The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 19, 1960 · Page 7
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 7

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1960
Page 7
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Delia Democrat-Tim** Tuesday, July 19, '60 7 ·m ·*· -t -v T- · -mm- m. *-** ·«-* ' v 'inesaay, ouiy i», r ou 7 Need Vacation Money? Sell "Don't Wants" Through "For Sale" Ads! CROSSWORD . . . By Eu ga * Slxg*- is, above 44. significant appellation 47. negativo 48.cunnlnff foot S2, flccsaw 54. madden 56. dlicolors 5T. stripped. the rind IIOniZONTAL 3°.Flcur-de- 1. wig 7. muss of 42. coagulata protoplasm " 33. abaconder 24. whirlpool JS.gamo of marble? _^ 16. longr-plumed 60. comforts heron 81. animal's 18." .Balm and the Forty Thlsves 1 * 39. in 20. knocked down 22. toward 23. back 25. tennJs equipment 26. detail 28. member of ancient Irish reUjflous order 30. anolent Celtic musical composers 31. happy 82. win? S3. iwlmmlng VERTICAL 1. kind of firecracker 2. beetle 8. file 4. aloft B. flat- bottomed ship 6. work (physics) 7.prevent 5. small parti ela 0. correlative of either 10. Greek letter 11. encircled 12. proverbs 17. fish eggs SO. easily pulverised 21. Idiom 24. carpenter's tool 37. lag behind 29. slain 30. hindrance 33. phantoms 34. streamlet 38. legal minority Answer to yesteri'-iy's puzzle. 37. arranged compactly 89. prevaricators 40. possesalvu pronoun 41, domesticated ruminant 45. head of hammer 46. Anglo- Saxon serf 49. yes 1 61. comrads - SS.noteLnicg] '"" ttrd '-" S5. symbol 85. checks Ar««tr llm« »f itlnllin: JlratnatH. lor 38. throw 0 I860, KlnfFe«ur«3 ByniJ., Inc.) rhenium Classified Advertising Lost and Found IOST, tayt, 1540 Clan C*g e Ingrcri Avrnvp. Coll Mri, L. A. VI 3-;»? C'tvtbllJ, Mill. Stw N*SIOE So'flj, 30 to 55. $281. Coll II 4-36U P»pptr En-pJcyrr.enT S«rv : ce. Special Notices VltEl MUSIC, ixo'jlai, Blotgly Hi Fl. CHHD CARF for woijdng irclhei in my h«^«, rilldb 1 * wKlln lady. fh. ED 5-1O4I. PEPMANENT WAVE SPECIAL: 5 1 0 - 1 5 , 5 I 5 - 1 6 . 5 O . } 2 0 ' I 6 5 0 . LaMarkl Grcu- IV SXco. 414 Arnold Av«. Ph. EO 2-673*. AlUSIWL Innrvrr.inu T»rm». alto Irtitrvrr. hH PI. frK 535 Mal Iron Kglfi ro vil inri rcpalKd C:al i Ph ED 3.1«2. SPENCER CORSETIER Individually designed foundations, brassieres, medical and orthopedic supports. MRS. LOIS POWERS 82S Mo'n St. Phalli ED 4-IB08 cr ED 2-8171 If your photograph has appeared in the Delta Democrat-Times recently and you would like to have a print of the picture, call ED 5-H55 to place your order. Also there is a staff photographer available to take pictures for any occasion requiring pictures such as: ADVERTISING DISPLAY (Window) COMMERCIAL AERIAL UNDERWATER WEDDINGS For further information call ED 5-1155 AND ASK FOR CARROLL HANKS .0. Male Help Wanted ^STRIAl cr M*tKankal Englr.efr u rred'ollly. Call EO 4-361] Peppir It ACCOUNTANT, 21 Se^eiler howi. E ent f^ure. Co!I fD 4-3611 P»pp«f Em Cbyrre-vl Jervlc*. R Trair.t*. $375. Eaijfi, bon cPDOMunllY. Call ED 4-361 V^ANTEO Mai lot night gin olllci wi Job to lotl 2 c marc. Apply f. A. Lafo*, Sr, Plla Om Co. M«ico1f 3 MEN WANTED For local positions to sel and service our appliances Call Employment Manager ED 2-0928. WANTED BOYS 10 years of age or older t sell The Delta Democrat Times in the down town area each evening a f t e r school. See Mr. Young, Circulation Dept. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. ATTENTION BOYS Age 12 To 15 Would you like the chanc to earn your own spend ing money? Summer Vacation will b here in a few weeks. W have several good News paper Routes open in you neighborhood. If intereste call Mr. Young ED 5-1155 Circulation department The Delta Democrat-Times F«mal« Help Wanted H, FFICE CASHIER, 30 to IS, $175. Coll .36I I Pipper Employment S«rvlt«, ANTED WHITE Wnllrtii. Apoy In pir. an, Iclo Vliw Grill, Kory. 11, lelond, '.I. No phant cqll». , Mat* w Femal« IWp Wanted SALES TRAINEES MALE AND FEMALE YOU eon Itvr. on 565 lo J90 Hw llrtl irea vreekt Wl wouVd liki to talk lo yovi. hrjvv car and neat cppeoranee. S«. MK. GEHE AUSTIN ·04 Araijr, tuUdlng btlv.t«n 9 ». II o.m L U M B E R ;ypres3 $76. up fardwood J4S. up Chatham, Miss. Ph. ED J-S563 Timbers, Boat Lumber, Flooring, etc. Special Orders Cut E. G. NELSON Chaihon. Mlu. Ph. JO 5-UM I CAN SELL YOU THIS MUCH SPACE FOR ONE MONTH FOR ONLY $22.50 Call or sea "Dub" Koenlg Classified Adv. Dcpt. Ph. ED 5-1155 Articles For Sale OR SMF, Go-Cart with Iwin rrwla-i up pavmtnli. Ph. ED 2-2302 oih . . SAIE. Allltali MOM 10 2.4500. WANTED KIM on» lo tok« UD poynrn' en Sltvil-O-Malk Portable S'ngir 5**in Machine, alia S'ltgtr Vtxtvn Cliann D 2-5635. OK SALE. Ulld bvl tod:«. Good mnllng or IIiKIno cobljii and olhir iftei Pillo Coachti, NoMh Broadway tut Id. rton ED 4-W53 FOR SALE, B«drcom Suite, J75. Di oora Soilt, $50. Brown Llvrna Room hoJr, $15. TVee odd tob!ei, doer lamp Irrai i Rug. Mit. Mateagni. 681 E. id Rd. ED 4 3344. PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADS! YOU ARE. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE pecialry In used fe repossessed Merchandise. Air conditioners Refrigerators Automatic Washing Machines Lawn Mowers · Used Tires See: Ed Frazier Phone ED 2-1561 Article] Winted WANT TO BUY Glrli 26" BkYcle, ihed h. ED 4-9711. Boats, Motsrs Supplies 3' Bwt, 1S5S 55 HP. Jotn-.icn ASolor Trolltr. $550. Ph. ID 2-0876. X 17' rod and 18 H.P. Malar. '58 model, both for $300.00. Or will ul paratelv. Call ID 4-9B69. FOR SALE. 14 ft. Rurobout wllh 3 H.P ivlnrud* t'ccliU ilarter Moloi. otx ra!I«r. Can bi inn al 1165 Gioarrt. 25% Discount--Brand new completely equipped 8'xl3 Pontoon Boat (unassembled), 12 HP Scott Moloi (crated). $750. Write Smith 137 Evergreen Street, Jackson, Mississippi. 27. Farm Equipment FO3 SAtF. r-e-guian Trado/ with Oil (450.00. Fh. EO 4-3668. Building Material Uilmlibed AnanmeaU JNfireNIJHiD APAirMEMT, 5 Kwml I Balh Carpert I Stotag*. «40 pu month. h. to 3-6442 01 [0 2-72H. Service Directory LAWN MOWING StRVKE. Rillabb whlti BOY. Pti. CD MFTIC TANK tM leptk lank eftanlftg cab rfodan 'hone ED 2.1729 a ED 4-4684. PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADS! YOU ARE. Y E S We Install A U T O G L A S S (Curved Windshields In Slock) BURK HALL . TAYLOE Paint Glass Co. Rwy. 82 East (Next to Azar's) Phone ED 2-J623 NICE BEDJOOMS 141 N. Hindi. Ph 'EDROOM In pilvc'i hofri, Mil. ion. SIS Johnion. Ph. ED 2-6132. SEOJOOM fOR GENUEUAN, ···II [inllr. Ph. ED 4 . 3 4 4 6 . SPECIAL Auto Paint Job, Dupont Enamel. Guaranteed. $39.50 TOM'S BODY SHOP 921 Wolrkoll Si. Ph. ED 4-4046 H lurnlihed hovie. Hi Mo. 1309 5. Main. Ph. ED 2.5797. VB hovi an hand vphoh!«rlng fcbrln a aiiumi a toreDltli ttlectlon lor vov. 'h» laigoit »*tctlon In and around Orain- lll*. Aj wt moWafn l)w laigcif upnol. lt«nr «^oo **· art «qvrpp«d To turn out U IY£« of work. rrw Etllntaiti. GREENVILLE AWNING UPHOLSTERING CO. Pho.".. f 2.7083 H»-y 2 E 236 N. SHEHY, 2 Bedroom fui "·h. ED 2-7177. FOR RENT. UNFUiiN Houiil, 45 end JSS. Apply 711 E. Rl»d toad. Hi. 10 2-5746. TO DIAL SPRINGTIME ANYTIME Dial ED 2-0513 KREMSER'S MOVING Call ED 2-2685 DON EWBANK Moving Storage SHOP AT THE SIGN of QUALITY SELL TOE SURPLUS througl Classified eds. Land, livestock machinery, anything! Dial 5-1155 for a Delta Democrat-Times ad- writer. 28. Farmers Market ft Produce WATER MELONS WATER MELONS Wholesale and Retail. One or one thousand. Hwy. I South, 1 mile South oi Wayside. ED 2-0778. _ 50, Furnished Apartments _ SIX Pets, Poultry Livestock IOF QUALIFY Girman 5h«phrrrd Pupplfi. l It. to oppriclott, 135.DO each, all? hay* 2 CKktn kit al SIO.OO o:h. 741 ·non Dr. ED 2-0336. 12, Household Good] 722 VAtUANT ST. 2 Bedrocm Ph. CD 4-4791. .. Rervl in telo."di Furn. oc dicctorcd. Ph. 60 cr 164. vJASHFOR YOUR USED FURNITURE APPLIANCES RAILROAD SALVAGE FURNITURE CO. 739 Wash, Ph. ED 2-1718 NEWLY DECORATED 3 Water paid. Ph. ED 3 ROOMS FURNITURE ALL NEW $299.95 IS PIECES -Mia bed j- I--o" ?--Iscwi --dwb'« i to" M bocVmi bed liwir iprlr.j moll/m f DC. chfooi* cflnatt* III i B o 3 i Bryan Wilson 833 WoUiinqioo Phooa ED 3-1543 70, flouscs For Snto 70. Houses For Salt 70, Houses For Sals X. f ·cniucccu'urj 3 Room Fgm Ap!. P*ir centre', T.V Cablt, Waiting Machlru. Ph. FO X.40BS. AIK CONDI7ICNEO 3 R»3ni Fuin »OI ~ c'« bolh. tmiDnt«, Gotcge. T.V 'c. 64/ Aino'd. Kn. ED 4-99X1 FOI Mt By VMIll Icrvily HOT., ol 193 John St. CW IENT. IWO UNfUtNlSHiD ACT S ] wnl Both 130 ond »« Mi month 14 Moln SI. Cflll 10 J-lliJ I.M O.M 4iM p.m. ·OR SAlf BY CTWNH, pay *·· J500 * ol virB /oln 471.20 fcr nk« 3 6R Ho^«. 5n 01 1J(O S. Colorado o coll EO -3IQ3. Avollcbli Aug. 3rd. J. L. McCLENDON 137 1 HOJVIY - Phont EO M)f3 UNFINISHED API. II Ootiol No. 4 30 O/lando 34 S. . Mkhlgan ^_ 63 N. Ttoobold . .Ifnvlllt Apt, ,,. 3? S Hymon - K2 McAIIIHlr _ 432.11 S. Moln _ OM 115.00 (30.00 13J.OO $50.00 S 30.00 143.OC 145.00 S55.00 139.00 149.:o S35.M BEOKOOM BKlOl VfNCIB WITH t SHADE TKtES. ll!« balh. inotoli gt, Em Bcvd khool dilltltl (30C down Dim tn-«U 1ct!ng colll and D m«fiti Illl Ihon $77. CalJ 10 It! * today Koiimon Kcollon, EO 2^ iloM CO -3l40. 3 BEDROOM. 2 (ATM, COUNTRY UVING 71OSC TO TOWN. Hlci ihodi Inn, T.V. knii.ino, bu:!l In kllilxn. Avolloblt ' nKJIolilr. POY Illl thoo o-*nir'i w . jnd oiiun-i rtolll. Lol 173' X 438'. Cori bl · Tlrxnuid rKA. Coll Kon.-ncn Rtollou. ED I-OSae, nlahii toll ED -31 0. 127 S. Hindi J17 N POD.O/ -i. 24 S.'Bioadwoy."3 Aon. l25.JJ5.S46.'o6 X6I Oito-wfo . S3S.OO 010 Morgan! -- 149.50 Rooms For Hint Itdroomi, odl. bolh. Clou In. Kllchln :xlv;1tgn. H. to I.?il. ! Bidroon-i, prlvalt boiSi, R«nl ibl.. GDI* In. Phor* ED 4.4«(S. Stdroor). ptiva'« bo'n. GvntlcnMn D.'lid. Hn. Mtrrlll. 745 S. WaiMnglon, EO 4-3523. Houses For Rent 137 HIGH ST. 3 B/R Unlum. Houli, dropi: urn. Coll Mil. Oilwlll, [0 2-2673, I o.n. 0 5 p.m. fAeMay thru frkfoy. 459 BEAUCHAMF, 2 BfR, O'nlng and ulillty »m, 165. 414 S-.btlni, t B / R , Illl :ool. }50. Fh. tO 4-3056. COUNTRY HOMES J3S.J75. lci»n living, Holfyknowi Plo.Tta'ion. PKoni 3 lefond AVAILAtlE ALK5 III. 3 BtdfOOTi Un hi'nlifitd HDUII. 417 S. Euitko. Ph. E[ 2.263J N:CE 2 B/R Unfurn Ho-II al 316 Wol- wood £·. Lanji otlk fan. cxvj wrll In. ulo:td. J65 mcn:h. Ph. ED 2.7733. i - f furnllhAd hcv* foe r«n!. 227 N Bioadvxry Cell EO 4.jiit .' DtCOCATED 3 B/R UnF^ro Houi«. o-ne. p lol, ihadv (own. 738 a'd. Phona IC6I lelond. S.MALL Unlum Houie oo Gfdai, afio Fu on Percy. Ph. ED 4-9903. 2 B/R Unfu:n Hoi^e, nk* lacal'cn. n ihopping ce.^lt:. 160. Fh. ED g-00i6- 337 KENTUCKY, J E/R ur.Knn duDlt«. Utl ity rocn. ooroge, onic fan, lo-ge Llvlns Eo=^ end Largs Ki!thin. S55 cr monlh. Plv. ED 4.9321 o; ED S.U72. LOVELY 3 Bedroom Hc^n n. 1315 E. Jol-.n * . all onven 104 Paullni Hous«t For Sal* ED 4-U33. 842.24 CASH I ASSUME 115 23 MONTH Y PAYMENTS. 3 (III. ell both, ollactttd aragi and d(oo*l lnclud*d en a beavll ullr lond«oD*d tom«r lot. 109* i I07 H 91 RkJg* Av«. Call Todav foi opoofntmenl noa Rialloil. ED 24554, nlohli EO FOR SALE OR TRADE BY OWNER Modern Surburban Home or, 2 acre site. 4 Bedrooms, 2 balhs, Den, carpet throughout. Double carport, access to swimming pool. After 5 p.m. call ED 2-1957. 152 LEWtS ST. 3 Hi rti'dinc.. »3M caiS a:xf niw FHA loot. ADDior. $6 8B 152 JEFFERSON DJIVE, V, bl«k of F Bord School. 3 til, I Hie balh. 5.- Jown pa/minl and anirfri priiinT FHA '"REYNOLDS AGENCY . ^/anc* R«cl F.H01 T. P. Ri,no!di, Jr. Olflc* EO 2-1467 Rti. ED 2-9328 bclh. hardwood flccn, urpa 'orog». f*ovrc«r'li cnly $65 Dir rronl 4'/iX hon. 1443 Hwy. I, Soulh. SHEWOOO DR, i hcna wiih 2 o/Ri. den, I Vi bcihi iroarol* D/R, [area (cliche*, ullTil oom, caiptlin9 In l/R D / R , unlic lol, 2 open llriplocei. dc^ib!* oora9 jrta:h*d, brkJi ventr, r,vfnirovl Irti HA lermi or aii^rrr* loan 1589 \VAXHAW B/R. l/, D/8, tllchoi, IV, baik iog, tinted bock vord, '/, bl«i I menlaiy i^oot. RIA toon. MIE93 THOMPSON REAITY CO. MIERS PRATT Actual \m. IL Ell MarToagi loar 17 Hwv No 1 South DIo' ED 2-1546 "The Price Is Right' On one of the best commercial lots on fW.Ue Highway 1 North. Ideal for Service Station, Garage, or anything commercial. ERNEST WALDAUER AGENCY 1)9 S. Poelor SI. Phon ( tO M555 N'chll Cl!l EO 1-titi Quality Homes our business. See these before you buy. LOCATIONS: Gardens Addition Beauchamp, South Colorado Featuring 3 laije B/R's, panellec kitchen with D/A, spacious closets, wide carport, 1 or IVa cer nmic tilo baths. P. C. PALMERTREE Builder Ph. ED 4-49 H £D 2-145 Mfnhii MIS N:ghi coll ED ?-2tM J-8171. NEWl'Y DECOJA'EO Unluin Han*, i ' ^11 i Ealh. Hc.-dwo«i lloon, AIMc lu ,,, Jctco yard, J60. 1X07 H*y. 1 SoufK. School Bui Rl. Tor./ lend:. ED 3.1096. FOR SALE all (digs , AUQUII ISih. FD 5-2187. i Ik i*, 7 bolhi. Fh. ED 2-6O96 FOS RENT, UNFURNISHED 3 Bfft CXrelix 4 Dyer Ortft - S5 ? B y * mcloi-d :h-- 6« McAliri-*. S75-CcTJ foday for apooTnmtr: r.. X-3MO. Piollon, ED 2-OS55 Gl -- FHA Dyil O. 7 B/R 335 E S*arirno Goldlng Acrei 3 B/R, 2 Balt 22» Oilando ,, 3 B/R v?; Legion 160.00 1 SI 50.00 165.00 its oo »«.oo 7 B/P 333 S SKelfcv . . . 1743 F. CoMon Dr. F--Tn, _, J90.00 N. Cch.-odo 3 9/3 ,,_,,. Rhodes T. Wasson Agency 334 Wnihtngtoo Ptwm EO 2-1531 MAYNARD WJLZIN l EO 4-4554 144 N. EL/oo^wtrv 633 Ortands J55.00 1260 Mc 2M Mi 11/3 Arn 2600 Air 385.00 150.00 $35.00 . S50.OO J75.W Vt. Y»rger ,, _ _,,,, $6500 MAY'S RENTALS PRICES REDUCED )30 N. THtO 3 Lore* Roomi BarK. 7jOVi WASH. AVE. Ui Fu.-n Apt. AH LT.Iiliei i In:. S65.00 1 B / R 550.00 1 B/Jt fw/nllhed opan/r.onr. 346 Oriorvjo, $60 mo. Cell ED 2-5932. ti. POPLAR. 1 Roc^n u Uiiii:*i pfl'd. $7 wetfc. ED 1 end 2 ftedroo-n Fi-tn Apan-ntn'!. Woi fum. Fh. ED 2-72» of £D 4-9451, 534 N. POPLAR. Furn Ap!. 3 RCCTI* Boih. 53.50 w*eV. Ph. EO 2-3967. 206 ALEXANDER 3 Rocn Fum Act. ' et poid. 513 wee*. ED 2-2967. 631 S. a^OADWAY. Fuir Api. 3 H . SlO v.tek. Ph. ELI 7-2967. NICE FUSNISKED APT. 239 So. Fh. ED 2-7762. rURN;SHED API. 3 Sex fO 2-8220. COMfCRTABLf Futn Apl. 3 Boorri Ba'h. U|.l,1lf| paid 565 r-smh. ED 2-2163. FUCM!SHED APT. LIghli Ph. FD 4-3446. FURN API. 3 Raafri Rgih Cccple Only. 614 Akiarvder Firm Acl P(iva!« bgrh a-xJ Porch. i Fen, T.V. Cnbli, waiher con- Ufilii**! po'd. 352 S. H.rvJi. . Ph. ED 5-1570. MAYNARD WILZIN Old CO 4-4554 144 N S.-CXK 125 tJ. H^idi , E X C E L L E N T B U Y ! 1514 LES LANE---?«tfr'/y · 3 Large Bedrooms · 1} Ceramic Tile Baths · Large Living Room Dining Area f Central Heat · Panelled Kitchen With Vent-Hood · Large Carport Storage · 110x137 ft. Corner Lot · Walking Distance To Em Boyd School LOW FHA FINANCING $450 DOWN - WILL TAKE TRADE-IN TRADE-IN HOME 1427 Highland - · 2 BEDROOMS · UVING KOOM . DINING AREA, 1 BATH · LARGK KITCHEN · COMPLETELY REDECORATED · NO DOWN PAYMENT · LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS FREE ESTIMATES PLAN SERVICE JOHNSON LUMBER CO. U4 S. Tbcobnld Nile CaH Dcrle Atilridgc ED 2-6932 Ph. EO 2-5414 |7'9 MAY Lorgi ' fAadtm 2 B B. 712 CANiCrJ, t n Uoiroifi Furn a Modem ? B.B. Api. $70.00 Mo'ivirv7 S?ivlte, Cc^la ccrrvtciior.j o^ Pen Coni/ol nrv'fi Inc. Call Mtt. Wo Mr*. 6rc«JY, EO 2-6374, ED 2-5119. J. L. McCLENDON 137 5 Harviy - ?*cn* EP 314 E. Mo3.'» 931 GtalKojl . ,-..,,.. 96) Uglofl Df, 5 8^8 243 Mylb«fr/, 3 B/H 1152 lewl« (3 B/R, 1119 Wanda Dr. Avnil 6/27 1 X 4 4 Irby 23S-37M3in. far* b'd. 7/5 V/aih. Si. BW. . . - , . - , , 7W S. Brcadwa/ ,,.,,--_ 134 0.-!c-vJo (3 B / R I . _ HS Hiwov I N, |2 t/i| __ $32.50 --- 560.00 ffcS.QO $75.00 590.00 565 00 1200.00 tP«ia» D/R, Kirauo Hoot In d«r\ v/lt Ki!«r«d flria'cxi end overlooking Cou-' ^ Club, ? Illi boihi, dxbl» ooiagt- S/R econonv howl a In Pa rV I awn wil i lltt!n ci ^200.130 dcwn Hiw loan. i!e?tr rvxns en orra of lond -- ) bfi ior» Em Rcyd. t65gO 'A 7. Toon I) YOU Day owr.ert equity ex* B/R hoot* at 449 Jo Am Cirel^p B/K havf« located 1612 Couir/ Drlvi iimrptien -- 104 B/R brick v«rt« purchased (or 01 1605 Couiey )K $300 ccth lanjilng old bikt, heal Pvrrp, 2 bclht 1,-xuali D JR. din ortd Jaub! pcia 3 D/?. T/i'bciK," laiga den-kitchen a'no ([o.i. (1300 tf own oiiume 3 B/2, 2 illi ka\ht, 913 W Lvn-n. Call or See John Gannon RHODES T. WASSON AGENCY 336 WcuK. Ph. EO 2-1536. nTH EO 4-317 Mivnb** ol C.n' (D t LI.lira S«vk Houses For 70. O» KALE OR RENT. Mu 3 I/R FvMn* 2 » ficn EM floyd Schwl. Pov po/l y Qiivim* 4V, loon. Coll . . CONVtNUrSfl TO PoyrMnn only $61 63 ulrv i oiiytn* |M| 4V| (0 ard. ue*t cwpon |tt xxk yard, I in today lot «n. EO 2-0518 opoorntrr.fflT 8tdri?wi oil iltcrtc horn*. Central ancfirronlog arid heol, *'/t % G.I, loan. Acnrhty pcym«nr» JS3 wili J550 do or thi MAKE 0?HB 3 bedroo rUh living room, d'n'rg oiio, F hcrr kit- See Shapley... For Your Gustom-Built Home and 5et the best in workman- nip and materials. * Lots Available In Most A Location In Greenville Find The Shapley Sign And Inspect For Quality! I FHA, Gl Conventional Financing * PLAN SERVICE * FREE ESTIMATES S H A P L E Y Lumber Company 556 8th St. Ph. RD 4-31 ABIDE HOMES soirars »EST BUYS Wide Selection In AH Price Ranges. Just $350. Down mong rht many KQT..II we art iig n Btlfoit Si-*et In ih* Peon Parfe _ dit-on. w 0 hovo ««3 irill avairofclt. Th abioXK^f M.iiin'ppr* grialtir horn buy -- w,:h pr;c«i liKfud^g l low 01 $10,000. Ste rhe» Iwo h $10,000. to $10.240 · · · Big Shade Tree Undo: o g'anf irreodlrg « ca ri Ire r*ir:«j rMi 3 B?, } ' / , both beauty. Brie '·nnt o/xl a I un tnvn wind o *| n-.e 3 rg lift with rvo upkeep. GZcr.i tlfchfr fcrr.ijy (own porn ltd W^LH "fork map?* b-rch. wiih cabinEII, p'tnly of Irflm, I maKh. Cc-orle b^lll-Tn oven arxJ raAfl hai "bumir wiih a btaJn". STdlng g!ct b«cg|iful, and practical. Ce^Ual gat h«pr- onrf alricciy p-f-wired for Inwo cli muth the i^d= o-vl L-lf iniylnMcn mearv kna'ng rh ; i Karri ct-ol. Thli Kom new bilrg cc-role'ed at 1244 CileiN Slr««r, a rvappy fsm'Jy \otai\cn, · Houses For Salt OS SME, PfcdkaUy M-V 3 B/« K» 200 down, 15500 0*1 monm. FTi. ED 4563 o'in 7 o.m. SAVE, 3 ft/It Kaf-i, Ctn. Pay _ i^rn* XV, X kon or r«flnart«, . John, Ph, ED 4-4t*0. , D*r, Icv p^p, utitfty Boom, EjnV d. Weeing dlitorw. Em fi el. 130S Ail Saint ChcU. ED 3-2257. _ ^reom. 1V, balh Brick h^rr.i, 2 rsfi ofd. Fay o-^n»i {1.000 «M c\vj*» moPtKhr noltl. 15S Canal Avi. PHoAi 0 5-135?. SALE BY* OWMiR, 3 B/R Hcxr.o, lit* alh. ccn'ral hflol^ Vjrga I'o'ogi fa ct (.-noil iqvirv guy "if 4'/, % 0. . . IrcV. EO . , J7Q.1 6, 932 E. Iv/w OB SALE - 3 btdrcom. k-ich^n-d' ma. ffvlra icom. ba'fi wlfh iho J ruir orxf 2 p»t:cn tftii, oiher I buihci. A viry pood W/ al $10,900 44? B-cdfc-d 1 Drlv*. Call ED X-4739 f ^orliculari. E efDSOOMS. ? MFriS ovill (n UP- oo/ch iFgied on rtirrt ildej. itfxcd back Yard 3439 Nodn Si Now hai ·3.700 *V, % G I balonct Will taV. OfOxlfroielv (^.000 wultv of ··flnont^ avTT.enh now $69 78 Kciinofl B*ol'oa h fD 5-05!S Ntghti EO *-3MO FOR SALE BY OWNER fied'oon. 1 Vi bath, panned tltcnt* lock hardwood flood, gal forced-c YTIXXC. Ca:ocil, ut'ii'tir room end poll: Smell down puyn-.cnl. mott!hly parir-ent c«. S9I. I61S SK.lh Ivm Ordi 'a CD f32 BfAUCHAWP 5T. 3 B/ff, IV, ba'hi JiitV fianlj family Keen. Scot yoixl *·· .roitd w'r)l rrHol fenc*. Sraall «quin bcl »3.0Q Ptr rrvpnlh. 25 PAULINE Sf 3 S / P twlck home. :0|K on-.!-!** F.H.A loon. 1413 MARILYN D R ? B/R bflefc home ;c.iio'e:e!i redecorated Only $9,000 Small f.H.A. dowr» payment. S45 SO MAIN. $ B/R. 3 bc*J, alt con Jlllonrra and cenltal heat Ownii wil finance fw 1/r.all down payment. Price: 0 Illl '11 ASHBUiN OS 3 B / R , 2 bcihi o-. ; conditioned, bvllt-ln nove and oven SAM COUSLEY Ph EO 2.872« HOUMS For Sal* MMIDIATI OCCUPANCY, 12»' Uulh Oloroso. 3 Bedroom Hem*. F«r le'e. 'el t w::h option Iq bw. fh. EO 3-271e- -Ot l»ll. 1 tin Horn. 1 boftl, krgt cinrid baA r«f»h. Cflrp«rt. rilctd 14 ill. at t McCortlt Ciiilt. 1*50 f»n\. ED 7-6I74 for ocrxiln'^^rtl B«4roc.-n Horn*, tcoarari Pining Uvufi. ir3l Coiporl lot, Srnoll down EOT* int I oliuTt fHA loon. Ph. 10 J.4174 X ie« al 324? Hovrrofl. nt LFM; AVENUE is rat ADC»!» oi till nk* 9 bftdroon horn*. t«r«« IM'v? oom ^(n'ng arirj. ttnctd bflck yard, extra oral iloregi. rj'toS'c for wtfViXoa ft 3'avroom. 220 voll wiling Can bl (tand. »d foi S00 down and ooo/ox : nxinrv 57J «. monrK CoU tv eoool/i'miN today. oiJ.T^r. Itolio'l. ED 3.0SS8, n'oKli CD 31« FOR SALE BY OWNER Nice 3 Bedroom Home. Reasonably priced. Location ideal for children. 1314 St. Joseph Circle. Ph. ED 2-7377. ASSUME G.I. LOAN -LOW EQUITY Noltl cn!y $63.33. Including 'tow and virarvc*. Carn«f lot. 3 B? and carport. ' . O.oln I'nl l.r . Included and alrmdy alrmdy faf. Th!i b'g bin/ al 1673 Koipttal v,c-fr Ion long of TKe prke, la call IcxJov for lo «». Coll Foul ASH, et ED 5-1163, nlghti ED 21173. 71. Colored Property For Sale FOR SALE Several very desirable Houses and Duplex Apt'j. Practically new. All rented. Good income property for investment. Ph. ED 2-0517. 77. Acreage For Sale FOB SALE. 50 Atrn. llni for luMWon. locortd ca Ecu (ltd Hood. Ph. 4H, L»- lond. Cars For Sale T W O B I G V A L U E S FOR SALE 1350 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Area 3 B/S, L/R, Separate D/R Separate Utility, Fenced Back Yard, Excellent Location. 1284 JOHN Only $13,500 BRAND NEW! 3 B/R BRICK 837 Ashburn L/R, D/R, Family Room with Fireplace, Built-in Appliances, Compartmented Baths, Aluminum Windows. $18,000 Conventional Slightly higher F.H.A. H. N. ALEXANDER SONS 1953 PJyrrouth 4.door w!lh hl3l*f. D»- ptndob'. Ironiaoriql-on; 8200. ED 4-3533. Mercury Mcnteny, low rAe engine. FD S-252J a GOOD CAR DEALS 1955 Studebaker, 4 door, 6 Cyl. Radio and heater, overdrive. Clean. Also, 1955 Buick Special, 4 door, radio heater, auto, transmission. For details, call ED 2-1061 5 to 9 p.m. 83. Mobile Homes Iv54 AT.sKcan Hoult Ira I Ser. 4V X S' wide. 1 B/»'i p!oi 8' X 16' R«m, Wo:V naihlr.r. ED 2-1779 oOer 4.30 p.m. IT'S HERE I960 - 50 X 10 SPARCRAFT. A top value Mobile Home manufactured by Spartan Aircraft Co. This unit has Early American furniture, Washer, central air conditioning and many o t h e r extras. Financed up to 7 years. RICK'S TRAILER SALES, INC. Moblli Horn** Heodquartert ol the De'M "Since 18S3" ED 2-7245 Highway «2 ! fhoni o t-\m Ifouu Far Houses For Sale --,, . 1211 L»w:» 12 B/P) , , SSO.OO 933 Goefrol (unf.t , S30.00 4*7.50 Drlv« 3 B/8 S67 53 719 S. California 3 tilt I'/, bath ... JW 05. ..... US.00 _. $50.00 Greenville's Best Quality Home Buys 918 W. Lynn Circle Brick J4 Clapboard siding, 3 bedrooms, tila balh, paneled kitchen with maple cabinets. Chrysler heating system. Hardwood floors. $450 Down -- F.H.A. $400 Closing Cost V.A. 1521 Marilyn Ave. ThCs Is a quality home at An economical price. 3 bedrooms, carport large tlorngc, gliding doors on closels, aluminum win- Alr« 338 334 271-A N. Bioodwjy . 5J» A l e c - d e r _ 31« S. B'ocdwjy ... (5500 . 155.00, S45.00 . S40.00 . 150.00 . SiS.OO S50.00 . i«5.00 ov. 7/30 .... 195.00 £50.00 54A. Trailer Park AIR CONDITIONED FURNISHED APARTMENTS. C A B L E CONNECTIONS, PEST CONTROL SERVICE, ALL U T I L I T I E S PAID, CALL ED «736 OR COME BY 7-11 MINUTE MARKET. FOR RENT ICE CREAM FREEZER AND FLOOR POUSHF.RS. 95. 2 I 4 S10 J. L. McCLENDON 137 I. Harvtv -- PHen* CO FURNISHED APT. 134 S. tVdway _ . 13500 112 S Ediicn J J O O O M J'o."d Ac.ei 12 B~/R. Goi t WM~) . 6M Walrholl 527.50 905 M.o n 1 EVR A H : d--a-8cd S45 CO 371 A! JOJ W (2 P./PJ S« 00 ISO 00 GET the position you want with i "Positions Wanted" ad in Class ificd Come to Delta Democrat- limes to place your sd. 51. Unfurnished Apartment! Unfirn. ? S / o duiiVi. CO'DOrT. Ct-r-a! 1 ' l«orrJ. SSO n-.a. 23] O-I30. EO J SC'JI M A Y N A R D WILZIN 0*11 ED 4.4S54 144 N 6-ccd. ' 34 H H.ftd 1717 Sfl-uti !?· V; ft: in I Slo.[i SiOOO 13S 00 5 * 5 0 0 ·."·I AI.,n'.uM . .- m i* «07 N. lrcoawq» ,, ,, Jli.OO CONDITIONED. CoTple'il/ Fwn. · Trail!/ on b«au-,ful Icke Fc-aulon. lld» Tra''tl fo-k. ED 4.4525 Of Colored Kcntals MAYNARD WILZIN CM ID i 4J54 144 N. )0 »»«onc!.i - 121 50 Polloc* 511 941 Shitldi IP32 lavci .'.". txea SI3.00 . .... 510.00 S I J . 5 0 J32.50 ".""~". 116 JO 36. Business RenUll SIOBE SfACE «» UASF, IS' X 31' * 15' ' X 44' id dowi'wn ' CO fcll.r n:«i. Cal M*al1on, ED $13,900. Veterans Just Pay Closing, About WOO. ALL SOLD OUT o lhat'i why w« muil till vou about »· art ita.tino iasn. Thue honef v.111 TFtr 'OTDli!« etnlral ail.epndllion'ng ind britV vtnett al lldlrj'eviV |3* :rkti V/« Kit hat* 3 VA Taani left. a aV« ion-* flood odvln and look at the WI^AIAVAYS PUBLISH OUR PRICES iows. large tree on lot. Attic fan, Formica counter top, dressing fable in balh. $·500 Down -- F.H.A. §400 Closing Cost--V.A. J 213 Fava Drive Family room and fenced-ln patio Included with this 3 bedroom: home. Located in Highland Heights, the exclusive all brick addition near Mattie Akins Elementary School. V/, tila baths, J largt closets in entrance hall for slorapc. $7SO Down -- F.H.A. ?400 Closing Cost--V.A. $15,600. LUMBER C O M P A N Y Phono ED A MATTER OF CHOICE- IF IF IF You want to live In a value controlled area, near churches and schools , . . . You want two, three or four bedrooms (or your growing family . . . . You want an attractive home, inside out . . . . A home that surrounds you with comfort Something of beauty convenience that all your friends wil) admire . . . . This is what you want . . . . Let us make a suggestion . . . . CALL ED 2-7217 REALTY COMPANY 70. Houses For Sale 70. lloui-a ..nuscs Foi 'Mr 70. HOUIM For Snlc FO? S*lf, 3 B.'R Hsuie. 2 tV! biihi. 1250 00 down 431 Ot ^rxvih, 3 1*011 h*» ^ The: to Id. J/SOOCC. 3 i 1 ;* Komi e^ TucVir ST. $530 ccih SAO 60 mMn. (6.7SO 00- 3 cDonrrenl bul! J31 N Brocdv tn locorrc. *1 50 00 month Solo c,,:. i8 3^5 I B/*, l/JI itrKito^ D/k» 2 ear garogt. 'orci 'oi, e«tV»«T Iseorio/i en Co'vvxi St FHA (· mi (/m I TO Bovd Vhoc-I IXOO di*n. iU.?J9 frr PU/I-.|I dl'ai'l rail »f ifi K A V N A R D VV1I,7,!N O x i i tO VETERANS! USE YOUR G.I. RIGHT NOW. JULY 26 WILL BE TOO LATE. G R E E N V I L L E . L U M B E R C O . . "MISSISSIPPI'S MOST COMPLETE BUILDING SF.RVICE" Phone ED 2-2637 ED 2-2M7. F.D 2-8313 Call ED 2-5421 and lei lu give you a free estimate on all your repair work . . . No Down Payment 39 Monlhj to Pay. [Savings Every Hay...on Use our Cash Wholesale Plan for all your Building Materials and Supplies . . . and cut your costs -- I N V A R I O U S L O C A T I O N S V E R Y L I B E R A L T R A D E - I N S O N Y O U R O L D H O M E . Steel Co. 815 Main Street Phono ED 2-5«l Nilo KD 2-2794, ED 5-2160

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