The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 20, 1960 · Page 2
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 2

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 20, 1960
Page 2
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i Delta TJemocint-Tlrnrs 1 2 Wednesday, July 20, '60 President Reports Budget urplus Of $1 Billion ' NEWPORT, R. 1. (AP)-Presi- Iran Eisenhower today announced . i S!. 100,000,000 budget surplus for ·Jic fiscal year which ended June. The surplus is more than five imes as large ns the figure the President predicted last January. "This demonstration of fiscal ·esponsibility not only reinforces sonomic strength here at home, Hit reaffirms to the world that the Jnited States intends to run its inttnclal affairs on a sound ba- ' is," Eisenhower said in a state- rient at the summer White House. GOP Delighted The announcement, coming just i few days in advance of the open- ng of the GOP National Conven- ion. is sure to be seized on with lelight by Republicans in their :ampajgn to retain the presiden- y arid capture control of Con- ;ress. Thb was the Eisenhower admin- stralion's third budget surplus in even years. In Washington it was reported hat unexpected gains in the per- ona; income of Americans, boost. ng federal individual income tax ollectkms, contributed most of he revenue increase. Corporation taxes yielded less landsomely, owing to the decline n business profits caused by the sng steel strike last summer and all. But even the profit figure was «!ter than many had expected six nonths ago. At that time some of- icials feared the fiscal year would rind up in red inli. In Washington, it was disclosed "IhtoM. ha' the improvement from thej ' January estimates was entirely a natter of less spending than had teen anticipated. At $77,300,000.000, government lUl'avs were Sl.100.000,000 less than thi. budget forecast. Government income was down 20 million dollars from Ihe $78,600,000,000 forecast in January, largely because of reduced corporation earnings attributed to the 1953 steel strike. Along The Riverfront After arriving at the home per at 4 a.m. today, Brent Towin Company's motor vessel, Caro Brent, was discharging cargo a Ihe Republic Oil Company term nal and is expected to depart up river at 4 p.m. Brent lowkoan reported paiilio: fodcy at 5 a.m. irxluding iKe Jill Wa ion, mil* 671 avid westbound on iK« 1 .fel Canolj Jimmy J;. ( downbew » 956 on lha lower Mhihifppi; Bch notihbound ot m'-li 40? on iht M!«!utpp'; and Rodwa Bren ' at mil* 560 on 1h« low river. Port City Towirg Ccmpany'i office h*i .rxwttJ loday a 6 a.m. radio rrwiwrj wai received fiom fho corvany't motoi vent I, Elta Mari», Jvii cbov» ihn movt of iH« Owturland rivir al mill 916 and roi Iribovnd o.n IS* OKio livtr. . . _ .Tog Company** rrolor ill. City of Grt*.-iviIfe, rrcxi* a Hop at Ih hofrs pert Tifn jhorlly btfort mio'-rtvc Irvg today and planned to deoorl duii tKa forenoon to continue iKa cfownrivi trip. Th« Valro al 6 a.m. iodio»d Addisen, Ohio, on [K« Oh"o iivtr, TK ai icKedultd lo teach lH« Ofru" n she al -:30 p.m. The O)e Mil h« wai nonhixi^-nd o mile 56 ewer Ailiuiufpo! river. Valta ·ivi on th» r\rQ dcwnitream today, *firou1* I Orleani, Ftd«ral Raige lfr» boa;. U^ied S'alai. contlrHitd \\tr )ri ·atvnq Wnrfie[d Po'r.l wMh loaded with 30.000 Toni. ( md boali oaiiing Included if Fred W. Alcoli, fAerrwdher lewii, lad Migrton, Donui H.. CreietM Cily and A1M WS/1 SCRRPK leal tt/ Foxier luded l Sitxhri . Linda Choi in II* CKallcr a-»d Frank . , Ipjcomb, Sooll Chot'n IX. rant, Abov« 51. ItxiJi en the ucper pcl river today, GteenwillB Towing Com ny'i molci veiteT, Waller Wllli parttd al Lock 35 al mrr* 747. Th- Sen McCocI wai diicharglng cargo ear lodoy ot PiKiburgh, Pa,, on thi Moooogi hela ilvif. Dt\\a Towing Company*! molo/ vei a-iwl, r-cnVbo-jnd en rf^t Oh'a. had roited hei poiition ot n;d'm;xn : rxi day. The D«1ro'» Niro Daor% Lake Ferguses harbor K up Scheduled 1a anlve ct Kantai City S lofTwrrow, American Rfvtf Lfn ·rolcr vetivl, Wiircm B. Barr.ilt, radii lit poiilroo al 6 a.m. loday at mile 19 iSAVEMONEY! HAVE FUN! TOOL ASSORTTVTEOT Each Valuil To J1.49 In Snill Kendr-Mon T»iTi DELTA WHOLESALE GO. 815 MAIN ST. Savings, Loan League Warned Of Housing Bill T. Bert King, Wuhington Counsel for the U. S. Savings and Loan League, advised Mississippi Savings and Loan convention delegates yesterday morning to watch the housing bill when Congress reconvenes. The bill, which assures equal rights of occupancy for any house- ing built with the aid of federal assistance may be used "positively in actuation of the Democratic Party's civil rights plank," King said. Speculating on tactics that will be employed by politicians in connection with the housing bill, King added the bill "holds the interest and ruin of home promise of great the threat of the building for a long time to come." The counsel said Sen. Lyndon Johnson and House Speaker Sam Rayburn will attempt "to lace their position in the hearts of the people" by attention to a liberal bill for the medical care of the aged and ;K)ur bill.. a new wage and "The report from Washington will bear more and more on your business," King told the delegates. He asserted that the federal government's increasing control might not be all bad and "may be the only way to maintain our own course in a timely and proper manner." Father's -- (Continued from page one) Schloms, where Lt. Gilsky gave artificial respiration. A National ambulance speeded the child to General Hospital where the child was given immediate treatment. The one month old boy wa s kept in the hospital over-night and released this morning. Mrs Gilsky said that the "doctor said he apparently suffered no lasting ill effects from the near miss, and that her husband's quick Gov. Bamett Will Go Along With Unpledged Electors Plan By JAMES SAGGUS JACKSON, Miss. (AP) -- Gov. Ross B a melt said today he would go along with unpledged presidential electors oilier Southern work had probably saved his life. Mrs. Gilsky said she fell that the baby's face had been cove ed by a loose diaper in the car- bed. Lt. Gilsky is an instructor in the 3505th Pilot Training Squadron at Greenville Air F o r c e Base. states preferred that route to setting up a third party in protest of the democratic national platform. Barnett told a news conference "I'm not contentious about how we do this thing. Some want states rights ticket. Many others want a independent, unpledged slate of electors. A lot of sentiment in other states is for un- pledged electors, "I'll go along with either group. But I don't intend to vote for the Democratic platform." Has Received Support Barnett said he had received lore than JOO telegrams and calls in support of his recommendation for a third party. He said telegrams had come from Texas, where one man offered to donate $1,000, Alabama, Rhode Island, Arizona and other states. City May---- (Continued from page one) Judge cutting down the hedge on :he back of his property. "Right," Surnley said. "As much as the five-foot condemnation?" Gray asked. "Right," Burnley said. After the vote was taken Mayor George Archer asked if the deferrment also meant that Cedar Street, in front of Judge Thomas' house, would not be blocked since this was in the original move the council made two week? ago. Stop signs have been erected for westbound traffic on Causey at both Cedar and Eureka intersections. Councilman Blackmon said he did not favor sandbagging the end of Cedar street. Councilman Markuson wante 1 " to know if this had been included in his motion, and Blackmon said he felt it should be. The governor claimed he had xcn misquoted about the availability of Sen, Strom Thurmond ol South Carolina to head a States Rights ticket. Barnett was quoted in the Jackson Clarion - Ledger, which supported him for governor, »s Fire Polaris From Sub For First Time By HOWARD BENEDICT CAPE CANAVERAL. Fla. (AP) --The Navy, for the first time, aunched a Polaris missile from a submerged submarine today. The nuclear-powered George Vashington fired the missile as he cruised underwater about 30 miles off Cape Canaveral. The stubby rocket broke through he waves, ignited an instant later and streaked toward its dcstina- ion, more than 1,100 miles down he Atlantic missile range. A successful flight would move the United Stales a step nearer o possessing one of the most powerful and elusive war deter- :nt systems devised so far. Significant Advance It would be another significant advance in a field of missilery in vhich this nation is believed to mid a big edge over Ihe Soviet Jnion. The countdown reached zero as he George Washington, a 380-foot sea monster, glided at about two mots in a southeasterly direction, Is keel about 90 feet below the surface. arxt northbound on Tf« Vc Colt "If you want that in it, make me another motion so 1 can vote al " against it," Councilman Gray :r ~ suggested. Markuson then moved that the city defer making Cedar a dead end street and Councilman Sam Smith seconded it. All approved but Councilman Gray. Council man Howard Harbison was absent. Towing Con-.ponv'i motor veite], an D., woi on drydotk or JeFfencn- . Ind., ocrou [fit rivt* from Louisville, Ky., rodoy for irpoli of a broVcn whe*l. Tho Bonn'e 0. cl 6 a m. wa* northSound or ir.lto £23 on iKe lower MTii'iiippi and ifce Corl D. rad^ctd a! mlio 155 and downbound on tht llh'rtoii fivtr. M. and M. lowing Ccrrpony rtctived a rcdio menaqt (torn 111 lowboot. lita Jont, reporting lb« rrolof veitvl Wat loading carga ct louh'cno, Wo., mil* ?S? on thp vfoti Miniulppi. 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PUBLIC NOTICE '·TO THE PUBIIC AKD TO THI TAXPAYERS Of WASHIHGICN COUNIY, MISSISSIPPI: "You am he.'rhy noiiFied thai the tea and pcucrwl property ansimenj rolli o' trr cbcve nowd county, (01 tho yea 1960 tare been canalized K IB*, and that jaid to"* ar« ««odf fo and Karriruiticn, and ihal en) jcliofi of taid relli, or a-.y aiieii if iKciiin tcn!oin*d, ihall b* made In ing orxJ ('led wllh rh* trVk of Boaid of Suptrviioii of laid «xwiry, of beta-* the 1st ol Avguit, 1°60, hi» olfte in Ihe of w:d t ry, and that oil aiteiin-e.ili. lo which no cfajechon i irwn and lhe.-e rr.ade, wil b* finally cpprovtd by io!ri Coord o whldi obiEOioo !i r-ade, ord v,hkh' tia coMcrted and Dicairly dtr*mlned by ih'i Board, will b« n-aJ« fincF by ih^i Soatd of ,c«r/ - i;n, g-vJ thct jg'd relii jnd tha aii* contained iberefn wil! b« app.'cved ty lh.i Board of Syp^rvlio'i; and rhal. "I. Thlt Board will b« In letilon, let ;H« gurpcie of he3ig ob'eritcni 10 Ihe sold aiifiirrnlj wf-ich rrcy be filnJ, a! B rourthoMe i^ r^e City of G^etnvil'*. ild Coonly end Slalr, c.-i :^e 1st duy ol rowit. I960. ord, "2. ihii Boaid cf Superviscn will te airt in leuirvi ficm day 13 day cntil all objecrioni, la^fLlfy died. iKail F-avt be«n dfipoted of end oil pics«' cotitC' id Boa/d al Suaervii^n th'i ihe 13 dav July. 1960. "THE BOARD OF SUPE2VISOR5 OF WASHINGTON COUN1Y BY /*/ W. P POVJES5 Prerd, /i/ A. D. BROOKS CI-* O.-der and adjudged rhis J^'y 13ih. 1960 fil VI. P, FOV/E3S CLE . C'** cl ih« Baard of V/aihingron Co-jfiiy, S'c I. A. D. B Superviv "A MiH' cl on cider of lo'd Board of Sopervncr prmeH on tJ-^ I3;S day cf Ju'y. I960, t ANNUAL BLANKET SALE NOW IN PROGRESS 70x90 Orion Blend I BLANKETS 2 For? 5 87 AOVERIISEMEKT FOR BIOS lafpd b^i w.II bp rece,vej fcr Ihe COHSTRUCTIOn OF EXPANSION TO THE MFTHODISf CHU8CH. G'JNTISCN. /AIS3IS- 'IfPI by Mr. F. B. ScTj^gi, City Hall. HJinilon, Mi^^itipai unl,f 10.00 A.M., 5 314 Lb. Miracle Fiber BUMETS E3.M 9 Decorator Cannon TOWELS 3 FO ,T )oub!c Bed Fiflcd Foxcroft ELECTRIC BLANKETS GOLDEN SEAL Double Bed Single Control Double Bed Dual Control $19.95 UL APPROVED .19 Book 33 of laid Board, n n lh» off. : c« of uTd C'erk I )'. Gr««(ivil, in laid Ccw.-itv. \Vjtnett my lurxl end cfi'Ool ri« MrK day of Jul/. I960. Ill A. o. BLOCKS Ck I ol rh» Beard of .Cfrviii l teal, i saying that Thurmond hod indicated he would be available* to head a third party ticket again. He was the States Rights candi dale for president in 1S48. In Montgomery, All., Gov. John Patterson of Alabama took issue with' Burnett's call for the South to bolt the Democratic party. "I don't want to get into any argument with Gov. Barnett," Patterson said at * news conference, ."but 1 think his suggestion of bolting the Democrats is very unwise." Will Benefit; South The governor said he thinks the democratic ticket ot Sens. John F. Kennedy ot Massachusctls and Lyndon B. Johnson of Texas would benefit the South and the entire nation. In Houston, Tex., Gov. Price Daniel of Texas said he will support the democratic party's ticket in November but will not support the Democratic national platform. Daniel also, predicted state party leaders and the state convention will not support the national platform when they meet in Dallas Sept 20. Car Stolen From Garage Last Night A 1953 two door Chevrolet was stolen from its owner's garage sometime Tuesday night. V. L. Slawson, 211 S. Hmrvey, told police at 4:35 a.m. today his car had been stolen from his backyard garage during the night. The keys were not in the car, Slawson said, but it had a full tank of gas. He described it as a two-tone, white over light blue, 1953 two-door Chevrolet. CROSSWORD By Eugene Sbeffer m Crop Prospects Declined Further LastWeek JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - The Mississippi Crop nnd Livestock Reporting Service said today the irospects for many crops in the state declined further last week ecause of continued dry weather. "Soil moisture Is reported as dry to very dry over much of the state/' the service said. S h o w e r s during the week were beneficial in many local areas, but a general rain is needed to slop deterioration ol most eed and food crops." Th« report said pastures, hay and silage crops, and corn, are n poor condition in dry nreas, arid in Sir condition where recent showers have occurred. Corn was mostly poor in the south and some east central coun- ies. Elsewhere it was from fair o good, but damaging drought conditions were reported in many of the areas not hit yet. About three-fourths of the corn acreage was reported tasseled or iasseling, but some early acre- tges were near failure in drought sections. Those areas which have had showers reported they came too ate for the early corn. 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ChT'-r~cn MeihyJ ir Chur EXCEEDINGLY POPULAR NOW -DANISH MODERN WALNUT FURNITURE For Living Room and Dining Room SEE OUR SHOWING -- SENOJ FURNITURE Company "Serving Greenville For 25 Years" 300 Washington Ave. Phone ED 14791 Delia Farm Weather Scattered Showers Thursday STONEVJLLE -- Isolated thimdorshowors occurred in.'Ihe ' D*lta est«rday. Stoncville reported .42 of on inch', Indtanola .10, end Greenwood a trace. Yesterday's high temperature ranged from W t* M and this morning's low readings wcro from 62 to Two Inch soil tompcaluros readings this morning were 77 at Clirkulale, 84 it Rolling Fork nod 82 at Slonevillc, Isolated afternoon thundcrshowcrs are expected in Ihe Delta loday and widely scattered thundershowers on Thursday, the Weather Bureau said. IkM H 0.110 Fm Wldhir, radii Hal lin WOOT, Dlol «, 7,30, 11:35 or.J 6:00 Greenville Student Released Oh Bond ff«tor at Usl PAWS, Tex. (UPI) -·Wllbtrt Watson has topped the old story about Texnns digging for wotcr and gelling oil. ' Wntson was mowing tho grass at tho homo of Mrs.' Dob Evans and struck water, The mowor caused a round plot of grass to crumble, revealing an old water well that had been covered years ago. , CANTON (UPf) - Otis.Smith, a Negro college student 'sentenced to six months in jail for "stalking" white couples, has teen released on $1,000 bond. R. Jess Brown of Jackson, his attorney, said bond was made Monday and the cose would be tried in circuit court here in September. Smith whose mother lives at 430 Wilson, Greenville, was sentenced to six months in the Madison County jail and fined $540 in justice of the peace court after being arrested at 3 a.m. Saturday, July 9. Officers said n young white couple complained he was sneaking up on their car near the Natchez Trace Parkway. City Taxes Due Clivo Metcalfe, Greenville city tax collector, said today that between 600 and 700 property owners have not paid the last installment on their real estate taxes yet. The deadline is August 1. 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