot. $5.25. fi foot, S6.25. " foot S7.25 S foot. JS.50. 10 foot. 510.50.. Phone 4-lgSS. _ '· __ T'r-TON remold alr-conrjitlonerl Tn- cludes motor and starters. Price will BARGAINS In dependable, used refrigerators and washing machines-at: . Murray Furniture Co. Your Frigidaire Dealer Ph. 4-8247 .221 S. Staples We're HIGH BUYERS For Second-Hand Furniture STAPLES Furniture Exchange New and Used Furniture Phone 3-8232 FOR RENT REFRIGERATORS STOVES WASHING- MACHINES ROLL-A-WAY BEDS FOLDNQ CHAIRS A ALL KINDS OV FURNITURE KEETCH FURNITURE CO. LEOPARD S-M11 1 ; r i ? f r n K»nt:ii s t y l e .t'udio cnuch w a s $i(il".0u, nuw JllI'J.SO. Dupunt f r f b r n l i i f co\» i r 1 H k i i f u n n rocker. biMp*- Fahrnliir 2 Maluji;H(ij' t'oUr* 1 T;itl»*. siH.s.-i inp. " Ktul Tahles tn m.iirh. set was $*ili,6), now 5-(;i.,Sii. : 1 lilunUf N i K t U Sund. wi« J':S».50. ! unw iill.Mi. i I Klumle O n f f t t * Tfthlo, glass top. w a s ; $:u.ii'i, now S17.^l), 1 t Keauilfu! RUjudf* m O f i f r n Dinlns i HMQIH Suite, was J4?5.00, ««w 1 ("iUlurnia AatcbtomU Umitifi Room Sullf. iVii.f $311^.UO. now S-7i).Otl MODKltN HOUSE tins .n I s m t f U supply D( Kuiiin-rulibrr iiKiltr*-sst*s and had ti*»d tn.ix ^pnnics vvr t r*t n t f t * r - , lux ft'f Jl'y."'", ttirt r t u n p l c t e S«»T. 'IVu: KI/I: oiiJy. Save $50,tiU to $7M.01l iin Ibis t-.\ceiJfMi buy. Thus u n u s u a l upf*.- i.,'l y f / f r r:mi! tn* said on n Mrs! runir. fsi-ftl s»'r\ed bnsis w h i l e r ( utin- it y In.Ht.s iitKU-rn llcmse lri;:s So Shiplr-i nl fix r o i n l n Oiul j-'Ji'Vl or .|-, ! ^7_1. _ ___ 79--Musical Instruments K J N C t'OJINET -- uflpd nixlv nm«" ninnMiK $100, I V I f p h n n c PdJKl". fli' w r i t e .Mrs. J. It. Ko»on. Tad. Texdi. K1VK KOOT-- Graml Piano, BrauU ru! tlniah. 122'.* Maryland, VVHJTK ITALIAN madf acrnrrtinn for sale, VJt) buss. " tn*ht« cUangca, Rond. r u n d l l i n n . _OHtl_4-177T. "Lester Betsy Ross Spinet No Ovrrhe-id Kxnftnst* I f l n n n r f mv own paper COTTON MUSIC CO. COME~ond~HEAR UHRIFT j or e-;p,ri W o r k H K I j .-tltix/fli- Jihit* t o r S' nnt an t^sc- hi. H « u r s f e w . i ry. This is xn for a i i k ^ M f vch^tn^fl. A d n n K*Ii:-1- MAKE S6 35 EVERY TIME 304 N. Chaparral St. : Phone 3-4485 United Certificates of Investment Pay 3% Per Annum 80--Office Equipment Yo TM#* s m a l l p i a n o with p m n o lone. They at'fi Fonlein Piano Co. 120.1 5=1 nla f». Pis I 2-71140 "A VVELi eyu;pj»?d uf:!ce la a business ajtxei." udicti l u r n i t u r e fiM sufca, n«w snn used. Absolutely low. nrietid in town. Large warei:ou.-i« display. J O H N H. VOCHEM Co. 702 Aomiop» i h i o c f c benind Post Oftlcel Phone 3-4]il. OA'SII ri-Bistri-3 noushV. sold and "re.', pnirert G. Guslak, illj S I'OI' PIioni!j;-SS37. 82--Pet Pet Supplies * - OX^'KliniEB~PUpp"iES~^-~7 weeks old, 2222 .Niagara. JJial 4-li-lliS. 92--Business Opportunities i'.'lsv 17 ro«ma, f u r n i t u r e and 1. ittie, Kniui for lady._24ill_ Aye _U,_ Snydcr. Texas. HOU-SK. K^i'itfie ana service sutlon un Hlghwiiy, Sea Ch.Hs. Khit-i'ri. Orange Criive, Ti-x.-i.s rnoiu? 7K-.I. AO'flVK "BllANOH .MGR. S;ii.-s i'xiv. r To li.ciil t j r a n r h . tmlK.n:'! ! line au.lln visim! u n f S (-IrrtnX'ile pnti tliTts. TV K TV purl.s. r.-ulins, i-K-uuis, home, jnovtes. TV f i l m . SHU, i»intis. Hlfiii i-nlllivi- nun onK i n v t r s i m c n t l e q u i r e d . Wire u t 2WU7 VV. Tiro. Los AnselTM li i-v j:id . "5,\i)lin w r i t e : . I'aiil. BKAUTtFL'L female. 2701 Ayers. 4-CUiSS. " i SBVEN" VVV-EKS.""cocKEua'.""trifw j Slacks, three blonds. All heautles ui;d subjtct to registration. Prices reasonably^ Phone S2-2JH5. _ AKC PJSC1STKRK1V Roser 'm»lf'.~lj months. Heiiisnnable. See Humane Society^ Ke.nnels. RErslSTKRKD--6iacV~cbcieTpujfTniea" » weeks old. 4SU2 Gabriel. Phoni» k i t t e n "Fllher ! ' MOR T b'.N'USUAL Oi'J'OllTUMTY-- n. ,.,/·!,, i s v '»U h u v s until llxiuri-s artl pio|nr- l y . hjil^nci- .lj5 per r u t i n l h . Store ^nipped as r e s t ? i u i - i t n t -- r o i i t i i t - r , bootJi-s, regialer, r r t f r i K e r a t o r s , ' i c I A c i - o i t i i r t o i l a t i r i 75. K x e e i i i - n t loc.ltIon, i center of iictivlty. Suitable for m:ir,v f nu.siueiis r,r I'rolediiioruU Itm 1 .-*. Prlct- i reason i, h I r. fMSt, APFIL1ATKS KK- ALTOKS. 2-IJ272. nd ll;t\v're nm-:/-!^-lv We. h a v e new « I I I | M I » niac'iini'si in .-.rifliial f;u;tory canons vim c:ui sell f;r o n l y S!2,!l;i a m i y n i i llirtKe over -i,S perrt-Mt. They're ev.-ci!. live model portables. |recl.iiin I m i i i with MUI,,ln.llli: i-Icxr:in-c. f u l l y K U : I ' - .iiitee,; s,-r.'l for lite .»!/(. color phoin w!lh f u l l .letiuls. W r i t e toi'.iv I . U I H T N I N i ; Alini.NT. M A f H I'd., I n c . . ivpl AM, r.'iid \Vr.^t fir Slreel. !,d-l A!;-t-!tvs i;ti, C.lMf. t.i "TCOAY'S BARGAINS" ·u,'rlu-;,.1 l.S?! L'i--! ye'ir T'l'Ofi; . . m n l n I n a l u v / i v i n ei i n E c a p i i f i u - 15. rr. p.enl Sl.-.n H m n n t h p r o f i t part sale \vj!l f.-i riown. ' . for Jfl OIK! . . . TWO FfLV.ALH 1'I.ll'S--Si r i encli. weeks old. Dial BUFF COCKER AKC registered. 'J 4-6952. PIANOS · 30 Months to Pay B L E D S O E MUSIC COMPANY 416 Mesquite 4-5507 RKCISTERED Siamese kitten*, only two left, |lp._e»nh. _Phone i-4fl74. P I G E O N S ' -- White Kinp,""musf a*"\l C i t y Ordinance. 293(1 Blake. Phone pups, 1 faun. 1 hrmiltF. E x c e l l e n t pedlgrse, Eeauti/ul doE.i. 125 Sieving. b i n l r.-4t"ii. __ __ ONE FEMALE finBlTslTSuU'dOB puppy. AKC registered. Phona 4-1043. (22 Gnrflcld Drive. _ __ _ ___ i"On SALE or trade-- AKC 7 months old female Miniature Plnacher. Black with tan markinRS. Excellent breed- GOOD PKOFKSS1ONAL BUSINESS A N D H O M B LOCATION--siooil Iresa- makinK clientele. 402 Pnima'o. 1 biuck f r o m Six Points. 2-113.'!. SMALTTstiPBR markTt: ---business. Other busiueKs sellini;. T. A. Kusaeii. doing sood i re:rso(l fur | H u n t a v i l l e H T I S I N E K R LOT: On A y » r » Street I'll x 2H1 .'I. deep. 5iil:i!i|« for d r l v i ",''i,' ! ""' K Mor '". Brocery elc. Pries- M. G. Hutchinson DEALER _ . _ _ _ _ _ BLACK AND WHITK Cocker puppies. 5 weeks old. $15. Phone 52-1215 or 5-S§y __ 5845 Ocean Drive. _ HAVE FOUR, beautiful Resistered Dachshund puppies left. Reasonable. Also stud service. On Reftf, Dad's Place. COCKER SPANIEL puppies. S10 and }15. 850 Omaha Drive. WANT TO BUY Love birds and Para- iteeta C. C. Hatchery. 2-9113, ALAMO PIANO COMPANY BALDWIN PIANOS SPECIAL Small Steinway upright piano » with ' bench. Beautiful rosewood case. $295 Practice UprighU $75 and Up Easy Tenni. 1316 S. Staples 4-4692 FREE DELIVERY or Fresb (Veier- ·narv .rsnecreo Horse Meat »oi d^ar and caia. ppghguae__P_acklng Co. 3-G251 WILLIAMS KENNELS 10 Ml. out Shell Road Dial 2-lQG!i W*» board dogs, cats fir birds. COP!. clean fc shady. Pups 'for sate. WANTED TO BUY OEKTLE. TALKING PARROT J. W. Eiledge Phone 4-6057 OPJ'C'HTUNITY to buy a ^o"d b'.i^i- nens with small capital. Arrny j:rtre vvuh «lwut $4.300 inventory. HURS store \vith space for extension. Lowest price. S'-'SGO. A r m y JV.nvy Surplus Store. I^IS Apnes 5Me;-t. ri?one 2-RSa'J. SHAW'S TJCXACO"--1123 sSTth'stiTpTes'. Major Company Station in cood location goin^ below inventor:/. Phono 4-SiiSB. OPl'ORTU.Mi'Y -- "Cafe'Tn'bnsinPfs jtnd industrial downtown area. A bar- Kain. KSOn down, payments r e m o i n der Illvft rent, includes fixtures. Or t r a d e on apartment house. Box. ]37D CaMfLtTlraej. BEST BUY In a small business now nettins $750 to SSOO per month. Will accept unimproved !snd. Padre Islnnd lot or other property as part trade in. Good mortgage t e r m s . Phone 2-2168- .'. S. Port Ave !iti."l;i!lv A d v . Ph 3-7122 Throucrh Inc. Bondero's Best BUSINESS PLEASURE On p.irndlsp r i v e r frnnt a n d of,. r 2im f K l v » r DRIVE-IN GROCERY on M o r g a n . High class established business. Good location. Reasonable rent. Ideal for couple to operate._Pb. 3-7797. CLEANING PLANT for sals "or lease. A real bargain! Phone 2-9621. WOULD YOU BUY A DRIVE IN that is incorporated, netting over SI.000 monthly? S6.SKO cash, balance from Income. 18 year lease. Top location. GULF COAST. 2-S5:'.7. 3-1548. CAFK - for rent or lease with a!i equipment on 1015 S. Port Avenue. Phone 2-7S92. Humane Society Kennels 1 mils out Shell Road on Wnelan. Lrgs individual,. shady exercise ruru N T o ticks, no fleas. Pups, kittens, lituds available. Heated kennels In win* ter. We board all pets. Dial 4-9131. 1T03 NEED CASH? _ _ 42 INC'H-aitie fan. " tical, GS Motor. Co.._5IS_ S._Poi Service - Parts RentalsTM · McCRANN'S · 6 I 9 -..-§^_|ta£!es Ph,_ 2-2P66 D75A. Vulcanizing _Retreading horizontal or ver» Automatic belt | ill bearing, S99.50. I AN~fi^:B'^VA"SK¥'fANtTl\"-r~Ch7ti?5e fan chair ,1^5. assorted Oreson luyrtle- wood pieces $2 each. Antique fireplace mantle only S3. t/ovehird and CIRC SS. Larso combination rjooH- c-ASfl cuvboard 521. dlnins tttbl?. $7. Ten flower pots S.fiO. doien .ihuttcrj S7. Kleotrlo tan^ $15 each, tare** attic ;4 '.'- _ ASP!?.?'. JP hon| ! .f -S63B. D76. Washing MachirTes ~ ~ ~ , . . APPIJANCK ._ .op.-ird. Disl 4-2512 WASHING MACHiNE~fcBPATR~c5 \Vo will msko you huppy with vaur D77. Watch Repoir __ D77A. Ixwvn w»tcK- «tp«r!nnce. W. N »t?.cl Dial -fiflfi,V _ ifisnVnect," _ _ D78. Where to Dine 'Tutors on BAR. 413 th " YOUR OLD REFRIGERATOR w i l l moke the DOWN PAYMENT In Most Cases On New 1951 KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS Libeml Trade-in Allowances for your Old Box B. F. Goodrich Store I1J21 Lonpard Th. 4-RR41 Wa Buy * SHI USED FURNITURE- and APPLIANCES KING FURNITURE CO. 1624 AGNES CA_LL_3-0308 WANTED". " USED F U R N I T U R E One Piece or Car Load HIGHEST CASH PRICES PAID ECONOMY FURNITURE CO. 422 S. Staples __ Ph. 4-5082 "MANY" ONEAL W UNO C6» , FOUR GRANDS USED Special Prices This Week $495 and Up Practice Pianos 579.50 Up. 3 Years to pay if you choose. WE SAVE YOU LOTS OF MONEY ON PIANOS! How? Operating From Warehouse "and Buying in Carload Lots! For A Squoiv Deo!-Deo! With O'NEAL! Tuninc, Repairing;, ReftnishlnK? NO PARK1NU fRUB WE UKUVKR WB INV1TB OOT-OF-TOWN tNQ Writs, Wit*, or Phone collect 957 E. PORT AVE. 4 Blocks West of the Bascule Bridge in Aransas Compress Building Across Irom Brown Express Phone 3-5611 P.O Box 1921 80--Office Supplies TWO "METXX "FILING CABINET oftice desks, miscellaneous chairs sale. Call 4-7392. 'THRIFTY KENNELS FOR SALE BEAUTIFUL BOSTON PUPS WE BOARD:- · DOGS · CATS · BIRDS COOL-CUE AN-SHADY-QUARTERS Lots Of Room-No Ticks-No Fleas DIAL 4-3973 11 MILES OUT HIGHWAY 9 83--Eggs, Poultry fr Chickens Peafowl For Sa,Ie Austin E. Brown Beevlllev Texas MUST DISPOSE of ray entire stock of Japanese Black-tall Bantams. Ex- ceiJent stock. Bargain prices. 3113 Ebony. 2-6326. IF YOU WANT FRTERS In a nurrv. jret some of our started chicks. C.C. Hatchety. 3'M Old Robstowri Road. BOOKING BORDERS: "Several breed Pheasants Bantams. Sept-Oct. da- Hvery Telephone -5003. 87--Sportsmen's Supplies K-4 WEAVER with detachable mount. installed 550: K2.5 same $45: Cutts snd recoil pads installed: blueing: repairing. Wentz, 150S N. plating: Port. FLAT leather beltine. Round leather, belting. V-shape leather beltlns. Mir- eur leather Goods. 409 Mesrralte. FISHING TACKLE? New stock nom- ine in every day. Sea our new Rlass rods. Rod Res] repair. Fresh bait Wa never close. AH SPORTING GOODS. 2004 N. Water. 2-STT1. . WANTED--Ten "or twe!ve""foot children's steel playground slide. Dial 2-91S2. WANT TO BUT Sinfer sewinn machine, treadle._4-fitn2. __ WANTSfi" TO BUT"usedTSem'ent' mix^ i er. 4-B102. iNETS-S: f airs for j f IP* fn?-. ^-- FINANCIAL USED FURNITURE i;S'VS. BARGAINS Bedroom suites as low as $39.50. Living room suites, $39.50. Springs, s t o v e s , occasional c h a i r s . Dinettes, baby beds, studio | couches, tables, sectional furniture. 99 N. Wafer Street WANTED TO EUX-Uscd Offics fur., niture. Wo carry complete l!n« "!· 92----Business fico tumltura nnd fl'ins eablneut. I ' w u » i i i c » » Brownins Bros.. 2898 Ruth. Ph. 2-9422. f Aorv» f r o m NEW REMINGTON Typewriters Adding Machines Printing Calculators All makes, portable typewriters Rental Typewriters, adding machines E. P. Lingo Co. Authorized Distributors R Mwqiiite Dial 4-.VS93 j I, Opportunities PARTNER for established wholesale business. Prefer pwrty with some sslea excerience. Drawing a^covmt and division of oorfits. $-1.000 required. Box 139-r Cailer-Timea. fiARAGB -- Fuly equipped with 2 lathes. Rood l wrecker. Now doin Offered supply of parts. Also ow doing pood business. for SS.ftflfl with Riwd ' terms . to buy on. SPARKS REALTY, 4-2-105, . 52-2JSJ. or | PARK- CAFF, -- Established DS ye«.r« ! fnr rent or sftle. Good opportynitv for I ti«ht party. .Toon Humphries, t*rfn- - ' - J Hotel, REAL OPPORTUNITY in Alice. Baer »nd caie bnstoesa' for colored man. Little money required hut intelligence and good judgment essential. Address Cocke's City Drue Stora. Box 770. Alice. Texas. FOR SALE CHEAP-small town theatre, well equipped. Ideal for temlly operation. Caller-Times. Box TUT). AMAZING new development by manufacturer solves ' fifty-year-old neon problem. These patented. Interchangeable products offer you a onco- in-a-lifetime opportunity. Exclusive dealers established. Stock investments of $500 to S2.500 required. For interview write Box 133-D, Caller-Times. NEAR THE CITT--Profitable rural grocery with nice living Quarters on largs lot. Plenty .of room for garden and chickens, or cottages. Phone 2-9959. IT'S NEW. Success is built upon new ideas. AB innovation In exclusive" private dining rooms catering to family or special groups. Investigate its marvelous possibilities and clever set-up. Low overhead. Black-well Realty Co. 2-8497. FOR SALE, TRADE Or lease. Completely equipped small Bakery with 20 montn lease. Phone *-S377. CAFS - AIR · CONDITIONED.' ex- celent business J750Q. 54000 cash. Balance $90 per month. Good lease at $100 per month. LOTJ1S 'MICHELSEN. 3-51 IS. ___^_ NEW ANGLE to proven profitable business. Ideal for man and wife. Present volume will earn 51,000 monthly. Small Investment Write Box 12S-D. Caller-Times,_ AYERS STRJBET--Grocery and^rnar- ket Drive In fioinp: excellent business. Will .sell tha business separata and leas* proo^rty or sell property too Near new Burden Plant. siQO.'OfrO a year gross business · now, LOUIS IIICHELSBN 2-5116. h » t i n e crvsta! blue !ii : i. from Hie c-.«i'.i . y rock hnmn from t h e l i v m ' room of which ynii cun watch t h n flshprman in his jrlory and the iovcra padrtllnp their own canoes In th* stimle of great forest trncs. Besldf- this, you will have ten sice holiorc- tl!e cottages wiih pquipment for four Kuesta each. These are f u l l y f u r - nished with electricity, butane pris find water from the finest spring you ever saw via -electric pressure pump. All this locE-t^d beneath huge pecnn, live oak, and Cypress trees in the cool shade of which you c,in sit In your rocking chair, pat yotir foot., hold the bap open and t h e other fellow throws the m^ney in while you "let the whole d a r n wor'rt so hy." This is all located In iw. miles of a heautifu! Eandera Hills town a'nd located on thfj pa.vpfi hich- wfyy with a picturesque river f r o n t and with the most sorgeous forest trees under which Io Install a trailer camp. Guests on this beautiful e s t a f K are largely weekly guests and you have a. nice Income from same he- sides your wonderful rock home and where you can enjoy good flshine. bojtinE and swfmrniri;? where vou have every 'convenience; dallv niaHl. school bus, electricity, butane sas and telephone. "Now just how much do you want for a nickel?" You wi!i want to look this 40 acres over and if you are In position to handle this deal, don't eat or sleep until you phone me tor appointment to look this over. Only $45.000. half cash. balance easy. EXCLUSIVE. OPEN SUNDAYS Bondero Realty Co. Chas. D. Lovelace Phones 87 and 944 _____ Bandera, Texas _ 96 -- Personal Loans GROCER'S AND MEAT MARKET-Grossing over $1.000 a week. Excellent equipment. Very reasonable rent Should pay out in less than one yeaf. MIKE PROPST CO. 2-1331. GOT S1500? And would like to have one of the best paying urtlls of. It's size In town? Get ths particulars Call Mr. Lljwett. 4-9RS3. Nights and Sunday S-168S or 4-4359. 215 Wiisoo Bide. SERVICE STATION-for lease by Major Oil Company on main t r a f f i c arterv. Excellent opportunity for ara- bitloiis person. Call Mr. Andersoa. REDUCE YOUR Monthly Payments Are your total installment payments too high for your budget? With a PACIFIC FINANCE LOAN you may be able to: U Pay off an your debts; 1 Make lust ono f educed payiaant each month to cover everythinsa PiCK THE PAYMENT THAT WOULD SUIT YOU BEST Telephone or come in for full details. 419 Taylor St. PHONE 2-2557 Roy A. Jennings, Mgr. BKAUTIFUL Frio caJiyon. Erocer» and Humble station, plus one acre of Rround and five-room eottasa; will , net $100 weekly based on rocorci. 1 Idea.l for man and wife. SS.SOfl ri»- j nuirPd. Highway location. Home Tn- i vestment. 721 Jones Knr,, 4-riii9?. | 92- -Business Opporlunifies * * TRAILER uniJ ,vid rnv« in. Extra Special Money Maker Building cost $35,000. Fixtures, $15,000 This DRIVE- I N makes plenty of money. You can buy it for S20,- 000 with only $4,000 cash. Call Gordon Stewart, FRED QUAILE CO., PHONE 4-5556. c*»h for equity ri»i S-TTST. in l ** * A

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