The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on May 31, 1965 · Page 2
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 2

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1965
Page 2
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2 Monday, May 31, '05 Delia rrmncr;i(-Tiiiics News Briefs ROLLING 1'OKK C U K K K L K A U I C U S ROi.LIMJ I-X)KK--The fighiiinj -.pnii ol ihe Colunels will bci 1 boosted'nejit season bv Rollim: l-'ork's r.cnlv elected cheerleaders. New Fighting Breaks Out In Bogalusa Police Check Series [j Governor Addresses Of Weekend Crimes Delta State Grads (UP1) Negroes Two burglaries, an attempted suicide, and a purse I snatching took place in Greenville over the weekend, -- ! P n l i i - n P V i i n f W P H n r v » l f t ^ c o i r l lr,r\r,, t andi · _ , , . , · · · · ' UOGA1.USA, La., · Tnc stx elected by (lie silicic;)! Ixnly \vm? Ann CurLnynl, Haicn 'i.';.^..^^ talwp '' Atchlcy. Phyllis Harris, Kiilliv Kuihcrford. Huron Hand, and Mary, ·" *\ I Corlright. Substitute cheerleaders will ]« Marijon Uoiids nnd Marion I , es , e ou ' lhls morning tho Washington County Health ; rk,TM , slier about 25 Negro pickets . C. Burnley said today. burglaries occurred at Chase. TWO 1NJUKED; IN GOOD CONDITION A (X'tlestrian and a bicyclist injured in s c j x n a f e i r a f f i c aecidc.-nt.s- ; resumed iheir vigil in front of Company. Highway f North, downtown stores. ' o\ - cr the weekend were ro|Xrlcd in j;Hxl cu:irliiiun uxlay in ( i c n c r a l i S [ a | C ! Hospital. Elwyii Blown, 13, 210 S. Ih'imni. «;is M i u c k f r o m ' c l'ind!. l |J m|l ' by a pickup as she was bicvcling writ on Alexander Street Sunday ' [,., v a l : w Mnj. Ben Ragussa, assistant Department and Wiley Electric An 18 - year - old Irusly from {Washington County J a i l was police superintendent, saidjf O U I K | hiding in the closet of · , . . by a pickup as s e was i c v c i n g writ on e x a n e r ree u n a y , . / a t 7:25 p.m. The truck was'drivcn by Herbert Rogers, M, of Avon, es ; who was charged with careless and reckless lriving and driving .·while drunk. Willie Davis, 17, 407 Norili Strrel, sulferetl bruises . " c was l n J u r C"Negroes five Negroes and eight arrested. No one the health department Saturday afternoon after Dr. R. W. and whites began .^Friday night when a cur driven by Freddie Owens. 19. 417 Second M'Shling again about 20 minutes .iStroet. backed into him. The accident lixik place at thc inlerscc- | al «:r the first fight. Their was Williams reported the building.perch were stolen from Wiley had been burglarized. (Electric Company sometime Glo^lcr ami A slrccls. , GKKKNV1LHAN KLICCTKI) ASSOCIATE The Rev. William L a t h a m nl Grccnvnle has been elccletl an as- jsociate in the Training Union department of t h e Mississippi Baptist ^Convention Board. Rev. Latham succeeds the Rev. Jamc.s I l a r r e l l . j who resigned lo enter Ihe pastorale. A n a t i v e Latham has been pastor'-of the Forklaiul Baptist Church. A graduate no i m i n c d i a l e indication of how many persons were involved or if anyone was injured. said Ihe fighting apparently started when someone -y. ,,.,,,,*., '·»'·-·".j l}lrcw a s , riilg of fi rccn , ck ers of Greenville, Rev. , .. _ fa _ _ . . . , . _ ,. _ of Mississippi.College, lie received a Irachelnr of divinity degree near Ihe Negro pickets. Police Jr. who said he was drunk, attempted to open the safe, broke into a drink box and vending machine, and ransacked desks and cabinets. The young Negro was released to county jail. l r orly - nine cents, Ihree chickens and a package of white ACCORDIMG lo Chief Burn-! Sunday night. The cash register, ,safe, and drawers had quickly slopped Ihc figlmug. from the New Orleans Baplist Semimiry in this monlli's exercises. Rngtissa ordered in two I school busses to be used as pad KALSK A L A H M wagons and Ihreatened lo Police today were checking on n Msc lire a l a i m turned in at -fill ||, e m up" if there was any _ .'6: -SO a.m. today. A leleplwne caller rerwrlcd the Kilrlieii was ahla?. i'al 406 North Street, Companies 2 and 4 answered the alarm. 'ITier was no file. SOYBKAN SKKDS STOLEN Bctvveen 15 anil 20 one h u n d r e d pound sacks nf "ccrlified soybean seeds" were stolen nver Ihr- \srek-cnd from Cerlar Lane larms. Farm manager Krncst Wells rcpnrtcd tile seed was laken'"probably .Sunday" from the radio f a r m alnml three miles south nf - Greenville. Sheriff's dcparlmcnt is investigating bul have made no arrests. HOYS' STATE OI'HN RAYMOND (UP.)--The -HO dek'Huti-s lo KK American Legion Boys' State go lo the polls lixlay to select candidates in statewide ?lcclKns. Eddie Wilmeshcrr of McComb and Sammy Milner ol Jackson were nominated Sunday a.s car.didales for governor by Ihc two mock parlies--Federalist am! Nulionalisl. MISSISSIPPI STUDENTS 1IONOKEI) JOSHNSON CITY. Tex. (UPD-'lwn Mississippi yraiihs were ng 121 high' school students named -Sunday hy President Johnson as presidential scholars. Jnhn Richard (iiiylnn, son uf Dr. ami Mrs. Arthur C. Guylon, of Jackson M u r r a h IJigh School, plans to coffee lochiy at tin attend Ihe University of Mississippi ami major in physics and try headquarters more trouble. Eighteen persons rested for fighting were ar- Saturday. Racial tension, which appeared to be ebbing earlier this month, reached a climax today when Mayor Jesse Culrer said been searched, said. Chief Burnley Icy, Ihc trusty, licnnic Hayes Building Fund Approaches $500 Coal An additional J129.03 collected last week for the rebuilding oE the burned linnie of four Greenville orphans pushes the jlaining appro.xirnntely $200 Hincs Building Fund nearer ils|ca*h was snatched Irnm Mrs. CLEVELAND, Miss.--Gov. Paul Johnson Sunday challenged the 38th graduating class a Delta State College to strive for individuality in life. Speaking to the 28C graduates!" in the Waller Sillers Coliseum|an individual life as the nation's Ap r || 17. on campus, the Governor saiduorefathers did. that the only m a r k in life can be made by a true individual. "Exercise your responsibility and your many talents," he said. The bigger the mind and the enthusiasm of spirit carried into life, the bigger the mark will be. He noted that during his tenure as Governor, the state has appropriated for education Obituaries - Funerals Mrs. Mary Rogers Mrs. Mary Elnora Rogers, 86, of Slringtown, died in King's Daughters Hospital at 10:15 p. m. Sunday night. She had been a palicnl in the hospital since Funeral services will be con- member of the Union Presbyterian Churc.H. She had made her home in Stringtown for 14 years. Survivors include three nieces, Mrs. Pearl M. Caswell of Cleveland, Mrs. Norma Tultle and Mrs. Edna Brewer, and "GRADUATES must (he responsibility nf men and \vomcn in our society," he said, for "scholarship has Belly Willis, 18. 350 Calley Street, apparently attempted suicide on her front porch Sat-j meaning only when it is Irans- urday evening when rJe shot jlalccl into action in life." herself in (he stomach with ' more than a 36 per cent increase over [hat of the last biennium. "Some say that Is too much," he sakl. "But in this era of scientific and l e c h n o l o g i - c a I change, there can be no e( j uca i e( ]jqucstion that the soundest in- dueled at the chapel of Nation-L vo nc phcws, Rawley and Ardie ,al Funeral Home at 4 p.m. lo- rj rmvn . day by thc Rev. Tommy Wood-| ard, pastor of Grace Methodist| Quake Sway* Church. The body will be sent j Q ^ yo Buildings . to Monmouth, III., by Notional' Funeral Home for burial in Monmouth Cemetery at 5 p.m. Tuesday. Mrs. Rogers was born at Pulaski, III, and later moved to Hc saltl - "Characlcr M caliber pisiol. She was laken; " c sal "' ^"".icier is lo General Hospital where sheTM 1 rmvs lllro "S h CJi « cise was reported in critical condi-; b( ' nevol( ' nl government built No lion this morning. A black leather handbag con- benevolent 'artificial laws rif do it for you." The governor and conscience can identified Ihc rtl vestment a state can make islMonjr.ouih, 111., wher she was a for the education of Us young."' (T HAS ben proved lime and again that Ihe only thing more expensive than education is ignorance. 1 During Ihe ceremonies, Rose Mary Denton of Greenwood wasj presented Ihe first diploma by President James M. Ewing for TOKYO (UP1) -An earthquake swayed buildings in Tokyo today and jarred areas east and northeast of the city. There were no reports of casualties or damage. $500 goal. According to Mrs. J. B. Yel- dcll, assistant chairman, the fund has now collected $38.i.5D toward the rebuilding of the he \sould not tolerate any more.home of Harold, Sarah, Julia Negro demonstrations or mar-lnml Sylvester Hines, cht'5 until racial tensions easec up. Farm - - oilier area planters would refuse to hire Uwm. "We can't go anywhere else because they won't hire you," one driver commented. mathematics. Patricia Elaine Slicppard. daughter of Maj. and Mrs. P. Sheppard of Biloxi; Jitloxi High School, \vill go tn the Jniversity of Illinois as a pre-mcdical .sdulent. COMMODITY PLAN" CUSHUD JACKSON ((JIM)-- Slate W e l f a r e Commissioner E v e l y n Gandy called on 15 counties during the weekend lo give consideration to a surplus food program for needy families in their .. area. Miss Candy said supervisors in B7 coiinlies had conlacl- ed'-\vjtli the Department of Public Welfare "for distribution of surplus food, furnished tree by Ihe federal government, lo needy citizens. "We hope our supervisors in Ihc 15 counties without u surplus food program will give consideration tn this matter Ht their .Tune meeting," she said. THE 12 workers were served the Delta Minls- on Nelson St. $14.00 Value --PLEASE BR!\G THIS AI- 11X14 PORTRAIT SEPIA ron ONLY They nil said they were mem bers of thc MFLU and bore cards signed by Treasurer C. L. Sims. The card indicated it had them SI to join and 50 -cent :monlh]y dues. They said they had been told by whiles lhat (he MFLU "was legal" because of "some working laws". They were also old, Ihey said, lhat Ihcy would ;cl into (rouble for carrying the MFLU cards. They are receiving some aid from donations taken in Trib- selt area churches and indicated they expected some help from the Council of Fcderatcc Organisations or the Delta Min- 'stry of the National Council ol Churches. Thc workers expressed appro hension about returning lo Trib belt. "You just can't be sure wha Ihe white people around there This Offer Good iMiiv 31 t h r u June 7 destroyed May JDovie Justice, 33D S, Sunday night at Ihe Droadway and Central, Police today arc searching for a young Negro male who fits |lhe description of the assailant Justice, Chief crime as Ihe " f a i l u r e ! h a v i n g achieved the highest ac- 1. Broadway,!' 0 ul 'l' zc the t a l e n t s w i t h which'adcmic average in four years at corner of | we ' ve ^ f TM endowed" and chal-! Delta State -- 3.7 of a possible ilengcd the graduales lo accept.1.0 Mrs. Denton, a mathematics (he responsibilities and risks of!major. received a BSE degree. The children were all in school at the time of Ihe fire. The rcccnlly formed Hincs Building Fund is headed by William Carter with Erzie Smith serving as co-chairman and Mrs. Ycldcll as assistant chairman. Mrs. Ezzie Smith is; secretary ami Constance Watson is treasurer of the Fund. PREVIOUSLY announced pledges for $256.50 and for materials and labor were increased this week with thc donalions of J40 from Bca's Century, Brown and Marion, Edwards and Evans and Stevcrson and Dillon Funeral Homes; of 55 and any brick work needed from Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Johnson; ami of $5 from Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mclntire. Also St. Peter's Church $51.69; Frank Koestler $10; Mrs. Ethel Loflon $5, employees of Warren Produce Company $10.-10 and T L. Weslon Jr. High School, an additional 52. partially ^. m | )y rM rs . jRurnley said. Eastland Lauds New Reservoir Near Jackson JACKSON, Miss. (UP1) -Sen. James F.aslland, D-Miss., Sunday praised a new reservoir named for Barnett as former Gov. Ross a boon to economic ample of what can be done without seeking federal funds. Easlland said Ihe $25 million reservoir was (he first of its size constructed entirely without federal financial assistance. Thc huge project was financed through bond sales by live cen Iral Mississippi cau.nlies^and the city of Jackson. . . . Several hundred--persons were on hand for the dedication oil the 43-mile long lake, formed by damming Pearl River north of Jackson. The ceremonies were held at Ihe control tower oca led at the $7 million dam and spillway. APPRECIATION SALE AT NO INCREASE IN PRICES ONE YEAR FREE SERVICE ONE YEAR GUARANTEE BY QUALIFIED ENGINEERS AND TECHNICIANS RADIOS, STEREOS, TV Electronic Workshop Jerome Sit Hwy I At Alexander C. W. Sidney EASTLAND was introduced by Gov. Paul Johnson. Other speak ers included Barnett and newspaper executive R. M. Hcder- man Jr. Hederman is president of Ihe board of directors of the No appointment necessary. However, you may avoid wailing by calling our studios for an appointment! Minors must be accompanied by a parent! 0:ily one advertising offer per subject every 3 to 4 inonlhs. Limit one lo a family. This offer for our old customers and their families. Groups $1.00 extra per person. sculh of Lelancl. A Sheriff's D e p a r t m e n t spokesman said there "was no (rouble at Ihe plantation" and indicated that workers left (|uietly in their cars. [Welding and Repair Works today enroute south. Olan ills THE NATION'S STUDiO Phone ED 2-1752 Thomas Shopping Center CELEBRATES RETURN TUNIS (UPI)--President Habib Uourguibn opened ceremonies Sunday to mark the 10th anniversary of his return from French exile ami the end of France's protectorate over Tunisia. vin.-lok. Vlllcg. tiMa. bKQUi. · ktlldoy. UP AND DOWN IHE MISSISSIPJM BIVEF by Wailo'd Point and '.-xruded !-» fcllc*i-g isolhbc^r .Eli r.col«J by Cktpiird MarFr« crd Gftinviir* Midur«om S«rv!e* : Chotin. Paul CKoli Lind O.oli bou.-J t: v , c. Along The Waterfront Motor vessel Larry Turner was lied up in the Lake Ferguson harbor at the Texas Oil Company terminal today while two barges might do at night. And you can 1 o[ gaso |j ne wcr e being pumped sit up and w a t c h all night," one! n u t The LBrrJ , Turner arrived worker said. He was visibly up. i n tnc | iarlx)r Sunday night, P. B. 5C| - G r i f f i n reported at the Marina. THEY SAID they believe n J H i l l m a n Logan Towing Corn- similar slrike may lake place atj p a n y' s m ni o r vessel, Ouachila, Tralake, which is aboul 10 miles : s sc |, K l u ! e d to depart Marine designed to boost central Mis- Valley which water sup- adminislers Pearl "River ply district, the project. EasttanH said the reservoir, ira sissippi's economic atid indus- t r i a l development, was proof of (he "growing recognition that water is a necessary and valuable resource on which we must build our economy, stabilize our society anrl meet our growing! human needs. ' 'The whole | s foun f ut u re of M issi s- t , a r r f i s j p p^ | s found U p j n secu t c d y : r j r Norrh · heavy industry for our state, , Worf.e'd Tue G69 and naiF - A point of view about AUTO FINANCING MM'I JI : PP"-, Bfn Me Cool til lo j l t v i l l e , OSio. nheH-jled r ( t e o s r l f d or A en ^B lowci W i s i s i i p p i . . . i and V.tkeri Tovwlng co'roaniii n- d rrtoror ve»pl P ;vM V i c U n atxJ T D R eI u "Yr^ nrlj ad jo^k 'l' 9 " r j » ' C o l i n t i° S ^VolVCc! IH t h e project j;n3 cargo ai co-puT c h'r i 11, include Kinds, Raiikjn, Madison, ; Xniho;, V °I'd' icd"''?h, ci« : '.! Lcake ami Scott. nvillo radioed 111 6 a.m. foday a1 6^5 ord loulhbct-nj en !h» loA*r loll night and ^t O!i MiJt tad oed i-V 1BX cind no-lhbcixid 1 on t\-f bv/tt or nocn S.i*dny , . . Po/l Ciry Barg^ _ ._ ll.* lAtl.ndo' B.. !.·-;'« ISO o-d \ Ot Si. Lou.*. Sil'v B.. n-U 279 ord : h e u ~ d en 1V* f.\ ilCurl R i v # r . AVu :-xy. r-il* ?.j? m j L rewind on rf-a h i o ^.ver nod Chv.-k lf=bo-'!. m-l* 358 GW feeing Cc-rp=nY"i nolor v e n a l , eg. red ctd or A i.n. be'o* 5'. I'cul, Looking for low financing rate? Low monthly payments? Fast loan service? Then see us when you are ready to finance your next car. Commercial National Bank Main O l f i i t -- W a i h l n g F e i or Broadway Drlv* In Mtmbir f i r f * i o l Dtp oil I I m u r o n i * C^ipoioilon H i g h w a y fc ity -- Rioorf^oy «1 -- K.«hw«y | «r \ ine ii«« "ilco^? 1 SSlhe «M. ""^e thing that gets nsr HO'.IY s-nijh S'«i TwrfcrJ heavy industry is ade Martinet a~d I. W. 5*BfL J boa-i railing tntiuH-d rh*i water. Water 15 a basic re- id \Vo1rir W i l l cmicn. ,, source. which C R E E N V I U F B«ED /AOTOR VESSELS id oeH ii«.i posiiio-\i tc'Iv today lo in- udf rlia Wolier W i l l .amor, irhedvled Ht+r Crle3-.» o\ 4 p The giant reservoir, will provide industrial and mu nicipal water, recreation and private development facilities, was authorized by thc stale legislature in 1955. Const ruction actually began in 1960. The five ^m. i.i» eca .. be'o* 5' o-~d touthbourxf Ion-ruin/ 1 * Is^bcar G»=rg* ··oi'.td or Hen.- bsT. Mo.. i".r vever Mi ' . . . Cc-nnany'l m o l a r v e i i e l . ',111 Svicn, « r f c e r l ol m It 1« o-d 'fccu.-d 1 on f n i e r c c a i l o l Canol. n i n r iv:"r, lo. . . . B r f - i Tow/ ng Cor?- y'i rro'o.' vf J i f l . Ar%n B r e n t , j-i.thbei.rwJ r h i lovh*r ;.li!in!-ol fiiver, v,ci d-je a Dan W o r l l e U Fo'nr ol 10 a.m. rodov, f i e r recoMlrvg tt -ilei r.orlh of G i # e n v ' 1 l e , T i e 5^0 on fre lav.e- M ni« : nDi « o .r-., Ba'bora B-r.-- r p o c r r e d at m.le So 1 ? nrJ noiihbcurd nn iht low*i A V - i i l i i ' D D i , eiiy 6' Pit, r-'-'-f SO 1 * and no-ihho-jrd n 1K* fo**r ^l;tl u BD-, D-O-UD B r e m , ill* 333 ond ^ai'b3u~d CT In'ercaai'jl enol, M o t g a - e i B r e i l . r-l 800 and onhboind on ile Tcwir M:n : iticc- and ord n o r t h b o u r d l Subscription Rates The Delta Democrat-Times Published every afternoon (except Saturday) and Sunday by: Thc Times Publishing Co., 201 Main St., Greenville, Miss. Delivery by carrier 51.75 per month. Mail subscrip(ions payable in advance to subscribers living in Washington and adjoining counties not served by dealers find carriers, 3 months 54.25; six months, JS.OO; one year $15.00. By mail all other areas within United States: three months, $5.25; six months $10.00; one- year, $20.00. Entered as Second Class mailer at the Post Office at Greenville, Miss., under Act of March 8, 1879. WHIPLASH NECK INJURY Moy b* th* ro^i* «l ffi* pa\n ht y«ur ·mi, ntch thouldirt art l»mtMnti eovi«J hr plnchvd ntrvti Chrr*»rtUn hovi b»»n », Iht tovi* ·( Ihii Irtvbl*. We Will Not Take Away Your Stamps, Kroger Still Gives You Low, Low Prices, Plus Top Value Stamps... Win a Zenith Color TV Set or Extra Top Value Stamps! U.S. Choice TENDERAY® Chuck Steak U.S. Choice TENDERAY® Boston Roll Boneless Roast . . . . LB. FREE! 100 EXTRA TOP VALUE STAMPS With Coupon Below 69* U. S. Grade "A" Split Broilers LB 37$ PLAY SUPER BINGO *100°° WINNER MRS. ALICE SLAWSON GREENVILLE ED 4-3161 S*«lX H-rv-y will i* hralf. Dr. Parkl d«i( will n«l r«.*jn«i I. kit II, Dr. A. W. PorVi pt all ton I, M l, 1-. w-lf 1*11 Parks Chiropractic Clinic DR. A. W. PARKS ED MM9 or R«*. 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