The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 19, 1960 · Page 8
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 8

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1960
Page 8
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Delta Democrat-Time* 8 Tuesday, July 19, '60 Building Home Improvements House Of The Week- By DAVID L. BOWEN Here's a tidy little split level that blends basic eco:;omv with several gance. pleasing notes of ele- Area of the bedroom and living room levels is 1,195 square feet, substantially below average house size. Foyer and family room add 300 sq. ft. of bonus space. Working within this limit. Architect Herman H. York has given B-20 in the House of the Week scries: foyer on Ihe entrance level whichjwalls to simplify furniture makes it possible to reach t h e ranjjemcnt. A cantilever incn kitchen without goii.g through the es the kitchen size 1. An attractive, popular, grade level 'entrance with big foyer, complete with powder! room and coat closet. 2. A simple but charming short stairway, bordered by iving roc-m. The family room also has sliding glass doors opening on the optional terrace, making possible one-level walk- through from front to rear. 5. Ovorsire hallways on the bedrcom level which served all three bedrooms with luxurious spaciousness. The house has a total of seven rooms, plus grade level one-car garage acccssihb from I Ihe foyer. The over-all dimen- |sions arc 44' width by 25'4" depth. Additional Details iron railing. up from the| Living room ar.d dining room foyer to the living rcom 3. A cathedral ceiling in the living and dining rooms. 4. A family room behind the ar- ! ·reas- enough to moke room for n kitchen table alongside the railing that overlooks the family room. Tlie front facade also benefits from a cantilever, which extends the bedroom section to increase) inside space and protect the front entrance from tlie weather. ; Master bedroom has a private- lavatory and a big walk-in closet. 1 Architect York suggests that, if desired, part of this closet can be utilized for a tub or shower if UK: owner wants a private full balh in tire master bedroom. Exterior is a combination of vertical boards and wooden shingles. The roofing is white asphalt PLEASANT A1VD PRACTICAL-A grade level entrance is one of the features of this Ihrcc- b« room split level. Living area of middle and upper levels is 1.1D5 square feel. There's a c.-illiedral ceiling in the living room and dining room. iare in an I.-shape, with two long shingles or wood shakes. WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hoasingicnergctic effort to get projects im!Administrator Norman P. Mason jder construction in the next six Mon. ordered n fast start on the months, new federal program of directl loans for housing for the aged.j Conress, in approving the di- signcd into law by President Eisenhower last week. BEDROOM LEVEL--Lavatory shown in master bedroom can be expanded into full balh by stealing space from walk-in clo«et. Mason announced establishment of a new divisiun in his Housing rect loan program, provided a 20- milliojHlollar appropriation for a lest of the plan and directed Mason to have a report ready foi ,ency anu i named the man to head it--Daniel'in January. G. Minto. former director of the The HHFA will head 93 per San Francisco office of the Fed- cent of the cost of rental projects eral Housing Administration. Minto told newsmen there is terrific need" for decent housing for the aged and promised an Rule Sfarkviile Firm Engaged In Unfair Practices WASHINGTON (AP) - A National Labor Relations Board trial examiner today ruled that Stark- viltc Mills, Inc., of Starkville, Miss., engaged in unfair labor practices. Scientists Triggered The First Atomic Bomb IS Years Ago By HOYT GIML1N SOCORRO, N.M. (UPI) - By a cguirk of geography, mvd per [mps fnle, a New Mexico waste- it nd barely aware of 20th Century America became the maternity ward of the Atomic Ago 15 years ago. The first atomic bomb was riggered with uncertainty at Trinity Site (inexplicably named) jcfore the startled eyes of makers, July 16, IMS. "It was an awesome experi- ince." Dr. Marvin H. Wilkening recalled. He was among 50 to 50 scientists, technicians and mil- tary men on hand. The blast, far greater than any ever dreamed, vaporized the steel tower that held the bomb and glazed the desert sand. It's power became known to the outside world In a short time. Twenty-one days later Hiroshima vas hit, three days after that Nagasaki, and then on Aug. 12-- ess lhan a month after the .lexico test -- Japan surrender"d and World War II came to an end. 'Hie pre-dawn flash of light at 'rinity Site -- "brighter than daylight" -- was seen scores of miles away. To soothe alarmed anchers, the military reported here had been an ammunition Icpot explosion iu the area that | night. This piece of misinformation FAMILY ROOIM-This artist's conception looks across family room from the toycr end toward sliding glass doors leading to optional terrace. Kitchen is at right. designed specifically for the elderly. The loans will be made only ..'.·,.? y'^'^Vjj? to private, nonprofit, sponsoring: xTI^iSd^v- corporations--usually church ori fraternal groups, but also new' civic bodies organized for the purpose. Elaborate or extravagant projects are barred, but some are expected to cost two or three million dollars each. Test indicates Executive Traits CHICAGO (UPI) -- The pres- Examiner Owsley Vose, In a 14-|'dent of a large employment seepage ruling, said the textile millj'ce says · executive proficiency! lired four employes for anti-union reasons in 1959. Vose ordered Ihe mill to offer to rehire Paul A. Johnson, Annie Davis, Ozzie Ashley and James Kent Murphy and make up for loss of pay. The four were trying to establish a local of.the Textile Workers Union at the mill. The company said it discharged them to mprove the efficiency of the mill. Starkville Mills was a wholly owned subsidiary of Buck Creek Cotton Mills, an Alabama corporation, when the dismissals occurred. It has since become a division of the parent corporation. savings in a fcwr«t femttl contra! tfetniziUon' $5000 GUARANTEE ^ Asainff Future Termite Dcmagc TERMS AVAILABLE For Free Inspection Call Thomas A. Mullen, District Manager Bruce-Terminix Co. 512 Orlando St. Greenville, Phone ED 4-3921 (E.P.) ratings as obtained From some personality tests show (he fraits necessary for filling a (op administrative position. I.on D. Barton, president of Cadillac -Associates, Inc., said that while he is opposed to for-! testing as practiced byj One report, prevalent in Santa Fe, insisted windshield wipers were being made for submarines The collection of world renown scientists -- . including Enrico Fermi and J. Robert Oppenhelm- e r ' -- were really racing against a phantom. It was, of couse, the unfounded fear that Nazi Germany too was developing the same weapon. Some · of the very · scientists at the former -Los Alamos Boys Ranch School, on a remote nioun- :ain plateau, were exiles from Hitler's Europe. Only 24 at the time. Wilkening lad been brought in on the super- secret Manhattan Project because of his knowledge of neuron counters, called to official attention by his masters' thesis at Illinois Institute of Technology. He is one of a handful of slien- ists who witnessed the first ximb test and the start of the irst nuclear reaction under Stagg 'tadium at Ihe University of Chicago two-and-a-half years he- Seven hours' after the Trinity iite explosion, Wilkening and a radiation team went into the; ilast area to start checking the evel of radoactivity. Wilkening now is a professor, f physics and geophysics at Jew Mexico Institute of Mining ind Technology at Socorro, 35'' Georgians May Gel Independent Slale ATLANTA (UPI) - Gov. Ern. cst Varidiver Insisted Mon. that Georgia may withhold itj electoral support from the Democratic presidential ticket Ixi! indicated tie would leave the dccisioi. up to "grassroots" opinion in tho slate. Vandivor said at his first news conference since returning from the Democratic Convention that :hc parly, "ran roughshod over he South." He said the plat- 'orm included "anything any mi- norily group asked for." The governor, admittedly bitter over (lie proceedings, said ho plans to talk with Georgia lend, crs and rank ami file voters about their reaction to withholding support from Ihe national icket. In a close election, such action could throw the selection of a president into the House of Representatives. There's Nothing Like GENUINE TILE » C.icmlc Til. · T«nono D MarbU · Vl-.»l i Aiphull Til. Floor, KOESTLER TILE CO. Phone ED 2-2631 Hwy. 82 E. hardly compared to the massive miles from the first test ground, amount the rumor mills churnedj His research still involves ra- up in towns around Los Alamos, dionctivity, but a milder type. N.M.. during the wartime years He is studying natuml radioactivi- the tomb was being built there. l y in the almosphere. Gets Home To Find Family Shot Bar Group To Send Three Lawyers To Defend Powers MILLEDGtVILLE, Ga. (AP)- -ru -c r Hi - 1 . 1 - · *-. " JIXi IIL:i ^uai-nmu at: anui in me ^±°l^ ^"^,2 -", H«r '-wo sons, aged 9 and BALTIMORE (AP-A waitress came home from work Mon. and found her three young children and her husband al! shot In the iPowers said Mon. the Virginia!,, Hied i.,," j Bar Assn. plans to send three law-' ' ' yers to the Soviet Union to defend the pilot next month. Police would not say promptly who might have done the shoot- Barbara Gay Powers. 24. told'"''E because "right now the people · Hie Associate:! Press she had "no : .involved are either dead or un- jcomment" on the setting of Ker^ c o r l s c ' o u s - most corporations he approves of the "E.P. rating." GRADE AND MIDDLE LEVELS - Foyer entrance has convenient coat close! and powder room. Traffic can move directly up to living room, or to the kitchen via the family room. "Do you as a graduating senior! __ r ..:_' ive E.P.?" Barton asks of the',' . -- -- -- . _ _ ~-a. i_ _i--ii. ha' college student. .To find out, said, answer, the six questions he'j husband's trial for Aug. 17. She said she had not been contacted hy the State Department] on the trial. When asked if she had.any plans concerning the trial, she replied. "You're putting me on the spot. I don't have anything to say." Powers' plane was forced down over the Soviet Union May 1. He will be tried in Soviet courls on charges of espionage. ·ree Expression fa Cuba But Lt. Fred Gladstone said hat the father and husband, 40- r ear-old John Cooley Jr., had been despondent over being unemployed and the couple had been having "domestic troubles." He also said a .32 caliber German automatic was at Cooley's SUMMONS SIAIE OF MISSISSiFPI 3O. Aiy U.-J ail ceil: legal c. a-vi ll-e . Ih* ChcnLery Ccu ' has devised to reveal F..P. traits:! 1.--Would · subordinates be a,I source of,danger to you in your ! | job? . ' L 2.--If you were fired tomorrow,;l Jo you think you could locate a'i comparable job in less than 00 days? . '| 3.--If you inst your job, would! you be concerned about having to.* take one with less prestige antlj money? j 4.--Is Ihe geographic location'f lof a new position a m a j o r con- 1 , :sideration in yonr career think- ings? 5.--Have you arrived at a theoretical goat in earnings and job responsibility? 6--Have you arrived, in vour own mirjcl r at the position yoi can best fill? "The elite corps of the nation's ', WASHINGTON (AP) - The Tn-! I Lcr-Amcrican Press Assn. Mon.l . asked the official Inier-AinerJcarr 'I Peace Committee to study 'de-! |'struction of freedom of expres-' r 'sion" in Cuba and the Dominican; Republic. ·tsitmis Building Editor: Enclosed is 50 cents. Please send me a copy o! the studj plan for The [louse of The Week, Design Number ' President William H. Cmvles o! : 'VATrlE t I. the press associalion, an organ-' {Please Print) |'Nation of newspapers throughout' : the hemisphere, wrote John C. STREET | Dreicr, U. S. ambassador to the! Organization of American Slates' CITY ., - ttf STATE .. nIK ' c ' i a ' r m an of tlic peace com-; I mitlec, that "political controls ·_j-.-__ -- -- _ ,, _,_ __ .-- -- -- · _ -- i over political opinion and infor-i . _ malion" contribute to unrest i n ' Echo Gail Tell Goed : lh ^ c f ibb:an .. , . . _ /-,,..!,.,, , s pnM.utent of the Spo- Powers Trial Will Be Held August 17 MOSCOW fAP)-Aug. 17 has! been fixed for the trial of Francis! SfeakS OH The HOOf l;ane (Wa!n - ) Spokcsman-Reviw,-. ITHACA, N.Y. {UPI) - Scion-: As the happy owner of an all-goi home, you con save at feast $6.771.43 while you are paying for your home .. . instead of being saddled with high-cost appliances of competing fuels. Ths minimum all-gas saving is S173.85 each year. Deposited at 314% compound interest, the fcil-gas home-owner can save $6,771.43 in the 2 5 - y e a r mortgage period. Ask ol your Volley Cos office for a cosl comparison survey on your homo. V a l l e y G a s C o m p a n y A fl«xf CitUfn Soring Mitstuippl Gary Powers. 30, t h e American: lisls say they can "hear" how! U2 pilot shot !ov.-ii over Soviet;good n sluak is while it is s t i l l , top executives would answer no lcrritor y M »y '. tl'-e Soviet news'on the hoof, to all six questions," Barlon «aid ! a Gcncy Tass said Monday. I Per Scientists c ned to a ope at b* ? il of Woih rg'on Ccu n Ihe «cor-d A'c^dcy o ir-e nu ad Ccu-i ci I. ?, S^jl I. P. Sc-ul!o i«li ll'« following delat e:l:t... 3-.\ lovn'ihp'is. N"SII\ fl 8 V.Vif. Walh.r-aroi Ccvn:v. of'sn'd i?:i.;n toll. 759.77 feel: a S3 i^h 4 d-g.«» jd fivrv_:«j ol S!o;V 2 of Ih- WcClendoo r en to the- ciiv of G.-pfrw'V ircair il--r-:e oisrg ihe Wrn ol Blo:L 2. wh ch it o's.i Utt-Q'~-l ol Wo/ of AV,«ilvlo. .vc^ Ho. 1. Scu'.i ^. dtgre?* ?s :»l Vtn: USI.rO It a la If-e lion, thent* clang the S=--':h I r- , c'-pt cl ih* »i» M:C"erdcn A Souiti l u'l^ 8-1 (. Cooley was slumped in n chair on an enclosed porch and is in critical condition. So is his 5-year-old daughter.: fllizabelh. The dead boys were 9-. year-old Franklin and 11-year-old' John. The 32-year-old mother, Elizabeth, first saw her daughter in her bed in a pool of blood upon returning to her five-room bungalow from work at n restaurant.- She next sasv her husband. Mrs. Cooley ran screaming from the house and yelled to a neighbor "see what he did to my. baby." The neighbor, Mrs. An-; tfcny I-'azio, entered the house; and going to the attic fouml the- two wounded boys in their beds. Cooley, a television engineer, had been laid off seven months ago. Burk-Hall VINYL LATEX WALL PAINT Regular S6.-I5 Gal. NOW GALLON Odor-free, one-coat paint that's tough, washable, won't chip or peel. Dries in 20 minutes so rooms may IK used the same day. Sec The New Multi-CoIor Paint In I(i ounces spray can! Eight Colors To Choose From! Burk HalE-Tayloe Paint S Glass Go. 1312 Highway 82-E. Pliono ED 2-262S VOUR BEST BUY IN INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR FINISHES Made With Superior Quality FUNG OH. Will Give You The Protection You New], LUMBER COMPANY Phone ED 215141 611 S. Theobald TO ADD THAT DEN' YOU'VE WANTED AND NEED-ED SO BADLY, CALL US TODAY . . . "Since 1853' Dial ED 2-7245 ! A technique developed at the. Powers is charged wiib cspio-jNc-w York State College of Agri-j nage, for which the m a x i m u m " c u l t u r e enables rrsearchcrs to' sentence is death by shooting. · tell whether an animal's meat is' 'Jhe pilot will be Iricci in open!fat or levin by analyzing cchoe= court before the m i l i t a r y scctiosvfrom the creature's muscles. i of the Supreme Court U.S.S.R., Tass said. GUARANTEED INSTALLATION SERVICE GREENVILLE Paint Glass Co. ED 4.9441 B09 Main II. WASHINGTON (AP) - Flights; by U2 planes have provided sci-i cnce w i t h valuable information o(the kind o! pJoKil fallout a nuclear; war nrchl produce, the govern^ rncnt reports. j planes of the The technique involves I high frequency sound passing waves type !»vr.ctl by t!ic- Soviet Union It is an adaptation of a device last May 1 are slill gathering in-? ,ed to f i n d flaws in metals. formaiion in their high altitude sampling program. After the temprsi stirred up by Ithrough a live" animal's tissues, thc May "^ ^ f' anc ''j^'' ttie .a,. l a n d measuring thc echo. government saxl (hat such Highls.^ lover (he Soviet Lmon has been Cotton Pickin' Rises [discontinued. | (UP!) -- The cotton pickin' ma-! A report on the high-altitude ^chines are taking ovtr. 'sampling program \vas released i T h e Texas AM College E\ten-\Si:nday night by the Defense De-' ision Service says machine strip- 1 partmcnt. It voiced the govern-' Iping and plck-ng of cotton ac- ment's (hanks for the right to counted for 'A per cinl of the conduct U2 flights over Argen state's upland harvest in 1853, up Canada. Mexico. Venezuela, Bra: , f r o m 35 per cent in I95S. I z i l , Rolivia and Paraguay. of v-ay. ninui-i SO icr- f e e r lo 01 eld r to-ncr cf LCI Subvitsn Ad 89 d~r;-efs 50 en. ISS.tO (*-· PPOOK? fl C ' - r k CUTS A I R - C O N D I T I O N COST Custom Mnrlc For Windows -- Patios -- Porches -In HOME or STOUE. Free Estimales Anywhere In The Delta GREENVILLE AVVNiNG AND Highway 82 H. UPHOLSTERED 00, Pi"ne 2-70K) AND You can pay less hut you can't buy higher quality in material or workmanship than with Greenville Clay-Btirn-Tijc Co. it: N'o job is loo large or too small for a free estimate. liny. I South, Ph. ED 2-GS25 Greenville Miss. Use Our (tush Wholesale That Is Available Every Day Of The Year. EASY CREDIT TERMS "Builders of Colomnl Heights'

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