The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 5, 1947 · Page 2
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 2

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1947
Page 2
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THF TmOWNBVII/UC n, TODAY IN THE VALLEY A \ V K A T I I K i t F O I C K C A S T K.'l't THK LOWKK KIO U R A N D E \ ·U.i.fcV r u r l l y c l o u d y w i t h I U U : r -,'.; ·. ,.^ i j , t c i n p c r f t t v i r o t h r o u u h .",!..' MUUT;I!C to f r e s h u u m l v . , i , , V M a x i m u m u - m p o r a u i r u t h I k . , [ . . i. i:. il u U5; m i n i m u m l o n l u h l 7U '"M!',' P.AHT T B X A M (KA9T OK THE l n - j j i ! M K K U J A N ) . I ' n r l l y c l o u d y this . , . ; , , , ,,.,',, u . J i l a l i i mill F r i d a y ; u f«iw v - . " t ! r ; . . M i i ' i e u l t h n n c l u r f l h o w M K I n « x « i , ( i r e c a s t i x . r i l u n i h U a f t e r n o o n n n r l ...... i h r u p l i r!ur,r K r U l u y Not m u c h ,. ';".!',':,-,r-U) f i « * h H c u i h C M P t wliuls on the r f " 3 t Lowest Unlit iiiat 'J4 lust livBl H o u r s NiidH 1M hrs , , . , , nil «, i 7 ' · ' . ' " . ' '".I '".'.',"·'·'·'·· H l " 7 '.' ''".",,,... '" (/? ''··' "" 7.1 I 'I 5-,. If 1 ! · ! . : - I ' - ' - . K : » - i n i t u - '. f '· f II i'Ml l l » ·: »· -,! S''. r R :.. » : · · . )·;;;(·· ·"· : .1 :.t,l;ii l"lt j . . - . . . . , - , · . 1 ' R . H! J "'!·« v , .. A ! I ' ' ' ' ! ! ! * =-· ; : : . - » .-r'"V» "' J ' i l i - ' - IK) 11 «» J». r ' Til TO « t3 HI 117 77 fl'J 01 5' 'I n:t 71 72 71 61 f» C.8 71 71 72 n:i 74 rtv 7:) IH 7 1 7'J TO .SO T 1.0-t .3.'! .14 T ' - , o. I t l V K H IHH.I.ETIN K K ) O K A N O K U I V K I t Flood F t c - u d - 'M 2 n t I f r . H r , , Hivln 0 n.2 n n T o 0,3 0 7 t i . n i . 27 I 'I ·)\ I 'I 31 4 . 3 1H 'I » Marine News IN TOUT TODAV MV COU8TKH (Br.) Dlscharg- \IIK bananas tmcl pineapples. Port Brownsville SS Afjoncy, ngents. MV MAYMEUE (Br.) Discharging pineapples, Port; Brownsville as Agency, aBcnts. SS UOSELEAF (Br,) Discharging bnnftmifl. McCarty and Massey Shipping Oo,, agonU. MV LULU tPsin,) BelnB repaired. Hidalgo Distributing Co., SS 8ONQHA (Nlc.) Undergoing repairs. Port Brownsville SB agen- MV LYNN B, (Pan.) Undergoing re-pairs. Hidalgo Distributing Co. MV GONZALO CARIOS (Hond. I Undergoing repairs, McOarty and Mnsscy Shipping Co., agonta. MV ACCURACY (Br.) Undergoing repairs, McCarty and Mnssey Shipping Co., URontH. MV LEV III (Pan.) L. H. Prl- chard, owner. MV CAHIDBIf.AN QUEEN (Br.) Dlflchnrplnjj bn.nnnn.fl. iMcOnrty and Massoy Shipping Co., agents. A R R I V A L S MV CQJjTSTF.R (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas and plne- ipploa. Port Brownflvllle S3 Agony, agents. DEPARTURES . r JS TEL A (Hond.) Gfilvcston for Irydocklng. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. MV MAYMERE (Bv.) Puerto Mexico to load pineapples, Port ·Jrownsvlllc SS Agency, agents. Huston Appointed * , * f · Airport Manager McALLBJN, June 5--Mayors of McAHqn, Mission nnd Edlnburg have employed ty, E. Huston of Sinton as malinger of the Moore Field Airport recently acquired by the three, cities. He Is expected to arrive .In the Valley today and us- Biimo hlH new duties Monday. Huston will go to work at a salary of $250 per month,' plus two per cent of gross receipts at the field and housing there for him and his family, Plans 1'or operation of the field got further under way yesterday when mayors of the three cities accepted a contract with Central Power and Light Co. for power at tho field. Rates will compare with those for the city of Mission. The three city officials reserve the right to approve all lease pon- tracts at the field. (Continued K I V K K V . ' . ] ,!»- my. ( o l i n t i r n Uio bolow Klo nri M TIDKH TOMOIWOW t 4n H rn Low 10:4B p fn ; T o d a y T Hi n rn a u n r U f T o m o r r o w R:.'I7 n . m · f t r ' T l * " p r r n s i i f * 1 «' '' '10 * rn. 20 Bl Fire Alarm! ·irf C h i r r Krtward Vnlont and t-mnn Alfredo Oamnrlllo rushed M u t n m o r o n yesterday morning a d m i n i s t e r tho department's m i n t or t/» 10-tnonth.H-okl Su/.an- A l v j i r n d o . dnUtihtor or Mr. and ·- Jrsn.i Alvarado. ' e f f o r t s to re\Mvn th« child were Shr riled or respiratory uhlr. a t t e n d i n g physUsUinn nn- n l a n n thP clty'.H heavy niAhlng to 12th f i n d J p f f c n u m K l K , yrMturdfiy inorri- vi,' v.lini j.onu' u n k n o w n pernon nulled an nlftrm box .signal. T r iv jjis-n wild nn automobile had reportedly caught fire. Two engine cr*w* extingiilflhec n fM-r nt. the Port of Brownsville morning which couk re.HUlttid In serloxu U.IM....S- Flames were burning It n pi IP of old lumber noar the soutl ' m ' ( i c of tho turnlMf: hnsin while U ( u r i k e r lonrtlng gasoline wa.« c i ··!-. fd nenrby. There wa« no (Sarnnwe, firemen said. _ City Briefs Mr. ami Mm. J. ken nnd Mrs. Yvonne Brito and Bally Anm; of SrRUln. Tex., urrivcd In Br/.wnsville toctrty to visit with Mr. ,,htl MTM. Frank Taylor, 2,000 V/cst Jefferson St. MrK. J3allrircl Mrs. Taylor nrn sisters. * WHAT A I)UK TO ARRIVE O-O--MV M1ZPAH. (Hond.) Port Dan-loo, Qnutcmnlix with bananas. VIcCarty and MiiSBcy Shipping Co. .ftrnts. 0-0--SS SAPAULPA VIOTORY (Am.) Houston to load general 1? o for Baltimore nnd Now York. Phllrn Shlpplnpf Co., agents. (i-n--MV WALTER Q. 8WEPJN- HY fCnn.) Alvaro Obrogon with jinne, MoOnrty nnd Masnoy Shipping Co., iigonls. , f T W f l / v r i v 0.7--98 Ft/AOSTAFF VICTORY Am.) HoiiHton to loud gononU mrgo for Scandinavian ports, illior nnd Co., agents, fl-7--EUZKERA (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas, P o r t Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 0-7--MV CAPITOLA (Br.) Tuxpan, Mox., with bvmnnns. McOnrty and Ma«flcy Bhlppinff Co., ..agenta. (j,7_MV MAY8TAR (Br.) Puerto Mexico with pinonpplea. Port Brownflvlllo S3 Agoncy, jigontfi. 0-7--MV KRAGEJHOLM (SW«d.) Houston to load for Scandinavian prnlfi. AKnnts, Fowlor and McVitc. j, E. Kidman.. 0-7--MV 1IIJ3OU (Hond.) Puorto Moxloo to load plnoupplou, Port jjrownavllle as AK«ncy, agents. 0-0--MV AMAPALA (Can.) NaU- Mn, Mcx., with bananaa. Port Brownsvlllo SB Affuncy, agents. _ 10~a HALIFAX (Br.) P.uorto Mexico with batmnaH. Port Brownsville 88 AKonoy, awentfl. l 0-10-- MV OHARLKB A, Mao- LTDAN (Br.) Puerto Mexico with banana.H, MaOarty and Ma»soy Shlpui:ig Co., agontfl. 0-H--MV PATHTOIA SWIilENEY (Br,) Alvaro obroffon with bana- niia. MoOarty and Maflfley Shipping Co., agonlfl. O.H__MV nOATAN (Pnn.) Alvaro obrogon with bananua. MoCarty and Wwoonoy Shipping Co., aptonttt. n-12 -- MV MAYMERK (Cr.) Puorto Mnxloo with pineapples. Port Brownsville 30 A g e n c y , agentfl. 0-12-88 CHARLES L Y K K S (Am.) Antwerp to load general cargo. Lallior nnd Oo. agents. 0-15--SOUTH BEND VICTORY (Am.) Houston to load gonoral cargo for Baltimore and New York, PlUlon Shipping Co., agents. 0-15--88 STEVEN F. AUSTIN (Am.) Stockholm to load general cargo. Lallier and Co., agents. 0-15--M8 DANAHOLM (Swed.) HoiiHton to load general cargo for Scandinavian ports. Agenta, Fowl- or and McVitlc, J. BJ. Eidman. 0-15--8S LOS ANGELES (Pan.) LeJInvro to load crude oil. philcn Shipping Co., agents. (J-24--38 CAPE FEAR (Am.) Vamplco to load general cargo for Scandinavian portfl. Agents, Fowler and MoVJtle, J. 13, Eidman. 0-ijO--SS MACK BRUTON BRYAN (Am.) Oslo to load general cargo. Lallier and Co., agents, State Senate Okays Good Neighbor Bill AUSTIN--(Special)-- The Texan Senate late Wednesday afternoon passed House Bill No. 408, which cceps alive the Good Neighbor Commission sat up during the war to facilitate; tho handling of agreements between Texas and Mexico. The bill, urged by Governor Beauford H. Jester, and strongly supported by Senator Rogers Kcl- L\y of this district, passed the Senate finally without amendments. The Good Neighbor Commission has been represented In various phases- of U. S.-Mcxlco relations since its establishment, including the recently inaugurated f a r m labo · agreement ^between ,ho two n 'S. mal gns service was restored, but ity officials hoped to establish wnter connoction today for unitary purposes, Officials reported that tho food and milk situation, described ns rltioal yesterday, waw relieved by arrival of emergency supplies. Few of the 500 families that ibandoned homes when the water Bounded out of a 20-foot wide reek had returned to their mud trewn dwellings. At least GO per- ons were being cared for at tho te armory. Others had been akoii in by friends. 1 The raging waters spewed mud rom five Inches to two feet thick n hundreds of residences' in the lortherly section of the" city ai)d mttered foundations in some roas. Unofficial estimates of damage an as high as $2,000,000. Considcr- xble of that was in crop destruc- lon and residential property wreckage. The business section escaped undamaged. Four persons, reported missing during the height of the flood had aeon accounted for, Lawson (Continued from Page One) Dlants for alkali if not permitted ,o hold aome surplus. "Certainly the Valley would not vnnt to uao tho residue of the Rio Grande." Lawson declared that powei, lovolopnionb In connection with tho dlam construction project is tho dental, «o far us the commission is concerned. Irrigation is thi primary purpose. It was added however, that some 400 millioi kilowatt hours might possibly generated at the Falcon dam. Special gueats at. the dinner meeting presented by Mr, Orame included Robert Leo Babbitt, Sal Antonio attorney;' County Judge Oscar O. Danoy Brownsville and Lloyd M. Bents'en, Jr., of MoAllen Fissioning of uranium and plu tonlum gives off iong-rango rmll urn atomw.oallod alpha partiole* which fly through the air for elgh Inches. (1-20--AXICLDYK (Dut,) Tampl co to load general cargo for Lon don, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Ghent. Fhilen Shipping Co., ftgtft 0-2Q-SS DICK LYKE3S (Am. Antwerp to load gqneral cargo Lallior and Ob., agents, Truman Fountain OT /outh (Continued from Page One) abandon its vitally necessary loan and expenditure programs, If wages were reduced, if savings were exhausted, and if unemployment sets In-, then there would be less demand nnd prices would drop. 'Senator Taft would call this an adjustment. I would call it a traflc recession or depression. There is nothing novel and nothing worthy about, getting 1 a price collapse through reducing the demand. That Is the typical road to b, depression." The President said Tuft's economic philosophy "follows the old idea, of boom and bust." For h s own part, Mr. 'Truman added, ,1 utterly reject this defeatist economic philosophy/' believing "in maintaining a lull employment, full production economy." Harlingen Charter Vote Up Saturday HARLINGEN,. June ,6,--Harlingen Awarded Degree } COTTON PKICKN Ruby Read MiUcjlcn, daughter of L. K. Matejkn, formerly of Brownsville, has been u warded a Bachelor's Degree from the Soul- icrn Methodist ulnverslty School of Arts and Science* at Dallus. She was among 300 students who WHS graduated Monday. Miss Matejka, who majored In jsychology, was a member of the Baptist Student Union and Psi Chi honorary sorority, She graduated from Brownsville High School In ·June, 1043, and attended the University of Texas, before going to NKW YORK. Jinn" !'i--«.-lv otUn prices wrrr l l v ^ to 70 rom» u bale higher than the provums rlosb. July 34.86, Oct., 20.97, and i Doa. 20.10. _ A Brooklyn polytechnic Institute pcjentist predicts t h a t by 19.-' ;,v fifth of our gasoline will o« isyntiUJtlc. ...... rake Off Duly Fat With This Home Recipe Trlptane gasoline, a new aviation fuel, Js A compound eonlain- ng seven carbon atoms and 10 yydroffon atoms per molecule. Before visits by white men, Eskimos were free from mnny dis- oases. E S T O N U S T O N Unlike the Englishman who said he "missed summer last year because he took a nap," these London children lose little time m a k i n g ?he most of a recent rare spell of warm, sunny wenUier-n welcome change after one of the worst winters in the country's history, Her. they en oy the cooling waters ol a fountain in Brockwell Park. oitens will go to the polls Satur- r day to vote on six proposed amend- , . ,»»,,¥* \» i h n O bv So- W^WKB PORIHIGN E X C H A N G E NEW YORK, June B -- (/P) -Foreign ' exchange rates follow (Great Britain in dollars, others In cents): Canadian dollar in New York open market- H 3-4 per cent discount cr 91.2(3 U. S. cents, down 1-n of a cent. Europe: Great Britain $4.02 13-10 Up 1-16 of a cent; France (franc) ,84 1-4 of a cent, unchanged; Sweden (krona) 27.05, unchanged; Switzerland (franc) (com'l) 23,40, unchanged. La'tin-Amorica: Argentina free, 24.45, down .01 of a cent; Brazil free /,[(), unchanged; Mexico 20.02 unchanged. ments In the city .charter, Olby So cretary P, J, Hubert said Approximately 3,000 ballots 'have been prepared for use. Polls will be in the city hall and will be open from 8 a.m. until 7 p, m,, jucUres in the election will be Charles H, Brown and J. O, Elmore. Clerks will be Mrs. Ada Babel, Mrs, Tom Yatea, and Mrs. Louis Garcia. r7 rl' T :-'ly bears aro susceptible to snow blindness.' Insurance Bond* DOD1)-MITCHELL AGENCY Arcade BUlg, · Brownsvllla Phones 100 and 1839 SAVE I5 on Dreft See Coupon;Page 10 Via Braniff L«av* Brown»vlll« 7i25 PM ArrM Golv.ilon 9,50 pm. Arrlv. Houiton 10:7S Oolv.tton For.-H6.10 en.-woy r , _ . . ^ _ _ K~.._ltA.10 oneway plui t«». IOK Ph*n« 1ZOO Municipal BROWNSVILLE jf'*'-''^ ^·:^ '" ^MXf^-.^. ^ A ,^ f *f ""*"- v«^'^*X :^^^ M«il Air Freight · Mr fcc*TM From where I sit,., Joe Marsh GRANTS BRINGS PRICES DOWN AGAIN! How to Go to Sleep We were sitU»g around Bill Webster's pnrlor Friday evening and the talk turned to the bent way of overcoming 8lceplcMHn«H8..,liko brcMh- Jng rfthl wlow nnd deep, ImHglning that you weigh a ton, or aim ply throwing nwny the pillow. The consensus favored counting ahcop. But right away wan tho ( q u e s t i o n : w h a t kirid of Bhcop? ' There wore some votes for coiinUn' Merinos, Shropahlros, Oxfords and Dorset^, Eel Mapes said he had bcHtf luck counting 1 crosflbr^ecls. Finally, B«rt Childera spoke np, with his font-mi*: A lijfht snad and a mellow glass of beer at bedtime. Sort of puts you in the mood for quiet thoughta aHd peace of mind. Lets yotf relax . . . and "ho off to pIcaHant dreams! From whorfc I sit, thcre'B nothing like a temperate glaBB of beer to erhooth a\vay tbe cfease« of the clay, relax a body, and puvo the way for a good night's sleep. Try it, and «ee if I'm not right. Copyright. 1947, Vnited States Brewers Foundation Ono coat covet s * Dries In 40 * No unpleasant odof * Economy of water * Covert V A L L E Y W S T R i n U T O R LlvliifiKton ralnt Store Harllnpen, Texas D F A L K I I H Palmer Taint Paper People MrAilon, Tex. (:. A c:. tModrrn Homes K a y m o m l v l l l o , Tt:x. I'ainl Store on, Tex. M i ! In P . n l n t \- ( i h i s s Co. I . J j - i » W H . ' i V l l l j : , Tex. SPI-:NC i:it'« P A I N T STOKK V A L L K Y S K F . I ) ( O. Weslai-o, Tex TRY US! THE NEWEST STORE IN TOWN HAMBURGER 3Sc Gold Chain 10-Pound Bag 1.1. n^"«i 1~"--"~~"^----^^^^^^^^ '· --· · · · ' · · " · PURE LARD 27c Per Pound BACOM ENDS Per Pound Per Pound SHOUT RIBS 32c Per Pound FRESH EGGS 52c Per Dozen . . . . «"j r-i nno h ^^ · 4\ c 10 31U REGAL BEER By the case $3.60 Southmost Service Center Sbrry No Phone As Yet 14th Street and SbuthittoUt Road i| W/ tev. J Reg. 59f! Boys', Girls' Sunsuits . . . . 47^ Sturdy 64 x 60 percales, with floral prints, stripes, checks on anorted sirowndi, Sim 2 to d. Playsuits L57 Stripes, florals, checks, in assorted styles and fabrics. Contrasting or self trims, all- with pleated shorts. 7 to 14. Reg. 1.00f Sumrntr-weight! Rayon Slips . . 87* Built-up ihoulf«r style in itvrdy knit rayon. White and ttarof*, rvfflid boMom. 4-i4* Reg. 1.79! For Todt!erst 3-Pc Sleepers L47 WaihabU coMon crept In solid color pink or blue. One top, two pairs of pants. Size* 1-4. Money-Saving Values FOR BABY TRAINING PANTS . . . 21 Reg, 250! Flat knit cotton, with double crotch, elastic waist. \- SLEEVELESS SHIRTS . . Rug. I5tff Durable white cotton knit, sire* 1 to 6, Buy several! Teh Style*! 84x97 count Fabric*! BAY DRISSIS .1-57 Reg. 1,981 Fin* lawn or woven dotted swIss, lacy and embroidered styles. White. Sites 9 to 12 mo*, \^ STURDY WORK ClOTHES SANFORIZED* JEAN SHIRT. Blue, ton, uv to 17. R*g 2 29 -- h97 MATCHING DRILL PANTS. Wu«,tan.30to42.a«g,2,9* ^^ 2*67 CHAMBRAY SHIRTS. Sanforized*, Sixei \4V* to 17. Reg. 1.49 1-27 DENIM DUNGAREES. Reinforced for long w*ar, 30^re, Reg. 2,19 - 1*97 OVERALLS Sanforized, S-OJB, Blue Denim. Reg, $2.98 2.77 You've Paid 79* yd. for Tfiese Summer Fabrics PERCALE Keg-. 49c SHIRTING 39c REG. 35* yd. CURTAIN MARQUISEHE Rerrthants ot a fraction of full-bolt pricest Choose from a wide variety of novelty pat- 29^ ftrhs. Sew fm«i turtdlns for every window! DEEP PILE CHENILLE BEDSPREADS i ThitMy tufted, decorativ* chenlifej in rose, 57C green or white) with multi-color deslgni. PIQUE He*. 000 57C large 18"x36" ilto. Famous for thetr extra abiorbtncy, Choou rtd or green pfolds. ' _ · - * --··* """" *» W. T. GRANT CO.--iiu

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