The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on January 12, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 6

Canandaigua, New York
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Monday, January 12, 1948
Page 6
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PA'GB FOUR TOE "DAILY MESSENGER, C A N A N D A t G l ' A , N. Y., MONDAY, JANUARY 12, Clifton Loses To Naples On A Lone Free Throw By Bob Schaefcr CLIFTON SPHINGS- About as evenly uia\ciii.-ci as un i « v i i v ^ - c - sentatives of the Finger Lakes league's class 'B' .loop, and, perhaps any other circuit in t h i s vicinity, are the Naples and Clifton Springs high schools cage teams. The Spa-Naples tangle at Naples, J O H N S O N FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Outfitters For Bonds, Fj re --Liability--Marine i n s u r a n c e Phone 280 J. B. PATTERSON SON 33 North Main Street Legion Building DIVIDENDS AN ADDED BENEFIT ] Friday night, proved the point as j Naples eeked out a 36-35 victory 1 l i t U H U i C l - i u u ^ i i i ^ ^ . ' i i L V i t l l i i i v ~ . y . i l i ! be remembered by most cage fans for many years. Wilh officials Cheski and Vanderhoff overseeing the play, both schools earned a moral victory for t h e sportsmanship w i t h which they played what could and may be the deciding game of t h e circuit. Free Throw Wins Game * The two school fives, both lond- ·ed w i t h veteran m a t e r i a l 'from previous seasons, were tied for goals. It was a lone free t h r o w i by Naples on a foul called against C l i f t o n t h a t clinched t h e contest for t h e head-of-the-lakers. Clifton's J o h n n y Conley was good for 20 points, made on seven goals and six successful foul shots. Naples scoring leader was Frank Reddout. accounting for nine points, followed by Clare Wallace and Bob Bills, each producing eight. Al Lewis, former Shortsville, contributed six points to the Spa's ] t o t a l . Next Meet On Feb. ^11 Clifton Springs out.scored Naples by two points during the final half of t i i e fray. The return meeting of these two teams, at t h e Spa, Friday, Feb. 2f), will be a game well w o r t h watching. The 'B' division's weekend contests resulted in Naples assuming top place, with Clifton Springs in second. Phelps high school became knotted w i t h Victor for third berth. Phelps was downed by Gor- liam, 27-14. and Victor romped over East Bloomfield, 35-25. For 'B' division contests tomorrow (Tuesday) night, Shortsville goes to Clifton, while Phelps will be at Victor, Gorham at East Bloomfield, and Rushville at Naples. Manchester takes the night off. Clifton's Loss On One Foul Raises Stir Among Spa Fans And Revives Rule Question ·- Manchester Town Rallies, 43-34, over mmamsuii M A N C H E S T E R · Comin behii'.tl at t i n - h a l f - t i m e . Manchester'.-.; Towners rallied to outpace the \Villia:n:-\ni cagers, ·!.''- .'M, in t h e i r Tri-county loop encounter, here. S a t u r d a y . Q U E E N -- Yvette Draux o f Luxembourg: Province was selected beauty queen of, Belgium at an Anlwero contest. Naples Has Top Spot in Lake's Loop 1 B I Div. The win was .Manchester's second in five starts and there now is a growing possibility that the locals can scare up trouble for t h e league leading- N e w a r k Centers, who defeated M a n c h e s t e r in t h e i r first e n c o u n t e r by only fight points. Managers A n t h o n y Digaloma and Connie Uoss. arc h i g h l y elated over the t u r n in events, hoping for t h e - .good developments to stay with · the locals: former stellar i The official score hook sheets on j which was recorded the facts and :. ; |.figures of the C l i f t o n Springs-Nappies hardwood contest, plaxed at. Naples. last Friday n i g h t , would have made an "Exhibit No. 1" be- j f o r e the N a t i o n a l Collegiate A t h - '·'i 'loiic ;ivsnci;nion's a n n u a l ijet-to- j g e t h e r at Ne\v York, last week, j" W i t h drastic alterations o f t h e f . 1 j rules applying to every scholas- j, '- i t i c sport u n d e r consideration, t'he """ '*' ' association's members should have been interested in the account of the game, which Clifton lost. 3G- 35. Involved, as in the case of almost every questionable cage out- Waterloo-Cfl Cage Box Scores Tho complete b?x score." for t h e varsity and junfor vaisity sanies between teams of the Academy and Waterloo high school, played at Waterloo, last Friday ni^ht. Up-to-Date Tax and Accounting Service 37 Scotland Road Cariandaigua, N. Y. Bring in your tax reports and tax difficulties^ These will be handled by a man w i l h several years' experience with the.U. S. Treasury Department. Bookkeeping Systems Installed, Business and Accounting problems given courteous a t t e n t i o n . HAROLD T. MARSH I'lione 437-R '· »·. rr; t I: ! O A Varsity 1 Salsich. f. Persons, f. Sne.uer. f. ;HV-5L 1. \ l_ l J \ . | L * v . o i i \ ' * J v * . " » ^ . v ».%,-,*- ...-·..- i come, were the much debated foul ~ , · rules and their application. Equal Field Goals The losers, Coach George Doherty's Spa highschool cagers, made exactly the same n u m b e r of field goals as did the winners. The Naples victory rested e n t i r e l y upon a single free llirow. The r u m b l e of g i u m i i l e s anu.-ag C l i f t o n Spring cage fans would not have been heard over the Rodney, c. Mclntyre, g. Kidder, g. R. Fox. g. Sopuin. g. Totals Waterloo Varsity Dressing, f. Velte. f. W y a t t , f. ' Stanton, c. Heirman. g. Kinsella, g. IXi FT 5 1 ft 0 0 1 1 n l n o i i) (i 1-1 7 V(i TP S -1 11 n FT 'IT Changes Seen in Bloomfield School . weekend if both learns had been players who at one time romped to [ called fo ,. t n e same . or nearly the victory for Manchester highschool U ame number of personal fouls. Murney, g. in Finger-Lakes clashes. ) The nlb according to Cliftonites, | Totals | High scorer for Manchester w i t h I ^ t h a , t h o p 01 - ;ona i foul t a l l y re- ! Academy i 13 counters was DiA Vienna, fal-| col . (ied was C l i f t o n - -17, Naples | Cobbetl, f. lowed in. Mikt- Weaver w i t h 10. |-. se ven . | M o n t h . I. I Benny M i n i e r and Seldon Collward , Such a lopsided tally is an ex- | Joyce f. SHORTSVILLE --Eekin"- out a j scored n and 10 P o i n t s fO1 ' Wil- 1 tremely rare event in basketball, | FO.V, f. 0 liamson. ' I HIP riit'ir..n rooters noint out. A u d i Benson, c. J-V DL Paint Store 203 So. Main St. Home and office, near or far, our skilled men assure your satisfaction! GANANDAIGUA EXPRESS SERVICE Phone 743 EAST BLOOMFIELD -- Returning to Bloomfield Central school on Monday following the mid-year, recess pupils of the low- pr o'vnf!'-^ fOdnrt cpvprfil nhoncrOQ Pupils of the fifth grade with their teacher. Miss Emily Barberi. found they were to occupy one of the newly acquired rooms on the ground floor of the Town Hall, across the drive from the central building. Also in this building Miss Ma'ry Murphy will teach a combined group of 4th and 5th grade students. The third grade w i t h Miss Helen Mahar as teacher has moved to the second floor of the main building to occupy the former f:i;h grade room and one group of the first grade with Mrs. Frank Hawkins teacher, will move to the third grade room. The first, grade which has approximately 56 pupils is divided into two groups with Mrs. David Hallock and Mrs. Hawkins as teachers. Both Mrs. Hawkins and Miss Murphy have been engaged by the Board of Education for t h e re- m a i n d e r of ;he year to help relieve the overcrowded conditions particularly in the lower grades. Census figures show there will be an increased registration over a period of several years and the Board is making plans to cope w i t h this situation. The Town Hall building ( u n t i l a few years back the former East Bloomfield High School) has been undergoing considerable repairs the past few weeks which include installation of an oil heating sys- t e m ; removing of the lavatories from the basement to the first floor and a redecoration program. 36-35 win over Clifton Springs on their own court, Friday night, the Naples highschool cagers now hold lone control erf top spot, in the Finger Lakes league's 'B" division. Both teams were k n o t t e d for f i r s t place until the weekend meeting which featured the scoring of Franklin Reddout w i t h 9 points and Bob Bills and Clare Wallace followed w i t h S points each. For Clifton Springs, John Conley accounted for 20 points and Lewis for 6 points. Victor trimmed Bloomfield, 3525, as all but one Victor player of the 10-m'an squad accounted for points during the fray. Van Dyke was high for Blomfield with nine points. At Gorham, Phelps was the victim of a 27-14 score. Jones scored nine points for the winners. At Rushville-Middlesex, M a n - chester was on the short end of a 56-35 score. Ron Moore, for Rushville, netted 24 points and Bob De- Grc-ote, Manchester, tallied 10. Tomorrow night, Phelps will travel to Victor while Clifton team ; Boy Ian. c. .! the Clifton rooters point out. At Local fans interested in turning ; w . nere they do occur, the tea . _ , , , ,, , , v out for Manchester's t r i p to Wa- | most ca iiert for personal fouls is i Henrv ' g. terloo tonight are urged to get. to- j USU ally one notorious for '.ough ; Mnck '"'"" gether in a group to lend a" bit of ! ;ancl u n f a i r play. B u t , they say in j ^' ' "' cheer to the towners when, they j concluding their argument, bol ' n | Barnes,'g. meet the Waterloo VFW sphere- men. Write Joe Boardman at Ta : .State street, Manchester for games' between Rochester and Finger, Lakes i quints, cage teams and the Manchester Towners. Naples and Clifton spectators were I gtambnck " equally loud in their praise of the j .high level of sportsmanship d i s - j i played by both of the highschool Sports Roundup By Hugh Fullerton, Jr. Totals Waterloo J-V f. Official Protest Baekman, f. Another factor offered for con- | McOuane, t. sideraiion is the one that, for | McMunn, t. games played at Naples the offi- j « ra " 1 - c dais are .secured in the s o u t h e r n i Sorensen. c. tier cities of Hornell and O.-rn- | Scliroeder, g. For games in all other com- i f 4 reeland. g. By Hugh l-'ullerton. Jr. '-. NEW YORK, (.£· -- Minnesbta's Jim Kelly, \v,ho spent some time in munities in the Finger Lakes league, both the 'A' and the 'B' divisions, the officials are obtained from Rochester. It is said that Harris, 'g. Areste. g Totals {i 1 0 5 1 13 i-x; · - j u 1 1 2 5 1 (l 0 2 1 16 KG -1 0 0 0 1 o 1 ( I 1 n Cl GENERAL MECHANICAL WORK All Types ol Cars W E L D I N G Specializing in · -. · ] Cutting Down Farm Wagons . . . Steel or Wooden Wheels MAX VAN ORMAN SON Holeomb, N. Y. Phone Holcomb 60 i o 4 1-1 KT 0 u I ) 0 0 o 2 i ) i ) 1 0 o KT 0 0 0 1' 1 'o 0 0 1 0 -1 1 10 0 -10 'IT i; u ·i 12 .1 li 0 5 2 37 'IT S 0 0 'l 0 j 5 j 21 I Here NOW. 1 The New NORGE HOME HEATER SEE IT TODAY; LLitTS mi* m - O R 6 f r EF O *E YOU BUY I*- Springs plays host to Shortsville. Iand a n d Holland have some good looking over European track tal- j aside from the occasional but brief ent, brings word that everything I howl of fans over e x t r e m e l y r a r e ) won't be beer and skittles . for j doubtful judgments, the Flower j American runners in the Olympic i city officials are highly respected j games next summer--In fact, they for lheir iairness. may not find a skittle anvwhere So far as can be learned there ...Without mentioning- t o o " manv is to be no o f f i c . n l protest oi tne names. Jim points out t h a t En^ I Friday conlc-st. inn lans t h r o u g h - U. Hopes To Build New Gym SYRACUSE. (.-Ti--The - i l l far-o Rlnmvifjolrl nnrl Naples will see Kusiiville invading their court. Manchester draws a bye. Finger Lakes league standings: Naples, won T. lost 0, 1.000: Clift o n Springs, won G. lost 1. .857; Phelps, won 4. lost 3, .571; Victor, won 4, lost 3, .571; Gorham, won 3, lost 4, .429: Rushville-Middlesex, won 3, lost 4, .429: Shorts- out 'he Clifton area are said to be Syracuse u n i v e r s i t y trustees, have I almost nervously awaiting Feb. 2(1, i appropriated §1,000.000 toward the i ...i , , . . ..... "....,,,, i r - ··-».· v - i l l · ^''.755.000 rnst of rpcnnsi r u f t i n i ' RADIATOR Gleaning--Recoring Don't Let A Leaky Radiator Rob You o f Your Supply o f Anti-Freeze! · · · . Our service includes removing radiator, flushing, repairing and cleaning the whole cooling system. ·. --Prompt and Courteous Service-- . . . Cornish Bros. Garage Holcomb . -Phone Holcomb 5 : clash again, yn the Clifton hard- j fire-gutted Archbold gymnasium. and propose a f u n d raising cam. paign. ville. won 2, lost .286; Manchester. won 2, lost 6. .250; Blooni- 1'ielcl, won 1, lost 6, .1-13. sprinters and hurdles, Sweden p i e n i y 01 gijmt u i M a n c e ineu---. from what he could see. they're by no means undernourished- . - tean) . s .^^ , no In addn.on Australia likely w.ll \ ^ e | i l l l i n a l e d ·,, r , l/n , Ulo sec . I · The board's executive committee. . check m w i t h a good team and j ( i o n ,,j s j u \ .\\ ( \h\ destroy v.-iiat j which acted yesterday, declined to I Jamaica, w i t h runners like Herb | h n r , V ; r . n ,. nnsid(M . ed a lva ' sona i J le i say w h e t h e r a n y t h i n g had beep.' McKenley and Lloyd Labeach. may pick up a couple of victories ...The U. S. will have to look to the relavs and field events for I I had been considered | hope Cor an unbeaten season done about a proposal to convert LUC ICIU..YO uiiu nciu n^n.o ±VL t'ames ov .tonn uoniev. uomey nab most of its victories, says Kelly, j ^ n overwhelming anri'unpreccdeni- Primary reason for this optimism j the University into a state insti- the 120 points scored in seven tution. ~ " ' One official, who asked not to be . j onn Conley. Conley has who 'hen adds: "It will make the | ef j scoring lead for all divi- Sports in Brief By the Associated Press ARCADIA, CALIF.--On Trust (S7.-10) won S5F.000 Santa C a t a l i n a handicap in 1:50 -3/5 for mile and an e i g h t h at Sanan Anita. Terry Bargello was second: Please Me t h i r d . Crowd: .11.500; h a n d l e : $2. 837.7 Hi. Hailanciale. Fla---Bu/.fux. iSO.GO) won Suwannee River handicap in 1:11 1/5 for six furlongs at Gulf- stream. Delegate was second. Ges- cjames all the more interesting to j _ s j 0ns ' c .f the Finger Lakes league, have such comp'etition." Whistle Concur While basketball fans every where are beefing and stewing about too much official whistle-' tooting, they can ponder their | And in addition, Conley is sup{ ported by seven others of the CHf- ·'- ton varsity club, each with average or better scoring t o t a l s for the season. They are Van Derhoof and Call, each with 35, and. at about .;ood f o r t u n e in missing these re- 130 each. Lewis. Griswold, Brown, cently-reported contests: At Hart- j Mack, and Hudson. " " ' ' - As stated by Clifton's cage coach, Doherty, "It was just one of those verv bad breaks, which, under the ford. Conn., the Manchester Guards and Hartford Hurricanes played a pro game in which 70 fouls wore called throws...Only ·'·! Sports Editor Earl Yost comments: "A path was worn between the two baskets from parading back and forth."...And in the Atigustana for SO free law of averages, must he expected wore good... ! ai least once in the career of evr-ry player, every t e a m , and every coach." named, speculated, however, t h a t the Dewey a d m i n i s t r a t i o n plan i "wouldn't help" t h e f u n d drive. Al- j u m n i and others, a n t i c i p a t i n g S t a t e j acquisition, might not contribute, · he said. ' ! T h e appropriation includes t h e j .$914,000 received in an insurance s e t t l e m e n t and will go toward construction of a new wing and remodeling of a pail o f . the gymnasium s t i l l s t a n d i n g a f t e r t h e fire last Jan. 12. That. part, of the job is expected to cost more t h a n 52. 500.000. C h a n c e l l o r W i l l i a m P. Tol- vs. NEWARK Preliminary Game--7:30 P. M. Admission: Students 40c Tax Included Adults 60c Tax Included ·. '. 17 GIANTS SIGNED NEW YORK. (.-?--The New College t o u r n a m e n t at Moline, 111.. · York (';i. r mts t o d a y a n n o u n c e d the tapo t h i r d . Crowd: 16.13S; h a n d l e : 5003.056. Oldsmar. FLA. Dark Pass ( S S ) i t h e o f f i c i a l s 'ooted R7 -fouls against s i g n i n g of P i t c h e r s Hay Poat. Bill | o u t p h o t o e d Wessex to win S1.2HD t h e I l l i n o i s College "Bltteboys" \ Avers and Joe Beggs. catchers Ben j Pinellas Purse at Sunshine Park, and the Western State "Fighting | Warren and Sal Yvars and infield- Leonard showed. Crowd: 5.224: Leathernecks."...Eight men left. | O r Bobby B i a t t n e r to 1948 con-| h a n d l e : S91.635. ' j the game on persona! fouls and ) tracts. Seventeen G i a n t s now have i New Orleans--Star Reward ! or e was bounced for a flagrant ! I.S3.20) won 55.000 Shreveport . ff'til. so t h e y had to finish, the agreed to terms. Poat won f o u r and lost t h r e e foi ! h a n d i c a p at Fair Grounds. F l a r e - i game W-th t h r o e men oai t h e floor | back was.;^oconri. linden's Pal t h i r d . I for each learn...You might t h i n k ;!;c N a t i i . n a l Lf-agii': club al'ter his purchase f r o m B a l i i m o r e o f t h e i n Crowd: J i i I TRY A MESSENGER WANT AD WANT AD ORDER BLANK Please insert tHe following Want Ad in The Daily Messenger for the number of days marked. Remittance Enclosed Send Bill to My Address RATES 4 Lines--20 Words · 5 Consec. Days Si !V! 3 Consec. Days Sl-20 One Day 48c Above are cash rates and apply if paid within 1* dayg of first Insertion. Eztra lias charge for each 8 worii. Name Address Number of Days Mail To: Daily Messenger, Canandaigua 7,718: h a n d l e : i Track Brooklyn--Herb McKenley of i Jamaica won 500-yard Bishop i Thomas !·-". Molloy invitation run j in 16th a n n u a l Columbus Council ' t r a c k and field meet in 59 seconds i flat. Golf Del Monte, Calif.--Lloyd Mn.n- 3rum of Los Angeles won the Bing j Crosby open golf t o u r n a m e n t w i t h I a r-' : -iiV,].·· score of 2(15. S t a n Leon- i j arfi of Van-V.K···;·. B.C.. was second j I w i t i i '2l' whole Ben liogan of i Horshey. Pa., followed w i t h 211. j O;y:r.pic-, i New Yon; Den Crorr.w/ll of I .'··uuthf'rn C a i i f ' i : p.ia was n a m e d l cfi,"ch of the i.'nii" and fieid t e a m fo; 8355,739. I the "Fighting Leathernecks" were ! l e r n a l i o n a ! League where he won '^ en i coach yank even. S'ix Morley who had to players to keep the sides SON IS BORN t h r e e games for t h e Giants in early season before he was shipped to t h e i r Jersey City f a r m where he ,-ompllf-d a 7-! record. Beggs, a c q u i r e d from C i n c i n n a t i j TON'IA--- A son was horn to Mr. j in early season, was i n e f f e c t i v e be- j and Mrs. Floyd Parrish J a n . 8. ! cause of arm trouble, but reports 19-17 in Park Avenue h o s p i t a l . - j i n d i c a t e he will be ready for .steady I Rochester. i r e l i e f f l u t y n e x t s u m m e r . S t a t e s track the Olympic Football Talk !'i'.v;r!g cor:-..T k i l l r i v e r f(,r ! ;-\-outs. · I'.S. O l y m p i c j · c:io.-,c .Schuyl- O l y r n p i c r o w i n g Hockey Scores New York :',. Mn n ;r.-,-,] 1. Hi'tiYiii '2. Ti:i o n t o '. i tic i . Chicn;;o '1, P.o.ston 1. American l*-U'j;\if New Haven ·!, j ' i l i s l i i i r ^ l : .",. I ' M ; ' i r l e j i c c 7. . ; .:/nn^,''iOri ·!. f i i i f f . - i l o -I. Pbil;!fi.--)|.lii;i i . l n d i ; i n n p o ! i s 10, St. Loui-. i\ I'. S. I.raglif Korl W o r t h 7. Houston :;. Knnsns C i t y :", St. I'.-ui! 4. I'iicilic {'oast. League Los Atr.;eles 6, San Oie;o .'{. N'cw W e s t m i n s t e r 7. T;icorna .''. P o r t l a n r l '1, Viincouver '.. Quebec Senior I-pngue Nr-\\- York 7, R h n w i n i ^ a n Falls 1. M o n l r e n l ·!, Valleyfic.ld :!. Kastcrn League Baltimore 7, Boston 4. TRY A MESSENGER \VAMT AD Dr. William f)smnnsl(i (leTI), who was appointed head 1'oot- Imll ooarh uf floly Cross rolleKe, Worcester, Mass., dismsses Krid straloR.v xvllli his brother, Joe, ("hicaRO l?ears* bnrk, at lheir niutliL-r's home in I'rovidence, li. 1. (AI* \Vin:i»liolo) How About it M i c .JLk « » Are You Stronger than a Horse? Of course you're not, but I am! In fact, I'm 1/3 stronger than a horse and can do lots of jobs easier than you can. So why knock yourself out doing back-breaking chores? An ELECTRIC MOTOR can save you time and work. And I'll make thai motof hum a tune of increased profits. Remember . . . mof6rs mtari - , f .,,- ; · " ' . " ' ·'.. more profits . . . /ess work. ..... Your tltctric Strvanl Ganandaigua District ROCHESTER GAS

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