The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 12, 1951 · Page 75
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 75

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 12, 1951
Page 75
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No Shortage J WITH Expected in Sports Gear WASHINGTON. Aug. 11. (I i The nation's millions of sportsmen! need lose no sleep worrying about i any serious shortage of f tackle and related gear. At not yet. Corpus Christ! CALLER-TIMES, Sun., Aug. 12, 1951 3-D The Sportsman Moran, Hamza Battle Friday Just liU« ih« man ttaid--tilings pounds were caught, with duite a are looking up ail over. j lew strings of L'5 or more listi taken Port Aransas' gam wasn't quite; · v»«i».-ii-v »« mimt ith(»- ! .. _* . " ' UPt Aransas Wlth W a t e r » «**'' 1 '· best day of the weck. -- _ i Winds are due to quiet Officials of the National Produc-! m0 re today and tomorrow, the e i weather man promised, and \va-| Rlters should clear rapidly as thej goods aie making out fairly weUi w inds ciUm. despite a reduction in Die quantity' of scarce materials thev mav use. J o e Moran. sensational y o u n g !mackerel run offshore and trout -£TM 5 ^[ reduction even | were striking well in Uie bay. at Town Hall Arena. The Scott ilcGee parly of Alice.·· Aloran, 173, who has scored five out of Fisherman's Wharf, look i;i straight knockouts since turning to mackerel; the G. A. Connerlv p^U^P^-tor-pay ranks early this ty of San Antonio ,5 trout aid^iffi^^tuT^*DTM v *. At the Keii Jxt Bait Stand O I ,'bluefish; the Charles Southwell par- '' H ; mza 1S4 o{ U)s . , Vn ., eles UI , tjl And John M. Holmes, secretsry.jthe Causeway to Padre Islajid thei l - v o f r Falcon Dam 28 mackerel: lecenU ; slaUoned at'uu:kland Air treasurer of the Associated Fish-j morning catch was strong a n d|^ e ^'_^.^ uss f.j I ^'!. t - V0of ,? cl ^ alb Force Base in San Antonio. ang tackle Manufacturers, also iseveryone was getting a nice string. | 3? mackerel, and Dr. B. B. Bru- Hamza is Uie bo'-cer selected to ,_,.: :_.:...:- ..= ..... Bu); ^ R i n i m i c k vvas ... t h e t r o u t i- VO " of Dallas 130 trout. : f a o e f o m e r heav ^v cigh i C h a mpion taking a non-pessimistic view. Holmes told a reporter the outlook is for a fairly adequate sup r ly of sportsmen's needs through 1952. He said it was impossible for him to forecast the situation beyond next year. An official of the NPA, which CHAMPIONSHIP CONTENDERS--Four of the top prospective entries in the City Golf Tournament which opens here Thursday talk over the coming tournament, with Oso Pro Tom Lawrence. Left to right they are Dr. Sam Powell, Dr. Franklin Cox, Chuck Thomas, Dr. C. K. Emery and Lawrence. Qualifying play in the tourney continues through Wednesday, w i t h medalist play slated Thursday. First round matches are Friday, two rounds are on tap Saturday and the finals in all flights will be played Sundav. TEAM WRESTLE ON TOWN HALL MAT SCHEDULE Ellis B a s h a r a and Pat O'Connor have a hard night's work ahead of them Thursday at Town Hall. The two tangle first in a one- fall, 15 - minute lime-l i m i t mutch, then grali paruiors and butt heads ajjnin in a team tag match Jater in the ver.- inf,*. Baslinra's p a r t n e r is to be. Leo Duran nnd O'Connor's is to b« Roland Meeker. Danny McShnne u n i i Cnrlos Moreno st.ijje a i-etui'n bout in the lieadliner of the weekly vrestlinjr r-ard, a tvvo-otit-of- three-fnll a f f a i r with a 90-min- utf time l i m i t . Charley I^ay and !W;Ut Murphy slaftfi the opener in a one- fall 15-minule a f f a i r . Leo Voss is to referee Uie night's activity. SPOR TS Australian Stars Sweep Into Finals Of Newport Tennis NEWPORT, K. I., Aug. 11. LB match \vas decided in the most Two of Australia's Davis Cup do-1 one-sided fashion when thn Ausir/il- fendoi's served notire lod.ny they will be mighty tough to beat in the challenge round rt c x t December \vhen Frank Sf-dgm.Mn and Mervyn Roso provided the anoient Newport Casino Tennis TYmnmnu'iU with its first all-foreign singles final. The iM-vo.'ir-old S e d g m a n df- fan cut loose on a nine-game win- njnjj streak midway in the second set. The last previous Casino foreign finalist w:is Kred Perry of E n g l a n d , \vlio was beaten by Ellsworth Vines hack in ism. J.Hpan's Ichnya were striking a red-headod plug! ' Kzzard Charles in an'oxhibifcon at better than they were live bait - .·«» Mar "iH.rted th f S o n n y , La( . kland sev cral monUls Top strings of the morning w c r e 'Biediser party of San Antonio : Momn ol'iiu taken by James Lansing of Corpus · caught seven mackerel and another- r i n j v sta rdom Hale of|P art - v 10 Christi with l^a using 75; Stanley San Antonio with 42: and Mr. and; inaxed his rapid rise to ing stardom last week in San An- ·tonio when he knocked out Whitev Mrs. John Keltner and Mr. regulates the flow of scarce ma- j Mrs. L. J. New of Austin 38. had a strong pickup in fishin up to 2'i pounds from the pier. terials to industry, said the fishing tackle industry is receiving abou' the same treatment as the rest of Uie civilian economy. And. he said, there is no intention to single out Uie industry for .any "unfair treatment." By cutting down here and there j in the quantity of scarce mater-1_ At Os(1 rip ,. !n Oorpl| ials. and in some cases using sub-| B a v t r o u t as , as , stitutcs. he said there should be]--: no serious shortages of the things | sportsmen need. i A i««3 i l C U C T^HCC An early NPA order prohibited jC\.i (IIi?Cl?» 1 tlr'n the use of steel, copper and ~ ' ' num in thp manufacture of t n o k l e . It soon was amended, how ever. Under present regulations, the fishing lackle industry is allowed to use TO percent of the steel, SOJ At , c ;| percent of the copprr and 50 per-| h o a n , mo(o| , boal ',,,,,,. W l l , ^ . ,,, ,. .. .,, . Bet her. a staunch Nc\v Orleans andi atainew* 1 lace said the 1. A- heavyweight, in the third round. | Lambert party of San Anlomo land- Promolcr L . L Baldesareli savs j ed 15 mackerel: the Industrial In- Ira's on the GuU side of Padrejsulators party in four boats t o t a l ) |the Moran-Hamza bout should be! look , branded as a grudge fight, report-1 a 1 n S a n t i ' e d l y there were only a few small reds^ 00 **^ r ° u V_. Ul , rce , "" nlble , i ' : ' m , y ' of l ° !) bi s men. taken. However, w h i t i n g lo jealousy on the pail : JOE MORAX . , , f ,,,, * *° t a 1 ° f 8 .·ere being caught, and "· C ' J u n £ ami H - NV Austin 43 mackerel and 142 - Hal1 of and '" lf: Races Slated Toda\ , , · , Among he local drivers expected cent of the aluminum that they I t h e j ( . cn!ft usod to use. This arriingement was worked out after the industry set up a, committee to advise NPA on its', material needs. l l ° compete are John I r o n , one -From what we hear," an offi-!" f l h e slate s leadln S drivers, A. rial said, "lhe industry is p r e t t y , c Hu{f -''"'"iv fiillospic. Buddy happy with tho arrangempnt." j Moore and Steamboat S'r.Me. "If we get Ihe main-mis we've! A complete M-rst-p proj;'-.-im been promised, we'll still he a b l e pltmned to dn a pretty good job," Holmes .boards, commented. for w i t h of Is o u t - ' (it S i ' l u r M r l*f:'!i,,is. !l:fill a SOUL'N.Ml d H s an ihftl vau \vlt] 1'^ |];b \\f-\t\ ni ~ I I P I C 1 0 , n n i r a . ftu VM-^II t u ' KniaiK! is tiu ii!C;ii!v popular ;expectpd to be entered. The fj,-,st; in^ u« Wi * m n tint tart i«y t-,», »«; f o r m e r rcpionai Golden (jloves ban. Holmns said jobbers' and deal-!race in the afternoon's card is] Vne M a i D r (Vrsoiis am simwr. in't n in w P i g h t and ( e n t h e r w e i g h t 1 -·'.chedtiled for 1 n V l n r k . P n z e s l TM " '" " ' ' ers 1 inventories are r a t h e r heavy, , "I t h i n k it's going to work o u t ! lor all all right," he said, is expected to total j hrn-.-ifter The ^ ! wi* v 'ii.!u'r'-!i 1 ''' 1 ''"upion now stationed sit Lack- feated filirdnnr Mulloy, 6-3, 6-2, more than Sl.OOf). Twenty-five cities in Texas «nd j Louisiana are represented i,n t h e j ' . entry list, w i t h Orange, Beaumont,! San Antonio, B a y t o w n . l Charles. Pweetwater. Free- boats «"*· "« Bowling Loop Season Nears End at Ayers *f Another league has completed the Season at Ayers B o w l i n g Lanes, but this time there is no clear winner as yet. A playoff is scheduled for Wednesday night between Shell O i l . Red Star Premium and the M y s - j tery team. Shell and Red Star t i c i i! appeared So be wilting rapidly but , ju i i · 4 u ·».· · T i ne managed to pull himself logeth- for the lead m the Men s Indus- ,, a^After trailing, five games i trial Lea.gue and Mystery was one! to three. i point behind. I The Australian finally broke Mul-: Mixed doubles at the L a n e s| lo ' s service in the 15th game and ; 6 match ^ servin S a !-7. t l i e r c h y p.'iying back T h a t .'!"· vear-old Coral 'n.-thlcs. Fla.. vol.-l i s lll(1 o r a n for a s p l b n c k s u f f p r e d bist | vif '' 11 '' y p a r in t h o London championships! nt Qiscrnp. j Rose overwhelmed tnp-s e f d f d ' Herb Flam of Beverly Hills, C a l i f . , ; 6--S, 6-1, 6-3, in thp other semifinal.! Flam had figured prominently in I U. S. Davis Cup plans on his p l a y j in iait week's clean swoop civer' Mexico in an American Zone elimi-' nation test. j Sedgnian, rated as. his nation's top performer, started well against! Mulioy but again seemed to suffer j "third set jitters." Early in the third set, Sedgman; McCray Reported Out P.1CHMND, Va., Aug. 11, ( A P ^ j Houston, K; niagae, h e r e J T l i o Richmond News Lender ; th,. iion-plnying c a p t a i n l t o d a y it has learned from "reliable!port and the Valley sendin, p.aimti's Davis Cup t o n m , | reports" thai R. N. (Rube) M e - j and pilots. | Ci~.-:io's onlv foreign singles|Crny will resign "immediately" as; The rac^s are being sponsored; He d e f e a t e d L i t i i e Bill U i h l e t i c direolor and head f o o t b a l l I by the Lone Star Racing Assncia-j Johnston in a five-set f i n a l SS years|coarh at the College of William l i o n , in which Corpus Chriiti cur-! fico. M a r v . I ' - n i l v r a n k s third. i l i n y Sunday siimvn m H a n d . An o p i i o l i e i H for the ttomovhal .-.nortei ; . . , , . , - , , , , | blond beiter u'lll be announced ·er, B.'ildcsareli annouticed. J! aJ '| FeJix Villa, a sharpshooting H -111 j ^_ 11:113 M i l l . Mllj. M i l l . 7 iof A . M . 1 . 1 II 1:411 S . l i ' »:4l! II 1', 9:111 4.U" Jii.-ai .'i.-.'ii 11:111 l i . 1 it 7 10 l'!:.Vi .'·'illl I M S 1 :-lll r M I . I I K K I I M A I J K SI1TS JIII..W H|. f«.T men aii.l w.-iinc-n imire.1* uf N ^ w I'M iri'tn.s -- r B W A V TAILORS fsi ana l.-itttcst MiM'''hii!it l l u r a r In This T c n i t n r v "I7 Nt». Chnimrrnl St. promoter says ber weighing around 151 pounds were not per- f r o m .Monterrey, Mexico, also is in r n i t t e d to train together at Lack- l i n o for possible action on the Fri- · l o u t - ' l a n d because of t h e i r differences, day night swatfest, the matchmak- -Kiitierls l-'ights Again ' e r said vesterdav. Christi; »" e "°" '^w I; lrt ; ».»! v( I s n n t 1 The local hit parade on Uie Fri- Ticket i-eservalions mav be made lo 4 Charter brought bac.c ,Jb speckled d a v l l i { h t s h ( , w fo , Uui . s l a n F _ D . i S a , l v at t h e arena with ringside ,;.!;!" am1 6 0 .·**»_" n l r o l l t , : ' ni , 1 t n o (B,,,^, R u i v i i s . the l«. a vAve: 8 hl seat's at S2.5U and stage seats at , U i l l o n party had DO mackerel. bo] , e ,, u h o u ,, n h , s f i r s , p( . 0 ( l f , h t , $ , Geuo ,.. (1 ^^^^ Mls at ! ,, ,, _ , . , . . - w i t h P;;t Viola on lhe last card; S1.50 will be on sale at boxoffice | Iho Rosabel s n i . , n . i n C t r i p into H . H .,. V , C i l j ; J ,,, r , Browi j,-,., who ! open .; n g t i m e Friday night. Corpus Cm-isti bay resulted in a h;ls pashni UV() k n o t k o u l s , u a row ' catch of approximately 1MMT5 trout m |hc In .. ;l! ,, L ( ) m s Skn , b , an ,, vk helorc the boat had to r e t u r n lo; 1()fl . aookin!; u e!i,o- u ,.,o h t . ail(i J ( H . North Beach of nn an S -; B o i a n d . ,,i sh on , h o l( ' Kl of a!1 . lor wno hooked himself. ;, i m e f;u . onles of South Tcxas box . Jing fans. ! Roberts will swap punches with ! Jesse Vargas, the San Antonio re- I g i o n a l Golden Cloves heavywoiglit king last February, who will be m a k i n g his pro dcliut F r i d a y ni;ht i n t h e f i v e - r o u n d s e m i f i n a l e v e n t . | l!''rbie Nelson, a Sun Antonio midi d l e w o i g h t . is t e n t a t i v e l y booked for ;a f o i i r - r o i i n d e r w i t h t h e s t i f f - p u n c h ; ing Prown. Skrfliarc;:yk's opponent is unsign. ;.in you: (!HS an iht-l v i j \ \ i t i l'^ Ii^b . ^ ( l Roland is the h i c h l v WANT HER TO KNOW HOW MUCH YOU KEALLY DO CARE? each Sunday are drawing larger crowds each time around. T \v.o| Rose Uses Power ehifts of keglers roll 'for merchan- The husky Rose, built more for! football than tennis, over-powered Flam from the start and t h e i r dise prizes, with 20 bowlers in each shift. Top man in last week's competition was M. Schwitzer of the Buccaneer- League. He had the high individual game of 224 ^ and was second-high with his series of 567. topped only by the S71 J Heffner of the A m e r i c a n League. The week's.leaders (HTG--high OTV ^ 11U1I * ea?n - g w a r£ 1 1'"- HTS ~ hi § ;h t '.' e a m rngTrtiiie"season Monday night at TTT^ eS ii-^.^~L.?? 1! ! ^ ° ame 'i^ o'clock at the Northside Junior HlS-high; individual series; LL -- i High School. league:, leader): . j Among- business. to be transact- · EiGHTEEN'-FrFTEEtf LEAGUE i e ^ a * the meeting will be the estab- '?- e e J?. a J. Ion --···.···· .4024'lishment .of a list of those going SFOA Meeting 3 Set for Monday The Corpus Christi chapter of the Southwest Football Officials Association will hold its first meet- S 0 to the state meeting in Dallas o. 3 , . . . 3 1355 HIG---Lou Belt! 1ST 525!week-end: a general discussion of £XBiks""s'r;soEEB TUMBLEJIS {rules .changes;.'- and the complet- 555 ing- of selection of-officials for the coming season by the coaches. · · · te'H The local chapter of the SFOA LATE. MEN J includes officials from C o r p u s Bust ?"...;:: ······· 2 ^;Christi, Kingsvllle, Rohstown,' Sin- HIG--suiiiva-n '".'.'.".'.'.','.'......'.'.'.'.','.'.'. 215 i ton Aransas Pass and Rockport. Ex^wooflmters a® | Jimmy Grant of Sinton is chapter «UOA"EEB LEAGtjB : i president. HTG--VTW Post No. 2465 107SI HTS---VFW POM r-'o. 2165 29U5 rn -i «1 -ff-s HIG--M. Schwitzer 224 I WO .^f\~l I Kf»i^f HIS-M. Schwitzer ! 567M- " U k-'dlA. UUctL LT.--Nueces NPWK ^ rirner^l Con^t Co ' -«-* _ · - " AMERICAN 1,-EAGTJE " i ¥ ? r t « T , o W«,-.»^ HTG--Jarman Shoes 8S2'I1HCCS JlCl C HTS--Jarcian Shoes 244SJ · -· His--j" r Heffner ///.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 5??! " Cv "'° races sponsored by the Cm-- second to get underway at 2 o'clock: ' s afternoon. ! All but two members of the local ire to be HTG--ccTB'aiiFft'Trust Co.'""."" wejheld here today in the fourth of HTS--CC Bank Trust Co i«i a serie'S of five of cummer "acpe; HIG--Fave\Cumra!ngs 1S3i SlBIles OI IU e OI summer .aces. His--Fayo cumminss ^ 426J The first race is scheudied for lArraS B s a wnreR Tr scR\TCH I K A G I I E 10 °' cloc ^ this morning- with the HTS--Team No, 3 .""..'..I...!.....'.'.'..2120 ' " " ' " . - . . - H^rr--Team Xo. 3 .7fi r HTG---Jovce Woods 189; HIS--Eleanor Bunpc- 523j LL--Team No. 5 · . l organization are to take part in ,1'injand Travis Bailey the only absent jj2J I members. '"i Singer and Bailey were in Sea- S16 brook yesterday and today tak- 2^sjjng part in the Seabrook Sailing 520. Club races. nxEi . KTS fLsdtes-- TOmtoi Pernni HTfv fllen)-- -Tnhn Tata a .....' ...... , HTS W«n)-.Tohn Taraji LL-- Flvn Slips MBX'S rat-RSDAT I.EAGCE HIS-- Harry Samuels LL -- Ranpers HT5-- Team No. 4 ............... HTS-- Team N'o. « ..... ....... HTG-- Ed Bull ................... BIS-- Ed Bull ................ . LL -- Team "Ko. 4 COCA COLA LEAGUE HTG-- Sales (RO1 HTS-- sales BO1 Hin-- H. Bortcman HIS-- H. Bofleman (Dutch) A FIRESTONE UNDERCOAT IS GUARANTEED FOR LIFE OF YOUR CAR $17.95 Protect* Prevents Rust Firestone Store 501 N. Waieir Phone 4-«241 Buy from Your Druggist Today SAVE ON YOUR BACK TO SCHOOL TOPCOAT... NOW MEN! IF YOU DEMAND TOP QUALITY AT A PRICE THEN THIS IS YOUR EVENT, Topcoat SALE! TOP TAILORING-VORLD R E N O W N E D FABRICS* M A K E THIS A "DON'T MISS ALL WOOL GABARDINES TWEEDS . . . not just Gabardines and Twaeds, but fine Gabardines and Tweed s. The excellence of any coat begins with the fabric. The superiority of these coats is evident, for the fabrics are as fine as money can buy. Such coats deserve the utmost in tailoring . . . these coats have it and now for only a few days a $50.00 or $55.00 Gabardine or Tweed topcoat for only . . . YORKESHIRE TOPCOATS . , . you'll like Yorkeshire Topcoats, You'll like the Fine Gabardine, the smart Smokey Tone ideas. You'll like the tailoring and extras we had the manufacturers put into these coats and you'll like especially the price. Regularly S55 and $50, now for only . . . $43.95 GABARDINE TOPCOAT WITH REMOVABLE LINING . . . our coat with the removable lining. A warm, pure wool lining. Zips in easily to make it suitable ior cold weather. Without the lining, it looks and feels like a feather. A regular $75 value ior . . , $58.95 for famous brands H O M J E OF S O C I E T Y BRT/ffl C L O T H E S ardell thomas co. nusces hotel comer

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