The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 31, 1965 · Page 7
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 7

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1965
Page 7
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National Forest in Washington now. Sterling is a forward observer n Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion of the 4th Division's 12th Infantry, regularly stationed at Fort Lewis, Wash. He entered the Army in July 1961. The 21-year-old soldier attended Roscdnle High School. __ ROOM TO SPARE? Rent the extra through Delta Democrat Times For Rent ads; get steady income! Call 5-1155 today! _ NOTICE OF IftUSTEE'S SAlt \VHE3EAS, o !h. ?6:h day °* Novim- ifce, 1962, HUBERT C. PAVlS aid w ·, J MARGARET J. DAVIS, «ne«;tfd and d«* I !r,«t-J -3 W. Rottr Jofin, Tnj|1«« for Ba-ley Mongac* Co-oanv, that etrtail cesd cf tryu. i«wided In BacV ««. at p 3 g« -429 of r h t a:*d R««rdi ol Wa»h- deed ol I ' u i l C-KJ iKe W.orlqag* Ccrrp r-uT/nT^wrordH rr.rnlloned. which d«biecfi*i» tr.e(«in 7!rh ay of N=-d r^ani Fined by BaoV 869, rcccdi el KJI * wiih lh» t* iufciMtul*"d d of W. Rag- til cf iyb- , Corrpanv «a l^e - 196-*, o-.d. 01 bei. 1964. duly 6'hi day cf 30lri day =d el i*c- f *· lar.d i^-fl'on Cci/Try, fA'it'sciip- ie cf defadr « : ihna in ipdib'edr.eii Mfu-ed bv uil, Meuooolilan Life Iny. ih« preitri f-elcftr and iv!ebiedr.*it end e« of ire 1^e * - ' d W. C. Kt;:dy, iec, l« Fore:'cif lr.« ia r d v , d«(-d of mnf: NOW THE5EFOSE. rn Ifcflf 1 W. C. 3'"C8 Ii«bv KEADY, S\,bilit en ffdey. Ju-.e 4i* 1 nd 01 ojhhc CJtay lo ol l^-. , Cawih r of lh G'*envil'e, ihi lcl'c*in? rd*rribed _ crooeriv tilled i-i lfc« Otv ol I'Gieenvllle. VVa*hingijn Co--nry, M tiiivp- lip'- Lc of O-~e ai C»fl- 1, (943, K I R K L A M D SECOND ADOITIOM la C r y of G-e*-.v.Ve, Waih-.ngion, nty, MI»:U ; DB|. · Tiila lo laid orooirtv 'i beUfVf-1 lo fe« pcodl bul of uch icle 1 will i«II crd rcnve-/ cnlv 1-*^ W" e* '' veiled in r-* a* V-bri- ned l:.j*'f. 1 SIGNED. USTED AMD PUFJLISHED M l'h=i. ih« 10-h day cf May. 1945. ' «. C. KFADY Sutir ruled Trutlet 5 / T 2 - 1 9 - 2 6 - 6 / 3 . NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION OF UWiLlED PABIMtftSHIP Undei and cnnvoni ra $-;ricn 5 5 6 6 , Ipeco-npiled h\ \\\ i in P P ; Ccd* o( 1942. TK« U-rdtuigntd Palter A. Jain, iht- lim'.reH I cxirlner. lhal ttittvn l.m-ifd Dc«ireniip irpowfi a* "B»'.lcn« oT Greenville," wh : cS , l.m.ud paMninKip f3i criaKd fey A / * | r c ! » c L.mixd iarlr.nSip evccul^ by JW. T. HooJ and Mory EII*n Hjod . 3-d s%hk'i ta;d AM,do cf linired Partner- thip UIB of record tr\ lh« oKic* o! the Ihc-^.-y Cletk of Wath:ngt»n Ceu.ily sr Gr*anville, MUiinmpi, In Par^erjhia BOCK No. 1, cf pagei 3\5 et. tea , d=*i by give oubl c rvo! ce rhol under and Licnt TO ihfl I«im of n:d Arrrc'ei of l«d PariAeiibD. The widt'iigptd hoi e'tile^ t» !e:rp n'e nixl ditiaivi ard 1 rfcn hueby Urmi-V!!* irn ri iiolvu taidi l-m.rtd porlneuhiD iifectivi «( ef July 1, 1965. In letl^mony wKersaf wllntii lh« 5'0'w: ture of |oi^ L United PciT'Cfihip on lh. ih« 37th rfay c! Mcv 1565. PcrVer A. Jtier May 31 . WHEREAS, debull l.qi t.e-T mcd« \n - 19 poymen' cf ^'. ind«b!td.i|i itcurcd bv rhat ce:a:n dted o' futt »**tu:«d by ':i V^illicm Bailey and wUi. Em- jit D. Eo^lev. daied Dece^-.b«[ 7. 1956. and record in M.crig^si Book 625 l ?ogc 253 aF the fund n- rhkh deed cf U-if wet 'a»unid by rrm«i A. Davis ar.d Bo-bara Dovu by .arranty died da!ed k'cbsf 5. I960, aod rccrdcd in BosV 734 at Pag* 47 of ih« fcitiaid lard rruil deed rvrcrdt: and, \VHFREAS, th« pieiant cwnir and h^Fd- er of the Indebred-*e!i teru-'ed by said l/uir dstd, in ccrotdanre wirh I ha pro- ltd il\« orv^enigned fdwcrd J. Bog en at iriji'es In rh» place an ^leod of the laid E. A. COTP St., the Irutlte no.-ned! tKir«^ . wh'ch laid i-_-biKluTlon of trvift» Y-at · n a:fi.-allv IP reed at Ic-ge urion. ir« :o--dt in R,ioV !Ql3 ni Page 444 of tf-« id :ruir deed iero-di of V/qihinqt^ri unly, Miit*i» ; p9l, before |h» firil rvotici isle hoi been poiftd or w-b'iihed- ard, '.'.·HtKEAS. alt of iSe !rdcbi«dn«ti t«. -'«d bv ta'd deed hat keen dela Jed u'e an oayab'e ai p/ovied fn 13:^ iKu-enr crd the o*n«r and Sotde/ of lid indehierifien Kai /eq^cirad th« un- tn^o.-ed Fdward J. Bsgen, lubiMtuffd -uilea 01 aforeiairf. fo ageti:ie o--d ti!l ha prcpcrr/ h«fflnafl«c deicrlhad la ai- NO'W. THEREFORE, urdar and by vlr- e o' iht Q3W4I and aulhcrjry vrited In e by ir^l c«ital.i deed of tig it and by tl-al tei'.z.n n.4»tilulicn of Ir^irec obov* -jfo'tiaid,' will on Iveiday. Juno 22, 1965, itH ot oublic gukiy ro th« highoit idrfer far caih ot tSe f«jrl door of Ilia Joun HOVJ* of V/aihir.qton Cot-nry, Mn- liisippi, in lh« City ol Gritivil!*, Miji ii'.npl. btlwicn tKg kourt p:tscribed by law for iherff'» *j!«i, i'n* foflowlr.g n CoLnry, M^iiii^Dpi, ta-wit. Parti of loll 79 and 80 cl Grwrv fis'J Addition la fft City cf GiMn- vllle. We thing ten Ccur.ry, Miiiluiopl, d«lCrib«d 01 f o ' l o A l , Fo-Wlt: to lo'i 79 end 60 cf th« atov«TtntToi- «d Add i t o - * tying ci th» tsi:«/n t : d« of Airdcl* Oiivr. ihcret North 24 dt- anei 44 mirg!*i Eair 60.0 fet a!o.g We Reserve The Right To Limit Purchases And Do Not Sell To Other Merchants for Resale. iron pip*: theree Sen'-") 72 d»att r.inj!et Eair 2-13.4-1 f«; lo an Iron P'D«J i^*.-ca SoLtK 36 degreti 59 mln- i,Ui Weir 236.92 feet o'org ih* fot Ima tc-Tcr ro Lo'i 79 end SO '.o Ihf ca nt c' b«g'n,iing : conlgifii.-.g rh§ So---h hall of lot 50. Ec rrvr-a ot the t^rr.e TrOT plB» om.-r-3-T to loi* 7? and SO of lS« abovt rr.atiiof.ed Aa'd-tiOT ly'ng o^v iJ-.e «ait« ern i d» ol A r HcJa!e Di'-vt: 'htrvc* Soulh; 72 d*gicet 56 minvt** Eoit along ih« norlr-ern, bcyrdjrv lie* of l« 7v OJ ditfcrc* cf 326.92 l*t!j ihertc* South 34 d*3f*l 59 mr.utu Wilt 6.0 fei| to an iron tie*: tht.^ct Norlh 71 di- qriti 30 mYulei 46 lecondi Wttt 22J.76 f«il t» l» po'nt of bfglrviinij containing q rrianqubr t.-acl En lh* Horlh t ; d« of Lot 79 of afore-nerxlionid add-tion, Ciry, Cos-iW a-«i Slate. SIGNED, POSTED a.-J a tooy r--ar*Jid l« hi D«!:a Derrxrat-rirr.«i r th i ih« 26lh day of Moy. 1965. c / i tDWAZD J. BOGEN $Lfti!iru-*d Trui'e* May 31, Jw« 7, H A 21 SAFEWAY » YES, IT'S TRUE « YOU CAN BORROAV " For 30 D«yj At J^ A cost of Only .. Ji»« i · Y»», and H v»w» M«d «ic«4_. moiiY timai . , . 01 If you r««vlrv 4* ·» muth man Hjn* lhan K tfuvi |K« «^- ^ com! farmi^D »pol[«l ^flttidlv, ^ H DEFENBAUGH H FINANCE ~

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