The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 31, 1965 · Page 8
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 8

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1965
Page 8
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8 Monday, May 31. '65 DcKn (Editor's second in ; about the ^^ 5 * Jhe Atomic Warriors Air Force Nuclear Power Is Continuing To Crow Note: Tliis is (hc|15 miles. gat something that is airworthy of six articles l)ut SAC deals primarily with and being mass produced." Strategic Air Com- niand of the U. S. Air Force.) Ry FOSTER DAVIS nuclear power and the means "Yes, this is Dreamboat, but your passage lias been canceled." TV PROGRAM SCHEDULE FiftSrami end IIm«i Cerrart Whin K t c t W i d Ti«m Srallont PINE nLUFF KATV-CHANNEL 7--CABLE 6:00 Mcijocd A:15 Veietabl* (Xartet 6:30 Voyage To Botto.-n ol S 7i30 No rime Fc 8,00 Wendy /, 6:30 Birtg CfOiby Cciey 10.0D locnl Newi 10:15 World Nev/j 10.25 F.D.R. 10.55 AdventLrei a Paradil* TUEIDAY .e 8,30 Popeye Hit Pall 9:00 Rorrwer R. 9,30 Imneriol 1,00 Fiona Quorlel Wind 9,5 Toko A Breok 1,30 Dny in 10:30 Prlcn 11 RlgH 1:55 4SC l i l l . O O D o n n o Reed 2:00 Gen. Show 2,30 Youns I 11,30 Fdllier Knowi 3:00 T Beit ^:00 Eorly I 12:00 Rebui Ga.-na 5:30 la- am 15:30 Robin Kood RCA VICTOR ti Movl« Sharp Coloi T.V 5399.93 ONE YEAR FREE SERVICE GUARANTEI ELECTRONIC WORKSHOP Inglni.n I '"^iSs^v^fcrssi^T*,. ?·-·; ·':':"···'· ' : - · . - · ' . · · · ; ; « ? ^ ' · · ' : . . ^^kiS^i^^^^^v;,^,.: ^-s:,:^ «/»-· - - fcm/rer Crew Two members of a KC-135 jcl tanker plane head for their huge "fuel depot" on a routine refueling mission. Tliis plane, which the Air Force snjs can feed any of America's liig homb- ers with 15,000 gallons of fuel in 15 minutes, has k'cn in service since 1057. "In one year," an officer commented, "Strategic Air Command (SAC) tankers transfer approximately 2,375 billion pounds of jet fuel, enough fuel to fill a (rain of more than 64,500 railway lank cars. These cars would stretch from Vicksburg lo SI. Louis." (Staff Photo) JACKSON WJTV--CHANNEL U--CABLE I MONDAY 1O.OT N**f«n N»wi 10=00 Andy el TUTU 4] 1 *!} To Ttll Th« '0:15 SfxroVrrvg el Moybsi/y TiOO W«wt, t. We Truth Sovr* 10:30 McCoy* Ii30 Houwpairv 7iM l"v« Gol A 10:30 Tonight IliOO Lovo O( Uf« 2=00 T«ll Trulh Secret IUEJOAY 11:24 New 2,25 N#w» 7)30 Arxfy Griffith 6:33 Oce/olfon 11i30 Semch For 2.30 Edg» ol 8:00 Lvtv Alphabet Tomorrow 3;00 Secret S' 8:30 B^ng Croibv 7s00 Mill. Mcr/ilngM:*$ Guiding LEght 3i30 Ge. 9-00 Biooditd* 7iA$ Cartoon 12:00 Town Meeting 4 ; 00 S«r. Pieifcn 9i30 Peyton Plac* 1 8:00 Copt Kangaroo 12.35 Gateway To 4:30 Astro Boy 10.00 Nt*i W*a. 9:00 Aik« V/alicet Glo^-.cui 5:00 Yogi Eeor 9=30 liKY l?.30 At IKe World 5,30 CronVIt. N GRENADA FARMS MILK TASTE SO CREAMY, FRESH and PURE At Your Favorite Food Store JACKSON WLBT-CHANNEL 5-CABLE S MONDAY 6:00 New* 615 Sporti 6:25 Weothcr 2S Weather 6=30 Wcgon It 7.30 V/e1t Fai 8:00 ArxJy Willia No Tirr.» foi 9,30 Be 10 ; 00 XL lliOO IRS Ho NeWi 11:20 ABC HUeHIo 12=50 Sign Olf TUISOAT $5 Mem. Pfcftf 7iOQ Today 7s25 Mil*. New* 7,30 Today B:7S Mhi. Mew* 6:33 Today 9,00 Trulh . 9;30 Romper Ro: 10.00 Con:enrm!lo. 10:30 Price li Rk 11,00 Coil MV B: 11,30 I'll Bet 11,55 Mkl-Dav Report 17.00 Mlrj.Day Devotional 12,10 New. 12:20 Devotro/wl 12,25 Market 12,30 lel'i Maki liOO Young Mar il 1,30 Tin Dorfori I I 2iOO Ano1h« World ! 2i30 You Dcn't SQ 3,00 Trail Moi«r , 4:00 A-nci And 4,30 Follnr Krto E..1 5,00 Bat Moire rtofl 5,20 ftonlly-BrlnVPi AUTO GLASS INSTALi-tD · INSURANCE CLAIMS HANDLED PROMPTLY · GUARANTEED AGAINST Bi.rktMc.JI LEAKAGE Paint Glass Co. Flwy. 82 E. Ph. ED 2-2f2t MONROE KNOE-CHANNEL 8-CABLE 7 MONBAT 4 00 Nevo t Weo 6,20 Soil Whirl 4.30 To Tell Tl:. Trulh 7,00 1'v. Gol A Secret 7,30 Andy 10:00 Newi 10-15 SporH-FIr 10,30 [),. Kild 11:00 San Fro Spot 12:30 He 9:00 Mlba Walfou liOO Paiiwerd 0,30 UtY ire 10:00 Andy of Kitco Mavb«;iY 10:30 MtCoyi 11,00 lain cl Lib 1,39 Hcutt Parrr 3,00 Till r.l Trv* 2.25 Newi 2:30 Edm ol Nlfh 3:00 Secr«l Srorm 3:30 Jock Benny ·4:00 Troilmoiler 5:00 Yogi E S'gn Olf 11,25 He: TUEIDAT 11,30 Scorch For 6:25 Pairor'j Study Tomorrow 8,00 Luc-/ Shew 6:30 Sunrilie Sem. 11,45 Guiding llrjkt 5,30 C'c-klle 8:30 Dcr.nv Thomci 7,00 Good Mo.'nlr.J12:00 Newi N.-.i Show 7,30 Jock lalonne 12:15 Orxn Houie 6.00 New. 9:00 CF-.eyenrt* 3:00 CcpT. Kanccrcc]2,30 Town Metil-.y For Better T. V. Reception Get On The Cable - CALL DELTA VIDEO ED 2-0518 Captain's Inspection Seamen from Greenville's U.S. Naval Reserve Training Center "open ranks" for Capt. W. J. Hepfingcr ns Ihe Sixth Naval District traini ng officer Wednesday inspects (he local unit. I'artially hidden by Ihe Caplain is the local un it's commanding officer LT Van Coney of Ruleville. Standing inspection, left to right are QMS Johnie Herring Jr. of Indianola, SA John Ferguson, SR Albert Reed anil SR Zerlric Tu rner, all of Greenville. (Staff Photo) Expert To s Believe China Able Develop Big ICBM Force attack Russia is believed a By CHARLES W. CORDDRY kind of missile United Press International could make, il WASHINGTON (UPI) --Mill- useful system could be devised tary experts believe thnt Red against tlie China may be able to developjsort of threat Red China an intercontinental ballistic^ss in about 10 years. The United Stales, instead, may proceed with a defensive system which would coit between "unsophisticated" |S6 billion and $10 billion over could a number of years. This woulc be a Nike-X defense. It woulc EL DORADO KTVE--CHANNEL 18--CABLE J MONDAY 10:20 Scsrlicope »:30 Whal'i Thot 3,00 AnolS«r World 5,15 New! 10:30 B'ng Gclby Sor.g 2,30 Verjng M 3 rrled 5:25 V/eolrwr 11,00 Icn.gM 10.00 Ccnccnlrallon 3:00 Flcrr* Th» 5:30 Hj^Iy-Brln^lev 10,33 Jeopardy Wind 6:00 Addo-nt rUEIDAT 1,00 Dannn Pttd 3 2 1 llr« Family 5,55 Dally Word 11:33 I'll Bet 3 - 3 3 £n*ral Hoi 0:30 Voyage To 6:00 TF-e Dilferencel 1:55 t4ewi 4.00 Lfcyd Ihoxtcn Bollc-n of Sea 4,33 WolFy Hewer 12,CO Pebui Gon-.« Show 7,33 No T,jr.e For 6,55 Form t Mkt. 12,30 Ufi MoVa o 5.03 rjt*i Sergeant! 7:00 Today D?al 5-15 Newt 6:00 Andy William* 7,25 Local N'e*i 1,00 lAztr.cnl of 5'25 W«c-har o.OO ten Coiey 8:25 locol Newi Truth 5:33 Hv.m:y.trtkl«» 10:00 »ewl 9.W In.lh or IOO Th» Doctm 10:15 Ark.-La.-Mlll. Coniecut.^m missile (ICBM) force enough to threaten nuclear tack on the United Slates (he mki-1970s. This estimate has kindled k'E' Following the second Chinese at ~jCommnnist nuclear test earlier lathis king month, it became knowni nceied lo o[fcr some experts Iwlieve Pe-i' I -* Ils f against may be able to produce considerably modified from $17 billion - plus systen OFFUTT AIR FORCE J1ASE, Neb. -- The first thing a visitor to ihe United Slates Air Force's Strategic Air Command (SAC) headquarters here has to gel used to is tlic incredible destructive force that people are contiri' ually dealing with. The complement of missiles and bombers controlled by SAC provides ei'.ough destructive power to du r ,t off any country on earth, even, Ihe Air Force says under conditions of surprise at lack. Vhn Air Force says it has over COO B-52's, the huge swept wing bomber which is the heavy wright of the SAC inventory. The B-47, n smaller, four-engine jci bomber, is being phased out ' ar.d now numbers less than 300. n j l n addition tc these MO bomb- ||ers, SAC now has 80 B-58's, the famous "Hustler." Backing these up on Ihe refueling problem arc 60S KC-135's and over 100 KC-97's. an earlier model of; the tank plane. THE missile inventory is nmv made up almost entirely of the "second generation" missiles, lie Titan II and the Minuteman. Early model Atlas and Titan I nissilcs are being phased out io%v nnd will be gone from the SAC weapons inventory by the end of June. Right now, there are 54 Titan I! and 750 Minuleman Intercon linental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) operational in SAC. There will be 1,000 Minuteman deploy ed according to present plans. Each of the operational missiles of SAC has an announced range of "over 6,000 miles." To man these weapons SAC has about 35,000 officers who command over 200,000 enlisted men and women. Tticre are also 23,000 civilian employes. All this, hardware is scaftere : missile sites in the Central nited States and at over 70 AC bases in the United State: nd overseas. * · * WHY the so-cnlled "mixed orce" business? Why use both jombers and missiles? This is ic Air Force answer: "The advantages of the man- led system are flexibility: The act that you can send planes in t a low altitude while Soviet cfcnses a r c geared f o r igh altitude is an example o[ lis flexibility." Planes can carry multiple capons, something wliich mis-; les now in the field cannot do. Planes can fulfill a limited /ar mission, as events in Viet !am are indicating. The Air Force points out that a B-52 can arry a load of 51 conventional xrnibs weighing 750 pounds ·ach. A missile can carry one varhead. Obviously, the ex- missiles be used of nuclear of applying it. For the time be- the Air Force now has deployec have a "reaclion lime" virtual ly guaranteed to get most of them off. We can have all 750 of them on their way to their assigned SAC can remain a blend of manned and unmanned delivery systems. As one Air Force offi- ng, SAC intends to remain a nixed force." ONE question is * how long cor pointed out, "if we deckled been received and . .HEIHET RETURNED ^' HAMBURG, Germany (UPI) --London policeman Kenneth . /ill, on duty here during Quee'S. * f .lizabeth's visit, lost his helmet^ j a souvenir hunter. A locat 1 ^. elective chief lined up the staff . Ihe hotel where the po'^e- '" ,an was staying and warned, . you have one minute to pro- uce it." The helmet was · found," almost immediately. The minuteman missiles that targets 32 seconds President's launch after the order has authentical- o go ahead and begin planning ed by our launch crews," Air s new plane today il would still Force Major Paul J. Wilkinson take about six to eight years to said. CROSSWORD taween 20 and 100 ICBMs in dec- new concern at top government levels for the possible develop- nytlrogcn warheads mcnt of a modified Nike-X niis-. a( | c or so sile defense system lo guard - ro a((ack (he Unil(xl sta|cs against such an attack. f. a A \ Icrly foolhardy, could fell tlx? Chinese, because an uncert a i n n "sophistical ed" Soviet attack with mulli jt), megaton warheads, decoys, eva sive actions and other meas urcs. The Russians today are estiiriaf WHILE doubt persists that a worthwhile Nke - X defense , , . . . , ed lo have 270 ICBMs, w i t h such a force would be ul- , , .. .. newer, ess vulnerable am as Moscow . more accurate types comin; on. America has about 850, no could be mo'iinled against the T U E S D A Y at Stein Mart 100 Girl's Blouses 1300 Jamaica Shorts! the price would be China's (o- ,lnl destruction by U. S. rctali- 'atory missiles. ' But Wnshingloii regards Pe- ·klng as fnr more militant c rontly than Moscow a n l may nol biink on Chinese caulion in Ihc fncc of immensely superior American power. counting several hundred sub marine - launched missiles. DRINKING CRICKETERS LONDON (UPI) -The Txndo Time. 1 ; carried an adverlisemen its personal column toda seeking. .. for village "drinking club--own cricketer bar.' MIX OR MATCH 'EM Sizes 3 to 6X - 7 to 14 Yrs. Solid Colors And frinfs Values To $1.00 Ea. Garments For $ 1 Remember! Established credit at HFC gives you credit in any of HFC's 1400 offices coast-to-coast It's true: Nationwide cash credit comes along with your loan at HFC. This means that if you're ever in need of money--anywhere you travel- just go to the nearest HFC office, identify yourself, snd in no time your money problem is on the way to being solved I Yes, nationwide credit is one more reason to borrow with confidence through Household Finance. Oil). You O«1 * $100 500 1000 2000 2500 MONT M t-ajajti SS1.XO 100.69 mr MI 30 tfirmtt 18.33 114.58 f M E N T 1 2^ pa)mti S 5.91 2!i.f8 56.66 109.58 135.41 LAN: 12 ta)mtt S10.08 50.-I1 S8.33 1B2.0I 239.58 Fa^rr.tnli abort iriflulf inUitsl and Sfrrift ckaitts (on.pu'.t'l on Iht imts you tit el tkr morjkjy j a l t flf l\f% of tkt Jtnl tSOO, jy,% on iMt next fICOO and 1% of any itn-.air.dtt. Life insurance isincFuded on all loans HOUSEHOLD FINANC STOCK-UP FOR SUMMER SAVE! ACMtr uciisiD IT in mu ei msiissirri 245 Washington Ave.-- EDison 2-0987 GREENVILLE Loans made tn residents within a 100 mile radiut 50 4S 51 59 ZO 24- 40 51 5fa 57 49 52. 54 41 //I* 4 z^ 41 bO 53 55 4'd 4i NOW Show Time 7:3B JttllW 8LBTH-1WIOFTHE eBI-SEUB I ALSO [wj ifece pi y rwll be te*g stort r~ ~ ~ ~ af ^WARNER BROS. T TCAADIP THEATRE it/VIrLt 686-7661 HORIZONTAL 41. Venetian VERTICAL I. stall of magistrates 1. tree office 45. silky of Guiana 5. marble styles 2. armadillo 8. Sairitc on S.rjecon- (abbr.) corn cerned 11. precious 47. skirt 4. African stone mouth antelope 12. money 48. sacrod 5. high or account vessels hill 13.cabbage 49.lorn salad SO. death mountain II. · notice crests avis 51. Egyptian 7. to 15. a small god irrigate bag 52. swine'a 8. awing 17. sphere pen about ofojtnhat 53. narrow 9. soft inlets mineral 19. iladagascan mammal 20. different 22. Indonesian of Mindanao 25. Alamos 26. uncanny 30. large, fcrownish bird 82. impassioned 3 3. a watch 34. morsel 35. Chinese pagoda 36. Luis lie W. Mr. Barrymore Answer to Saturday'* puzzle. ATerare time «f Mlolloo: U mlnalil. C 1065. Kine Feature* Sync!., Inc.) S-il 10. female sheep 13. diatribe 16. put in 18. movable wing; parts 21. solemn oath 22. perform 23. the parson bird 24. fortify 27,-Boak. flax 28. girl's name 29. Greek letter 31. citrua fruits 32. trouble 34. artlstio dance 37. checks 38. stupor 39. learning 40. annoys 42. desert In Asia 43. Assam silkworm 14. matched group* 45, public vehlcl* watcU The Greenville Buick-Cadillac- ontiac Co. is proud to announce, hat W. D. Ferriss has joined heir sales staff. Mr. Ferriss has irai in the Delta his enlire lifa and asks his many friends and acquaintances to contact him be- :cre buying a new car, saying, "Greenville Buick-Cadillac-Pontiac Co. lias given me terrific selling prices on all new cars to help me get 'kicked off" in this business. We have a fabulous stock of all three makes of cars ready for immediate delivery. I can save you money on a nesv BU1CK, CADILLAC, OR PON- T1AC. Make me prove it by contacting me at the Greenville Buick-Cadillac-Pontiac Co., downtown Greenville, 332-5493. --Adv.-- icnse of strategic Tieans that they inly for delivery rarh earls. TACTICAL missiles are another slory. The Army's cumber- iome Honest John missile, for sxample, can be used to deliver i high explosive warhead about RENEWS ACCUSATIONS WASHINGTON (UPI)-S e n John J. Williams, R-Del.. the chief accuser in the Bobby Baker case, has renewed his charges that someone in ihe administration is "trying to destroy me" through leaked re potts on the investigation. But, he said Sunday, so far ; lie knew President Johnson had "nothing to do with it." He said he had an ideas as to who s involved but in the absence of proof could name no names. flMORQUS ADYEM7UME5 It s time to phone us for BOX STORAGE What a joy to know that all your precious woolens are stored away . . . safe from moths and dust all summer long on hangers in our storage vault j. ! after cleaining. Next fall we press and return to fj you looking their very best. EACH BOXFUL ONLY $ A 95 4 INSURANCE FREE On Valuation Up To $230.00--2% Charge on Value Over $230 STORE NOW - PAY NOTHING TIL NEXT FALL KNOWN FOR BETTER DRY CLEANING North Broadway MS Phone ED 4-4503 \ Some of our best friends are not on board ... they like our schedules that bring back those who do enjoy our fast convenient service to 61 cities in the South. Check and see if we can help you have more time at homa together. BATON ROUGE JACKSON MISS. MEMPHIS Ihr. 33 mins. Ihr. 4mms. 44 mins. GOOD COMMECr/OMS...4U.O«7ECrrOfV5 For Reservation* Call Southern AInrvty*

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