The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 19, 1960 · Page 6
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 6

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 19, 1960
Page 6
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Dcltn Democrat-Times 6 Tuesday, July 19,' '60 Election Bels Are Second To Horses CINCINNATI (UPI) - Americans spend about S3 billion n year betting on the horses and about $200 million on elections. The comparison was macta by John C. Cornelius, president of the American * critage Foundation. The non-partisan organization is making a national effort to persuade every voter to contribute to the parly of his choice and to vote, Cornelius looks for a record turnout for this year's presidential election. He based this on new laws leaking it easier to vote and the active participation in the vote drive by 155 rational organizations. * * * · PET purchasers are watching "I'cts for Sale" in Classified section. Your ad there will reach POGO BEETLE BAHEt NVSiflN'A CAMPAISH 60N6 PCX YCU. 1.7-1? niE RYATTS WO AOX tOO. (06 . W.O OOAt6 (Of. US escwsi evge ot WQ RQA«5 tO O HOOROAXS fQA «o, WHITS ANO PART PON'f A\AK6 AM/CW , eo nl .Dr. Crane Says. 'Sandwich Method' Of Criticism Helps Mates Patch Marriages By · GEORGE W. CRANE, Ph.D.. M. D. CASE F - -ill: Jane L., aged 30, is the wife of the dentist whom I quoted yesterday. "Dr. Crane, what can I do to save my maniage?" she spoke tearfully. "For Norman says lie can't stand me any longer. He wants a divorce. But that would be i n - i tolerable to my family, for they don't believe in divorce. "Can't I win him back? Or is it too late?" i Rc-Buill Love i I.ove can be re-built, even if one party to the romance hates the other one! And that is not an exaggeration. Several times I have described patients in this column who detested Iheir mates, but who were madly in love again within a year. But one of the two people involved, must use the proper psychological strategy. If the other one is willing to cooperate, that makes the (ask doubly easy. nround Ihc house. That's especially true since Norman is so meticulous." I added another honest compliment to complete the sandwich. In this way, you can put across he necdt .i reproof wiMiout of fen ting the other person's CE°- So he gets the point, yet still ikes you as a friend! Aixl that s the ideal method for teachers and parents to use, too, with children. Otherwise, the reproved person ;ro\vs irritable and bitter and sy. But you can win your male's even against the affection lattcr's wishes. In Jane's case, T employed the "sandwich method" for giving her reproof regarding her slovenly habits in the home. This "sandwich 11 plan means that you start off with an honest compliment, the "meaty" Then deftly inserl or critical layer. It is well to smile tolerantly and use the casual, "1 wonder if it wouldn't he better if yo tried very hard to be n e a dislikes the one urn. who corrected Then I urged Jane to be very I 1 ! control emotions direct- But you can direct your mo- lionr, such as words, smiles, kisses, considerate acts, etc. Well, Jane reported back to me thral on the first night, Norman barely kissed her. It was an effort on his part. But she kept up her role, and never let on that she was hurt by his impersonal attitude and studied aloofness. "Before the end of (lie week, he wasn't so Impersonal," she exulted, "for I could feel him To further her strategy, I also gave her the bulletin "Sex Problems in Marriage." If you don* have a copy, send a stamped re turn enveJope, phis t w e n t y cents. For a sexually adjusted .married coup]e rarely will seek divorce, even when many other glaring faults are present. But even so, always c o r r e c t your faults. (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long 4c stamped, addressed en- _ GO 6WlM*\lhJd CARELESS '~~ ftrf BLOMDIE SOFT-SOILED, FRIED, BASTED, SHIRRED. J SCRAMBLED. POACHED-, if. DAVID CRANE weakening. And then he finallyjvelope and 20c to cover typing kissed me back again as he used and printing costs when you send liberal with compliments for her mate, making it a solemn rule to jive him a minimum of THREE'.-' ipoken compliments every day. In addition, she was to smile ~ delightedly when he came home.k; (or a smile is a dandy non-vcr-j'.-'i bal compliment. And she was to kiss him, Hollywood style, and put all the "oomph" into the act that she could muster. I "If you can get him to go through the motions of love," I warned her, "then he will soon begin to feel the corresponding emotions." F o r e m o t i o n s automatically to do during our courtship." for one of his booklets.) A t R CONDITIONFD HOT OHIY THAT, KITHE PAfXi OUT ON THE TWEE'S /* mttCK (XXHO AROUND JHWfREP ·^ HSHTOH STAOaeKfP \ TtXCRH } fRIOAY KIOHT, C£!\V /^ PRUKK... ^fa" PAVtP, TIE JUST COlff ntPfH A MEETING of ns UP. AVP I HAVE «W!£ MO flE ' STEVE CAN'YON Blue Chips Catching Fancy Of Stockmen follow the proper motions. You PICTURE GIANT OF 1960 BY THE WJIHCR OfGUKTl FRIDAV1 FERBERS P-R-0-G-R-A-M around 80 times its annual earnings, Such a thing could hardly happen to a blue chip of the old school. Not tike Old Days The blue chip used to hold pretty close (o a price that was 10 times earnings. But in these days of inflation of most market values, many of (hem now sell at prices well above that ratio. Before the stock market break early this year some were at 20 limes earnings. Unlike UIP. blue chip, the growth: stock usually pays small or no dividends, the company putting By SAM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP)--Wall Street still has an eye for the romance stocks. But recently the blue chips neglected for much of this year have caught the stock trader's fancy, too. The investing public is likely to get that way about the blue chips when the going is slow and cautious, not to say a bit apprehensive. The blue chip's conservative reliability is more appreciated then. Its sisters, the growth stocks, seem a bit less glamorous. However, it's an attitude that can, and often does, change over , n j j,[ earnings back into further growth.' The bfue chip is the darling of I" relation to the market price, the institutional buyers and ofipaid, 'he return to the buyer is GrtmvitU Phor.B ED 4-4311 LAST TIMES TODAY Sinister and screamingly funny! most stock price indexes. But that is more a result of being one than a reason for being one. How Do You Tell? How do you tell a blue chip from the multitude of stocks on sale on the country's stock ex- ;jlAIC ULI UIIV. S . W M I J V I J J ^,,J i^,.- --chafes? And what makes a less * rue °TM* lts well known stock sucklenly g]am- nstilutional buyer and quite small in comparison with the higher yield o r the blue chip. But: the buyer o! growth shares is looking for capital gains through rising prices of his stocks more than for dividends. The blue chip is the tried and n to the to the orous.' The romance stocks that have caught the trader's eye this year for a brief or protracted dalliance fall largely into these classes: SPACE-AGE STOCKS - Shares of companies deemed set to cash in on UK spending for space sat- ellities. for missiles and rockets, and electronics in general. Ex- fK*ry , 1960 Ta dVend iuir d 'Court of P. ;d I P. Sarjllo « th« fcllowing dei B*3'nn' 30, ample: Texas Instruments Inc., aTM! profits, which sold at around 53 times its annual earnings. DEFENSE ITEMS--Every time Khrushchev hurls some verbal missiles at the United States slocks of companies deemed sure to profit by any step up in cur rently favored forms of defense turn glamorous GROWTH STOCKS-Darlings o the long bull market. These are] shares of companies that through j excellent management, or in up and coming new industries, seem ",,';, sure to grow faster than the aver- j"^ age. Examples are International j sTM Business Machines, recently sell-| 1k *. ing at around 55 times its annual! «'» earnings, and Minnesota Mining ; Eoi Manufacturing, selling at around 52 times earnings. NEW PRODUCTS --Glamour: also touches stocks of companies that seem sure to grow because of a consumer product that calches wide favor. Prime example: Polaroid, whose stock price climbed to _ ompiler of a stock price index, is L- stability, iLs reputation for both conservatism and steady tf unspectacular growth, its long record of consistent earnings and ·cgnlar dividends, its lesser risk of wide price flucuations. These characteristics cut out many (op companies in industries given to marked cycles of output, sales ©UR .«« Alec Guinness Burl Ives-Maureea Clara Ernie Kovacs-Noel Coward Balph Richardson Jo Morrow Also -- Cartoon 2 Rceler Show Starts -- 7:30 Slarts Tomorrow "PAY OR DIE" Greerwi!l« Phcrs LAST DAY BMKER , C»H , LWlOBSIGUft o-.-.i 1 -:^ 18 Ni:lh,, Rcngc r i^iita'oi Co-,n: v , Miti.i i : pai, (V-Biu* alc^g r^s Ms-rh Jirve cl ja 4 i*c!ian Eon, 7 5 3 / 7 *«··; rh-rc^ Souih 4 de^ie*i 23 irir-jifi V/nt, 50 Fee- to rh« Ncrih*-eil c o - r f r cf B'cl 2 ol lh« M^!*;vJ=i A^dir.on la ih- cir/ of Gieer.vil'*. M-i»:« ppi; Abo -- Cartoon 2 Rceler Show Starts -- 7:30 Paint Sale of Discontinued Colors Flat Wall Painr $ O 19 Serai Gloss Enamels $ O 93 Reg. $6.4S GAL. O Reg. S7.52 GAL. 0 Burk Hall-Tayloe Paint Glass Co. ]512 Ffivy. 82 E. Across From P. O. Phone ED 2-2629 FLASH GORDON PINE BLUFF KATV-CHANNEL 7-CABLE 7 6:00 New* 6:15 V*n 3 b' 6:30 8,-orco 7-30 V/yait 8.CO P f.'enva 8-33 Colt J 9.00 A.'CM r P. 30 Dav.-jon 10:00 Newi 10:15 ic-fl '.lov'e V/fONESDAT S : ' 5 Ov*.Tur« 8:55 Dorf^ V/crd 9:00 Bugs B'j.-.nv 2:JQ Go 1 * 3-00 8*ot 3:30 WKo 4-00 BaMv-' 1:00 Abovl 1,30 Cro.sIM 2:00 Dap I Get A Home Improvement Loan . . , SUPER'S ectl THE TOC'S hE^CJ TALKING TO THE CF- Tilt VSCKLD I ASK NOT FOR KIT FDR THE AlEI KA\E FAM'LlfS OH EARTH.' A YEA*: IS A MOaFITAL FRl^OM 'IS S.",\ALL KEWACP FOR TVER [MNSEROUS MISSION TO TnE STAFTS/ MYSELF, \^7 .N WHO , Vt" W EARTH.' \^ ME I CfilY WISH I COULP HP! V,£ ARE ALL GCATEFUL TO YOU.' BUT 1OU MUST STAY,. UNTIL \\E'R[£ SOKE THE SPACE FIAOJE WILL NOT K SFKlff IOFARTH.' JACKSON WJTV-CHANNEL II--CABLE S TUEIDAt 10.00 eijKkltowk 10 CO I DO Full CircV i 30 WWoodo-ttr 10 3 a """· I0:3 ° c '"' Hsri7on 1,30 Houi» Fan 6.00 HS.VI 10.50 Tl-ear 6:15 Deng 11 ' 15 **"· 7.~00 . 7:30 Dobia Gil'ii 6:00 £-30 Caintdy 700 D,33x^lil II,CO Lev. ol Illi Ib ^arltghr l^.ej.11,30 Etoich Foi WEDNESDAY To-nciraw 3 G-il ?:30 Cowilry Shew "'** Gu' 3,00 CBS N«wi 8:15 Cpl. Ka-ga o 00 Oec B:i^e 9:30 Scoi:::e 1?:00 No ol2:05 N«v,i 12,10 G-_en 1?:30 Iha Editi 1=30 I 2:00 Mifll; 2:30 Vfi YW. 3:00 B«k)h4 Do 3 t l 5 SBC Stoifn 3:30 Edc. ol Nil. 00 Pfo. Chcke 5:30 McGrow FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONERS CARLOAD PRICE -- NO EXCISE TAX BIGGEST DOLLAR BUY IN AIR CONDITIONING TATUM FURNITURE MUSIC GO, B^^PTy SAKASE AT ONE ESP OF THAT ESCAPE ROUTE ASP AH E,tt7Ty AT ThE OTHER., AVAYBE THERE'S A ClUf. HERE VK'S OFFICE TO SHOW WHERE HE MBh" HAVE TAKEN K3RTUSE | IWATCH X1Z3Y.. [. l_; a£_Liki\fi DICK TRACY JACKSON - WLBT CHANNEL S - CABLE 5 «analj 9:30 5"o:cun 10^30 Cor-renircilcn 2,20 fio- l O C O E I ^ k SjcfcTe 11,00 Frx-ih cr Con Rcc 11-00 MeCrc* 11:33 CwlrJ ? 9 Y c u 3 00 Ccr 17:00 S r j n Off 12-CO Oevdiorsl -1-JT AH. -V- WEDMEiOAr* 17-10 HP-.VI 5:OO lii- y 6 30 Con Clcu-co-n I7-75 ZfO Tf'.fj'^t S . l S N f . (o^' /,OO ToJnv 1=00 O_-T F 0 ' A 5 ?0 ^-: ' ETP 900 Zc-wr Pocrn Dtf 520 MY -ni -?-30 PI^Y Ye-Jf T ^ O to;ti:a Vc^r.g Flic 45 H-Ti-h 2 00 Di I 10-00 Pr'rn I] Biqf" Mn! -- Starts Tomorrow "BIG NIGHT "CIKCUS SfAUS" TRY OUR FAST GARRY-OUT SERVICE · Fried Chicken · Pizza Pies Chicken Livers Chicken Gizznrds o Veal Cutlets * Sandwiches BUBBLER'S RESTAURANT -"zT MCIMAC.E.BE A GOOD SCCLFT AND FIMSH HEC? TATTOO, PLEASE: LOOK, HERRS AN E-XTRA FIFTY SUCKS-IP YOU'LL JUST FINISH THAT PIMEAFPLj- BUT DC^'T LET HER KiCK ME IN THE JAW AGAIN. S»OTS. vou MEDIEVAL -MOHSTERS'/1 IFWE MS TO G4CSE3. teM -- Bt'X S A W Y E R MONROE KXOE--CHANNEL 1UISDAY IP CO N-JVI 1000 Lu: cf cf can, ^84 ^ frir to en iKi So*jlh«av' Clendon Aclrfiticn orj AHH l n S--MS 34 d - g r c e i-:c-Hi Fnv. 1 3 1 C3 t ol hf? r.n-ro for . S'.i-'S 6 c-vJi F-"f. 1 V.'e^l NOTICE TO CtED1TO» - rn«n:# ol:r\3 iho Fiftv-ficf w.He m«f rgl So-j'S 0 ri*3-f«i 8 n'no' ,-rvHi fan, XJ0.10 feiT 73 . . /if EIOViA tfEO a' 1 V .» So-jth-JV (O--er cf ef lk» l«r,gil«'rf J^bu-bnn A : tf.«r*» a'c^g "-» Scu'h li-.c lof. Scuih 89 dt-yteti 50 mE^ it:crJi V/etf, 125 0 ff?t. ih lh 0 d^-f*i 55 n=ny'«i 40 l W«l. ^W.-*5 f f f t 10 th« p h*3^n:-*g. co.-.'Ti'-^i 1.^94 cr » · Icti, in $*clicn 35, r,f nthip, ror^p. rroi.-nry ond f ii vcy fl'i o Hp(fxfa-i. i Ih* 3Cih d3^ cf Jure. 1?;0. / i f A D B"OO*^i O^ntt:* Clerk 6 00 He/,i A 15 SC-MI 6 10 ricr Fc- 730 Pc:V.'s [i ~t jO Deb:- r- =1 CO ^V;Gro-w 11:00 L O V I 11.30 S*a 3-CO Th. 8-lght TODAY THISV/;.- ...L BULL OF THE PACIFIC! Hisns-ne wasHalsey-- . But the enemy spelfcd it "Kein Jsmos Show Slaris--7:30 Phone 2-7785 Fast Service 'f M CW.O HAVE 60NE . . - E W E WAMTEP Tf^ .'i; V.e COjuA WE COUU? WVt PONE IT FOR HALF NEVIR KWE ^Of WHAT 1*5 15 flOlNS TD COST. BSTCHA UPc, AT.Vt^Al! UXJVO'^^S Oc-A STEAKS, 50 POUNDS Of LfVV3 CHOPS LI L AENER EL UORADO KTVE-CHANNEL 10-CABI.E 2 TUISDAt 10 OT,\Ver:rh;i 10 0 '---.-.-- · - . r c n l-?0 L o r , 5 , 3 5 *-i N'BAI 10 I S fccV P 3 ( , j i . C O t-'.i» c - 3 0 0 Yd S:is r;sc r.v*i 13-00 « o - OH Cc-^-:- --'» M 600 Newt WEDNESDAY 11 ~^ G^'H EJ Y ^ j 3,30 · = · A C S Pcnec* 7,00 Todo/ 17 f^ !«-, PC A 30 L T T - - * 9.00 Da =· Mi I T " 5 i f f 5 b 3 *·"» '"ci «-30 Piay Ycyr ?!:-: 3-?n B-J; Ht-M-h l-CO O'.A-n Fo · ' 00 P '. ·T rx; P,, r « It dghi CVay S 00 P" 8 00 D:-!r-?r-j 9'no softer MERE-r^O'^i 5TRE.NTM COULD^T CXD THiS JO3//-L-LUCK-V AH IS SOMEWHUf SOONER- / AM'NCV.'TOGir I TO DOGPA7CH, BKf-'O'THKr WANIAC DO.'.' FREE'OPERATIOM? OH AU'D LOVE ONr.'.'-- EFAH HAIN'T BEIM'TDO NOSY--WHUT KIMPA OP6RATC.M IS IT I'M A Pl.ASTlC SURGEOM. ) . PEOPLE MORE BEALmFUL.'.' OH, AH ALLUS VEARNED TO BE. MORE BEAUTIFUL.'/ MUCH MORE.T

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